A Guide to Essential Dart Accessories

A Guide to Essential Dart Accessories

This post includes affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, we may get a commission at no additional cost to you as a result of your purchase. More information may be found here. So you’ve decided that you enjoy the game of darts and that you’d like to participate in it more often. If you’ve done your research online, you’ve probably ordered a dartboard and even picked out a set of attractive darts from your local sporting goods store. Surely, you’re all set to go, don’t you?

The same as with any well-established bar game, there are always extras you can incorporate into your game to improve your skills and protect your equipment.

You can find some of the most popular dart accessories for your darts and dartboard setup in this section, which we’ll go over in detail.

Essential Dart Accessories

In the event that you have purchased a beautiful pair of steel tip or soft tip darts, you will almost certainly want a few more accessories.

Darts Case

You’re likely to try with a variety of various types and models when you first begin playing darts, and you’ll likely find your “perfect fit” after a number of different experiments. In order to keep all of your barrels, tips, flights, and other dart accessories safe when they are not in use, you’ll need a place to store them while they are not in use. A dart case preserves your investment safe and secure while also providing you with a convenient method to transport your collection wherever you go.

The CaseMaster Classic Nylon dart case, for example, is a fantastic solution for organizing and storage.

Darts Grip Wax

Those of you who have taken the time to research and pick the finest darts for your grip and playing style are aware that there are a variety of barrel configurations available to you. It is typically a matter of personal choice when it comes to choosing the proper design. When you’re initially starting to play darts, even if you choose a dart barrel with plenty of texture to help you grasp the dart, you may have difficulty maintaining your grip. For example, you could find yourself becoming worried before a game, which would cause your fingertips to begin to sweat.

Grip wax works by ensuring that you can maintain the finest possible grip on your darts even if your fingers are wet or greasy.

Dart Sharpeners

Unless you’re practicing on a plastic or electronic board, there’s a high chance you’ll be utilizing steel dart tips the most of the time. Because steel tips may be expensive to repair, you’ll want to make sure that yours last as long as possible before replacing them. The most effective technique to increase the longevity of your tips is to sharpen and clean your darts on a regular basis. The sharpening of darts is one of the most important darts accessories for both beginners and pros. Your sharpener, which is a very modest addition to your darts-playing equipment, will ensure that your darts endure for the longest time possible.

For example, this convenient key chain darts sharpening is meant to keep the tip of your steel darts as sharp as possible, hence reducing the likelihood of bounce-outs during play.

Dart Replacement Barrels

As you’ve probably discovered throughout your hunt for the right darts, the barrel of your dart may have a significant impact on the power of your game. It is important to have the proper knurl on the surface of your barrel so that you can keep a firm grip, while the proper weight will allow you to aim your dart with pinpoint precision. However, it is possible that you may need to swap barrels at some point in order to get a particular style of throw in a given circumstance. Whether you’re looking for a backup barrel or a method to switch up your weights on the go, the MonkeyJack 16-gram spare barrels are a terrific choice.

Dart Flights

Despite the fact that darts and dart barrels are rather robust, it is likely that you will find yourself replacing the flights on your darts on a frequent basis. It is possible that you will wish to alter your flight just because you want a different appearance. Other times, you may discover that altering the flight of your dart might aid to improve the performance of your dart. To maintain a decent dart throwing experience, you don’t necessary need to invest in hundreds of various flights. However, having a wide number of alternatives available to choose from is a good idea.

Click here to learn more.

Dartboard Accessories

In addition to the dart accessories that you’ll bring with you when you’re out playing, if you have a dartboard setup at home or in your bar, there are a number of other elements that you’ll want to consider in order to make this a safe and hole-free darting environment.

The Dart Backboard or Dart Surround

Even if you’re a seasoned darts player, there may be instances when your shots will fall short of the target. Your dart might be sent into the wall instead of into your dartboard for a variety of reasons, ranging from a flash of light to a badly timed throw. A dart backboard is required if you wish to protect both the tips of your darts and the rest of your décor from these errant throws. Essentially, a backboard is a protective barrier that is placed between the dartboard and the wall. The board’s purpose is to absorb the majority of the force generated by your darts if you happen to miss the target by accident.

Dart backboards are frequently considered to be less complicated alternatives to dart cabinets, however it is feasible to employ both in some situations.

Additionally, purchasing a backboard rather than a whole cabinet is frequently considerably more cost effective.

In addition to having 1-inch thick high-density foam to protect your walls and an easy slot-together assembly, the Viper Defender III is one of the most popular versions available on the market right now. Review our selection of the greatest dartboard cabinets on the market.

Laser Throwing Lines (Oche)

A chalk line, strip of tape, or piece of wood aren’t necessary to ensure that you’re shooting darts from the precise distance. Instead, use your imagination. Many players choose to use a laser dart line instead of a traditional dart line because it is cleaner and more accurate. The laser line indicates the precise distance from which to throw, and thus eliminates the need to mark up or place extraneous items on the floor. The light may also be simply installed on the wall or on the ceiling if desired.

The official distance between the board and soft tip darts (when playing on an electronic dartboard) is 8 feet when using soft tip darts.

A good example is theViper Laser Toe Line, which projects a visible and precise line at throwing distances for both steel and soft tip throwing.

There will be no more adhesive residue on the floor, nor will there be any elevated wooden oches for your visitors to trip over.

Broken Dart and Shaft Remover

Your darts may wind up in unexpected places, even if you have a dart surround or backboard in place to keep them from hitting your wall. You may even strike your dartboard cabinet, but the tip of your dart will become caught in the wood as a result of this. Then you’ll need a dependable method of retrieving the dart without destroying it or the cabinet if something like this happens. In this case, the good news is that there are instruments available that may assist you in removing broken shafts and darts from walls, floors, and any other part of your games room where they have been lodged.

Using the Viper broken dart and shaft extractor, you may gently separate both soft-tip and steel darts from their shafts.

Put the dartboard away when not in use by tying it to the inside of your dart cabinet.

Dart Mat

After discussing the accessories that may be used to defend your walls from errant darts, let’s talk about what to do if one of them occurs to bounce out of the wall and land on the floor. A dart mat is one of the most important dartboard accessories that anyone should consider purchasing if they’re planning on outfitting their own home game room with a dartboard. It saves you the trouble of marking the floor with tape, and it helps protect your wood or laminate flooring from being damaged by bouncing dart points.

In the end, when these metal spikes are continually striking concrete, they are not going to endure very long.

In the event that you are not using them and they might interfere with the other activities in your room, you can simply roll up your mat and store it in a closet.

If you don’t have a carpeted floor, this Dart Mat from Dart World can be a good option for you.

It’s great for when you’re struggling to find your footing, and it’s 3 mm thick, so it won’t scratch your flooring if you slip and fall. There are three distinct throwing distances for every sort of darts setup that can be measured with this device as well.

Electronic Scoreboard

If you purchase a darts cabinet in addition to your bristle dartboard, most of them are equipped with a simple scoreboard that can be used to keep track of your points using a piece of chalk or marker. You’ll need something to keep track of your performance, even if you’re only using a basic dartboard and dart surround. It’s true that electronic dart scoreboards aren’t required for a decent game, but it’s fair to say that it’s a lot simpler to have fun when you don’t have to think about all of the arithmetic that goes along with totalling everything up with a piece of paper and a pencil.

With this Arachnid LCD touchscreen dart scorer, you can simply compute scores for up to 8 individuals at the same time.

You may account for player handicapping and even select the type of game you’re intending to play in order to improve the accuracy of your score, such as Hi-Score, Count Up, and others.

Dartboard Stand

Finally, here’s a dartboard attachment for those who want to carry their favorite sport with them while they’re out and about. Imagine that you want to be able to transport your dartboard from one location to another or that you want to be able to transfer it outside on a beautiful day when you don’t want to be pent up in the garage. A portable dartboard stand is an excellent alternative – particularly if you select one that is robust enough to withstand the inclement weather that may be found outside in the summer.

A basic stand should be portable, small, and simple to transport from place to place wherever you need it.

This stand is made of heavy-duty black stainless steel and has a locking height mechanism to keep it in place.

Winmau also offers a suitable surround for their stand, which can be purchased here.

Make the Most out of Your Games!

If you’ve made the investment in some high-quality darts and are setting up a darting area at home or at your bar, the accessories listed above will benefit your game in a variety of ways. There’s no reason for you to add all of these at once, but adding at least a few of them to your arsenal will make sense as time goes on. In the meanwhile, best of luck with your darting! Further Reading: How to keep your dartboard in good condition for the long run.

Best Dart Accessories of 2021: Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

When you’re playing casual darts in your college dorm room, all you need is a dartboard and a few darts to get started. More will be required, though, if you choose to take the game any farther and play it more seriously. If you’ve ever missed the board and ended up with darts lodged in the wall or the floor, or if you’ve ever gotten into a fight with your pals over where the throwing line is exactly, these accessories are perfect for you! Investing in some simple supplementary equipment will improve your darts playing experience easier and more enjoyable, and it won’t break the bank.

In such situation, you’re going to require a lot of items.

Whatever you want, the decision is entirely up to you; nonetheless, you will find all the information you require here. Let’s get this party started! More. Overview of the Top 8 Recommendations

1. Darts Grip Wax

What Exactly Is It? After playing darts for a time, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that the majority of darts feel a little slick to the touch. Even those with rougher barrels have the potential to slide out of your grasp at any time. If your posture and throwing form are currently perfect, and you’re not sure what more you can do to increase your accuracy, darts grip wax can help. It is employed to increase friction and prevent slippage at the final possible time. To reduce your chances of missing your shot, you just need to apply the wax to the tips of your index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and thumb – or to the barrel of the dart itself.

  1. However, if you are able to make it work for you, all the better.
  2. If you intend to pursue a professional or at least semi-professional career, it is very important — practically everyone uses it, and you will fall behind if you do not.
  3. Rating for NecessityWhile this grip wax is more expensive than others, it is well worth the extra money.
  4. At the same time, it significantly improves your dart throwing ability since it adheres effectively to your fingers and forms a thick film over your fingertips.
  5. The reason it’s the preferred option of many professionals is because it performs better than most other waxes, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your game once you begin using it.
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2. Dart Throw Lines

What Exactly Is It? A throw line, which is also known as the toe line or the Oche, is the line behind which you must stand when making your throw. It is strictly controlled in professional games, and it is set at a height of 7 feet 914 inches from the face of the dartboard, measured horizontally. There isn’t much difference between the items themselves; they are simply various means of marking the throw line. They are available in a variety of forms, such as sticky tape, floormats, and even tunable laser beams, among others.

  1. Despite the fact that laser-based lines are changeable, they can be unstable and scarcely visible in bright sunlight at times.
  2. Where you play and whether or not you have to relocate the throw line on a regular basis determine what style you wish to play.
  3. If you want to take your gaming seriously, this is an absolute must-have.
  4. Even if you’re simply having a casual game, it’s a good idea to have an objective marker that everyone can point to in order to avoid debates over who was closer to the goal than whom.
  5. It is composed of high-quality material, which allows it to remain attached to the floor for as long as you require it to do so, and the print on it does not fade quickly.
  6. There is a scale for the axis rectifier printed on it, which allows you to get your foot placement just perfect without having to think about it too much.

It’s especially beneficial for beginners who are still working on their posture. Furthermore, when you take it out, it will not leave any scars on your floor. The fact that it cannot be relocated means that it is the finest option if you do not require it.

3. Dart Sharpeners

What Exactly Is It? Steel-tipped darts are readily scuffed and lose their ability to adhere to the board effectively. Nonetheless, because they are costly, and you want to get the most usage out of them as possible, you continue to use them even if only every second shot makes it through the net. The following accessories are pieces of sharpening stone that have been shaped to suit your dart tips and will keep them in tip-top form! Even while it is not an item that most people, especially novices, consider to be important, it is far more important than you would assume.

  1. The majority of people simply toss away their darts and buy new ones when they become dull, but this is a waste of money.
  2. It’s virtually always required, in my opinion.
  3. If you play darts on a regular basis, even if it’s only for fun, you should consider investing in a set or two.
  4. Because it is in the shape of a beer mug, it does not appear to be unsightly or conventional.
  5. On both ends, there’s a hole, which allows you to quickly sharpen your darts without even looking at it.

4. Broken Shaft and Dart Point Remover

What Exactly Is It? Another cost-cutting and dart-saving solution has been implemented. When one of your darts breaks, you normally have to replace the entire dart system. Consider the alternative: what if you could just replace the portion that had failed and keep the rest? That is exactly what a broken shaft and dart point remover enables you to achieve. It is simple to use and can easily remove a broken point or shaft. It is also inexpensive, allowing you to save a significant amount of money.

  1. These tools are likewise not difficult to utilize, and you’ll discover that they’re rather straightforward to employ.
  2. When Is It Necessary to Use It?
  3. They are also reasonably priced and may save you money, so there isn’t much of a reason not to invest in them.
  4. Rating for NecessityThis is a pair of affordable and amazingly effective removal tools.
  5. It is readily capable of removing the broken pieces without causing any damage to the remaining parts, and it is simple to use for both novices and experienced users.

Overall, this is a terrific, practical tool that isn’t going to break the bank. Both of the components are robust, and they function nicely together. Any dart player would be wise to make the investment.

5. Dart Replacement Barrels

What Exactly Is It? Despite the fact that dart barrels are often the most robust elements of a dart, they can be shattered. That’s where having a few spare barrels comes in useful, because you can still recycle the rest of the dart if the other parts are still in excellent condition. However, not just any barrels will do; only the best will do. This is, without a doubt, the most essential component of the dart, and it has the potential to have a huge impact on your performance. The surface of a decent barrel should be comfortable to grasp and not slippery in order for you to throw the dart effectively.

  • If you just want to upgrade the darts you already own by using better barrels, you may use new barrels, which are readily available.
  • When Is It Necessary to Use It?
  • In the case of casual players, these items aren’t absolutely essential.
  • In the package, you’ll get 12 of these 16-gram beauties.
  • Even if you don’t use gripping wax, you’ll have more control over your throws if you use them.
  • Overall, they’re highly sturdy and adaptable barrels that will work nicely with your accessory set.

6. Dart Accessory Kit

What Exactly Is It? If you’re weary of having to purchase a plethora of various accessories for your darting sport and want to streamline the entire process, now’s your opportunity to do so. Exactly what it sounds like – a bag filled with useful items that will assist you in keeping your darts in outstanding condition. Generally speaking, accessory kits include a sharpening, some replacement parts, dart wrenches, and other useful items. Some better packages will also include items such as gripping wax, broken tip and shaft removers, and other useful items.

  • When Is It Necessary to Use It?
  • It is inevitable that you will require some of the items included in the kit at some point, unless you play darts on a very uncommon basis.
  • A casual player who simply wishes to keep his darts in good condition would benefit the most from this product.
  • It is not absolutely necessary, though.
  • Aside from that, it also comes with a comprehensive collection of replacement components.

You’ll also receive four sets of lights as well as a flight deflector. Of course, there’s a dart wrench included, as well as a bag of darter rosin gripping wax to finish things off. Everything you’ll need to keep your darts in top condition and your game sharp and on target!

7. Soft Tip Point

What Exactly Is It? The usage of soft tip darts is not always preferred, but they are helpful to have on hand if you believe that steel tip darts may provide an imminent danger to yourself or others. It’s also possible to find a number of soft tip leagues all over the place, and some people prefer them over the standard steel tip versions. It is likely that you are familiar with how fragile the plastic tips may be, and how easily they can shatter when they come into contact with anything other than the board.

  1. When Is It Necessary to Use It?
  2. They’re especially beneficial for beginners, who may miss the mark rather frequently, resulting in tips breaking as a result.
  3. Rating of Necessity This is a fantastic pair of tips from a well-known name in the industry – Viper – that are highly robust.
  4. They’re simple to put on the dart because all you need is a decent twist, and they’re just as simple to take off.
  5. They’re 1.25 inches long in total — 1 inch without the thread – in total.
  6. They’re excellent, long-lasting tips at a bargain price, so don’t pass up the opportunity to get your hands on some.

8. Steel Tip Point Converters

What Exactly Is It? In the event that you have a large number of plastic darts and you decide to switch to steel darts, you aren’t going to throw them away, are you? There are some individuals that give them away in such situation, but if you can’t afford to buy steel darts and yet want to keep your plastic darts, there is a workaround for you. Steel tip point converters are essentially steel tips that are designed to fit over a plastic tip, allowing you to convert your soft tip darts into genuine steel darts without having to buy new ones.

  • When Is It Necessary to Use It?
  • However, if you aren’t already doing so, you should consider doing so.
  • It has three different patterns, each with four pieces, for a total of twelve pieces at a wonderful price.
  • This is advantageous since it allows you to experiment with different styles or have a variety of styles to choose from, depending on your requirements.

Just in case, double-check that they are compatible with your darts. They are without a doubt some of the greatest converters available, and you will almost certainly enjoy at least one of the several kinds.

The Final Word

The above is the end of today’s post, but there are more dart attachments available, so you may see a follow-up to this one in the future. If you’re interested in keeping an eye on this location, keep reading. If you have any questions or comments on the subject, please feel free to post them in the comments section below. Thank you. Keep playing till the next time, and keep your darting game on point until then!


When it comes to getting started with darts, all you really need is a dartboard, a place to hang it, and a set of darts. However, if you want to get the most out of your darts, there are a variety of goods available to assist you in staying on top of your game. While not all of these things are required, you will need to repair some elements of your darts over time due to normal wear and tear in order to keep them in top-notch condition. These are the replacement plastic “wings” that may be found at the back of a dart’s head.

  1. Flights are available in a plethora of vibrant colors and graphics to allow you to personalize the appearance of your darts.
  2. As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the dart, the greater the surface area of your flying wing should be in order to offer the necessary lift to your dart.
  3. This will help your dart to fly more accurately than if it were to have a flattened out X wing form.
  4. 3 on the best-seller list The shaft, also known as the stem, of a dart is the component of the dart that screws into the back of the barrel of the dart.
  5. Many metal shafts are equipped with replacement O rings, which prevent the shafts from becoming free from the barrel.
  6. Replacements are available for purchase separately.
  7. Generally, shafts have a slot in the end to receive a flight, however it is possible to find shafts that enable you to slide the flight in via the side, which provides additional protection for the end of the flight’s tail.

Try out several shaft lengths to see which one produces the smoothest arc.

Best-seller number oneBest-seller number two No.

If you take good care of your darts, it is quite unlikely that you will have to replace them in the near future.

Plastic tips are prone to breaking after a significant amount of usage, so it’s always a good idea to have a large number of spares on hand.

Likewise, keep a look out for tips of varying lengths, as you may discover that a shorter tip is often more durable than a longer one.

1Bestseller No.

3 Popularity No.

They also assist in preventing your shafts from breaking as a result of other darts striking them.

Bestseller No. 1Bestseller No. 2Bestseller No. 3Bestseller No. 4Bestseller No. 5Bestseller No. 6Bestseller No. 7Bestseller No. 8Bestseller No. 9Bestseller No. 10Bestseller No. 11Bestseller No. 12Bestseller No. 13Bestseller No. 14Bestseller No. 15Bestseller No. 16

You’ll need a case to keep your darts in good shape while also keeping them properly secured when transporting them about. In your search for a dart case, make sure there is enough space to accommodate at least one extra pair of flights and one spare set of shafts. If you intend to utilize steel-tipped darts, be certain that your case is likewise fitted with a point protection. Your points will remain sharp as a result of this, and if you are using a soft case, the darts will not poke through the fabric as well.

  1. Using a thin case will necessitate the removal of flights after each usage, which will increase the wear and tear on the flight.
  2. These are excellent for keeping all of your components organized at home.
  3. 1 Bestseller No.
  4. 3 on the best-seller list Where players stand to throw darts can become a contentious issue, so you need a clearly defined mark to stand behind.
  5. This mark should be 7′ 9 ¼” away from the face of the dart board, although it is common for some places to mark at 8′.
  6. These are available in a wide range of bright colors and are generally made of heavy duty materials that will stand up to constantly being stood on.
  7. A good quality mat will be made from a heavy duty material like rubber, and should feature pre-marked throw lines so you don’t need to measure the distance.
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1 Bestseller No.

3 When two tungsten titans go head to head, one will taste the bitterness of defeat while the other will stand victorious—unless of course it’s a tie.

Most dart games require score be kept during play, and there are plenty of options when it comes to dart scoreboards.

If you play a lot of cricket, look for scoring boards with pre-marked numbers to make scoring easier.

Another option to consider is an electronic dart scoreboard.

If you play a lot of 301, 501 or 701, but can never remember the best combination of darts for an out, then you may also consider mounting an Out Chart by your dart board.

Bestseller No.

2Bestseller No.

4Bestseller No.

6Bestseller No.

8Bestseller No.

10Bestseller No.

12Bestseller No.

14Bestseller No.


A Guide to Flights, Shafts, Barrels and Weight

When it comes to deciding on the weight and style of your darts, there isn’t a right or wrong answer to consider. As a rule, you will change darts after your first year of throwing, so save your money until you have a better sense of which darts would work best for you and your throwing technique. Everything boils down to what makes you feel most comfortable while waiting in line at the end of the day. Before purchasing a new set of darts, it is a good idea to consider the following guidelines.

Overview of Dart Types

To play darts, you can pick from a variety of materials, including wood and metal, brass and silver, nickel and silver, and tungsten. When it comes to league throwers, the tungsten dart is the most preferred option. Tungsten has a high wear resistance and allows barrels to be thinner, allowing for tighter groups while preserving the weight of the dart, hence reducing bounce-outs and bounce-ins. When purchasing tungsten darts, it is critical to pay close attention to the proportion of tungsten contained within the dart barrels, since this is critical to the overall quality of the dart.

Darts made of brass and nickel/silver are constructed of softer, less costly metals than those made of steel.

Despite these disadvantages, brass and nickel darts are still a viable, cost-effective alternative.

Dart Weights

You owe it to yourself to explore all of the numerous possibilities that are accessible to you. Darts are available in a variety of weights ranging from 12 grams to 50 grams. Although it is uncommon to see someone throw darts that are heavier than 30 grams, most dart organizations permit darts up to 50 grams in weight. Visit your local dart shop and toss the same dart style in each weight class with the same darts you bought there. The weight of the dart will be determined in part by the speed with which it is thrown by the player.

The placement of the weight on the dart barrel is also critical.

It is recommended to experiment with them all until you find what works best for you.

Dart Barrel Grips

The next step is to experiment with various barrel grips that are available in the weight that you have selected. Some dart barrels feature a lot of knurling, while others are completely smooth. Generally speaking, the greater the weight of the knurling, the easier it is to hold the dart. A lot of knurling on the other hand might make darts adhere to your fingertips and make it difficult to hit the target with precision.

Dart barrels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate the needs of the average dart player. Just be sure you pick the one that feels the most comfortable.

Dart Flights

There are numerous various sizes and kinds of flights, as well as smooth and dimpled surfaces, to choose from. The size and style of your flights might have an effect on your performance. Dimpled surfaces, for example, will aid in the slowing and stabilizing of your darts as they travel. Experiment with different dart flight sizes and types until you’re satisfied with your final configuration, but don’t be hesitant to change things up as you learn more about the game. Standard and slim are the two most popular sizes available.

Choosing the Proper Shape and Texture Flights for Your Personality Style Also covered are L-Style dart flights, which are specialty flights that are becoming increasingly popular among top professional dart players.

Dart Shafts

There are many different types and materials available for dart shafts, including plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber, composite and spinning shafts. Plastic or nylon: These materials are inexpensive and are available in a variety of colors, but many of them break easily. These shafts will function well for the majority of players until you start throwing tight groups and breaking a lot of shafts on a continuous basis. Polycarbonate or nylon are the most common materials used. Aluminum Alloy: Solid aluminum is a kind of aluminum that has a high melting point.

  1. They may have a tendency to vibrate loose, particularly when using heavier darts.
  2. Adart Toolor knife blades may need to be used to gently pry the slots open somewhat when using thick flights, such as dimplex or nylon.
  3. Carbon-Fiber and Carbon-Composite Shafts: Carbon-fiber and carbon-composite shafts are typically lighter in weight and more durable than plastic or nylon shafts, although they are slightly more expensive than plastic or nylon shafts.
  4. A number of shaft types are now available that allow the flight to turn out of the way when another dart is impacted by the flight of another dart.
  5. Torn flights, “robin-hooded” shafts, and deflections will be considerably reduced with the use of these shafts.

Compared to aluminum shafts, they are fantastic shafts that are quite robust and will not rattle loose from the barrel as quickly. For the sake of economy and convenience, most models are available with replacement tops. Soft Tip Darts. and a Whole Lot More!

Steel Tip Dart Buyer’s Guide For New Players

In the game of darts, there is a joke. It goes something like this: “New darts won’t help, and you’re $!+!” Yes, that’s amusing, but is it accurate? Without a doubt, no. Darts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as grips, weights, lengths, and materials. Contrary to the joke above, investing in high-quality dart equipment can help you improve your game, even if you are a complete beginner. Do you believe it makes no difference? Was it possible to complete the same game with these darts?

Okay, while these are extreme cases, they do demonstrate that equipment does make a difference in the end.

Before we go into the specifics of what to look for while purchasing darts, I want to emphasize two critical points:

  • In certain cases, what is correct for someone else is not always right for you. Individual requirements vary
  • Thus, choose the darts that feel correct for you.
  • You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to acquire decent equipment, and you don’t have to break the bank to have good equipment.

A basic set of high percentage tungsten darts is adequate for the typical player and can be obtained for a reasonable price. As your skills improve and you have a greater understanding of what you want, you may progress to the next level. However, I do not advocate spending a lot of money on your first set. Don’t be concerned if you already have darts. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about darts and dart-related equipment. Maybe even some items you didn’t realize you needed until you saw them.

Buying The Right Darts

This is, without a doubt, the most difficult thing on the list. Darts are a very personal thing that is only available to the individual who uses it. When purchasing darts, the following are the most crucial factors to consider.


When selecting a dart, the weight is undoubtedly the most significant consideration. The weight of your dart is going to be precisely proportional to the force and angle with which you make your throw. Heavy darts need a little more power, but they tend to fly straighter, whereas a lighter dart will fly with more of an arched path. The average person weighs around 20 grams, give or take a couple of grams.


The length and curve of your dart should be selected to match your grip style. Do you place your index finger on the point of the compass? Maybe you want longer points, but you just want to use two fingers? It’s possible that a longer barrel isn’t all that significant.

Grip Texture

The grip texture of your dart is affected by how you grasp and release the dart, just as it is by its length. Some darts have considerable knurling, while others have tiny grooves that are sliced at every possible angle. When you hold the dart, it is critical that it has the right grip at the point where you hold it. If you hold the dart at the front, the knurling in the rear isn’t going to make much of a difference, and the opposite is true.


I’m going to make this one simple for you. The majority of dart players will prefer a dart that is constructed of 90 percent or more tungsten. Tungsten is used to produce darts because it has a higher density than other popular materials and hence is more durable. This allows manufacturers to make darts smaller while yet maintaining the weight of the darts they produce.

Smaller groups of darts allow for tighter groupings, and tighter groups of darts allow for better scoring totals. If you happen to be looking for a larger, fatter dart, you may find these as well. If you prefer a nickel or brass finish, there is no reason why you cannot go with that option instead.

Ok, But How Do You Choose?

If you’re searching for a set of darts, I recommend simply asking around for them. The vast majority of individuals will be delighted to allow you to test out their darts for a few rounds. Consider the form, style of grip, and weight of each item to determine which one you prefer the most. If you are completely stumped as to what to buy, I would recommend these Cuesoul Darts. This is the dart set that I would suggest for beginners. They are made of 95 percent tungsten and come with a carrying bag, spare shafts, flights, and other accessories.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, I recommend taking a look at this post on the darts that professionals use.

Dart Case

So, now that you have a great, sophisticated set of darts, you can’t just throw them in your pocket and forget about them. To store your darts, you’ll need a good, sophisticated dart case. You definitely shouldn’t scrimp on this because there is a significant difference between a high-quality case and the cheaper alternatives. When purchasing a dart case, there are a few important features to check for: You want a dart case that will last for a long time. Not only should the case protect your equipment, but it should also be durable enough to withstand repeated abuse without falling apart.

  1. A excellent dart case should be able to keep your darts safe while keeping the flights intact.
  2. Once the case is opened, you want to be ready to travel as quickly as possible.
  3. Your dart case should be large enough to accommodate any additional darts you might want.
  4. The basic minimums are a couple of additional flights, shafts, and a sharpener, to name a few.
  5. Before you make a purchase, determine what you require.

Dart Case Recommendations

The Harrows Ace Case is a great option if you need a case that you can grab and go. It has enough space for everything you’ll need for a fantastic night of darts. For those seeking for something a little bigger, the Legion 9 is a good choice. However, be careful that once others learn about your situation, you will rapidly become the go-to man for those who require a last-minute substitute.

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If you’re looking for a bristle dartboard, I’ll save you some time by telling you where to find one.

Get your hands on the Blade 5. There are other excellent options, but almost every review you read will agree that the Blade 5 is the greatest board on the market right now. It comes highly recommended from me. Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard from Winmau

  • Professional bristle dartboard with the support of the British Darts Organization (BDO)
  • Made in the United Kingdom. Increased scoring area due to a 14 percent smaller wire system compared to the previous generation Blade 4 for greater scoring potential
  • Increased scoring area due to increased scoring potential
  • With a 30-degree decrease in the angle of the razor wire, bounce-outs are reduced and dart deflection is enhanced. It is simple to fasten the dartboard to nearly any surface thanks to the Triple Wheel lock-and-level mechanism.

Dartboard Cabinet or Surround

You may choose between two commercially available alternatives for defending your wall against darts. However, although a surround provides protection for the area directly surrounding your board, the finest dart board cabinets also provide storage space for supplies, serve as a scoreboard, and keep your dartboard safe while it isn’t in use. Which one you choose is more dependent on your own choice, style, and available space. In addition to being the most popular Winmau surround on the market, it also works nicely with the Winmau Blade 5 dartboard.

They range in price from as little as $50 for a pressboard one to several hundred dollars for a complete wood one.

A low-cost cabinet contains all of the same characteristics as a high-end cabinet; however, it may not be as visually appealing.

Beyond The Basics

The items listed above are the bare essentials that every dart player should have in their collection. However, if you have the means and want to spruce up your darts nook, there are a variety of accessories that can be purchased to enhance the experience. Here are a few examples of what I can recommend:

Oche And Floor Mats

You have a darts corner, what do you store in there? Is there something that you have that you really must have to function properly? Please let me know and I may be able to include it on the list. The most recent change was made on 2022-02-09 at 12:36 / Affiliate links / Images sourced from the Amazon Product Advertising API

Dart World Q and A

There are several games that may be played on an adartboard, all of them are free. The “01” family of games, as well as “Cricket,” are the most popular games being played today in homes, bars, organized leagues, and tournaments across the country. In the United States, cricket appears to be the game of choice amongst young people. All of your structured leagues and tournaments, on the other hand, include several events with the numbers 301 and 501, both as singles events and as team events.


However, despite the fact that leaguetournament play has an identical number of’01 games (301501) in their format, cricket is by far the most popular game played in America, both at home and in pubs. The game of cricket is one in which there is an element of strategy, and as such, with the use of a clever approach, a less competent player may be able to come out on top from time to time. Scoring three of each target number (20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15) and three bulls-eyes is the goal of the game in this variation.

When three marks of a certain number have been scored, the number is called “closed.” The winner is determined by who is the first to shut all of the numbers, including the bulls-eye, and who is either tied or ahead in points.

Despite the fact that numbers can be played at any moment, they are typically played in decreasing sequence, beginning with twenty. top

Scoring Cricket

A normal scoreboard will include all of the Cricket numbers that will be in play throughout the game. For each dart that scores in an unmarked number (any number that has not been marked for a score), a backward slash” “is added next to the number that was scored with the previous dart. A second mark is represented by a forward slash”/”forming an X. The third score is symbolized by a circle enclosing the X, which effectively closes or protects this particular number. A score in the double or triplering is worth 2 or 3 points, depending on how many times it is achieved.

Soft tip

It varies depending on the equipment that is being used, but the cricketmarks can be three LED lights, a single light with three distinct colors, or a full depiction of the Slashes, X’s, and circle, with a sequence of lights, on some of the more complex machines. top

Scoring Points

As soon as a player has closed a number (by making three marks on it), points can be earned on that number if their opponent has not closed it yet. Closing a number may be used in an attacking manner to score points, as well as a defensive one to prevent your opponents from earning points.

Ending the Game

Player A closes all of their numbers but has less points than their opponent, the game will continue until either Player A matches or betters their opponent’s score or Player B closes the remaining of their numbers while maintaining the greater or the same total amount of points as their opponent. top

Simple Cricket

During the game, the goal is for the player to score three points in each target number, including the bulls-eye, in the shortest amount of time. There are no points at stake. Despite the fact that it is a lot easier game and may be seen as a suitable game for novices, it is really a game of chance in which the better player nearly always prevails.

301 / 501

The “01” family of games, with the exception of the beginning score, are all typically played in the same way, with one difference. To win these games, you need to start with a certain number (301, 501, etc.) and remove each turn’s score from that amount until you reach zero.


The game 301 is popular as a league game, but it is also played as a singles match rather frequently (individuals competing rather than teams). This game is played largely as a double start, double finish since the beginning amount is so low in this game. The term “double start” refers to the need that you score a dart in the outer double ring before you can begin deducting from 301 points. It is then possible to throw another dart directly at the twenty wedges when this is completed. Player A has 32 points remaining – double 16 is the winning shot – and the double finish implies that the winning dart must land in a double segment in order for the score to be reduced to zero.

Soft tip

The majority of electronic devices let you to choose the game and which version you want to play. Straight starts (without the need for a double) and straight finishes are prevalent in league competition. Straightstart with a double finish is an option for more experienced players (requiring the winning game shot to be in a doublesegment).

For the most experienced players, the tough game of double start, double finish is available. The game of 301 is quite popular as a league game and is frequently played as a team game as well.


The game 501 is the one that is played in the majority of professional and amateur competitions, as well as in social situations such as the house and the local bar. The goal is the same as it is in other “01” games; the winner is the player who is the first to reach zero precisely.

Steel tip

To begin this game, one can instantly aim at the highest number and begin scoring in the manner in which this game is generally started, without the necessity of first scoring a number that has been doubled. It is necessary to complete by bringing the score down to exactly zero on a doubled number in order to finish. Straight start, double finish is the term used to describe this.

Soft tip

The majority of electronic devices let you to choose the game and which version you want to play. It is generally always played with a straight start, however it can be played with a straight or doubled finish depending on the situation. This is a popular game to play in leagues and tournaments, and it is also frequently played as a team event.

Scoring 301 / 501 Games

Traditional steel tip games are scored by hand and written on a scoreboard or a score sheet, which is then discarded. The ’01 games are simple to play and will help you to improve your arithmetic abilities, particularly in subtraction. All numbers are in play, but the numbers twenty and nineteen are the most targeted since they are the highest numbers on the board and will help to bring the score down. As soon as the first round is completed, the total score from all three darting rounds (or the total score of the three darts) is usually put down on the outside ofthe scoring board or score sheet, with the remaining totals for both players written down in the centre.

Soft tip

Scoring on an electronic dartboard offers the advantage of the computer recording and completing all of the arithmetic for you because it is pre-programmed. top


Busting occurs when you surpass the number of points you have left, hit zero without landing on a double, or leave one point on the board (not possible toend the game as there is no double to finish on) When this occurs, your turn is over instantly, regardless of whether you have thrown one, two, or three darts, and your score is reset to the point where it was before your turn began.

Out Chart

When a player’s total score is fewer than 200 points, there are mathematical combinations of triple, double, and single numbers that he or she can score in order to end the game as fast as possible. Only the most proficient players are capable of achieving these combos on a consistent basis. Out shots are a term used to describe these types of combinations. Several tables (called out charts) are provided for proposed finishes, and they are accessible in two dart charts (winning with only two darts) as well as three dart charts (winning with three darts) (winning with three darts).

Identifying and understanding the letters above, as well as what they represent, makes reading the Out Chart of proposed finishes simple. In pubs, several of these charts are put on the walls near the dartboard to assist league players in memorizing their out shots and speeding up play.


In the beginning, there are many different legends to tell, from stories of Neanderthalspracticing with spears to stories of pilgrims bringing the game to Americaon board the Mayflower, there are many different stories to tell. Several accounts have been told about archers in medieval England who, in order to get some winter practice, used arrows that had been chopped down and discovered that the circular bottom of a wine cask at the local bar formed an ideal target. Even Henry the VIII was rumored to have enjoyed the game, and his one-time wife, Ann Boleyn, presented him with an elegant set of darts to commemorate the occasion.

During World War I, the game had a constant presence in local bars and taverns, with even the King and Queen making appearances and throwing darts for promotional purposes to help spread the word.

When the war was over, the game was brought back to America by the GIs who had been stationed in England and took it back with them.

This machine was first introduced and developed in the mid- to late-1970s, and it has been in continuous production since then.

With the prospect of sharing in the monetary bonanza, as well as the added security of plastic points, bar owners joined on, and the game proceeded to flourish in those locations that had been extensively marketed.

Today, there are professional dart players who fight for thousands of dollars in prize money, as well as televised events that are broadcast on a consistent basis in England.

In today’s world, the game of darts has spread beyond the confines of pubs and taverns, and it can now be found in many home leisure gamerooms as well as on college campuses, making it a popular activity and a fixture of the indoor gaming business.

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