Civil War Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play

Civil War Drinking Game Civil War is a drinking game that is similar to bothBeer Pong andNemesis in that it is played in a 3v3 format and involves firing ping pong balls into glasses of beer. Each player has a three or six-cup lifeline, and they must shoot balls in a quick pace at the […]

What is a Scratch in Pool – Game Rules

What Is A Scratch In Pool? Rules for Scratching in Billiards If you’ve ever played pool, there’s a good possibility it’s happened to you at some point. As the cue ball heads straight for a pocket after an errant stroke, your heart falls a little bit further. That’s the end of the game. Your opponent […]

Power Hour Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play

Power Hour Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play When it comes to a decent drinking game, there should be lots of opportunities for mingling. A drinking game, of course, is about having a good time rather than about winning a prize. Power Hour is guaranteed to be a hit at any party, and it […]

How to Play Baseball Poker Card Game?

Play Poker Online – Play Online Poker For Real Money 2014 Please accept our warmest greetings and welcome to the official website, a complete guide to real money poker that includes advice, reviews, and articles to assist you in becoming a successful poker player. “Play Poker Online” (also known as “”) is a website […]

Asshole Drinking Games: Rules & How to Play

Asshole Drinking Games: Rules & How to Play The drinking game known as the Asshole is an interesting example. This game, which is also known as President and Scum, may be played without the use of alcoholic beverages. However, we believe that the drinking game version is far more entertaining. Furthermore, it is more sophisticated […]