Axe Throwing 101: A Complete Guide to Rules, Technique and Games

Axe Throwing 101: A Complete Guide to Rules, Technique and Games

In recent years, axe throwing has swiftly gained popularity among younger people in North America and other areas of the world, becoming one of their favorite newbar activities and sports. Axe throwing is primed to continue developing and becoming a popular activity for many years to come, thanks to the hundreds of locations all over the world that are devoted solely to the sport. Continue reading to find out precisely what axe throwing is, some of the fundamental rules, how to handle and throw an axe, tips and tricks, as well as some of the most popular axe throwing games available.

What Is Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing is a sport that is similar to darts in that the contestant throws an axe at a target, hoping to hit it as near to the bullseye as possible. The World Axe Throwing League is the regulatory organization for the sport of axe throwing in the United States (WATL). Check out the following breakdown of their score system. Any WATL-sanctioned venue will have four rings around the perimeter of the target with a bullseye in the middle. Each ring earns you increasingly more points, all the way up to six points at the bullseye.

The ability to try a killshot is only available during specific intervals in the game, and they are worth eight points.

Players fight against each other one-on-one, and the winner is determined by who has accrued the most amount of points after 10 free throws.

A player’s ability to participate in leagues and even in the World Championship depends on how skilled they are.

The appropriate technique to grip and throw an axe is the first step in getting you started.

How To Throw An Axe

A handful more precautions to take before we get started!

  1. Before attempting to throw the axe, be certain that the area surrounding you and the target is clean of people and objects. That is to say, you should not throw an axe when someone is standing near the target or heading towards the target. To succeed, you must “throw together, recover together.” Sharpening your axe will make it much easier for it to cling to the target. It is less dangerous to others around you, but once you sharpen your axe, avoid touching the blade directly with your fingers to prevent stitches – the sharper and narrower the profile of your axe is, the more likely it is that it will stick

It’s important to maintain a strong grip on the axe that is comparable to that of a baseball bat, and keep the head as straight and perpendicular to the target as possible when gripping the axe. If you spin the head of the axe, it will fly sideways and will be less likely to cling to the target as a result of the rotation.

There are two major ways of throwing an axe:

Bad Axe Throwing provided the image.

2. Two-handed over the head

Bad Axe Throwing provided the image. Both methods are equally popular and straightforward to execute. Depending on the type of wood used in the target, if it is not soft enough, you may need to apply extra force to the target. If you notice that throwing one-handed causes your axes to fall to the ground on a regular basis, consider switching to the two-hand approach to produce additional power. If you are using the two-handed approach, you will grab the axe with both hands and throw it straight back over your head as if you were tossing a soccer ball.

We will begin by letting the axe to swing down beside our thigh and then using the momentum of the swinging axe to raise it up past the ear of our throwing hand for the one-handed throw.

In order to provide a more visual depiction of what is occurring during each of these throws, Bad Axe Throwing has created an excellent page that explains in detail how to throw an axe.

Simply let go of the axe’s handle and allow the axe’s momentum to propel it forward. In addition, the World Axe Throwing League has produced a video in which you may learn how to Throw Like a Pro.

Axe Throwing Games

If you’re looking for some variety in your gaming experience, here are a number of other games to try.

Around The World

Around the World is intended to test a player’s ability to aim at the entire target, rather than simply the bullseye, and hit it. In order to complete the game, you must strike each point zone in succession, beginning on the left side of the board and working your way across. 1,2,3,4,B,4,3,2,1,(Killshot). You will not be able to move to the next component of the objective until you complete the current one; there will be no skipping forward and returning! When played head-to-head with an opponent, you are striving to finish the whole array of throws before your opponent does so.

A good tip is to align your throwing arm (if you are one-handed) or the centre of your body (if you are two-handed) with the area of the target you are aiming for; do not try and throw to the right or left of your body as this will result in more inconsistent results.

Two Player Teams: Duals

Duals is a game in which a team of two players competes against another team of two players. With two exceptions, the game format for Duals is the same as for other games. During a team competition, teammates throw at the same target, and both players on the same team must have released their axes before the first one released hits the target. This is frequently accomplished most efficiently with the use of a countdown before throwing. As a result of the increased number of participants, the total amount of points that may be earned in a dual game has increased to 128 points per game.

Tip: Because the target is so small, it is frequently wise for one player to throw in an effort to obtain a bullseye while the other attempts to score in the ring just beyond the bullseye for a total of four points in the ring.


Cornhole is a game that is extremely popular in the Midwest of the United States. It is frequently seen at backyard barbecues and parks on weekends. If you are unfamiliar with the game of cornhole, you can find a comprehensive guide to it right here. To achieve the greatest outcomes, teams with equal ability levels should be paired together to avoid games that are too quickly. Axe throwing has its own version of cornhole, which is called axe throwing cornhole. Players are divided into two-person teams, and scoring is often done up to a total of 21 points.

If your team has 19 points and then receives 4 points for a total of 23, it does not count and your team’s score is recalculated at 19.

The side that has scored the most points in the most recent game always throws first.

Cornhole scoring or canceling out points are used to determine the outcome of the game. For example, if Team A scores a combined 8, and Team B scores a combined 5, the result is: Because the points cancel each other out, Team A receives three points and Team B receives zero.

Calling Targets Variation:

Allow players the option to call their targets before they throw if they so choose before they throw. If they make a successful called hit, they will get double the points. If they fail to hit their designated target, they receive a score of zero! You can see it here.

Humans vs Zombies:

Humans versus Zombies is an axe throwing game in which the winner is determined by the difference in points between two consecutive throws. The Zombies are always running after the humans in an attempt to deprive them of their points, and the humans are constantly attempting to outpace the Zombies. Depending on whose team you are on, you are competing for a total of +15 or -15 points. Because the Zombies throw second each round and have a minor edge, a coin toss is used to determine which team will be on which side of the field.

If the Humans score a 4 and the Zombies score a 6, the final result is a -2 for both teams.

If you’ve never tried your hand at axe throwing before, you now have no excuse; you should be a pro!

Inquire about trying out any of these activities the next time you go axe throwing with your pals, or in your own garden if you’ve created your own target targets.

Axe Throwing 101 – A Comprehensive Guide to the Rules & Techniques for Beginners

Axe-throwing is quickly gaining in popularity in Canada and other parts of the world, as the popular sport provides a unique and entertaining pastime that anybody can participate in – from families to coworkers to friends and acquaintances. It is a fun stress-relieving activity that delivers a memorable cathartic experience, but the greatest part is that it can establish friendships and friendly rivalry amongst groups for everything from multi-generational families to date evenings to group activities such as team-building activities.

What is Axe Throwing?

In terms of mechanics, axe-throwing is similar to the sport of darts, in that it includes throwing an axe at a target and hitting it as near as possible to the bullseye. Any axe-throwing facility will feature a target with four rings and a bullseye in the middle, which is standard practice. Each ring earns more points as it moves closer to the bullseye, eventually reaching a maximum of six points. In the meanwhile, there are two more dots on the outside ring of the target that are referred to as killshots.

In a regular game, players can only try a killshot at specific points during the game, which is typically comprised of 10 throws followed by tiebreakers if required.

Axe-throwing is a safe and enjoyable leisure sport that anybody can participate in, but tossing an axe at a target is not as simple as it may appear at first.

How to Throw An Axe Properly

To hit as precisely as possible with an axe, like with any sport, you must put in the necessary time and effort into practice and appropriate technique. There are two primary methods of throwing an axe:

  • Using the Two-Handed Approach– As the name implies, this method entails holding the axe in both hands and bringing it directly over the back of your head. Once your hands are in line with your target, you may generate more strength by drawing the axe forward and letting go of your hold. Technique for a One-Handed Throw– This technique demands the player to swing down beside the leg in order to generate some swinging momentum. Bringing the axe back up beyond the ear of your throwing hand is the next stage, followed by aligning up at the target and releasing once you realize your arm is parallel to the ground and the target

It’s better to avoid include any wrist motion because it might result in injury if the release is performed incorrectly. Do not throw the axe using your fingers since it may hurl wildly, which might run the danger of striking other targets, the floor, or even harming other people.

Conclusion: Axe Throwing as a Stress-Busting Activity You Can Do with Family and Friends

It is important to remember that good instruction and practice are essential for success in sports and any other activity or sport. If you learn how to hold and align your axe with the target, it will be much easier to practice safe axe throwing in the future. Not to mention that it increases your chances of regularly striking high-quality targets. If you’re interested in booking an axe-throwing session while visiting Vancouver, please contact us as soon as possible.

Axe Throwing 101: How to Throw an Axe Properly

In Fargo, North Dakota, axe throwing is fast becoming one of the most popular activities to do with friends. The realization that practically anybody can join in this particularly enjoyable and competitive activity is gaining momentum among people of all ages (and all those in between). As more North Dakotans discover their local indoor axe throwing lanes, it’s crucial to understand the fundamentals of the sport. Fortunately, Rough Cut Social has created its own handbook, Axe Throwing 101: How to Throw an Axe Properly, to assist novices with topics such as safety, posture, and throwing skills.

Axe Throwing Safety Precautions

When it comes to our indoor axe throwing lanes, Rough Cut Social prioritizes the safety of our participants above all else. We have Axeperts on hand to ensure that your experience is safe and fun, but it is vital to understand a few basic principles before you get started. Maintain a six-foot separation between yourself and others to ensure that you have a clear path to the target as well as a clear passage behind you. When throwing with another person or group of people, always throw your axes together and collect them as a group as much as possible.

Your Axe Throwing Stance

After you’ve securely separated yourself from the situation, it’s time to prepare your axe throwing posture. The way you position yourself will be determined by how you want to throw the axe.

  • You should square your shoulders to the target and direct your line of sight squarely in front of the bullseye if you intend to throw an axe two handed (a technique favored among novices). Ideally, you should be around 12 feet away from the target
  • However, the Axepert may modify your distance based on the spin of your axe. If you want to throw an axe with one hand, align your right shoulder and right foot with the target (or your left shoulder and left foot for southpaws) in the same manner as you would while throwing darts. When you go back to the target, you’ll be around 12 feet away from it, with modifications being made to your axe rotation.

How to Throw an Axe Two Handed

So you’re already familiar with the two-handed axe-throwing position. Your shoulders are aligned with the target, and your line of sight is right in front of the bullseye, indicating a successful shot. It’s time to grab it and rip it, just like you would in golf. Golf, to be precise. Throwers can either point their thumbs toward the head of the axe or just create two fists with their hands at the base of the handle while holding the axe.

It’s crucial to have a light grip while axe-throwing, just as it is when golfing, because it will allow you to release the axe more effortlessly and with more precision. Perform the following steps in a single motion to learn how to throw an axe with two hands:

  1. With both arms, bring the axe straight behind your head, using a light and comfortable grip to do so. Extend your arms out in front of you and release the axe at eye level
  2. Close out the throwing action by stretching out both of your arms in front of you
  3. Depending on how your axe strikes the target board, our Axeperts may modify your distance from the board. Here are a handful of the most often encountered outcomes:
  • Over Rotation: If the top section of the axe blade makes contact with the board, move a half step closer to the goal. If the axe handle hits the board instead of the blade, you should take a full step backwards under Rotation. Optimal Distance: If your strikes are parallel to the target board, you are at the optimal distance.
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Keep in mind that you should try to resist the temptation to flip your wrists or throw too forcefully. They are particularly built for throwing and do not require a great deal of power to become stuck in the ground.

How to Throw an Axe With One Hand

The target is immediately in front of you, and your right throwing arm and right leg (or vice versa for lefties) are squarely in front of you as well. This axe throwing method, which is comparable to darts, is intended for expert players who wish to hurl with more precision. You will want to maintain a soft hold on the axe, just like you did with the two-handed throw, otherwise the axe will have a propensity to spin sideways out of your hand. To throw the axe with one hand, attempt accomplishing all of the actions listed below in a single fluid motion:

  1. Bring the axe back straight past your ear, avoiding any slanting to the left or right while doing so
  2. Just before you pull the axe forward, you should feel the rear of the axe head almost contact your shoulder. Make a dart-like motion with the axe handle, then release it at the moment when it is perpendicular to the ground (straight up and down). In order to ensure that your axe blade lands flat with the target, try making the following alterations to your throwing technique:
  • Over Rotation: If the top section of the axe blade makes contact with the board, move a half step closer to the goal. If the axe handle hits the board instead of the blade, you should take a full step backwards under Rotation. Optimal Distance: If your strikes are parallel to the target board, you are at the optimal distance.

How To Throw An Axe – Learn From The Pros: Pics & More

An very sharp axe will be required to get things started. The sharper the edge, the better. Although it may seem counterintuitive, a sharper axe will be considerably safer since it will have a lot better probability of sticking in the boards without the need to use as much effort! Axe throwing axes are manufactured by the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) for use by throwers of various skill levels, which we will discuss further later. Throwing axes are not available at local hardware stores since such axes are meant to split wood rather than throw it.

A sharp axe will not only assist you in sticking the axe into the target, but it will also ensure that your target boards survive for a longer period of time.

2.Axe Throwing Target Design

In addition to a sharp axe, you’ll need an axe throwing target to practice your throwing skills. The WATL contains materials to assist you in creating your own target system. Their axe throwing beginning package contains all of the markers and stencils you’ll need to design your target lines, so you can get started immediately. Traditionally, targets are constructed from five vertical 2″x10″ wooden boards that are stacked on top of one another. As soon as the target is in position, whether on a target stand, a wall, or a combination of the two, you may begin drawing your target using the stencil and WATL markers, featuring bullseye and Killshot patterns (which is worth the most points).

3.Axe Throwing Safety

When throwing axes, the first and most important consideration should always be safety. Always ensure that there is no one between yourself and the target, as well as a minimum six-foot radius surrounding yourself that is free of any other persons, before throwing anything. In the event that you’re throwing at a venue or with a partner, you’ll want to make sure that you throw the axes together and collect the axes as a group.

4.Axe Throwing Stance

After confirming that the space is free of obstructions, you will want to adopt one of two positions:

  1. With two hands on the axe, you should align yourself perfectly in line with the bullseye at a distance of around 12 feet from the target. It is possible that we may need to change the distance based on how the axe is being thrown
  2. If you are throwing the axe with one hand, you will line up with the shoulder of your throwing arm in line with the bullseye, which will be roughly 12 feet from the target again. For novices, two-handed throwing is more manageable.

How To Throw An Axe Two-Handed:for Beginners

Holding the axe with caution, as if it were a golf club, is recommended. In general, the more tightly you grasp an axe, the more difficult it will be to release your grip while maintaining the axe straight.

1.Throw the axe back over your head as if you were tossing a soccer ball, then repeat the process. Release the axe at eye level by raising your arms forward. 2. 3. Depending on how the axe strikes the target, we will need to change the distance between the two points.

  • The following conditions apply: aIf your blade strikes the boards parallel to them, you’re at the ideal distance
  • BIf the top of your axe strikes the board, you over-rotated and should move a half step closer to your target
  • CIf the bottom of your axe strikes the board, you under-rotated and should move a half step backwards

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How To Throw An Axe One-Handed:More Advanced

Avoid gripping the axe too tightly, since this might cause it to spin in a counter-clockwise direction. This is problematic because we want the axe head to align with the vertical grain of the wood. When throwing one-handed, pull the axe back beyond your ear, making sure not to tilt the axe from left to right. 2 2Before beginning your forward motion, the axe should be close to your shoulder. 3Throw the axe as if it were a dart, following through until the handle is straight up and down. Release the axe when the handle is straight up and down.

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How to Build Axe Throwing Targets

On the WATL website, you’ll find all of the timber you’ll need to construct a free-standing target structure. Having a large enough open area to accommodate a target that is 4 feet broad and around 7 to 8 feet tall is the most crucial consideration. This will be far more effective than attempting to hack logs or even a tree with axes in hand. Not only will you destroy the tree, but you will have a far more difficult time getting axes to stick to a small, non-flat surface in the future. Following the creation of the target area, you will need to purchase a stencil as well as some markers in order to successfully make your target.

It was created exclusively for this purpose.

Your axe throwing target has now been constructed and is ready to be thrown.

The Best Axes for Axe Throwing

The World Axe Throwing League manufactures the greatest axes for axe throwing since they are intended just for tossing and are not intended for any other function other than axe throwing itself. They have a wide range of axes to choose from, based on your skill level and personal desire. ” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; picture-in-picture; picture-in-picture” ” allowfullscreen=””> ” allowfullscreen=”” The World Axe Throwing League Competition Thrower is the most straightforward to recommend and the greatest option for throwers with basic to intermediate ability levels.

  1. A straight 16-inch handle and forged steel construction provide strength and enable for a variety of throwing methods to be used with WATL Axes.
  2. The Competition Thrower may also be found in the WATL Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to get started.
  3. The Commander is the recommended axe for individuals who wish to make the step from the Competition Thrower to something more powerful.
  4. In addition, the Commander is the most affordable quality axe that WATL has to offer.
  5. A step up from the Competition Thrower, you’ll discover a WATL axe that’s been named after the company.

The Axe with a Bad Reputation. The Bad Axe retains the majority of the design elements of the Competition Thrower while making improvements to the blade to provide better coverage and a smaller overall profile. Make a purchase of the Bad Axe.

The Best Axes for Advanced Axe Throwers

Watl’s Butcher is the best-designed axe in the company’s collection. With the characteristic cleaver shape, it provides for the most possible coverage and sticking strength by any throwing force. For WATL throwers, the Butcher’s design allows it to provide coverage that is greater than the maximum blade length, provided that the throw is executed correctly. Many have stated that it is so good that it must be a case of game-playing cheating. The Butcher may be purchased here. It is extremely similar to The Bad Axe in that it is intended for intermediate to advanced throwers.

  • If you have mastered the art of keeping your distance from the target, you will have significantly greater odds of success.
  • The suit of Spades is represented by the Ace of Spades.
  • The WATL Ace of Spades is the most technologically sophisticated axe in the company’s portfolio.
  • Because of the way it is constructed, it is the most vulnerable to harm caused by human mistake or low target quality.
  • Place an order for The Ace Of Spades.
  • The WATL organizes leagues and contests that are specifically for Big Axe players.
  • The WATL Big Axe is available in two sizes: standard and large.

Dallas Axe Throwing – Viking Axe Throwing

In order to throw your axe, you’ll need to make sure that the space surrounding you is free of other players. It is not permissible to throw your axe when someone is close to the target or heading towards the target to retrieve their axe. If possible, you should have a 6-foot-radius free of other players around you. When you’re playing, keep the mentality of “throw together, retrieve together.” Immediately following the throw, everyone should come up to the board to receive their axes at the same moment as the thrower.

  • This not only makes it simpler to keep it on target, but it also reduces the likelihood of it creating a harmful throw to players in your immediate vicinity.
  • Generally speaking, the sharper and narrower the profile of your axe is, the more readily it will adhere to your target.
  • A grip on a baseball bat is analogous to this grip.
  • Throwing above the head with two hands is the first technique.
  • This is similar to the act of tossing a soccer ball.
  • The more tightly you hold on to the axe, the more difficult it will be when you need to release your grasp while simultaneously maintaining the axe’s straightness.
  • Then release.

Simply let go of the axe and allow it to take its natural route to the target.

A one-handed over-the-shoulder toss is performed.

In some ways, it’s akin to a game of darts.

Once your throwing arm is parallel to the ground, you can release the axe.

Simply relax your grasp on your axe and let the momentum of the axe to propel it forward.

To improve your throwing strength, consider switching from the one-handed throw technique to the two-handed throw technique if you discover that you’re dropping your axe a lot when utilizing the one-handed approach.

How To Throw An Axe

What’s better than beer, your buddies, and axes? Yes, it’s a fantastic idea for a party or even just for a random moment when you’re searching for something fun to do with your friends. But, before you sign up for an event or decide to come by during walk-in hours, we’ve put up a helpful guide to help you improve your axe throwing skills and gain an advantage over the competition. Because we are frequently asked, “Is axe throwing difficult?” To which the quick response is “yes”: It only takes a little practice to become proficient.

It’s usually a good idea to start with the fundamentals.

  • It is critical to maintain balance with your non-dominant foot forward in order to maintain balance with your dominant leg. When throwing, it’s crucial to remember two things: lean in and follow through
  • And lean in and follow through. Maintain a straight line with your arms and your gaze level with the target on the board. This will keep you focused and will aid you in your aiming efforts.


Parties were intended to be thrown, much like axes. So schedule an axe throwing party at your nearest BATL venue today and stop stressing about whether or not your next event will be enjoyable. It will be completely impervious to yawns. You can rely on us. No matter what time of year or where your group event takes place, our staff will ensure that it is a success! Apart from teaching you how to throw an axe, we’ll also make sure that you and everyone else who attends the party has a great time as well.


Following the establishment of your position, the following stage is to direct your axe. Here are some considerations to bear in mind:

  • Maintain focus on the objective – point the axe squarely at the spot where you want it to land and throw
  • Every effective throw can be traced back to muscle memory, therefore strive to repeat your actions after each successful throw. Breathe

Technical Instruction in Two-Handed Throwing: This is the standard method that we have been teaching our guests for the past 14 years. When throwing with two hands, keep the following points in mind:

  • Grasp the axe with your dominant hand at the bottom of it. Your second hand should be wrapped around your dominant hand. Don’t use your thumbs to grip the back of your axe. Bring the axe all the way around to the front
  • Bring your axe all the way forward while leaning in all the way
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When it comes to throwing technique, we usually advocate starting with two hands, but there is something appealing about the one handed toss as well. When throwing with one hand, keep the following points in mind:

  • When it comes to throwing, we usually advocate starting with two hands, yet there is something appealing about throwing with one hand. If you’re throwing with one hand, keep these factors in mind:


The massive axe, just to round things up. It’s one of the most exhilarating aspects of axe throwing, but it’s also one of the most intimidating aspects of the sport. But, in reality, it’s no more complicated than hurling a hatchet. So, if you’re going to be the one to wield the mighty axe, here are some pointers to assist you succeed:

  • Keep both hands on the axe’s handle, stacked on top of each other as you’re holding a baseball bat with your dominant hand on top
  • This will need you to step back five feet from the hatchet throwing line, as the huge axe will take longer to revolve. It is critical to bring the axe all the way back to the starting position in order to produce additional power owing to the weight. Aim toward the stars

Adjusting Your Throw:When learning a new skill, there is usually a learning curve. It is beneficial to spot problems and make adjustments to your toss as you learn. Here are some examples of possible modifications you may make:

  • To correct axe rotation difficulties, go further or closer to the problem. In order to adjust for accuracy, change your stance from left to right: Increasing or decreasing your power levels to increase your control


A decent place to start is by hitting the target. But there’s a little more to it than that. To begin with, you must stick it (i.e., your axe must remain on the wooden target and not bounce off of it) in order to get any points. And there’s this thing called a ‘clutch,’ which is really valuable but extremely difficult to strike. You are awarded the greatest point value that the blade of your axe comes into contact with. The following is how scoring works:

  • If your axe lands anywhere on or inside the blue ring, you receive one point
  • Otherwise, you receive no points. If your axe lands anywhere on or inside the red ring, you receive three points
  • Otherwise, you receive none. Anywhere on or inside the black circle (also known as the bullseye) will get you 5 points
  • Elsewhere, no points. Do you remember that device we used to call a ‘clutch’? Those are the small green circles (with the emphasis on the word “small”) above the target, and if your axe lands anywhere on or near one of them, you will receive 7 points.


One of the most appealing aspects of axe throwing (apart from the fact that it is very fantastic!) is that almost anybody can throw an axe, regardless of their age or skill level.

And BATL provides several opportunities to become involved with axe throwing, including a variety of events such as birthday celebrations, company parties, and bachelorette nights; specific times for walk-ins for those times when you have an itch that only an axe can scratch; and even BATL leagues.


We’ll take it from ‘event’ to’main event’ in groups ranging from 2 to over 100 people. Whether it’s a stag or bachelorette party, team building event, birthday party, or fundraising event, our great staff and coaches will make it fun – and unforgettable. Contact us now to learn more. If you subscribe to BATL Premium, you will have your own lanes and hangout area, coaching, digital scoring, and a full tournament, among other benefits. You may also purchase food and beverages, as well as items such as trophies!


We’ll move it from a ‘event’ to a’main event’ in groups ranging from 2 to over 100 people. Whether it’s a stag or bachelorette party, team building event, birthday party, or fundraising event, our great staff and coaches will make it fun – and unforgettable. Contact us now to schedule your event. The benefits of BATL Premium include having your own lanes and hangout area, coaching, digital scoring and the opportunity to participate in a full tournament. Food and beverages, as well as items such as trophies, are available.

  • We’ll move it from ‘event’ to’main event’ with groups ranging from 2 to over 100 people. Whether it’s a stag or bachelorette party, team building event, birthday party, or fundraising event, our great staff and coaches will make it fun – and unforgettable. Contact us now to book your event. If you subscribe to BATL Premium, you will have your own lanes and hangout area, coaching, digital scoring, and a complete tournament, among other benefits. You may also purchase food and beverages, as well as items such as trophies. Dates and hours for pre-booked events are negotiable — after all, it is your party, and you should be able to have it whenever you choose.

Walk-ins are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, with no need to make a reservation. There is no minimum party size, and you will be throwing in lanes that will be shared with other visitors. Our instructors are ready to provide advice and tactics, but throwing areas are only guaranteed for events that have been pre-booked.


When it comes to BATL-throwing, joining a league may be the best option for you. BATL leagues provide the ideal opportunity to get together with friends, meet some new ones, and trash talk one other. No matter what your level of experience is, you’ll compete against other people and receive advice from our experts. League evenings are as follows: Sessions are 8 weeks long and take place throughout the year. The playoffs are held in the final week of each session, with the top 16 participants battling it out to be crowned season champion.


That being said, we’re delighted you inquired! BATL, or the Backyard Axe Throwing League, was the first organization to organize the sport of urban axe throwing in 2006, therefore it should come as no surprise that we’re regarded as the finest in the world at what we do. A group of pals was bored at a cottage outside of Toronto when they decided to take out their frustrations on a stump by throwing an axe at it. In their ignorance, they had no idea that this benign method of passing the time would eventually lead to the establishment of an international sport.

A point system was devised, and before long, a group of eight friends would get together once a week to compete in a friendly manner.

Eight pals immediately became sixteen, and sixteen swiftly became thirty-two. Before he knew it, Matt was hosting two full leagues with a total of 60+ players every night in his backyard, not to include all of the curious onlookers who came to see what was happening with our exciting new sport.


Fast forward to present, and BATL now has 19 sites to pick from across North America, which is a significant increase. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice, whether you reside in or are visiting one of these places, there are axes ready to be hurled and good times to be had by everyone.

  • Calgary
  • Charlotte LoSo
  • Charlotte Plaza
  • Chicago
  • Hamilton
  • Houston
  • Kitchener-Waterloo
  • London
  • Nashville
  • Niagara Falls
  • Novi
  • Orlando
  • Ottawa
  • Pickering
  • Scottsdale
  • Toronto Port Lands
  • Toronto Stockyards
  • Vaughan
  • Winston-Salem
  • Winston-Salem International Airport


/ 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays (last booking starts at 8:30 pm) Friday / 2:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (last booking starts at 10:30 pm) *2pm – 4pm only if you make a reservation Saturday / from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. (last booking starts at 10:30 pm) The hours are Sunday, December 12th, from 12 pm to 6 pm (last booking starts at 5:30 pm) To provide a more detailed explanation of our hours, our final booking on Tuesday begins at 8:30 p.m., for example. We will remain open until the booking has been completed.

if there isn’t a reservation in place.

If it is possible, we will take walk-ins.

As the first and only indoor axe throwing facility in Peoria, we are extremely proud of our accomplishment.


In a nutshell, throwing costs $12-16 per participant each half-hour of play. However, because of taxes, fees, and group discounts, using our booking system is the most accurate approach to estimate your costs. In the menu, select BOOK YOUR EXPERIENCE to see the calendar of available dates and times, and then, you know, book it. In addition to an AxeMaster, your booking includes a safety lesson, practice throws, and entertaining games. Spectators are always welcome and there is no admission price.

When you book, you may pick between a Private and a Public experience, after which you can specify the start time and duration of the experience, as well as the number of tickets (people) in your party.

When we are open and busy, it might be quite difficult for us to take bookings over the phone; consequently, we will require full payment when making a reservation over the phone.

This will reduce the amount of contact and the number of people in queue during check-in.


We welcome walk-ins on Tuesdays through Sundays, depending on availability.

There are no discounts available for walk-in customers. 30 minutes / $15 + applicable taxes per person 60 minutes / $25 + applicable taxes per person 90 minutes / $35 + VAT for each individual All reservations are final and non-refundable.


When you stroll into our facility or book thePUBLIC AXE THROWING EXPERIENCE, you are reserving a spot in our public lanes, which means you may be partnered with another group of individuals. If you are in a smaller group, you are more likely to get paired up with someone else. We make every effort to keep this to a minimum during COVID times, but this is, after all, a communal activity. The likelihood of playing with others increases during our busiest periods, such as nights and weekends. With the PRIVATE AXE THROWING EXPERIENCE, you will be given your own private lane, which means you will not be matched with other participants.


Axe throwing is comparable to other target sports in that it is a team sport. Players must adhere to the directions and safety restrictions that have been taught to them by our personnel, as well as utilize their common sense. At all times, our professional and highly trained AxeMasters will be with you, ensuring that your throws are safe and guiding you through the entire procedure. Only players who have signed our waiver and completed our safety training are permitted to access the throwing area.


Children who are 10 years old and older, who can listen and obey safety regulations, are permitted to participate. Once again, youngsters under the age of ten are not permitted to toss anything. Everyone of all ages is welcome at the facility (although it may become quite rowdy at times!).


Aren’t you a little brave? Every player between the ages of 10 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult AT ALL TIMES. The signature of the parent or guardian is necessary for minors under the age of majority. Waivers can be obtained as a PDF here, as an online link, or in person. Additionally, when you make a reservation, you will have the option of providing guest information and sending them a link to the online waiver form. We strongly advise that you have a 5:1 minor to adult ratio during your visit.

Your group consists of (2) 13-year-olds, (3) 10-year-olds, and (1) 15-year-old.

You have two minors: one who is 11 years old and the other who is 16 years old.


More information on big groups and business teambuilding may be found on ourTEAMBUILDINGpage.


When you toss axes, they have the potential to shatter. You are welcome to bring your own axe, but it must adhere to WATL regulations and pass a safety check before you may use it. We are not liable in the event of theft or damage. You are welcome to bring your own axe to LEAGUE as well.



We have a new and improved menu for you to choose from. We have some fantastic wings, flatbreads, wraps, and other dishes. Please, no outside food or beverages. Take a look at ourMENU.


Contrary to most of the journalistic coverage we have gotten, we are not a justa bar. We are an axe throwing location where you can enjoy a drink while acting like the mature, grown-axe adult that you truly are. There will be a cash bar with beer, wine, mixed drinks, and soda available for purchase. We have a large assortment of draught beers as well as a few bottles. We do not restrict your alcoholic purchases unless your activity necessitates such a restriction. To purchase alcoholic beverages, you must, of course, be 21 years old or older.

Yes, we have and will continue to do so.


That is not allowed. with the exception of birthday cake, which is OK if shared. For big, private gatherings that reserve the facilities, there are several exceptions to this rule.


My friends, you must appear at the designated check-in time. You’ll need time to complete paperwork, have a drink, and so on. We also go over safety, rules, and the proper way to toss a football. The time provided for your reservation begins when you make the reservation. If you or a member of your party is late, we will be unable to accommodate you. Therefore, if you are not ready to travel when the booking begins, you may have fewer than X minutes available to you. Please make arrangements in advance for traffic and parking issues.


Do you like to watch videos instead of reading? We’ve got you covered. Choose whatever option appeals to you. Smaller parking lots (The Block) and on-street parking are available in the immediate vicinity of the building. On busy weekends, you may have to find parking a little further away. Prepare to walk a long distance! The entrance is on Washington Street, and the door is marked with our emblem. Following your arrival in the lobby, you will see a door marked “gone axe,” which you should approach and we will meet you at the check-in desk.

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Do you require an address?


The most comfortable garments are those that are easy to move in. If you want to blend in with the AxeMasters, consider yourself a “hip lumberjack.” Additionally, only closed-toe shoes are permitted. Yes, you are required to have footwear on your feet. Aside from that, we will take care of everything else for you.


When you make a reservation, you are essentially purchasing tickets to an event. As a result, cancellations and rescheduling requests must be sent at least 24 hours prior to your event reservation. Cancellations made before to the 24 hour period will result in a shop credit that may be used to make a future reservation. Cancellations made after 24 hours will result in the forfeiture of any payments.

In addition, any changes in the number of guests must be informed at least 24 hours in advance. In the event of an overpayment, the excess is converted into shop credit. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment by phoning (leave a voicemail!) or sending an email. There are no refunds available.


Yes, we do have one. More information may be found on ourGIFT CERTIFICATESpage.

Did we miss a question? Just axe.

In October, Yelp Cleveland held a Halloween party at Class Axe Throwing in Valley View to honor the holiday. Axe tossing is the newest trend, and Yelpers came dressed in their finest costumes to learn more about it. Class Axe, which began operations in November 2016, is dedicated to helping people overcome physical obstacles via a high-intensity, adrenaline-pumping fight of axe throwing. A safety brief was provided by Matt, the general manager, to begin our evening. Class Axe is also known for hosting parties and corporate team building events, so they were more than happy to show our Elites around the facility.

  • Following that, we went over some ground rules before heading onto the restricted range.
  • They instructed Yelpers on the appropriate throwing technique for both one-handed and two-handed throws, respectively.
  • “The staff made it such a great experience!” commented Marisa D., a Yelp Elite.
  • Through their lectures, they demonstrated their commitment to the cause.
  • We discovered that throwing is a lot softer than you may anticipate.
  • What is the most significant piece of advice?
  • Yelpers have been hitting bullseyes left and right thanks to excellent teaching and practice.
  • Let me tell you, it was not an easy process.” The atmosphere in the room was tinged with a competitive spirit.
  • For example, HerBrina S.
  • Take a look at the fantastic reviews and photographs on this page.

The Yelp Cleveland Elite Squad has a website at where you can learn more about them. Thank you so much to our sponsors: Throwing Axes in a Competitive Environment Elizabeth Sturm Photography is a professional photography company.

Dimensions Of Axe Throwing Lane Recipes with ingredients,nutritions,instructions and related recipes

Purchasing the “How To Build An Axe Throwing Target” booklet for $9.99 from is a great way to start your 2019! 231K views by the authorArtfully Rogue


Dimensions of the WATL Axe Throwing Target Target. Build each objective out of three layers of wood. The OSB or plywood walls should be covered with the first layer. Then there’s the second layer, which is. 6 minutes is the estimated reading time.


Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition. Axe throwing targets have unique requirements in terms of size and shape. As a result, we will be able to squeeze it between our two knees and screw it against our axe throwing target so that it is flush with the ground, so increasing its stability and stability. Once the screws are in place.


In the event that you are considering hiring an axe manufacturing firm for the installation of axe throwing lanes, you are undoubtedly split between doing it yourself and employing someone to complete the lane building on your behalf. If you are not a DIY saws and hammer kind of man, you might be interested in this project.


2020-12-16· The Axe Throwing Lane proportions (as seen in the image at the top of the page) are approximately 6′ wide, with the divider extending out to 12′ in length. You can see the yellow box on our drawing, and on the ground, which indicates where the thrower will stand approximately at the dividing line.


2019-07-31· The axe-throwing lanes take up the majority of the available space, with the bar area taking up around 10 percent to 15 percent of the total available space. The design of all of the Bad Axe sites is cohesive. The matte black paint on the walls contrasts with the rough concrete floors, creating a striking visual effect. The mix of a raw/carnal atmosphere that we want to keep because people are throwing axes, as well as a cool, is what we’re going for. 8 minutes is the estimated reading time.


2015-10-26· The official Axe Throwing Instructional Guide. Every detail you should be aware of before going axe throwing with your pals at Bad Axe Throwing. Axe Throwing is a way of life here. 6 minutes is the estimated reading time.


The throwing of an axe should never take place until after a coach has shown and instructed the participant in front of the participant. Throwing: Axes from each player should be thrown at the exact same moment as the others. When both axes have struck the target or the floor, the axes are to be collected from the target area. The throwing of axes is prohibited whenever a person is in front of the 12-foot marker. Reading Time Estimated at 3 minutes


Axes with a head weighing 1.1 pounds and a handle of 14 inches are the ideal weight and size for axe throwing leagues. The Genuine Hickory handle is an excellent choice for axe throwing since it can withstand the rigors of the sport. I believe this is the greatest throwing axe for beginners available on the market.

The conventional “Shopro” Scout Axe was the starting point for urban axe throwing. This is the most often used throwing axe in the sport, and it is also known as the base axe. 9 minutes is the estimated reading time.


2020-07-14· Make a target for axes to be thrown at (it’s more easy than it appears)! If following the rules is vital to you, you may find all the information you need on the World Axe Throwing Organization’s website. This target complies with the most essential regulations and has proportions that are typical of a typical target. When throwing an axe, the axe should revolve approximately 1.25 rotations. Take a step back if you see that your axe is underrotating. If that’s the case. Reading Time Estimated for Reviews146 5 minutes are allotted.


2020-06-23· Here are some pointers on how to construct your own axe throwing target so that you may begin honing your axe throwing abilities. 1. Choose the type of wood that will be used. Pine wood is acceptable, but you may use any conifer, even spruce, for this project. Finding boards with a small number of nodes is critical, especially in the centre — you don’t want the log to bounce off the block and into another one. Pay close attention to any dark or gloomy areas. Ratings and Customer Reviews 1Reading Time Estimated at 5 minutes


Another choice for an axe throwing lane flooring roll that is even more affordable is the 3/8-inch rolled rubber regrind confetti product, which is available in a variety of colors. Confetti rubber rolls are made using waste rubber that is left over from the initial run of the product. They are exactly as robust and durable as the first run rolls, but they have around 10% color mixed in with the black, and they are significantly more expensive. Time allotted for reading: 5 minutes


The following video is provided courtesy of Bad Axe Throwing: 2. Two-handed over the head provided courtesy of Bad Axe Throwing Both methods are equally popular and straightforward to execute. Depending on the type of wood used in the target, if it is not soft enough, you may need to apply extra force to the target. If you notice that throwing one-handed constantly results in your axes dropping to the ground, consider switching to the two-hand approach to produce more power. 8 minutes is the estimated reading time.


2020-01-18· The most convenient method to participate in axe throwing activities is to visit your local Heber Hatchets location and allow us to take care of getting you set up with axes and a high-quality target. In the meanwhile, if you can’t make it over to Heber for the Heber Hatchets experience, you may consider throwing a couple axes about in your lawn or in the woods. For anyone interested in building up their own axe throwing target, the following are some suggestions:


A nice day is any day when we’re throwing axes at targets! The following is the scoring system for individuals who choose to play by the rules instead of against them. In each individual match, each participant is allowed a total of 10 throws.

This line is related with the ring, and it awards points in that direction. 6 points for hitting the bullseye; 4 points for hitting the second ring; 3 points for hitting the third ring; 2 points for hitting the fourth ring; 1 point for hitting the fifth ring; 10 points for hitting the bullseye.


Posted on June 1, 2017, in Hatchet Competitions. The World Axe Throwing Professional League (WATL Pro League) is a qualification system that aids in the identification and recognition of the best athletes in the sport of axe throwing for regular hatchet competitions. In order to preserve Pro League status, competitors will compete in the WATL Leagues with other players, but will also be subject to extra regulations and qualification requirements that will be in place.


Hard and soft cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S21, S20, S10, S9, and other models use original Axe Throwing Lane Dimensions designs. Independent artists have developed snap, tough, and flex cases for you.


All of the lines on the ground are depicted in the accompanying diagram, which portrays an aerial perspective of a single axe throwing lane. All measurements are taken from the rear of the plywood backboard, as if it were extending all the way down to the floor.


In my backyard, I constructed a WATL regulation-sized axe throwing target for competition. The measurements were easy to get on the internet. The wood is 6 pieces of 2x10x8 feet apiece, all of which were chopped in half to make 4 foot lengths. It was necessary for me to cut the bottom and top boards. It’s simple to construct and a blast to use! This and other Tahiti Backyard Oasis-related pins may be found on Pinterest by Steve Daviau. Pinned from Knife Throwing Target


The World Axe Throwing League manufactures the highest-quality throwing axes available on the market today. These aren’t your father’s hardware store hatchets; they’re perfectly balanced and designed expressly for use as a throwing axe. We offer everything you need, whether you’re new to axe throwing or an expert thrower. …


Hire on the world’s largest freelancing marketplace with 20m+ jobs. Search for Axe throwing lane dimensions jobs or work on your own terms at Upwork. It is completely free to register and bid on jobs.


We offer group events (or provide last-minute axe throwing for smaller parties) that run anywhere from 2 to 5 hours of axe throwing fun. Contact us for more information. Everyone who attends the event will have access to specialized axe throwing lanes as well as an axe throwing coach who will teach them how to throw an axe as they participate in entertaining activities. You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re wanting to have a great time.


2nd of April, 2018 – Marg Cope’s board “Backyard axe throwing target” on Pinterest, where 146 other people are following her board. More ideas about axe, knife throwing, and throwing axe may be found on Pinterest.


Template for the DXF cnc file is now available: me This axe throwing target was created for a specific customer.


The diameter of the Clutch is 2 inches; the innermost edge of the Clutch sits 4 14 inches from the seam between the side and center 210; the innermost edge of the Clutch sits 4 14 inches from the seam between the side and center 210: 5 14 inches in from the seam and 40 12 inches from the base of the target face board are required to locate the center of the Clutch.

In other words, the Clutch’s base is 39 12 inches away from the base of the target face board. Take a look at picture 3.2-B below.


Two contestants will throw at the same time, and they must throw at the same time as well. Axe throwers are not permitted to “slow” their throws in the hopes that their opponent’s axe would fall out of the target, nor may they exploit delays for strategic advantage. AXES FOR RETRIEVING The contestants are authorized to cross the throwing and safety lines to recover their axes once both axes have been hurled.


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