10 Best Dart Games: Fun and Popular Games for All Skill Levels

The Most Popular Dart Games You Should Also Try This Year

Darts is one of the most well-known sports all over the world. We thought it would be fun to include some of the most popular dart games for players of various skill levels in today’s discussion. These unique dart games are quite popular all across the world. When you’re playing with your friends or family, they help you have a great time. So, if you’re a darts player, you’re probably familiar with these games. Furthermore, there are no limitations on the level of dart proficiency. As a result, practically everyone may participate in and enjoy these great dart games.

As a result, the possibilities for what you may accomplish with these games that we will be discussing are virtually unlimited.

Most Popular Dart Game Around The World

This is one of the most straightforward dart games, and it is enjoyed by the majority of players. It features straightforward rules that make it quite ideal for the majority of novices. The game also assists you in improving the accuracy of your dart throws. As a result, you may begin practicing with some high-quality dartboards to get a feel for it. Players must move in a certain order in order to get the target score. As the name implies, the participants proceed in a clockwise direction from 1 to 20.

  • In order to go farther in the game, you must hit each number three times.
  • These points accumulate to assist you in moving on to the following number.
  • This is when you strike around 3 trebles to get a total of 9 points.
  • As a result, it is a worthwhile game for all of the newcomers who are just getting started with darts.
  • It’s time for another round of cricket in the traditional American style of play.
  • As a result, two players or two teams are required to participate in the contest.
  • In this case, the winner might be either a person or a team who finishes the inning at first.

When a player finishes his or her inning with the same number of points as the opponent, both players are declared winners.

As a result, it is a dart game that everyone should play at least once.

The game of darts is one of the most popular in the world, and you may start playing it right now.

As a result, this game provides its players with a great deal of options.

The rules are straightforward and simple to memorize.

When a player hits the double number, the scoring system begins to count the points.

You may also keep track of your progress with one of the greatest dart scoreboards available right now.

The player who gets closest to the zero wins the race.

When the game comes to a close, the participants are required to score double numbers.

In contrast to the 301 darts game, the 501 darts game begins with 501 points.

There are some similarities to what we have in 301, but there is one important difference.

The participants begin by tossing their darts on the board as soon as they are able.

Because of the straightforward rules, this game will appeal to the majority of novices.

As a result, this game is ideal for players of all skill levels, with the exception of beginners.

Every day that passes, this game continues to rise in popularity.

The hare starts counting from 20 and the hound starts counting from 5.

This game has a fantastic feel to it because of the pursuing concept.

While the hound is on the pursuit, the hare must reach the number 20.

If the hare manages to stay out of the hound’s path and reaches the number 20, the hare wins.

So that’s how you may take advantage of this developing phenomenon in dart games.

First and foremost, players must fire single darts at the dartboard in order to advance.

In order to achieve the highest potential score in the game, players must work hard.

Players’ names are circled when they fail to follow through in order to raise their score.

Players that have three circles around their names will be eliminated from the game.

It is preferable to play this game on top-rated electronic dartboards in order to make scoring as simple as possible.

There is no need that players pick a number by tossing it on the dartboard.

Each number from 1 to 20 must be scored by the players.

The aim is to hit each and every one of the preset numbers without missing a beat.

As a result, the players who have the most lives at the conclusion of the game will be victorious.

They can also win by getting as close to the 20-point mark as possible. This makes it simple to grasp, making it a wonderful fit for new players to learn the game. All you need is some high-quality dart flights in order to improve your score in this game.

FAQs Regarding Most Popular Dart Games

The good dart games on our list include knockout, nine lives, and games that are available around the clock. These games feature one-of-a-kind themes that provide hours of entertaining entertainment for everyone. So, without a doubt, everybody may enjoy these excellent dart games.

Q. What is the easiest dart game?

The number 501 on our list is the most straightforward dart game you may possibly test today. Its guidelines are plain and easy to understand. Because of its simplicity, this game is an excellent choice for new players.

Q. Who invented darts?

In 1896, Brian Gamlin developed the first modern darts. This game, on the other hand, has a long and illustrious history that dates back to the Middle Ages. It was in England that this game first gained popularity as a military recreation exercise.

Final Words

We may now acknowledge that darts play an important role in our lives. This really ancient game has had several enhancements throughout the years. The popular games listed above are the greatest darts variations available in today’s modern day. These games are really simple to play, which makes them ideal for beginners. Despite the fact that these games serve an important purpose in terms of players learning new abilities, Even professional players can benefit from playing these games since they allow them to improve their throwing accuracy.

As a result, you may learn darts through the channel of enjoyment that is unparalleled.

17 Easy Dart Games [Suitable for Beginners]

It is possible that you have arrived here in search of some simple, perhaps beginner-friendly, dart games that you can jump straight into without any difficulty. I’ve taken care of you. You’ve come to the right spot because I’m going to share with you the simplest dart games that you can start playing right away—provided, of course, that you have a dartboard and at least three darts available to you. There are a plethora of various dart games that we may participate in. Take advantage of my efforts by downloading and printing out this list, which will allow you to get started playing immediately.


First and first, allow me to point out that, despite the fact that I begin this list of the simplest dart games with the 301, there are simpler games to be found on this list. However, there is one reason why I am starting with it: the 301 is quite similar to the 501 in terms of structure. Shorter. Yes. As a result, it is less difficult and substantially quicker. 301 games are vital to play on sometimes if you want to feel challenged while playing darts, but not too much so, and especially if you don’t want to spend too much time playing darts on a regular basis.

Finally, being able to play 501 rather well can be the result of this process. Continue reading my post on how to play 301 darts for more in-depth information, strategic concepts, tips, and trick to learn more about the game.

High Score Darts

Are you looking for the simplest dart game? You don’t have to search much farther. High scoring darts is one of the easiest dart games that you may play with a group of friends. It is appropriate for both children and adults. It is also appropriate for dart players of all skill levels, regardless of their previous experience. When it comes to high scoring darts, the name says it all: participants take turns throwing three darts in an attempt to obtain a predetermined goal score. The game is won by the player who obtains the set high score the first time.

Check out my post on how to play high scoring darts for additional in-depth information as well as some interesting suggestions.

Knockout Darts

It is one of the most simple and straightforward dart games that anyone, no matter how new to darts they are, can play. Knockout darts, also known as legs, are not to be confused with a game of darts, which is also known as a leg, but rather with a game of darts itself. There are some competitive and tough components to this game, which is a plus. Nonetheless, it is not excessive, and it does not include sophisticated mathematics and formulae. As long as you are able to put three digits together, you are fine to go!

  • Each player has three darts to throw in a single turn.
  • The score is kept track of, and the second player must outscore the first player in order to win.
  • There are no running totals in this game — the only thing that matters is the score that the person before you obtained with his or her darts.
  • A player who obtains three X’s is automatically eliminated from the game.
  • Check out my post on how to play knockout darts for additional in-depth information, tips, and strategies.

Around the Clock Darts (Around the World)

Around the clock is a highly popular and incredibly simple game to play that anybody can learn quickly. It is also an excellent place to practice darts, particularly if you are a beginner. The game does not need any mathematical calculations or the keeping of a score. In addition, there is no sophisticated technique required other than just striking a number. A game of around the clock often lasts no more than 10 to 30 minutes on average, making it a very short game to play. Any number of people, including yourself, can participate, and it can be played on any sort of dartboard.

When you have thrown your three darts, it is the turn of your opponent.

Simply hitting that number with a single dart will advance you to the next round of the game.

Your objective is to complete the game before the other player.

If you are playing by yourself, you can aim to beat your own personal best scores by attempting to compete against yourself. Depending on your skill level and preferences, you may make the game more challenging by incorporating certain twists into it. As an illustration:

  • You can restrict the scoring area to to the doubles and triples, as well as the inner and outer singles
  • However, this is not recommended. You may also include the criterion to strike both the outside and inner bullseyes
  • You can have it, such that the players’ turn ends only when they fail to score their assigned number. Adding the necessity to hit a single, double, and triple of each number before going on might be beneficial.

Continue reading the essay I wrote on how to play around the globe darts for more thorough information, suggestions, and ideas, or go to the next section.

Nine Lives Darts

I’ve always regarded nine lives darts to be a variant of the Around the clock dart game. I’m not sure why. In a similar vein, each player takes a turn throwing three darts, attempting to strike the digits 1 through 20 in the correct order. There are nine lives available to each player, and if a player misses striking their goal number with all three darts, they lose one life for that round. If a player loses all three of his or her lives, they are eliminated from the game. The game is won by the first player to reach 20 points or the last person standing at the end of the round.


Warfare is another another dart game that is really simple to understand and play; there are no difficult rules or tactics to learn, so anybody can pick it up and start playing in minutes rather than hours. The dartboard is divided into two half — a left halve and a right halve, or an upper and a lower halve – to accommodate the number of players. Each of the two players (or teams) is assigned a half of the field. Each number corresponds to a single soldier. This implies that each player has a total of 10 soldiers.

When you click on the relevant number, that number is crossed out on your screen.

This game may be modified in a variety of ways to increase the level of difficulty or to disadvantage more experienced players.


Cricket, specifically the American version of the game, is a ton of fun and quite simple to play. When played in conjunction with the 501, it is most likely one of the most popular dart games. When playing American cricket, often known as Mickey Mouse Darts, players take turns opening, scoring, and closing the numbers from 20 to 15, including the bullseye, in a race to the finish line. You must press a number three times in order for it to be activated. The triple can be hit once, the singles three times, and so on until you get the desired result.

The points are calculated in the same manner as before.

The game is over when all of the numbers have been opened or closed.

Call Three Darts

In addition to being a really easy game that you can learn how to play in seconds, call three is also a great practice game that you should try out. No limit to the amount of players that can participate in this game (or teams). Each player has a total of three darts to throw every turn. Afterwards, at the beginning of each round, the player who will be tossing the following ball yells out three numbers. To win, the person throwing tries to hit each of the numbers on the board with one of his darts, in the same sequence that they were called out.

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It makes no difference what the scoring area’s actual number is.

It is also possible to call out the bullseye.

This is how the game is played during the first ten rounds.

The game is won by the player who has accrued the most number of points at the conclusion of 10 rounds. Read my post on how to play call three darts for more thorough information, tips, and methods on how to play and make the game even more enjoyable.

Scram Darts

Scram darts is a fun and extremely simple dart game that may be played with one or many additional players. Each of the two participants is assigned a certain duty. The person who goes first is referred to as the stopper, while the player who goes second is referred to as the scorer. Each player has three darts to throw in a single turn. The first player (the stopper) aims to hit and then stop (or close) as many distinct numbers as he or she can. Hitting any part of a number will bring it to a close.

During the game, the second player (the scorer) tries to rack up as many points as possible before the first player stops (or closes) all numbers.

When this occurs, the roles are reversed, and the game is played in a similar fashion to the previous game.

This game is really plain and simple to learn and play, and it makes for an excellent dart practice game.

Shanghai Darts

Allow me to introduce you to Shanghai darts, which is another another really simple dart game that anyone can learn to play. Shanghai darts is a game that may be played by two or more people. In a game of shanghai darts, there are two methods to come out on top. The first is to accumulate the greatest number of points after 20 rounds, or to score a shanghai. The number of rounds in each game correlates to the amount of points that may be earned in that round. In other words, you can only score in the first round by hitting the number one, in the second round you want to hit the number two, and so on until you reach round number twenty.

In addition to scoring points, there are two more ways to win the game.

Check out my post on how to play shanghai darts for more information, tips, and tactics.

Slider Darts

Slider darts is a game that is quite similar to Around the clock, however it has a slight difference in that it uses slider darts. Slider is a fairly simple dart game that can be played by dart players of all skill levels and is suitable for beginners. It is a quick-paced game that does not endure for an extended period of time. It is also appropriate for use in practice games because it needs players to hit numbers throughout the entire board in order to win. Each player has three darts to throw in a single turn.

Whenever a player fails to strike his or her goal number with all three darts, he or she “slides” one number backward.

They would be back on 18 if they had to hit 19 and failed to hit it with all three darts the following turn. More information and suggestions for numerous variants of this game can be found in my in-depth essay on how to play slider darts, which can be found here.


Gameplay-wise, Gotcha is a fairly simple and straightforward game with a unique twist. Darts players compete against one another to attain a specified score. Most of the time, this is any number that the participants can agree on, although it is typically something like 301 points. Because of the unusual twist, if you and your opponent both score the same amount of points, your opponent forces you to reset your opponent’s score back to zero, and vice-versa. In order to win, you must score the precise number of points that you and your opponent have previously agreed on.

Follow the Leader

A fun and simple dart game that can be played by any number of people, follow the leader is a great way to pass the time. All players begin with three lives, regardless of their position in the game. The game is won by the player who is left standing at the end of the round. So, how do you come out on top? The following is a description of how the game is played. To begin, the first player throws only one dart with their non-dominant hand, and the game is over. The goal for the next player is to land a dart in the same spot on the dartboard as the previous dart landed, and so on.

If they are successful in hitting that same location and have any remaining darts in their hand, they can establish a new target for the person who comes after them to shoot at.

When a player loses all three of his or her life, that player is eliminated.

High/Low Darts

High and low darts are two very distinct yet very comparable games that are played using darts. Let’s start with some high-powered darts. It is extremely similar to the game of Knockout darts in terms of gameplay. High darts is a game that may be played by any number of people. In general, the greater the number of individuals, the better. After the order of the players has been set, the first player throws their first two darts at the same time—yes, you read that correctly, the first two darts are thrown at the same time—and the second player does the same.

  1. Additionally, depending on how the players were assigned to the field, the first player may also be the superior player in some situations.
  2. Whenever a player fails to outscore the player who threw before them, that player forfeits one of their lives.
  3. Although, in certain editions of the game, a tie will not result in the loss of a life if the score is greater than 100 points.
  4. The number of lives is entirely up to the discretion of the players; however, three or five lives are the most frequently employed.
  5. The main difference is that each participant is attempting to score less points than the individual who threw the ball before him or her.
  6. So that’s something you really don’t want to do.
  7. So hitting the single bullseye earns you (minus) -25 points, but hitting the double bullseye earns you (plus) -50 points.

It is possible for players to lose one life if they do not manage to score less points than their opponent after throwing the first ball. When a player loses all of his or her life, that player is eliminated, and the game is won by the one who is still standing.

Castle Darts

Playing castle darts is a simple and enjoyable activity to participate in. Each player’s aim is to construct a castle out of 15 bricks. The game is played in real time. At the beginning of the game, each player throws one dart at the dartboard with their non-dominant hand, and the game is underway. The number they reach will be the one they will use as their specified goal number. Hitting the single region of that number will win them one brick, hitting the double area will reward them two bricks, and hitting the triple area will gain them three bricks.

There is, however, one small twist to the story.

In order to accomplish so, a player must first beat their opponent’s target amount of times.

Baseball Darts

Baseball darts is another entertaining and simple game that you can participate in. There is another variation of darts that is played on a special dartboard; however, this one can be played on a standard dartboard. In most cases, the game of baseball darts is divided into nine innings. Each player throws three darts per turn at the number that corresponds to the number of the inning—ones for the first inning, twos for the second inning threes for the third inning, and so on. The single areas of that number are counted as one run, the double for two runs, and the triple three runs.

Tic-Tac-Toe Darts

Tic-Tac-Toe is a very simple dart game that is a cross between darts and, as I am sure you have figured, tic-tac-toe. Tic-Tac-Toe is a dart game that is extremely easy to learn. A tic-tac-toe box is represented by the dartboard. The nine separate boxes of a tic-tac-toe game are represented by the numbers 12, 20, 18, 11, the bullseye, 6, 7, 3, and 2 on the board. If you want to mark a box on the tic-tac-toe board in a similar way to the American Cricket game, you must score three points in that box to shut it.

The objective of the game is to win a game of tic-tac-toe by completing the lines connecting the matching numbers on the board.

Five Best Dart Games to Play with Your Friends

To play Tic-Tac-Toe, which is a very simple dart game that is a hybrid of darts and, as I am sure you have figured, the game of tic-tac-toe, it is necessary to have at least one set of darts. Tic-tac-toe is represented by the dartboard. The nine separate boxes of a tic-tac-toe game are represented by the numbers 12, 20, 18, 11, the bullseye, 6, 7, 3, and 2. For example, in tic-tac-toe, you must shut a number by earning three points in the same manner as in American Cricket to mark a box on the game board.

Tic-tac-toe is a game in which the objective is to win the game by closing all of the numbers on the board. Check read my post on how to play tic-tac-toe with darts for additional details.

1. Cricket

This is most likely the most popular dart game, and it is one that is played in bars all around the world on a regular basis. Even if you’ve never seen a vintage dart set, you’ve almost probably seen a Cricket score card tucked away in the corner somewhere. Even though there are other varieties of the game, this one is the most fundamental one. There must be at least two players for the game to be played, and it only makes use of the board segments corresponding to 15-20, as well as the inner and outside bullseye.

if you close 15, you get 15 points, if you close the inner bullseye, you get 50 points, etc.) The only person who can score in that section until the other person shuts it as well, collecting the whole number of points earned in that inning, is the player who closed it first (e.g.

If you throw a dart that hits a section that is not in the game, you will not receive any points for that round.

When all of the innings have been completed, the game is over, and the individual who has amassed the greatest total score wins.

2. Killer

This game is best enjoyed by a group of at least five and as many as twenty individuals. You begin by having each person pick a number between one and twenty at random from a hat. That will serve as their game-day identification number. Make a note of who is assigned to which number and assign each player between three and five “lives.” After then, each player has a turn throwing at the board. It is the first goal to strike the double ring for the number that they drew three times in order to earn the title of “Killer.” Upon becoming a Killer, every time they strike the double ring of a different player, that player loses a life, until only one person is left.

You keep track of how many lives have been lost for each number, but you don’t reveal who it is until the person is dead.

3. Knockout

This game may be played by two to eight people. To begin, select the order of play by having each player throw a single dart at the board at the same time. The player who is closest to the bullseye is the first to go, and the sequence of play proceeds outward until everyone has been allocated a position in the line. Make a list of your ideas so that you don’t forget them. The first individual to toss three darts aims to earn the best possible score by throwing as many as they can. This means that the person in front of you now needs to beat your score with a higher one.

Whenever a second player does not manage to beat the previous player’s score, they receive a check next to their name, and the high score to surpass is reset for the third player.

The winner is determined by who is the last person left in the game.

This game has the benefit of just having one true competitor: the player who comes before you. When you knock out the player in front of you, there can be a strategic element to it, especially if you choose to battle against them later in the game.

4. Shanghai

This game is designed for two or more people to enjoy together. A coin toss, tossing dice, or throwing at the board and selecting the player who is nearest the target to begin first are all acceptable methods of determining the order of play. During a single turn, the player must hit a single, triple, and double in the same number to win the game. Players begin with number one and each throws three darts in an attempt to strike a single, treble, and double on the segment in question. If someone manages to accomplish so, they are the winner of the game.

The game continues in this manner until someone wins or until everyone fails on every segment through 20, at which point the game is declared a tie or the game is restarted.

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This is typically done on the numbers 5, 7, and 9 because they are statistically the most difficult to achieve.

5. Nine Lives

Despite the fact that the name is a little ambiguous, the game is enjoyable for two or more players (though it can get pretty long with a lot of players). Everyone takes a shot at the board with a dart. The person who is closest to the target goes first, and the one who is farthest away goes last. Make a list of the rules for the game and assign each player three “lives.” Being the first participant to complete a complete circuit around the board in numerical order from 1 to 20 is the goal of the game.

  1. Whenever a player throws three darts and does not advance ahead at least one number, they are eliminated from the game.
  2. The winner is determined by either being the first player to successfully circle the board or being the last person left in the game after everyone else has been eliminated.
  3. We’ve taken care of everything.
  4. A few of our other articles include learning how to throw darts properly, as well as our most recent essay, which discusses the finest electronic dart boards (a refreshing change of pace!).

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The 11 Best Electronic Dart Boards In 2022 (Buyer’s Guide)

Electronic boards are far more complex than conventional boards.

Prior to making a purchase, it is essential to understand exactly what you are looking for. Otherwise, you may be disappointed in your purchase if it causes problems with the score or breaks after only one party. More information may be found here.

The 11 Best Dart Boards to Buy in 2022

A significant amount of complexity is added to electronic boards over traditional boards. Prior to making a purchase, it is essential to understand exactly what you are looking for. Otherwise, you may be disappointed in your purchase if it causes problems with the score or breaks after only one party. More information may be found at.

5 Best Dart Games For Beginners

Everyone wants to improve their darts skills, and the only way to do so is to put in the time and effort. However, simply shooting darts at the board will not go you as far as it will if you have a plan in place to guide you through the training process. There are several different dart games available, but not all of them are suitable for novices. Although every player who is capable of tossing a dart at a board will be able to participate, some games need expertise that a newcomer will not have.

In this section, I provide a quick summary of each game; however, if you are interested in learning more about the game, you can read the entire article for each game, which will break things down in greater detail and provide playing advice.

I also list the benefits of playing the game for beginners.

This is my selection of the five best dart games for beginners, which is presented in no particular order.

Baseball Darts

Baseball darts, which should not be confused with dartball, can be played on a conventional dartboard. There are other variations of this game that revolve around the board and require you to shoot for various numbers on each round, or in this instance, each “inning.”

Why Baseball Darts is Good For Beginners?

Baseball darts is mostly concerned with the digits 1 to 9. In most games, they are not the kinds of numbers that are sought for as a goal. Not only does baseball enable you to concentrate on these typically overlooked figures, but it also assists beginners in learning where these numbers are located on the scoreboard. Baseball likewise focuses on a certain number each round, with extra points awarded for hitting a double or triple. As a result, even if your primary concentration is on the triple, you will still be rewarded if you hit a single instead of a double or triple.

Learn the whole set of Baseball Darts Rules.

501 Darts

501 is the most popular dart game in the world, with millions of players all over the world. In the beginning, each team or person has a set score of 501 points, and the number of darts they throw determines how many major points are subtracted from that total.

The player who gets to zero first wins. In addition to this, there are a few of extra regulations that come into play that make things more fascinating.

Why 501 Darts is Good For Beginners?

501 is a fantastic game for beginners because it is the most widely played dart game in the world. Acquainting yourself with the rules of 501 will ensure that you can pick up a set of darts and start playing with anybody, anywhere, at any time. There is also a strong emphasis on high-scoring regions as well as doubles in this game. Concentrating on these objectives will help you improve your aim while also developing your grasp of the board’s mathematics. Learn the whole set of rules for 501 Darts.

Around The Clock

Around the Clock, also known as Around the World, is a game in which you begin by throwing at the number one, then go on to number two after a successful hit, then number three, and so on until you reach number twenty, at which point you throw at the bull.

WhyAround the World Darts is Good For Beginners?

It is a game in which you begin by throwing at the number one and then, following a successful hit, go to the number two, and so on until you reach number 20, at which point you will throw at the bull.

Hare And Hounds Darts

Each play begins at the top of the board, but not on the same number as the previous play (usually 5 and 20). Each player then takes a turn throwing at their target number, and if they strike it, they can go on to the next number to the right in the sequence. The hare is the one who is in the driving seat (farthest right). It is their responsibility to stay one step ahead of the hound (farthest left).

Why Hare And Hounds Darts is Good For Beginners?

This is another one of those games that can assist in learning where everything is on the board because it utilizes every location on the board except for the bullseye and there is no need to keep score in order to play. Every hour of the day is filled with a cat and mouse style pursuit, which adds an exciting sense of tension to the storyline. When played with a large number of hares, it may be a lot of fun. Learn the whole set of rules for HareHound Darts.

Killer Darts

On the board, each player has a number given to them, and the other players take turns attempting to remove them by hitting their allotted number. In regular play, you must hit the double several times in order to knock out the opponent, however the rules can be adjusted to suit the player’s skill level.

Why Killer Darts is Good For Beginners?

While shooting for the doubles might assist improve precision, this one was included on the list mostly because it is entertaining. Especially if you’re playing with a group of friends, Killer darts is the most enjoyable way to enjoy darts, and I feel that making darts enjoyable for novices will help to grow interest in the sport. Learn the Complete Set of Killer Darts Rules. As you can see, there is a common theme across several of the games; the most of them are variations on the “around the board” theme.

Despite the fact that I have only included five games here, there are many to pick from, each with their own strategies and skills to consider.

You may also check out our beginners guide to steel tip darts for a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need to make your dart nook a success.

I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say as well. Is there a game that should have been included on this list that I overlooked? Please let me know in the comments section below.

12 Best Darts Games to Play for Fun and Competition

Home Recreation World is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Amazon Services LLC Associates Program is a program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Creating an entertainment room in your own home can be a fun and rewarding experience, and there are many different games to choose from that your family and friends will love.

  1. Darts, on the other hand, are a simple in-home game that has remained a perennial favorite among players.
  2. These unusual gaming modes cover the whole spectrum of competition, from point-based to target-based.
  3. No matter how you want to play, a darts set makes it simple to select a favorite game style or to experiment with a new game mode without having to purchase new equipment.
  4. You’ve arrived at the appropriate location.
  5. Some of these games are likely to be familiar to you, but this guide will teach you how to play them correctly the first time.

12 Best Dart Games to Play

Without further ado, let’s get right into the list and put that dartboard you have hanging on your wall to use.


Now, without further ado, let’s get right into the list and put that dartboard you have hanging on your wall to good use.

301 and 501 (“01” Games)

When it comes to competitive darts, chances are that you’ve seen a 301 or 501 game in action at some point in your life (or maybe even played one yourself). That holds true for darts games in a pub or entertainment center, where the devices are often configured to play numbers such as 301 or 501. The reason for this is that, in terms of actual gaming, these are among the most straightforward to master. Two players or teams should be created to get things started. Players or teams then take turns throwing their set of three darts, which is divided into three groups of three.

This continues until one team achieves a score of zero and wins the game.

There is always one catch at the conclusion of this game, regardless of how many times it is played.

As a result, if you have 20 points remaining, you cannot score more than “20” points amongst your three darts or you will be unable to complete the game. Each round’s finale is given an additional level of difficulty as a result of this.

Around the World

In certain darts games, the goal is not to score points as much as it is to have fun. You’ll be entrusted with aiming and striking each slice on the board from 1 to 20 in a game like around the world, rather than in a traditional game. This game is frequently used to help players warm up before playing a round of 501 or 301. As a result, it may theoretically be played with an unlimited number of participants. To begin a round, each player takes a turn throwing at the “1” wedge, which is the starting point.

They can then move on to the “3” wedge and so on until they have landed a shot on the “20” wedge after they have completed that shot successfully.

In order to “finish out” a spin around the earth, however, the bullseyes can be brought in as a prerequisite to do so.

Nine Lives

Aiming for points isn’t always the goal in certain darts competitions. Instead, in a game like around the world, you’ll be tasked with identifying and striking each slice on the board, which will range from 1 to 20 in number. It’s common for players to use this game to warm up before playing 501 or 301. Theoretically, it could be played with an unlimited number of participants. A round begins with each player taking turns throwing at the “1” wedge, which represents the hole’s starting position.

They can then go on to the “3” wedge and so on until they have landed a shot on the “20” wedge by successfully hitting the “3.” This customarily results in the player’s advantage winning the round.


Legs is the darts counterpart of the basketball game “horse,” in that it is a directional dart. For this reason, a virtually limitless quantity of participants must continually meet or exceed the per-turn totals of the players who came before them. Those who succeed are able to carry on, while those who fail are knocked out of the game for a “leg.” Players begin with three legs, and those who lose all three are removed from the competition. 301 and 501 are both competitive courses, and this game may be used to prepare for them.


As its name implies, “killer” is the type of game you’ll want to play when you have a group of four to six players who are eager to engage in intense competition. This is due to the fact that the goal of the game is for the player to become the “killer” and gradually remove their opponent. In order to do this, each player must target particular number wedges that are allotted to them. In order to do this, each round begins with each player being given a wedge based on the toss of a single dart with their non-dominant hand during the previous round.

Once they’ve done so, they’ve earned the title of “killer.” The “killer” may then begin aiming for the wedges of their opponent’s body.

If they make contact with it, they will lose 1, 2, or 3 points (based on the multiplier). Players that reach zero are eliminated from the game. As long as other players get 5 points, they have a chance to become the “killer,” making this a fun game of “last-person-standing.”

Halve It

For two players or teams, Halve It may be a quick and tough dart game that is both quick and challenging. Competition participants are charged with striking a succession of difficult objectives on a certain turn in this game. The entire score they have accrued up to that moment is reduced by half if they fail to do so. Because the purpose of this game is to accumulate the greatest number of points, a penalty of this nature can soon become costly. Halve It sequences might differ from one game to the next.

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Under normal conditions, these are difficult targets to hit, hence this game option is often kept for more experienced players alone.


When playing Shanghai, players or teams must aim for specified wedges in order to score points. Shanghai is a game mode for two players or teams. This is due to the fact that, in this game, players may only score by landing shots in specific wedges during each round. The number of wedges to be used is set in advance, with as few as 7 or as many as 20 (the entire board) being employed. The players then take turns attempting to hit the wedge for that round in order to increase their point total.

The primary goal is to accumulate the most number of points throughout the course of the full encounter.

This is accomplished by hitting the single, double, and triple in a single wedge within the course of a round in which it is in play.


Gotcha is a variation on the classic “01” format that allows for as many participants as the player’s heart desires to participate. To begin, participants must agree on a beginning score total that will be used throughout the game. Then players take turns throwing sets of three darts and deduct the sum of the darts they have thrown from their total score. It is determined who is the winner once all players have reached zero by a precise “close out.” However, there is a catch to this game. At the end of a turn, players can remove one another if they achieve a score that is exactly equal to their opponent’s score.

In the event that all other players are eliminated in this manner, the winner is determined by the number of players that remain.

Chase the Dragon

Chase the Dragon takes its name from the game “around the world” in that it is played with an infinite number of participants and does not require any scoring to be completed. Instead, this game option requires players to engage in target-based shooting for the numbers 10 to 20, which are shown in sequential sequence. The excitement, on the other hand, does not stop there. In order to win a round, a player must hit both the inner and outside bulls’ eyes on the board.

To make this game option even more difficult, some players only want selected sections of the appropriate scoring wedge to be tallied, which increases the level of difficulty even more. The players may agree to play “doubles” or “triples” only if doing so will allow them to boost the stakes.

Hares and Hounds

In Hares and Hounds, two players fight against each other to fulfill their own goals on the dartboard, creating a race-like setting. Accordingly, he begins by shooting at the first 20 wedges, with the goal of successfully hitting each wedge as the clockwise rotation progresses until they return to 20. The “hound,” on the other hand, begins at the 5 and proceeds in a similar manner, with the objective of catching up with the “hare.”. If the “hound” is shooting at and successfully hitting the wedge that the “hare” is now occupying, the “hare” will have been captured by the “hound.” The “dog” is victorious as a consequence of this.


Tic-Tac-Toe is derived from the simple children’s game of the same name in terms of its basic principle. Creating a 3×3 grid board on paper and tacking it to the dartboard is required in order to play this game. Then, each player takes a turn aiming with a single dart at one of the open squares on the board. They may be marked with a circle or a cross if this is the case. As is customary in this sport, the objective is to either score three points in a row or at the very least prevent the opponent from doing so.

Increasing the difficulty of the puzzle may also be achieved by initially decreasing the size of the grid.

As you can see, there are a large number of different darts games to pick from.

With a game like Killer, you can even show off your competitive side to your friends.

9 Different Fun & Easy Dartboard Games to Play in the Man Cave

The most recent update was made on December 29, 2020. Having a dartboard in your man cave provides you with the ability to make the decisions and play any games you choose. Choose something a little more exciting than the standard pub game instead of sticking with what you’re familiar with. While most people are unaware of it, dartboards are more than just a one-trick pony. There are a plethora of games available to play. Take a look at these games the next time you’re relaxing in your man cave, whether you’re using normal steel-tipped darts or a plastic gaming board.


A unique game in which you must consider every move, cricket is a great example. When compared to other sports, where the most competent player may win, cricket is a little different. Novice players may quickly dominate the board and take out a competent player with little difficulty. When playing cricket, the goal is to “close” out all of your numbers as quickly as possible. It is necessary to establish a scoreboard. In the middle of the board, write the numbers 20 – 15 in decreasing sequence from top to bottom.

  1. Each player will take a turn, with their attention focused solely on these numbers.
  2. The number must be hit three times in succession in order to “close” the deal on a certain number.
  3. If it’s hit twice, draw a “X” on the board.
  4. It is necessary to have more points than your opponent in order to win the game.
  5. In order to gain points, you must first close out a number before your opponent can.

If your opponent strikes a triple 15 after you’ve already closed that number, they’ll only receive credit for the portion of the number that they contributed to closing themselves, nothing else.

’01 Games

These are some of the most widely played games. You’ve undoubtedly heard or seen 501 being played at a pub near you. Every game begins with the assignment of a score to each participant. If you wish to play for an extended period of time, the number might be 301, 501, or 701. The objective is to accumulate a total of 0 points. With each toss, the points you acquire will be deducted from your initial score, bringing you back to square one. While the game may appear to be simple at first, it might get challenging towards the conclusion.

You are not allowed to go below zero at any time.

For the same reason as in earlier games, the outside ring counts for double points, while the inner ring counts for triple points in this one.


This is a game intended for gamers with greater gaming expertise. Newer dart fans, on the other hand, can give it a shot if they have excellent aim. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Halve-It is that it allows a large number of people to participate. To begin, you’ll need to compile a score sheet of your own. Create a huge grid with the initials of the players in the top row. You’ll need to write the following numbers in the first column, in descending order, to complete the task: The letters “D” and “T” stand for the words “double” and “triple,” according to the dictionary.

  1. Each participant is given three dart shots in each round.
  2. As a result, you must achieve 20 points in the first round.
  3. The maximum number of points you may get in the first round is 60.
  4. You lose half your points if you fail to reach the target number with any of your three shots; this is the reason for the game’s name.


A large group of individuals playing Shanghai is the finest setting in which to play this card game. It is necessary to use a grid scoreboard, similar to the one used in the earlier Halve-It game. In total, there are seven rounds. Players will have three shots each turn to aim at a certain number on the board throughout their turn. The numbers you will be using are 1 through 7. Consequently, your objective for the first round is to strike the 1 block. During the second round, you must aim for the 2 block, and so on and so forth.

For the third time in a row, the inner rings count for double points while the outside rings count for three points.

There is, however, a technique to win even more quickly.

A “Shanghai” is a term used in dart games to describe the act of hitting a single, double, and treble in the same round.

It is extremely unusual, but it is possible with a great deal of work. In the event that you strike one of these targets, the game will be over and you will no longer be able to come back from behind and win.

Around the Clock

This game, which is also known as Around the World, is one of the most straightforward that you may play. Because you are not required to maintain score, it is an excellent alternative if you only want to play for a short period of time. In order to win the game, you must hit the numbers 1 through 20 in a consecutive manner. As a result, you’d start by shooting for the first block. When you hit it, you advance to the 2nd block of the game. This continues until someone scores a total of 20 points to win the game.

Each player is given three shots.

If you hit a double, you will be able to skip the number after that.

A triple 1 during your first round, for example, would be your next target; a 4 during your second round would be your third target.

Hare and the Hound

If you’re playing against someone who has a significantly higher skill level than you, Hare and the Hound is a fantastic competitive game to play with them. One player is referred to as the “Hare,” while the other is referred to as the “Hound. The Hare begins on the number 20, but the Hound begins on the number 5, which is only one spot to the left of the Hare. Both players must take turns hitting each number in a clockwise direction, starting with the first. You will not be following the numbers on the dartboard in chronological order, but rather in the order in which they are organized on the dartboard.

Their aim is to complete a full circuit around the board and return to the starting point of 20.

The Hare’s objective is for the Hound to catch up with them and pass them.


If you’re playing against someone who has a significantly higher skill level than you, Hare and the Hound is a fantastic competitive game to play against them. The “Hare” and the “Hound” are the names given to the two players in this game. Unlike the Hare, the Hound begins on the number 5, which is one spot to the left of the number 20. It is necessary for both players to alternate hitting each number in a clockwise fashion. You will not be following the numbers on the dartboard in chronological sequence, but rather in the order in which they are organized.

In order to complete the circuit and return to zero, they must complete the entire board.

With the objective of catching up with and passing the Hare, the Hound sets out to do this.


Legs may be played by any number of players with any degree of ability at any point in the game. To make the scoreboard, write down the names of each player and insert three slashes next to their names. Their three “legs” are represented by these three slashes. Each participant will have three opportunities to score as many points as they can. All of the numbers are in play, and the multiplier rings are in operation. Following the conclusion of a player’s round, total up their points and record them.

As a result, if the first player received a 42, the second player must also receive a 42 or higher.

Upon completion of the round, the first player will be required to compete against the score of the last player in the previous round. Failure to meet or beat the score results in the loss of a leg. You’re out if you lose three legs in a row. The winner is determined by who is left standing.

51 by 5’s

This game requires a little bit of arithmetic as well as a lot of strategy. A scoreboard will be required in order to keep track of how many points each player has earned. The goal of the game is to accumulate a total score of 51 points. Getting there that 51, on the other hand, is far more difficult than it appears. Each round consists of three shots for each participant. After then, the sum of each shot is put together. The point value is calculated by dividing the total for the round by five, which is the round’s total.

5 is the most common number in the game.

To find out how many points you have, you would need to divide 35 by 5.

For each round in which the total score after three shots is not divisible by five, you will receive 0 points for that round.

These are the numbers 5, 10, 15, and 20.

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