Circle of Death Drinking Games: Rules and Gameplay

Circle of Death Drinking Game

Circle of death is a drinking game that is very similar to the game of Kings in that players take turns drawing cards and performing actions based on the card or color that is drawn. Sponsored


Players sit in a circle and set a cup of a powerful and/or foul drink in the center of the table. The dealer then spreads the deck of cards around the central cup, with the faces of the cards facing outward. The first card is chosen by one player, and then turns are taken by the player to their left, who takes their turn after that, and so on. Alternatively, if you do not have a deck of cards, you may use your smartphone to play Circle of Death. You can get the top applications for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone using the links provided below.


A turn in this drinking game consists of drawing a single card and then completing an action related with that card, similar to how a turn in Kings is structured and played. The following are the rules for each of the cards:

  • Make a rule, and you’ll have the power to revoke any rules made by a previous monarch. The center cup, however, is reserved for the winner of the fourth King’s lotto. Queen: Ask a question to another player, who in turn must ask a question to a different player, and so on. Whoever does not respond with a question loses, and you are unable to ask a question back to the person who asked you the previous question. Drawing a Jack awards you the title of Thumb Master, entitling you to place your thumb on the table at any moment, leading the other players to race to do the same, with the winner being the last person to do so. When a new Jack is drawn, you retain your position as Thumb Master. 10: You specify a category, and the game proceeds in a similar manner. They divide the room into categories and take turns shouting out items that fall into each category (without repeating anything)
  • Alternatively, you may say a word that everyone must rhym with, and the first person to fail or repeat a word gets to drink. 8 Below: If the color of the card is red, the person who drew the card must drink the specified amount of drinks. In the alternative, they distribute them to other players. Whenever an Ace is drawn, everyone begins to waterfall (chugging their drink when the person to their right starts chugging in domino manner, and they can’t stop until the same person to their right stops), beginning with the player who drew the Ace.

When all of the cards have been pulled, the game is over. Rules that apply just to this game:

  • Make sure you don’t break the circle of cards – doing it results in you drinking your beer or taking a shot. When all cards of a given number or suit are drawn, everyone gathers around the table for a drink. 4th King – whomever draws the last King is the one who drinks from the center cup. Optional Rules: If an 8 is drawn, men drink
  • If a 7 is drawn, women drink
  • If a 7 is drawn, men drink
  • If an 8 is drawn, women drink

Please remember to drink responsibly like you do every time! You should be aware that this alcohol drinking game is not intended to result in you being ill as a result of excessive alcohol intake. Do you require a sober ride? By using Lyft, you may save $5.00 on your ride! If you liked it, please provide feedback in the comments section and tell us how we can make it even better!

Circle of Death

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Circle of Death Drinking Game

The fascinating drinking game Circle of Death is a great choice for your next house party if you’re searching for something to keep your guests entertained while they’re getting intoxicated. The card game known as Circle of Death is simply another name for the game known as King’s Cup. In Circle of Death, each of the cards has a set of rules that players must follow depending on the card they choose to play. The majority of cards feature rules that incorporate alcohol in some way, which means that players will drink regardless of the situation!

Equipment for Circle of Death

  • A deck of cards
  • One huge cup to be put in the center
  • And a pair of dice. Beer or any other type of alcoholic beverage

How to Play Circle of Death

Players gather around a table or on the floor and place a huge cup of beer in the center of the table or on the floor. When the dealer has finished dealing, he will lay out the entire deck of cards around the beer cup. The game begins when a player selects the first card and completes the action/rule associated with that card. The following turn is taken by the person to their left, and so forth. Although the Circle of Death card game may be played with two people, it is far more amusing when played with a larger group of people.

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Circle of Death Rules

Circle of Death is similar to Kings Cup in that it consists of drawing a single card and then completing an action related with that card, similar to how the game is played. You should always remember one important guideline, aside from the rules for each individual card: don’t break the circle of cards.

It is mandatory that you drink beer or take a shot in order to break the circle. Are you prepared to participate in Circle of Death? Prepare your playing cards! The following are the rules for each of the cards:


Make a Rule: The person who draws the King card has the ability to make a rule and to overturn any previous rules. Keep in mind that if a player receives the 4th King card, he or she will be required to drink the entire middle/death cup until the game is over. Recommended reading: Drink Draw Drinking Game: Rules & Instructions


After drawing a Queen, you have the opportunity to ask a question of one of the players. Question Master: After the player responds, he or she must pose a new question to a different person in the game. A player cannot react to any questions or answers until all of the questions and answers have been completed by another participant. That player is eliminated from the round and is required to drink. It’s important to remember that you can’t ask a question back to the person who asked it to you before.


To become Thumb Master, you must first draw a Jack and then place your thumb on the table at any moment you want. Once you have done so, all other players must race to do the same. The player who is the last to place their thumb on the table loses and is forced to drink. You stay as the Thumb Master until a new Jack is drawn. It is recommended that you read:Give and Take Drinking Game: Rules and Instructions.


Categorization: The player who draws a ten-card can choose a category, and the other players will be required to declare which objects fall within that group. Consider the following example: Anna says, “I chose the category beer brands and I begin with Budweiser.” Everyone else has to come up with another beer brand until no one can come up with anything else to play with anymore. Anyone who fails to reply or who takes an excessive amount of time to come up with an item in that category will be forced to drink:

  • Daniel:“Heineken!”
  • sLisa:“Coors!”
  • sNina:“Miller!”
  • And then Maria is unable to come up with a beer brand to drink. She consumes alcoholic beverages.


In order to play the rhyming game, you must say a word, and then everyone must take turns saying a word that rhymes with the one you spoke. The first individual to fail to provide a rhyming word or to repeat a word will be required to drink. As an illustration: Nina declares, “I have chosen the term king.” “Spring!” exclaims Maria. “Ring!” says Daniel. “Sing!” exclaims Lisa. – And then Nina is unable to come up with another rhyme. She drinks.


Drinking Mate: Select a gamer to serve as your drinking companion. Drink everytime you do throughout the rest of the game or until another 8 card is dealt. Here’s what you need, mate! Read this if you have the time: How to Play the Vocal Drinking Game | The Buzz


When a 7 card is chosen, all players must raise their hands in the air at the same time, signaling the beginning of Heaven. The player who is the last to do so must drink. Make careful to lift the roof as soon as possible!


For the Ladies: All female participants are required to consume alcohol.For further information, please see: Landmines Drinking Game | RulesHow to Play


For the Boys: All of the male participants are required to consume alcohol.


Floor: Once a 4 card is presented, all players must place their hands on either the table or the real floor to complete the round. The player who is the last to do so must drink.


Me:The person who receives this card is required to consume alcohol. Recommended reading: Rules and Instructions for the Electricity Drinking Game


Take a drink yourself, or get someone else at the table to do so.


Everyone waterfalls (chugs their drink as soon as the person to their right starts chugging in domino fashion, and can’t stop until the person to their right stops), beginning with the player who got the Ace card. When all of the cards have been pulled, the game is over. Read this if you have the time: Rules and Instructions for the Ring of Fire Card Drinking Game If you wish to continue playing or if the players haven’t been drunk enough, simply shuffle all of the cards and start again with another round of Circle of Death.

Bonus: Circle of Death Rules Ideas

Because you may make up all sorts of other rules to make your game more interesting, Circle of Death is an excellent party drinking game. You will quickly notice that, while the rules of Circle of Death are essentially the same as those of the King’s Cup, there are some differences. You may choose which rules to retain the same and which ones to tweak a little. Some Circle of Death Rule Ideas are listed below, which you may use to construct your own version of Circe of Death!

Red and Black

When you draw a card from the deck of cards numbered two through eight, depending on the color of the card you choose, you either drink or force another player to drink. If the card is black, you must drink for the amount of seconds shown on the card, up to a maximum of 30 seconds. Once a red card is drawn, you must choose another player who will be required to drink for the amount of seconds shown on the card. For example, if you get the six of hearts card, you will be able to choose another player who will be required to drink from the center cup for six seconds.

Other Circle of Death Card Rules

The more prevalent Circle of Death rules have previously been discussed in detail above. Here are some additional rules that you may apply to spice up your game and make it more interesting! Please feel free to take inspiration from these guidelines and write up your own regulations! That will elevate your performance to an entirely new level! It is recommended that you read:Horse Race Drinking Game: Game Rules. Instructions on How to Play

Ace is “Slap your face”.

If you are dealt an ace, the remaining players must race to smack your face in retaliation! The last person to do so is the one who drinks.

Two means shuffle.

A 2 card is drawn, and all of the players are required to swap places with another player. The last player to be seated takes a drink.

Three reverses the game direction.

If you draw a 3, the playing order is reversed and the game continues in the same manner.

Four is for dinosaurs.

A 4 allows you to draw a dinosaur on the face of another player if you draw it on your own. Please make use of a washable marker!

Five is for jive.

If you draw a 5, everyone is required to begin dancing soon after. The individual who was the last to dance gets a drink.

Six is for quiz master.

If you draw a 6, you will have the opportunity to ask a trivia question.

The player or players who offer the incorrect response are required to drink.

Seven is for snake eyes.

If you draw a 7, you have the power of snake eyes, which means that each time you make successful eye contact with another player, that person is required to consume alcohol.

Eight is for straight.

A straight shot of any alcoholic beverage must be consumed in the event that you draw an 8. (Either vodka or tequila will suffice!) No mixers or glasses of water are allowed; it must be consumed “straight.”

Nine is for “Draw again.”

If you get a 9, you must choose another card and proceed according to the rules of the second card you got. Everyone has a drink!

Jack is Never Have I Ever.

Those that draw the number Jack will be rewarded with a brief round of Never Have I Ever. All of the remaining players are required to raise three fingers. You say, “Never have I ever.” and then add an action that you believe the other players have never done before to complete the sentence. If there are any players who have performed the action that you indicated, they must fold their hands with one finger. The following statement is provided by the player on your right, and the game continues from there.

Queen is for questions.

If you are dealt a Queen, you must respond to a question from each of the other players. If you are unable to respond to a question, you will be required to drink. If you correctly answer all of the questions, everyone else is required to drink instead.

Other Circle of Death King Rules

The King cards are always a treat to see. Here are some additional guidelines that you can employ if you are dealt a King card. These will undoubtedly add a new dimension to your game!

The King is a Table Slave

If you are dealt a King card, you are deemed to be the table slave and are required to obey the dictates of your fellow players. This may need replenishing the drinks or snacks on a regular basis when they become depleted. Until a player chooses another King card, you will be required to continue in this manner. Don’t take advantage of your king/table slave to an excessive degree! You never know when you could be the next victim!

The 4th King

All three players who have a King card in their hand must place one item into the center cup of the game. This might be something else to drink or even something sweet like candy. After drawing the fourth King card, whomever pulls it has to drink the death cup, which contains all of the “gifts” from the previous three Kings! Eww, that’s just correct! Take care not to make the mixture too disgusting!

Circle of Death Play Online

There is no need to be concerned if you do not have a deck of cards on hand. Instead, you may participate in theKings Cup online. It’s also a great choice for video chat parties! If you want, you can simply download our free Kings Cup application to your smartphone and play it whenever you want! 1st of April, 2021

The Real Circle of Death Drinking Game (Card)

  • A minimum of two persons
  • A deck of cards
  • A favorite alcoholic beverage


If you’re up to it, you may use two decks of cards, and you can seat as many players as will comfortably fit around the table. Shuffle the cards well, and then use the cards to form a circle in the center of the table in the center of the table. It doesn’t matter who starts, because everyone has an opportunity to participate. The first person to draw a card and complete the action specified by the card is the winner. As a result, the player on the left receives their opportunity, and so on.

Rules and card interpretations: One of the first rules is to never break the circle. Aside from the fact that it is a party foul, the sole regulation is that it must be done. Each of the cards has a unique meaning, so pay attention.

  • Everyone else at the table drinks (a good mouthful or shot counts as a drink)
  • Ace-in-your-face-everyone else at the table drinks
  • 2- you- this suggests that you choose someone to join you for a drink
  • 3- I’ll drink and you’ll drink
  • 4-Second Floor: The person who smacks the table last has to drink. 5- right- the person who is serving you the proper drink
  • 6- sociable – everyone partakes in alcoholic beverages Last person to raise their hand gets to sip from the cup of paradise. 8- despise- choose someone who you despise for drinking
  • The person who draws the card begins by saying any phrase, and then the person to his or her right must rhyme with the last word that you said
  • 9- bust a rhyme The picker, the one who drew the card, chooses someone, and the pickee is required to drink until the picker, who was also the one who drew the card, says WHEN. This is an excellent moment to let go of the past
  • Jack- Waterfall- The person who draws the card begins drinking immediately
  • Once they begin, everyone else follows suit, and they are unable to stop until the person to their immediate right does so. Questions are asked by the Queen by looking at anyone and asking them a question, after which they look at someone else or you again and ask another question. This continues until one of the participants makes a mistake or runs out of ideas. You are not permitted to ask a question that has already been asked. When you draw the last king, regardless of whether it’s the only king in the deck or the 14th king of 14, the person who draws it is required to finish everything on the table, including the drink they’re drinking. In the event that you are sympathetic, here’s what they have on the table:

Do not be concerned; this is a simple game once you get the feel of it. You and everyone else will become plastered, don’t be concerned about it. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the purpose is to have a good time.


Dustin Webb is a professional basketball player.

Circle of Death Drinking Games: Rules and Gameplay

Isn’t it true that everyone enjoys a nice drinking game? It doesn’t matter if you’re in the bar, the pub, or your own house; you can play a drinking game practically anyplace. The drinking game Circle of Death is similar to the gameKings Cup in that it involves a circle of death. In fact, because the gameplay between Circle of Death and Kings Cup is so similar, many people consider it to be a Kings Cup version. Both games make use of playing cards and a big cup or glass, but while they are similar, each have their own set of rules that must be followed.

What is The Circle of Death?

For many years, the drinking game “Circle of Death” was a popular pastime. While it is possible to play the game using an app, the conventional (and best) method is to utilize a deck of poker cards. During the game, participants sit in a circle around a table or around a circular tablecloth together. A huge glass of alcohol should be placed in the center of the table, and a circle of cards should be set face down around the glass. On each player’s turn, they will be required to pick a card and then perform a certain action on that card.

The Circle of Death is a fantastic party game to enjoy with your friends and family members.

Now, in order to play The Circle of Death, you’ll need a couple of items.

What You’ll Need To Play

To play The Circle of Death, you’ll need a deck of playing cards, a glass or cup, and lots of alcoholic beverages to get started. This is accomplished by placing the cup or glass in its center and spreading out all of the cards surrounding it. It is possible to use any type of playing cards, including themed sets. If you’re seeking for some inspiration, theseMaverick playing cardsor theseBicycle Unicorn playing cardswould both be excellent options to consider. Now that you know everything you’ll need to play The Circle of Death, let’s take a closer look at the game’s rules in greater depth.

Circle of Death Rules and Gameplay

As with the Waterfall drinking game, the goal of Circle of Death is to have a good time as much as possible. However, this does not imply that there are no crucial regulations to observe when participating in the game. So, let’s have a look at what you need to know about the subject matter.

Setting Up

To begin, one player is responsible for shuffleing the deck of cards. Then, in the center of the player’s circle, set a glass or a cup on the ground. After that, you should arrange all of the cards in a circle around the glass. The first thing you need to select is what sort of drink you want to put in your drink glass. In accordance with traditional Circle of Death norms, the drink should either be extremely powerful or not especially pleasant to consume. Many people, on the other hand, simply choose to substitute a drink they are confident the majority of others would enjoy.

When it comes to playing the Circle of Death drinking game, the most enjoyable part is when you get to select a card.

Every time you pick up a card in order to play the game, you’ll be required to do a specified activity. If you need help understanding what each card performs, you may refer to the list we’ve provided below.

Card Actions

If you have previously played King’s Cup, the gameplay may appear to be extremely similar to you. As we previously stated, these two games are very similar to one another. The Circle of Death, on the other hand, is a little easier to learn, and the card actions are often easier to recall. The following table outlines the functions of each card. The ace of spades is unquestionably a delightful card to draw. If a player receives an Ace, then every player will be required to take a sip of their beverage.

  • If the player next to you stops drinking, you will only be able to stop drinking yourself.
  • If you draw a King, you automatically become the King, which means you may impose whatever rule you choose on the other players.
  • If you draw a King card after another player has drawn one, you have the option of overriding their rules if you so want.
  • Queen:You are required to pose a question to another player.
  • When one of the players is unable or unwilling to answer a question, they will be eliminated and forced to drink from the glass in the middle.
  • Essentially, this implies that you may position your thumb wherever on the table at any point in time.
  • The player who is the last to place their thumb on the table will lose, and they will be required to take a drink.
  • The tenth point is that you should identify a category; it can be whatever you choose.
  • When one of the players is unable to respond, they will lose and will be required to drink from the middle glass.
  • Everyone takes turns saying something that rhymes after you pronounce a word.
  • 2 – 8 Playing Cards: If you are dealt a card between the numbers 2 and 8, what you do will be largely determined by the suit.

The quantity of beverages you must provide must be the same as the number on the invitation. If you receive a Hearts or Diamonds card, you will be required to consume alcohol. The amount of beverages you consume must correspond to the number on your card.

House Rules

Similar to the game of Monopoly, the practice of including house rules in the game is quite common. If you and your other players are in agreement, you are free to personalize the game anyway you like! You can experiment with some common home rules that have been written down here for your convenience. Breaking the Circle: Under this rule, each player will be required to draw his or her cards in the proper order. If a player violates the circle, they will be required to take a drink before proceeding with the task given on their playing cards.

  1. Men must drink if they receive a black card, while women must drink if they receive a red card.
  2. The Full House/At the Party: When all four of a specific card are drawn, each player will raise a glass of champagne to toast the occasion!
  3. When all of the cards have been dealt, the game is declared over.
  4. Since this is a drinking game, you shouldn’t be too concerned about this aspect of the game.

The Circle of Death – A Classic Drinking Game

Playing the Circle of Death is a simple and entertaining drinking game that anybody may enjoy! Circle of Death is going to be a fantastic game to play, whether you’re playing it at home or at the local pub. It’s also a good bachelor party game, and all you need is a deck of cards and lots of alcoholic beverages to participate.

Rules for the Drinking Game Circle of Death

The Drunk Meter measures how drunk you are.


3 players plus a deck of cards and a pint of beer

Game Play/Rules

To begin, take the deck of cards and place them face down on the table. Afterwards, in a circle, each participant selects a card and follows the steps listed below, starting with the first person. 2 – You consume two alcoholic beverages 3 – Waterfall: The picker determines the direction the waterfall will flow in. Everybody begins to drink as soon as the picker offers a toast, and no one is able to stop until the person to the picker’s right or left (depending on the picker’s decision) has finished drinking.

  • 4 – Whores: All of the ladies consume alcoholic beverages.
  • 6 – Dicks: All of the guys have a drink.
  • Narrative: To begin a story, the picker speaks one word, and then the next person says one word, and so on.
  • Category: The picker chooses a category and then identifies anything that falls within that category.
  • Condom brands include Trojan, Durex, and Lifestyles.
  • Beer brands include Miller, Leinie’s, Coors, and Budweiser.
  • Toaster, oven, refrigerator, and coffee machine are among the kitchen appliances.

The first person to drink is the one who is unable to formulate a coherent thought.

1.Jack – Back: The person in front of you is required to drink.

If the picker looks at any of the players and asks them a question, then that player may look at any of the other players and ask them a question too.

Here are a few good questions: What exactly is a queen?

Do you have any idea what time it is?

When a picker says something that they have never done (or has done), the picker drinks.

I have never used a toilet in my life.

Ace-Rule: Picker is given the opportunity to invent a rule that will be in effect until the end of the game.

If not, you’ll have to try again. The Rule for Sentence Endings: At the end of each of your sentences, you must say something relevant. If you don’t like any of these rules, or if you want the game to be more or less violent, you may alter them to anything else.

How To Play Circle Of Death Drinking Game With Rules – Chuggie

How to Play the Game of Death (Circle of Death) Alcoholic Drinking Game With Rules is a very sociable and completely crazy game that may be played with groups ranging from three to fifteen individuals. Videos, GIFs, memes, and connections to’ll be a Circle of Death Pro by the conclusion of this guide!

What’s in a name?(How To Play Circle Of Death Drinking Game With Rules)

Unlike other drinking games, which only have one name, Circle Of Death has a slew of different names. Before we go into the specifics of the regulations, let’s get everyone’s names out there. (At first, I was a little perplexed.) (Click here for images and discounts.) The term “Circle of Death” is also used to refer to:

  • How to Play the Drinking Game Ring of Fire with Rules
  • Sociables
  • King’s Cup
  • Circle of Death (obviously)
  • Waterfall
  • Captain Dickhead
  • How to Play the Drinking Game Ring of Fire with Rules

How To Play Circle of Death Drinking Game With RulesEquipment: The 4 Things You Need To Have

When I play Circle of Death, I use waterproof playing cards. They are much more durable!

2. Then, you’ll need a large cup. For example, a fun2L Boot Mugor aSuper Large Stein Mug Cup.

For those on a tight budget, this is the best “Circle of Death” cup available.

3. Last of all, make sure you have enoughdisposable cup s for everyone.

For those on a tight budget, this is the ideal “Circle of Death” cup to use.

How To Play Circle Of Death Drinking Game With Rules:Set Up

1. First and foremost, make certain that everyone gets a full cup of their preferred beverage. Afterwards, ask everyone to pour a small amount of their drink into the Death Cup. The Death Cup should be placed in the center of the table. This is just two people flowing into the Death Cup at the same time. Consider the numbers 12.2. Spread the deck of cards in a circle around the death cup, somewhat of like a fan, and then discard the cards. The following is an excerpt from Tippsy’s Iconic Drinking Game: Here’s an example of how a setup should appear.

How To Play Circle Of Death Drinking Game With Rules:Set Up Vide Demo1

It’s vital to understand that the set up might differ significantly from game to game, so be prepared for that. Here’s an example of one person’s method of setting up:

Finally, I’m cutting to the chase. THIS is How To Play Circle Of Death Drinking Game With Rules

1. After you’ve finished setting everything up, the first card is dealt to the person to the left of the dealer. (You’ll be moving in a clockwise direction for the duration of the game.) 2. Each player takes a turn drawing a card and enacting the specified rule on the card. 3. After that, the next player takes a card from the deck, and the cycle repeats. In order to put a stop to the Circle of Death Drinking Game, you can do one of two things: The first is that you just stop playing when you run out of cards.

How To Play Circle Of Death Drinking Game With Rules:Card Rules

The following are the meanings of the cards, at least according to the Chuggie House Rules system. I divided the cards into two categories: number cards and face cards. May the most deserving guy triumph! When you draw the number two, you get to select a person and force them to drink. 3 – “Me”– If you’re fortunate enough to draw a three, this is entirely your fault, guy. For number four, everyone must get down on their knees and make contact with the ground. The Death Cup must be consumed by the sluggish poke.

  1. 6 – “Chicks”– It’s time for the women to take the stage.
  2. 7) “Heaven”– Do you remember when you played the game “Seven Minutes in Heaven?” Everyone must raise their arms as high as they possibly can in order to receive card number seven.
  3. 8.
  4. It is applicable to both delicious beverages and sips from the death cup in the same situation.
  5. Just don’t be the man whose name begins with the letter O.
  6. The number 10 is referred to as “categories” by the players when they draw a ten card.
  7. Go berserk!
  8. The player who gets the card begins drinking, and as soon as he does, the player on his left begins drinking as well.

Everyone follows suit, sipping from their own cups whenever the person to their right begins to drink, and only stopping when the person to their right stops drinking. This provides the person who drew the Ace complete control over the length of time the “waterfall” will be active for.

How To Play Circle of Death The Drinking Game With Rules: Face Cards

A deck of cards is all you really need to get started, save from some wine and some cups. (See the Amazon link for further information.) Jack – “Social”– In this scene, the players pretend that the bride and groom have just walked into the reception hall. Everyone is entitled to a drink! The Queen plays the role of “Question Master,” capturing everyone who does not reply to a question and forcing them to drink from the Death Cup. Come up with whatever you want, accents, names, or anything else that will spice up the party when it is broken (buffalo, dominating hand, blue man?) and become the King.

The principle is the same as before, with the exception of the fist fight.

How To Play Circle Of Death Drinking Game With Rules:Variations

It should come as no surprise that there are hundreds of different interpretations of the cards. Here are two alternatives that, while they are not part of our Chuggie House Rules, are entertaining to incorporate from time to time. The player must place his or her thumb on the table in order to draw “thumb,” which is often a specific card such as all fives in a deck. Everyone at the table must put their thumbs down as swiftly as possible. The one who is the last to place their thumb on the table is the one who has to drink.

Variation on the King’s Card: Depending on how the game is played, you may just pour a portion of your drink into the death cup every time you draw a king.

In a version of how to play the circle of death drinking game with rules, everyone pours their drink into the cup with each king, but they also place their cards on the central cup, with at least TWO edges hanging over the side.

In the event that a player knocks the entire bunch of cards down while attempting to stack their own, it is his or her turn to drink the contents of the King’s cup.

How To Play Circle Of Death Drinking Game With Rules:FreeApp Download

Amazon has a free Circle of Death app that you can download by clicking on the link provided. Are you traveling alone? You may still play the Circle of Death if you download this free software from the Amazon App Store.

Get Out TherePlay This Deadly But Hilarious Game!

Now you know what I’m talking about. Enjoy yourself by following these “Chuggie’s Circle of Death House Rules,” and have a great time! What is your preferred method of playing Circle of Death? Leave a comment below!

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How To Play the Circle of Death Drinking Game – The Chuggernauts

In the same vein asKings and Ring of Fire, the Circle of Death drinking game is a flip-and-drink drinking game that involves sipping from a cup.

The rules of the game are straightforward, and all that is required is a regular 52-card deck and a group of people who are eager to indulge in a little drinking. Essentially, players take turns flipping the cards and doing the activity that is specified by the card they are flipping.

What You’ll Need To Play

One deck of cards, many beverages, a can or bottle of soda in the center of the table, and at least three participants are required.

Circle of Death Drinking Game Rules

Before anything else, someone sets an empty can in the middle of the table. After then, all of the cards are shuffled and set in a circle around the can with their faces facing down. Players sit around a table and take turns drawing cards in a clockwise direction from the deck of cards. After each card is drawn, it is placed on top of the can with at least two corners protruding from the top.

  • Drink twice
  • Drink three times
  • Drink four times
  • Drink five times
  • Repeat as necessary. 6 – provide 6 drinks, divided as you choose
  • 7 – serve 7 drinks, split however you wish
  • 8 – serve 8 drinks, divided however you wish
  • 9 –It’s Rhyme Time! The first player chooses a word, and the second player must make a rhyme with that word. Then the game continues in a clockwise direction until someone is unable to come up with a unique rhyming phrase and must drink
  • 10 – Establish a rule. The person who drew this gets to establish a new rule for the game. Anyone who is detected disobeying the rule will be served a drink by Jack, the Gesture Master. The person who created this comes up with a gesture and displays it to everyone. This gesture can be used at any moment throughout the game, and the player who makes the final one drinks. When someone else receives a Jack, they take over as the new gesture master and are given the opportunity to reimagine the gesture
  • Queen – Question Master The person who drew this card poses a question to one of the players. That player is required to react with a question of their own, addressed at another player, in order to proceed. This continues until someone makes a mistake, at which point they must drink
  • King –Categories. Someone came up with a category for this, such as “Shoe brands” or “colors,” and then drew it. The game is played in a clockwise direction, with each participant expressing something that falls under that category. If they make a mistake, they drink, and the game is over
  • Ace – Waterfall – Begin by creating a waterfall. Anyone who has drawn this begins drinking their drink, followed by the next person in clockwise rotation, and so on until everyone has finished. Nobody will be able to stop drinking until the player in front of them does.

Additional Rules

  • It is mandatory for anyone who breaks the circle of cards by removing a card and leaving an empty space to take a drink. If someone knocks off any cards while placing their card on top of the container, they must drink one drink for each card that was knocked off
  • Otherwise, they must drink two drinks. If a player removes every card from the can, they must drink the whole contents of the can. If someone has to inquire as to “what this card accomplishes,” they must consume alcohol.

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With the exception of the waterfall card, the circle of death drinking game is a rather straightforward affair. It’s a simple and effective approach to get some drinking done by just grabbing a deck of cards. Either write down the rules or make them easily available somewhere where everyone can see them is usually the best course of action. Card

Circle of Death

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You don’t have an account yet? Register It is a drinking card game that is a close version on the games Kings Cup (also known as Kings) andRing of Fire. The most significant change is in the simplicity of the rules; Circle of Death has fewer rules yet retains the greatest features! Here are the most frequently acknowledged Rules for Circle of Death, the drinking card game, as well as the BEST’New Rules’to incorporate into your game! Jump to a Specific Topic in the Page Contents Do you simply require a reminder of the rules?

Resources Required

  • 1 × deck of playing cards (preferably waterproof! )
  • 1 x Cup (preferably one that is indestructible)
  • Several players (4 – 10) are involved. It is recommended that each participant take a drink of their choosing (NB: it does not have to be the same drink as the other players! )


  • Placing the Cup in the center of the table and spreading the shuffled cards face down in a circle around it is a good way to start. All of the players assemble around the table with their preferred beverage (and refills!).

OverView / General Play

Once the circle of cards is complete, one person begins by selecting one card from it, taking care to ensure that the circle is not broken (i.e., all of the remaining cards must be touching to ensure that there are no gaps in the circle), and then proceeds to follow the rules (see below) for that particular card. Following the completion of the card’s rules, the game moves on to the next person around the table, who then takes a card, and so on and so forth. When the last King Card is drawn, the game is said to be over.

CIRCLE OF DEATH: Rules for each Card.

  • Waterfall is the Ace of Spades. You begin to drink, and then the next person in the circle begins to drink, and so on and so on. You can only stop drinking when you have finished your drink or when the person in front of you has finished his or hers. If the card drawer comes to a stop, the following person can also come to a stop, and so on. Make A Rule, You Are The King. Consider making up a new regulation or revoking an existing one. EVERYONE must adhere to the rules for the remainder of the game. The Queen serves as the Question Master. You have the right to ask ANYQUESTION to ANYONE. If they do not respond, they will pose a question to someone else. If ANYONE does not answer a question or forgets to ask a question, they drink
  • Jack – Thumb Master, this player lays their Thumb on the table at their leisure, at their own time. All other players then have to race to place their Thumb on the table, with the last person being the winner. Drinks
  • 10 – is the number of categories Choose a category (for example, countries), and then each player must utter a word that falls into that category in turn (America). Rhyme is the first player to stammer or fail
  • The first person to stutter or fail is Drinks. Pronounce a word (for example, rum), and then each participant must say a word that rhymes with it in turn (e.g. Drum). The first person to stammer or fail receives a drink and all of the cards below! If the color is red, the person who drew the card must drink the number of drinks indicated on the card. They distribute that amount of beverages to other players AND/OR to the Cup if the color is black. LAST KING– If your card is the last King, you are required to drink everything in the cup. Getting Out of the Circle Whenever a player removes a card, if the remaining cards are not touching each other, creating a space in the ‘circle’ surrounding the Cup, they are required to guzzle the whole contents of their drink
  • If the remaining cards are not touching each other, the player is disqualified.


A large part of the enjoyment of this game is provided by the additional rules that players can create. Obviously, the customary punishment is to consume alcohol! We play with the understanding that these ‘New Rules’ will be in effect throughout the evening, not just for that round.

  • You should only drink with your LEFThand. It is not permissible to address persons by their FIRST NAME. You and the person you point at are both required to drink (an option is if two players establish eye contact)
  • If you POINT, you and the person you point at must drink. It’s only possible to point with yourELBOW. When referring to yourself, only use the THIRD PERSON (for example, Bob cannot say “I want a beer”
  • He must instead say “Bob wants a beer”)
  • Every phrase should be concluded by repeating the final word TWICE. (TWICE!)
  • If you swear, you must place yourFOREHEADon theTABLEuntil someone else swears
  • Else, you will be disqualified. Everyone chooses anANIMAL NOISEand is responsible for making it before each Drink. (It frequently attracts people more than once in a succession! )
  • T-REX– whenever somebody drinks, they must do it with their stubby arms crossed over their chests. RENAMINGanother participant (e.g. DADDY, DARLING, etc) Whoever is prone to forgetting will drink
  • VIKING, whenever someone raises their index fingers up by their forehead (to resemble horns), everyone others must immediately begin making rowing gestures and noises in response to their presence. The one who was the last to notice and perform the rowing is the one who must drink. When you get out of your seat, unfasten yourINVISIBLESEATBELT. When you sit down, turn it back on. Triple D stands for Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk If you utter any of these terms, you are a d***k
  • And


Do you just want a quick refresher on the rules? Check out our cheat sheets for more information. Click on the image to open it in a new window as a JPGPrintable Version

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Have we overlooked any of the most important drinking guidelines? Please let us know about them and we will include them on our list! Please remember to consume alcohol in moderation! You should be aware that this alcohol drinking game is not intended to result in you being ill as a result of excessive alcohol intake.

Circle of death Drinking Game

Circumference of Death, sometimes known as Ring of Fire, is a drinking game similar toKings in which a deck of cards is laid around a can in the middle of a table, with each card having a special value or significance, and players pick cards in order from the deck in turn.

Set up

Players must first assemble around a table and place an empty can in the center of the table before the game can begin. In order to make the “Circle of Death,” an ordinary deck of cards is first shuffled and then spread face down in a circle around the can, making a circle around the can.

Game play

When the first player draws a card and sets it face up on top of the center can, the game is said to have begun. The player then completes the action dictated by the card he drew before the player to his left draws another card to continue the game’s progression. In this manner, the game is passed around the table until all cards have been pulled.


Each card number corresponds to a certain action that must be performed. When a player draws a card, he or she performs the following actions: “X drinks” can refer to either drinking continuously for X seconds or drinking X ounces of beer, as defined below. TwothroughFive The player consumes the specified quantity of drinks. Sixth through eighth grades The player distributes the specified quantity of drinks to the other players. There is no restriction on how this number can be shared among participants.

  1. The player can use any basic, generally one-syllable term to express himself.
  2. This continues until a player is unable to come up with a new term or until a player repeats a word that has already been said.
  3. TenRule- The player who has drawn the number ten is now the Rule Master for the game.
  4. Any player who violates the regulation will be required to drink.
  5. Some of the most popular are those that prohibit the use of players’ first names or the phrases “drink,” “drink,” and “drunk.” JackGestures- The player who has drawn the jack becomes the Gesture Master for the remainder of the game.
  6. The player who is the last to duplicate the motion and follow suit will be forced to drink.
  7. Popular hand gestures include resting one’s thumb on the table’s edge and crossing one’s arms over one’s chest.

Queen Question Master- The player who has drawn the queen is now in charge of the game’s questioning.

The Question Master is free to ask as many questions as he or she like, and he or she is encouraged to use deception to deceive people into answering his or hers.

KingCategories- The player who has drawn a king sets a general category, after which players must identify objects that fall into the category that has been created by the king-drawing player.

After that, he or she begins the list by mentioning a specific candy bar.

Until a player fails to name a new candy bar or mentions one that has already been mentioned, he or she will be required to consume alcoholic beverages.

The direction of the Waterfall is determined by the person who drew the ace, and then all players begin drinking at the same moment as the ace is drawn.

When he or she comes to a complete halt, the first player in the direction of the Waterfall is permitted to do the same. When that person stops drinking, the player seated next to them is permitted to stop drinking as well, and so on until all players have finished their drinks.

  • There are a number of options for determining the direction of the Waterfall:

The Waterfall goes in the same direction as the game’s flow of action (usually clockwise). The order of the Waterfall is determined by the player who received the ace. After drawing the ace, the person who received it asks a question, to which the players on either side of him or her must respond. The Waterfall will travel in the direction of the player who responds first, unless otherwise specified. Other Requirements

  • Throughout the game, it is necessary to have a firm ring of cards around the central can at all times. In the event that a player breaks the chain of cards, he or she will be required to drink
  • Likewise, if a player knocks the cards off the top of the center can while setting his or her own card on top of the can, he or she will be required to drink.


There are a few variants to the Circle of Death rule set:

  • Red and Black- Some players choose to employ the rule known as Red and Black instead of the rules for numbers two through five and six through eight, which are described below. Depending on the color of the card, when any number between two and eight is drawn, the player either drinks or distributes that number of drinks to the other players. If the card is black, the player drinks that number
  • If the card is red, the player donates that number to the other players. When the number nine is picked for Rhyme Time, participants must construct entire sentences that conclude with words that rhyme with the number nine drawn for the game. There are two corners to this story. A player must leave at least two edges of his or her card off of the pile of cards while laying a card on top of the center can in order to be considered successful. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the equilibrium of the stack of cards, and more players end up toppling it over. Crack It- Once a card has been completed, it is placed beneath the tab of an unopened beer in the center of the table. The person who “cracks it” consumes the entire bottle of beer. Lewis Rules-AceWaterfall (Rules-AceWaterfall) King Drinks are divided into four categories. Questions from the QueenQuestions-4 beverages Drinks on the house, courtesy of JackRules 10Sentence-3 alcoholic beverages 9Rhyme-2drinks 8Spread it out-spread it out 7Heaven—everyone gets one6Dick—everyone gets fifteen Take 5-percent beverages for yourself. 4whores-All of the females consume alcohol 3 Free Drinks- Select a drink from any location within the rule. 2shoes-the person who is the last to take their shoes off drinks two
  • Duke University Rules (Duke University, Durham, North Carolina)
  • Duke University Rules

You are number two (choose someone to drink) 3 = I (myself) (you drink) Whores (no. 4) (women drink) 5= Never have I ever (Play the game “Never have I ever” with a specific number of fingers (usually 5) or with one rotation.) Dicks is a number six (men drink) 7 is the number of heaven (all point up, last one drinks) 8= Social Involvement (everybody drinks) 9= Come up with a rhyme (the player who draws the card says a phrase and each person to the left says a phrase that rhymes until one player breaks the rhyme and drinks) CategoriesJ= Waterfall ten = ten categories Q=Questionnaires (The person who draws asks another player a question, who, in turn, must then straightaway ask a different player a completely unrelated question and so on til someone misses and then drinks) king’s cup (the first three players to draw a king pour a part of their beer into a shared cup, which is then consumed by the person who gets the fourth king).

Make a rule with an ace.

  • While many Duke students adhere to these guidelines, there are typically exceptions to the norms for the numbers 5, 8, J, K, and A.
  • (Also known as the Appalachian State University Students’ Association’s official regulations)
  • Weerona Rules (University of Wollongong College, Australia)

2 equals you (choose someone to drink) 3 is the same as me (you drink) 4 = the ground floor (all touch floor, last one drinks) 5 = men (all males drink) 6 = number of females (all females drink) 7 is the number of heaven (all point up, last one drinks) 8 = choosing a partner or a date (choose someone to drink with you) 9 is a number that rhymes (word or phrase) ten different categories J= never ever (walk around the circle stating ‘never have I ever (done some random thing)’ and everyone who has done this specific thing raises a finger to indicate that they have done it.

3) Three thumbs up Equals drink (and you must narrate the account of what happened).

Immediately following that, they must ask someone another a completely different question, and so on until someone misses and then drinks) ‘The little green guy,’ the thumb master, no names or pointing, and the 3d rule (can’t say drink, drink, or drunk) are all examples of drinking regulations that are popular.

The University of Otago is located in Dunedin, New Zealand (New Zealand) Circle of Death is one of several variations on the theme.

3= Make a list of three beverages.

4 = I have never done it.

If you’ve done it, you’re going to drink.

Drawer selects a word from a hat.

In the number six, a ship arrived in the harbor.

Everybody else must name the brands of the exact item that arrived on board the ship when it arrived in port.

A trivia question is posed by the drawer.

8 is the number of the toilet card.

Unless you are in between games, you are not permitted to use the restroom until you have received a toilet card.

The drawer begins to sing a song, and the one who is the last to join in drinks.

Snake Eyes is represented by the letter J.

Q is an abbreviation for Question Master.

If you provide a response to their query, you will be required to drink.

The first three Kings chosen pour their drinks into the bowl in the center of the table.

ACE is an abbreviation for waterfall/cascade (direction chosen by you) The Joker is also known as the Strip Card.

Any additional cards obtained as a consequence of playing with 500 packs are referred to as’strip’ cards, and everyone is required to drink and then remove one piece of clothing before the game can continue.

Needler Rules

Notably, because some of the specifics have grown buried through time, it is possible for cards 6, 7, and 10 to be assigned to other positions. These, on the other hand, are unquestionably the greatest regulations for this game. When using this variation, all drinks are always measured in fingers.

  • 2-5 (Black): Consume 2-5 alcoholic beverages. 2-5 (Red) – Submit nominations for 2-5 beverages. Individuals must create a drinking game inside a drinking game, which often involves walking around the circle saying something or doing a specific action until someone fucks up, at which time they must drink
  • 6- New Game “Fuck off, Mr. Question Master,” followed by the response to the question, is required for all questions presented by the bearer of this card. The question master is ousted by drawing another 7 card. 8- Toilet Card – in order to use the toilet, you must have this card in your possession. Waterfall (number nine)
  • 10- New Topic – the same as the “categories” section above
  • And Males drink in the letter J
  • Females drink in the letter Q. K- The first three kings put their contributions into a pint glass in the center, and the fourth king has to drink it. An introduction to the Thumb Master and a new rule.

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