From Dive Bars to Game Centers: A Hunt for the Best Air Hockey in NYC

From Dive Bars to Game Centers: A Hunt for the Best Air Hockey in NYC

Despite the fact that the first Air Hockey World Championship competition was hosted at a hotel in New York City in 1974, the city has managed to hang on to a few remaining tables. However, finding a place where one may pick up a mallet and listen to the clickety-clack noises of a puck requires some effort. There are various places to play air hockey in the New York City region if you’re a fan of the sport and find yourself in the city. I’m a train trip away from the city, therefore here are some of my favorite spots.

Granted, I cannot guarantee the state of each table at the time of writing this, but I will attempt to paint a picture of each location to give you a general sense of what you should anticipate.

NYC Dive Bars for Air Hockey

These are the kinds of New York bars where you don’t have to spend $20 on a handmade drink, where the staff and bartenders are quite nice, and where the customers are (for the most part) local.

Ocean’s 8 at Brownstone Billiards

This laid-back sports pub is located on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. However, they have more than just pool tables and, in fact, they have air hockey tables that can be rented by the hour as well. This establishment is child-friendly, but only during specific hours. The grownups will be able to continue to play after the sun has set. Nonetheless, it may be the most family-friendly alternative available on the Brooklyn side. This pub is a great location to play some air hockey in the city that never sleeps—open it’s until 4 a.m.

on Sundays!

King’s Beer Hall

Check out Yelp for more information. While you’re in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, make your way to 5th Avenue, where you’ll locate King’s Beer Hall. Aside from being decked up with communal tables and serving up meals like pretzels and bratwurst, it’s a terrific location to play a game or two of air hockey as well. The table, on the other hand, has seen better days, and you should expect some “dead space,” where the air is unable to propel the puck. Even so, it’s a pleasant place to hang out with friends and have a good time in general.


Take a look at TripAdvisor. This East Village pub, complete with boxing memorabilia on the walls and ripped up leather sofas, will transport you back to the punk era of the 1980s. Nobody would be surprised to find that it is owned by punk rock veteran Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba of the Dictators, who is also the band’s lead singer (although Manitoba generally brings to mind the Canadian province where the town of Winnipeg spit out some seminal punk bands). And you’ll end up in the same place where punk rock began: as an underground music scene, if you will.

Furthermore, if you are genuinely passionate about air hockey and want to meet other fans who are also interested in pursuing a professional career, consider joining the local Air Hockey NYC Meetup, which meets once a month.


The sport of hockey is extremely popular in Canada. It should come as no surprise that this Williamsburg tavern has an air hockey table. This modest, hole-in-the-wall dive pub serves inexpensive Canadian brewskies and is a relaxed and economical option for those in the Brooklyn neighborhood. This air hockey table is located upstairs, so you won’t have to travel downstairs. As an alternative, you may drop some cash in the jukebox and listen to some Neil Young music while the puck is being dragged back and forth between your legs.

NYC Game Centers for Family-Friendly Air Hockey

It’s possible that a dingy pub with dark lighting isn’t for you after all. Perhaps, as a parent wishing to instruct their kid or daughter in some one-on-one air hockey lessons, you have no intention of consuming any alcoholic beverages. Then, in addition to the Ocean’s 8 sports bar, here are a few family-friendly game centers in New York City that everyone may enjoy!

Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center

The Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center is located in, you guessed it, the heart of Chinatown. And, despite the fact that it’s essentially an arcade with a wide variety of games accessible, ranging from Skeeball to Dance Dance Revolution to Mario Kart, there is just one air hockey table available. Even if it isn’t the old-school, nostalgic style from the 1970s, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t use blacklights and neon colors, it will suffice for now. This is especially true if you only want to participate in a fast practice game and do not want to invest money and effort in a full afternoon at a pub.

As a result, while it is contemporary, it has historical roots.


Bowlmor is a sports bar franchise that is well known for its bowling alleys. In the meanwhile, if you walk beyond the shoe rentals and the row of 48 bowling lanes, you’ll come upon an arcade. At addition, there are many more games available in this arcade, such as billiards, shuffleboard, and air hockey. The air hockey is charged by the game, not by the hour, which may add up to a significant amount of money. Bummer. However, if you’re only there with the kids and only spending a little extra money on things like chocolate shakes instead of their 123 oz.Dunk Tank Cocktail for two, it feels like a drop in the bucket.

Both sites are also excellent locations for birthday celebrations, which is a given.

Explore Air Hockey in NYC

Thus concludes our list of some of the greatest spots in the New York City region to pick up an air hockey mallet and perhaps a frosty cool beer. Forewarning: You may come across establishments such asTwo-Retro Bit’s ArcadeandBarcade, where you would think: Surely a place like that must have an air hockey table, right? No, not at all. If you go far enough into the comments and reviews area, it appears that they formerly had an air hockey table in their establishment. But that is no longer the case.

Seriously.) On the other hand, it’s possible that the tables just finished their final puck and clock out.

In any case, the number of decent places to locate a fully-functional air hockey table in New York City is shrinking.

Don’t make the trip simply for air hockey; instead, phone beforehand. And do let us know if you come upon another hidden hockey gem hiding somewhere deep behind the four walls of a dingy pub. Good luck with your air hockey search!

Best Air Hockey in NYC

A low-friction table is used to play the exhilarating game of air hockey, in which two players battle against each other on the field. To play this game, you’ll need an air hockey table, two strikers that are wielded by the players, and a puck. Even though the inaugural Air Hockey World Championship competition was conducted in a hotel in New York City in 1974 and only a few tables are still in existence, the city still has a few tables left over from that time. The only problem is that you have to look for a place where you can pick up a mallet and enjoy the click-clack puck sound.

If you’re a seasoned air hockey player or simply want to test your mettle and have a good time with your friends, there are some fantastic spots in the New York City region where you can reserve a table for yourself.

Air Hockey Dive Bars in NYC

The sort of New York City pubs where you don’t have to spend $20 on a custom drink; the bartenders and staff are really nice; and the majority of the patrons are from the neighborhood and nearby areas

Brownstone Billiard’s Oceans 8

Flatbush Avenue is the location of this laid-back sports bar in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. However, they have expanded their offerings beyond billiard tables to include air hockey tables that can be rented by the hour. During specific hours, the establishment is child-friendly. The grownups will be able to continue to play after the sun has set. On the other hand, it may be the most family-friendly option on the Brooklyn side of the river. Ocean’s 8 is a fantastic bar in New York City for some air hockey, and it’s open until 4 a.m.

Kings Beer Hall

If you’re in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, you may visit 5th Avenue. You’ll find King’s Beer Hall in that location. It’s a terrific venue to play one or two games of air hockey in New York City since it’s well-equipped with public tables where meals such as pretzels and bratwurst are offered. However, because the table has deteriorated, there will be some “dead spots” where the puck will not move when the air is blown through it. Despite this, it’s a nice area to hang out with friends and have a good time in general.


It’s hard not to be transported back to the 1980s when you walk inside this East Village club, which features boxing memorabilia on the walls and shredded leather couches on the sofas. Also, the fact that punk music hero Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba of the Dictators is the property’s owner should come as no surprise to anyone who knows him (although Manitoba is generally reminiscent of the Canadian province where the city of Winnipeg spat out some groundbreaking punk bands).

And it’s to the basement of the pub, where the air hockey table is located, that you’ll learn about how punk rock had its start as a hidden music scene.


The sport of ice hockey is extremely popular in Canada. As a result, it should come as no surprise that this tavern in Williamsburg features an air hockey table. There’s nothing fancy about this pub; it’s just a tiny hole in the wall that serves cheap Canadian breweries and is both casual and inexpensive for the Brooklyn region. For the air hockey table, you won’t have to walk downstairs at any point. Instead, toss a few pennies into the jukebox and enjoy some music while you listen to the puck’s back and forth motion.

Family-Friendly Air Hockey at NYC Game Centers

Possibly a dimly lit dive bar is not your cup of tea. It is possible that you, as a parent, who wishes to provide your son or daughter with private air hockey lessons, does not intend to consume any alcoholic beverages. Here are a handful of family-friendly gaming centers in New York City (in addition to the Ocean’s 8 sports bar) for you and your family to enjoy together.

Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center

The Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center is located in the heart of Chinatown. There is also an air hockey table, despite the fact that it is only an arcade with various sorts of games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Mario Kart, and Skeeball. It’s not the nostalgic old-school style of the 1970s, but it does include black lights and neon colors, which is ideal if you only want to play for a short period of time and don’t want to waste time and money at a bar for a whole afternoon. The Chinatown Fair Fun Center, considered an institution in the world of arcades, was the subject of the 2016 documentary “The Lost Arcade,” which explores the center’s fascinating past, which includes Tic-Tac-Toe chickens and celebrated dance performances.

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Bowlmor is a sports bar franchise that is, unsurprisingly, well known for its bowling alleys. Although it is located near the shoe rentals and a line of 48 bowling alleys, an arcade can be found just a few steps away. A wide variety of other games are available at this arcade, including pool, air hockey, and shuffleboard. In contrast to other sports, air hockey is charged per game rather than per hour, which may be rather expensive. That’s a real shame. Alternatively, if you and your children are only visiting and spending more money on, for example, chocolate shakes in instead of their large, 123 oz.

Bowlmor Times Square and Bowlmor Chelsea Piers are two locations in the Manhattan region where you may get your fill of entertainment.

It makes no difference if you’re a child.

Concluding Thoughts

Conclusion: The establishments listed above are the greatest venues in New York City to play air hockey and perhaps drink an ice-cold beer while you’re at it. It is getting increasingly difficult to find a suitable location in New York City where an air hockey table can be completely functioning.

While you’re reading this, it’s possible that another service is no longer available. So call ahead of time if you’re going on a trek solely for air hockey. Also, if you happen to come across another air hockey table that is buried deep behind the four walls of a dive bar, please let us know!

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18 Great NYC Bars With Activities – New York

Every bar would have activities if we lived in a perfect world. Life would never be dull again, and every bad date could be salvaged by a game of skee-ball or a game of Pictionary, or both. As a result, we compiled a list of our favorite locations to drink and play games while waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. Get a group of pals together and travel to one of these locations to see if you can make it through an hour of shuffleboard or Scrabble without being overly competitive with one another.

The Spots

The deck of the Royal Palms is virtually identical to that of a cruise ship. The only things that aren’t present are the sun, the water, and the actual ship. And while such things may appear to be necessary, they are not in fact so. You won’t really need anything else when you have ten shuffleboard courts and an endless number of board games at your disposal. This venue is huge, and it’s a traditional site in Gowanus for a birthday party or any other type of get-together with a bunch of friends.

  1. Some bars feature one or two video games, but Barcade has a whole room full of them.
  2. For those of us who are old enough to remember a Ninja Turtles game that was not based on a Michael Bay film, it’s like a playground for us.
  3. If you’re missing college and you chance to be on the Upper East Side, stop by Earl’s BeerCheese for a bite to eat.
  4. Christmas lights and plush deer heads decorate the walls, and you’re likely to see folks playing Jenga or Trivial Pursuit while you’re there.
  5. They also serve grilled cheese and corned beef sandwiches, which your college-aged self would have loved to eat every night if he or she could have.
  6. That’s a game of bocce.
  7. So go ahead and learn how to play the game you love.

Depending on when you arrive, the courts may be completely filled, but you can always have a glass and relax on a couch. This facility has the atmosphere of a library in a hunting lodge, which makes it an excellent choice for a dating night as well.

  • Ideal for large groups, first or early in the game dates, and other special occasions.

Because there’s so much space, and because the drinks have names like “Boulevardi Hayyyy,” JackFanny’s is one of our favorite casual cocktail bars on the Upper East Side. As an extra benefit, there’s a bocce court at the back of the building. You can always stand around nearby and heckle the players until someone says something like, “Hey, I’m considering fighting you.” And if you grow tired of it, there are some couches at the front of the building where you may relax with your companions. Since your previous foreign journey, perhaps you’ve been paralyzed by fear of boredom because you didn’t bring a book or laptop along with you.

  • Toward the rear of the building is a large space packed with tables and board games, as well as a few of pinball machines and several dart boards.
  • Observing a large fish tank is technically considered an activity, and you can do just that at Dive 75.
  • If you want to make them into drinking games, you may do it without anybody noticing.
  • Fat Cat is not a good place to go on a first date, and it is also not a good place to go on a second, third, or fourth date either.
  • However, it does have games.
  • That’s why you’ve come here in the first place.
  • every single night.
  • And it’s for this reason that this establishment is one of our favorite bars in New York.
  • Two-is Bit’s a great place to get a drink and play various arcade games, such as the one where you punch a punching bag to demonstrate to your buddies that you are concerned about how strong they believe you are.

Next time you and a buddy don’t want to be the first ones to arrive at a party, pay a visit here and pick up a fighting game to play until you and your friend are defeated (and probably lose).

Located at the 60 LES hotel, Blue Ribbon Kanpai Garden offers a lovely outdoor terrace for diners to enjoy. Despite the fact that it is just on the second story, you may think of it as a really low rooftop that is perfect for enjoying a daytime drink. Take a few friends who aren’t very competitive and who won’t be angry if you defeat them at ping pong or board games if you go to this establishment. Beer pong, on the other hand, is a game in which everyone wins, so that’s a possibility as well.

Shuffling board, some sort of card game, and a cutout of Pa Ingalls from the television series “Little House on the Prairie” are all available for use in this recreation room.

Bring your friend who’s constantly raving about that one sort of beer that can only be found in Colorado and stop by for a low-key get-together.

  • Birthdays, coffee and a light bite, dancing, day drinking, and getting work done are all good reasons to indulge.

Freehold has a fantastic backyard, and if drinking outside isn’t entertaining enough for you, they also have several ping pong tables for your entertainment. This is a large pub in Williamsburg that has the sense of a hotel lobby, and it gets very crowded on weekends, which means the ping pong tables are frequently filled. In the rear, though, you’ll discover a few of semi-hidden skee-ball machines if you go inside instead. They also have Big Buck Hunter, which is ideal if you want to take down some deer without feeling any guilt afterwards.

That golf course is actually a miniature golf course, and it’s the worst you’ve ever seen.

This “country club” is basically a dive bar, which is another point against it.

For those in Williamsburg (not Bushwick, despite the name), who are looking for a cheap drink and a few games, this is the place to go.

  • Large groups, day drinking, children, lunch, an outside or patio setting, sports, and a unique dining experience are all possible.

Brooklyn Crab is the place to go if you want a genuine mini-golfing experience. You’ll have to go all the way to Red Hook, but the facility is enormous, with lots of indoor and outdoor seating, and you can always head to Ikea afterwards to pick up a dresser if you need one. A seafood restaurant that specializes in crab and lobster that also happens to have a fantastic backyard full of activities is located at the address above. Make the trek over if the weather is pleasant and you’re looking to eat seafood and play some games.

  • Birthdays, dancing, day drinking, dogs, happy hour, and outdoor/patio situations are all possibilities.

Nowadays, it’s a massive outdoor bar, and in a perfect world, it’d be the place where you’d start every weekend throughout the summer. This establishment is located in Ridgewood, and it is well worth the journey out there every now and again, even if you do not reside in the neighborhood.

You may relax outside at a picnic table with some beverages and a game of ping pong. Alternatively, if you arrive on a Sunday afternoon, you may take part in the Mr. Sunday dance party, which takes place every Sunday afternoon.

This is essentially the first off-campus house you stayed in while you were in college, except with legal booze and in Ridgewood instead of on the other side of town. It isn’t particularly large, but it contains a couple of tiny sofas as well as a few shelves containing books and board games. In addition, at one end of the bar, there’s an ancient Nintendo system connected to a small television set. Their Happy Hour, which includes beer and shot discounts and $6 wine, is excellent, and they periodically have bingo nights as well.

Kick Axe Throwing, a vast arena in Gowanus where you may pay $35 for the opportunity to hurl an axe at a massive wooden target, should be on your list of things to do.

Aside from the fact that there’s beer and wine, the entire situation is actually far less perilous than it appears.

7 Family-Friendly Arcades in NYC You Can Enjoy Anytime of Day

In case you’re seeking for the greatest family-friendly arcades in New York City, go no further than our list. These monuments to play on are among of the most entertaining things a youngster could possibly do indoors (with the exception of the bestindoor water parksandlaser tag arenas, that is). The games are virtually limitless at these family-friendly arcades located across New York City, from Chinatown to Queens. You’ll find everything from old-school favorites like Pac-Man and Frogger to more recent successes like Jurassic Park Arcade and Star Wars Battle Pod here.

Pinball machines, air hockey tables, and laser tag are also available at the majority of these arcades.

You can also take a break for a meal – or, let’s face it, a drink – at a number of other establishments, like DaveBuster’s and Laser Bounce, among others.

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RECOMMENDED: A comprehensive guide to indoor activities for children in New York City Consider visiting one of our favorite indoor playgrounds for kids, indoor amusement parks for kids, or trampoline parks for kids if it is too cold or too hot and humid to spend time outside with your children in the cold or hot weather.

The Lonely Pursuit of Air Hockey Greatness (Published 2019)

An unidentified man wearing spectacles and a nose ring approached and spoke with a visitor from Toronto who was watching the Maple Leafs game on a small television in a corner of the pub during the hockey playoffs this spring in Brooklyn, when the playoffs were still in progress. As an added bonus, he offered to buy the Leafs fan a beer in exchange for his participation in an air hockey game with him. The fact that he was now rated No. 10 in the world and was probably likely the best air hockey player in New York was left out of his speech.

  1. She was a New Yorker called Liz Cash, who aspired to be the world’s top-ranked female player, and he had her training at the necessary level of intensity.
  2. They are both there, and they both anticipate to come away with a lot of glory, if not much money as a result of their efforts.
  3. Mr.
  4. Even though it was difficult for him to find opponents, he had no trouble attracting a crowd once the game got going.
  5. Flores, who is 30 years old, grips the mallet by its edge rather than by the knob, as most players do, which is a sign of being a rookie player.
  6. Mr.
  7. Flores allowed the Canadian to score a couple of goals.

One bearded onlooker yanked the Juul out of his lips and appeared completely taken aback by the experience.


He is unable to express his feelings about the game in a single statement, or even in any way at all – it is simply “too large” for him.

However, he considers air hockey to be an art form, despite the fact that he believes it is corny to say so.

In a city with no less than five Quidditch teams and a competitive musical chairs competition, he found that nearly no one was interested in his enthusiasm for the game of Quidditch.

Flores has posted fliers around Ontario Bar (the only place in the area that would allow him to do so) and on Facebook groups such as the New York Air Hockey Club (which has fewer than 100 followers) with the following offer: He will buy a beer for anyone who can beat him in a game of air hockey.

  • According to the Air Hockey Players Association, one of the sport’s regulatory organizations, there are only 24 professional air hockey players in the world, with only ten of them being acknowledged as masters of the sport.
  • Flores believes he is the only air hockey expert in the five boroughs, at least as far as he is aware.
  • He has been working on this for years.
  • The debut of the video game Pong, developed by Atari and published in 1972 — the same year as air hockey tables first hit the market — is attributed to the phenomenon.

When a fanatic named Mark Robbins, who happened to be the son of Atari’s former president, refused to accept his birthright and rented a van so that he could drive across the country and hold air hockey exhibitions at arcades, purchasing as many tables as he could along the way, the company filed for bankruptcy.

  • His efforts resulted in the creation of a firm named Dynamo Corp.
  • Finding a Dynamo of a specific length — which, by design, does not have any blinking or distracting lights next to it — has become something of a Holy Grail for fans.
  • Competition air hockey tables are eight feet long, but space constraints in New York bars often only allow for one that is a foot shorter than the competition table.
  • Flores appears to be unwelcome in some of the city’s few establishments that can accommodate a larger table, which complicates the situation even further.
  • Using a Wiffle ball, Mr.
  • In fact, he was barred from training at a Bay Ridge establishment with an eight-foot table last year because he substituted a different puck for the default one, which the pool-playing audience found annoying.
  • Mr.

Furthermore, Liz Cash, Mr.

Rather than being charged every game, the table is charged by the hour, which is far more convenient for training moves, such as boxers using a speed bag.

Flores recognized something special in Ms.

Despite the fact that she is a competitive boxer, she is unable to devote her time and energy totally to martial arts due to the fact that she continues to suffer wrist injuries on both sides of her body.

She had no idea it was a true sport until she met Mr.

Upon hearing that she has the potential for greatness because of her competitive spirit and physical abilities, she went from being just intrigued to becoming obsessed.

“At the time, Justin was akin to Yoda in my eyes.

Video Despite the fact that the 2019 Air Hockey Players Association World Championship competition in Colorado Springs was just a few weeks away, the training partners still had a lot of work ahead of them.

Cash has a tendency to thrust out her left leg, as if she were a figure skater performing an Arabesque.

Plus, “I do it because I’m only 5-foot-3 and have to walk on my tiptoes a lot,” says the author.

Despite being a vicious and gifted fighter, she also suffers from the ailment.

Image Credit.

Her climb is further hampered by the fact that she has only Mr.

There’s also the matter of the fact that the table she’s using for training in Park Slope isn’t particularly nice.


“Everything should be as smooth as butter.” In preparation for their most recent practice session, Mr.

When they first started playing, they both whacked the puck with such force that it would often fly off the table and into the air.

It didn’t work, and Ms.

“I was startled by how much I sweated playing air hockey the first time I went to Colorado,” she added.

The New York Times’ Gabriela Bhaskar reports.


That it was the first time she’d defeated her coach — a good indication for Colorado — she ascribed the victory to her having just learned how to juggle with four balls earlier that day, which she considered a bonus.

Since then, she’s spent countless hours honing her forehand technique with a goal blocker in hand.

She believes that this one-of-a-kind method of preparation will give her the edge she needs to defeat Niki Flanagan, who she believes is the finest female air hockey player of all time.

Cash, “my edge will come from my understanding of the human body.” “It’s unlikely that anybody else in the tournament will be thinking about their cerebellum.” Ms.

“These big, heavy guys who I’m going to be playing against are going to be tough,” she predicted.



After graduating from the University of Texas with what is considered to be a deadly cross-straight shot, she rose to be the world’s No.

When she decided to get back into the game about a year ago, she looked at some air hockey Facebook sites and noticed that the sport had evolved into something much more muscular than it had been in her youth.

Flanagan claims that she began running and has shed 61 pounds as a result.

Cash’s abilities, she isn’t sure how she should react to her.

“She has a wonderful recipe since she is interested in fitness and working out.” “That’s a significant part of the picture right now.

My stamina has improved as a result of my jogging, and I’m following a low-carb diet. However, I have no understanding what vision training is in the first place. If and when we eventually get together, I’ll have to question her about it.

The 10 Best Air Hockey Tables for Family Fun

Staff, The image is courtesy of the Hall of Games In the comfort of your own home, air hockey tables are a fantastic way to keep your team busy and involved for hours on end. Because of the straightforward rules and easily accessible action, it is a fantastic game for individuals of all ages and physical abilities. Air hockey tables are available in a number of sizes and price ranges, as well as with a variety of attachments, but we have compiled a terrific selection that is likely to contain a few that will be excellent for you and your team.

What to Consider

Making a large purchase, such as an air hockey table, necessitates much research and deliberation. Not only will it take up a significant amount of room in your house, but it will also consume a significant portion of your cash. Keep the following points in mind, and you’ll come out on top. Miniature tables, conventional tournament-size (84 inches), and even tabletop variants are available in a variety of sizes. Remember to keep the design in mind as well: Some include a lot of eye-catching designs, while others are intended to fit in with the overall aesthetic of your home.

Accessories:Will you require a light-up game or a scorekeeper for your game?

Players:Are you searching for a table where you and your children may play on sometimes, or are you seeking for a table where you can compete on a regular basis?

How We Selected

Choosing the best air hockey tables for a variety of ages, skills, and budgets was our goal when selecting our picks. We also sought for high-quality materials that could be customized to meet the demands of varied spaces and designs. Before finalizing our final selections, we personally tested hundreds of items and conferred with industry experts, as well as reading through thousands of customer reviews on Amazon. Enjoy! 1st Place in the Overall Ranking LED Light Up Arcade Table Atomic 7.5-foot LED Light Up Arcade Table Suitable for adolescents and older, this 7.5-foot-long air hockey table is the right size.

  • Two rechargeable LED light-up pushers, as well as a hockey puck, are included in the kit for after-dark play.
  • Although it has received positive feedback, reviewers have expressed concern about its weight (about 400 pounds), which should be taken into consideration when installing it.
  • This 54-inch-long air hockey table is a good value for the money, and it’s a terrific choice for youngsters aged 5 to 14, as well as anybody with a limited area who wants to enjoy an arcade-style game.
  • It is also available in black.
  • Several reviewers have stated that it is large enough “for adults to play comfortably” and “quite durable,” while others have expressed dissatisfaction with the “under-powered” fan.
  • While this tabletop version does not have an arcade-style game, it does include a powerful fan that produces a quiet and uniform airflow, as well as a smooth and frictionless surface.
  • Customers praised this table for children and limited places, describing it as a “wonderful present” in their reviews.
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four of the best two-game systems Air hockey and table tennis are available on ESPN Sports.

Powerful fans, a smooth playing service, an LED score system, sound effects, and push button controls are all included in the air hockey version.

The conversion kit may be purchased separately.

When it comes to air hockey tables, this rustic-chic table is a perfect choice if you don’t want your table to interfere with the overall design of your home.

An electronic scoring system, in-game sound effects, and other features are included with the table, including a powerful blower engine that delivers strong airflow for speedy game play.

Three-in-One Hockey Table In a single compact box, this 462-pound, 87.4-inch-long table performs many functions: it may be used as an air hockey table, ping-pong table, and dining room table.

The positive feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their excitement at seeing their children and grandkids use it more frequently than their Xbox.

The Hall of Games air hockey table is equipped with a strong blower that allows for smooth and rapid play on a laminated playing surface.

It contains arcade sound effects and an LED scorekeeper inlaid along the table’s edge.

Reviewers praise it for being “well-made” and “quite sturdy,” but caution that it is hefty and will take several hours to assemble properly.

This 450-pound, 84-inch-long table has been built specifically for use by professional players, with air pro Mark Robbins contributing to its creation and development.

Despite the table’s high cost, it is intended to withstand years of use and abuse.

However, while “the table itself is quite plain-looking compared to others,” the scoreboard features “LEDs and noises” while remaining inconspicuous, according to the reviews.

For teams that don’t want to be tied down to a table all of the time, this 31-pound, 60-inch-long air hockey table is a wonderful option.

It comes with two strikers and two pucks, which are included in the price.

The “fun” table, with “simple assembly” instructions, and the durable character of the table, despite its light design, have received rave reviews.

An air hockey table with a weight capacity of 380 pounds and a length of 84 inches has been road-tested to assure precision and dependability in competitive conditions.

Many reviews commend the table’s appearance, which is in keeping with its four-digit price because it is made of solid wood and cabinet-grade components.

Kathleen Willcox is a writer and editor who lives in New York City.

She has written for a variety of publications.

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Best dive bars in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is one of the few locations in the world where local dives are as deeply ingrained into the cultural fabric as they are in this city founded upon the ubiquitous attitude of having a good time at any hour in any environment. An exploration of the many iconic dive bars, which range from 24-hour party dives and laid-back neighborhood hangouts to booze-fueled dilapidated shacks and weird bars for doing your laundry, isn’t just a fun way to fill a travel itinerary; it’s also a great way to learn about the culture of a place.

Dive bars in New Orleans provide a one-of-a-kind experience because to its low prices, delicious cuisine, and live music.

For live music

A city known for its live music scene, it should come as no surprise that some of the most ear-pleasing sounds in town can be heard between the fading walls of a number of local dive bars and restaurants. Vaughan’s Lounge, which opened its doors in 1959 in the fashionable Bywater district, is a legendary locals-only dive bar that hosts some of the best live music performers the city has to offer on its popular Thursday night music series. Stop in for some amazingly fantastic music, insanely nice folks, and complimentary rice and beans in the rear room of the establishment.

One of the most popular music venues in the city, Maple Leaf is a particular favorite of nearly everyone who has ever stepped foot inside the tiny wood-floored room.

Of course, I’m referring to metaphorically.

Lonely Planet photographer Jay Gentile

For late-night tomfoolery

There are dive bars to be found. After that, there’s SnakeJake’s Christmas Club Lounge, which is one of the city’s most well-known dive bars (and the country). It is housed in a small rundown shack lit only by the soft red glow of a few haphazardly strewn strings of Christmas lights. The bar is known for its late-night bad decisions, and it is fueled by a free-wheeling spirit and a gregarious, bleary-eyed aesthetic that keeps the scene lively until the sun comes up, at which point patrons begin to stumble out of the bar around the 7 a.m.

The Saint, located in the Lower Garden District, is a gritty favorite of bar industry types and fans of loud music who like to start the party after midnight and keep it going until the wee hours of the morning.

Chart Room, located in the heart of the French Quarter, is a refreshingly authentic hangout where you are encouraged to strike up a conversation with a stranger at the bar and then leave as best friends by the time the bar closes at 4am.

For partying 24/7

New Orleans is notorious for its laid-back attitude toward life, which extends to its approach to closing times, with a number of establishments being open into the wee hours of the morning. Probably the most well-known of these is The Club Ms. Mae’son Magazine Street, where you can participate in their “24-hour challenge” (in which you must consume at least one drink per hour for 24 hours) or land up on their “Wall of Shame” if you don’t behave properly. The drinks are notoriously inexpensive at this cash-only, air hockey-equipped establishment, but you’ll want to have had a few to start with before you arrive.

One of the most distinctive dives in one of the world’s most unique cities, with washing machines in the rear as well as pool tables, dubious restrooms, video poker, and a happy hour special from 5-7 am, this establishment is one of the more unique dives.

For surprisingly good bar food

All of this drinking will, unavoidably, result in a hunger pang or two at some time. In addition, while many of New Orleans’ famed high-end restaurants are well-known across the globe for the quality and variety of the cuisine they offer, you may also get surprisingly wonderful food in a number of local dives. Its colorful exterior wall mural and Prohibition-era Art Deco bar distinguish it from the rest of the Bywater’s infamous “Barmuda Triangle.” Bar Redux serves up a delicious assortment of local Creole cuisine and Caribbean-styled delights well into the night to help fuel your adventure onto the next bar after their 2am closing time.

  1. The pub, which first opened its doors in 1939, now has live music seven nights a week, as well as a famous jazz brunch on Sundays.
  2. Don’t bother asking any questions.
  3. Saturn Bar, located on St.
  4. Lonely Planet photographer Jay Gentile

For hangin’ with the cool kids

At recent years, an increasing number of East Coast hipsters have relocated to New Orleans, and there are few things that the cool kids appreciate more than a decent dive bar to hang out in. Even though Saturn Bar has a shady-looking facade that gives off the impression of being perpetually closed, it is a vibrant hole along the increasingly chic St. Claude Avenue that offers inexpensive drinks, loads of quirky kitsch, and a friendly cat that wanders the bar. Saturday and Sunday night live music can be found here, as well as their incredibly popular monthly Mod Dance Party, when DJs spin vinyl ’til daybreak.

In addition to having one of the best jukeboxes in town, the grungy establishment is owned by a rock musician from the Afghan Whigs.

And if you’ve had a few too many cocktails, the rocker-chic atmosphere is just what you need. The Royal Street Inn is located just below the hotel. Bud Ripsis yet another hip kid hangout in the Bywater, pouring strong cocktails while maintaining a traditional neighborhood ambiance.

For outdoor drinking

For those who prefer to drink outside while the weather is great in New Orleans, there are several alternatives available. While it may be a little more sophisticated than your usual “dive” bar, Bacchanal features one of the most beautiful patios in the city, making it ideal for enjoying a drink outside on a warm summer day. Take a seat in the lush beer garden and work your way through the extensive wine list as live musicians perform on one of the city’s top outdoor stages. The Rusty Nail, which appears to have been dumped in the middle of nowhere in theWarehouse Districtnear the highway, is a delightful little treasure where you may spend hours sipping on the outside brick terrace.

Bj’s Restaurant in the Bywater is a great place to spend the night.

For an off-the-beaten-path neighborhood hang

Located off the main route, some of New Orleans’ top dive bars are just waiting to be found by adventurous travelers. Since 1931, Pete’s Out in the Cold has been serving ice-cold refreshments to thirsty patrons in the downtown area. You’ll still need to be buzzed in before entering the old-school neighborhood hangout, despite the fact that they’ve just modernized with the installation of a new external sign. Meanwhile, in the Bywater, BJ’s, a dark and decadent dive bar, is the stuff of dive bar fantasies, where good times will be had and no BS will be permitted (or tolerated).

BULLET’S Sports Bar, located in the Seventh Ward, is a neighborhood favorite where you can order a “setup” (a 1/2 pint of liquor delivered with a mixer and ice) while listening to some of the best live jazz in the city while enjoying a “setup.”

For watching the big game

Sports and dive bars are like peanut butter and jelly: they go together like peanut butter and jelly. (Or, in the case of New Orleans, jambalaya and a Sazerac, to name a few of options.) A quaint little spot in the bar-heavy Bywater neighborhood that comes to life on game day, especially when the Saints are in town, is J J’s Sports Lounge, a place that goes unnoticed all of the time. With a dozen draft beers on tap, a pool table, and an iPod dock, you can root for the home team while enjoying the dive-bar necessities.

Cocktails that are surprisingly wonderful are on the menu, as are talks that last until 4 a.m.

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