How to Play Polish Horeshoes (aka Beersbee): The Ultimate Guide

The Only Beach Game You Should Be Playing This Summer

Let’s face it, KanJam is starting to seem a little stale these days. Throwing frisbees at a trash can while sipping a cool beer was entertaining, but it’s time to step up your summer beach drinking game this time of year. Horseshoes from Poland, in a nutshell. Here’s how you go about it.


  • Two 5-foot-tall sticks (ski poles work excellent for this)
  • Two 5-foot-tall sticks The following items will be needed: two empty bottles
  • One frisbee
  • Beers for drinking (optional, but strongly encouraged)

These pieces of equipment are quite simple to put together, but if you’re feeling lazy, there are Polish Horseshoe kits available for purchase.

Set Up:

Place the poles approximately 25 feet apart in the dirt or sand (closer if you want a faster game, farther if you want a challenge), and then place an empty bottle on top of each pole to serve as a balancing point.


Two teams of two people each stand in front of their respective poles and take turns tossing the frisbee in an effort to knock the bottle of the other team off the pole. The defensive team tries to capture both the frisbee and the bottle in the same playtime. In addition to catching the frisbee before it passes the pole, known as a “early grab,” using more than one hand to catch the frisbee (you should be holding a beer the entire time you’re playing), and saving the bottle before the frisbee has the opportunity to knock it off the pole are all considered illegal moves.

Play continues until one team achieves the mutually agreed-upon goal—we recommend playing until the number 21.


At any one time, only the attacking (throwing) team has the ability to score. The defending (catching) team’s sole option is to reduce the number of points scored by the opposing team. The point system is structured as follows:

  • A point is awarded to your team if your team throws the frisbee and the other team fails to catch it. Two points are awarded to your team if you toss a frisbee and knock a bottle to the ground when the frisbee is caught. Three points are awarded to your team if you toss the frisbee and the frisbee as well as the bottle strike the ground at the same time. It is not possible to get points if you throw the frisbee and both the frisbee and the bottle are caught by the other team. If you toss the frisbee and it is declared “uncatchable,” you will receive 0 points for that throw. Tosses that are deemed “uncatchable” are tosses that fall short of the pole, fly too low (below your knees by the time it hits the pole), or are tosses that are above your head.

Are you still perplexed? A really extensive, though corny, handbook for all of the visual learners out there is available here.

Polish Horseshoes Buyer’s Guide

This game goes by a variety of names, including Spanish Horseshoes, Frisbineer, and Pole-ish Horseshoes, but whatever you call it, it is one of the most entertaining outdoor games available right now. When it comes to Polish Horseshoes, if you have never heard of them before, this buyer’s guide will teach you everything you need to know about this growing outdoor pastime; if this is not your first time playing, it will still serve as a useful reference to help you get the most enjoyment out of the game.

What Is It?

Despite the fact that the game is called “Poland,” it has absolutely nothing to do with the country of Poland. Instead, the game takes its name from the two poles that make up a significant portion of the equipment required to play it. You will require two poles, two Frisbees, and two bottles in order to participate in this game, to be more explicit. Even while you can make this game from scratch, it is preferable to get a kit if you want to be able to whip it out and play whenever the mood strikes you.

  1. Each team takes a position on each side of their pole and throws a Frisbee at the bottle of the other team in an attempt to knock it over the pole.
  2. However, this is not the only method to do it.
  3. Even if the Frisbee hits the pole and the bottle comes off and hits the ground, the point is still worth 1.
  4. It is also necessary to catch the disc after every throw, in addition to the bottle being caught; if the disc is not caught, the throw is deducted one point.
  5. If the disc is not caught in front of the pole, the throwing team receives an automatic three points, which is the maximum number of points that may be earned in a single throwing attempt.

When a game is played to 21 points, the winning score must be by a margin of two points, therefore if the score is 21 – 20 for example, then the side with 21 would need at least one more point to win the game.

Where to Play

Polish Horseshoes is still a relatively new game, therefore you will likely have a difficult time finding many “courts” that have previously been established. One of the most appealing aspects of this game is its portability, which allows you to play it on virtually any flat surface. Providing you have a wide-open, level area, you will be in the perfect situation for a fantastic game of Polish Horseshoes. Polish Horseshoes is often associated with drinking alcohol, despite the fact that it is not a requirement for participation in the game.

You could always take a bucket of drinks and set up shop on the beach, where you could recruit beachgoers at random.

Who Can Play?

This is a difficult issue to answer because, in its purest form, Polish horseshoes is intended to be a game for adults aged 21 and over. If you spill your drink (which is generally beer in most circumstances) while catching the bottle or disc, the throwing team still receives points according to certain variations of these regulations. There is, of course, nothing to prevent families from completely ignoring such norms in certain circumstances. One of the many aspects of this game that makes it so enjoyable is that it does not necessitate a high level of expertise and does not require a great deal of movement.

The fact that this game is gradually becoming a popular backyard activity is just one additional reason for its popularity.


Although there are no specified resources necessary for the equipment in this game, the most often used materials each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


1. WoodPoles made of wood are attractive since they are simple to come by and are quite sturdy. 2. If you want to go the extra mile, you may treat these poles to make them water-resistant so that they will endure longer in the elements. The disadvantage of using wood poles is that the wood can warp and flex, making it difficult to keep the bottle upright. In addition, wood poles must be kept in a single 5-foot piece to avoid breaking. Because wood is a solid material, the transfer of energy from the disc to the pole is not as great as it is with hollow materials.

  1. 2.
  2. It is also simple to cut to the exact length you want, and the hardware store will have everything you need to construct the pole in a single aisle if you shop there.
  3. Despite the fact that PVC is a strong material, it is not impervious to nicks and scuffs caused by normal use over time.
  4. The poles in the majority of readymade kits that you can purchase online are made of aluminum, which is the finest material available for this game.

In addition to the fact that discs bounce flawlessly off of the metal, the sound it generates is not only pleasant, but it also eliminates any doubt as to whether or not your shot struck. Bottles

1. Aluminum

Aluminum is the greatest material to use for the bottles, just as it is for the poles. Aluminum bottles are used in the majority of prepared kits since they are safer and more durable than alternative options. Their weight is also often greater than that of other alternatives, which is beneficial for playing on windy days and preventing fortunate shots.

2. Plastic

Plastic bottles are commonly included in lower-cost prefabricated kits, and they can also be found in DIY kits, depending on where you live and the supplies you have at your disposal. When it comes to durability, plastic bottles hold up well to frequent contact with the ground. However, they are lightweight and will blow off your poles on a windy day.

3. Glass

Glass bottles are the most common form of bottle used in a DIY kit, and they have a nice weight to them. However, they have one significant fault. In the case of glasses, they are made of glass, and they can shatter or break if they are hit hard enough even once, causing games to halt and dangerous playing circumstances to emerge.


Discs are always constructed of the same material or a substance that is quite close to it. When it comes to Polish Horseshoes, it is a safe bet that any disc that isn’t made of hard plastic will not function properly. Because there are no official disc restrictions in place yet, you are free to use whatever sort of disc you want for the game and in any size you desire. It is recommended that you use a normal Frisbee disc in order to provide a more uniform game.

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DIY Vs. Store-Bought – Pros and Cons of both

Although the exact origins of Polish Horseshoes are still a mystery, it is known that they were created in a backyard with whatever materials were available to the designers. With pages and pages of search results regarding how to create your own Polish Horseshoes set, it is clear that the spirit of the past is still very much alive today. There is much to be said for creating your own kit, but many individuals will prefer the convenience of purchasing a pre-made kit. It is possible to have benefits and drawbacks in both situations.


  • These kits may be simply constructed using stuff that many people already have in their homes, if not from supplies that are readily accessible at your local hardware shop. Even though you have to go out and purchase supplies in order to construct this game, the ingredients are pretty cheap. Within an hour of choosing that you want to play one of the most enjoyable outdoor sports, you will have it


  • Despite the fact that it is very simple to put together, if you do not pay close attention to the details, your kit may have flaws. Because to the use of low-quality materials, the game will be dangerous to play. If you make your own kit, it will most likely not last as long, especially if it is not treated to minimize environmental effect.

Premade Kit

  • The ease of a readymade kit is the most significant advantage of using one. Due to the fact that everything is already prepared for you, there is no need to spend time cutting or gathering supplies. These kits are constructed of high-quality and long-lasting components that will outlast handmade items by a long shot. These kits are more aesthetically beautiful, which isn’t a major thing, but it’s still great to have your stuff look nice
  • These kits are more affordable.


  • It is certain that you will spend more money because of convenience and high-quality materials. You must either go to the store or place an online buy. It is more difficult to replace missing or broken components.

How to Make Your Own Kit

If you want to construct your own Polish Horseshoes kit, you need take your time and do it correctly. Here’s a comprehensive list of the items you’ll need, as well as step-by-step directions on how to create your own backyard adventure.

Materials Needed

Two-inch-wide, two-and-a-half-foot-long PVC pipes You may cut them yourself, or you can ask the hardware shop if they can cut them for you. 2 – 2 inch PVC Couplings are available. 2 – PVC Thread Fittings from 2 inch to 2 inch in diameter Metal Flanges with a Pipe Thread of 2 – 2 inch 2 – PVC Reducer (from 2 12 inch to 2 inch) 2 – thick wood planks measuring 2 inches by 10 inches by 24 inches. 8 – 1 12 inch flathead screws (not included). 1 Can PVC Primer1 Can PVC Cement1 Can PVC Cement Selection of discs and bottles from which to choose

How to Make Your Poles

  1. Two poles can be created by doing the following procedures twice
  2. Because primer has a foul odor, it is preferable to apply it outside. Prime both ends of one pipe and one end of the other pipe at the same time. The 2 inch portion of the reducer, one side of the coupling, and one half of the coupling should all be primed before use. Make sure both ends of the pipe are primed before applying cement to the interior and outside of each end of the pipe. Glue the thread adapter to one end of the connection and the coupling to the other end. Apply cement to the primed end of the other pole on both the inside and outside, and then cement the reducer to the primed end of that pole. Start by drawing an X in the center of your baseboard
  3. Then move on to step 2. Orient your metal flange such that the X is in the center of the circle when it is completed
  4. Make use of a power drill and your screws to secure the flange to the board tightly. Incorporate the threaded side of the double-sided pole into the flange by screwing it in. Place a bottle on top of the send pole and add the send pole. After that, you’ll be ready to participate in one of the most enjoyable outdoor games ever devised.

How to Maintain Your Equipment

The beautiful thing about this game is that it has a limited number of pieces, and the most of them require little to no maintenance to maintain them in excellent working order.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that this game, whether it is commercially produced or made by hand, remains in optimal shape.

  1. It should be wiped off immediately if it is played on or near water or if it is left outside in the rain. If you’re playing on or near seawater, clean your equipment with fresh water before wiping it down. If you are utilizing a prefabricated kit, such as Yardies, you should lube the threads on a regular basis. Polish Horseshoes should be stored in a cool, dry area away from the sun.

How to Transport Your Equipment

The wonderful thing about this game is that it is equally enjoyable on the beach as it is in the garden, although this necessitates the use of transportation. If you purchase a set, it will be sent in a bag; but, if you make your own, you will be responsible for providing your own transportation. Poles for DIY wood kits are almost always a solid component, which makes transporting the kit more difficult than it should be. A bag that fits the poles at the regular 5 feet is difficult to come by, but a water-resistant bag is the best-case scenario if you can get your hands on one.

  • Protecting your poles while traveling may be accomplished with a tarp and many bungee cords.
  • Is There Anything Else?
  • Across the next several years, it is probable that this game will continue to expand in popularity, and courts and competitions will begin to spring up in pubs and on beaches all over the country.
  • Do you want further suggestions for entertaining backyard activities?

How To Play

Getting Things Started (1) Locate a flat surface and space the poles at a distance of 20, 30, or 40 feet apart, depending on the skill level and age of the participant. (2) Put the bottles on top of the poles and secure them with tape. (3) Two teams of two (4) Each team selects a pole to protect and rally around in support. Members of the team will all be positioned in front of the same pole. (5) While throwing and catching, players must remain behind the pole that has been assigned to them. The goal of the game is to In order to get points, you must throw the disc at your opponent’s bottle and/or pole.

  • Only the throwing team can score points.
  • When items collide with the ground, points are granted.
  • *The maximum number of points granted each throw is three.
  • Teams must win by a margin of two.
  • Disc must be judged “catchable” according to the rules.
  • (2) The “Low Disc Zone,” which is inscribed on the bottom of your pole, denotes the point at which the disc is no longer worth any more points.
  • The Bottle is Always Live, even if the disc is thrown low and strikes the pole.
  • (4) There will be no guarding.
  • Bottle Bash is a fun, original, and competitive outdoor game that can be played by anybody, anywhere, at any time of day!
  • Frisknock, Flimsee, Beersbee, and Poleish/Polish Horseshoes are some of the other names for Bottle Bash.
  • Our gaming set disassembles into the provided carrying case, backpack, or back of the car, allowing you to take it anywhere you want and have it last forever!

The game of Bottle Bash will appeal to anybody who enjoys tossing a disc or has previously played cornhole, ladder ball, washer toss, horseshoes, or other similar games.

Beersbee – Play The Frisbee Bottle Game! (Rules, DIY Projects)

We’re going to attempt to describe a simple yet entertaining game called “Beersbee.” You will be able to learn everything you need to know about it by reading the following article. Beersbee must adhere to a set of guidelines that must be obeyed at all times. There’s even a fun option to put together the entire set on your own! Hopefully, after reading this brief description of this entertaining frisbeebottle game, you will take some time from work to participate in it. It’s a fantastic recreational activity that you and your buddies might participate in.

What is Beersbee?

Throughout history, humans have engaged in a variety of recreational activities. We prefer to congregate in small groups and have a good time out in the open. In spite of the introduction of new and more complex rules, the reasons for which we play our games have remained constant over the centuries. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about games is the fact that they are entertaining. For some of us, the fact that the game is being played outside is the only thing that matters when it comes to sports.

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Our ability to move quickly developed as a result of the continual action we had to engage in for self-defense and food hunting and collecting.

Then, the more civilized we’ve grown, the more likely it is that we’ll get into a fight.

We had a lot of fun.

The Game of Beersbee

Beersbee is a game in which two teams of two players compete against one other. Before we go any further, we would like to emphasize that this is one of those games that must be played in a mature and responsible fashion. It entails consuming alcoholic beverages (beer). As a result, the name. You can, of course, choose to skip the drinking portion of the game. You just require two empty bottles to serve as target items. It makes no difference how you obtain them. Drinking only adds to the difficulty of the task.

  1. The majority of the regulations, on the other hand, require that you keep a beverage in one hand at all times.
  2. During the game, each team is stationed in front of a pole with an empty beer bottle or can resting on top.
  3. The objective is straightforward: hit the bottle or can with a frisbee to score points.
  4. Obviously, the greater the distance between the throwers, the more difficult the throw becomes and the more difficult the game becomes.

How to Play – Beersbee Rules

Okay, so the purpose is straightforward, but let’s take a look at some of the most widely utilized Beersbee rules. Additionally, depending on whether you’re moving as a “defender” or a “attacker,” you’ll have to pay attention to other aspects of the game as well. The teams must determine which of them will go first in the game. For example, they may use a coin or play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to choose their fate.

In order to begin, the first player must pick up the frisbee and hurl it in the direction of the bottle. In this manner, they assume the role of “attacker,” with the objective of hitting the bottle on top of the opponent’s pole.

The “attacker”

A few factors must be taken into mind when acting as a “attacker.” First and foremost, your throw should be polite, but it should still be powerful enough to reach the opposite team’s pole. Not only are you permitted to aimjust at thebottle, but you are also permitted at thepole. The objective is to knock the bottle off the table. If your throw is too short, your opponent will be given the opportunity to throw from the location where the frisbee landed, until you throw longer. Because of this, they have an edge, so be cautious!

A throw that is overly forceful will not be accepted since it has the potential to disrupt the game’s rhythm.

Consider the following scenario: A frisbee hits the ground, bounces up and strikes the pole, resulting in 0 points, even if you manage to knock the bottle off of it.

The “defender”

When it comes time for your opponent to throw, you take on the role of “defender.” Your primary objective is to catch the frisbee or bottle if it is knocked off the table. Ideally, you’ll be able to catch both of them at the same time. The most points will be awarded to you if you do this. But don’t get your hopes up too much! You should avoid attempting to catch the frisbee before it hits the pole since doing so is deemed illegal and the opponent will be awarded another throw.

Beersbee Scoring

Teams can score points by playing both offensive and defense at the same time. If you play Beersbee without consuming alcoholic beverages, you can predict the number of points required to win. We’ll go into more detail about this later.

Scoring drinks

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend you’re holding an open beer bottle in one hand and that your score will be accomplished by sipping from it. The procedure is as follows: Having thrown a frisbee and had it caught by your opponent means you’ll have to drink something afterwards. The throwing of the ball is rotated from player to player. As a result, if the frisbee is thrown by the incorrect member of your team, you will both be required to drink. In the event that your throw is significantly off, you take a drink.

This means that you must consume your beverage to the fullest extent possible.

If they manage to knock your bottle off the shelf, you’ll have to drink it all up quickly.

Scoring points

Let’s put the drinking aside for a while and look at how you can earn some virtual points while playing the game.

In general, the points are assigned in increments of 0 to 3 depending on the scenario. Again, we’ll begin by assuming the attacker’s perspective, and then we’ll discuss what may happen if you’re on the receiving end of the assault.

  • You will not receive any points if your throw is too short. However, you must be careful since you are letting your opponent to throw from the location where the frisbee landed, which is not a nice thing to do. Additionally, if your throw is much off, you will receive 0 points. In the event that your throw strikes the bottle perched on the opposing pole and knocks it off without being captured by your opponents, you receive three points. Your throw earns you two points if it strikes the pole and knocks the bottle off the pole without being caught by your opponents. Finally, if your throw knocks a bottle off the table but your opponents manage to grab the frisbee, you will receive one point for your efforts.

Let’s talk defense now:

  • If you are able to catch both the frisbee and the bottle that is descending, you will receive three points. You receive one point if you catch only the bottle or only the frisbee
  • You get two points if you catch both. Last but not least, if you catch the frisbee before it reaches your pole, you will receive no points. In addition, your opponent will be awarded a re-throw as a result of this.

Beersbee Pole Height – How Tall are Beersbee Poles?

The height and thickness of poles can vary greatly depending on their design. If you are unable to make a decision and select the most appropriate option on your own, we will provide some recommendations. Beersbee poles are typically between 5 and 10 feet in height, depending on the size of the game. Poles with more flexibility can be obtained by varying the height and the material used. Furthermore, the stand’s adaptability is a fantastic feature that will force you to raise your game. It is entirely up to you and your personal tastes as to what length you choose to utilize for your poles.

Beersbee Distance – How Far Apart Should Beersbee Poles Be?

The majority of Beersbee players recommend that you put your poles roughly 36 feet away from one another. Naturally, the greater the distance between the two players, the more difficult the game will be. However, you should make an effort to maintain the gap between the two poles as short as possible. The players should not be too near to one other because this would cause pain throughout the game. In contrast, if you space the poles too far apart, you run the danger of becoming disinterested in the game since it will become nearly difficult to strike the pole on the other side.

Beersbee Frisbee – Weight and Size

The beersbee game, also known as the frisbee beer bottle game, is primarily intended to be a recreational sport. There are no formal regulations governing the usage of various flying discs, although there are certain guidelines (i.e. frisbees). The majority of the players simply purchase whatever discs they can find at their local convenience shop or gas station. If you’re serious about improving your game’s competitiveness, you should look at alternative approaches. In such instance, the choice of which disc to utilize can make a significant difference in the likelihood of successfully knocking those beer bottles off the shelves.

  • The majority of the frisbees weigh around 175 grams.
  • A heavy-weight 200-gram disc, on the other hand, will almost probably provide greater entertainment.
  • It is also important to consider the size of the frisbee.
  • Choosing larger discs can assist you in hitting the bottle or the pole with more accuracy.
  • Consistency is important because a disc with strong consistency will continue to fly in predictable patterns despite the faults generated by frequent use.

In addition, we recommend that you evaluate the feel of a frisbee while making your decision. Consider the grip of the disc, for example, and put it through its paces. This will help you to assess how comfortable it will be for you to throw the discus discus.

Beersbee with Bottles Vs. Beersbee with Cans

In Beersbee, you may utilize both empty bottles and cans as target items to throw at your opponent. There are only a few minor distinctions between the two that we would like to point out. Use caution if you’re working with empty beer bottles since they may shatter if they’re not properly wrapped. This is mostly determined by the type of surface on which you intend to play the game. There is, however, such a thing as being excessively cautious in some situations. It’s possible that a little pebble hidden deep inside the grass is just waiting for a glass bottle to fall on top of it.

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Playing with cans, on the other hand, will not provide such a challenge.

They also crash when struck with a frisbee that is a little harder.

Homemade Beersbee DIY – How to Make a Beersbee Set

Making your own Beersbee set is a simple and affordable activity that is both entertaining and educational. There aren’t too many items you’ll need for it. Everything else may be purchased at your local hardware shop if it isn’t already in your possession. We’d like to recommend a method for creating your own set, but please bear in mind that this is entirely optional. Materials that are required: ​

  • One 3″ PVC pipe that is 10 feet in length
  • Two 3″ PVC flanges
  • Two 3″ PVC drain grates
  • A tape measure
  • And other supplies. The following tools are required: a marker
  • A circular saw, table saw, or handsaw (a inexpensive hacksaw would do wonders! )
  • Frisbee
  • Glass bottles that have been emptied

As you can see, we are recommending that you use PVC flanges as the foundation for your poles. We believe this is the simplest method since all you have to do is insert the poles into the flanges and you’re done! If you want, you may use glue to hold them together for greater stability. If you want to save money by not spending money on useless items, you may just sharpen the poles and put them into the ground. This is also effective. Another excellent suggestion is to purchase PVCdrain grates, which are ideal for putting a bottle on top of.

Up this technique, you’ll be able to fill in the hole and create a base for a bottle to rest on top.

How to Make Beersbee Poles (Wooden or PVC Pipes)

In order to proceed with the instructions, you’ll need to construct two Beersbee poles. It is really convenient to use a 10-foot-long PVC pole for this purpose. In reality, you’ll just need to measure 5 feet from the top of the pole to get the correct length. After that, you’ll need to designate the location where the cutting will take place. Finally, all that is left is to cut the pole in two with any of the tools that have been provided or that you may already have. As a consequence, you’ll receive two poles, which will be plenty for the frisbee game with a pole and a plastic bottle.

It could be a little more expensive, but at the very least you’ll be prepared to play!

The size you’ll need, on the other hand, will be far more difficult to come by.

Whatever you choose to use, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re prepared to begin the frisbee pole competition. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is that you have a good time while you’re doing it. Isn’t that what do-it-yourself projects are for?

Beersbee in the Water – Lake, Pool or Beach

The game of Beersbee does not have to be limited to the backyard. It’s possible to set up your Beersbee poles in a variety of locations and begin tossing immediately. Depending on the weather, you may be able to spend some of those summer days playing the game in water as well. If you’ve built the poles with the bottom foundation, you’ll need to open the tops and fill them with water so that they can sink and remain securely in the water as the water level drops. You may use sand, PVC cement, or anything else you have on hand to give them a little extra weight.

It’s as simple as sticking them in the sand and you’re done!

Maintaining the surface of the water a few inches above the knees should be your goal.

Beersbee History

Beersbee is frequently referred to as “Polish Horseshoes” by those who are unfamiliar with the term. Due to the fact that this is a synonym, many people are perplexed as to the origin of the game. Contrary to its name, the game does not feature horseshoes and, more importantly, it did not originate in Poland, as some believe. In truth, the word “polish” comes from the fact that the game consists of two poles, as opposed to one. Despite much speculation, nothing is known about the origins of Beersbee.

There have been several reported instances of gun duels and fistfights using the frisbee pole game, sometimes known as “Polish Horseshoes” or whatever name you choose to give to it.

The rest is just a piece of history.

Who Invented Beersbee?

There is no documentation that identifies the individual who was responsible for the development of the Beersbee. Many people would like to shake this person’s or woman’s hand, but the identity of the individual remains a mystery.

Alternative Names for Beersbee

Yes, because there is no evidence to support the origin of the term, people tend to refer to Beersbee by a variety of names. To mention a few examples: Games such as Beer Frisbee, Polish Frisbee, Polish Horseshoe, Spanish Horseshoe, Frisbeener, and French Darts, among others, are played.

Games like Beersbee

Beersbee is most usually referred to as Polish Horseshoes, which is the most widely used synonym. The reason for this is because Horseshoes and Beersbee share a number of characteristics in common. The main difference between Horseshoes and other sports is that you do not use poles and a frisbee when playing Horseshoes. Other comparable games include Flimsee and My Polish Horseshoes, which are also available on the Apple App Store. It is necessary to throw a Frisbee in order to knock the cup off the “flimsee” pole in order to win the game.

My Polish Horseshoes, on the other hand, is quite similar to Beersbee. There is a variation in the base since they are designed to be used on any type of surface, which makes them particularly suitable for hard ground.


Hopefully, we were able to capture the essence of this really entertaining game. We’ve attempted to clarify all of the rules that you’ll need to be familiar with in order to begin playing the Beersbee game with your friends. In addition, we attempted to represent as many various aspects of this fascinating frisbee bottle game as possible. So don’t squander any more of your time! Get your friends and family together, put up the poles, grab a frisbee and a beer, and get ready to play some games!

It’s Parking Lot Season – Play Polish Horse Shoes

After all, it’s spring, and when you arrive up the hill, you’re not searching for the ideal conditions, are you? No longer do you spend your mornings poring over the weather forecast in search of a powder day; instead, you get out of bed late in search of sunlight. in addition to a drink or two, or three. When it comes to April, it’s the month of the parking lot, which means that parking lot die-hards are transformed into parking lot try-hards. They provide the chairs, grills, meats, and beers, and let’s face it, we adore those saints who are willing to open up their tailgates to those devoted mountain enthusiasts eager to get a bit sloshed after slicing some slush after a long day of hiking and climbing.

One Frisbee, a couple of ski poles, a couple of empty cans, and four human people each holding a cold one provided the solution.

Here’s how you go about it.

Keep your beverage in your hand; according to the regulations, each participant is only allowed to have one free hand for catching and tossing the Frisbee.

The individual that is standing next to you is a member of your team.

A single point is awarded for a disc that strikes a stake and knocks an empty can off the stake.

Whenever the disc directly strikes the can and the can is knocked off, two points are awarded if the can reaches the ground and just one point is awarded if the can is caught before it touches the ground.

If the defensive team fails to do so, the throwing team get one point unless your buddy on the other team either airs it ten feet above your head or digs it into the ground to score a touchdown.

Not to mention, avoid being the guy who catches the Frisbee before it reaches the pole.

If you fail to do so, you will be fined three points and will become the laughing stock of the group.

It’s basic, straightforward, and portable; do it anytime a good moment appears to be approaching. It’s just one more thing to help you get through the summer blahs a little better.

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