How to Play Bocce Ball: Your Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to UW-Eau Claire

It has been announced by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation that John and Carolyn Sonnentag have committed a gift in the amount of approximately $70 million to support the construction of the County Materials Complex, which will provide exciting opportunities for current and future students. Find out more about their kind gift by visiting their website.

Redefining the college experience

Following the completion of her degrees in human resource management and Spanish, Sofia Earle hopes to begin a career as an advocate and interpreter for Spanish-speaking populations. Find out more about Sofia.

Making a difference in area communities

Children in Arcadia, Wisconsin, where more than 86 percent of primary school pupils speak Spanish, had hearing examinations from a group of Blugolds, which included future speech-language pathologists and Spanish interpreters among others. Find out more about their previous experiences. I picked UW-Eau Claire as my college because the moment I stepped foot on this gorgeous campus, I was impressed by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Everyone was really kind and eager to answer any and all of my questions, and they all seemed genuinely excited to be here.

The support needed to achieve your dreams

Faculty members who are supportive, as well as hands-on lab and clinical experiences, are just a few of the reasons Blugolds believe they are well-prepared for a future in physical therapy. Furthermore, with options to study abroad and participate in the National Student Exchange program, you may broaden your horizons and broaden your perspective. Discover how learning in a foreign country can help Anna become a better healthcare practitioner, as well as how she obtained a spot in UWEC’s pre-physical therapy program, in this interview with rehabilitation science and German major Anna.

2022 Best College

According to U.S. News and World Report, the University of Wisconsin is the best college in the Midwest.

LGBTQIA+ Students

Campus Pride and Best Colleges have been named the best colleges in the country for three consecutive years (2018-2020). Recognized as an expert

national leader

According to the Institute of International Education’s 2021 Open Doors Report, study abroad is on the rise.

A powerful partnership with Mayo Clinic

With the dynamic cooperation between Mayo Clinic and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, we are able to unlock biomedical innovation in the area and make a genuine difference in the health of our society. Students from any major have the potential to produce breakthrough health-care solutions and address previously intractable medical challenges through research projects and supervision from world-renowned Mayo Clinic clinicians at Mayo Clinic.

What we’re working on now

Nichol He found via his work on several research projects that he does not have to pick between his two loves when deciding on his future professional path. This is due to the fact that computer science and health care cross in ways he never imagined were feasible. Bioinformatics is being discovered.

Finding an exciting career path

Avi Devy Mohan chose UW-Eau Claire over other schools because of the university’s undergraduate research program.

She had no idea how much research would influence her future plans until she became a senior computer science and applied mathematics major, something she never envisioned. Deep learning algorithms are being investigated.

Research shapes Blugolds’ futures

When Sebastian Torres and Nathan Hau arrived to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, they were certain that they would gain valuable experience that would prepare them for future jobs in research or health care. Despite this, neither of them anticipated that a study endeavor would take them into an operating room. Developing hospital policies and procedures

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See what it’s like to be a Blugold

More than thirty-five years ago, Park and Sun Sports® established the standard for high-end outdoor volleyball net systems, thanks to its telescopic, aluminum standards that adjust to three different playing heights (men – 8 feet, women – 7 feet 4 inches, and coed – 7 feet 8 inches) and the first slip-on sleeve net design. As the Spectrum ClassicTM continues to be a recurrent choice of tournament directors and competitive players, the quality and creativity of these volleyball net systems will continue.

Now is the time to shop.


In 1984, ParkSun Sports began a journey along a route that was covered in grass and sand. It was nearly four decades ago. ParkSun’s quest of creativity in the world of volleyball has always been a part of our DNA, with a focus on quality and innovation at its core. Each Industry’s First achievement, developed in the zealous pursuit of function, performance, and dependability, symbolizes a recognized milestone along ParkSun’s journey from the past to the present, as the company prepares to embark on another decade of innovation.


Could you picture a game of volleyball without any color at all? We couldn’t either, which is why we pioneered the use of brightly colored volleyball netting in the first place.


In order to dress volleyball up, we added sleeves to the volleyball net. Which gave greater ball out of net performance while also sticking out from the crowd.


A portable volleyball setup necessitated the transportation of hefty steel poles that would either become stuck or fail to fit together properly. It was for this reason that we developed lightweight and telescopic aluminum poles that were simple to transport, store, and most importantly, erect. Furthermore, the height may be changed in seconds thanks to the simple push-button height adjustment.


For even greater convenience, we incorporated tensioning guylines. By just pushing down on a handle, you would be presented with a professionally tight net that would last through all types of activity. It is frequently imitated, but never duplicated.

Demand the Original, Demand the Best!

The Best Outdoor Portable Volleyball Net Systems For Use On Grass, Sand, Or The Beach are those that are lightweight and portable. It is the first and only volleyball net sleeve set that is simple to use and extremely portable; it is used by AVP America, recreational, and competitive players all over the worldParkandsunVolleyball


Every component of the ParkSun Sports Badminton Series is designed to get you playing right away.

It includes four aluminum rackets and three A-grade shuttlecocks, steel stakes, pre-measured boundary with hand winder, and a robust equipment bag. The Badminton PRO and Badminton Sport are both designed with quality materials and include everything you need to get started. PRO


Designed with superior, telescopic aluminum poles that measure 1-1/2″ in diameter, the Badminton Pro net system also includes a push-button locking mechanism that allows for speedy set-up. Now is the time to shopSPORT


The Badminton Sport net system is constructed of superior steel poles with a 1″ diameter and is equipped with a push-button locking system, which allows for speedy set-up. Now AvailableAdjustable

Portable Pickleball Set

With the Portable Pickleball Set, you can take your pickleball game with you everywhere you go. Adjustable between 15′-18′ and 21′ in length. Set up a pickeleball match in the driveway, the park, or any other flat area that you have access to. Now is the time to shop.

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Are you looking to inject some fun and exercise into your life that the whole family can enjoy? Creating high-quality activities and equipment to make that family excursion that much more memorable is what ParkSun Sports is all about: FAM (Fun Active Memories). Elite


Bocce sets of superior quality are designed for the serious player as well as for recreational use in backyard barbecues and sunny evenings at the park. Now AvailableSeries


Park & Sun Sports provides a robust tetherball equipment for you to use in your backyard, allowing you to bring a little bit of the playground inside your home. Alternatively, our Portable Tetherball Set may be taken anywhere. Now is the time to shop. Basket

Disc Golf

The ultimate in portable disc golf equipment. With this ultra-portable disc golf system, you can design your own course on whatever surface you like. Now is the time to shop.


Made to be durable and portable, so you can take your sports goal with you to the beach, the field, the park, or the BBQ for hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Folds flat for easy storage and transportation. It is supplied with a Bungee Slip Net for quick and simple construction. STEEL

Lacrosse Goal

ParkSun Steel Lacrosse Goal is made to survive the challenges of practice and competition, and it comes with an easy-to-assemble design and ultra-durable structure. This will allow you to improve your technique. And regardless of your role on the field, who doesn’t enjoy taking shots? Now is the time to shopSTEEL

Hockey Goal

delivers great performance for both indoor and outdoor use with a simple setup that extends over the goal frame; Velcro net ties keep the net in place even after being repeatedly hit by balls and pucks. Now is the time to shopSTEEL

Soccer Goals

Designed to endure the demands of the beautiful game, with simple set-up and take-down for storage and travel convenience. So you can put your finishing touches on it and make it great! Now is the time to shop.

Turn Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Haven

Greetings and welcome to The Backyard Baron, a website dedicated to providing you with several advice and ideas for transforming your backyard into an outdoor oasis.

The backyard is an excellent area to spend time with family and friends, to have a good time, or to simply rest while enjoying a little sunshine and fresh air in the summer. Tips and suggestions for entertaining activities to play in the garden. More information may be found here.

Bocce Ball

Every detail regarding bocce ball, an ancient and extremely popular outdoor game, is covered in this comprehensive guide. More information may be found here.


Every detail on the famous backyard game, cornhole, may be found right here! More information may be found here.


Here’s all you need to know about horseshoe pitching, a classic and extremely popular outdoor activity.


Outdoor sports games that are both entertaining and thrilling may be played in the backyard, according to these suggestions and ideas. More information may be found here. Tips and ideas for entertaining items that you may use in your backyard are provided. More information may be found here.

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Everything you need to know about trampolines in the backyard, including purchase guidelines and upkeep instructions, is provided here. More information may be found here.

Water Fun

Water slides, kiddie pools, and splash pads, among other outdoor water toys, are reviewed here in detail. More information may be found here. Landscape design advice and ideas for the backyard, ranging from gardening and tree upkeep to trendy furniture and décor ideas More information may be found here.


Gardening advice and ideas, as well as evaluations and suggestions for products, are all available to help you keep your backyard in the best possible condition. More information may be found here.

Tree Maintenance

In the backyard, here are some pointers and suggestions for tree upkeep. More information may be found here.


The best patio and garden furniture, ranging from fashionable egg chairs to comfy hammocks, is reviewed and recommended in this section. More information may be found here.

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