12 Trivia Leagues You Should Check Out for Your Next Trivia Night

24 Tips to Get You Ready for Your Next Trivia Night

Is it your first time being invited to a team trivia event, and you’re a little anxious about it? Are you a lifelong pubquizzer who has been dissatisfied with your lack of triumphs against long-time competitors? Some crucial tactics to consider as you prepare for your next trivia night are listed below. The feeling of winning at trivia night is as follows. Unfortunately, no trivia award has yet been be created that looks like this or expresses this sentiment.

Part One:Trivia Avengers Assemble!

Is it your first time being asked to a team trivia event, and you’re feeling a little nervous? Frustrated by a lack of triumphs against long-standing opponents, are you an alongtimepubquizzer? Some crucial tactics to consider as you prepare for your next trivia night are outlined below. Wining at trivia night is similar to this feeling. Unfortunately, no trivia award has yet been be created that looks like this or conveys the same emotion as described above.

1. Recruit Friends and Family Who Actually LIKE Competitive Trivia

Although it appears to be a no-brainer, there are occasions when even intelligent individuals who know a lot are unable to manage the trivia presh, or are unable to conjure proper answers on the spot, or are just uninterested in quizzing. Make no attempt to coerce them into participating. Find the persons that are interested in playing.

2. Have Your Bases Covered

All of the people in this picture are more knowledgeable about baseball than I am. It’s for this reason why I have teammates. Movies, geography, and celebrity trivia are some of my areas of expertise. Other members of my regular crew are interested in a variety of topics, including cuisine, YA books, vehicles, languages, pop music, and a slew of other things. Because we have a diverse range of interests, we create an excellent team. In recent years, we have improved even more as a result of the recruitment of a great asset: a sportsperson.

The majority of the questions in our regular league game were not about sports in general, but having at least one question every week that we couldn’t even begin to answer was a major issue.

So look for someone who is active in sports.

3. Know What You Need

Individuals who watch broadcast television, people who closely follow politics, people who are knowledgeable about geography, people who know history, people who watch a lot of movies, people who listen to Top 40 radio or classical music, people who can do math (or, at the very least, remember equations and concepts from high school), people who play video games are all potential teammates to consider.

People who are really interested in history and pub quizzes, for example, are more difficult to find, at least in my experience; again, if you are not already versed with the subject, it may be difficult to break into this field. (This is a really entertaining primer, though.)

4. Reach Across Time

Although I do not advocate violating this (and other) dimensions or grabbing Biff’s stats book back, taking the ages of teammates into consideration is not a bad idea. Why? In part, since a Millennial is less likely than a Baby Boomer to be familiar with the Grenada invasion, and a Gen-Xer is less likely to be familiar with BTS’s songs. Being able to draw from a diverse variety of demographics in your organization might be almost as vital as having subject matter specialists. So, if at all possible, mix it up with the old and the young.

5. Find People You LIKE

Despite the fact that they like each other and little cocktails, these friends have the potential to be a wonderful team (assuming they know stuff). Tina Fey provided some excellent human resources advice in her book Bossypants: Hiring someone you would not want to meet in the corridor at three o’clock in the morning is a good rule of thumb to follow. You shouldn’t invite individuals that you don’t want to see on a regular basis, regardless of their level of competence, if you want to play on a weekly basis.

6. Maintain Temperate Tempers

An extension of the preceding point, I am aware of at least a handful of teams that came dangerously close to erupting into physical fighting when members of the team disagreed on an answer. A trivia team is not a democracy, so make sure your quiz buddies aren’t taking things personally. For example, if your team refuses to put down an answer that you are SURE is correct, tell them that they owe you a drink if the answer turns out to be correct, rather than getting huffy or enraged, tell them that they owe you a drink if the answer turns out to be correct.

There have been no punches thrown.

7. Keep the Team a Manageable Size

It is important to be big! Things to keep in mind are as follows: Is it really possible for your crew to fit around a table? Will everyone be shouting their guesses at each other since the bar is too crowded? Do not overstretch your team, even if you believe you have covered all of the subject areas. More people means more disagreement and confusion, which makes it more difficult to discuss answers without being overheard, and it makes it more difficult to find a table with enough space for everyone’s drinks and/or snacks.

8. Practice Together

At the time of writing, much of the world outside of Asia and the Pacific is still in a pandemic-induced state of no-in-person fun, so try to get the team together to quiz each other in any way you can. If you’ve heard a statistic or seen a name in the news that you believe could come up during a trivia night, share it with your teammates! As a result, it’s important to have a backup plan in case your brain has a meltdown and forgets what you just read.

Part Two: How to Get GOOD!

Pro tip: Attempting to mind-meld with a textbook is extremely unlikely to be successful. Even though reading history textbooks and remembering lists of NCAA MVPs sounds tedious, don’t worry about it.

In spite of this, there are a million various strategies to improve your trivia skills. That you desire to learn is the most essential thing to remember; how you study will be totally up to you. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Do Quizzes

You are currently browsing a trivia website! Go ahead and take some quizzes! Take some quizzes right here! Take some quizzes on Mental Floss and see how you do! Investigate whether or not your favorite news website offers a ‘This Week in the News’ quiz! Trivia at DownloadHQ! Determine whether you can obtain an invitation to the LearnedLeague! There are a plethora of options available online and elsewhere, so choose your favorites and get to work replying!

2. Listen to Quizzes

One of my LearnedLeague games, or pub quizzes, almost always has a current affairs question based on something I learned from listening to a radio or podcast quiz show like NPR’s Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me or BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz. Alternatively, listen to quiz podcasts. Trivial Warfare, Podquiz, or any of the other eight games we’ve included here are all great options! You can even get in touch with them about being a participant! There was a time before podcasts when there was radio. Radio is still really useful!

3. Watch Quizzes

Jeopardy! Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! Mastermind! TheChase! Pointless! Only Connect! The Big Fat Quiz of the Year/the Decade! Television quiz showsare maybe more popular than ever, so there is a plethora to choose from. Find your faves, and learn a whole load of valuable trivial information.

4. Go Deep onJeopardy!

The brilliant magicians at J! Archivehave gathered nearly every game and answer from the contemporary (ie, 1984-present)Jeopardy!era for their freely accessible database, which may be accessed by anybody. You have hundreds of thousands of possible responses at your disposal; it is up to you to formulate the most appropriate query.

5. Get a Peek at What Your Trivia Night Might Look Like

Every now and again, the league that puts together our weekly game offers online quizzes on their website, which may be a tremendous assistance. If your local quiz purveyors do anything similar, this can give you a better sense of the types of questions/subjects that the writer(s) enjoy, and it can provide you an advantage over others who haven’t bothered to check in there before the game starts.

6. Watch More TV

Television is a wonderful invention! I’m baffled as to why we don’t talk about it more often. I’m joking. In reality, television is a tremendous source of information, whether you’re watching David Attenborough’sPlanet Earth or attempting to remember theMediocre President’s Song from The Simpsons. Documentaries, for example, are excellent for gathering a lot of information about a single subject, news broadcasts are excellent for keeping up with current events, and reality television is excellent for keeping up with celebrity gossip (which is a trivia category in and of itself!).

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Dramatic shows likeGilmore Girlsmay inspire you to try reading some of Rory’s favorites likeAnna Karenina (or at the very least teach/remind you that it was written by Tolstoy), Posemay pique your interest in learning about drag balls and LGBTQ history, Ted Lassomight finally get you interested in learning about English football, and Upstart Crowmay teach you (in a very silly way) about Shakespearean times.

It’s all good! Simply pay attention and maintain an interest in learning more about what these performances are actually about.

7. Movies Too

What I mentioned about television is also applicable to the realm of film! These people are about to learn a TON of information about Elton John’s personal life! (This is a little fiction, but it is still valuable!)

8. If You Aren’t Already Doing So, Panel Up

Additionally, British panel shows are an excellent method to acquire new and interesting things. For those of you who haven’t seen QI before, you’re in for a treat (it’s available on Britbox in North America, iPlayer in the UK, and other online platforms) since it’s jam-packed with Quite Interesting facts. Other possibilities include repeats ofNever Mind the Buzzcocks, Have I Got News For You, and Mock the Week (for current events), as well as new episodes of Have I Got News For You (for music).

9. Keep it Simple

If I want to learn more about a topic in-depth but don’t know where to begin, “Okay, that’s good for basic triviawhatever,” you may say. “But what if I want to learn more about a topic in-depth but don’t know where to start?” Even if you’re taking part in a trivia night for expert law students, it’s doubtful that you’ll need to know and comprehend every word of every amendment to the United States Constitution. However, you should at the very least be aware of the basics of the document. Do you know of any websites or publications geared at children?

  • Their straightforward presentation of knowledge might sometimes be sufficient to give you an advantage over folks who haven’t attended a History lesson in more than 40 years.
  • right now.
  • And what about Canadian quizzers?
  • Also included is a list of suggestions for how to make your trivia questions stand out from the crowd.

10. Ask the Tiny Experts

Any time you inquire about dinosaurs, space Pokemon, or anything else your favorite seven-year-old is extremely interested in, they will talk you out of your mind about what they are talking about. Pay attention to what they have to say! They can teach you a lot of things that you could find useful during a trivia night in the future and that you may not have realized you were learning at the time.

11. Read! A Lot!

A library card is the most cost-effective technique to get trivial fame. THESE ARE POSSIBLY YOUR QUIZZING NESES. It’s fantastic to be educated since information is power! Kevin Ashman, a multiple World Quizzing Championship champion and former question-setter for Brain of Britain, attributes much of his success to his extensive reading experience.

The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge, as well as The Daily Telegraph A to Z of Almost Everything, are two excellent resources for would-be trivia generalists.

12. Listen Yourself Brilliant

Instead of reading till your eyes hurt, put on your headphones and download a biography of Catherine the Great or an episode of Stuff You Should Know and go to work. If you’re commuting, doing housekeeping, or even doing mundane office tasks like data entry, take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new. Some podcast suggestions for learning new things include: In Our Time (which covers everything from literature to astrophysics), You Must Remember This (which is about old Hollywood history), and No Such Thing as a Fish (which covers a little bit of everything), but you can find a podcast about nearly anything by browsing through your favorite podcast app’s catalog.

You’ll still have a lot to learn.

Are you ready?

13. Don’t Rush It

It’s possible that you and your team will not be fantastic right away, or even in two years. This is a process, so try to be patient if the list of presidents from other countries’ capitals doesn’t seem to be sinking in right away.

14. Don’t Just Take My Word For It

One of the aims of this website is to assist people in improving their talents, and here is The Ultimate Guide to Getting Better at Trivia, a FAR more complete look at how to reign over your competition, as well as the resources that will help you achieve quiz-show fame. We’re here to assist you (while you destroy the competition)!

15. Don’t Forget That This is Supposed to be Entertaining!

Taking a step back and reevaluating what you’re doing will help you avoid being overwhelmed with trivia night preparations. Sure, it can be really difficult at times, but it is not intended to be completely awful! It’s important to have fun, spend quality time with your colleagues, and (maybe) win some rewards as well. Wishing you the best of luck! Continue to be interested, to be competitive, and to have a good time!

13 Trivia Games Your Group Will Love [Ranked] – QuizBreaker

Are you looking for some online trivia games to play? In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the top trivia games that you can play on the internet. Trivia is a long-standing and well-loved past time that tests your general knowledge while also generating an interesting environment. According to psychologist John Kounis, winning trivia games causes the production of dopamine in the brain, which can result in a feeling of joy, which is beneficial to everyone’s mental health in general. Are you interested in organizing weekly trivia nights for your workplace or family?

Now, let’s get started with our selection of the finest online trivia games, which are a fantastic way to interact with your family members and friends, as well as coworkers and colleagues!

1) Random Trivia Generator

It is completely free to use Random Trivia Generator, which will allow you to compete in the best trivia night with your friends, family, and coworkers. It offers six different categories to pick from, so there is something for everyone. They continually update and add new content, as well as let you to create your own intriguing questions, so be sure to come back frequently to see the most recent trivia questions.

We recommend that one person serve as the presenter and that they display the Random Trivia Generator on their computer screen while going through all of the questions. Don’t forget to keep track of your progress, because competing is half the fun! Here’s a link to the Random Trivia Generator.

2) QuizBreaker

QuizBreaker is ideal for work groups who wish to play a continuous trivia game where the aim is to show who on the team knows the most about the other members of the team. Instead of answering generic trivia questions, you must correctly guess ‘who said what’ on your team as proper answers to icebreaker questions in order to advance in the competition. It’s hard to tell if it was Emily or David who stated that Game of Thrones was their favorite television series of all time. Yes, that is the game that we developed!

3) QuizUp

There are millions of individuals that have joined the QuizUp community from all around the world, and it is not just your typical party game. It allows users to contribute their own questions, which helps to make trivia games more interesting! Play against your Facebook pals or against other people who share your passions. From general knowledge to popular culture to current events to sports to the Harry Potter novels to Disney and more, QuizUp provides a wide choice of topics to test your knowledge on.

It’s preferable to having kids stay up all night playing video games.

Check out QuizUp by clicking here.

4) TriviaHub

TriviaHub was launched in 2018 with the goal of “spicing up your next virtual happy hour” while also driving interaction and amusement among users. Start by selecting one of their wonderful and enthusiastic hosts and getting started on your next trivia game! TriviaHub may be found at this link.

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5) Crowdpurr

Do you want to design your own live virtual trivia game from scratch? Crowdpurr has you covered, and the greatest thing is that it is completely free! In addition, you may build your own multiple-choice questions or any other type of trivia question you like. Their new live ranking leaderboard will keep you up to date on who is currently in first place in each category. Crowdpurr may be found here.

6) Living Facts

“Living Facts is a documentary on contemporary Americans. They have prepared trivia questions for history aficionados that will both challenge and educate you on the subject of American history. Aside from that, there are a variety of other intriguing facts, brainteasers, and trivia possibilities to consider. Take the trivia tests at your leisure, or project them onto a screen and play them with a group of friends or coworkers at the same time. Check out the Living Facts Trivia Quizzes page for more information.

7) Jeopardy! On Drivetime

“Living Facts is a documentary series about contemporary Americans,” says the creator. For history aficionados, they’ve prepared trivia tests that will both challenge and educate you on the subject of American history and culture. A variety of intriguing facts, brainteasers, and trivia questions are also available to pick from.

Make use of your own time to complete the trivia tests, or project them onto a screen to play with a group of friends or coworkers. Check check the Living Facts Trivia Quizzes page for more information on them.

8) TriviaMaker

TriviaMaker is the perfect tool for your next virtual event, whether it’s at work, with friends, or in your school. The game styles available include grid, list, trivia, and wheel. There are four distinct game styles to pick from. Choose the design that you think would work best for your next virtual event, and TriviaMaker will take care of everything else. Check out TriviaMaker by clicking here.

9) Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is another another fantastic trivia game for mobile devices. The goal of Trivia Crack is to win all six characters on the spinning wheel by answering trivia questions about them. A wide range of trivial topic matter and genres are represented by the characters; they include: arts and sciences; sports and entertainment; geography; pop culture; and history. You may play with your friends or with other trivia fans, and the winner is the one who is the first to acquire all of the characters.

You may use yourAndriodoriPhone to access it.

10) Family Trivia by Berkshire Museum

The game of trivia is a pleasant and participatory activity that you may do at home with your family. Berkshire Trivia has produced a collection of family-friendly trivia quizzes that are suitable for children aged 8 and up to participate in. Peter Liffers will serve as the host for the trivia contest. All of the questions are derived from the realms of art, science, and history, with no exception. Make sure to check back often to see when they conduct their virtual live trivia evenings, which are perfect for family game nights.

11) GameApart

GameApart is a fantastic mobile platform for playing trivia games, and it’s free to use. The only thing you have to do is have your host select their chosen way of video conferencing, log onto GameApart, and share their screen with you. All of your pals will need to log in using the QR code that they will provide before your trivia night can begin. Take a look at GameApart by clicking here.

12) PoppyQuiz

The PoppyQuiz team has built a trivia platform that is really easy to use and that you can enjoy with your friends, family, and coworkers. Choose a topic of interest to you from from over 200 options. Once you’ve challenged your opponent to a trivia match, the rounds will start rolling. Each match is comprised of six rounds, plus a final bonus round that brings the game to a close. PoppyQuiz may be found here.

13) Virtual Trivia on Zoom by Sporcle

Do you long for the days when you could go to the bar and play trivia? Grab a beer, because Sporcle has invented pub trivia that you can do in the comfort of your own home! In order to participate in Sporcle’s hosted virtual trivia night, all you need to do is sign up for a time slot, invite your team, and check in to Zoom.

Anyone who wants to participate in their next virtual trivia night will be delighted to know that you will have the possibility to win prizes. Check out Virtual Trivia on Zoom by Sporcle for more information.

Bonus: League of Quiz

League of Quiz is a free trivia quiz game in which you will be competing in the ultimate trivia competition with other players. Compete against your friends and family members, or compete against yourself. With hundreds of questions to answer, this game will put your reasoning skills to the test completely. They are presently exclusively accessible on Android devices, and you can learn more about League of Quiz by visiting this page. So, there you have it: our selection of the top trivia games that we want you to try out!

Look no further.

America’s Pub Quiz

From 6:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 9, United States of AmericaCST5003 Underwood AveOmaha, NE68132

Starting at 7:00 pm

Wed., February 9th, from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m West Allis, Wisconsin 53214CST8031 W. Greenfield Ave. West Allis, Wisconsin 53214United States

BrewFinity – Oconomowoc

Wed., February 9th, from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m The address is CSTN58 W39800 Industrial RdOconomowoc, WI53066United States.

Pepi’s Pub – Racine

Wed., February 9th, from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m The address is CST618 Sixth St.Racine, WI53142, United States.

Starting at 7:30 pm

7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Central Standard Time905 South Commercial StreetNeenah, WI54956United States of America

Clancy’s Pub – Omaha

Wednesday, February 9, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (EST). The address is CST2905 S 168th StOmaha, NE68130United States+ Export Activities

Free AnswersAnnouncements

Download and print our game sheet for your convenience. Bring it with you to our live trivia games if you want to participate. The link is right here! The 9th of February is a Wednesday. Donna Reed is a woman who works in the fashion industry. We’re back at bbJack’s for another round (Cottage Grove, WI; 7pm) MUSIC BINGO begins today at 7 p.m. at Brick Street Tavern (in Omaha, Nebraska). The 10th of February is a Thursday. Kristy Swanson is a model and actress. BRAND NEW SHOW at the Lake Emily Inn (Amherst Junction, WI), starting at 7 p.m.

the battleship HMS Pinafore The 12th of February is a Saturday.

The 13th of February is a Sunday.

We’ll be back next week.

BB Jack’s

Returns on Wednesday, February 9th at 7:00 p.m. at 1609 Landmark Dr. in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin (608) 839-0510.

Buzz Social

Starts on Monday, February 14th, at 7:00 p.m. at 2310 Lineville Rd in Green Bay, Wisconsin (920-544-0234).

Brick Street Tavern

Music Bingo begins on Wednesday, February 9th at 7:00 p.m. at 4954 S 135th St. in Omaha, Nebraska. For more information, call 402.359.1604 or visit www.musicbingo.com.

Seven Hills PubGrille

Starts on Thursday, February 17th at 7:00pm at 350 E Seven Hills Rd in Port Washington, Wisconsin (262.284.4691).

Barley Pop TapShop

Begining on Tuesday, March 1, 6:30pm, at 2045 Atwood Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin (608) 630.9333.

Lake Emily Inn Again

Starts on Thursday, February 10th at 7:00 p.m.

at 3984 2nd St. in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin (715) 824.5684.

HoBo’s BBQ

Starts on Saturday, February 19th at 7:00 p.m. at 30590 Rancho California Rd in Temecula, California 951.693.3227

Edelweiss CruisesBoat Tours

Beginning on June 9th, every other Thursday at 6:00 p.m.

What is Americas’s Pub Quiz?

American Pub Quizis is the greatest live-hosted trivia program that provides a free quiz night to bars, pubs, and restaurants around the country. We are delighted to provide entertaining trivia to family, friends, and coworkers. Everyone will have a good time – that much is sure. We are so certain in your satisfaction that we will not charge you anything to play and will give you with free nightly prizes as well as frequent cash tournaments! The subject matter is a mashup of genres, encompassing music, movies, television, sports, history, and more, with plenty of surprises thrown in for good measure along the way.

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The size of the team does not matter, and there are frequently awards awarded for the greatest team name or the most amusing incorrect response.

Get together with your friends, bring that clever man from the office, and come enjoy some delicious cuisine and drink at one of America’s top restaurants.

Trivia Night Every Monday 7-9pm

Occasionally, do you ponder just how much pointless information you have stored away in your brain? What state-approved school did you attend? Could you have majored in factoids if you had wanted to? Would you like to document it and use it to assert your superiority over your friends and strangers at the same time? If this sounds like you, then Pub Trivia night at The Winslow could be the place for you. Every Monday at 7 p.m., The Winslow, in collaboration with the New York Trivia League, conducts a free Trivia Night event.

Sorry if I came off as a little harsh.

Are YouYour Friends Ready For The Challenge?

A large number of Brainiacs and alcohol enthusiasts alike congregate at The Winslow every week to exercise their mental muscles while also chasing away any leftover case of the Mondays. Facts that are difficult to find: checked. Drink specials are in order. Realizing that you could be the only one who knowsTim Allenis the only performer to have a number one bestselling book, a top-rated television program, and a top-rated movie all at the same time: check. Tim Allen is correct in his assessment.

Take a moment to imagine the looks on the faces of your coworkers, or even your dates, when you place that precious stone at their feet. With a wealth of trivial information, no one is in need of anything.

Monday Night NYC Trivia Winners Get Paid!

Take part in the competition is completely free, and the winning team will also get a $50 Winslow gift voucher to spend at a later date (or even future trivia night). A round of shots is also awarded to the second-place team, as well as to the team with the most creative name. If you want a hint, the quiz presenter like deep cut puns, so don’t even bother trying something like “The Lobotomies are No-Brainers.” Pub trivia is fantastic since it covers a wide range of topics. In the event that you’re bringing a group, make sure that you have “experts” who have a general grasp of pop culture, geography, botany and cobbling, chemistry, geology and history, as well as literature and literature.

  • If you suffer from social anxiety and despise chit-chatting in bars, the NYC Trivia League at The Winslow may be able to alleviate some of your tension.
  • The devil, as they say, is in the details.
  • Monday Trivia Night at the Winslow is usually a good time, with drink specials and an excellent food and drinks choices to choose from.
  • No, seriously, there is limited capacity and tables are assigned on a first come, first served basis, so arrive soon at 7 p.m.


Simply said, there is no cost to participate, and every pub where we organize our tournaments provides fantastic rewards to the winning teams. In addition, participation in our league is completely free. At our season-Cup: endingKing’s Trivia Tournament of Champions, teams battle for thousands of cash, so what do you have to lose?

Team Size:

The optimal number of players is six. What if a team only has six or fewer members? Amazing. Do you have a team that consists of more than six people? Split yourself into two teams and compete against your pals for bragging rights and the chance to win one of the nightly prizes provided by the bar.


In each trivia night or event, there are five rounds, each round including ten questions, and each question is worth one point, for a possible total of 50 points at the conclusion of the night – there is absolutely no betting or wagering involved. Rounds have covered anything from European history to cartoons where the characters don’t wear trousers. A music round and a picture round are usually included in most trivia nights.

It’s Simple:

1) No mobile phones are permitted. There will be no Shazam. There will be no Google. There will be no Bing.

If we discover that you have cheated, you will be disqualified. 2) Do not announce the answer aloud. It’s completely free to participate, so why not ask your trivia host for an answer sheet? Please don’t share your replies with anybody else. 3) The ultimate decision is made by your trivia host.

League Rules:

All of our bars offer league teams the opportunity to earn points, and you are welcome to visit as many as you like each week, with the greatest score earned that week contributing towards your overall season total. NYC Trivia League registration is completely free, and your team will have the opportunity to compete for over $1000 in prizes at each of our King’s Cup: Trivia Tournament of Champions events. The best a League Team can hope for is a total of 100 points for the night. Your overall score is comprised on three major components: 1.) The total number of questions properly answered at Trivia Night.

2.) Your finish position with relation to the other teams in the competition.

This is referred to as your “Notches” score.

Then, depending on how well you perform on this scale, we give a maximum of 35 points to your account: 35 points for first place 30 points for second place a total of 20 points for third place 15 points for 4th to 6th place 10 points for 7th-10th place YourNotchesscore for the remaining 15 points is as follows: 15 points are awarded for defeating 15 or more teams.

Season 39, Week 7

Season 39 is already in its seventh week. This season, we have over 500 registered league teams, which is our highest turnout to date. Our trivia championship will take place in the first week of the new year, on January 5th, 2020, and will be open to the public. We’ll use the top 10 of your scores from the previous 14 weeks, so even if you’ve only recently joined the league, you still have plenty of time to rack up some points and qualify! Standings as of right now Frank Mac’s Pub is a local hangout.

(EST) Start This is the ultimate duel of horror movie fandom, and we challenge you to take part!

Our quiz will cover everything from current franchises such as The Conjuring to classics such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Nightmare Before Christmas II.

Bring your friends and family on Tuesday, October 29th to get a 25-point Theme Night Bonus that will be applied to your Season 39 League Score Total!

Trivia Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

Astoria It will be released on October 29th (tomorrow)!

The New Bar Bonus will be applied to your Season 39 League Score Total if you join us tomorrow, Tuesday, October 29th, for a 25-point New Bar Bonus.

Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

Crown Heights is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

A bar with an old-fashioned appearance that serves beverages, beers, and sandwiches, as well as a pinball terrace.

Triona’s Third Trivia Question Gramercy Park opens its doors at 8 p.m.

**Available the next week on Tuesday, November 5th!** Sports are shown on the televisions at this contemporary hangout with an Irish feel.

Dewey’s Pub Trivia is a pub trivia game.

on Wednesdays Midtown South is a neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan.

American fare is served.

Trivia at the Iona Bar Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

Williamsburg **It will be released on Tuesday, November 12th!** A unique Scottish tavern in Williamsburg, serving hot toddies and showing soccer games on television.

Get a 25-point New Bar Bonus on Tuesday, November 12th, and your Season 39 League Score Total will be increased by one point!

Trivia about the Hill Country Barbecue Market Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.

BBQ classics and bourboncocktails are served in a boisterous venue with cafeteria-style ordering.

Take a look at the other Trivia Tuesdays.

Trivia on the SideBAR Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m.

Union Square Sports Barlounge adds modern design and creative drinks to the normal mix of beer, pub cuisine, and live music in Union Square.

Check out the rest of the Trivia TuesdaysHERE.

will include trivia.

Due to a private event on Thursday, October 31st, the event has been canceled. Check out the rest of the Trivia ThursdaysHERE. brooklynkingscup New York City’s manhattan neighborhood quizqueenstournamenttournamentstriviatrivia nightwine nycpub quizqueens

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