How to Play Kan Jam, the Fun and Beginner-Friendly Outdoor Disc Game

How To Play KanJam

You know that game where players toss discs at what looks to be a black garbage can? You’ve probably played it before. That’s KanJam, and it’s just fantastic. And now you want to be a part of it. Of course, it helps if you know how to play the game properly. Moreover, in order to eliminate any potential confusion regarding the number of points you receive for a Dinger or how far apart the kans should be, we here at DICK’S Sporting Goods have put up a concise summary. One of the world’s best KanJam players will even share a few tips with you in this article.


This very popular disc game was conceived by Charles Sciandra and Paul Swisher—two buddies from Buffalo who were enjoying the simple delight of throwing discs into rusted metal garbage cans when they came up with the idea for the game. Seeing that the game was starting to gain traction in Buffalo in the 1990s, Sciandra and Swisher decided to take it more seriously and eventually founded the KanJam company, which made its first official sale in 2005. By 2007, 14,000 units had been sold, and the game’s popularity has only continued to rise since then.


The disc is thrown and deflected alternately by you and your partner while you stand at opposing kans (which are 50 feet apart in regular play). The basic concept is that you and a partner work together to get the disc to do one of three things: strike the kan, go inside the kan through the top opening, or the best of all, go through the kan’s slot opening to receive an Instant Win. The disc is thrown by one player at the other, and the other player has the option to deflect it.


Yes, if you’re just having a good time with your friends, but you’ll get far better results if you use the official KanJam CD. In addition to being precisely 168 grams in weight, the official disc has been custom-designed for KanJam and is the only disc that is accepted for official competition.


KanJam regulations state that all male participants above the age of 12 are required to throw from behind the front edge of the kan (women and boys under 12 have the option of standing 10 feet closer). That line cannot be crossed by any portion of the body. You are in violation of the regulation even if you have your feet planted behind the line, but your arm crosses over the line as your throw is being delivered. In order to avoid crossing the goal line when you follow through on the throw, it is advised that you position yourself at the back border of the goal.


The throwing order can be determined by a brief round of “odds or evens” or by flipping the disc in the manner of a coin toss. The winner gets to choose whether or not to toss first or second in the game. And, much like in baseball, throwing last is really advantageous—this is referred to as “having “The Hammer.” If you have The Hammer, you will always have a chance to win the game with the Instant Win feature explained in the next section of this guide.

Each member of a team takes one turn throwing the disc and one turn deflecting it before giving the disc to the other team to continue the game.


KanJam scoring is a straightforward process. To win, you must score 21 points. Detailed explanation of how it works follows:

  • The disc gets deflected by your teammate and lands on the kan
  • (1 point) DINGER DEUCE (2 points): The disc throw connects with the kan without the assistance of a teammate. Your teammate successfully deflects the throw into the kan
  • BUCKET (3 points): The disc toss is received by the kan through a small slot opening at the front of the kan. IMMEDIATE WIN It’s over
  • The game is over.


In order to win, your team must score exactly 21 points. It is possible for a throw to raise a team’s score above 21, in which case the points earned by that throw are deducted from the team’s final score. Suppose your team has 20 points and your teammate redirects the disc into a 3-point Bucket, your team’s score drops to 17 points.


During the same number of rounds, if both teams score 21 points, the game will be decided by a shootout. Each team takes a turn, with the team that has The Hammer going first and the other team going second. An illustration of how overtime may play out is shown below.

  • In the overtime round, Team A throws first and receives two points
  • Team B throws second and receives one point. Team B receives a three-point Bucket on their very first throw in the game. THE WINNER IS TEAM B
  • Team B receives fewer than two points. The winning team is TEAM A, while the losing team is TEAM B, which scores two points to tie Team A. The game will go into a second overtime period. Overtime can be extended indefinitely until a winner is determined.

Even if you receive an Instant Win, the game will still go into overtime.


  • It is officially defined as “tipping with hands together, striking the disc’s middle edge or disc’s top center” in accordance with the Disc Golf Association of America.
  • Deflectors are prohibited from attempting to manipulate the disc in any way, which is referred to as a “carry.” Discs are not awarded any points if a deflector carries them or strikes them twice. In order to divert the disc, deflectors may be moved as necessary, even in front of the goal. Players who are waiting for the tip are never allowed to touch the goal. Whenever a player intentionally interferes with the game’s progress, his or her team forfeits the game on the spot.


Despite the fact that KanJam is frequently played for entertainment purposes, it also produces world-class competition. The KanJam Klassic and the KanJam World Championships are the two most important competitions of the year, with the latter attracting the top KanJam players from all over the world. Jon Sandino, together with Eric Klavoon, is one-half of the Stallion Survivors, who have won several Klassic titles and world championships during their careers. “KanJam provides everyone the ability to come out there and participate,” Sandino said.

And I’ve met some wonderful people with whom I’ve formed lasting friendships.” For those aiming to win their own KanJam World Championship someday, Jon has provided the following advice:

  1. It’s best to stick to the numbers, especially if you have The Hammer. Try to stay on the 3s and stay away from the 16s. Play regularly, and with a variety of individuals to keep things interesting. The more the number of individuals you play with, the greater the number of styles you learn. It is best to practice in the center of a large open area during a breezy portion of the day. You shouldn’t practice in quiet, flawless circumstances. It would be beneficial if you learn to adapt, especially at the World Championships, where you will not be able to predict the weather conditions.

Kan Jam Rules, Scoring and Gameplay Guide For Beginners

Have you ever played a game in which the players appear to be having a good time while tossing a disc into a black-shade can? If so, tell me about it. If you answered yes, you now understand what the Kan jam game looks like. Isn’t it really fantastic? Do you want to start learning about it right away? If this is the case, you’ve come to the correct place. Today, we’ll walk you through the rules, equipment, and all of the ins and outs of this great game that has taken the world by storm. In order for you to be able to participate in the festivities the following time.

Kan Jam Rules and Objective

During the Kan Jam game, the participants’ primary goal is to outscore their opponents in terms of total points scored by each side. They can do this by throwing, striking, deflecting, and stuffing the flying disc into the goal in a calculated and strategic manner. A team scoring precisely 21 points at the end of the game characterizes the conclusion of the game.


When playing Kan Jam, there are a number of fundamental principles to follow. And they are as follows:

  • Because there are no gender limits in the game, a team can be made up of both men and women. Each week, the participating teams should be able to put forth at least two players to take part in the games. The two teams must have a minimum of four players each. The maximum number of participants is eight. In each game, each club is permitted to field two players from its roster. They do, however, have the authority to substitute players anytime they see suitable. There is no limit to the number of matches a team may engage in in a half-hour
  • There is no time limit. There should be no double hitting, catching, or carrying the disc by the deflector, and they should only use one hand to divert it.

Equipment Needed

The following items are necessary in order to play the Kan Jam game:

  • The disc, which will be thrown by the participants
  • Two (2) black cans into which the disc will be deflected by the players on the team They serve as objectives.

How to Set Up Kan Jam

To begin, bring the two cans and the disc to the play area so that they can be easily set up. Now, begin by arranging the objectives (the black cans) such that the shiny section of the cans is at the top of the pyramid. Then take the Kan jam label of quick win and gently adhere it on the front side of each of the cans. Afterwards, gently insert the three tab ends into the small slit apertures with your fingers. The quickest and most straightforward method of accomplishing this is simply pressing the tabs from the outside of the cans into the inside.

That is the official distance between the two points.

Double-check that the instant victory labels on each goal are pointing in the same direction.

The distance can, however, be reduced to meet the demands of a novice or someone who is training for their own benefit. During leagues and competitions, the space between the teams is typically lowered to 15 feet apart, allowing for more teams to compete at the same time.

Kan Jam Game Play

As previously said, the game is made up of four to eight players who are then separated into two groups of four. This enables the members of the playing team to stand on opposing sides of the goals, allowing them to assist one another in striking and redirecting the disc as it flies. Essentially, while one team member throws the disc towards the bin with the intention of scoring, the other team member assists in diverting the disc (if required) towards the goal. During a turn, a team can only throw one disc, following which their opponents have the opportunity to toss the disc themselves.

  • Alternatively, the diverter can score if they successfully redirect the disc into the goal.
  • They should not, however, make any physical contact with the goal with their hands or legs.
  • During the first round of the game, teams will throw a coin or a piece of paper to choose which team will play first; after that, they will only alternate positions.
  • It is customary to play the Kan Jam game to a final score of exactly 21 points.
  • A condition of fairness dictates that each team must take an equal number of turns in order to be considered competitive.
  • The hammer is awarded to the team that reserves the right to throw last.
  • Alternatively, if a team is unable to reach the required 21 points, they can toss for an immediate victory.
  • The opposite side is not given an opportunity to make up for lost time.

Kan Jam Scoring

When the deflector is successful in redirecting the flying disk into the goal’s side, the team receives one point (Dinger). If the player crosses the line while throwing the disc, the team does not gain a point, even if the disc lands within the goal (Dinger). Similarly, if the disc makes contact with the ground before rerouting into the goal, the same rules apply. A direct hit, often known as a Deuce, is worth two points. Furthermore, it is scored when the thrower successfully directs the disk to the side of the goal without requiring assistance from the diverter.

And the team does this when they are able to redirect the disc directly into the front slot of the goal or through the top of the goal post.

The “immediate win,” also known as the Chog, happens when the disc thrower succeeds to get the disc into the front slot of the goal without the assistance of another player. What do you think about a tie? In this scenario, each team is allowed one turn to battle for the largest number of points.

FAQ About Kan Jam Rules

It is not permitted to use more than one hand when playing Kan Jam, as stated by the game’s official rules.

Can you go over 21 in Kan Jam?

Yes, you can do so, but it will be termed a foul, and you will forfeit the points earned on the previous turn and have to start again. As a result, your score is often reset to 17 points.

How many people can play Kan Jam?

Kan Jam is a game that may be played by two persons at a time. Teams can be made up of four to eight persons.

In Conclusion

As a fun-filled game for enjoyment between friends, Kan Jam is also renowned as a timeless classic competition game. As a result, it gives you with a fantastic opportunity to participate in a variety of events. The experience allows you to meet wonderful friends, but you should be prepared to be immersed in the pleasure of constantly being on your toes. – Also, keep in mind that practice makes perfect, so make the most of your opportunities to play. Above all, have fun with it!

15 Frisbee games for kids

Are your children becoming disinterested in playing the same old soccer game? Try your hand at throwing a Frisbee! The plastic disc gives a new twist to old favorites, while also helping youngsters improve gross motor skills and expend additional energy. These 15 Frisbee games and activities are excellent suggestions for you to try out with your children.

1. Frisbee flip

Children participate in this PE Gamesactivity by forming pairs and selecting the “top” or “bottom” of the Frisbee. Flip the disc in the air like you would a coin to see how far it will go. As soon as it touches down, the player whose side is facing up is required to sprint to a designated location. The opposing player must make every effort to grab them before they reach the destination.

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2. Water transport race

In this game from Youthwork Practice, players must fill a Frisbee with water and run to the finish line to win. However, use caution! If you move too quickly, you will spill the water.

3. KanJam Frisbee game

There are only a few Frisbees and a handful of cans or huge boxes required for this four-player game. Two teams compete against each other by attempting to pitch their Frisbees into the opposing rubbish can. Other members of your team can attempt to deflect the Frisbee while it is still in the air in order to get it to land in the canister. If you simply hit the can, you will receive one point. If your team is successful in deflecting the Frisbee into the trash can, you will receive two points.

The player who accumulates the most points wins!

4. Hula hoop Frisbee throw

For this game from Education World, hang four hula hoops from a tree for the players to jump through. Each participant has a total of five attempts to throw a Frisbee through one of the hoops on the field. Each time a Frisbee passes through the hoop, you will receive a point.

5. Frisbee tag

Tag is a popular game among children. Why not throw in a Frisbee for good measure?

This game from Perfect Party Games requires the children to be divided into two groups. When a team is not “It,” they pass a Frisbee amongst themselves in order to keep it away from the team that is “It.” Once the “It” team has obtained the disc, the teams trade places.

6. Frisbee tic-tac-toe

Use tape to make a tic-tac-toe board out of a huge shower curtain like the one seen on Occasionally Craftydoes’ blog. Take turns launching Frisbees of various colors into the game board. Wins are awarded to the first individual to land three discs in a succession. You may also participate in tournaments with other people.

7. Shield throwing

Do your children have a fascination with superheroes? Three Dot Design Studio came up with a creative way to practice tossing Captain America’s shield. Create a tower of cans on a table or work surface. It takes three turns for each youngster to knock the cans off of the table.

8. Frisbee bowling

What about superheroes do your children enjoy? With this concept from Three Dot Design Studio, you may practice tossing Captain America’s shield. On a table, arrange a tower of cans. It takes three turns for each youngster to knock the cans off their respective tables.

9. Frisbee golf

Set up a “golf course” around the yard with numbered baskets, such as Little Gene Green Beandoes, to keep the kids entertained. Take turns tossing the Frisbee in the direction of the hole. To land the disc within the basket, aim to make as few throws as possible, just like you would in a round of golf. The player with the lowest score is declared the winner.

10. Frisbee bocce

For thisCamping Clubgame, participants must form a line before starting. The first person to roll a tennis ball is the winner. Each participant throws their Frisbee at the ball, attempting to land it on or near the ball. The player whose disc is closest to the ball receives one point; if their Frisbee lands on the ball, they receive two points.

11. Frisbee H-O-R-S-E

The Frisbee is substituted for the basketball in this game on PE Central’s Horse Central. The first player poses a task, such as striking a target with a Frisbee, and the other players must complete it. If they are successful in completing the task, everyone else must attempt it. Complete the assignment and you will earn a letter until you have correctly spelled H-O-R-S-E in all caps. Take turns being the one who is being challenged.

12. Frisbee baseball

In this game from Ultimate Frisbee Now, you’ll trade in your ball and bat for a Frisbee. Teams compete to score the most runs, just like they would in traditional baseball. “Batters” are those who toss a disc and run the bases. If the ball is caught by a fielding player, the hitter is out.

13. Frisbee dodgeball

Divide the players into two groups and place them on opposing ends of the grass. Place the Frisbees in the middle of the field. When the command “Go!” is given, run, grab the discs, and attempt to strike the opposing team. If you are hit, you’re out of the game. When a Frisbee is caught in the air, one team member is brought back into the game. You may get detailed directions at 71 Toes.

14. Flying flowers

Make and Takes demonstrates how to transform an ordinary Frisbee into a bouquet of flying flowers. The number of points earned for each one thrown into a bucket (or “flower pot”) is kept track of.

15. Ultimate Frisbee

Players should be divided into two groups of seven. The objective, similar to soccer, is to try to get the Frisbee into the goal. When a teammate passes the disc up the field, you must come to a complete stop once you have caught the disc. The whole list of rules may be found atKids Sports Activities.

Try one of these Frisbee games the next time you’re looking for something new to do! While you may have to find something to do indoors on a wet day in order to be entertained, these Frisbee activities will ensure that your time spent outside is full with laughter.

Top 10 Frisbee Games

There’s a chance that not everyone showed up to practice today, or that you’re in your garden with some pals and want to liven things up. Whatever the circumstance, you have a frisbee, a group of people, and a desire to demonstrate your abilities to the group. This article contains a list of games that can be played using a Frisbee when there isn’t enough room or players to play a traditional Ultimate game. The sport of frisbee is a terrific way to develop your throwing and accuracy while also having a good time seeing your friends try their hand at tossing a disc for the first time.

1:Kan Jam

4 players are required. Cost: $30 to $40 per person Is it possible to make it into a drinking game? Yes, Kan Jam must take the top spot in our list of the top ten frisbee games. This incredibly simple game is strangely addictive to play, and it is also incredibly enjoyable to play. Kan Jam is nothing more than two plastic cylinders with a slit in the middle of them. There are several different ways to earn points. To score 3 points, you can throw the disc above the cylinder to a teammate who has one attempt to slap the disc into the opening at the top of the cylinder.

  1. The winner is the first to 21 points.
  2. Are your pals terrible?
  3. Are you competing against Ultimate professionals?
  4. Kan Jam can be played pretty much anywhere.
  5. Click the picture for the Amazon link.

2:Flimsee (or “Cups”)

2-4 players are required. Cost:Free – $40 per hour Is it possible to make it into a drinking game? Yes, this game began the old-fashioned manner, with the gathering of a few sticks and the sacrifice of a couple of party glasses. There is now an official set, which goes by the name of Flimsee. Flimsee, on the other hand, is a delight to play. To begin, drive the first two rods into the ground approximately 16 inches apart, with the remaining two rods 35 feet distant from the first two rods (or any distance based on skill level).

Each side will attempt to knock the cup off the table for a total of two points.

If the cup reaches the ground, you receive one point; if the cup is caught by the opposing players and they are successful, no points are awarded to either team.

This very basic game can keep you entertained for hours. It is best played in an environment where you may dive, such as a beach or your garden. Flimsee is a fantastic tool to keep in your car’s trunk at all times, regardless of the weather. To access the Amazon link, simply click on the image.

3: Hot Box

Players:6-12 Cost:1 Discandconeshelp Is it possible to make it into a drinking game? Probably When attending an official Ultimate practice or a pickup game, you are well aware that not everyone will show up at the designated times. The worst situation is when six players are hanging around hoping for more to come along so they can have enough for a game. However, no one ever shows up. Do we return home? In no way, shape, or form. In this case, a hot box comes in handy. Set up a 4’x4′ square in the middle of the field or gym to serve as a starting point.

  1. The playing field encompasses the whole area in and around the penalty box.
  2. In other words, “both sides must make at least 6 successful passes before you may score, and you cannot quickly send the ball back to the person who delivered it to you” is acceptable.
  3. Also, establish a rule that no one is permitted to stand in the end zone; otherwise, the opposing team would clog the box, preventing you from scoring.
  4. If there is a turnover, the pass count is reset only once.
  5. Hot Box is a high-intensity, fast-paced game that is every bit as entertaining as actual Ultimate.

4: Tips

The image is courtesy of 6-10 players are required. 1 Disc is required. Is it possible to make it into a drinking game? Absolutely When your blood alcohol concentration is comparable to that of an honor student’s grade point average, Tips is a terrific game to play. The two teams of 3-5 players will be separated by approximately 25 feet on flat terrain. Each side should choose a seasoned thrower who is capable of throwing a chest-level, flat, and precise pass to the opposite team with pinpoint accuracy.

  1. In either case, the game will begin with the thrower delivering a beautiful pass to the center of the opposing team.
  2. The most important rule is that you must catch with only one hand!
  3. 1 point is awarded for each tip and catch.
  4. If no catch is made, then the points are not awarded for that round.
  5. Oh, and I almost forgot: a hand-tip is worth one point, a foot-tip is worth two points, and a head-tip is worth three points.

You are allowed to tip as many times as you like as long as the outcome is a one-handed catch. Here’s a little video to give you an idea of what I’m talking about (it’s more challenging/fun to catch with one hand). provided the image used in this post.

5:Disc Golf

1 or more players are required. The cost of an official outdoor goal is $99 dollars. Is it possible to make it into a drinking game? Disc Golf is without a doubt one of the most popular Frisbee games that has ever existed, if not the most popular. The addition of Disc Golf objectives to the playing surface of many 18-hole realgolf courses has attracted a whole new generation of golfers to the sport. It is played in a similar manner to golf, except that instead of a hole, the objective is an above-ground basket meant to capture discs as they fly by.

The discs are not your typical frisbee; they are actually smaller and heavier, and they must be thrown in a particular manner in order to get the same “float” that we are accustomed to with a traditional frisbee.

I combed the web and discovered a video for you that describes Disc Golf better than I ever could; oddly, it can be found at

6: Goaltimate

The image is courtesy of 8 players are required. The cost is around $30. Is it possible to make it into a drinking game? No, not at all. Goaltimate is just Ultimate Frisbee with a target on the field. I was unable to locate a store where one could purchase a goal, but I did come across a website that explained how to create one for $30 dollars. With the use of PVC pipe, a half-circle goal in the middle of the field may be created for this Frisbee game. Essentially, the aim is for the disc to be passed through the goal and caught by a teammate on the other side of the goal for a point.

There is also aWikipediapage that goes into great detail on all of the rules and field dimensions.

7: JackPot

Players required: 4 or more 1 Disc is required. Is it possible to make it into a drinking game? Oh, yesJackpot is a very basic game for which you just only a single disc to play. Designate a thrower who has the ability to throw the disc about half the distance across the field. Organize everyone else into a group that is approximately 150 feet distant from the thrower. The disc will be thrown high and far in the direction of the group by the thrower. The group is a free-for-all in which each participant is solely responsible for his or her own score accumulation.

There are a total of three catches, each scoring one point.

Jackpot is essentially an Ultimate Frisbee practice that teaches players how to read the disc and catch it over the heads of their opponent’s opponents’ opponents.

The act of throwing a soaring deep pass to a large gathering of people is referred to as a “Hospital pass” in Ultimate, and for good cause as well.

When playing, be cautious since as the game progresses and becomes more heated, players have a tendency to collide with one another in an attempt to assault the disc. I’ve had a few excellent elbows in my day, but it’s so much fun to play with them!

8: Guts

The image is courtesy of the PNutCards YouTube channel. 8-10 players are required. 1 Disc is required. Is it possible to make it into a drinking game? This is not encouraged. Guts is considered to be one of the very first Frisbee games to have ever existed. You and your four teammates are subjected to an utterly insane sport that consists of a person tossing a disc at you from as far away as he possibly can. Catching the flying disc one-handed means deflecting it off of each other until it slows down enough to be caught by your team.

Now it’s your time to toss the disc at mach-5 towards the opposite team in order for them to have a chance to grab it.

I give these individuals credit for what they’ve accomplished.

Please watch the video of Guts Frisbee to get a sense of what these players are going through.

9: Frisbee Hoops

2-4 players are required. 1 old or used disc is required. Is it possible to make it into a drinking game? Yes, without a doubt Basketball can only be played in a gym if the gym has basketball hoops. The following is a Frisbee game that I used to play with a handful of my friends rather regularly during the winter season. You and your teammates stand under one basket, with the opposing team standing under the opposite hoop. One team will begin by tossing the disc at your basket without moving.

  1. If the disc hits the backboard, it is worth one point, the net is worth two points, the rim is for three points, and getting it into the hoop is worth five points.
  2. The winner is the first to 21 points.
  3. Assuming you reach exactly 21, every member of the other side gets one chance to redeem themselves by reaching precisely 21 as well.
  4. Consider the following scenario: the disc strikes the backboard, bounces off the rim, and falls into the hoop.
  5. Using a Frisbee, this is one of my favorite games to play, and it is easy to lose track of time playing it for hours.
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10: Ultimate Frisbee

14 players are required. 1 Disc is required. as well as a few cones Is it possible to make it into a drinking game? Abso-freaking-lutely I am confident that you foresaw this one coming. Without a doubt, this is the greatest disc game that has ever existed. As you can see, we went so far as to establish a whole website dedicated to it. The Ultimate HQ serves as a one-stop shop for all things related to Ultimate Frisbee. Please feel free to browse the site to learn more about the Rules, Strategy, History, Vocabulary, and anything else that piques your interest.


Thank you for stopping by Ultimate Frisbee Headquarters! There is still so much more to learn about this subject. Look through our most popular sections such as Ultimate Frisbee History, Ultimate Frisbee Throws, and Ultimate Frisbee Terms and Definitions to get a better understanding of the sport.

Kan Jam Strike Jam 360 Roundnet Outdoor Ball Spike Game Set; Fun Backyard Game or Portable Beach Game

When you want to challenge the limits of your abilities with up to three pals, Strike Jam is a unique outdoor sport that can be played directly at home among other games such as cornhole, frisbee golf, ladderball, volleyball, badminton, or pickleball! In an all-out jam session, bump, set, and spike the ball as fast as you can in order to get 21 points. This all-in-one set is the perfect size for playing on a court or in the garden; it has everything you need for an exciting game that can be tailored to the needs of beginners or specialists alike.

  • The game set has a 5-legged, high-bounce net that helps to protect the game from being thrown out of bounds.
  • A drawstring bag is supplied for storing and transportation convenience.
  • Two teams of two players each volley the ball toward the opposing team by bouncing it off the net like a trampoline, similar to a volleyball game.
  • The player who scores 21 points first wins!
  • With fully licensed NFL, NCAA, and NHL team versions, Strike Jam is the perfect game for tailgate parties or football cookouts — it’s the perfect way to settle the score with the fair-weather supporters on the opposite side before of the big game!
  • 5′′ for beginners and 3.
  • The polyester net is 39 inches in width and rises 7.9 inches above the ground.
  • Instructions and rules for the game

Ridiculously fun beach and outdoor games to keep your family moving

CNN— “Life is a beach,” as the saying goes, but it can also be a park, or even your own backyard, because spending the day outside is always a good idea. Add in a fantastic game that will keep your family moving while still having a nice time, and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic time. The finest beach and outdoor games to keep your family active were discovered when searching for the best. We found 15 that can be put up anywhere, whether you are camping, at the beach, or just visiting a park.

  • An amalgam of Frisbee and cornhole, Kan Jam is a simple, entertaining game for players of all ages in which teams of two take turns tossing a disc towards the opponent’s target, which is a goal can with an opening large enough to admit a flying disc.
  • The game, which is collapsible and portable, is ideal for backyards, camping vacations, and picnics.
  • has a Spikeball Game Set for $59.99 (originally $69.99).
  • You must have a competitive streak in order to participate, since the game progresses at a rapid pace and you will be diving and lunging more times than you can keep track of.
  • The strong structure of the set allows it to be folded simply and stored in most car trunks.
  • Cornhole has gained such a following that pubs and restaurants have begun incorporating the game into their establishments as a tactic to encourage customers to stay longer.
  • It’s also popular among families because it’s simple to play and can be enjoyed by people of any age.

The player or team who has the greatest number of “holes in one” wins the tournament.

” The American Ninja Warrior’ Obstacle Course Race Set (originally $69.99; is a fun way to test your skills.

Play one-on-one or in teams with this 37-piece set, which can be set up in hundreds of various combinations, guaranteeing that no one ever gets tired of it.

Each course is represented by a distinct graphic in the rule book, allowing you to customize your game according to your players’ ages and ability levels.

Speedminton Fun Set ($29.99; is a game of speedminton.

The game of Speedminton is played using a cone-shaped Speeder that is tossed back and forth by using a racket, as well as a rotating Heli Speeder that is meant to go lesser distances, making it an excellent choice for beginners or families with small children.

Body Bumper Bubble Soccer Balls for Children and Adults (beginning at $130.77; With inflatable, wearing “bubbles,” you can take your family soccer game to the next level, with you banging, rolling, and smashing into each other while laughing so hard you’ll cry.

The bubbles are both wear- and tear-resistant, and they just take a few minutes to pump, allowing you to get your bump on in no time.

Among Amazon’s best-selling items, these lightweight rings actually take off when there’s even the slightest breeze.

They’re available in eight distinct color combinations that you may choose from.

This portable golf kit, which includes everything you need to practice your swing and aim in the dark, is perfect for outdoor glow-in-the-dark fun.

When the sun sets, the neon colors come to life, allowing you to play for extended periods of time.

If you are the type of person who flocks to football tosses at carnivals and amusement parks, you may now play whenever you want.

The sliding scorer on the side of the gaming system makes it simple for competitive families to keep track of their progress.

The Franklin Sports Washer Toss Set in Red, White, and Blue comes in three colors.

For those of you who grew up playing Skee-Ball, it’s essentially the same game, with the exception that the washers serve as the new balls and the target folds up so that the game can be played anywhere.

Croquet, a game in which balls are driven through a succession of wickets using mallets, may be played by children as young as five years old.

A convenient storage bag ensures that all 23 parts are kept together no matter where you go.

If you’re having trouble deciding between badminton and volleyball, you don’t have to worry about it.

Suddenly, your trip to the beach has become significantly more fun.

Those who have purchased this bocce ball set say that the balls have a good, balanced weight to them that makes it easy to play, and that it even includes a measuring tape to assist you in determining the true winner.

Rope Bridge Play Tunnel ($279.99, originally $319.99; is a toy that children may play with.

Not only is it entertaining, but it is also a very effective strength-building workout!

The tunnel, which is constructed of heavy-duty, weather-resistant rope, may be suspended from any two robust trees or poles.

Perfect for camping and park days, as well as a fun alternative to a pair of garden swings. Please keep in mind that the prices given here are the most recent pricing available from the vendors at the time of publishing.

Best Kan Jam Set – Top 3 Reviewed

CNN— The expression “Life is a beach” is often used, but it may also refer to a park, or even your own backyard, because spending the day outside is always a good idea. Include an engaging activity that will keep your family moving while having a good time and you’ve got the makings of a memorable evening. The finest beach and outdoor activities to keep your family active were discovered when searching for the best. We found 15 that can be put up anywhere, whether you are camping, at the beach, or just going for a fast walk through a park.

  • It is a combination between Frisbee and cornhole, and it is a simple and entertaining game for players of all ages.
  • Team with the highest percentage of hits wins.
  • Water-resistant Splash versions are available, which are ideal for days at the pool or the beach.
  • Spikeball, which is similar to volleyball but is played by teams of two, has become extremely popular in part due to its appearance on “Shark Tank,” but it is also enjoyable for players of all ages and can be played on grass, sand, or virtually any surface.
  • You may use the Spikeball applets to connect with other local players if you’re playing with pals and want to organize your own little tournament.
  • The Himal Collapsible Portable Cornhole Boards (originally $37.99; are a portable cornhole board that can be collapsed for storage.
  • In fact, the American Cornhole League is a professional organization with a membership of 20,000 people dedicated to the sport.
  • The game is played by throwing square bags stuffed with corn kernels (or other fillings such as sand, beans, or rice) into a circle in the middle of your opponent’s board from several feet away.

(Originally $69.99; ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Obstacle Course Race Set ($56.99, down from $69.99) Whether or not you’re a fan of the television program, there’s nothing quite like an obstacle course to get everyone up and moving, whether they’re competing or cheering for the participants.

  • Playing and setting up the course is possible for children as young as 5.
  • You may build up your game according to your players’ age and ability level using the varied diagrams supplied in the rulebook for each course.
  • Speedminton Fun Set ($29.99; is a game where you can have a good time.
  • The game of Speedminton is played using a cone-shaped Speeder that is tossed back and forth by using a racket, as well as a rotating Heli Speeder that is meant to go lesser distances, making it an excellent choice for beginners or families with little children.
  • Sporty Body Bumper Bubble Soccer Balls for Kids/Adults (beginning at $130.77 on With inflatable, wearing “bubbles,” you can take your family soccer game to the next level, with you banging, rolling, and smashing against each other while laughing so hard your stomach hurts.
  • Wear and tear resistant, the bubbles just take a few minutes to inflate, allowing you to get your bump on in no time at all.
  • With even a tiny wind, these lightweight rings soar to new heights, making them an Amazon best-seller!

Choose from eight different colours to make your own pair of sneakers.

A wide range of obstacles means that you can build up the five-hole course in a variety of various ways, which is ideal if you’re teaching a beginner and want to keep them on their toes.

Portable Lawn Games Net by Sportsquad ($67.99, down from $79.95; is a great way to keep the kids entertained on the lawn.

There are both footballs and discs included in this edition of the game, allowing you to mix and match based on your mood and ability level.

However, the durable, folding game can be put up almost anyplace and is ideal for tailgate events.

($29.99; Get your chuck on with this washer throw game, in which you receive points if your washer lands anywhere inside the target, with additional points awarded to those who manage to put their washer in the center cup.

A standard croquet set from GoSports ($51.99; is a good starting point for any beginner.

Designed in bright colors, this modern twist on the classic set is constructed of hardwood and features leather-wrapped handles that are more comfortable to use, especially if you’re playing for an extended period of time.

( $126.48 for the Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set) Choosing between badminton and volleyball might be difficult, but you don’t have to make a decision.

Everything about your beach excursion has just gotten a whole lot more interesting.

According to the set’s fans, the balls have a great, balanced weight to them that makes it easy to play, and the set includes a measuring tape to assist you in determining the true winner.

Play Tunnel with Rope Bridge (, $279.99, originally $319.99) “That’s only for kids,” you could remark, but when was the last time you crawled through a tunnel?

Adding a whimsical element to your outdoor outings is simple with this play tunnel, which is large enough to fit both children and adults alike.

Perfect for camping and park days, it’s a fun alternative to a traditional set of swings in the garden. Keep in mind that the prices indicated above are those currently in effect at the time this article was published.


2022-02-06 / Affiliate links / Images sourced from the Amazon Product Advertising API / Last update on 2022-02-06 Our goal is to assess the best Kan Jam set currently available on the market and then provide you with all of the necessary information on the game’s rules and how to get the most out of your new Kan Jam set in our comprehensive Kan Jam guide. So let’s dive into the Kan Jam Reviews first and foremost.

Kan Jam Portable Disc Slam Outdoor Game

SaleKan Jam Original Disc Toss Game, American Made, for Backyard, Beach, Park, Tailgates, Outdoors, and other places where disc toss games are enjoyed.

  • OUTDOOR GAME: The Outdoor Party Game in the United States of America: KAN JAM is a wonderfully fun and popular competitive team game that is akin to cornhole and washer throwing, among other things. DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO PLAY: Take turns tossing and deflecting the flying disc across the yard, beach, or park into the goal – the first person to 21 points wins
  • Or go pro and slot
  • Or Setup is so simple that you’ll be playing in seconds once you’ve completed it. MADE IN THE USA: Kan Jam is proudly made in the United States of America. PLAY ANYWHERE – Kan Jam is a great game to play in the backyard, at the beach, at the park, or at a tailgate party. Kan Jam is so light weight and simple to construct that you can do anything with it.

2022-02-06 / Affiliate links / Images sourced from the Amazon Product Advertising API / Last update on 2022-02-06 Kan Jam is the hottest new party game that is taking over the United States. Take advantage of the finest new outdoor game to hit the market in recent memory before it is too late. Several cans, two teams, and two discs are needed to play this fantastic game. People stand opposite one other in a cornhole-like formation as each team attempts to pitch their frisbee into the can for bonus points.

  1. Produce a flawless throw and watch as your buddy JAMs the disc into the can for huge points!
  2. Tailgates may be personalized with your favorite sports team’s logo or with creative designs.
  3. This game is ideal for a variety of occasions like barbeques, tailgates, birthday parties, the beach, and more.
  4. Don’t miss out on the number one party game in the United States.
  • The simplicity of the design leads to unlimited enjoyment. Make lasting memories with this very competitive game. The perfect accessory for any outdoor gathering or event
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Kan Jam Tabletop Mini Disc Game

Game of Disc Throwing with the SaleKan Jam Mini – Perfect for indoor table top, basement, dorm room, and game room use

  • 1 OUTDOOR GAME: The No. 1 outdoor party game in the United States is now available in a mini version! Kan Jam is a tremendously entertaining and widely played competitive team game. DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO PLAY: Take turns throwing and deflecting the flying disc across the room toward the goal – the first player to reach 21 points wins – or go pro and slot the flying disc
  • Setup is so simple that you’ll be playing in seconds once you’ve completed it. USA MADE IN THE USA: Kan Jam is proudly made in the United States of America. WHEREVER YOU WANT TO PLAY – Kan Jam mini is perfect for indoor play! Kan Jam Mini is so light and simple to assemble that you can take it anywhere and set it up in seconds.

2022-02-06 / Affiliate links / Images sourced from the Amazon Product Advertising API / Last update on 2022-02-06 You don’t have a lot of space at your residence? Do you live in an apartment or a dorm room? Do you experience lengthy, harsh winters that force you to spend most of your time inside? Do you enjoy Kan Jam’s music? Not to be concerned! Kan Jam has you covered in any of these scenarios thanks to their small version of their famous game, which is available for purchase online. Not everyone has access to a large yard or the capacity to spend a significant amount of time outside.

It is possible to play your favorite game virtually anywhere with the Kan Jam mini-set.

Kan Jam is a company dedicated to creating games for any occasion, all of which are proudly manufactured in the United States.

Because of the straightforward design, which includes only two discs and two kans, this set will not take up much room and will be simple to put up and take down.

  • The popular game of Kan Jam has been adapted for indoor play and for usage in compact places. Make no excuses for missing out on your favorite game because of the weather or size limits. This product is ideal for practically every occasion.

Kan Jam Splash Pool Disc Game

2022-02-06 / Affiliate links / Images sourced from the Amazon Product Advertising API / Last update on 2022-02-06 The classic backyard game has now been transformed into the classic pool game. Kan Jam Splash is a water-based recreation of the ultimate Kan Jam experience. Ideal for use in your backyard pool, on lake excursions, or even at the beach. All of our favorite things about summer are rolled into one package with Kan Jam Splash. With friends and family, you can enjoy the sun and the waves while enjoying playing your favorite outdoor game in the sunshine.

This means you won’t have any delays in your game as a result of components sinking into the ground.

As you cool down in the pool, the kans will bob up and down with the waves, and your leaping and movement will be limited as a result.

With Kan Jam Splash, you can make your next pool party or beach excursion even more memorable.

  • A water-based version of the traditional Kan Jam game has been developed. The use of water components adds a new degree of excitement and strategy to the game
  • Combining the greatest aspects of summer into a single comprehensive bundle will help you create long-lasting memories.

Kan Jam Buying Guide

Because of how distinct Kan Jam is from other sports, it is considered to be a whole other kind of game. It has gained popularity throughout time and has become a favorite among many families due of its simplicity, fun factor, and ability to be played by people of all abilities.

What is Kan Jam?

Kan Jam is a flying disc game in which players use a disc and two cans, which are referred to as ‘Kans,’ to compete. The goal is for the participants to deflect the flying disc into the Kans’ direction. Each and every piece of the gaming equipment is made by the New York-based business KanJam, and the game itself is completely one-of-a-kind.

Why play Kan Jam?

Some of the reasons why Kan Jam is such a well-known and well-loved game are listed below.

No Special Skills Required

Kan Jam is a game that everyone can try their hand at because it does not require any particular skills to play. All that is required is that one learns how to catch and throw the disc properly, which can be accomplished with a little practice. Everyone can accomplish this with their arms, hands, and wrists since it is essentially the very least they can do with their bodies.

Very Unique

Kan Jam is getting increasingly popular as a result of the fact that there is no other game just like it. In truth, the game’s equipment is also exclusively manufactured by the firm KanJam. Because the concept of the game is so novel — deflecting a disc into an oblong Kan – there’s nothing not to appreciate about it.

Appropriate for All Ages

It should come as no surprise that Kan Jam should be the first game that anyone searching for a game to play with their family (a unit made up of individuals of varying ages) should consider purchasing.

Consequently, Kan Jam is suitable for players of any age and at any time of day or night, as long as they are cooperative. Because the game does not need any strenuous physical activity or high-level expertise, it is suitable for players of all fitness levels to participate.

Improves Coordination and Balance

Playing games like Kan Jam, which are centered on catching and throwing discs, or focusing on a single target, may be extremely beneficial in developing fine motor skills as well as improving overall coordination and balance of the body. Furthermore, Kan Jam has been shown to increase both hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Additionally, in addition to being advantageous to one’s health, this game can aid in the burning of calories.

Immensely Exciting

Despite the fact that the game’s rules are straightforward and the gameplay is straightforward, Kan Jam is a really entertaining game to play. The latter is especially true in the case of the so-called “immediate victory.” The implication of this is that no matter how far behind their opponent they are in the game, they still have a chance to beat them right up to the finish of it. This just serves to increase the tension, adrenaline, and suspense of the game. Because Kan Jam is played against another opponent or against a team of opponents, it is an excellent opportunity to meet new people.

Easy to Learn

It’s not an issue at all if someone has absolutely no understanding what Kan Jam is about! It takes absolutely nothing to understand how to play this really unusual and entertaining game. Just a quick lesson or two in disc catching and throwing methods will be adequate.

How to play Kan Jam?

Here’s a brief tutorial to getting started with Kan Jam. In order to play Kan Jam, the members on a team must stand opposite each other on the Kans. Kans are set 50 feet apart from one another on the battlefield. Each participant must attempt to deflect the flying disc with whatever part of their body that is available to them. In order to earn any points, a deflected disc must do any of the following actions (s).

  1. When the disc should strike the Kan
  2. When the disc should go inside the Kan
  3. When the disc should go inside the Kan from the slot opening at the front
  4. When the disc should hit the Kan

How do you score in Kan Jam?

A person or team must score 21 points in order to win a KanJam game. Four distinct methods are available for accumulating points. The points are allocated in the manner described below.


One point is awarded for this. A situation in which a teammate deflects the disc and it strikes the Kan happens.


This is worth a total of two points. This is given to a player who deflects a disc and it strikes the Kan without the assistance of a teammate or opponent.


This is worth a total of three points. When a teammate deflects a throw into the Kan, this occurs.

Instant Win

Instant Win refers to the fact that the game is over instantly, regardless of the scoring on either side. When the flying disc is inserted into the little slot hole on the front of the Kan, this occurs as a result.

Do you need Kan Jam accessories?

One of the most appealing aspects of playing Kan Jam is that no additional equipment is necessary in addition to the core equipment. All that is required are the Kans and a disc to complete the task. However, certain optional extras are included with the official kit for those who are interested in them. A disc with LED lights is also available, which is particularly handy for games played in low light or in the dark, as the disc illuminates the playing surface. Lighted Kans, which are essentially Kans that are illuminated from the inside, are also available for purchase.

Although gloves are not required, they are not strongly suggested because the disc may be handled more effectively without them. However, beginners should avoid using them at first since the disc can be painful to the fingers if the player does not know how to catch or throw it properly.

Kan Jam Variations

There are two primary varieties of this game: Kan Jam Splash and Kan Jam Mini, which are both available on the same platform. Kan Jam Splash is a game that is meant to be played in water. This is also the reason why the base of the Kans is buoyant, allowing them to float readily on water. This variety is known as ‘Kan Jam Splash’ due to the amount of water that is splashed around as the players move or grab the disc. Kan Jam Mini: The term ‘Kan Jam Mini’ refers to the fact that this version of Kan Jam is designed to be played in confined settings.

Frequently Asked Question

Kan Jam Splash and Kan Jam Mini are the two most popular forms of this game. In order to play Kan Jam Splash, you must be near water. For the same reason, their bases are buoyant, which allows them to float effortlessly on water. This version is known as ‘Kan Jam Splash’ because of the water that splashes around as the players move or grab the disc. KAN JAM MINI: The term ‘Kan Jam Mini’ comes from the fact that this version of Kan Jam is intended to be played in confined places. The majority of the time, this game is played inside on tiny, flat surfaces such as tabletops, floors, or other similar small, flat areas of space.

Can you play Kan Jam on the beach?

You can, in fact, play Kan Jam while sitting on a beach chair. For Kan Jam to be successful, a level and even surface on which to set the Kans is all that is necessary.

How do you win in Kan Jam?

To win a game of Kan Jam, you must score a total of 21 points.

What age do you need to be to play Kan Jam?

Kan Jam is recommended for people who are older than 12 years of age.

Is there a best Kan Jam brand?

Kan Jam sets are made and sold directly by the business that created them, Kan Jam.

Can any disc be should for Kan Jam?

Any disc will work and the game may still be enjoyed, however the official Kan Jam disc provides a more authentic playing experience and is specifically tailored to Kan Jam.

What should the distance between Kan Jam goals be?

It is recommended that the distance between each Kan Jam goal be at least 50 feet.

Who can play Kan Jam?

Kan Jam is a game that practically anybody over the age of 12 may enjoy because of how simple it is to play and how little physical activity it requires.

What type of field is required to play Kan Jam on?

Kan Jam may be played on any flat area, such as a lawn, a beach, or any game court, and requires no special equipment.

Where is the Kan Jam company based?

The headquarters of the corporation are in New York.

Which parts of the body can be used to deflect the disc?

Any part of the body can be utilized to deflect the disc, including the hands, legs, feet, and head, amongst other things. The sole constraint is that the disc should not be touched by the same person’s body twice in a row, regardless of how close they are.

Can Kan Jam Splash be played in the pool?

Yes. Kan Jam Splash may be played in any safe body of water, such as a pool, a lake, or even the ocean, without risking injury.

What is the ideal weather for playing Kan Jam?

Anyone wishing to enjoy a pleasant and easy game should play on a clear day with no wind if they want to have the most fun. For those looking to develop their game and maybe prepare for a big tournament or championship, playing in an open environment in varying weather conditions, particularly heavy winds, can be extremely beneficial to their progress.

This is due to the fact that doing so would allow the athlete to be prepared for any type of weather on the day of the championship game.

Who invented Kan Jam?

Kan Jam was created by Paul Swisher and Charles Sciandra, who were both from Buffalo, New York, and were the first to market it.

Who throws the disc first?

A simple toss, coin flip, or roshambo can be used to determine the outcome. Many players, on the other hand, prefer to throw the disc second since it provides them with the opportunity to win the game via Instant Win.


That concludes our guide that we hope you will find very useful in not only locating the best Kan Jam set, but also in understanding the rules and other important factors of getting the most out of this crazy fun game for you and your family that you can add to your existing collection of backyard games that you enjoy playing as well. Perhaps we will meet again at the Kan Jam World Championship, but whatever your plans, thank you for taking the time to read or watch our kan jam review and for playing the game.

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