High School Musical Drinking Game Rules & How to Play

High School Musical Drinking Game

  • Players: 1 or more
  • Type: social
  • Beverage: any Availability:
  • Year: 2006-Present
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Actors: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale
  • Availability:


Troy and Gabriella, two teenagers who are worlds apart, meet during a karaoke contest and realize that they have a common interest in music, which they share with each other. Sponsored


Every time you drink:

  • When a smartphone goes off, the girls get catty. “Wildcats!” is yelled out by anyone. Specifically, the topic of debate is on singing. Coach Bolton refers to his players as a “team.” If Kelsi is spotted in a ludicrous costume and Zac Efron is shirtless, this is a red flag. Any student may lean against a wall

When you drink twice, it means that:

  • Zac Efron tries his hardest to be a good actor but fails miserably. The question “What team?” is screamed by everyone
  • Sharpay tries to hit on Troy
  • Ryan is equipped with a dancing function. Lip syncing is evidently taking place

When should you take a shot? Please remember to drink responsibly like you do every time! You should be aware that this alcohol drinking game is not intended to result in you being ill as a result of excessive alcohol intake. Do you require a sober ride? By using Lyft, you may save $5.00 on your ride! If you liked it, please provide feedback in the comments section and tell us how we can make it even better!

Official High School Musical Drinking Game Rules! – The Chuggernauts

High School Musical is a famous tween film from the mid-2000s that is still in theaters today. Many people remember seeing High School Musical when it first came out. This is most likely due to the fact that the film’s stars, Zack Effron and Vanessa Hudgens, were well-known adolescent heartthrobs at the time. This is your average young romance narrative, complete with (what we thought were) amazing dancing steps from the early part of the millennium. If that isn’t enough to get you to see this movie, grab a drink and have some fun with The High School Musical Drinking Game to make the experience even more pleasurable for yourself.

What You’ll Need To Play

Fortunately for you, there isn’t much preparation required to participate in this drinking game. Simply settle into a comfortable chair with a copy of High School Musical and a couple alcoholic beverages of your choosing at your disposal. Currently, the film is accessible to view on Disney+, a subscription service. People of all ages may participate in this drinking game, which can be played either by yourself or with a small group of your closest friends.

High School Musical Drinking Game Rules

  • Someone says or sings “get your head in the game” (you’d be shocked how frequently you hear this)
  • Someone says or sings “get your head in the game” (you’d be surprised how often this comes up)
  • Someone says or sings “get your head in the game” (you’d be amazed how often this comes up). Someone brings up the subject of the School Musical
  • Someone calls out, “Wild Cats.”

Take A Big Gulp Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Sharpay is enraged or irritated by anything
  • He becomes a jerk. People begin to clap their hands
  • Someone is using a phone that is not a smart phone
  • In the middle of the show, the cast breaks into song.

Finish Whatever Is Left Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • You find yourself singing along to one of the songs
  • It’s embarrassing.

Well, if you have made it through the entire movie, you should reward yourself with a drink for your efforts. When you re-watch these films as an adult, it makes you really rethink your movie choices as a child. It’s possible that you’ll love playing another classic from the 2000s, the Lizzie Mcguire Drinking Game, if you enjoyed playing this High School Musical drinking game. Always remember to drink responsibly and to drive safely on the road. Movie

High School Musical Drinking Game Rules & How to Play

These days, there is no shortage of drinking games to choose from. Beer Pong is a traditional game, and there are many more to pick from, including card games such as Waterfall and many others. However, even amid all of these varied drinking games, the High School Musical drinking game sticks out. Now, if you were a child or adolescent during the year 2006, you are almost certainly familiar with the film High School Musical. The Disney Channel movie was created specifically for television and has spawned a slew of sequels and spinoffs.

But enough about the past; what exactly is the point of this drinking game? You watch High School Musical and get drunk, that’s what you do! There’s a little more to it than that, to be sure. Let’s take a deeper look at what this game is all about. –

What is The High School Musical Drinking Game?

Teenagers and young adults who are now adults are likely to have good recollections of the musical High School Musical. Even if we can all agree that the film is corny, the film is nonetheless entertaining. The best part is that you can watch it all over again while while becoming intoxicated! So gather a group of pals together and prepare to see High School Musical in a completely different light. The drinking game based on the hit musical High School Musical was created online. It follows the same basic premise as many other drinking games of a similar nature.

The rules for these games are rather straightforward.

These games are also intended to be extremely adaptable in terms of gameplay.

Everything you’ll need to know about playing the High School Musical drinking game, as well as the basic rules, will be covered in this tutorial.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To participate in the High School Musical Drinking Game, all you need is some alcoholic beverages and a method to view the movie. The film and its sequels are accessible on Disney+, but you can easily find a DVD of the film on the internet as well. The fact is, it doesn’t really matter whether you watch it on the internet or on DVD. When the movie is finished, you’ll need lots of alcoholic beverages to celebrate. You may use any type of alcohol, but we don’t advocate using anything that is very strong in flavor.

The High School Musical Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

The High School Musical drinking game isn’t actually intended to accomplish anything. There are no points or scores in this game. You merely play for the sake of having fun and becoming a little tipsy. A terrific opportunity to rewatch a movie you may have enjoyed in the past, this is the ideal casual, laid-back drinking game to play with friends. Not only would it make an excellent two-player drinking game, but it could also be readily played with a bigger number of people. So gather your pals and reminisce about this Disney classic together.

The Basic Rules

So, what is the best way to participate in the High School Musical drinking game? It’s simple: you simply push the play button, and every time a specific scene or action plays out, you take a sip of your beverage. Characters expressing a certain word or an action taking place on-screen might be examples of this. In order to play the High School Musical drinking game, you can choose from a variety of alternative rule sets, which are shown below.

We’ve included some of our favorites for you to check out. We’ve divided the game into two categories to make it more entertaining. As a result, you either take a sip or finish the entire glass. Take a Drink

  • Someone uses the phrase “Wild Cats.”
  • Someone else says it. It is said that the school musical will be performed
  • A individual or a group of people claps
  • You come across someone who is utilizing an ancient cell phone

Ensure that you consume the entire bottle.

  • When someone says, “get your head in the game,” it means to concentrate on the task at hand. Sharpay becomes enraged or outraged over something, and the cast bursts out in song. Every time you laugh, it’s a good time.

Some of these restrictions may seem a little out of the ordinary at first, but trust us when we say that you’ll be thoroughly intoxicated by the conclusion of the film. These rules are a fantastic place to start, but there are plenty different ways to enjoy the High School Musical drinking game without following them.

House Rules

There are a plethora of entertaining ways to customize the High School Musical drinking game to your liking. You may make it easier or more difficult, or you can even include trivial elements. For those who like bar trivia tournaments, this might be a great option. One amusing home rule to experiment with is to pause the movie every 20 minutes while watching it. Each participant should then pose a question to the rest of the group based on what they’ve seen so far. If they correctly answer the question, you are entitled to a drink.

If you’re a big fan of High School Musical, you’ll probably note that there are lots of additional wonderful possibilities for drinking rules throughout the show.

If you find yourself singing along at any time, you should have something to drink, and they are just a handful of suggestions.

Just make sure that everyone else is on the same page and understands the rules completely before you begin!

Other Games To Play

Now that you have mastered the High School Musical drinking game, what should you do with your remaining time? Even the sequels may be turned into drinking games if you want to keep the party going. In addition to Camp Rock and Lemonade Mouth, there are a number of additional Disney musicals that would make excellent drinking games, to name a few of examples. It’s a fantastic opportunity to re-discover some of your old childhood favorites and enjoy them in a completely different light!

The High School Musical Drinking Game – Nostalgic Fun!

The High School Musical is a musical that takes place at a high school. A drinking game is likely to be a good way to pass the time on a sunny afternoon. Get your pals together, hit “play,” and then sit back and enjoy yourselves! The experience may make you chuckle and possibly cringe a few times, but it will be a really delightful one.

The “High School Musical” Trilogy Drinking Game

Drinking Game Based on the “High School Musical” Trilogy Sign in to leave comments on your favorite stories, take part in discussions in your community, and engage with your friends and other users. LOG IN WITH YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT

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One of the most rewarding aspects of being a member of our age, in my opinion, is being the children of Troy, Gabriella, and the East High Wildcats who grew up in their world. (Which team, exactly?) It was not only the most popular and most watched Disney Channel movie of all time, but it also inspired a whole franchise centered on three enjoyable movie musicals with a cast that got to spend their childhoods singing and dancing with one another. You may be critical of HSM all you want, but it was the beginning of something new for our childhoods, and it makes me happy to think of the day I expose my children to the “old movies I used to adore as a kid,” as they say.

It’s just plain entertaining, you guys.

And what better way to commemorate films that you can pretty much recite word for word?

The following is the newofficial”High School Musical”trilogydrinking game, which you may find in the following list.

So get your Solo cups ready, put on your East High tee, and have your Wildcats foam finger ready because we’re in for a rough trip this weekend.

1. Dance-along version.

One drink for every member in your party who has ever participated in a dance-along version of any of the films is appropriate. Also, later on, insist that those individuals exhibit their charming movements while under the influence of alcohol.

2. Viewers Vote.

Take a drink for each member of your viewing group who participated in the last scene of the second HSM by voting on the celebrity they wished to see. Afterwards, pour another drink for those who supported Miley Cyrus, since she was victorious!

3. The Picture.

Any real “High School Musical” fan has attempted “the leaping image” from the cover of the first film at least once in his or her life. Instruct everyone in your party to look for photographic evidence of their HSM jumping experience, and reward them with a drink for each piece of evidence they uncover. You’re now prepared to begin playing the game.

4. Whenever Troy and Gabriella sing a brand new song.

And you’ve somehow managed to memorize all of the lyrics and harmonies without even trying. They’re complete naturals!

5. Anytime Sharpay yells at someone

Because, very plainly, everyone and everything is beneath her. Duh!

6. Whenever Ryan has a dance feature

A few examples include: solo hip thrusts in “All in this Together,” or the scene in HSM 3’s “I Want it All” where he gets out of a fake automobile and just screams the worddance! Or when he tries and fails to teach poor ignorant Jason how to do a Bob Fosse warmup, like in the following scene.

7. Lip Sync.

Yes, go ahead and sip whenever you have a chance to watch Zac Efron, who will undoubtedly be lip syncing in HSM 1.

8. Sharpay’s name.

Take a drink every time you see or hearSharpay’s name or the letters of his name. It occurs frequently.

9. OK Zeke.

After Zeke’s initial admission in “Stick to the Status Quo,” take a drink for every time he mentions baking after that. His source of senior stress, according to what I recall from the third film, is having an overwhelming number of recipes to “perfect.” It really isn’t that big of an issue! We get what you’re saying, Zeke. You’re the one who bakes.

10. Poor Troy/Dammit Troy.

This one has two sides to it. The phrase “poor Troy” can be used to describe occasions when Troy is extremely concerned about his future and is under intense pressure from all directions. As an added bonus, you may drink for “Dammit Troy,” which is every time he’s being really bad. Avoid playing golf with Sharpay at all costs; don’t be a jerk.)

11. Wardrobe choices: Taylor.

Yes, feel free to take a shot anytime Taylor McKessie changes into a different lady-tie outfit.

12. Wardrobe choices: Chad.

Count on another two when Chad is dressed in a tee that has a one-liner sarcastic remark across the chest, such as “I come with my own background music,” on it. Ugh! That Mr. Danforth, of course! What a gentleman!

13. Whenever Kelsi wears something insane

Disney determined that the musical theatre accompanist girl would just outfit herself in as many layers, accessories, hats, and cups of tea as she could fit into her wardrobe. Is she a member of the hipster generation? Is it a middle schooler on a shopping spree? When she wears the suit and bowler cap combination in HSM 1, does she look like a small ventriloquist doll?

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14. Sharpay’s mystery friends.

It was determined by Disney that the musical theatre accompanist girl would just outfit herself in as many layers, accessories, hats, and cups of tea as she could fit into her wardrobe.

Her appearance suggests she’s a trendy type of person. Was it a middle schooler who went on a shopping binge? When she wears the suit and bowler cap combination in HSM 1, does she look like a little ventriloquist doll?

15. When East High makes no sense.

For example, when the school seems to have full-sized banners of its sports stars’ faces, or when you come upon a random mechanics shop that you can sneak into when you’re trying to hide from your best friend while auditioning for the musical.

16. Any time Troy and Gabriella almost kiss.

Seriously, Disney, we’re aware of what they’re planning! Stop interfering with them and allow them to have some action, please!

17. Any Martha Cox dance break.

Seriously, Disney, we are aware of their plans! Do not obstruct them and allow them to receive some attention.

18. Take it off.

Yes, feel free to chug every time Zefron takes his top off in public. While you’re at it, give yourself a swoooon.

19. Wall leaning.

Disney Channel is known for using a lot of character wall leaning to convey emotional situations, which is especially prevalent during solo songs. This occurs frequently, so keep chug in your mouth throughout the duration of any stretch of a “dramatic wall lean.”

20. What team?!

Finally, finish on a high note with some school pride. You’ll be seeing “High School Musical” (films 1-3) like you’ve never seen them before if you have your chug handy throughout the entirety of Chad’s ” What team?! ” outbursts. This Content Has Been Reported This material has not been approved by Odyssey HQ and only reflects the views and opinions of the author who has not been compensated.

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We came up with the brilliant idea last night to watch all three high school musical movies in a row while also playing the high school musical drinking game. Megan, Jess, and I were all in on it. Some of the regulations were as follows: Drink every time*Sharpay behaves in a sexist manner Every time Ryan puts on a new hat, and every time Troy and Gabriella come close to kissing, and every time Coach Bolton says “team” *Every time Ms. Darbus says “musical” or Coach Bolton says “team” *Every time Chad starts the “WHAT TEAM” chant *Every time Sharpay says “me or I” *Every time Ryan puts on a new hat, and every time Troy and Gabriella come close to kissing, and every time they don’t Needless to say, by the conclusion of number three, the three of us had consumed the entirety of a 30-pack of Bud Light.

At 8:30 p.m., my roommate and Darwin left my flat for the night, and when they returned at 1am, they found 30 empty beer cans on the table in front of them, and us singing along to the last scene of High School Musical 3.

Everyone is required to participate.

And when I mentioned to a colleague about my inebriated Facebook wall post, his response to the fact that three females killed a 30 rack while watching HSM1-3 was, “my god, why?” he said.

Drinking Game / Just For Fun

“Drink every time your glassy gaze is pierced by the devastating shallowness of red carpet reportage, as part of a fun drinking game. Don’t let up either.” Dave Foley is the author of this piece. This page is for you to post your own drinking game examples. Many of these games also include a “alcoholic’s version,” which acknowledges that a certain cliche is being used excessively by allocating beverages to it in order to discourage its use. The use of such versions should be done with caution because they have the potential to cause alcohol poisoning.

There are certain games that also include a satirical “teetotaler’s version,” in which beverages are only awarded for actual actions that are notably lacking from the show’s presentation (such as a lack ofGenre Blindness).

For example, if the Doctor is unfamiliar with theMonster of the Week, he should consume the entire jug.

Alternatively, choose an episode of The Bob Newhart Show and drink everytime someone says “Hi Bob!” There is only one relevant event in this game, which makes it easy to remember even after many repetitions of “Hi Bob!” This game has an elegant simplicity that is lacking from many television-themed drinking games, in that there is only one relevant event that is easy to remember even after many repetitions of “Hi Bob!” The results of many other drinking games are extensive lists of events to drink on, which may be entertaining to read but may be impossible to play in real life.

When watching “Hi Bob!” the amount of intoxication obtained varies significantly from episode to episode—with a little knowledge and/or advance study, one may choose an episode with a desired level of inebriation in mind.

Thanks to contemporary technology, this wiki may be used to produce new and interesting drinking games on the fly for other performances, which can be utilized to enhance the whole experience.

To learn more about tropes, devices, idioms, and clichés, go to the section headed “This series includes instances of” in the series’ glossary of terms. (And keep in mind that, while Tropes Are Not Bad, they are not a justification for getting drunk.)

  • Take one drink of water for every time you use aTrope. Take two drinks for every parody or usage of aSubverted Trope that you come across
  • Take two drinks for every instance in which aDiscredited TropeorDead Horse Trope is used
  • Take three swallows for every time aCharacteristic Trope is used

For those who abstain from alcohol, drink only when the law or formula is breached.

OnTV Tropes

All folders should be opened and closed. AnimeManga Asian Animation Audio (Anime Manga) Playing with Comic Books Cartoons and comic strips Fan-created films — animated films — live-action movies Let’s Have a Literature Party! Live-Action Music for television and other forms of play-by-post roleplay Podcasts/Internet Radio Pro Wrestling is a kind of professional wrestling broadcasted over the radio. Tabletop Theatrical Games Visual novels, video games, and other forms of entertainment Animation on the Internet Webcomics Websites/Blogs Original Fictions on the Internet Videos on the Internet Animation in the Western World Tropes from television

Elsewhere on the Internet

TheDrink Wikilists are a group of people that are interested in drinking. Drinking Games are available for a variety of fandoms. But, in terms of details,

12 Incredibly Fun Drinking Games You Haven’t Played Yet

You all stand in a circle, and each individual counts up from one to twenty-one, starting with the number one. Anyone who answers with a number other than “21” is eligible to modify that number in the following round to a gesture, movement, or phrase, or practically anything else other than just uttering that number. The first guideline is to alternate between the numbers 7 and 11. (12-13) (The pattern is as follows: 1-2-3-4-5-6-11-8-9-10-7-12-13) If you forget to perform whatever the rule is for a number when it’s your turn to mention it, you have to take a sip of your beverage.

— alyssabarbrajeanm alyssabarbrajeanm

4.Drunken Artists, a version of Pictionary where your drawing skills will get you drunk.

In this game, players take turns acting as the timer and as the artist. At the start of each round, the timer will whisper a phrase to the artist before starting the clock on the next round. While the artist is drawing the word on a giant pad of paper, the rest of the participants yell out what they believe the picture is intended to be based on what they have seen. After someone makes a right guess, the timer counts down the number of seconds that have elapsed. The artist must drink one glass of water for every 20 seconds that elapsed before someone realized what they were sketching on the page.

It is the artist’s responsibility to take a chance if the artwork is so indistinguishable that the group gives up attempting to guess.

5.Civil War, a high-energy beer pong/flip cup combo with two teams, three balls, and a lot of beer.

You will divide into two groups of three persons each. Team 1 is on the opposite side of the field from Team 2. Each individual creates a triangle in front of them by arranging three cups in a row. You have three ping-pong balls, and one team starts with two and the other with one. There are no time limits. There are no turns in this game, so you simply shoot anytime you get a ball. Not only that, but you may aim at anyone on the opposite team who you choose, not just the person directly across from you.

If someone has completed all three of their cups, they can only play defense, catching the ball for their friends who still have cups that the opposing team has not completed yet. It’s quite high-intensity, and we become extremely competitive with it! — libbyr4c5a3bf9 libbyr4c5a3bf9

6.Drunk Jenga, a create-a-rule game that you can play over and over again.

How to Play: On the bottom of each Jenga piece, write a command that must be followed for the remainder of the game, such as “use your non-dominant hand for the rest of the game,” “kisse the person to your right,” “take a shot with the person across from you,” etc. When you pull a block, you have to follow the instructions on it. And if you are the one who brings the tower crashing down, you must finish your drink. Everyone always has a fantastic time at the end of the day! — Maddyraynec et al.

However, every time you pull a block, you must come up with a rule to put on it, so that no one person comes up with all of the rules.


Jenga is available for $14.76 on Amazon.

9.Stack Cup/Slam, another beer pong knockoff that gets more challenging (and hilarious) as it goes.

It was always a riot, but it appears that few people are aware of it. Ping-pong is played with the same equipment as flip cup/beer pong: an abundance of Solo cups, two ping-pong balls, and a table. There is no limit to the number of persons that can participate, however it is more enjoyable with at least five people. Setup: In order to make beer pong, fill all but two of the cups halfway and arrange the cups in a circular cluster in the centre of the table, as shown. That was the last cup, and we occasionally did the intermediate cup as a shot or a combination of whatever liquors we were using.

  1. A ping-pong ball and an empty cup are provided to each of the (random) two players who begin the game.
  2. Once they have completed their cup, they give the cup and ball to the person on their right, who is responsible for bouncing the ball into the empty cup.
  3. That participant must then stop bouncing, pass the stacked cups to the right (while still holding their ball), pick up a fresh cup, drink it, and then begin bouncing the ball into the cup again and again until the cup is filled.
  4. As a result, it becomes progressively tough!
  5. You also have to drink the cup you accidently dropped in the middle of the table while bouncing, stack it on top of the last cup you dropped, and continuing bouncing.
  6. This video, as well as this video, will be of assistance.

10.Hawaii Five-O, a hilarious hybrid of 20 questions, the classic 1968 crime show (or maybe the remake), and cheap beer.

This is essentially a 20-question round that goes around the table. Someone is “it,” a.k.a. McGarrett, and they are silently deciding who the perpetrator will be (either a member of the gang or a famous or fictional character from television). They announce that “a crime has been committed,” and then begin to give away clues about who they have chosen depending on the questions that are asked. The word “Five-O!” is yelled out by someone who believes they know who “did the crime,” and they then make their guess.

IN THE EVENT OF A FAILURE, McGarrett cries out “TIDAL WAVE,” at which point the erroneous guesser must hop on top of the table and “surf” while drinking a beer, as described in the book (and everyone throws beer at them).

It’s a game that’s best played outside throughout the summer. However, this is not always the case. — paulp4b24512d7 p4b24512d7 p4b24512d7 p4b24512d7

11.Roxanne and Thunderstruck, two games where you get to listen to ~classic~ songs and also (you know what’s coming).drink.

Roxanne is a fantastic drinking game to play with a group of friends. Divide the group into two groups. Everyone has the same-sized bottle of beverage – whether it’s beer, cider, wine cooler, or whatever else each individual chooses for himself. Put on the Police’s “Roxanne,” a 1980s favorite from the 1980s. Every time Sting performs “Roxanne,” one team is required to rise up, take a sip from their bottle, and then sit down, while the other team is required to do the same when he sings “red light.” That is the only time you are permitted to take a sip of your beverage from your bottle.

You can’t afford to be overindulgent at the beginning, but you also don’t want to be forced to frantically gulp down your drink near the conclusion!

— theresea4e37df9a4 e-mail address You choose the AC/DC song “Thunderstruck” to play.

You just go around in a circle till the music comes to a conclusion, however some of the periods are significantly longer than others.

12.Connections, the card-based drinking game with no real strategy but plenty of fun.and booze.

Connections is what we call it! You just assemble around a table with a deck of cards and split the deck evenly among the participants, with all of the cards facing down on the table. The person who is seated next to the dealer begins by flipping one card over, followed by the person who is sitting next to them. It is necessary for both players to drink for the amount of seconds that is shown on the top card if there is a connection. The connections can be made in one of two ways: either by suit (hearts, diamonds, etc.) or by card number (a two and a two, or a jack and a jack, etc.).

If you do manage to build a connection, the following person will flip their card over to you.

(And so on and so forth.) Unless you strike a connection with the dealer, the player next to you will discard.

(And so on and so forth.) You can become inebriated quickly if the cards are dealt correctly and you make a lot of connections, which makes it an excellent pre-game activity. — libbyr4c5a3bf9 libbyr4c5a3bf9

Top 10 music drinking game songs (+rules) – Drinking Games

Every nice party is incomplete without some form of music. Great drinking games are also available. The apparent conclusion is that a diverse selection of music drinking games may transform an ordinary gathering into a legendary one. With our top ten list of oldies, new songs, and hidden gems, you’ll have everything you need to play drinking games with your pals and be ready to sing, yell, and let it all out.

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Overview of the top 10 drinking game songs

We went with a safe choice for the first song on this list, and that was AC/Thunderstruck. DC’s When you add one simple rule and turn it into a drinking game, it becomes an all-time classic, but guess what? It becomes even more enjoyable. As a result, the Thunder drinking game is rather simple. The only rule is as follows:

  • When AC/”Thunder” DC’s is played for the first time, the youngest player is the first to start drinking. Whenever they pronounce the word again, the player to their left takes over, and this continues until the song is completed. Yes, it’s that simple, but bear in mind that this is merely a warm-up for the rest of the songs.

Wellerman – Nathan Evans

Despite being one of the most recent songs to become popular, The Sea Shanty is both the oldest and one of the most popular drinking game songs on our list. It was only in 2021 that a fresh version of the video got popular, thanks to the platform TikTok. In my opinion, and this is something you have already done by reading this list, this song is the ideal accompaniment to a drinking game. Simply soak in the energy of the music and you’ll be ready to go, sing, and dance in no time (or you just drink) The following are the rules for playing the Wellerman drinking game song:

  • When the word “rum” is spoken, the ladies immediately start drinking
  • When the word “wellerman” is used, the men immediately start drinking. In the event that you do not belong to either, drink with the women every 2nd time and with the males every 2nd time (this applies to every game).

Peaches – Justin BieberDaniel Caesar

The playing of a Justin Bieber song at a party is almost never a negative thing in my opinion. While many people resisted like him when he was younger, and the majority of those who did were young hysterical females yelling and applauding for him, this changed in 2015, when it appeared that even anti-Bieber hooligans had become Beliebers. Of course, there are still those individuals who do not approve of him, which is understandable. Even if you don’t playPeachessong at parties, turning it into a music drinking game will help to improve the atmosphere.

  • The names of cities and states (e.g., Georgia, California, Mallorca) are sung by Justin, and the phrases “peaches, gals, and chick” are sung by Justin as well.

Danish Whip – Dario von Slutty

There has already been an all-time classic, a very ancient song that became popular barely 200 years after it was originally sung, and a recent mainstream hit by Justin Bieber, among other things. The only thing that has been left off of this list thus far is a buried treasure. When it comes to drinking game tunes, there is no greater song than Pisk Mig Hardt, which is a relatively unheard song. This means as much to me as if you whip me really hard in Danish. That, in fact, is the central theme of this song.

Listed below are the guidelines for playing this fantastic Danish drinking game tune.

  • Get everyone in the room together and start dancing
  • The youngest participant begins by pretending as though he or she is holding a whip in his or her hand. Thirty-four times during the song, you’ll hear a whip sound. Whenever the sound of a whip can be heard, the player who “owns” the imagined whip is required to act as if (s)he is flogging someone. He or she will have to take a sip if (s)he misses this opportunity or makes that move at the incorrect time. The whip will always be passed to the individual who was subjected to the fictitious whipping, and the identical procedure will be repeated over and over again.

Take on me – a-ha

Take On Me, by the Norwegian band a-ha, is yet another all-time classic song. Rise and shine, and transform the space you’re in into an 80s dance floor while you’re still sober. Take a look at the rules for the Take on Me music drinking game by clicking here:

  • When a-ha sings the line “take on me,” take a drink of your beverage. When the vocalist achieves the really high note, take a sip of your drink. Take a drink when one of your buddies attempts to strike a particularly high note on their instrument

B*tch Boss – Doja Cat

It was published in January 2020 by the German singer Katja Krasavice, and it has become a great hit throughout Europe and beyond. In Germany, for example, the song was at the top of the charts for 11 consecutive weeks.

It is not only extremely danceable, but it is also an excellent choice for a drinking game tune. Attention: this is one of those that will have you drunk in no time. The B*tch Boss drinking game has a few basic rules, which are as follows:

  • It is customary for ladies to drink when the word “boss” is said, and for gentlemen to drink when the term “b*tch” is mentioned.

Is there anything more you want to do?

Single Ladies – Beyoncé

One of the other songs that gets the audience going in clubs is All the Single Ladies. Likewise, home gatherings are no exception to this rule. There is almost never a bad time to play this song (even, and especially, when there was a recent breakup, this song is a real ice breaker). So get your beverages ready and take control of the dance floor. For the Single Ladies music drinking game, the following are the rules:

  • Every time Beyoncé sings the song “single women,” the ladies become drunk. Every time Beyoncé says, “you should have put a ring on it,” the guys start drinking. When you’re ordered to put your hands up, everyone drinks a glass of something.

Hey Baby – DJ Ötzi

This song has to be included because it was written by Austrians. It is one of those Austrian exports that the entire world knows about (at least, that’s what we believe), and it is something that we are somewhat proud of, sort of. Let’s just say that I’m pleased with myself at the moment. With Hey Baby, all you have to do is not give a damn and simply sing, or rather shout, along with the song. Listed below are the guidelines for playing the Hey Baby music drinking game:

  • When DJ Tzi sings the song “girl,” the chicks start to drink. When he sings the word “baby,” the guys start to drink.

What else can you expect from a game with simple rules and a terrific melody to sing along to (:

Roxanne – Police

Roxanne is another another song that everyone, regardless of age or ethnicity, is familiar with. Join Sting in making as much noise as you possibly can until the Police arrive and put an end to the party (I’m a little embarrassed by this “pun,” but you’re still reading, so you’re probably just as odd as we are). In any case, here are the rules for the Roxanne drinking game song: 1.

  • When Sting performs “Roxanne,” the ladies get up and dance (do you have a Roxanne in your group? She drinks twice as much as she should! )
  • When Sting sings “Red Light,” the guys start drinking.

SexyBack – Justin Timberlake

We couldn’t end this list without include Justin Timberlake’s 2006 classicSexyBack, which was released in 2006. This song, according to the singer-songwriter, is “an experiment gone wrong, right from the sort of synthesizer influence to the distorted vocal.” It’s my opinion that this song should not be left out of a decent gathering. Because you’ll be drinking a lot in this game, take little sips and avoid harsh liquor if you want to succeed. If you follow these two really basic rules, you’ll be prepared to play the SexyBack music drinking game:

  • Men and women must join Justin in drinking everytime he sings the word “sexy,” and men must join Justin in shouting “Yeah” whenever he does so. A drink of water is required if a word is mispronounced or said at an inopportune moment

It is permissible for ladies to act as if they are whipping the boys when Justin says, “I’ll let you whip me if you misbehave.” Then the positions are reversed.

  • Guys are now required to consume alcohol if Justin sings “sexy.” Girls must now match the word “Yeah.”

At long last, as Justin sings “Sexy is coming back,” everyone is forced to drink whenever the word “sexy” is said. Have a good time and be prepared to get inebriated quickly. With this list, you should be able to get a general sense of what music to play at your event. Alternatively, if you are seeking for other ideas such as card drinking games, dice drinking games, and many more, please see our main page for more information.

Bottoms Up: The 8 Best Drinking Games

BestCollegeReviews.org has taken a look at some of the most popular drinking games of all time, and they are listed below. Here are eight ideas that can make any gathering a success. Consume alcohol in moderation!

Edward 40 Hands

Known as the 80 Ounces to Freedom and the 40 Challenge, respectively. Players must duct tape a 40-ounce beer to each of their hands, and they are not allowed to remove their hands until their beers are completely drained. Do you need to look at a text message on your phone? That’s a shame. Do you need to go to the bathroom? That is just unfortunate. It varies from house to house whether players must drink from BOTH bottles before removing the tape or whether they can only remove the tape with one hand at a time.

In the 1990 Johnny Depp classic “Edward Scissorhands,” a cunning drinker may have pondered, “But what if his hands were made of alcohol?!” and came up with the idea.

What you’ll need: a pair of 40s, some tape, and a powerful bladder. Tips: Avoid consuming any other liquids before to playing this game, go to the restroom before you begin, and take it slow in the beginning.

Flip Cup

Cups, taps, Flippy Cup, Tippy Cup, and more variations The rules are as follows: two teams with an equal number of players each stand on opposite sides of a table, facing each other. Each player has a plastic cup with a predetermined amount of beer in front of them (the amount varies by house rules-and who poured it). At the start of each game, the first member of each team consumes his or her beer. When they have finished, they set their empty cup at the edge of the table with its face up and attempt to flip the cup over such that it rests face-down on the table using a rapid, one-touch action.

The winner is determined by which team successfully flips all of their cups first.

It doesn’t matter where the game originated; it has expanded and now includes pay-to-play tournaments all throughout the country, including even the World Series of Flip Cup.

Tips: Make it difficult for your opponent to flip his cup by “accidentally” pouring a little amount of beer on his side of the table, making it more difficult for him to turn his own cup.

Beer Pong

Known as Beirut in some circles. To begin, each team takes turns tossing pingpong balls at the triangle of cups on the other team’s side of the table, which is surrounded by two to four players. The contents of the cup are devoured by the opposing team and the cup is either left aside or reinserted into the triangle with the contents still inside it. The member of the other side who tosses the ball into an empty cup will be required to drink from one of their own cups. The winner is determined by who is the first to eliminate all of the opponent’s cups.

Some municipalities in the United States have sought to prohibit the game from being played outside because to health concerns, including worries about binge drinking and the transmission of illnesses such as herpes and mononucleosis.

Keep your fingertips as dry as possible.


Moose is also known as (variation that includes bouncing quarters into an ice tray) The rules are as follows: A cup (either empty or full with alcohol) is put in the center of a table, at least 10 inches away from all of the participants. It is the players’ responsibility to bounce a quarter off the table and into the cup. If the player is successful in making another player drink, he or she gets to take another turn (variations include the player to the left of the shooter drinking). Players must agree on how much is considered a “drink” in advance of the game.

You’ll need the following items: a hard table, a quarter, glasses, and beer (or other alcohol) Tips: If your house rules state that the shooter must choose the drinker, be wary of retribution by not selecting the same person to drink every time you’re in the middle of shooting.

King’s Cup

The Circle of Death, Ring of Fire, Waterfall, and Donut are all names for the same thing. The game’s rules are as follows: players sit in a circle around a table. There’s a beer cup on the table, and a deck of cards is laid out face-down around the glass of beer. Players take turns turning over cards, and depending on the value of the card, they must either drink or watch others drink. For example, in certain forms, if a player flips over a 5, all of the female players at the table are required to drink.

Everyone must understand what to do when each card is turned over, hence it is vital to establish house rules.

The game’s origins are unknown, but it is extremely popular among college students throughout the world.

Power Hour

AKA: Century Club is a variation on the theme (a shot a minute for 100 minutes) Rules: The rules are straightforward: Drink 60 shots of beer in one hour, one shot each minute, for a total of 60 shots. Numerous websites are available to assist players in getting through the game by preparing a one-hour playlist; all you have to do is drink whenever you hear a new song. Players who do not finish a game may be subject to punishment under house rules. History: Some believe the game began in upstate New York, while others believe it started in Europe.

Tips: Because you’ll be drinking the equivalent of a six-pack in one hour, try to keep as upright as possible during the process (or in your seat).

Three Man

Mr. Three (also known as Hat Man) is a fictional character created by author Stephen King. Rules: Each player takes a turn rolling the dice; the first person to roll a 1 and a 2 is chosen as the Three Man, and every time a 3 is rolled, the Three Man is required to consume alcohol. In addition to these activities, other dice totals are attributed to different acts, such as making the players on either side of the roller drink and making everyone drink. Another player becomes the Three Man if they roll a 1 and a 2, which is the case in this scenario.

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Three Men are required to wear a particular cap in various editions of the game (often an empty beer case).

The past is unknown. You’ll need a pair of dice, as well as at least six other players (larger groups mean less drinking) Tips: Learn the rules of the home and make an effort to maintain your motor control as you become more intoxicated. SOURCES barwhiz.com drunkt.com Dictionary of the Urban

The Dangers of Drinking Games

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the problems associated with drinking games that aren’t often obvious. Pre-partying, often known as “pregaming,” and drinking games may appear to be an unavoidable aspect of college culture, a rite of passage that, in many cases, begins as early as high school. Since ancient Greek days, young people have engaged in competitive drinking activities, thus the concept of competitive drinking is not new. The question is, however, how popular these activities are in modern times.

Participation in drinking games increased to 91 percent among those who defined themselves as “drinkers.” The problem with drinking games is that they encourage high-risk behaviors such as binge drinking and becoming intoxicated.

There is sometimes a great deal of peer pressure to participate in these activities, and those who are able to maintain their sobriety are praised.

What Are Drinking Games?

The most basic definition of drinking games is any sort of activity in which the primary focus is on the consumption of alcoholic beverages. There are hundreds of these games, each with its own set of rules and variables that change on a regular basis. There is no universally accepted definition of a drinking game, yet the following characteristics are shared by all drinking games:

  • Drinking games are social drinking activities that are performed according to rules that determine the amount and frequency of alcohol ingested
  • Drinking games are played in groups of people. Essentially, the idea of the game is to consume enormous amounts of alcohol in a short period of time with the goal of being intoxicated as a result.

There are several classification systems for different forms of drinking games. Generally speaking, they may be divided into the following main categories of game:

  • Game of wits or even competition: This form of drinking game involves trading shots with your opponent, whether you’re competing against them individually or as a team. The only objective is to force the losing player or team to drink
  • This is the only purpose. Targeted, skilled games: These games require some basic planning on the part of the player. For example, the winner might decide who and when needed to drink. The term “communal game” refers to a sort of game in which there is no clear victor or loser. Instead, a consensus is reached on a common norm, which ensures that all participants drink at the same time. When something specific occurs throughout the course of an athletic contest, this may be the use of a specific term from a song or a movie. Games of chance: There is no strategy in these games, as everything is dependent on the roll of a die or the drawing of a card. The decisions about who to drink with, when to drink with them, and how much to drink are all made solely by chance. Extreme consumption games: These games often have no rules and the main objective is to consume as much as possible.

With Beer Pong being so popular that it has even spawned a World Series and Flip Cup showing no signs of waning in popularity, what about some other, maybe more hazardous games?

  • Edward Fortyhands: You attach a 40oz bottle to each of your hands in a pretty inelegant manner. The only way you’ll be able to use your hands again is if you finish the malt liquor in the bottles you’re holding. Some versions of this game require you to physically shatter the bottle, which adds another element of difficulty and risk to the experience. While participating in Power Hour, you will be required to consume a shot of beer per minute for the duration of the game. If you continue to play this game until the end, you will have drank the equivalent of ten beers in an hour. There can be no doubt that this is bad news. Sixty Seconds: Players select a number between 1 and 60 from a hat. Once the second clock on the clock reaches your number, it’s time to consume a beer in under sixty seconds straight. If you don’t have an analogue clock in sight, you may alternatively play this game while listening to music. The winner is determined by who is left standing after all of the drinks have been consumed. Essentially, this is a combination of a game of chance with a dash of excessive consumerism tossed in
  • 21 for 21: The only goal of this game is to take as many shots of alcohol as possible in as little time as feasible. Even heavy drinkers would find this amount of alcohol to be excessive. Drinking 21 for 21 might be dangerous for those who consume only a little amount of alcohol. Vodka Eyeballing: This bizarre game is said to have originated in the United Kingdom. The goal is simple: pour vodka directly into your eyes in order to get a speedier high. The fact that vodka may dissolve your eye’s protective membrane, resulting in irreversible cornea damage, is a severe innate threat in this game. When you’re looking at a bottle of vodka, you’ve come a long way from your days of social drinking. Simply said, don’t do that.

Why Are Drinking Games Dangerous?

The fact that drinking games promote a large amount of alcohol to be consumed in a short period of time makes them particularly hazardous. The threat stemming from what happens after the game is more important than the game’s actual nature, which is secondary. The danger with drinking games is not in the game itself, but in the way you are introduced to a world of other high-risk behaviors as a result of your participation. The simple fact that you’re participating in one raises the possibility that you’ll become inebriated in a short amount of time and that something negative will occur as a result.

  • Drinking games are a kind of binge drinking, which is a potential danger. Danger 2: Possibility of alcoholic poisoning
  • Danger number three: the development of an alcohol use disorder over time. Fourth danger: Exposure to the Negative Consequences of Drunkenness. Danger5: A variety of long-term risks associated with alcohol abuse

1. Drinking Games Are a Form of Binge Drinking

However, while binge drinking is frequently glamorized on the big screen, a stroll around downtown at any time of day or night on a weekend will reveal the sleazy side of consuming too much too soon. Youngsters were huddled down vomiting on the pavement, and fights erupted, prompting the call for police. So, what exactly is binge drinking, and how does it manifest itself? Binge drinking is defined as a woman consuming more than four alcoholic beverages in a two-hour period, or a guy consuming five or more alcoholic beverages in the same time period.

One drink, according to the NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) definition, consists of the following ingredients and amounts:

Your blood alcohol content (BAC) will rise to 0.08 percent as a result of consuming so much alcohol in such a short period of time. Now, by definition, most drinking games support binge drinking since the rules of the game urge you to drink rapidly and copiously. So, by definition, most drinking games encourage binge drinking. It was in this context that some fascinating findings from a famous 1990s study on drinking games were exposed, including how excessive drinking may have negative consequences.

  • Afraid of being arrested for DWI
  • Went to class after drinking
  • Was chastised by a date for drinking too much
  • Damaged property
  • Driven car after numerous drinks
  • Driven car knowing that I had consumed too much alcohol
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Having a quarrel
  • Having a hangover
  • Having legal problems I was fired from my work
  • Grades that are lower
  • Absences from class due to intoxication or a hangover
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • And other symptoms The possibility of a drinking issue
  • Difficulties with the school administration

A total of two categories have been used to evaluate the students:

  • Light-moderate drinkers: Those who use alcohol at least once a year but do not consume more than 4 drinks a week. These heavy drinkers also consume 5 or more alcoholic beverages no more than once a month. Heavy drinkers: those who consume 5 or more alcoholic beverages in a single session on a weekly basis

It was really the light and moderate drinkers who tended to have the most later difficulties connected to alcohol after participating in drinking games, rather than the heavy and frequent drinkers. Now, while this may imply that heavy drinkers experienced greater negative consequences from alcohol regardless of whether or not they participated in drinking games, it also demonstrates that even students who do not have a formal alcohol dependence can be adversely affected by drinking games. Without a certain, we’re not here to start dismantling parties or change traditions that have been passed down through generations.

However, while binge drinking is not the same as alcohol use disorder (AUD), it has been shown to increase the likelihood of developing AUD.

It’s distressing to learn that, despite the fact that 80 percent of binge drinkers are not dependent on alcohol, binge drinking is responsible for the greatest number of alcohol-related deaths overall.

2. Risk of Alcohol Poisoning

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time may be harmful, if not lethal. Every single day, six people in the United States die as a result of alcohol poisoning. It’s a considerable possibility that you’ll get alcohol poisoning when participating in any type of drinking game. Factors such as age, gender, height, weight, and tolerance can all have an impact on the chance of developing an alcohol poisoning reaction. Even if none of these factors are present, while you participate in a drinking game and your blood alcohol content (BAC) level rises, if these levels reach hazardous levels, you will experience alcohol poisoning.

As the drinking game develops, your body continues to absorb these toxins, and you end up showing indications of excessive intoxication as your blood alcohol content (BAC) levels continue to rise.

Whereas binge drinking and alcohol poisoning are acute dangers of drinking games, other possible issues might develop over time as a result of prolonged participation.

3. Developing Alcohol Use Disorder Over Time

In the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses), where alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence were formerly categorized as separate disorders, they have now been combined into a single condition. A diagnosis of alcohol use disorder is determined after you answer a series of questions about whether you have experienced any of the following symptoms during the last year:

  1. You find yourself drinking more than you meant or for a longer period of time than you expected
  2. Attempts to stop or reduce alcohol use were met with failure
  3. Spent a significant amount of time consuming alcoholic beverages or recuperating from the effects of alcohol
  4. You were so desperate for a drink that you couldn’t think of anything else
  5. It was discovered that drinking caused issues at home, at work, and at school. Despite the consequences of their actions, they continued to drink
  6. Drinking has taken precedence over other activities, which have been decreased or eliminated. Being placed in high-risk circumstances where you faced the possibility of bodily damage as a result of your drinking
  7. Continued to consume alcohol despite the fact that it was making you feel worried or unhappy
  8. Noticable increased tolerance to alcohol, with greater amounts of alcohol required to get the same effects. As the affects of alcohol wore off, I began to experience withdrawal symptoms

Alcoholism is a medical condition that occurs when a person consumes excessive amounts of alcohol. based on your replies to the preceding questions. contains three sub-classifications.

  • In the following categories: Mild (2-3 of the above symptoms), Moderate (4-5) and Severe (6+ of the above symptoms).

While playing drinking games may appear to be a long way from developing an alcohol dependence, if you acquire regular practices of binge drinking, you are far more likely to have a more serious issue with alcohol, and maybe get AUD as a result of it.

4. Exposure to Negative Consequences of Being Drunk

The fourth hazard associated with drinking games is really a collection of repercussions of being intoxicated rather than a single hazard in and of itself.

  • Drunk driving-related deaths, liver illness, and physical injuries (from falls, accidents, or aggression) are all risks associated with alcohol poisoning. a rape or other form of sexual assault
  • STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
  • Pregnancy that was not intended

Any scenario that you can picture happening while you’re intoxicated to the point of insanity is exactly what you’re bringing about when you participate in drinking games.

5. Assorted Long-Term Risks of Alcohol Abuse

Finally, but definitely not least, participating in drinking games might expose you to a variety of issues that can arise as a result of alcohol abuse over time. Here are a few of the longer-term concerns to consider:

  • Arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, cirrhosis of the liver, fatty liver disease, fibrosis, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, stroke, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, are all conditions that can occur.

As you can see, there is no evidence to suggest that a few brief rounds of Beer Pong will create any of the long-term hazards listed above. All of these are long-term repercussions of heavy alcohol use and consumption. Allow yourself to not become part of the statistics. If you find yourself not just engaging in drinking games but also altering your whole approach to alcohol use, it’s time to ask yourself some tough questions.

What To Do Next

If you have any concerns about your drinking, please contact us at 317-449-8029 for assistance. The experts at our Indiana alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic can help you whether you’re only concerned about drinking games or you require immediate treatment at our facility. 24th of September, 2019 Posted in the category:Alcohol

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