Best Pool Cues for Beginners

Best Pool Cues for Beginners 2020 + Recommendations

Getting yourself involved in one of the highly competitive sports out there may not be as easy as it looks like. If you are just embarking on billiard or pool games, you will know that there are a lot of techniques and tricks to learn before becoming a professional one. And for this reason, you will need some equipment to be ready for your first game. One thing you will probably start looking to invest in is getting yourself one of the best pool cues for beginners. A lot of pool enthusiasts who want to get into this kind of sports believe that the equipment themselves are quite expensive which is not the case.

One thing you should keep in mind that these pool cues should be basic, easy to handle and have a solid hit.

This is why in this review; we have compiled together 6 best pool cues for beginners out here on the market.

The findings are organized into a comprehensive review that includes a buyer guide as well to help you better understand how to choose a pool cue for a beginner.

1. Players HXT15

The Players HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue is one of the best pool cues available for beginners in the market today. This pool cue, which is available in a variety of weights, is priced around $200, making it a cheap yet good alternative for anyone looking to get into the billiards market on a budget. You will be blown away by the quality, the performance, and the distinctive design aspect of this product. For those searching for a low-deflection cue at an inexpensive price, the HXT15 is an excellent choice.

  • This cue is made from a high percentage of excellent North American hard rock maple, which is 100 percent pure.
  • The Players HXT15 is capable of delivering the most accurate balls shot.
  • In rare cases, moist air can be quite unpleasant.
  • The Kamul Blacktip may be seen in large numbers at advanced stages.
  • This ultimately aids in the creation of that perfect exact shot, and more crucially, pigskin is far more delicately compared to normal leather than ordinary leather.
  • As a result, it will be easier for you to store it or transfer it when the need arises.
  • For the record, this is a high-end pool cue that is a highly recommended choice for both novices and experienced pool players of all levels.

And, most crucially, it is both inexpensive and well worth the financial commitment. It’s also one of the top picks in our best pool cues purchasing guide, which you can read about here. You can see it here. Pros

2. Viking Valhalla

A superb cue if mastering the game’s rewards is precisely what you need to work on, the Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick with Irish Linen Wrap is what you require. You’ll like the 58′′ length Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick with Irish Linen Wrap for its attention to detail and emphasis on all of the greatest qualities for a strong stroke. This novice pool cue provides the performance advantages of high-quality materials, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Not only does it provide a powerful punch, but it is also really easy to use and feels comfortable in your hands.

  • If you’re looking for a unique design, the Viking Valhalla’s shaft is crafted from Canadian Maple, and the tip is created from fine leather.
  • Its UV arched finish is comprised of urethane, which gives excellent protection while retaining the natural real brightness of the wood it is intended to protect.
  • This pool cue is available in a variety of weights, including 18 ounces, 19 ounces, 20 ounces, and a 21-ounce performance load, all of which are available in a variety of sizes.
  • The butt of the cue is wrapped in Irish linen, which helps you to have a harder and stronger hold on the cue.
  • The buttocks may be adjusted to accommodate weights ranging from 18 to 21 ounces.
  • Additionally, this basic deflection cue is equipped with a fantastic collision ferrule, which ensures that contact will always be exciting and rapid.
  • Designs that are visually appealing
  • It has excellent playability and is suitable for novices.

2. Players C-960 Classic Birds-Eye Maple

A terrific alternative if you’re seeking to improve your pool game without having to spend a lot of money on a high-end stick, the Players C-960 is a fantastic choice that can save you hundreds of dollars. This pool cue is unquestionably one of the greatest that you can get if you are a newbie who is just getting started in the pool game world. If we were to compare it to other similar cues available on the market that give almost the same excellent quality and playability performance as this one, it would be considered reasonably priced.

  1. The pool cue is made of high-quality, 100 percent premium maple hardwood that has been treated with Nelsonite for a long-lasting finish.
  2. The coating is applied for the goals of durability and hardness.
  3. The cue wrap provides a secure grip that is designed to increase the strength of the strike as well as the accuracy of the shot.
  4. The tip is built to last, and it will retain its shape for an extended period of time, providing constant performance.
  5. It helps to ensure the long-term endurance of the cue as well as its carrying support.
  6. A French cue wax is applied to the shaft to guarantee that it does not fracture or fade away easily with time and use, making it one of the best cues available on the market today.

This is without a doubt one of the best and most reasonably priced pool cues available on the market, and it provides both high quality and excellent playability. Pros

  • An elegant design in hardwood
  • A long-lasting and strong oak tip
  • Additional protection is provided by a UV coating.
  • Because of this, it is susceptible to warping if not handled and maintained properly.

4. McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit

Given that McDermott’s classic pool cue kit offers the greatest economical cues for novices, it only seems natural that our budget option would include a variety of cues from their extensive collection. In addition to the cue, which is crafted of Michigan Maple, the set includes a soft case, chalk holder, a tip shaper, and two billiard chalks for use on the table. It includes everything you’ll need to get started playing right away. However, while it has a classic style, the color combination is not for everyone.

  • Whenever the McDermott Company is designing pool cues, quality and performance are the two most important factors to consider.
  • This places them among the highest-quality cues available on the market, which are available in two-piece cues and are manufactured in the United States.
  • The inlays and rings were painstakingly cemented together to achieve a secure fit.
  • This wrapless cue has a 13mm high-quality tip that is capable of withstanding any type of blast.
  • Aside from that, the typical deflection will assist you in getting a superior shot when it comes to playing basketball.
  • The McDermott pool cue is a dependable, traditional white and blue design that comes with an additional light case and accessories to assist you on your journey.
  • The fact that McDermott’s classic pool cue kit offers the greatest economical cues for beginners makes it natural for us to include their extensive collection of cues in our budget option. In addition to the cue, which is crafted of Michigan Maple, the set includes a soft case, chalk holder, a tip shaper, and two billiard chalks for playing pool. It includes everything you’ll need to get started playing right now! However, while it has a classic style, the color scheme is not for everyone. A different location may be required for those searching for flamboyant or extravagant design. When it comes to designing pool cues, the McDermott Company places a strong emphasis on quality and performance. In order to develop and create each of their pool cues, they employ a comprehensive technique that is built of at least 150 steps. Because of this, they are among the highest-quality cues available on the market, and they are created in the United States. This brand has a three-element butt structure to increase the life and longevity of the pool stick. In order to guarantee a tight fit, the inlays and rings were painstakingly cemented together. And, as a result of these high-quality requirements and criteria, a longer guarantee is provided in the event of any probable warping or flaws. This wrapless cue has a 13mm high-quality tip that is capable of withstanding any type of blow. Furthermore, it is capable of softly knocking those close professional hollow shots without causing any inconvenience. Additionally, when it comes to playing, the typical deflection will assist you in getting a superior shot. Summarizing, the McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit has everything you’ll need to master the fundamentals of pool, improve your skill level, and gradually advance to the next level, all at an inexpensive price! The McDermott pool cue is a dependable, traditional white and blue design that comes with an additional light case and accessories to assist you on your journey. – Pros
  • Because the joint is not entirely made of metal, it has the potential to influence the balance.

5. Predator Sport 2 Ice Sport Wrap w/Z-3 Shaft

This pool cue is ideal for players of all levels, from beginners to advanced. The Predator Sport 2 high-performance pool cue is built to exacting standards and specifications, and it performs admirably. With this model, you’ll get a world-class Predator Z-3 low-deflection shaft that will take your game to the next level! Every every hit is really accurate. As well as being balanced, the cue’s 4-piece hard maple construction ensures that it will last for a long period of time. If you want to experience Predator technology in the palm of your hands, this is one of the most cost-effective solutions available.

The Victory tip and the Uni-Loc fast release pin are both included with this variant.

To summarize, this is a reasonably priced, high-quality option for novices who are searching for a beginning cue to get them started on their adventure. Pros

6. AB Earth 2-pc Pool Cue

When it comes to absolute novices who don’t want to spend more than $50 on their first cue, the AB Earth is a fantastic alternative. This is one of the most fundamental and typical cues in the game, and it may be simply handled by a novice who is wanting to understand the fundamentals of the game. It is available in a plethora of weights from which you may select the one that best suits your tastes. It is also available in a number of designs, providing you with a wide range of options from which to choose the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

However, as previously said, this may be an excellent option for novices who want to improve their gaming abilities while also learning more about how to manage and fire balls in the game.

In addition to the Irish linen grip, you will like the design of this pool cue model.


How to Choose a Pool Cue for Beginners

In this brief buyer advice, we will assist you in better understanding the many qualities that should be considered by every buyer when selecting the finest pool cue for beginners. These various aspects are important since they may either assist you in improving your gaming abilities or continually place your abilities in a stacked situation. Firstly, you should be aware that the process begins with the selection of a pool cue. To begin, follow these steps: In general, the greatest cue tools should be impeccably responsive to the user’s touch.

The adhesive suggests poor construction, and the cue will most likely not survive as long as you expect.

You certainly don’t want to be stuck with a non-playable pool cue!

Size and weight

It all boils down to your own requirements and tastes. Some people like strong cues, but others prefer light signals for greater grip and control, depending on their preference. So depending on your playing style and shooting capabilities, you may select the one that best suits your requirements. The typical weight of a cue, on the other hand, is between between 18 and 22 ounces. However, when it comes to height, it is normally between 55 and 60 inches.


Your unique requirements and tastes will determine this. Some people like strong cues, but others prefer light signals for greater grip and control, and vice versa.

So depending on your playing style and shooting forces, you may select the one that best suits your requirements. The typical weight of a cue, on the other hand, is between 18 and 22 ounces on average. In comparison, the average height is between 55 and 60 inches.


This is one of the most significant components of the entire cue. This is owing to the fact that the firmer the tip, the greater the influence it has on the striker’s stance and posture. The tips are often constructed of a leather-like substance. But it all depends on how hard the leather is to begin with! Make careful to examine the degree of hardness of the material. The leather tip may be made softer by rubbing it with a little oil.

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This is one of the most significant components of the entire cue. This is owing to the fact that the firmer the tip, the greater the influence it has on the striker’s stance and movement. Typically, leather is used to construct the tips. But it all depends on how firm the leather is to begin with. Remember to examine the degree of hardness of the material. Make the leather tip softer by rubbing it with oil.


In terms of the joint, it should be flat to the cue wood when they are twisted together, as opposed to being rounded. The pin must be perfectly aligned within the butt level to function properly. It should not be glued or left unpolished in any way.


When trying to acquire a pool cue for beginners, this is one of the most critical things to consider before making a purchase. The performance of the stick will be determined by the shaft’s design and construction. It is quite significant in establishing the goal of your pool shots as well as the flexibility of your strokes. A cue with a conventional deflection shaft performs significantly better than a house cue. You will be able to handle the ball better, but you will not be able to do the most extreme strokes and spins.

Balance point

When trying to acquire a pool cue for beginners, this is one of the most critical things to consider before making a decision. The performance of the stick is determined by the shaft’s length. If you want to be flexible with your pool shots, it is critical to define your goals and objectives. Compared to house cues, an ordinary deflection shaft performs superiorly. The ball is easier to handle, but you won’t be able to do the most extreme strokes and spins until you have some practice. When it comes to professional players, a low-deflection shaft is the preferred choice for the vast majority of players since it allows them to conduct more extreme strokes while maintaining more control over the cue ball.


When selecting a warranty, be sure to select one that will ensure the protection of your product as well as the value of your investment. The guarantee on the cue you buy is heavily influenced by the cue you purchased. Most cues that cost more than $100 should come with at least a three-year guarantee that covers any problems in the construction of the cue.


With the large number of pool cues available on the market, it might be difficult to choose which one to purchase. Making a final decision on the best beginner pool cues can be difficult, especially when there are so many different options available. The six pool cues for beginners featured in this article are a fantastic spot to start your pool playing adventure. When it comes to cueing, the only things that you pay attention to are your own specific style of play and preferences. Finally, we want to leave our readers with the finest nomination, which is determined by the budget, quality, and overall performance of the nominee.

The Players Pool Cue C-960 is the product we’ve chosen for this review. This cue has excellent playability while also being reasonably priced (around $20).

Beginner’s Guide to Pool Cues – Buying Your First Pool Cue

Posted by:Keven Engelke on the Internet It appears that you’ve discovered the lovely game of pool and are thinking about investing in your own pool cue. Even if you’ve only ever played pool at a friend’s house or at your local drinking place, the one-piece house cue is likely to be the only stick you’ve ever encountered. These cues were good while you were simply “banging balls,” but now that you’ve developed an interest in the sport, it’s time to invest in some real equipment to help you advance your game and enjoy the incredible game of billiards on a whole new level!

Why do I need my own pool cue?

When you purchase your first two-piece pool cue, you will experience instant benefits as a result of its higher performance and consistent performance. As you practice with your own stick, you will get more accustomed with it and will begin to develop a “feel” for how it shoots as a result. Cutting in the 8-ball or getting the cue ball to pull back just the correct amount will become second nature to you after a few sessions. Being able to use your own pool cue can greatly expedite your progress toward being a better pool player, and that cue will become your trusted buddy who will be right with you while you reach your objectives!


One piece house cues at the local pub will never outperform a reasonable grade two piece cue of equal or higher quality. Cues used in bars are subjected to abuse and are more likely to have broken or inferior tips, deformed shafts, loose ferrules, and morals that are dubious (they do live at a bar after all). It will have a far higher quality shaft, with a tip, ferrule, and taper that are all engineered to shoot straighter and offer more spin when needed, and it will be your own pool cue. With appropriate curing (aging), the wood will become stronger, more durable, and better able to keep its straightness over a period of time.

When pool cues are equipped with “Low Deflection Technology,” they achieve a significant improvement in performance.

They are constructed using particular manufacturing procedures and components that increase the precision of the shaft when side spin is applied to the shaft.


Even a low-cost two-piece cue will provide you with a higher level of consistency in your pool game. Simply having a straight cue with a correctly rounded tip will produce predictable outcomes, providing you the assurance that your equipment will function as intended while you play pool. If you do this, you will be able to concentrate more on your pool game, knowing that if you miss a shot, it is not due to a problem with your pool cue.


It is only when you have been accustomed with your cue that you will see the benefits of constant practice in full force. Having your own cue stick to shoot with means that you’ll become familiar with its capabilities and limits, as well as your own talents and limitations.

It will begin to seem like an extension of your body, which will boost your confidence and assist you in getting “in the zone” more quickly as time goes on.

What features should I look for in my pool cue?

The shafts of high-quality pool cues are made of North American Grade “A” Hard Rock Maple, which has been determined to give the highest feel, flexibility, and durability for all of the tasks that are required of a pool cue shaft. In recent years, a few manufacturers have begun to produce pool cues that contain carbon fiber shafts. Cures made of carbon fiber are the most up to date and consistent in terms of performance and consistency, but they are also significantly more expensive. An excellent maple shaft is more than adequate for the majority of players, and will provide reliable service for many years, if not decades.

Those cues are often constructed fromRamin wood, a low-quality Southeastern Asian wood that is noted for being cheap, gritty, and prone to warping if you look at it in the wrong way, among other characteristics.

Keep those sorts of pool cues out of your hands!

Pool Cue Tip Styles:

The amedium hardness layered leather tip is normal on the majority of cues. Layered pool cue tips are made out of numerous thin strips of leather that are pressed and bonded together to form a single piece of equipment. This procedure results in a more uniform tip that retains its shape better over time (less maintenance). The quality of these tips is typically excellent, and we recommend sticking to these types of tips until you find a certain tip brand or hardness that you know you want to use for your particular game.

Tipping with softer tips will grip chalk better, making them less prone to mistake, but the additional compression may require a little more maintenance to keep the form consistent.

This tip hardness is intended to offer the best of both worlds, providing lots of grip while requiring little maintenance.

However, while these tips are often less costly and give an unique hit that is appreciated by certain “old-school” players, they will need more care in order to remain correctly formed.

We provide tip upgrading services and will put any of our 80+ tips on your new pool cue. Please contact us for more information. However, when purchasing a new cue, upgrading the tip is typically not essential because it will increase the feel and playability of the cue already in your possession.

Pool Cue Tip Sizes:

The normal pool cue tip diameter ranges from 12.75mm to 13mm, which is the ideal size for beginning players to start with. With a standard-sized tip, you can generate a lot of spin and draw while still being quite forgiving on straight strokes, which is great for beginners. Some individuals prefer smaller tips, measuring 12mm or less, since they can generate more cue ball spin with less effort. However, the trade-off is a smaller sweet spot, which necessitates greater accuracy in order to get the desired result.

Shaft Taper:

The Professional Taperedshaft will be found on the majority of novice pool cues. With a “pro taper,” the shaft diameter will maintain around the same size for a certain length, often 10 – 15 inches back from the tip, before it begins to expand in order to match up to the butt at the joint collar, as seen in the illustration. As a result, this taper is easy to use and comfortable with a variety of bridge designs. The rectangle form is not just the best location to begin, but it is also the favorite shape of the majority of professional pool players.

Many cues and shafts are available with aconical taper (also known as European or Straight Taper), which means that the diameter of the shaft increases at a steady pace from the tip to the joint as the cue is played.

Pool cue weight:

The most common pool cue weight is 19 ounces, which is by far the most popular. If you don’t already have a favorite weight, that would be a great place to begin your search. Although heavier cues might provide you with more power, they also make it more difficult to manage the cue ball’s pace. Extra light cues can give greater “touch,” but at the expense of battery life. It’s a good balance between power and control to use 19oz. The majority of cues are weight-adjustable, which means you can add or subtract weight bolts that are located in a threaded channel behind the rubber bumper to suit your preferences.

Pool cue joints:

A pool cue weighing 19 ounces is by far the most common weight. If you don’t already have a favorite weight, that is an excellent place to start. Although heavier cues might provide you with more power, they also make it more difficult to manage the cue ball’s pace. Extra light cues can give greater “touch,” but at the expense of battery life and performance. In terms of force and control, 19oz is a happy medium. In most cases, you may alter the weight of the cue by adding or removing weight bolts that are contained in a threaded channel beneath the rubber bumper.

The Grip Area (Wrap):

It is possible to have a pool cue with a grip composed of nylon, tightly spun linen (Irish Linen), leather, synthetics (rubber or silicone), or simply polished wood on the handle. Each design has a distinct feel, and players will acquire a preference for the style that best matches their play style and preferred degree of grip over time. Wraps have a range of grip qualities ranging from smooth (linen) to sticky (synthetic/sport), with leather and wrapless options sitting somewhere in the center.

A Nylon wrap should only be found on low-cost cues, and we recommend that you avoid them because they are prone to unraveling when played with aggressively.

How much should I expect to pay for a good-quality pool cue?

It is possible to have a pool cue’s grip region made of nylon, tightly spun linen (Irish linen), leather, synthetics (rubber or silicone), or plain polished wood. All of these styles have a distinct feel, and players will develop a preference that best matches their play style and preferred level of grip. Wraps have a range of grip qualities ranging from smooth (linen) to sticky (synthetic/sport), with leather and wrapless being in the center. Players who tend to sweat may find that a linen or synthetic wrap will aid to absorb moisture more effectively than a leather or wrapless cue, depending on their preferences.

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Intermediate/League Player Pool Cues Costs $200 – $450+

A new pool cue that meets the performance requirements of an intermediate or league player should cost between $200 and $450 including taxes and shipping. Pool players that are serious about their game tend to have established certain tastes, and they will want to use a cue that has low deflection technology in order to take their game to the next level.

Advanced/Professional Pool Cues Cost: $400+

Advanced/professional level pool players may get a pool cue that is equipped with the latest and finest technologies for roughly $400. That necessitates purchasing the highest-quality shaft available, as here is where the performance is found. The best shafts retail for between $300 and $500 on its own, thus the butt half of the cue will account for the remaining portion of the cost of the cue. Because of the intricate patterns and artisan construction utilizing exotic woods and valuable inlay materials such as abalone, mother of pearl, turquoise and malachite, among other things, the price can easily reach several thousand dollars or even more.

Where else would you be able to play a game while using a piece of art that was created by hand?

Other things to consider:

As previously said, the design of the pool cue can be a significant element in determining the price of the pool cue, but it has no effect on the performance of the pool cue. The best value may be found on cues with the simplest designs as long as those cues possess the same practical characteristics as their more elaborate/expensive brand counterparts. As an illustration, the least cost Joss pool cue that we carry will perform exactly the same as the most expensive one, despite the fact that their prices might vary by more than $500 between them.

  • In addition, they provide an extra degree of customization for each participant.
  • People in the pool hall will notice and admire a well-decorated pool cue, and there is also an element of intimidation involved.
  • This is YOUR cue, and the two of you are going to go through a lot of things in the future.
  • You should invest the additional money now rather than waiting until you are ready to purchase your next vehicle to see whether it would make you happy afterwards.
  • It will serve as a conversation starter and will be appropriate for your personality.

Alternatively, you might use it in conjunction with a high-performance shaft to ensure it performs at the greatest level. Give us a call if you have any concerns regarding shaft improvement possibilities. We would be happy to assist you in finding the right cue to match your game, style, and budget!


Considering a pool cue warranty set by the manufacturer can make you “feel all warm and toasty on the inside.” It is something to think about. Cues, on the other hand, are fairly stable when properly cared for, so the best thing you can do to ensure that you have a good stick that will not cause you any problems is to thoroughly inspect it before you begin shooting (looking specifically for straightness, nicks, and dents). If you notice anything wrong, please contact one of our highly rated service specialists, and we will replace it.

  • This ensures that you will be taken care of in the event that something is wrong with the item that was not noticed during the initial inspection.
  • It is possible to have pieces that are supposed to be solid come loose or break during normal use and have them repaired or replaced under the warranty.
  • They tend to cover the same situations as those listed above, but for a longer period of time.
  • That is, without a doubt, some excellent coverage.
  • You will also need to provide proof that you purchased the item from an authorized retailer.

What if I’m not happy with the Pool Cue I buy?

With all of the facts in hand, you should feel rather confident in your selection on which pool cue to purchase; nonetheless, you won’t know for certain that you’ll enjoy it until you’ve actually used it to strike some balls. There’s no need to be concerned! We’ve been selling cues online since 2004, so we understand what you’re going through. It is extremely essential to us that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We stand behind all of our new items, including chalked pool cues, with a 60-day, 100-percent money-back satisfaction guarantee.

In the event that your order is canceled, we will issue you a full credit against other goods or refund your money if you want.

One of our billiards professionals will be pleased to assist you!

Beginner Pool Cues – Expert Advice

For those of you who are new to the game of pool, you have undoubtedly discovered that it is not as straightforward as it appears. In order to succeed in any activity, you do not need to spend a lot of money on the most costly equipment available in the hopes of becoming a professional overnight. To begin, beginners should concentrate on understanding the rules of the game as well as proper technique and form.

It is recommended that you start with something very inexpensive if you are a rookie or casual gamer. Here is a list of some of the greatest beginning cue brands that are currently available from Ozone Billiards.

Action Cues

Every Action cue is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee against manufacturing faults. The following are examples of action cues:

  • Cheap and reasonably priced
  • High-quality materials
  • A well-known brand, which means you will be able to obtain replacement parts with relative ease

Action Cue Styles

This cue series, which combines fiber ferrules, hardrock shafts, and magnificent boarskin tips, is exceptionally well-made and will turn heads at your local pool hall. Each cue features stylish, unique artwork on the shafts, and each cue is incredibly well-made.

Athena Series

Thena is a series of video games created specifically to meet the needs of female gamers. Slender 12.5mm shafts are used in the construction of these cues, making them ideal for players with a limited grip range. Screw-on extensions are included to enhance reach without the need of a bridge.

Viper Cues

When it comes to beginner players, Viper Cues are an excellent alternative for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on their new hobby. Viper takes an incredible 9 months to finish the production of its cues. This is done in order to ensure that moisture is eliminated and the cue remains straight during the creation process. All Viper cues have the following characteristics:

  • Made from the best maple that can be found
  • In order to prevent warping, the cue has been coated with nine layers of varnish. Weight may be adjusted between 18oz and 21oz.

Viper Cue Styles

With premium materials like as Russian maple, ABS joints, Irish linen wraps, and 13mm leather tips, Viper’s Elite Series cues provide clients with a high-quality piece of workmanship.

Lucky Cues By McDermott

Lucky cues are made up of a combination of fine maple shafts and elegant graphic overlays to create a unique look. These cues offer outstanding value for money and are among the hardest-hitting cues available in the market on a constant basis. McDermott Cue is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Lucky cues, which are created, manufactured, and marketed by the company. Since its inception in 1975, McDermott Cues has worked hard to elevate the bar for what can be anticipated from a high-quality pool cue in the industry.

Lucky cues are one of the 12 brands owned by McDermott that are always pushing the boundaries of what is expected from the pool cue market in terms of quality and performance.

The 8 Best Beginner Pool Cues

Billiards and other pool games are among of the most popular contests held in homes, pubs, and other meeting places, and they attract a large number of participants. Cue sports are similar to most other games in that the equipment used can have a significant impact on the outcome of the competition. Consequently, if you are just getting started, there are some important things to grasp about pool–such as how to choose the finest pool cues for beginners. While this evaluation has information on the eight finest pool cues for beginners, it is crucial to choose one that is appropriate for your requirements and abilities.

  • For serious players of billiards and cue sports, higher-end cues of superior quality and craftsmanship are recommended.
  • It would be beneficial if you took into consideration the following: A novice cue’s length and weight will vary depending on your skill level and the type of cue you are using.
  • Meanwhile, the typical weight of a cue is 18 to 21 ounces, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Material-Whether you believe it or not, the materials used in the construction of a pool cue may have an impact on the type of shot it makes.
  • When it comes to pool cues for beginners, maple wood is the most highly recommended wood kind.
  • Wrap-Because the wrap is where you will be placing your hands when playing, it is a very important element to consider.
  • Many others, on the other hand, say that it causes them to sweat while they are playing.
  • The tip of a cue has a significant influence on the type of shot that is generated as well.
  • The tip is frequently made of leather, but you can always examine the degree of hardness to decide the type of impact that will be created by the tip.
  • When looking through the cues, you are most likely to come across the words standard deflection and low deflection, which are both interchangeable.

A low deflection shaft, on the other hand, is a superior choice when it comes to striking more aggressive strokes. As a result, this is the version that most professionals choose to use.

1 McDermott Lucky L9 Pool Cue

Lucky is typically considered to be one of the highest-quality pool cue brands accessible to people on a tight budget. Its pricing remain on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but the quality–particularly for beginners–remains on the upper end of the spectrum. With a leather tip and an Irish linen wrap, theMcDermott Lucky L9 Pool Cue is a two-piece cue crafted of hard rock maple with all of the greatest cue qualities that a novice could ask for. The weight is 19 ounces, which is ideal for players who are unsure of what weight is most appropriate for their needs.

2 Players HXT15

Pool cues for players are often at the higher end of the market in terms of quality. Despite the fact that its cues are expensive, if you are serious about pool, the Players HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cueis an excellent choice for you. The weights of this specific pool cue are available in a variety of sizes. Preliminarily, determine the ideal weight for improving your pool game before purchasing. The general design of this cue, which is constructed of North American maple wood, is ideal for novices.

Furthermore, this is a two-piece cue, which is something that many players want to have.

In addition, the Players HXT15 includes a stainless steel joint that makes connection simple and attractive while yet being durable.

3 Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Stick

This high-quality, two-piece cue, which is regarded as one of the finest pool cues for beginners, has a medium to firm leather tip and does not have a wrap. You will be able to retain excellent control in this manner. There is no taper on the shaft of the Luci Custom Birds-Eye, which means the diameter remains the same over the whole shaft length. In addition, it is backed by a lifetime warranty. You may feel comfortable playing the game of pool without the fear of damaging your pool cue as a result, if you are a novice.

The cost, on the other hand, is one of the drawbacks.

Not to add that the pricing is reasonable in light of the materials used.

4 McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit

The majority of the time, novices choose an all-inclusive kit so that they do not have to go searching for all of the essential supplies on their own. A two-piece pool cue, two pieces of billiard chalk, a leather tip scuffer, and a three-year guarantee round up this pool cue set from McDermott, which is ideal for beginning players. In addition, a protective box is included for transport convenience, as is a stainless steel joint collar for smooth storage.

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5 AB Earth Hardwood Canadian Maple

TheAB Earth Hardwood Canadian Maple is constructed of grade-A hardwood. A hard rock that comes in a variety of weights and hues.

Furthermore, it is a low-cost alternative for those who do not wish to spend a lot of money on a new pool cue. Featuring a high-gloss finish, this cue includes everything you’ll need for a straightforward 2-piece apparatus with a professional taper.

6 Viking Valhalla with Irish Linen Wrap

The Viking Valhalla is another low-cost alternative for billiards novices on a tight budget. It has a 13 mm leather tip as well as high-quality materials such as Irish linen and stainless steel. Another one of this cue’s distinguishing characteristics is the rubber bumper attached to the bottom of the cue, which can assist to ensure that the pool cue lasts as long as possible and does not damage anything in the immediate vicinity of the pool table. This cue also comes with a lifetime warranty, making it an excellent choice for novices.

7 Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple

This pool cue, which comes with a lifetime warranty, is made with high-quality components that deliver a smooth feel and a strong impact on the cue ball. ThePlayers Classic Birds-Eye is not a one-piece, which is something that many people avoid, making it ideal for travel and transportation. There are three different color selections to pick from, each with a different size option. As a result, your own choice is brought to the forefront inside this cue.

8 Predator Sport 2 Ice Sport Wrap Pool Cue (Best Pool Cues for Beginners)

Nothing like the cues you’re used to seeing at your neighborhood pub. The Predator Sport 2 is the most costly cue on this list, but it is also the most user-friendly, with accurate strokes. For novices and players who wish to play like professionals, this cue offers a one-of-a-kind sensation thanks to its sport ice grip. As a last point, the equipment you utilize has an impact on your style of play. As a novice pool player (or as a beginner at any cue sport), you’ll need high-quality equipment to help you grow as your skills develop.

Best Pool Cues for Beginners

This post includes affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, we may get a commission at no additional cost to you as a result of your purchase. More information may be found here. It is essential that you have a good cue in hand before you begin to rack the balls and break. Beginners should look for cues that are simple to use, robust, the proper size, and are straight in their shafts and handles. This page contains information that will assist you in understanding the characteristics to seek for in a new cue, as well as recommendations for the finest cues for beginning players.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Beginner Pool Cue

Before starting began, it is critical to understand what characteristics to look for in a stick. When deciding on the finest pool cues for beginners, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.


Consider the materials used for the stick and the wrap. When it comes to novice cues, the maple sticks tend to be the most durable and easiest to come across on the market.

When it comes to eight-ball, durability is essential, especially when you’re playing numerous games at the same time. A nice wrap material makes it simpler to hold the cue with one hand while playing. When you are just starting out, linen and nylon are both wonderful alternatives.

Size and Weight

At the end of the day, the best size and weight are largely a matter of personal preference. The typical weight is between 18 and 21 ounces. The typical length is between 57 and 59 inches. It is a good idea to experiment with a variety of cues to determine which ones feel the most natural. Generally speaking, if you are quite short, a shorter stick will be more appropriate for you. The same may be said for being over six feet tall. Consider using a cue that is taller. When it comes to weight, a weight of approximately 20 ounces is generally recommended for beginners because more heft can result in better ball spin.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece

In the event that you frequently travel with your stick to pubs or billiard halls, a two-piece pool cue will make transportation easier. A one-piece suit is great for playing at home. Which one is preferable ultimately boils down to personal choice and the location where you play the most.

Balance Point

Typically, the balancing point on a cue is located a few inches away from the end of the wrap and near to the center of the stick. The center of gravity of your cue is located at this location. A perfect balancing point enables for more precise control of the cue ball. Hold and play with cues with a variety of balancing points to find which one you enjoy the most.

Straight Design

Better aim and a smoother follow through when you strike the ball are made possible by a straight-sided design. Make a test run with your cue by placing it on a table and seeing if it sits level on the surface. You should not notice any warping or curves in the image. This is a fantastic approach to use when checking any cue you play with, especially when selecting from a restricted selection of alternatives at your local pub.

Tip Type

Better aim and a smoother follow through when you strike the ball are made possible by a straight-edge design. Make a flat surface for your cue by placing it on a table and seeing if it stays flat. Neither warping nor curved edges should be apparent. Checking whatever cue you play with using this approach is a smart idea if you’re playing in a bar with a restricted selection of alternatives.

Top Picks for Beginner Cues

Now that you’ve learned what to look for in a pool cue, here are some recommendations for the finest pool cues for beginners.

1 McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit

TheMcDermott Classic Pool Cue Kitincludes a maple wood cue as well as all of the accessories you’ll need to get started playing pool. For beginning pool players, the pool cue offers a number of useful qualities. With the leather tip, for example, you may increase your ball control significantly. In addition, the stick is protected by an ultra-high urethane coating. The wood to wood bond encourages a straight stick, which allows for the best possible aim while striking the ball. There are four overlay spots on the cue, which is a traditional design.

  • It includes a maple wood cue as well as all of the accessories you’ll need to get started playing pool right now. When it comes to novice players, the pool cue offers a few excellent characteristics. With the leather tip, you may, for example, increase your ball control. Furthermore, the stick is protected by an ultra-high urethane coating. This joint encourages a straight stick, which allows for the best possible aim while hitting the ball. In addition to four overlay points, the cue boasts a vintage style. Pros

2 Mizerak Shorty Cue

With a basic wood shaft and a leather tip, theMizerak Shorty Cue is a great choice for beginners. Because it is under 40 inches in length, this cue is great for novices and players who want to play in confined spaces.

It is suitable for both small and large-sized dining tables. This stick is constructed of a single piece and features a conventional butt end. Because of its compact size, it provides more control for general play as well as jump shots. Pros

  • It has a hardwood structure with a 12-millimeter leather tip and weighs around 9.5 ounces. It is ideal for jump shots and is appropriate for players of all ages.
  • It’s possible that the middle section will be uneven. Dents and nicks may occur on the cue
  • Nevertheless, it is unlikely. It’s possible that the tip isn’t fully flat

3 Viper Commercial One-Piece Cue

Asymmetry in the middle section is possible. Dents and nicks in the cue are possible; Even though the tip is perfectly flat, it is possible that it is not.

  • With nine layers of varnish covering, it is resistant to warping. There are four different lengths available. Leather tip with a diameter of 13 millimeters
  • Weighs roughly one pound, depending on length
  • Construction using hardwoods
  • It’s possible that wood is too light. It’s possible to wobble
  • It is possible that the dimensions are incorrect

4 Iszy Billiards Two-Piece Maple Cue

The Iszy Billiards Two-Piece Maple Cue is made of Canadian maple hardwood, which ensures long-lasting performance. The stainless steel connection aligns perfectly and enables for a quick assembly due to its minimal friction. The tip of this cue is made of fiber ferrule and measures 13 millimeters in diameter. The handle is wrapped with Irish linen to lend a touch of elegance while also encouraging efficient handling. A protective bumper is located at the bottom of the buttocks. This is particularly useful for family use or for playing in confined locations.

  • Design in two pieces for convenience in transportation
  • Joint made of stainless steel
  • There are four different weight possibilities. It is available in eight different hues
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • It’s possible that the advice is too difficult
  • It is possible that the cue will warp early. It is possible that the thread will fray or unravel too rapidly.

5 T R Sports Billiard Two-Piece Cue

It has Irish linen wrap handles and a black body, which makes it a great billiards cue for any game of pool. The overall length of the stick is 58 inches, and it includes a 13-millimeter tip that is attached to the cue with adhesive. The stick’s structure and materials enable it to deliver exceptional power and spin performance on the ice. The cue is lightweight, which makes it simple to manipulate. Assemble the stick quickly and effortlessly thanks to the strong stainless steel connection that aligns evenly.


  • Real wood core and composite construction
  • Stainless steel center joint
  • Real wood core and composite construction
  • It weighs 19.5 ounces and can be transported easily thanks to its fast disassembly. a professional appearance
  • It may take some time to become used to the Irish linen wrap
  • It is possible for tips to fall loose easily. It is possible that the tip will be tough to form.

6 EastPoint Sports Deluxe Wood Cue

The EastPoint Sports Deluxe Wood Cue has a nylon grip that allows for maximum control and comfort while playing. The two-tone style, as well as the hardwood material, give it a polished appearance. The length of this cue is 57 inches. This cue weights 19 ounces, making it lightweight and convenient to use. The aluminum used in the joint system ensures long-term durability. You may choose between a two-piece and a four-piece cue for your game. Pros

  • This product is made of a hardwood composite. Tip is 13 millimeters in diameter
  • Cue is straight
  • Unscrews swiftly and effortlessly
  • This product is ideal for small settings.
  • It is possible that the grip will fall apart early. It is possible that the tip will be of lower quality than intended. Before using the tip, it may be necessary to shape it.

7 Minnesota Fats Hustler Graphite Cue

A variety of colors are available for theMinnesota Fats Hustler Graphite Cue, including the usual black and midnight blue. Its durability may be attributed to its maple and polymer resin core, as well as its graphite construction. The use of this material mix helps to keep the product from warping during frequent play. The tip of this two-piece stick has a typical nickel finish. High-tech grips that are a little larger in size compared to similar cues give you greater flexibility in how you position your hands on the cues.


  • Construction that is long-lasting
  • High-quality grips
  • Stainless steel joints
  • Clean shooting
  • Simple to operate
  • And
  • Finish with a rougher texture
  • It is possible to crack easily
  • It was difficult to get rid of the ornamental stickers.

Rack ‘Em Up!

Making a final selection on the finest beginning pool cues may be difficult, especially when there are so many different alternatives available. The seven cues that have been covered here are a fantastic location to begin your search. Simply keep your particular tastes in mind, as well as the kind of billiards you like to study and the areas in which you wish to succeed. Hopefully, this information will assist you in narrowing down your options so that you can select a cue that will improve your billiards abilities.

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