How to Clean Pool Table Felt

How to Clean Pool Table Cloth

A pool table that has been well used is likely to get filthy. It’s a reality that can’t be ignored. Dust and fuzz balls are a regular occurrence, as is the presence of pets and their hair. There are also chalk tracks, unintentional spills, and other items that are difficult to detect. What You Shouldn’t Do at All The most important thing to remember while caring for the cloth on your table is that you should never, ever, ever use a vacuum on it. Due to the tension created, the fabric will be pulled and stretched, significantly reducing its longevity, not to mention having an adverse effect on the game.

So, what is the proper way to clean?

Sweeping should be done in a straight line rather than in a circular motion.

Having completed the bumper rails and edges, you are now ready to begin the entire table sweep.

  1. Remember to keep your motions straight; no side to side or circular motions are permitted.
  2. Make certain that your dust pan does not have rough plastic edges or metal around the bottom that might accidently catch or rip the felt when you are cleaning it.
  3. A vacuum attachment is sometimes used to clean the interior of the pockets, which some individuals like.
  4. You won’t be tempted to use the vacuum on the felt if you don’t even get it out of storage.
  5. If the spill has not occurred recently, a somewhat damp, warm, absorbent cotton cloth should be used.
  6. Soaps will leave a mark on the skin as well as some residue.
  7. It is important not to over-saturate the felt or massage it since this can stretch the felt and weaken the region.
  8. Whenever you’re cleaning your felt, it’s a good idea to also clean your balls as well.
  9. Wet a towel and wring it out thoroughly before cleaning each ball and setting them aside to dry naturally while you attend to the cloth.
  10. These products have been intended to provide a “dry clean.” Consult with a particularly trained representative at your local pool table shop to see if they have a product that you would be interested in trying out for yourself.

We encourage you to watch our video “How to Maintain Your Billiard Table Cloth” for further information.

How to Clean Felt on a Pool Table?

On a vacation, there’s nothing better than getting together with your buddies and playing pool. As entertaining as the game itself is, having a pool table in your own home is much more enjoyable. A well-maintained pool table is a beautiful piece of furniture to have in your gaming room, man cave, lounge, or any other area of your home. A pool table can provide hours of entertainment for individuals of all ages. However, just like any other piece of furniture, a pool table is prone to becoming unclean.

In this post, I’ll go through the steps you should take (as well as the items you should keep in mind) when cleaning your pool table’s felt.

Dealing with a Dirty Pool Table Felt

Occasionally, when a bachelor party is in full stride, things might get a bit out of control. Suppose your best friend is having a good time when he accidentally spills some jack on your new pool table felt. What would you do? When you find out what has happened, you have a strong desire to knock your friend out, but you manage to keep yourself from doing so. You’re completely preoccupied with how to get rid of this massive dirty stain on the pool table felt. After hearing that the felt will need to be replaced, the true worry begins to set in.

The good news is that, if you play your cards well, you can have your pool table felt cleaned in no time.

The following suggestions can assist you in cleaning your pool felt without creating a sloppy mess.

How to Clean Felt on a Pool Table?

If you intend to clean the felt on your pool table, you will require the following supplies.

  • A minimum of one liter of hot water a bowl of cereal
  • A bottle of white wine vinegar
  • Cloth that is free of lint or microfibre

If the Stain Is Still Fresh

Even though it hasn’t been long since the incident occurred, the stain is likely to be fresh and damp at this point. If this is the case, the following suggestions will be of use to you.

  • Using a dry, clean cloth, dab the area where the spilled occurred until it is completely dry. Keep in mind that your objective here is to blot lightly rather than wipe. Please refrain from wiping, as this can cause the moisture to be pushed further into the fibers, which will not be pleasant
  • Now, using a new cloth, perform the process once again. Take a clean, dry towel and softly rinse it under running cold water from the faucet. The fabric should just be moist, not wet, at this point. Lightly blot the stain with a clean cloth, attempting to remove as much as possible

If the Stain Has Been There for Long

It’s likely that the spilling and discoloration occurred when you weren’t looking over your shoulder. If this is the case, you should clean your pool table felt using the instructions provided below.

  • It’s time to bring in the vinegar that we discussed in the opening lines of this article. In a mixing dish, combine a tablespoon of white vinegar with some cold water and thoroughly combine. As soon as you have the cloth in one hand, softly dip it into the water and vinegar combination. It’s important to remember that the objective here is to dampen the material rather than entirely drowning it. Blot the felt using long, even strokes that are hard and consistent. Remember not to blot the surface of your billiard table
  • The stain on your pool felt may be very persistent once it has set in. If the stain is too difficult to remove the first time, repeat the procedure. The method should be repeated as many times as necessary until the stain is totally gone. Felting a billiard table is an expensive procedure, therefore do everything you can to keep the felt clean, since replacing it would be prohibitively expensive. Remove the pool felt after a few cleaning sessions and allow it to air dry. After the felt has dried completely and there is no more moisture present, check to see if the stains are still there or have disappeared. If the stain continues to appear, get ready for another blotting session. To blot the area, use the same cloth and the same water and vinegar combination. Keep in mind that your role is to blot rather than rub.

Some Other Easy felt Cleaning Tips

The topic of washing your pool table felt has been covered up to this point. In this article, you will learn some surprising felt cleaning techniques that will keep your pool table felt clean and as good as new for an extended length of time. Let’s take it step by step.

No Food Policy Around the Pool Table

Please consider the following scenario for a moment: If you have a pool table, there are three apparent ways that food and drinks can get on the felt. They are as follows.

  • You were standing by the pool table, perhaps watching a game or just hanging out with a snack or a beverage in your hand when something happened. The individual playing pool in the second situation was trying to balance a drink in one hand while also playing billiards with the other hand, which resulted in food and beverages spilling on the pool felt out of pure ignorance. This is one of the most idiotic things you could possibly do, especially if you are playing pool at someone else’s house
  • Yet, When food and beverages fall on the pool felt, the most typical reason for it to happen is when they are placed on the edge of the billiard table.

Please avoid from eating or drinking around the pool table in order to make your life easier later on. To clinch the deal, put up a sign that reads “no food or drinks in this area” to encourage guests to refrain from bringing food or beverages near the pool table while playing.

Use a Pool Table Brush

Pool tables with crimson felt on them are quite stunning. Dust, on the other hand, becomes noticeable on them. The most effective method of cleaning the dust from your pool felt is to use a felt brush that has been specifically designed for the job.

Make sure you don’t use any other brushes or you’ll destroy your felt project. Poll table bushes have soft bristles on their leaves, which help them to remove dust more efficiently.

Refrain From Over-Brushing

It’s great to have a pool table brush, but it’s completely useless if you don’t know how to use it properly. To begin, begin brushing the middle of the felt using a soft bristle brush. Begin to move your way to the side of the table, very slowly and deliberately. Whatever you do, please avoid over-brushing the felt with your fingers. You will ruin the table felt if you use too many strong strokes on the surface of the table.

Hand Vacuuming

If you have a vacuum cleaner that can be converted into a hand vac, consider yourself fortunate. Cleaning the felt on your pool table with a hand vacuum is a simple and effective method. Make use of the lowest setting on your hand vacuum and softly run it over the surface of the pool table felt. If you have a crevice tool, you may use it to clean the edges and the sides of the container. The purchase of a hand vacuum cleaner is highly recommended if you are serious about your pool table and want it to endure as long as possible.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning a Pool Table Felt

If you’re cleaning a fool table felt, there are few blunders you should avoid.

Don’t Use Warm Water

When you detect a large, unsightly stain on your felt, your first instinct could be to use a lot of hot water to clean it off, which is great. The truth is that hot water isn’t the ideal remedy in this particular situation. The use of hot water will only make the situation worse by causing the stain to take up permanent residence on your pool table felt.

Don’t Apply Heat to the Surface

Application of heat to the pool felt is another blunder to avoid while cleaning the pool felt. Heat is just as detrimental to the pool as it is to hot water. Heating the felt will not only make the stain worse, but it will also do significant harm to the felt itself.

Don’t Allow the Stain to Stay

Most billiard tables are ruined because people prefer to put off cleaning the ugly stains until later in the evening. Most sadly, leaving the felt stain for a future cleaning isn’t the wisest course of action in this particular situation. If anything has spilled on your pool table, you need to go to work as soon as possible to clean it up. Furthermore, if a dark-colored material such as soda or chocolate has been spilled on your pool felt, you must exercise extreme caution to avoid injury.

Now it’s time to shift gears and get down to the business of things.

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How to Clean a Felt Pool Table Top

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Pool tables are a long-term investment that will survive for many years provided they are properly cared for and maintained. The felt on the pool table is fragile, and it should only be cleaned with extreme care. Only use pool table brushes designed specifically for this purpose, and never scrub in a circular manner. After you have brushed the table, vacuum the dust off of it.

Spills should be dabbed promptly rather than rubbed. Only use cleaners that have been authorized for use on pool tables. Maintain the cleanliness of your table by avoiding the use of chalk on it, keeping it covered, and keeping everything that is not pool equipment off of it.

  1. 1 Only a pool table brush should be used. Soft bristles are used in the manufacture of pool table brushes, which are gentle on the felt. Because the felt is so sensitive, it should never be cleaned with an abrasive bristle brush. Brush the table on a regular basis, at the very least once a week
  • Pool table brushes may be purchased at pool table supply businesses, recreation and hobby stores, as well as some big box retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target, among other places. They may also be bought from a variety of merchants on the internet. In most situations, you will pay between $10 and $20, but you will use the brush frequently enough that it will be a reasonable investment.
  • 2Brush in a straight line with the brush. When you are brushing the felt of a billiard table, use rapid, short forward strokes rather than circular motions to ensure that the felt is not damaged. Using a circular motion to brush the felt just serves to spread the dirt around and harm the felt. Light scrubbing strokes are preferable than vigorous scrubbing strokes. Advertisement
  • s3 Begin brushing in the middle of the face. Brush the dirt from the center of the pool table out to the perimeter. Brush the dirt into lines or mounds so that it may be vacuumed up easily. After you have completed this step, brush the table again from one end to the other to ensure that you have not missed anything during your first run over the felt.
  • Don’t brush the lines of dirt all the way under the bumpers, since this will make it more difficult to vacuum up the remaining dirt afterwards. Set up the lines so that they are a few inches away from the table’s edge.
  • 4 Take the time to vacuum up the mounds you created. Use a handheld vacuum or a regular vacuum with a hose attachment to clean the carpet. It is not recommended to use the vacuum brush attachment since it may be too stiff. It’s important to vacuum thoroughly beneath the bumpers, where dirt and dust are more prone to collect.
  • In order to get under the bumpers, use a small nozzle attachment.
  • 5 Completely vacuum the table. Make use of a long, broad rectangular attachment and run it from one end of the table to the other in long, continuous strips. Don’t go around in circles with that. Instead of pushing down firmly into the felt, apply mild pressure to the needle. Make care to thoroughly clean the whole table in order to eliminate as much dust as possible from the surface.
  • Make certain that your vacuum does not have excessive sucking force, since this might cause the fibers of the felt to be pulled apart, resulting in even more issues. If you must use a powerful vacuum, avoid placing it directly on the felt in order to lessen part of the force.
  1. 1 As soon as the spill occurs, cover it with a dry, white cloth. Lay a paper towel or a white cloth towel flat on the spill to absorb the liquid. Don’t press too hard, or you’ll force the spill deeper into the felt. Replace wet towels with dry towels many times until the majority of the spill has been soaked up.
  • The most essential thing to remember is to clear up the spill as soon as it occurs in order to minimize the amount of time it has to seep into the felt and the table board beneath it.
  • Then, dab the spill with a white cloth that has been soaked with water. If you spilled something other than water, gently wipe the area with the moist towel to clean it up. Rinse the towel many times to ensure that as much of the spill as possible is removed. When dabbing at the affected area, avoid applying too much pressure.
  • Never scrape the area since this will cause the felt to become discolored. You may dab it with another dry towel to assist it dry out faster after you have wiped the stain away with water
  • After that, you can let it to air dry naturally.
  • 3 Use vinegar to remove stains from clothing. If blotting the stain with water does not completely remove it, make a solution of vinegar and water in a 50/50 ratio and use that solution instead. Dab the stain with a cloth that has been dipped in the solution. Vinegar is more effective than water at breaking down chemical bonds in stains. Rinse the towel and dab it as many times as necessary.
  • Due to the fact that vinegar is a milder solution than chemical cleaning agents, it is safer to use on felt tables.
  • 4 Clean the felt on the billiard table with a pool table cleaner. The use of a cleaning agent is recommended if blotting the stain with a moist cloth does not entirely eliminate the effects of the spill. You should only use a cleaner that specifies that it is intended for pool table felt. Using carpet cleaners and other stain removers might cause more harm to the felt than the spill itself.
  • Cleaners should only be used as a last option if the spill is severe and cannot be wiped away
  • Determine which product to use with the assistance of the manufacturer or a professional pool table dealer.
  1. Step 1: Move your cue away from the table surface. People frequently carelessly write their cue across the top of the table, but the small grittiness of the chalk can gradually wear away the felt surface of the table top. Maintain the cleanliness of the table top by always chalking your cue off to the side of the table rather than across the surface of the table.
  • Don’t be scared to inform your visitors that you don’t want them to write on the table with a chalkboard. Because if you don’t inform them, they won’t even notice, and because it’s your table, it’s fine to set some ground rules
  • 2 When your pool table is not in use, cover it with a cloth. Animal fur from shedding dogs is attracted to the felt on pool tables. When you are not using the felt, keep it covered to prevent dirt and dust from getting into it
  • This will help to extend the life of the felt.
  • The purchase of a pool table usually includes a pool table cover, but if you do not already have one, it is a smart investment to safeguard your table. It’s fine if you don’t have one or are unwilling to purchase one
  • Simply drape a clean sheet, tarp, or blanket over the table to keep it cleaner than it would be if left exposed.
  • Three, make sure nothing other than pool equipment is placed on or near the table. Never place food or beverages on a table or counter. It is never acceptable to smoke cigarettes or cigars while sitting at a table. Make sure there are some chairs, tables, or shelves around your pool table so that you don’t accidentally drop something on it. Ensure that ashtrays are readily available if there are smokers present at the table.
  • There are a variety of items that do not belong on the dinner table, including but not limited to filthy children’s toys, dogs and pet supplies as well as chemicals and cleaning goods as well as soiled clothing or shoes. In order to avoid having to perform more work than is absolutely required, preventative steps should be taken to maintain the table clean.
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  • Question What is the best way to remove a stain from my pool table felt? If the stain has been on the table for a long period of time, you’ll need to use a cleaner formulated specifically for pool tables. Question What is the best way to clean oil from the felt of my billiard table? Using a plastic spoon, scrape the grease off the felt and toss it in the trash can. Then lightly sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on top of the grease stain to absorb the excess grease. Allow it to settle for approximately 15 minutes before vacuuming it up. To finish cleaning the location, dab it with a moist cloth until it is completely clean. Question How can I clean the felt on a pool table that has accumulated dirt? Make use of a pool-table brush made of horsehair. An inexpensive tiny shop vac without a brush head – merely suction – will effectively clear pills, fluff, grime, and chalk. Question The felt on my pool table has begun to pill. What can I do to get rid of the small balls that have accumulated all over it? Using a low-cost fabric to cover your table will result in pilling since the wool is too soft. Wool and wool mixes, such as polyester, are used in the production of billiard cloth. The wool content of the mixes in the more costly cloth is lower. Pilling may be removed with the use of special cleaning chemicals that can be purchased from a billiard dealer or ordered online from one of the many reliable pool sites. Question What is the best way to dry a damp place on the pool table felt? If the stain is only slightly moist, allow it to air dry at room temperature for a few minutes. If it is completely soaked through, gently dab it with a soft, clean towel to soak up the extra water before allowing it to dry naturally. Avoid rubbing the place or applying heat to it since this may cause the felt to expand or shrink. Question How can I get rid of the odor of cigarette smoke without having to replace the cloth? You may softly spray an odor eliminator such as Febreeze on the felt without hurting it because it is delicate enough to use. Question If there’s a minor tear in the felt, is there any way to fix it? Place a little quantity of Elmer’s white glue behind the tear and let it dry. An old flat iron will do the trick for holding the glue work together. Really large tears may necessitate a complete change of clothing. Meijer has felt portions that you may purchase. To make the material fit the tear, press it in place. Now it’s time to remove the backing. Position the component by pressing it into place. ready to go to work
  • Question What is the best way to wipe mildew off a felt pool table? When it comes to mold, it is almost always better to leave it to the professionals. What is the best way to get rid of stains produced by fizzy drinks? Try to obtain the Clorox bleach that is in the squirt bottle, lay it down, and then let it set for a few minutes before using it again. When everything else fails, try scrubbing with a brush by hand. Question Is it possible that applying talc on my hand may cause harm to the table or the cloth? Yes, it has the potential to accumulate and slow ball speed down, as well as cause balls to travel offline. It looks really hideous on any table. As a rule, I do not use it. If I notice a player who is using it and covering their full hands, I will question them about the reason for their excessive usage of the cue slide, given that it just has to be on the point of contact to work. I wipe and clean my cue with paper towels in a plastic bag filled with 96 percent alcohol
  • It works like a charm.

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Things You’ll Need

  • The following items are required: pool table brush
  • Vacuum cleaner with nozzle attachment
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Pool table cleaning solution (optional)

About This Article

Summary of the ArticleXIn order to clean your felt pool table surface, you’ll need a special pool table brush with soft bristles that are created specifically for felt pool tables. You may purchase these items either online or at leisure and hobby shops. You’ll want to use rapid, short strokes to brush the table from the center out to the borders. Then, using a hose attachment, you can quickly vacuum up the mountains of trash that have accumulated. After you’ve finished cleaning up the heaps, vacuum the whole table to get rid of any remaining dust or particles of trash.

If there are any remaining stains, make a solution of equal parts vinegar and water and dab the spots with a clean towel.

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Possessing your own pool table is a fantastic way to keep your skills sharp while also entertaining visitors. Maintenance, on the other hand, is essential, and keeping your pool table clean and in good condition is critical to safeguarding your investment. Cleaning and maintaining your pool table isn’t difficult or expensive, which is fortunate for you. If you have a few dollars to spend and about 15 minutes a week to spare, you can keep your pool table in good condition with no effort. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of cleaning a pool table step by step.

Preventative Measures

The most effective method of keeping your pool table clean is to reduce the likelihood of a mess occurring. The following are some suggestions for reducing the amount of time you’ll have to spend cleaning your pool table.

  • There will be no drinking at the table– It is fairly typical for pool halls and clubs to place signs in their billiards section that read “No Drinks on the Pool Table.” In the event of a spilt drink, it may turn a pool table nightmare into a nightmare, causing damage to the felt – and even worse – if not addressed correctly and promptly.
  • If you smoke near your pool table, there are several potential for mess or even significant damage to your pool table. Smoking is not permitted at the table. Ashes dropping from a cigarette or pipe can cover your felt continually with debris, which can embed itself deeply in the fibers and progressively deteriorate the condition of your felt. While embers are more disturbing than ash, they can cause harm to the felt by causing burns that will degrade the felt’s smooth surface and provide possibilities for the hole to enlarge or lead to runs, which will further damage the felt.
  • Use Chalk Away From the Table– Similarly, it’s important to minimize chalk dust reaching the table surface. Chalk is an important tool in billiards play used both on the tips of pool cues and to reduce friction on your bridge hand. Chalk dust can stain the felt and get deep down into the fibers as well, both of which affect billiard ball movement, while bringing you closer and closer to having to replace your felt. Be sure to chalk your cue and hands away from the table surface
  • Keeping your table covered when it isn’t in use is also a good strategy to prevent your table from collecting dust or becoming damaged as a result of an accident. Don’t have a pool table cover for your table? Take a look at this one on Amazon. It is available in three different sizes to accommodate 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft billiard tables. Check it out if you’re looking for a high-quality cover at a reasonable price.
  • No Sitting on the Pool Table– Reducing the amount of time your pool table is used as a counter top or sitting place can help to extend its life. Particularly when done on an exposed surface, this is a sure-fire method of transferring dirt and filth to your felt. Even with a suitable table covering, stored things might cause indentations in your felt, compromising the integrity of the table covering.
  • Attempt to avoid using massee and jump shots– Attempting to use massee and jump shots should be avoided as well. Using these sorts of strokes, you may drive chalk from the tip of a cue directly into your felt, causing nicks and rips in the process.


Unexpected disasters like a spilt drink might drive a pool table owner to enter crisis mode, resulting in hasty and unexpected behaviors that can sometimes be more harmful than beneficial to the table owner. Consider the aggravation of attending to a scenario in which the life of your pool table is on the line, only to discover that you have caused more damage to the table. The proper way to vacuum felt will be addressed in further detail in the following section, but you should never use a full-size carpet vacuum on felt since it can damage it.

The presence of wrinkles will obviously impair the functionality of the felt, but even in the absence of wrinkles, the stretching of the felt can cause inconsistencies in the texture by causing some parts of the felt to be thinner than others, which will severely impair the movement of the billiard balls and make playing pool a frustrating experience rather than a relaxing one.

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It is also possible that the heat generated by these sorts of vacuums will cause difficulties in the future.

In example, applying heat to a wet table surface has the potential to harm not just the felt but also the wood beneath the table surface. As a result, it is quite essential that you do not iron your felt as a result of any creases appearing. This will only serve to exacerbate the situation.


A billiard table brush, such as this one, is an essential instrument in the maintenance of your felt. Using a different brush than the one you have at home may seem like a good idea at first, but using a brush manufactured particularly for billiards tables is crucial since the bristles have the proper consistency and softness for billiard tables. Most household brushes, such as those used to clean carpets or dishes, can cause extra damage to the felt and should be avoided when using them for this purpose.

  • The felt may be damaged by moving it in circular or back-and-forth motions, making a dirty pool table appear to be a small issue in comparison to a pool table with loosened or shredded felt.
  • It’s also important not to over-brush; brushing should only take a couple of minutes at the very most.
  • Use a tiny hand-vac to travel over the surface without dragging it along the felt after you’ve cleaned the surface and released the dust from the fiber using a soft brush.
  • Do not apply pressure to the felt; pushing imbedded material up through the felt can cause harm to the felt over time if done repeatedly.
  • The act of holding it over a specific location in an attempt to “get it all up” may result in heat damage.
  • It’s small and lightweight, and it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and an extension crevice tool that’s great for removing dirt and chalk dust out from under the rails that’s hard to reach.


Even in the most controlled of environments, spilled beverages may cause serious damage to pool tables. The same is true for most messes: responding quickly will significantly decrease possible damage; liquid can seep through the felt and into the wood beneath the surface. When dealing with a spill, be sure to wipe the spilt area with a dry towel rather than scrubbing it. Scrubbing a spill might result in permanent damage to the felt, as it causes the felt to move or pucker, necessitating the need for a complete replacement.


While prompt action is preferable, we do not live in a perfect society, and spills might occur without our notice, leaving stains on our clothing. Stains should be cleaned with the same care as spills, using blotting rather than washing the target area to remove any remaining residue. Although water may not be sufficient to remove certain stains, it is crucial to avoid the use of cleaning chemicals. The use of chemical products on the felt has been observed by several experts to modify the texture and consistency of the felt, hence affecting the trajectory of the balls.

After using a dry microfiber towel to absorb as much moisture as you possibly can without scrubbing the area, allow it to air dry for at least 30 minutes.

To remove the stain, continue wiping the area with your vinegar and water combination as many times as required until it is completely removed.

A felt cleaning solution such as Game Room Guys Pool Table Felt Cleaner is available if the water and vinegar combo does not yield satisfactory results.

This product is particularly intended for use with pool table felt. It aids in the gentle removal of stains and the preservation of the felt’s excellent state. It’s as simple as spraying it on and wiping it off with a damp towel. I realize this is overly simplistic.


The rails of your billiard table may quickly become clogged with dirt and grime when players lean against or touch the rails. Sweat, unclean hands, or even just the naturally existing oil on our skin can compromise the structural integrity of the wooden rails on your dining room table. Regularly polish them with lemon oil or a citrus-based product to keep them looking their best. It is critical that you avoid using silicon-based products since they will cause the finish to degrade quickly.


The easiest technique to remove dust from the pockets is to use the hose extension from a vacuum or a shop-vac to reach inside the pockets. Dust and debris that has accumulated in the pockets can get on the billiard balls, which can then transmit dirt and grime to the felt throughout the course of the game. In addition, wiping the pockets down with a gently wet microfiber cloth is an excellent method to keep the pockets looking their best. If your table includes leather pockets, it is advised that you apply an oil-based substance on them twice a year to protect them from hardening and becoming cracked.

In Conclusion

Maintaining and cleaning your beautiful, pricey billiards table can help you to extend the life of the table and avoid costly repairs. A well maintained pool table will enhance your experience and allow the game to go smoothly and without aggravating or bothersome interruptions, whether you are playing it for personal enjoyment or to entertain visitors. Your table will be around for a long time!

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The Short Guide for Great Pool Table Cloth

Give your pool table some tender loving care and attention. A few simple procedures will allow you to maintain your table looking and performing as good as new for years to come. Learn some cleaning and maintenance tips from the professionals on how to properly clean and care for your pool table fabric.

How to Clean Pool Table Cloth

It is necessary to remove any chalk residue from the surface as soon as possible after it has been applied. Other assistance articles may recommend that you vacuum your pool cloth, which you may find online. That’s a perfectly acceptable alternative, but it’s vital to note that it’s not the most gentle of approaches. In order to properly clean a pool table cloth, you should know the following:

Remove Surface Chalk

It is necessary to remove any chalk residue from the surface as soon as possible after it has been applied. Other assistance articles may recommend that you vacuum your pool’s felt, which you may find online. That’s a perfectly acceptable alternative, but it’s vital to note that it’s not the most gentle of approaches. If you do decide to clean your pool table, make sure to use a low-powered vacuum from your home. It is critical that you use an upholstery attachment with a brush and low suction in order to prevent harming the fabric.

After vacuuming the table’s playfield, slant the attachment into the corners and edges under the rails to remove any remaining debris.

By minimizing the amount of fiber stretching and pilling, these sorts of products, as compared to vacuuming, help to extend the life of the fabric.

Brush It Off

It’s now time to wash your teeth. With a pool table brush, begin by brushing beneath the cushions, all around the table, and into the pockets. These brushes have been particularly designed with soft bristle tips to ensure that the pool table linen is not damaged. While brushing, start at one end of the cloth and work your way to the other, following the direction of the fabric. After that, lightly brush the cloth across the playing ground. Work your way from one end to the other, using straight strokes in the same direction as the weave to complete the project.

  • When you get to the end of the table, sweep the dust into a tiny dust pan with smooth edges so that it doesn’t catch on the tablecloth.
  • If your table is covered with Simonis cloth, you might want to consider using a Simonis X-1 Fabric Cleaner to draw the chalk dust from inside the cloth into the cleaner.
  • It eliminates chalk dust from the felt by rubbing it with fast back and forth strokes and using minimal pressure.
  • For Simonis cloth, it is not suggested to use any type of fluid or spray cleaner.
  • It will have no effect on pilling.

Wipe It Down

After that, quickly wash the pool table down with a moderately moist towel, just using cold water this time! As a result, any dust that may have been brought to the surface of the fabric will be more easily removed.

On the Spot

Spills happen, but don’t let them stay and produce permanent stains on your carpet or upholstery. Any liquids (including clear liquids) should be blotted up as soon as possible using a clean towel. It is best not to use a fabric that has been dyed since the color may transfer onto the swimming pool cloth. Paper towels should not be used since they will fall apart and leave fibers behind. First, gently push down on the cloth, without rubbing, and allow it to absorb as much of the spill as possible before continuing.

Using your hands, pat the region.

Finally, allow the fabric to dry naturally on the table without anything covering it.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO PLAY ON THE CLOTH until it has totally dried. Dropping a ball on a damp cloth will cause holes to appear in the fabric. View the assortment of pool table cloths and pool table cleaning supplies offered by Monarch Billiards.

Tips for Making Pool Table Cloth Last Longer

Keep your pool table looking as good as the day it was delivered by following a few basic care and maintenance procedures.

  • When you’re not playing, be sure to cover the table. Cleaning pool balls on a regular basis using a good ball cleaning liquid is essential. If you are using phenolic balls, Aramith recommended that you clean them after each game using their billiard ball cleaner on a frequent basis
  • Wearing jewelry or watches while playing billiards helps to keep the fabric from becoming snagged
  • During a game (X-1 for Simonis), use the brush to remove huge chunks of chalk off the board
  • Keep alcoholic beverages away from the pool table
  • Always check the condition of your cue tip to ensure it is in excellent working order
  • Do not sit on the edge of the table
  • Instead, sit in the middle.

See our range of stools and chairs that are suitable for any game room if you prefer a more comfy seat.

Stay at the Top of Your Game with Monarch Billiards

For 71 years, our family-owned and run business has been assisting customers in keeping their pool tables looking fantastic, and we intend to continue doing so for decades to come. Take good care of your investment and spread your enthusiasm for sports to others. If you have any particular concerns regarding how to care for your table, please contact us by phone at 610-833-5100, in person at our shop in Crum Lynne, PA, or via our online form.

How to Clean Pool Table Felt

This post includes affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, we may get a commission at no additional cost to you as a result of your purchase. More information may be found here. Pool tables aren’t exactly inexpensive. The best approach to safeguard your investment and ensure that you have the greatest possible playing experience is to keep your pool table in proper working order. In addition to washing down the rails and clearing up the pockets, it is also necessary to maintain the playing surface.

If you want to maintain your pool table felt looking and playing like new, this article will lead you through the many equipment, supplies, and practices you need know about.

The Tools

Betterline pool table brushes are available for purchase on If you want to maintain your pool table felt clean, you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment; nonetheless, you will need a few cleaning materials that are particularly designed for the task at hand.

  • Pool Brushes are available in a variety of sizes. The most critical gear you’ll need is a pool table brush, which is also known as a pool broom in certain circles. Look for one that has soft bristles and, ideally, one that is offered specifically for your pool table model number. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to save a few dollars by using the brush attachment on your vacuum instead of a pool tablebrush. Never use a vacuum on your pool table, regardless of the brand. It is possible for suction to loosen the weave of felt and lift it from the surface, causing wrinkles and creases to form
  • This is true for both felt and cloth. Always keep a few clean and absorbent rags on hand to use as a last resort. These cloths will be used to mop up any spills from the felt as well as to wipe off the rails and balls on the track. Some individuals swear by microfiber garments, whilst others prefer clothes made entirely of cotton fiber (100 percent cotton). What matters is that they are devoid of any stains, chemicals, or solvents
  • Pool felt stain remover is a good example of this. Take the time to pick up a bottle of pool felt stain remover that was recommended by the maker of your table. It is not recommended to use carpet or upholstery stain removers since this might cause harm to the felt
  • Instead, pool felt cleaning can be used. Consider using this cleaning product as an alternative if you don’t want to buy anything else. Many large establishments with several pool tables feel that adopting this alternative way of cleaning is excellent because of its quickness and ability to provide a deeper clean than traditional methods. Those who own pool tables at home, on the other hand, are more likely to avoid using chemicals on their tables.

You should now be prepared to learn how to clean pool table felt now that you have your supplies.

Begin By Brushing the Table Down

  1. On the bumper rails, a lot of dirt and pool chalk may gather, so you’ll want to pay close care to this region. Begin by traveling around the table and carefully brushing any dirt off the bumper rails and onto the table with your pool brush
  2. Next, find the table’s head and gently brush it off. When a player rises to break at the beginning of a game, he or she is said to be on the short side of table. Place the brush softly on the table’s surface on either the far left or right side of the table, depending on your preference. To move the brush, press it down slightly to spread the bristles under the bumper rail, and then walk it down to the opposite end of the table, using short strokes to flick any debris in front of the brush. As you get closer to the other end of the table, you should notice a small pile of debris forming in front of the brush
  3. This is normal. Only the edge of the pool brush should be used to clean underneath the foot bumper rail. Clean up the table by sweeping it onto a small piece of cardboard, which you can then throw away
  4. Repeat the process all the way back to the beginning of the table. Always remember to go in one direction at all times and to avoid exerting excessive amounts of pressure.
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For the greatest results, make cleaning your pool table a part of your post-game ritual when you finish playing. When you are not playing pool, you should consider using a pool table cover to keep the table protected.

Cleaning Up Spills

Stains can occur no matter how careful you are, and when they do, you must be prepared to act swiftly to avoid stains from setting in. That is why it is a good idea to have the gear on hand to deal with spills as soon as they occur in close proximity to your workplace. You may reduce the likelihood of stains occurring by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Pour as much water as you can into a clean, dry towel and place it lightly over the top of the spill to soak up as much as possible As soon as all of the extra liquid has been removed, start blotting with a new rag. Don’t scrub the floor. Instead, use the heel of your hand to press straight down from the top of your hand. Each time you blot, make sure to use a fresh section of the towel. If the stain is really huge, you may need to use more than one rag to remove it. After that, softly dampen a new, clean towel with water to finish up. Begin blotting the spill from the outside in, working your way in. Each time you blot, make sure to use a fresh section of the rag. Approach the stain from its perimeter, working your way into its heart
  2. Once the stain has been removed, wipe the area with a dry towel to ensure complete drying. Start at the perimeter and work your way towards the center until it is completely dry. If the stains are really obstinate, you may need to apply pool felt stain remover. Keep in mind to follow the manufacturer’s directions for your specific product in order to prevent causing any harm.

Using a Felt Cleaning Product

  1. First and foremost, be certain that the felt cleaning agent you are using has been approved by the manufacturer of your pool table. As a result of the fact that you will be working with a chemical cleaner, you will want to make certain that there is adequate ventilation. Keep in mind to adhere to the product’s directions to avoid ruining your felt.

A Word on Those Fuzz Balls

It’s possible that you’ll notice small balls of felt accumulating on your table now and then. This is referred to as pilling, and it is most common on newly constructed pool tables. You must resist the temptation to pick them off or you may inflict more harm. It is rare that pilling has an adverse effect on play, and it will ultimately disappear with time.

Despite the fact that pool table felt will survive for a long time, you will need to replace it eventually. Because you now understand how to clean pool table felt, that day will be many years in the future.

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How To Clean Felt On A Pool Table: Step-By-Step Guide

It is possible for Home Clean Expert to receive a commission on qualifying purchases by becoming an affiliate for firms such as Amazon Associates. A pool table is one of the most wonderful and cool things you can have in your gaming room, basement, man cave, or any other place in your house where you want to play pool. For many people, it is a location where they gather with their friends, and if you have children, it may be something that they can enjoy with their friends as well. Overall, pool tables are really entertaining.

Pepper all over it.

No, that’s not true!

What Not To Do When Cleaning A Pool Table

Begin with the things you should never do if anything spills on your pool table and you don’t know what to do.

Use Warm Water On The Felt

When a stain appears on your pool table, your first inclination may be to obtain some warm water and rinse it away. However, doing so might cause damage to the felt and allow the stain to take up permanent residence on your pool table.

Leave The Stain Until The Morning

Because individuals believe they will be able to remove the stain in the morning, a large number of pool tables are damaged. If you have something spilled on your pool table, you need to act promptly, particularly if it is something black like a Coke or a beer.

Use Heat On The Pool Table Surface

However, although I have already suggested hot water, utilizing any type of heat to “dry” anything that has been spilled on your pool table is a bad idea!

How To Clean Felt On A Pool Table

So you’ve got a stain on your pool table, do you? You can pull it out fast and without causing any damage to your pool table by following these steps.

What You Need

  • It’s preferable to purchase a multipack of microfiber or lint-free cloths. Check some cold water
  • White vinegar in a dish
  • White vinegar

If The Spillage Happens When You Are There, Start Here

Step 1: Blot up any spills with a clean towel. It is critical that you just blot the stain rather than wiping it off the surface of the pool table, as this will result in the stain being rubbed into the fibers. Step 2: Using a clean cloth, run it under a cold faucet and squeeze off the excess water so that the fabric is damp rather than wet, but not wet. Blot the stain once again to remove as much of it from the felt as you possibly can.

If The Spillage Happened A Day Or More Before, Start Here

Step 3: In a mixing basin, combine some cold water and white vinegar to taste. It is just necessary to add a spoonful of white vinegar to the water in this recipe. Using the damp towel, dunk it into the water and wring it out well so that it is damp rather than wet once again Blot the stain firmly, but avoid rubbing the table surface while you are doing so. Step 4: If the stain is really tenacious and is still visible, repeat the procedure once more. Continue to do so until the stain is completely removed.

Give it another blotting with the white vinegar and cold water mixture if the stain is still visible after that time. Really difficult and tenacious stains may require several attempts; patience and refraining from rubbing are essential in this situation.

Other Tips That Will Help You Clean Felt On A Pool Table

I’d like to share with you some pool table maintenance tips and guidelines that I’ve learned over the years (ever since I accidentally spilt a Diet Pepsi on my pool table) that have helped me keep my pool table in excellent condition.

A No Drink Zone Around The Table

The most apparent method of getting drinks on a pool table is by spilling them. There are three ways that this might happen. To begin, someone is standing too near to the table with a drink in their hand, and this is a problem. One of the second problems is when someone attempting to play does it while holding a drink in their hand. Someone placing their drink on the edge of the pool table is the most usual occurrence, though. There should be no alcoholic beverages anywhere near the pool table!

Buy A Proper Pool Table Brush

Despite the fact that my pool table has a red felt surface that looks fantastic, it reflects dirt and dust really well. Cleaning it using a pool table brush that is specifically made for this purpose is my method of choice. Instead of going into the kitchen and getting the dustpan and brush, think outside the box! Make use of a brush that is specifically designed for pool tables. They have significantly softer bristles that are more effective in capturing dirt while being gentle on the felt.

Brush The Felt Properly – Don’t Over Brush

There’s no use in investing in a high-quality pool table brush if you’re simply going to scrub away like a crazy! Begin in the centre of the table and work your way out to each side, then give it a thorough brushing from top to bottom to finish it off. A common mistake made by pool table owners is to over-brush the surface of the table. Brushing your teeth should take no more than a couple of minutes at the very maximum.

A Hand Vac Can Work Wonders

Using a vacuum that can be converted into a hand vacuum (or a separate hand vacuum) to clean the felt on a pool table may be a simple and effective method to keep your pool table looking its best! Make sure it’s on the lowest setting and that it’s running lightly down the felt. Using a crevice tool to get into the corners and under the edges is also an option if you have one. Get a nice hand vac if you are serious about your pool and you enjoy your table.

There Are Pool Table Cleaning Products

The final piece of advice I’d like to share with you is that there are products on the market that are specifically developed for cleaning pool table surfaces. I seldom use them because I try to take excellent care of my teeth (especially after the Pepsi incident), but I do know some folks who have a can of spray-on toothpaste on available just in case something happens. If you do not already have a pool table brush, you can occasionally purchase a kit that includes both a brush and a can of spray, which may be the best option for you.

How to Remove Beer Stains from Pool Table Felt

Wesley inquired, “How can I remove alcohol stains off the felt of a billiard table?” My pool table was ruined by a friend who dropped his half-empty drink on it. I haven’t attempted to remove the stain yet since I don’t want to do any extra damage to the felt material. The stain is roughly the size of my hand, and it has made the green felt a little deeper in appearance. It has no effect on the game’s play. The discoloration is simply unsightly. I’m at a loss as to where to begin. Beer stains are a typical concern when playing pool since beer is a popular beverage to drink while pool is being played.

The feeling used on billiard tables is not as durable as conventional felt, and it should be treated with extra caution. The stains may be removed without causing any damage to the surface by employing gentle washing methods and a moderate cleaning solution.

You Will Need:

  • Cloths that are free of lint or microfiber
  • Vinegar
  • Cold water
  • A small dish

Steps to Remove the Stain:

  1. If the stain is still new, blot it up with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove as much of the spill as you can. Blot the stain from the outside inward, working your way towards the source of the spill to prevent it from spreading. Remove as much liquid as possible from the area by blotting it with cold water. The longer the beer is allowed to rest on the felt, the more difficult it will be to remove the stain. Make an effort to tidy up as much of it as possible straight soon to make cleanup simpler afterwards. In a small bowl, combine one cup of cold water and one tablespoon of vinegar
  2. Set aside. Using the solution, dampen the microfiber cloth
  3. Using the wet towel, blot the discolored area
  4. The cloth should be washed frequently and re-moisten with the vinegar and water combination. Cleaning the area by blotting it or gently wiping it until the stain has been erased is a continuous process. Once the stain has been removed, allow the area to air dry fully before continuing. If any stains are still visible after the area has been dried, continue the steps outlined above.

Additional Tips and Advice

  • Warm water should be avoided since it has the potential to set the stains. While cleaning the stain, it is important to use cold water and/or cleaning solution at all times. Once alcohol stains have become embedded in the fabric, they are virtually hard to remove. Always treat stains as soon as they occur and avoid using any heat to achieve the best results. Installing shelves on the walls or placing tables near the pool table can help to keep beverages away from the billiard table itself while still providing convenient access. Future spills and accidents will be avoided as a result. Many stains on pool table felt may be removed with the use of a steam cleaning machine. However, if the stains are not entirely cleaned before the heat is applied, they may become set. Before letting the stain to dry or become set in by the heat of the steam, proceed with caution and thoroughness to ensure that the stain is completely removed. Even while there are products on the market that are created expressly for cleaning pool tables, the approach described above often works just as well as, if not better than, the store-bought alternatives.

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