Crokinole You Say? An Overview of this Classic Canadian Tabletop Game

Crokinole You Say? An Overview of this Classic Canadian Tabletop Game

Following your discovery of how much fun Crokinole is, you may decide to purchase a Crokinole board for yourself. It has been played in Canada since the late nineteenth century, and it is a combination of shuffleboard, shove’ha penny, and curling features. Continue reading to find out more. Crokinole is one of the most popular games in Canada, and it is played by both adults and children. Other parts of the world, on the other hand, are not as familiar with the term. Aside from having a name that is difficult to spell and pronounce, Crokinole also has a history that is a little enigmatic in nature.

You’ll see in our Crokinole beginner’s guide that this uniquely Canadian game is quite similar in style to curling, which you can read about here.

Just as in curling, you take turns sliding discs over a surface in an attempt to get the best possible score in a short amount of time.

So, where did the game of Crokinole originate, and what are the rules for participating in this one-of-a-kind activity?

A Brief History of Crokinole

The Crokinole King – The Original Dimensions Crokinole Board Game Set, which may be purchased on Amazon (affiliate link) Crokinole is a long-standing game with a rich history that has been passed down from generation to generation. The majority of individuals believe that the pastime originated in the late nineteenth century, most often around 1876. Crokinole, in contrast to curling, bowling, and other comparable activities, is a board game that is played while sitting down. Despite the fact that the rules of this game are rather straightforward, Crokinole has remained a very popular hobby over the years.

  1. Crokinole is believed to have originated in Southern Ontario, which is where many of the games are being played today, according to the experts.
  2. To make the game even more Canadian, a new version of it was introduced in 2017 that incorporates both curling and Crokinole into a single competition, as if it wasn’t already.
  3. Wettlaufer, a keen carpenter, created the board as a birthday present for his kid.
  4. Many additional games, such as pocket pool, pichenotte, and knips-brat may be traced back to the game of carroms as well.

With the help of Sears-Roebuck and Montgomery Ward, Crokinole quickly became one of the most popular games in Northern America, selling millions of copies to youngsters and their parents. Also see: Bagatelle: The Fundamentals of the Technique

The Crokinole Board

Real Hardwood Tournament Size is available. The Crokinole Board from Cape Fear Board Co., which is available on Amazon, is a traditional game (affiliate link) One of the most popular aspects of Crokinole is that it is a simple game to learn and play, which is something that many people like. In a two-person game, each player receives a total of twelve biscuits or discs, which can be any combination of the two colors shown. It is necessary to understand how to utilize the Crokinole board once you have obtained your discs.

  • When a disc is successfully thrown into this hole, players can receive up to 20 points.
  • Furthermore, there are bumpers surrounding the hole itself, making it more difficult to achieve the highest possible score.
  • There are 15 points available in the region immediately outside of the hole but within the perimeter of the posts around the hole (see image below).
  • You will not be able to compute your points until the end of the entire round.
  • The “ditch” is the name given to this location.
  • You might also enjoy the following classic tabletop and strategy games:

Crokinole Rules: Setting Up A Game

To begin a game of Crokinole, place the board on a table where all players will have equal access to it and invite the players to begin. If somebody is having difficulty getting onto the board, they will not have a fair chance of winning. If you’re playing with two people, each of them will receive a set of 12 wooden discs in the color of their choice. If you have four players, you will need to divide them into two groups if you want to play effectively. Each group receives its own set of 12 discs in this setting.

You are not permitted to change the board or your seats after the game has begun.

To put it another way, you must always have at least one cheek of your buttocks resting on the chair at all times.

It is necessary to place one of your disks on the beginning line, ensuring that about half of the disc remains within your quadrant, when you are ready to begin playing. Take aim and flick the disc as close to the middle of the board as you possibly can while maintaining control of the disc.

How to Play Crokinole: Shooting Discs

Amazon has a Crokinole Set that measures 30 inches in length (affiliate link) Attempting to fire directly into the 20 point hole will be allowed for the initial shooter in a game of Crokinole, as well as any other player who takes a turn while there are no extra discs on the board at the time. It is permissible to lay their disc aside and count it at the conclusion of the round if it lands in the hole during the round. If your disc does not fall into the 20-hole but remains on the board within the 15-zone, it will remain on the board until the end of the round.

  • You may make a note of your score to help you remember it later.
  • If you’re shooting while one or more of your opponents already has discs on the board, the shooter will have to make an attempt to hit one of those discs before the round is over.
  • You will be required to place your disc on the “ditch” part of the board if you are unable to strike an opponent’s disc with your disc.
  • Following the taking of a shot, all of the discs that are in contact with the beginning lines will be placed into a single disc.
  • Unless someone accidentally knocks it into the hole, you are unable to remove this disc from the board.
  • Another game you might enjoy is Hookey, which is the original Australian ring-toss game.

Crokinole Rules: Scoring

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons With most games, the goal of Crokinole (not to be confused with Cornhole) is rather straightforward – you must strive to score more points than your opponent in order to win. In this game, the scoring procedure is only completed at the conclusion of each round, rather than throughout the game. Each player or group counts the number of discs they have put in each scoring zone, starting with their own. Any disc that comes close to or crosses halfway over a score line will be given the lowest possible value for that disc.

It is necessary to deduct the lower score from the higher score if the game has more than one round to complete the game.

For example, if player A has 20 points and player B has 35 points, player B will receive an additional 15 points added to their total score of 40 points.

The new round begins with the person to the left of the player who now has the most points in his or her possession. That’s all there is to it! Everything you need to know about playing Crokinole is right here; now go out and enjoy yourself! The top image is courtesy of Waferboard on Flickr.

Crokinole – Wikipedia


Crokinole Game Board
Manufacturers Mostly cottage industry manufacturers in Canada and USA
Designers Eckhardt Wettlaufer – Ontario, Canada
Years active Made since mid 1800s in Canada and USA and now gaining in popularity in many parts of the world
Players 2 or 4
Age range 5 years old and up
Skills required Fine motor skill,eye–hand coordination, intuitive understanding ofphysicsplane geometry

Crokinole (KROH -ki-nohl) is a disk-flicking dexterityboard game that may have originated in Canada. It is related to the games of pitchnut, carrom, and pichenotte, but incorporates features of shuffleboard and curling that have been scaled down to fit on a tabletop. A round of disc golf is played in which players take turns shooting discs across a circular playing surface, attempting to land their discs in the higher-scoring regions of the board, particularly the recessed center hole, while also attempting to knock opposing discs off the board and into the ‘ditch.’ Unlike carroms and pitchnut, where shooting is directed towards the four outside corner pockets, as in pool, the shooting in crokinole tends to be directed towards the middle of the board.

Crokinole may also be played with cue sticks, and there is a particular category for cue stick players in the World Crokinole Championships, which are held in Tavistock, Ontario, Canada every year.


A crokinole board in the shape of a round tournament. Alternatively, octagonal boards are available, which are the more conventional shape. The size of the board varies, but the playing surface is normally polished wood or laminate and is around 26 inches (660 mm) in diameter. As you go in from the outside, you will encounter three concentric circles, each earning five, ten, and fifteen points. A shallow 20-point crater is located in the middle of the structure. Eight tiny bumpers or posts surround the inner 15-point ring, providing additional protection.

The outside edge of the board has been elevated slightly to prevent wayward shots from flying out, and a gutter has been created between the playing surface and the edge to catch any stray pieces that fall off.

More than a planned design, the wooden discs are roughly checker-sized, with a diameter that is a little smaller than the board’s central hole.

Alternatively, ring-shaped pieces with a center hole can be used to play the game.


In crokinole, the use of any lubricating substance is debatable, with some purists decrying the practice as immoral. Occasionally, powder is applied to ensure that pieces move smoothly across the surface. Boric acid was once widely used, but it is now deemed harmful and has been phased out in favor of more environmentally friendly alternatives. Boric acid has been categorized as a “Serious Health Hazard” by the European Union. In the United Kingdom, many players employ a kind of anti-set-off spray powder, originally developed for the printing industry, that has special electrostatic characteristics and particles with a diameter of 50 micrometres (1.97 x 10 5) or less.

It is non-GMO and non-GMO.

Powdered shuffleboard wax (CAPO rapid speed, in a yellow and white bottle) is put in the ditch on the day of the competition.

The ditch area will be covered with wax so that players can smear their discs with the wax before to shooting if they so wish. Contestants are not permitted to use any form of lubrication on the board during the competition. No other lubricant will be permitted under any circumstances “.


Crickinole is most frequently played by two people, or by four people in teams of two people, with partners seated across the board from each other on the board. It is up to the players to take turns flicking their discs from the outer edge of their quadrant of the board onto the playing surface. Shooting is typically accomplished by flicking the disc with a finger, however tiny cue sticks may be employed on occasion. If there are any enemy discs on the board, a player must make contact with an enemy disc, either directly or indirectly, during the shot in order to score.

  1. Any other discs that were moved by the player during the shot are also eliminated.
  2. Due to the fact that it forbids players from setting their first shots in a position where their opponent must traverse the whole guarded center ring in order to hit them and escape fouling, this rule is also known as the “no hiding” rule.
  3. While playing, if the player’s disc falls entirely into the recessed central “20” hole (also known as the “Toad” or “Dukie”), the disc is taken from play and counts as twenty points for that player’s team at the end of the round, presuming that the shot was genuine.
  4. Scoring is differential, which means that only the player or team with the higher score is awarded the difference between the higher and lower scores for the round, resulting in only one team or player gaining points per round.
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History of the game

M.B. Ross invented the crokinole board, which was patented in 1880. The Crokinole Book, Third Edition, page 28 has Wayne Kelly’s evaluation of the original roots of the game of crokinole after 30 years of investigation, and thus leaves the door open to further research and discovery of the game’s origins. “The oldest known American crokinole board and reference to the game is M. B. Ross’s patented New York board from 1880, which was also the first known reference to the game. In Canada, the first mention is from 1867 (Howell and Howell, Sports and Games in Canadian Life: 1700 to the Present [Toronto, MacMillan Company of Canada], 1969, p.61) and the earliest piece is from 1875 by Ekhardt Wettlaufer [Toronto, MacMillan Company of Canada, 1969, p.61].

  1. After all, he was a gifted painter and craftsman who was also a great repository for information.
  2. Do you believe that Mr.
  3. B.
  4. The fact that the trail has been followed for more than a century and that no other authoritative source has been discovered leads us to believe that Eckhardt Wettlaufer or M.
  5. Ross are as close as we can get to answering the question WHO (created the first crokinole board) at this time “Eckhardt Wettlaufer, a craftsman from Perth County, Ontario, Canada, created the world’s first known crokinole board in 1876, according to historical records.
  6. Since the 1990s, many more home-made boards, this one from southwestern Ontario in the 1870s, have been uncovered.
  7. Ingalls received a patent for a board game that was similar to crokinole on April 20, 1880.
  8. 226,615) Crokinole is sometimes assumed to be of Mennonite or Amish origin, however there is no evidence to support this assertion.
  9. The game was regarded as a harmless distraction, in contrast to the widespread Protestant belief that activities like as card playing and dancing were “products of the Devil,” as maintained by many 19th-century Protestant societies.
  10. M.B.
  11. Crokinole, a documentary film, was released in 2006 to critical acclaim.

The film had its international debut at the Princess Cinema in Waterloo, Ontario, in the spring of 2006. The film chronicles the preparations of several of the contenders in the 2004 World Crokinole Championship as they prepare for the competition.

Origins of the name

The term “crokinole” is derived from the term “croquignole,” which is a French term that currently denotes:

  1. In France, a kind of cookie (orbiscuit in British English), similar to abiscotto
  2. In French Canada, a pastry that is similar to a doughnut (save for the form)
  3. In the United States, a type of cookie (orbiscuit in British English), similar to abiscotto

It has also been used to refer to the motion of flicking the finger (e.g., Molière’s “The Imaginary Patient,” Voltaire’s “Lettre à Frédéric II Roi de Prusse,” and others), and this appears to be the most likely source of the name of the game itself. Also known as pichenotte, pichenotte was a term that was used to refer to two separate but related games: pichenotte and pitchnut. Wayne S. Kelly’s The Crokinole Book, Third Edition, is used. “Do you think it’s feasible that the term ‘crokinole’ in English is just an etymological child of the French word’croquignole’?

  • For the reasons listed below, it appears to be the case.
  • According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word fillip may be defined as follows: “The rapid forcible release of a finger curled up against the thumb produces a strike or gesture that is brief and sharp.
  • a method of striking that involves retaining the nail of a finger curled up against the ball of the thumb and then rapidly releasing it from that position “.
  • In most cases, the name Crokinole is believed to have originated from the French Canadian word ” Croquignole “, which may refer to a variety of things including a fillip, snap, biscuit, bun, and the wavy hairdo that was fashionable at the turn of the century.
  • crokinole is referred to as knipsbrat (‘flick-board’) in thePlautdietschlanguage spoken by Russian Mennonites (also, on occasion, knipsdesh (flick-table)).

World Crokinole Championship

In Tavistock, Ontario, Canada, the World Crokinole Championship was held in 1999. It has been an annual tradition since 1999 for the World Crokinole Championship (WCC) competition to be held in Tavistock, Ontario, on the first Saturday in June. It was decided to hold the event in Tavistock since it was the hometown of Eckhardt Wettlaufer, who is credited with creating the world’s first known board. Registrations for the competition have come in from every Canadian province, numerous American states, Germany, Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

  1. The qualifying round is played in a huge tournament that is chosen by a random draw.
  2. The top four finishers in the playoffs proceed to a final round robin where they will face off against one another, and the top two finishers participate in the finals.
  3. In the WCC, there are several different divisions, including a singles finger-shooting category for competitive players (adult singles), novices (recreational), and younger players (intermediate, 11–14 years old; junior, 6–10 years old), as well as a cue-shooting division (cues singles).
  4. Competition fingers-shooting (competitive doubles) and cues-shooting (recreational doubles) are also offered, as are categories for younger players (youth doubles, 6–16 years old) and cues-shooting (cues doubles).

The Crokinole World Championships were held in 1999. Jeremy Tracey is the official board builder for the World Crokinole Championships, and he is a member of the Crokinole Federation.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related toCrokinole.
  • W. Wayne and Caleb Kelly’s Crokinole FAQ
  • CrokinoleatBoardGameGeek
  • World Crokinole Championships in Tavistock, Ontario
  • National Crokinole Association
  • Crokinole FAQ
  • Crokinole at BoardGameGeek This website contains information about the game of crokinole, including videos of Crokinole Skills Competitions, an article about crokinole in Our Canada Magazine, Crokinole Friends of the Pichenotte Guys, and Ted Fuller’s Crokinole Canada. Jeremy Tracey’s Crokinole Game Boards are also available. It’s called The Crokinole Depot, and it was created by the Beierling Brothers.

The beginner’s guide to the greatest pastimes: Crokinole

A Canadian-made game that is enjoyed by people of all ages all around the world. (Photo courtesy of iStock/Getty Images) ) Crokinole, along with Euchre, is considered to be one of the most difficult games to spell. It is a straightforward game of skill that is both simple and not simplistic in its approach. For the game, participants take turns flicking wooden disks around a smooth wooden board with pegs or bumpers in the center. As the discs glide over the board, clash, and occasionally slip onto the twenty-hole in the center, they produce pleasing noises.

  • It is more stationary than any of the previous two options.
  • In contrast to the official quiet, competitive crokinole is characterized by strong drama and passion, which has been beautifully portrayed in several promotional YouTube films produced by @crokinolecentre.
  • If you still have doubts about its Canuck bona fides, consider the following: The World Crokinole Championship is hosted in the town of Tavistock, Ontario, on a hockey rink that has been completely dried up.
  • A group of Manitobans came up with the concept of crokicurl in 2017, and it was the only way to make it more uniquely Canadian.
  • There are people that play it all up and down the east coast of the United States, as well as throughout Europe and Asia.
  • It is also a game that may be enjoyed by people of all ages.
  • History Eckhardt Wettlaufer developed the world’s first crokinole board in 1876 in Sebastopol, Ontario, and named it after himself.

This particular artifact is presently on display at the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum in Kitchener, Ontario.

Carroms is also thought to be the progenitor of pocket pool, knips-brat, and pichenotte, among other games (associated with Quebec).

Crokinole quickly rose to become one of the most popular games in North America, and it continues to remain so today.

When the Montgomery Ward Catalogue characterizes crokinole as “a fresh and immensely engaging game for everyone, with no undesirable elements,” it alludes to this spotless representation.

For a detailed explanation of the regulations, please go here.

From outer to inner, the board is divided into three concentric rings, each of which is worth five, ten, and fifteen points.

It is more difficult to fire from within the inner circle since the pegs are protecting it.

It is possible that it will cross the line.

Following that, the players take turns flicking their cookies.

Upon failure to comply, the player’s disc is taken from the board and replaced with a new disc (“ditched”).

Every player calculates his or her points once all of the discs have been thrown.

The player’s score is recorded, and the procedure is repeated until one of the players has earned 100 points.

Each team divides the twelve discs evenly between them and chooses two quadrants that are opposite each other.

What you’ll need to get started is the following: A crokinole board and discs (sometimes known as “biscuits”), as well as a pen and paper, will be required.

However, you may spend a little more money on a handcrafted board, which, at the top end, are true pieces of art in themselves.

Knipsbrat is a German term for Crokinole (pronounced “knipsbrat”).

I used to be able to acquire wood practically anyplace twenty-five years ago.

Self-improvement (DIY) is another alternative for individuals with carpentry talents.

What you must do in order to get started.

Start swiping your biscuits around. There is an online simulation available if you wish to play a few of practice rounds on a video game version to get a feel for how it works. The following are some helpful hints:

  • Make an effort to position your discs behind the bumpers, where they will be more difficult to hit by your opponents
  • And In order to make the discs move more easily on the board, some gliss powder can be added to the board to assist them slide more freely. Combination shots and carom shots: You do not have to strike your opponent’s disc directly in order to win the game. In order to strike one of your own discs first, you must ensure that one of those discs hits one of your opponent’s discs. Be cautious, however, since if you miss the turn, all of your discs that moved throughout the turn will be lost. The “one cheek rule” states that the shooter’s behind must stay in touch with the chair at all times when they are taking shots. It is also necessary for the chair’s four legs to remain on the ground.
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The Meeple Guild – Cues adds twist to classic crokinole

Those of you who are regular readers are probably aware that I consider crokinole to be the best of the board games available. The game is one in which talent is essential, and as a result, practice may help you get better, which is something I appreciate. Those of you who are regular readers are probably aware that I consider crokinole to be the best of the board games available. The game is one in which talent is essential, and as a result, practice may help you get better, which is something I appreciate.

  1. All of this implies that I have accumulated a large number of games over the course of several decades.
  2. After that, I came across a website that sold cues, which led me to Ted Fuller, who I contacted through email.
  3. “Cues have been around for a long time, and I believe many of them can be traced back to Perth, Ontario, where the game was founded,” he stated in an email.
  4. The game is essentially a variant of Crokinole known as ‘Cues,'” he explained further.
  5. Some cues also have a knob on the end.
  6. The rubber tip creates rubber markings on your board, which is why I sell Old English Furniture polish to cover those scratches up.
  7. The outcome is that you have two different forms of crokinole.
  8. Due to the frequent falling of 20s in a cues game, it is a fascinating spectacle to witness!
  9. Interestingly, my mature son, who reluctantly participates in the game, was hitting 20s with relative ease from the start of the game, utilizing the cue.

“I used to play Crokinole with my grandfather, who was a seasoned pro in my opinion, during family gatherings around the holidays.” When I first started building websites for other people in 2007, I chose to acquire the domain name because I believed it would be valuable to hold, perhaps for a future endeavor similar to the one I am currently engaged in.” Later on, I was introduced to the World Championships in Tavistock, Ontario, by a mutual acquaintance.

  1. I appreciated coming mostly because it allowed me to reconnect with a buddy and have some fun.” So, what is it about crokinole that Fuller finds so appealing?
  2. The fact that you can have a discussion while playing and get to know someone better is one of my favorite aspects of the game.
  3. Personally, I believe it is a far superior alternative to video games, which these days include a great deal of gloom.
  4. The decision to develop a store around Crokinole came later, when he recognized an opportunity to bring numerous craftspeople together and exhibit their items on his website, Crokinole Canada.
  5. The boards on his website appear fantastic, and I am confident that they would be a delight to play on, but I must admit that I have not yet tried one of his boards.
  6. Murray Skaling, who owns a firm named Muzzies Crokinole in Forest Glade, Nova Scotia, was Fuller’s initial point of contact.
  7. I was given permission by him to drop ship his boards and accessories.
  8. It turns out that his boards are among the best available on the market, and I was able to sell a significant number of them after all.
  9. “If you’re willing to wait for them, they’re very wonderful boards,” says the author.
  10. Tracey Boards are similarly of high quality and were originally known as ‘Willard’ boards.
  11. “It should come as no surprise that these identical boards will be used in the World Championships in Tavistock, Ontario.” So, in an email conversation with someone as educated as Fuller, I had to inquire as to what constitutes a good board.

“A 26-inch playing surface just provides greater space for everyone seated at the table.” Some additional characteristics I seek for in a decent board include latex-covered pegs, which provide an incredible bounce when the disc hits them.” And if you have an old board, one of the quickest and most cost-effective methods to restore it to its former glory is to purchase some crokinole powder.

Because I enjoy the game, I encourage that you experiment with cues. Thank you to Trevor Lyons and Adam Daniels for your assistance with this project.

Make 2020 the year of Crokinole

Those of you who are regular readers are probably aware that I consider crokinole to be the best board game ever. Skill plays an important role in this game; as a result, repetition can help you become better, which I find appealing. Those of you who are regular readers are probably aware that I consider crokinole to be the best board game ever. Skill plays an important role in this game; as a result, repetition can help you become better, which I find appealing. Also, because it is a game that I used to play with my father, nostalgia plays a role in my decision to give it a high grade.

  • My only crokinole experience was with cues in one of those plays.
  • Cues and crokinole were not Ted’s strong suits, but he was able to fill in the gaps.
  • The game is essentially a variation of Crokinole known as ‘Cues,'” he explained further.
  • They may also have a knob at the end.
  • For this reason, I sell Old English Furniture polish to cover up the rubber marks left by the rubber tip.
  • In the competition, “there will be no mixing of cues and fingers since cues are really more accurate than fingers,” explains Fuller.
  • The cues available for purchase on our website are divided into two categories: a shorter cue that is more manageable, and a longer cue that is more powerful.

However, my adult son who only reluctantly participates in the game managed to score 20s almost effortlessly from the get-go, despite not having a cue.

In order to connect with my friend and have some fun, I looked forward to attending.” So, what is it about crokinole that Fuller finds so appealing.

The fact that you can have a chat while playing and get to know someone better is one of my favorite features.

Personally, I believe it is a far superior option than video games, which these days contain a great deal of violence.

Eventually, Fuller’s enthusiasm for the game blossomed into something more.

After it became a commercial opportunity, it really took off, and I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of artisans, for which I’m quite thankful.

The boards on his website seem fantastic, and I am confident that they would be a delight to play on, but I must admit that I have not yet tried one of his boards out myself.

Murray Skaling, the owner of a firm named Muzzies Crokinole in Forest Glade, Nova Scotia, was Fuller’s initial point of contact.

I was given permission by him to drop ship his boards and accessories.

The boards he makes are among the best available, and I ended up selling quite a few of them as a result of my encounter.

When they become available, they are very nice boards if you are willing to wait for them.” Tracey Boards, which are also of high quality and were formerly known as ‘Willard’ boards, is one of my other suppliers, as well.

“It should come as no surprise that these same boards will be used at the World Championships in Tavistock, Ontario,” says the author.

In the end, he asserted, “the surface is what makes all the difference.” “I have one particular board that has a very smooth Maple Veneer that I call The World Famous, and I believe it has the most consistently smooth surface throughout the entire board.” Exactly for this reason, I have had no trouble selling that board.” The size of the board, in my opinion, is the second most important factor to consider.

“Having a 26-inch playing surface simply provides more space for everyone at the table.

As a result, it can make virtually any old or slow board fast again because the powder acts as ball bearings on the surface of the board.

Crokinole powder, as well as other crokinole products, can be purchased at Consider trying cues if you enjoy the game as much as I do. Trevor Lyons and Adam Daniels were extremely helpful with this project.

The rules of Crokinole

Crokinoleis is a game that is frequently played among friends and family as a means to interact, and it is sometimes played while drinking. It’s the perfect excuse to spend time with friends, talk about what’s going on in the world, and commiserate about the condition of the world while simultaneously attempting to crush the other person or team throughout the course of the game. Crokinolei is a great method to socialize as well as a pleasant way to spend the time while having a good time. It’s a long-standing family custom!

  1. It’s a play that’s kind of expected.
  2. — Evan McIntosh (@evkmack), on Twitter The date is April 24, 2020.
  3. I purchased my board from Crokinole Canada, and I was quite pleased with the overall quality of the board.
  4. Another option is to divide the participants into pairs and form two teams of two players each.
  5. It became a mainstay of summers spent at a family cottage, where I would spend hours a day with my brother playing games.
  6. — Owen Goss (@OwenGoss) on April 24, 2020 — The players take turns flicking their discs toward the center of the board with their fingers.
  7. Then, in order for their own play to be declared lawful, your opponent must make certain that they strike your piece.

It is important to note that any pieces that fall into the little sunken pit in the centre of the board are withdrawn from play and placed on the sidelines since they are worth 20 points at the conclusion of the game.

If the board is clear, you must aim towards the centre of the board and maintain your pieces there in order to score points.

If you miss, your shot is erased off the board, and you receive no points for your effort.

The round comes to a conclusion after each player has shot all of their discs, and then the game is completed and the results are recorded.

On paper, scoring appears to be a little difficult, but as the game begins in earnest, it becomes crystal clear how it works.

For example, if we’re playing and you place 60 points on the board but I gain 50 points, the ultimate score is 10 points, and those points are added to your overall score.

After that, the board is reset, and a new round is started. This continues until one person or team obtains 100 points, or until the win condition has been agreed upon by all parties. That’s all there is to it! That is the nature of the game. You should now be able to play Crokinole.

A game for our time

The excitement of sending a piece flying perfectly between two pegs to blow an opponent’s piece off the board is something you aren’t aware of yet, at least for the time being. The shots that give the impression that you are aiming through a scope. The magnificent mayhem that occurs when you shoot a piece into the centre of the board, and both players and spectators delight in the brief period of confusion as everything bounces off everything else, waiting to see who won — or lost — the most points as a result of their interaction.

Gameland Crokinole Board Game

Prices were obtained at the time of publication. It is a dexterity board game with aspects of shuffleboard and curling that has been scaled down to the size of a table-top game. Crokinole is comparable in many respects to pitchnut, carrom, marbles, and push ha’penny. Occasionally, you’ll get one of those amazing pictures when everything goes perfectly and you’re able to do the seemingly impossible, but they are far more uncommon than the tragedies in which everything goes wrong. My experience includes games when players simply continued dumping pieces into the middle pit, as well as extended periods where the board had to be re-set over and over again because no one was able to conclude the round with any points on it.

  1. Is it possible that something sounds like a joke?
  2. Is there a game in which defying the one-cheek rule in order to acquire the greatest shot may put you in serious danger of losing your life?
  3. Alternatively, a great deal, as appears to be the case these days.
  4. It is this transition that makes Crokinole so remarkable, especially for families, couples, and groups of friends who are forced to spend time together while in quarantine.
  5. For those who wish to play some low-stakes games while conversing and hanging out, crokinole may be something that happens in the background, something to catch the eye and divert the upper portion of your brain from the main task at hand.
  6. It may be played as casually or as intensely as you choose, and because of its adaptability, it is the ideal family game.
  7. The board itself has a certain ritualistic quality to it as well, as a massive slab of wood that seems more permanent and fulfilling than just about any other game surface I’ve ever used.
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Others swear by the use of varied amounts of wax applied to the wood or the parts to prevent friction and wear.

It’s easy to progress from being a novice to an experienced player on your own sanded board with plastic pegs, only to find yourself back at the beginning of the learning curve on a friend’s waxed board with metal pegs wrapped in rubber.

Some individuals may not agree with this, but that is perfectly acceptable!

As players improve and the board is treated with care and love, it is a game that develops over time and becomes more complex.

With this game, you may have a fun time playing dexterity games with your children, or you can take it seriously and compete against friends in good-natured yelling battles.

There is no place to hide, and no excuses will be accepted as justification.

Crokinoleis existence has been reduced to its most basic elements and pressed onto a wooden board for preservation.

This is how he would have wanted to live it.

To play it is to fall in love with it, and to purchase your own board and invite others to join you is to make an investment in your own long-term future.

BringingCrokinoleinto your own home will make it at least a little bit better.

You will not be disappointed. Vox Media has affiliate relationships with other companies. However, Vox Media may receive compensation for things purchased through affiliate links, but this does not have an impact on editorial content. For additional information, please visit our code of ethics.

The Deluxe (Walnut Rail) Traditional Crokinole Board Game Set

Premium choice Maple veneer, Walnut rails, and Baltic birch are used to construct the Deluxe Crokinole Board, which is handcrafted in Canada. It is a very sturdy and well-constructed board. It has a decent amount of weight to it and is intended to survive for several generations of use. It is a traditional-sized crokinole board with a playing surface that measures 28-1/2″ in diameter and 24″ in height. There is a checker board on the back side that may be used for chess or checkers, and it is 8 by 8.

Excellent Construction with Beautiful Walnut Side Rails.

  • The playing surface is 24″ maple veneer with a 32 mm “20” hole
  • Scoring numbers are printed on the playing surface
  • Walnut side rails
  • Birch ditch
  • Checkers are printed on the back
  • Latex-coated brass screws for bumpers (we include a free bumper replacement guarantee in the event that a bumper breaks or needs to be replaced)
  • Latex-coated brass screws for bumpers (we include a free bumper replacement guarantee in the event that a bumper breaks or needs to be replaced)
  • Made in Canada by hand

The playing surface is 24″ maple veneer with a 32 mm “20” hole; scoring numbers are printed on the playing surface; walnut side rails; birch ditch; checkers are printed on the back. bumper screws with latex coating (we provide a free bumper replacement guarantee in the event that a bumper breaks or needs to be replaced); latex-coated brass screws for bumpers (we provide a free bumper replacement guarantee in the event that a bumper breaks or needs to be replaced); latex-coated brass screws for bumpers Made in Canada with love.

  • There are 26 classic size discs in the set, each measuring 11/8 inch in diameter and 13/32 inch in thickness (2.9 cm wide and 1 cm thick), with two spare discs included in case you lose one. Discs are available in a variety of colors including black and natural as well as red, blue, white, and green. 100 grams of Crokinole board powder for faster play (spread a small amount in the ditch and rub the disc on it before shooting, or sprinkle a small amount on the playing surface)
  • 100 grams of crokinole board powder for faster play (spread a small amount in the ditch and rub the disc on it before shooting, or sprinkle a small amount on the playing surface)
  • 100 grams of crokinole board powder for faster play (spread a small amount on the playing surface)
  • Discs are stored in a drawstring bag. a large 20-ounce cup
  • 200 scorecards were distributed. PDF: Click Here to Download Now
  • Instructions on how to play, regulations, and scoring cards for both the tournament and normal scoring
  • There are no chess pieces included. Click here to add Chess Pieces to your game.

Availability / Shipping Time: This item is currently in stock. See the shipping regulations and timeframes for further information. Video Sneak Peek:

The Gold Standard Traditional Size Crokinole Board Game Set

Using only quality choice Ash and Baltic birch, this board is meticulously handcrafted in Canada. It has a diameter of 28-1/2″ and is therefore significantly larger than smaller retail crokinole boards, such as our Crokinole King. It has a checkered board on the opposite side that may be used for chess or checkers, and it is 8 by 8. A drawstring bag and 26 black and transparent (natural) playing discs are included together with bilingual crokinole instructions, scoring cards, and a drawstring bag for storage.

  • Description: Baltic Birch playing surface with a 32 mm “20” hole, 23.6 inches in diameter.
  • Made in Canada by hand The following items are included with the board:26 classic size discs that are 2.9cm broad by 1cm thick (2 extra in the set in case you lose them) You have a choice of disc colors: black, natural, red, blue, or green.
  • Instructions for play, game regulations, tournament and normal scoring cards are all included.
  • If you’re interested in adding extras to your order, you may download the PDF version of the Gold Standard Kit.
  • It does have an impact on the look.

Thanks! Availability / Shipping Time: This item is currently in stock. (Crokinole Canada) has a large range of high-quality Crokinole Boards and accessories that are sure to please.

What is Crokinole? Canada’s lesser-known sports, games and pastimes

I’m sure you’re well aware of the passion that Canadians have for hockey, soccer, and football. Even if you aren’t aware of it, lacrosse is Canada’s official summer sport and basketball was founded by a Canadian, chances are you are. How about crokicurl, crokinole, or pitchnut? Have you ever heard of them? Continue reading to learn more about lesser-known Canadian activities, sports, and games, including:


Crokinole enthusiasts consider it more than a board game; they consider it a sport. With strong eye-hand coordination, the goal of the game is to flick discs into the center hole of the board or into “higher value fields,” which is where the points are awarded. Although similar to billiards, it does not require a stick or balls. It may be performed by a group of two to four people. In 1876, according to Eckhardt Wettlaufer, a craftsman from Perth County, Ontario, who is also the author of the Crokinole Book, the first known crokinole board was created.

Here’s a step-by-step guide from The Retired CPO:


Crokicurl is a one-of-a-kind game devised by Winnipeggers that is a hybrid of crokinole and curling. It is played on an octagonal ice surface using junior curling rocks, and it is a team sport (made of hard plastic that weigh half as much as a normal curling stone). Two teams compete against each other in groups of one or two players. The objective is to gather the most number of points possible by sliding the rock into the center (the “button”) and positioning their other rocks in high-scoring places on the board.

In this video, Crokicurl is discussed by CHVN Radio.


Curling is unquestionably more well-known and popular in Canada than it is in the United States. It is also recognized as an Olympic sport. The goal of the game is to position your stones (circular objects made of polished granite stones) as near as possible to the “button,” which is located in the middle of the “houses” (the target that looks like a bullseye at each end of the playing surface). It is pushed and as it starts sliding, additional team members make sure that the stone reaches its destination by sweeping the surface with brooms (the brooms remove “pebbles” or water droplets that freeze and cause the stones to “coil” or divert from their intended course).


Two to four people can play this fast-paced game played on a board (approximately 28 inches square). It is of French-Canadian origin and is primarily a variation of the gamepichenotte, which in turn is derived from the gamecarromfrom India or Sri Lanka.The object of the game is to sink your pieces (small discs) and the “poison” (equivalent to the eight ball in pool).Sinking the poison must occur after sinking your pieces Using the index and middle fingers, the pieces are struck with a large shooter (a larger circular disc) using a flicking motion with the index and middle fingers.

Games normally last between five and ten minutes.


Two to four people can play this fast-paced game played on a board (approximately 28 inches square). It is of French-Canadian origin and is primarily a variation of the gamepichenotte, which in turn is derived from the gamecarromfrom India or Sri Lanka.The object of the game is to sink your pieces (small discs) and the “poison” (equivalent to the eight ball in pool).Sinking the poison must come after sinking your pieces Using the index and middle fingers, the pieces are struck with a large shooter (a larger circular disc) using a flicking motion.

Games are typically five minutes in length.


The Olympic sliding sports include luge, skeleton, and bobsleigh, which are all held in the same venue. Although these events did not originate in Canada, many Canadians naturally thrive in them due to the fact that they are all winter sports. Luge (a one- or two-person sled that players race down on an ice track) is similar to skeleton, except that the rider is on his or her back and runs head-first. This Olympic sport, which takes place on a steep and perilous ice course, requires athletes to go at breakneck speed.

  • Early organized competition occurred in the late 1800s in the Swiss hamlet of St.
  • Beginner’s Guide to Skeletonfrom the Olympic YouTube Channel can give you a good understanding of how this fascinating sport is played.
  • The article was last modified on December 3, 2021.
  • Despite its modest but dedicated following, the’sport’ continues to grow.
  • Crokicurling is a real phenomenon, believe it or not.
  • All of the websites were viewed on February 9, 2017.


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