Best Steel Tip Darts: A Buyers Guide (2022 Edition)

Best Steel Tip Darts: A Buyers Guide (2022 Edition)

This post includes affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, we may get a commission at no additional cost to you as a result of your purchase. More information may be found here. A comprehensive comparison of the best steel tip darts for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players. The steel tip dart business has gone a long way from the whittled down crossbow bolts of the medieval age to the modern day steel tip dart. There is a vast assortment of perfectly built and expertly produced darts available nowadays for you to pick from.

A suitable guide is required in order to assist in narrowing down the options.

After that, we’ll go through how to choose the best steel tip darts for your playing style, including dart weight, barrel materials, shape and grip, as well as shafts and flights, among other things.

Why Play With Steel Tip Darts?

Soft tip darts have risen in favor in recent years, and are now often seen on both bar dartboards and home dartboards. A number of variables can be attributed to this upward tendency. First and foremost, soft tip darts are safer. Soft tip sets are also preferred by bar managers, homeowners, and parents since they reduce the chance of injury and liability by a large margin. Additionally, there are a variety of innovative and fascinating soft tipelectronic dartboard choices available today that expand the gaming options and multiplayer capabilities of conventional darts while maintaining their classic appearance.

The unmistakable thump of a dart falling on a classic bristle dartboard is the first sound you’ll hear.

Furthermore, it is simple to recognize the artistry of a dart that has been precisely created.

Among the many reasons why most dart players continue to favor throwing with steel tip darts are the following: You may, of course, use both sorts of darts when playing.

The steel tip, on the other hand, is the preferred method. So, which dart set is the greatest fit for you and your needs? Here are a few solid possibilities for you to consider, based on your skill level and financial constraints.

Our Picks for the Best Steel Tip Darts

It is possible to choose among hundreds of possibilities, and we have experimented with a number of them. This selection of dart sets includes anything from budget-friendly sets for beginners and intermediate players to high-quality sets for advanced players. Here are some of our favorites available right now:

The Best Steel Tip Dart Sets for Beginners

This is one of the most popular steel tip home beginner dart sets on the market today. And it’s not difficult to understand why. Similar to the Sametop 12 packs, these darts are of outstanding quality and durability, making them ideal for leisure play or for general practice purposes. Features:

  • Darts weighing 18 grams with flights, aluminum shafts, brass barrels, and a dart sharpener have been added.

Those wishing to start into steel darts or those looking for some good quality neutral weighted backups to round out their dart collection will benefit the most from these darts. Purchase Immediately on Amazon

The Customizable and Configurable 6 Dart Set

This is an excellent steel tip set for those who are just starting out in darts. Three 18 gram darts and three 22 gram darts are included in the 6-dart set. The collection also includes shaft lengths ranging from 33 to 48 mm, as well as six regular flights and six thin flights. According to what you can see here, the advantage of starting with a set like this is that you can mix and match the replaceable dart components until you’ve found your ideal combination of weights and lengths. Additionally, each dart has a straight barrel with a complete grip texture on the back.

The disadvantage of using brass barrels is that they are more expensive.

In addition, the kit contains a dart sharpener, locking shafts, a dart tool, and a carrying bag.

Purchase Immediately on Amazon

Best Steel Tip Dart Sets for Intermediate Players

The Bottelsen 80 Series darts are a fantastic pair of high-end darts that were picked because they represent the personal preference of a small group of close friends who are competitive dart players. In addition, the Bottelsen 80 is presently gaining favor among recreational darts players, particularly in the United Kingdom. Many people appreciate the fact that Bottelsen darts don’t seem as loose as other brands and that they tend to endure for a significant length of time. Features:

  • The barrel is made of 80 percent tungsten, the shafts are made of aluminum, and the dart is 1/4-inch in diameter. It is available in 24 and 26 grams.

They’re intended for:Those searching for a premium mix-grip tungsten alternative. These are high-end darts that will not disappoint. Purchase Immediately on Amazon

Widdy Classic American Style Steel Tip Darts.

With their vintage appearance, these darts instill a sense of Americana and elegance into every game.

These are some of the greatest general and recreational usage darts you can get at their price range, thanks to their durability and the fact that the barrel is manufactured from a single piece of wood. Features: A total of 12 darts totaling 14 grams were used.

  • A single piece of wood was used to construct the barrel, which is 5-3/4 inches in length and contains three turkey feather flights.

Who are these for: The Widdy Classics are ideal for individuals who desire a set that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful in its design. These darts go nicely with a variety of different dartboard motifs. Purchase Immediately on Amazon

Best Dart Sets for Experienced Players

For expert players who desire a dart that is quick and with a no-nonsense barrel, the Viper Sinister dart set is the right choice. The Sinisters are a well-balanced dart that has a very compact profile and a smooth barrel shape. They are made of 95 percent tungsten and 5 percent nickel, respectively. This dart set has shorter shafts and higher-speed flights than most others on the market. Keep in mind that the barrel is absolutely free of burrs and scratches. As a result, there is normally a learning curve when moving to these darts since the slickness of the barrel takes some getting accustomed to.

The following are the primary characteristics:

  • 95 percent Tungsten (5 percent Nickel)
  • High density, smooth barrels with a compact profile
  • 95 percent Tungsten (5 percent Nickel)
  • There are two barrel designs to choose from to suit different grip preferences: Aluminized shafts, both contoured and teardrop-shaped
  • Locking shafts that tighten the barrel’s fit
  • Design for a high-speed, streamlined flight
  • 24 and 25 grams are available as weight options.

There is 95 percent Tungsten in the barrels and 5 percent Nickel; the barrels are high density and smooth with a thin profile. The barrels are available in two distinct types, depending on your grip preference: Aluminized shafts, both contoured and teardrop-shaped; locking shafts that tighten the barrel to the shaft. Aircraft with a low drag coefficient and high speed. 24 and 25 grams are available as weight options;

Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten

The Viper Blitz darts, like the Viper Sinister, are constructed primarily of tungsten with a small amount of nickel added for good measure. This is a terrific material combination for quick darts with a lot of weight, and it is quite affordable. A variety of grip types are offered, including delicately ringed, big knurl, shark-finned, and five banded knurled. These darts are equipped with a rotating shaft that causes the flight to rotate when it hits the board. In order to prevent bounce outs and give a more steady and consistent throw, the spinning action is employed.

Despite the fact that it is still a thin and quick design, the variety of grip choices and wider flights ensure that this dart delivers sufficient balance and grip for both beginners and experienced players alike.

  • There is 95 percent Tungsten content (5 percent Nickel) in the barrels, and the knurl bands, grooves, and ring are precisely designed to provide constant hand placement. Includes a high-quality aluminum travel case. Locking spinster shafts that fasten to the barrel firmly
  • Aluminum spinster shafts Design of a standard flight
  • Weights are available in the range of 22 to 28 grams.

Beginner to experienced players searching for quick, high-quality tungsten darts with a variety of grip options will find what they are looking for here. Purchase Immediately on Amazon

Want a tungsten dart set at a mid-level price point?

They are a high-quality, mid-priced alternative for serious players who want to get the most out of their money. These darts are available in three different weights: 22, 24, and 26 gram. Heavy rhino flights provide solid and consistent throws, while medium length aluminum shafts may be adjusted to accommodate a variety of throwing styles as desired. The Assaults are meant to be balanced and accurate, thanks to their barrels made of 90 percent tungsten.

How to Select the Best Steel Tip Darts for You

When it comes to steel tip darts, the relative youth of the sport, the general growth in private-sector demand, and the recent spike in technological improvements have all combined to provide a vast and diversified choice of items to pick from.

Modern steel tip darts are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and patterns, as well as a variety of materials. A few of the most significant variables to consider while selecting the best dart for your game are listed below.

Dart Weight

The entire weight of a dart’s barrel and point is referred to as the dart’s weight (excluding the shaft and flight). Darts are available in a variety of weights ranging from 18 to 40 grams. Testing and experimenting with different dart weights can help you determine your personal preference. The majority of players will utilize a weight between 20 and 26 grams, however some will have great success with a heavier or lighter weight. Our recommendation for your first set of steel tip darts is 24–26 grams as a nice place to start when purchasing your first set.

Dart Barrel Shapes

The form of the barrel may be the most important consideration while searching for the finest steel tip dart. Rather than lengthening the dart, which would cause it to wobble in flight, dart designers have devised a variety of shapes and styles (possibly thousands) that can be used to increase or decrease the barrel circumference of the dart. Each form will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages that are distinct from the others. For example, some players like the pencil-shaped dart, which has a consistent weight distribution across the barrel.

  • Furthermore, a thinner and more regularly cylindrical barrel might possibly result in tighter groups of bullets.
  • These barrels feature a thicker central section that is weighted, as well as tapered ends and ends that are tapered.
  • A weighted front of the dart barrel, usually with a notched or knurled grip, will be used in this situation, and the rear of the barrel will be tapered.
  • Ultimately, though, it is determined by your throwing style and personal choice.
  • As a general rule of thumb, if you naturally hold the dart towards the front, look for a barrel shape with a front-loaded loading mechanism.
  • And if you prefer to hold it in the middle, look for a dart with an evenly distributed weight (such as a pencil design) or a torpedo shape with the grip concentrated in the middle of the barrel.

Dart Grips

Grips are another important component of the dart, and they may be adjusted in a variety of different ways. Overall, depending on your own gripping style, you will want a dart grip that is comfortable to hold and fits your hand. Some players like a smooth grip, but others want complex knurling, grooves, and notches to produce the optimal hand fit for their style of play. Aside from that, notches and rings make it easy to maintain consistency in hand positioning. Other players, for a variety of reasons, choose to use complex shark fin-style grips on their hands.

Many dart sets are available in a variety of grip textures and patterns, and some even include them.

If a knurled grip with notches aids in hand placement but is unpleasant, a smoother barrel with rings may be more comfortable. Consider using a grip with extra texture if the barrel is too smooth or slippery to hold.

Dart Barrel Materials

Barrels can be constructed from a variety of different alloys. Brass, silver, tungsten-alloy, and nickel are the metals that are most commonly used. Wooden darts are also available on occasion as a special treat. The material from which the dart is constructed is critical since it will eventually effect the overall weight to size ratio of the dart. Due to the density of tungsten darts, for example, a smaller circumference barrel will be required in order to hit your desired weight. As a result, tungsten or a mixture of tungsten and another alloy, such as nickel, is used to manufacture the majority of high-quality steel tip darts.

For example, materials like as brass or nickel are less costly and are more typically found in home recreation sets and pub games than other types of materials.

When it comes to selecting the finest steel dart set, we normally recommend that consumers go for darts that include a high proportion of tungsten.

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Dart Shafts

The shaft of a steel tip dart can be constructed from a variety of different materials, much like the barrel of the dart. Aluminum, plastic, and nylon are the most often used materials for dart shafts. When it comes to high-quality tungsten barrel dart sets, aluminum shafts are frequently employed. Shafts are also available in a variety of various lengths. Dart shafts that are shorter in length shift the center of gravity closer to the front end of the dart barrel. A shorter shaft is therefore typically preferable when using a front-loaded barrel design because of this.

As a result, in this scenario, seek for barrel types that are center or back loaded since they are a suitable match for longer dart shafts.

Dart Flights

The dart flights that attach to the end of your steel tip darts are available in a range of colors, styles, thicknesses, forms, and sizes to suit your needs. Dart flight forms that are commonly used include the conventional dart flight shape, kite shapes, pear shapes, tear drop flights, slender flights, and arrow head shapes, to name a few examples. Flights in standard form have a larger surface area. This aids in the stability and consistency of the dart’s flight. Standard flight shapes are favoured by the majority of people because they lead the dart in a natural arc rather than cutting through the air like other types of flights.

  1. Standard flights, or other designs with bigger surface areas, pair well with longer shafts and barrel types that are either rear- or center-loaded, as do other shapes with larger surface areas.
  2. As a bonus, smaller flights take up less space on the board, which allows for more concentrated groupings of high-scoring darts.
  3. For most players, a smaller flight will result in unstable or unsteady throws, regardless of the distance traveled.
  4. Dart flights are also distinguished by their thickness and weight.
  5. Don’t spend too much time worrying about the thickness or weight of your flights unless you play a lot and are really concerned about the speed at which your flights go.

Darts, like many other pub games, is all on maintaining consistency. It’s important to remain with a certain dart after you’ve found the optimal mix of grip, shape, and weight.

A Note About Sharpening Your Steel Tip Darts

If you have a decent set of steel tip darts, you need also have a sharpening stone to keep them in good condition. However, the majority of players believe that this means that the steel tip point must remain needle sharp. However, having a razor-sharp tip is not the ultimate aim. A sharp and “pointed” tip on your dart may cause it to bounce out more frequently, perhaps damaging the wires on your dartboard, if used incorrectly. When extracting the dart, a sharper point will burr more easily and will become entangled in the board’s fibers more frequently.

Traditional Tip: Coat Your Steel Tip Darts with a Potato

The people at at American Style Darts have shared a useful tip: always have a potato on available when playing darts. Before you shoot, softly dip the point of the steel tip dart into the potato to make it easier to aim. This will coat the dart and make it easier for it to stick into the board. The potato should not be consumed after a few rounds, no matter how tempting it may seem.

Next Steps:

Following the completion of this course, you should have a solid basis for locating a set of darts that matches your playing style as well as your budget. Trying a few various sorts – including different shafts, barrel designs and materials, and weights – before purchasing in a high-quality set is recommended whenever feasible. Stick with them and devote additional time to perfecting your dart throwing form once you’ve found the correct set for you: one that feels comfortable and (hopefully) increases your accuracy.

The 10 Best Tungsten Darts For 2022

We want you to get off to a good start in the new year, so here is my tungsten darts review for the year 2022. Anyone who plays darts has a unique style and is seeking for something unique in their darts will find it here. We are well aware of this, and we have attempted to provide a diverse selection of our favorite items. Purchase of darts may be a difficult affair, whether you are a novice or an experienced player due to the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different models to choose from.

We are well aware of this, and we have attempted to provide a diverse selection of our favorite sets.

As a result of the high density of metal as compared to other materials such as brass, they may be made thinner while yet keeping their weight.

Our Top Pick For Top Tungsten Darts

We particularly enjoy the Special Edition Snakebite Peter Wright World Champion Darts from Red Dragon, which are among the best tungsten darts on the market. They are slender, they are gorgeous, and they are the ones that the champion like to employ.

If you are looking for the “best,” you will not be disappointed with the Snakebites. You can get a set of them right now on Amazon. Do not be concerned if they are not your style because we have something for every gamer.

The Best Tungsten Darts

The MvG Aspire darts, which were developed by Winmau, the world’s leading manufacturer of dart goods and accessories, with the assistance of the renowned Michael Van Gerwen, are an excellent choice for any beginner wishing to enter the world of darts with a real kit. After only a few games, it becomes clear that these darts have been meticulously engineered to deliver high-level performance and a consistent experience to players. Although I like 24g darts, Winmau also has versions that are as light as 21 grams and as hefty as 26 grams in weight.

The Aspire has a parallel barrel design, which makes them quite comfortable to hold in the hand.

The 6.6mm x 50.8mm dart is made up of 80 percent high-quality tungsten alloy, which gives it a well-balanced feel that makes it difficult to modify your throw after switching to a different set of darts after a period.

Check Amazon for the latest pricing information.

2019 Gary Anderson World Champion Edition by Unicorn

The Unicorn 2019 Gary Anderson World Champion edition darts, manufactured by the world’s premier dart manufacturer, are an excellent choice for players who want slender barrels with a high level of grip. There is a small section of wood at the very end of the barrel where Anderson’s engraved signature can be found, but otherwise it is the typical Gary Anderson design we’ve all come to love. The barrel is a straight barrel with a ringed grip throughout the entire length, except for a small section of wood at the very end where Anderson’s engraved signature can be found.

Surprisingly, they function really well with a variety of grip patterns.

These are available in 21, 23, 25, and 27-gram weights, and are made up of 90 percent high-quality tungsten alloy.

One thing to keep in mind is that the points of these darts are extremely lengthy, which some individuals may find uncomfortable.

Snakebite Peter Wright World Champion by Red Dragon

Due to their widespread availability, limited edition darts have become less special in my opinion. The Snakebite Peter Wright World Champion tapered darts by Red Dragon, which are part of a limited edition Snakebite Peter Wright World Champion tapered darts by Red Dragon, more than live up to the label. The tapered shape of these darts, which is the product of intensive trajectory research and dynamic testing conducted by Red Dragon, allows for enhanced accuracy while also providing far more flexibility when it comes to landing those all-important checkouts.

They are 7.1mm x 50.8mm in size and have a 2BA thread with some gorgeous buttress grooves and square grooves on the outside.

As a consequence, the dart has a highly balanced feel, with a centered mass, a specialist-feeling barrel, a tapered front profile, and a PVD rainbow surface finish that is quite elegant. Check Amazon for the latest pricing information.

Wolfram Infinity by Harrows

In spite of its popularity among the more serious population of players, Harrows darts have not always been extremely popular among the more casual crowd. I’m not sure why, because they provide high-quality darts at an inexpensive price that look and feel fantastic. It goes without saying that the Wolfram series of darts is a superior product, and the Wolfram Infinity darts are no exception. First and first, it is important to note that the Wolfram Infinity darts by Harrows are made of a very, very respectable 97 percent tungsten alloy, which results in a gorgeous profile and extremely narrow barrel across the board in all weight classes.

There is a large selection to pick from, with the lowest version weighing only 21 grams and the heaviest version weighing 26 grams, respectively.

These darts are very gorgeous.

These darts are well worth the money you spend on them.

Evos by Red Dragon

The Evos darts from Red Dragon are unquestionably the finest value for money available if you are wanting to make the transition from steel to tungsten darts. The Evos, while not the most advanced in terms of design, are nonetheless decent enough to be included on our list. They range in weight from 22 grams to 28 grams and are manufactured of quality 90 percent tungsten alloy. The Evos have a sleek knurled grip on a barrel size of 51 mm for the 26-gram model and a barrel size of 51 mm for the 28-gram model.

Despite the fact that they are quite thin, they are simple to grasp and have a really pleasing sensation in your hands.

These are inexpensive enough to serve as an excellent backup set, but they are also good enough to be included in your primary kit.

Blitz by Viper

Blitz tungsten darts from Viper are a well-established manufacturer of professional dart equipment, and they provide newcomers to our cherished hobby with a highly respectable entrance point into the highest echelons of our beloved sport. Viper makes these darts out of a wonderful tungsten-nickel alloy that is 95 percent effective. Instantaneously, you can sense that these items have been crafted with extreme perfection the moment your hands touch them. They have an extremely, extremely small profile, which, as you are well aware, may have a significant impact on your chances of forming a perfect grouping.

Irrespective of your grip style, you will benefit from deep precision-engineered grooving that will provide consistency in your strokes.

Their steel tips have been oxide-coated to increase the endurance of the blades.

While there is much discussion about the benefits of spinning shafts, I personally like them, and the Viper Spinsters seen here are the ones that I use on my own darts.

The Blitz darts are available in a variety of weights, including 22, 24, 26, and 28 grams. Check Amazon for the latest pricing information.

Swift Series by Cuesoul

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these high-quality, professional-grade tungsten Cuesoul darts will enhance your performance and increase your pleasure of the game in a way that few other kits can match or surpass. Cuesoul’s Swift series tungsten darts are available in weights of 22, 24, and 26 grams. They have a reasonable length of 50 mm and a diameter of 6.48 mm, making them ideal for target practice. The Swift darts are without a doubt one of the most visually appealing sets on our list.

  • The flight’s interwoven grey design is a nice compliment to the darts’ overall subtle attractiveness.
  • These darts are more robust and long-lasting than many others in this price range because of the high-quality tungsten alloy used in conjunction with extremely flexible flights.
  • There is some medium-grade knurling on the grip, which makes it feel quite secure.
  • The Cuesoul Swift is an excellent pick for those of you who are seeking for a tungsten dart that is both sleek and slender.
  • It comes highly recommended.

Target Darts Agora 90% Steel Tip Darts

This Agora dart line only appeared on the scene in 2017, but it continues to provide a diverse selection of darts to satisfy the needs of every player. Target’s Agora darts are designed with a combination of radial grooves and articulate milling to provide a dart with outstanding gripping power. Every dart has a distinct kind of cut on the front compared to the rear, with a beautiful smooth area in the center of each one. Agora’s four steel-tip models have a variety of processing cuts, ensuring that there is a model to suit any grip style.

Even though Target hasn’t been in the business for nearly as long as some of the other manufacturers on this list, they have proved themselves to be a reliable source of consistent quality time and again.

Clarion Black Tungsten Darts by Red Dragon

We have yet another entry from Red Dragon in our collection of tungsten darts reviews, and this one is a good one. I think the Red Dragon Clarion black tungsten darts are fantastic, and in my humble opinion, they are among the greatest tungsten darts that money can purchase right now. These darts are quick and precise, and they provide some of the greatest tactile linkages between the hand and the dart. The Clarion black darts, like the majority of the other tungsten darts on this list, are created and developed using a high-quality 90 percent tungsten alloy, much like the rest of the darts on this list.

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You may need to make some adjustments because they are very heavy.

They are not particularly long, measuring around 43 mm in length and 7.75 mm in width.

When throwing a dart, the center of mass is positioned well at the back of the dart, requiring more forceful tosses.

The Clarion darts from Red Dragon, like the Swift darts from Cuesoul, are a show-stopper in their own right. The design in black and red is gorgeous, and it works quite well with the darts’ more confrontational style of play. Check Amazon for the latest pricing information.

YohKoh Darts by Target Darts

Last but not least, we have the YohKoh darts from Target Darts. These brightly colored darts are constructed of 80 percent tungsten alloy, which isn’t very noteworthy. The YohKoh darts, on the other hand, distinguish themselves from the competition by including a black PVD performance-enhancing coating on the barrels. As a result of being sandblasted, this coating offers a highly distinct and different-feeling matte texture that enhances gripping and play experience for players. Because of the very straight barrel, which has a very obvious radial groove grip, these darts are quite stable when held in the hand, making them an excellent alternative for individuals who suffer from butterfingers or who throw with a restless throwing style.

In terms of length and diameter, they are around 7 mm in diameter.

Even if the texture of the barrel is different from what I’m used to, I think it’s worth trying.

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Steel Tip Dart Buyer’s Guide For New Players

In the game of darts, there is a joke. It goes something like this: “New darts won’t help, and you’re $!+!” Yes, that’s amusing, but is it accurate? Without a doubt, no. Darts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as grips, weights, lengths, and materials. Contrary to the joke above, investing in high-quality dart equipment can help you improve your game, even if you are a complete beginner. Do you believe it makes no difference? Was it possible to complete the same game with these darts?

Okay, while these are extreme cases, they do demonstrate that equipment does make a difference in the end.

Before we go into the specifics of what to look for while purchasing darts, I want to emphasize two critical points:

  • In certain cases, what is correct for someone else is not always right for you. Individual requirements vary
  • Thus, choose the darts that feel correct for you.
  • You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to acquire decent equipment, and you don’t have to break the bank to have good equipment.

A basic set of high percentage tungsten darts is adequate for the typical player and can be obtained for a reasonable price. As your skills improve and you have a greater understanding of what you want, you may progress to the next level. However, I do not advocate spending a lot of money on your first set. Don’t be concerned if you already have darts. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about darts and dart-related equipment. Maybe even some items you didn’t realize you needed until you saw them.

Buying The Right Darts

This is, without a doubt, the most difficult thing on the list. Darts are a very personal thing that is only available to the individual who uses it. When purchasing darts, the following are the most crucial factors to consider.


When selecting a dart, the weight is undoubtedly the most significant consideration. The weight of your dart is going to be precisely proportional to the force and angle with which you make your throw.

Heavy darts need a little more power, but they tend to fly straighter, whereas a lighter dart will fly with more of an arched path. The average person weighs around 20 grams, give or take a couple of grams.


The length and curve of your dart should be selected to match your grip style. Do you place your index finger on the point of the compass? Maybe you want longer points, but you just want to use two fingers? It’s possible that a longer barrel isn’t all that significant.

Grip Texture

The grip texture of your dart is affected by how you grasp and release the dart, just as it is by its length. Some darts have considerable knurling, while others have tiny grooves that are sliced at every possible angle. When you hold the dart, it is critical that it has the right grip at the point where you hold it. If you hold the dart at the front, the knurling in the rear isn’t going to make much of a difference, and the opposite is true.


I’m going to make this one simple for you. The majority of dart players will prefer a dart that is constructed of 90 percent or more tungsten. Tungsten is used to produce darts because it has a higher density than other popular materials and hence is more durable. This allows manufacturers to make darts smaller while yet maintaining the weight of the darts they produce. Smaller groups of darts allow for tighter groupings, and tighter groups of darts allow for better scoring totals. If you happen to be looking for a larger, fatter dart, you may find these as well.

Ok, But How Do You Choose?

If you’re searching for a set of darts, I recommend simply asking around for them. The vast majority of individuals will be delighted to allow you to test out their darts for a few rounds. Consider the form, style of grip, and weight of each item to determine which one you prefer the most. If you are completely stumped as to what to buy, I would recommend these Cuesoul Darts. This is the dart set that I would suggest for beginners. They are made of 95 percent tungsten and come with a carrying bag, spare shafts, flights, and other accessories.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, I recommend taking a look at this post on the darts that professionals use.

Dart Case

So, now that you have a great, sophisticated set of darts, you can’t just throw them in your pocket and forget about them. To store your darts, you’ll need a good, sophisticated dart case. You definitely shouldn’t scrimp on this because there is a significant difference between a high-quality case and the cheaper alternatives. When purchasing a dart case, there are a few important features to check for: You want a dart case that will last for a long time. Not only should the case protect your equipment, but it should also be durable enough to withstand repeated abuse without falling apart.

A excellent dart case should be able to keep your darts safe while keeping the flights intact.

Once the case is opened, you want to be ready to travel as quickly as possible.

Your dart case should be large enough to accommodate any additional darts you might want.

The basic minimums are a couple of additional flights, shafts, and a sharpener, to name a few. If you’re anything like me, you have several sets of darts and a whole case of emergency supplies in your possession. Before you make a purchase, determine what you require.

Dart Case Recommendations

The Harrows Ace Case is a great option if you need a case that you can grab and go. It has enough space for everything you’ll need for a fantastic night of darts. For those seeking for something a little bigger, the Legion 9 is a good choice. However, be careful that once others learn about your situation, you will rapidly become the go-to man for those who require a last-minute substitute.


If you’re looking for a bristle dartboard, I’ll save you some time by telling you where to find one. Get your hands on the Blade 5. There are other excellent options, but almost every review you read will agree that the Blade 5 is the greatest board on the market right now. It comes highly recommended from me. Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard from Winmau

  • Professional bristle dartboard with the support of the British Darts Organization (BDO)
  • Made in the United Kingdom. Increased scoring area due to a 14 percent smaller wire system compared to the previous generation Blade 4 for greater scoring potential
  • Increased scoring area due to increased scoring potential
  • With a 30-degree decrease in the angle of the razor wire, bounce-outs are reduced and dart deflection is enhanced. It is simple to fasten the dartboard to nearly any surface thanks to the Triple Wheel lock-and-level mechanism.

Dartboard Cabinet or Surround

You may choose between two commercially available alternatives for defending your wall against darts. However, although a surround provides protection for the area directly surrounding your board, the finest dart board cabinets also provide storage space for supplies, serve as a scoreboard, and keep your dartboard safe while it isn’t in use. Which one you choose is more dependent on your own choice, style, and available space. In addition to being the most popular Winmau surround on the market, it also works nicely with the Winmau Blade 5 dartboard.

They range in price from as little as $50 for a pressboard one to several hundred dollars for a complete wood one.

A low-cost cabinet contains all of the same characteristics as a high-end cabinet; however, it may not be as visually appealing.

Beyond The Basics

The items listed above are the bare essentials that every dart player should have in their collection. However, if you have the means and want to spruce up your darts nook, there are a variety of accessories that can be purchased to enhance the experience. Here are a few examples of what I can recommend:

Oche And Floor Mats

You have a darts corner, what do you store in there? Is there something that you have that you really must have to function properly? Please let me know and I may be able to include it on the list. Updated at 16:26 UTC on Tuesday, February 20, 2012 / Affiliate links / Images from the Amazon Product Advertising API

Best Darts Reviews 2020: Including Steel And Soft Tip Buying Guide

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Want to skip the long reading? Here are our best darts winners:

Diamond 90 percent Tungsten Viper Darts are the greatest soft tip darts I’ve ever tried, so if you want the best, spend the money.

Out of all of the soft tip darts that I tested, these 18-gram versions offer the finest mix of quality, style, and pricing for their weight. Check out the current pricing.

Best steel tip darts 2020

When it comes to steel tips, the Blitz 95 percent Tungsten Steel Tip Viper Darts are the finest I’ve found so far. This set is of professional-quality darts with steel tips, and it includes everything you could possibly need. This is an excellent pick because of the combination of price, quality, and performance. Check out the current pricing. People usually ask me which darts to purchase since I’m very good at them (I’m no Michael van Gerwen), and I always say the same one. I usually say that even the greatest darts on the market won’t assist you if you don’t have the necessary talent to throw them properly.

It is possible to turn things around if you have a friend that just just barely beats you most of the time by recruiting superior opponents.

I don’t want to become entangled in the debate over soft tip vs steel tip darts, so I’ve opted to use five of each type.

Best Soft Tip Darts 2020 Winners

Choosing the best soft tip darts used to be simple in the olden days, but nowadays there is so much option that it has become difficult. Soft tip darts and computerized boards have made playing darts considerably more convenient, as they eliminate the need to calculate the score during a game. In this study, I’ll be looking at the quality and design of their shafts, barrels, and flights as well as their weight, pricing, and overall feel when you throw one of these discs. In the end, I reduced the field down to these five players after hundreds of tosses and a slew of broken tips.

Price Reviews
Check price 5.Sure Grip Tungsten Soft Tip Darts
Check price 4.95% Tungsten Viper Soft Tip Darts
Check price 3.W.M Soft Tip Dart Set
Check price 2.Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts
Check price 1.Diamond 90% Tungsten Viper Darts

5. Sure Grip Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

A excellent set for novices to perfect their abilities without having to spend a lot of money, these tungsten soft tip darts are a terrific option. They feature barrels made of silver-plated nickel with soft rubber grips that provide a more pleasant and stable grip than metal. Its shaft is built of lightweight and sturdy aluminum, and the Viper darts have a tiny profile to complement its compact profile. When you fly at high speeds, you can expect a constant flight path with excellent precision and a stunning design pattern.

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The negative aspect of this set is that the material is prone to wear and is not particularly durable.

If you get proficient at it, you may upgrade to a more advanced set of tools.

  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Suitable for novices
  • Soft rubber grip

Check out the current pricing.

4. 95% Tungsten Viper Soft Tip Darts

Viper is regarded as one of the top dart manufacturers in the world, and this 95 percent tungsten set demonstrates why this is the case. Slim tungsten barrels are available in three distinct designs: beveled barrels, contoured barrels, and teardrop barrels. Beveled barrels are the most popular style. The darts are constructed with speed and precision in mind, allowing you to throw consistently over and over again. The barrels on these viper soft tip darts provide an excellent grip, allowing you to hit more consistent bulls eyes with less effort.

In addition to the tips, you will receive 6 2BA Tufflex tips as well as heavy-duty 100 micron thick flights that are quite simple to swap out.

The high-quality of the materials used, as well as the numerous accessories that come with it, make it an excellent purchase. The only thing that wasn’t wonderful about them was the price, but they were still worth it in our opinion.

  • High-quality materials
  • A variety of barrel options
  • Very precise

Check out the current pricing.

3. W.M Soft Tip Dart Set

Because of its low cost and adaptability, this soft tip metal darts set is an excellent choice for any novice. You have the option of configuring them to weigh either 18 grams or 20 grams, depending on your own choice. The soft tip dart set includes three darts with nine distinct flights in three different shapes, as well as two additional nylon shafts. It also comes with three steel tips and three soft tips, as well as a converter, which makes switching between the two types of tips a breeze.

This soft tip dart set is also an excellent present for someone who is new to darts because it comes with a convenient carrying bag and it is not a huge disappointment if they do not use it very often.

  • Price that is reasonable
  • It is possible to transform them into steep tips. It comes with a carrying case.

Check out the current pricing.

2. Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

In terms of quality, Arachnid’s tungsten soft tip darts set is arguably the best you can get for your money if you have more money to spend. They can select between two alternative kinds of tungsten barrels, with either 80 percent or 90 percent tungsten content. The material is lightweight, yet it is also sturdy enough to provide excellent stability. You will receive three darts in the package, as well as three spare flights and shafts and seven spare points. The darts weigh 18 grams apiece and come with a stripped aluminum shaft.

Purchasing this package when you have extra funds is a wise decision that will significantly boost your ratings.

In addition, you will be covered by a warranty against faults.

  • Tungsten barrels of high quality
  • Well-known brand
  • Spare parts provided

Check out the current pricing.

1. Diamond 90% Tungsten Viper Darts – Best Soft Tip Darts

This wonderful package includes the greatest soft tip darts that I have had the opportunity to play thus far, and they are unquestionably among the best darts available anywhere in the world right now. Viper darts are often produced with great care and attention to detail, and this particular model is an excellent illustration of that. They have narrow 90 percent tungsten barrels with knurled bands and deep grooves for better grip, and they are lightweight. Shafts are comprised of an outstanding diamond-cut aluminum alloy that is designed to lock firmly to the barrel.

Everything is contained within a durable and secure Deluxe Dart Pal case.

  • Top quality
  • sStrong barrels with great grip
  • Reliable brand
  • One of the best darts in the world
  • sGreat carrying case

Check out the current pricing.

Best Steel Tip Darts 2020

For those who like a more classic darts experience who prefer to play on a hard dart board, such as the ones seen in pubs, I examined some of the best steel tip darts available on the market in this article. Nowadays, both online and brick-and-mortar stores provide a wide variety of options.

I concentrated on some of the best-selling types and selected the ones that I thought were particularly fascinating based on the shaft, barrel, flight, and tip quality, as well as the precision and overall feel of the steel tip darts in my opinion.

Price Reviews
Check price 5.Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts
Check price 4.Bullseye 24 Pack Metal Tip Darts
Check price 3.CC-Exquisite Pro Steel Tip Darts
Check price 2.Fat Cat Predator Tungsten Steel Tip Darts
Check price 1.Blitz 95% Tungsten Viper Darts

5. Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts

This set of pro darts from Ignat Games includes 6 steel tip darts that provide you with an affordable professional darting experience at an affordable price. The set of six darts is packaged in a convenient and visually appealing packaging. This game is particularly noteworthy for the inclusion of a guide on how to enhance your performance and effortlessly defeat your friends. Darts scoreboard templates are also supplied, as well as examples. Pro darts with strategically knurled brass barrels will provide you with excellent accuracy and a constant flight path.

The planes are painted in the colors red and blue, and there are two spares accessible at any time.

Despite the fact that they are not the greatest professional darts available, this set is ideal for beginners who wish to progress to a more serious level of play.

  • Excellent value for money in terms of pricing and quality
  • Barrels made of high-quality brass
  • Included is a dart sharpener.

Check out the current pricing.

4. Bullseye 24 Pack Metal Tip Darts

Because you get a bundle of 24 metal tip darts, these are perhaps the most economical steel tip darts for sale for novices on the market. If you play with a large number of pals, there are numerous sets accessible, which eliminates the need to swap between sets all of the time, which reduces the enjoyment. Featuring steel tips and nickel silver plated grips and barrels that are knurled for excellent grip control, this 24-pack is a wonderful value. The nylon flights have a low coefficient of friction and are extremely precise.

Despite the fact that they are not the finest in their class, they represent excellent value for money, and the quality is more than enough.

  • Pack of 24 darts with a carrying bag included Excellent darts for the money

Check out the current pricing.

3. CC-Exquisite Pro Steel Tip Darts

When you purchase this steel tip darts set from CC-Exquisite, you will receive a pack of six excellent professional darts at a very cheap price. The beautiful thing about this set is that it allows you to customize it by allowing you to experiment with different barrel weights, flights, and shaft lengths. This set includes six brass barrels that are almost indestructible and are available in two weights. You will also receive 6 robust aluminum shafts and 12 polypro shafts in addition to the rest of the package.

Overall, the set is reasonably priced, and it provides decent quality and a large number of possibilities for the money spent.

  • Excellent value
  • High-quality materials
  • Extensive customisation
  • Included is a dart sharpener.

Check out the current pricing.

2. Fat Cat Predator Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Fat Cat Predator is one of the greatest steel tip darts I’ve ever used, and it’s one of the most durable. When it comes to tungsten steel tip darts, they are not the ideal choice if you are searching just for a low-priced alternative. If you are seeking to make the leap from being a casual player to being a more serious player, this bundle is ideal for you. Fat Cat tungsten darts include barrels made of 80 percent tungsten and 20 percent nickel, which are slender and knurled, and have a deep groove design with specific grip rings for added comfort.

They increase the accuracy of your throws by a large margin.

Extra flights with a flight protector are included in the set, along with a mechanic’s wrench for better adjustment and modification. Everything is nicely packaged in a Deluxe Dart Pal case with a plush fabric interior that is well-designed.

  • Pro-level quality
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Attractive casing

Check out the current pricing.

1. Blitz 95% Tungsten Viper Darts – Best Steel Tip Darts

This pack of Viper darts has the best steel tip darts that I have ever had the opportunity to test, and it will significantly enhance your darts abilities. The barrels on this model are comprised of 95 percent tungsten and 5 percent nickel, and they have been fashioned with knurled bands and deep grooves to increase grip and throw control during shooting. Special Yukon shafts twist the flights after you hit the target to avoid bounce-outs, which is a characteristic found on the majority of high-quality steel-tip darts on the market today.

Due to the fact that these are the greatest darts with steel tips that I have seen, they are not inexpensive and may not be suitable for casual players.

  • Professional quality
  • Excellent precision
  • A professional-looking case
  • High-grade materials

Check out the current pricing.

Where Can I Buy Darts?

You may get darts at your local sporting goods and hobby stores, but from what I’ve seen, their darts selection is quite limited, with a few notable exceptions. When I’ve wished to buy darts for myself or for someone else, I’ve had considerably better experience buying them online. Browse through a large number of models, read the opinions of other pleased or dissatisfied customers, and search for better bargains online. The best place to buy darts, in my opinion, is definitely on Amazon. They have a huge assortment with a large number of reviews, and their pricing are typically reasonable, with some of the finest deals.

So far, I’ve been able to locate all of the greatest darts in the area.

Improve Your Dart Game

It is possible to get darts in your local sports and hobby stores, but from what I’ve seen, their darts inventory is quite restricted, with a few notable exceptions. When it comes to purchasing darts for myself or for someone else, I’ve had far better results online. You may check through a large number of models, read the reviews of other pleased or dissatisfied customers, and compare prices. It’s likely that Amazon is the best site to purchase darts. In addition to having a large assortment and many reviews, they also have generally reasonable pricing and some of the greatest deals.

Up until this point, I’ve discovered all of the greatest darts on the market there.

Book of Darts

I’d like to show you the book that assisted me in improving my darts playing. This book is an excellent resource for learning how to buy darts and how to avoid sucking at the dart game. Throughout the course, you will learn all of the words and phrases you will need to know, as well as the rules of dozens of games and excellent recommendations on how to increase your accuracy. It made a significant transition from being a recreational player to being a professional player who routinely wins tournaments as a result of the innovative tactics in this book.

In terms of improving your dart game, this is the greatest darts book you can get your hands on at the moment. Check out the current pricing.

Dart Cases – Protect Your Darts

The majority of the sets will have a convenient carrying case. In the event that you need to carry your darts with you, dart cases are an excellent method to secure them while also keeping your dart accessories in order. Check out my preferred case, though, if you don’t already have one or want to upgrade your current one.

Casemaster Elite Jr. 6 Dart Case

This incredible and functional case is one of the greatest cases available, and it is used by even the top darts players. In addition to two full dart sets with all of the darts accessories, the kit also includes a robust black nylon exterior and a black nylon inside. Six pockets and two storage tubes with foam-cushioned inserts are included in the set. It’s one of the greatest cases out there, and it’s suitable for both pros and novices alike. Check out the current pricing. I truly hope that my guidance was of use to you in finding what you were searching for.

It doesn’t matter if you choose steel or soft tips; I hope that your best darts serve you well for a long time and assist you to hit as many bullseyes as possible.

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