How to Play Never Have I Ever? Rules & Strategies

How to Play Never Have I Ever? Rules & Strategies

Never Have I Ever is a popular party game, but it can also be played in a variety of ways depending on the situation. In addition, there are other modifications to the game, which may be played in a variety of settings and with players of varying ages and abilities. Many people are probably familiar with the drinking game version, which is plainly intended for adults. Never Have I Ever, on the other hand, may be played with children and can be a fun family game to enjoy. So, let’s take a look at all you need to know about Never Have I Ever before you start playing.

What is Never Have I Ever?

Never Have I Ever is a game that may be played in many different ways. A drinking game for some, it is a social gathering game for others, it is a party game to be enjoyed with friends and family. In Never Have I Ever, players ask each other questions and must respond with a yes or no depending on whether or not they have done something. The game’s actual roots aren’t completely understood at this time. However, it is thought to have originated as a party game in the vein of Truth or Dare. The objective of the game is not always to win or accumulate points.

What You’ll Need

Things start to get interesting here because in Never Have I Ever, you don’t actually need anything to play the game. Perhaps this is one of the reasons it is such a popular drinking/party game, as there is no requirement for any special equipment. All that is required is that you ask each other questions. However, this is also the point at which things might become a bit complicated. This is due to the fact that coming up with questions to ask other players is not always easy. It is for this reason why purchasing a Never Have I Ever card set is recommended.

The product shown below is an excellent illustration of what to watch out for when shopping.

From family card sets to more mature card sets, you’ll be able to locate sets that are suited for any game you want to play.

The Cards

Over 200 cards are included in each of the Never Have I Ever card sets, ensuring that you will never be stuck trying to come up with a question to ask. All that is required is that you choose a card and pose the question. It’s straightforward, quick, and entertaining, just way a game of Never Have I Ever should be.

The Paddles

A number of Never Have I Ever card sets feature paddles, however they can also be purchased separately if desired. Paddles are used to indicate whether or not you have completed the task requested by the question. To demonstrate their answer, players just lift their paddles. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the game’s gameplay right now.

Never Have I Ever Rules and Gameplay

The ultimate goal of Never Have I Ever is for individuals to become better acquainted with one another.

Unlike other games, it is not truly created with points in mind. While there are several variants to how the game may be played, the game is, at its heart, a lighthearted conversational game that is not intended to be particularly competitive or serious in nature.

Setting Up

It’s simple to get a game of Never Have I Ever started. Players form a circle around the table, with one person serving as the game’s facilitator. Typically, this will be the player in the middle of the field, although it might be anyone. It is also necessary to ensure that each participant has a paddle if you plan to use them. After placing the deck of cards in the center, each player will take a card from the top of the deck and use it to begin play. The player will pose the question aloud to the group, and the group will then demonstrate their response with the paddles provided by the player.

Once the group has demonstrated their understanding, the following player will have the opportunity to pose a question.

With the 10 Fingers rules, players must place a finger on the table every time they have completed whatever task is required by the question.

As long as at least one person has at least one finger up, the game will continue in this fashion.

Winning The Game

Because Never Have I Ever is primarily a social/conversational game, it is not often intended to be a game that can be won by the player. People are mostly interested in having a good time and getting to know one another better in the majority of circumstances. While some individuals choose to play the 10 Fingers version in order to determine a winner, even this version is typically played as a social game. In other words, if you are searching for a more laid-back game to play, Never Have I Ever might be a fantastic option.

Never Have I Ever – A Fun Game For Any Setting

So, there you have it: all you need to know about playing Never Have I Ever, a fun and adaptable game that is sure to please. There is something for everyone to enjoy about this game, whether you are playing it for drinking games, parties, abachelorette party, or a more family-friendly version at home.

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How do you Play Never Have I Ever? – How Do You Play It

The rules are basic, and this is a fantastic game that can be enjoyed by virtually anybody with a little practice. Because it is a verbal game, there are no props, boards, cards, or other pieces of equipment. The game may be played by any number of players, ranging from two to a maximum of eight. It is a drinking game for adults, and the adult version is discussed in this section. It’s a great game for parties or as an icebreaker for new people. Never in my life have I had any authority. According to the Never Have I Ever Rules, you should assemble all of your willing participants and make a semi-circle around them.

  1. Because the game might take a long time, it is better if participants are sitting in a comfortable position.
  2. Everyone in the semi-circle except for the person who sits close to the first player is considered a subsequent participant.
  3. During the first round, the first player will rise from his or her seat and deliver a remark that may be heard by the other participants.
  4. The Never Have I Ever Rules specify that at this point in the game, anybody in the semi-circle is required to take a sip from their glass of water.
  5. Each time a player takes a drink, they are required to place one finger on the table.
  6. Never Have I Ever Rules number 1 specify that the game is predicated on complete honesty, and that the player who makes a statement must be genuine and have never ever done whatever it is that they have claimed to have done.
  7. If the player has completed the deed, they must take a drink and place a finger on the table.
  8. The goal of the game is to try to learn as much as you can about individuals you don’t know by asking them questions.
  9. The fourth rule of the Never Have I Ever rule states that if there is just one player who has done something that the player has declared they have never done, then that person must rise and tell a thorough explanation about what happened.

Practice on the Internet If you are shy or want to learn how the game is played before inviting your friends, you may play anonymously online and see how you fare against other people without feeling embarrassed or humiliated.

How to play Never Have I Ever

Every game of Never Have I Ever gives you the opportunity to experience the most amusing, humiliating, and unpleasant situations of your life with your friends. The Play Cards serve as illustrations of terrible life decisions, while the Rule Cards instruct you on what to do in each situation.


  • 485 Never Have I Ever Question Cards
  • 65 Rule Cards
  • Rulebook
  • 485 Never Have I Ever Question Cards


Remove the Rule Cards from the game board and set them on a table. Deal ten Play Cards to each player and place the leftover Play Cards in the box at the bottom of the table. That’s correct, we drew a diagram of it.

Game Play

Choose the person who has the best-looking shoes, and whomever is on their right begins the game with them. Why? Because no one appreciates a braggart or a show off. One Rule Card is selected from the pile by the person who will be starting the game and placed face up on the table after reading the guidelines aloud on the card. All players must follow the instructions on the Rule Card.

To Score

  • If you are not guilty of the Play Card’s offense, you should toss it away. The Play Card is yours to retain if you are found guilty of using it

The Play Card is thrown away if you are not guilty of the offense. The Play Card is yours to retain if you are found guilty of the offense;

New Round

If you are not guilty of the Play Card’s offense, you should toss it out. Even if you’re found guilty of using the Play Card, you get to retain the card.

End of the Game

The winner is the first player to have a total of 10 Play Cards in front of them. Congratulations. You make terrible decisions in your life. Read on for more information.

Never Have I Ever: Rules & How to play

Rules What to do and how to play Never Have I Ever is a fun game to play with someone you’ve just met for the first time as well as with your close friends, and it’s a great way to bond with them. It’s an excellent game for getting to know new people, and it’s much better when played with friends. Unexpectedly, you learn new facts about people that you previously believed you know well! What is the zodiac sign of your true love? – Drinking Games for a Party A fun game to play with someone you’ve just met for the first time or with close friends, Quiz:Never Have I Ever is a great way to pass the time.

Unexpectedly, you learn new facts about people that you previously believed you know well!

Never Have I Ever is a simple game that is perfect for big gatherings of people.

When you add booze to the mix, things get even more wild!

How to Play Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever can be played in two different ways. Play it as aNon-Drinking Points Game or as aDrinking Game, depending on your tastes and preferences. Consider the ages and characteristics of the individuals with whom you will be playing before you begin. Choose the version that will be the most enjoyable for everyone! Read this if you have the time: 100 Would You Rather Questions for Teens that are both entertaining and educational It’s important to remember that it’s OK to make people sweat a little bit, but no one should be made to feel completely uncomfortable.

Maintain a light and enjoyable atmosphere to ensure that everyone has a wonderful time!

Non-Drinking Points Game Version

Did you know that the phrase “Never Have I Ever” may be referred to as “Ten Fingers”? Every player raises their 10 fingers, which is equal to ten points, at the beginning of the game!

Rules to Playing the Non-Drinking Points Game Version:

  • 1.All players sit in a circle on the floor
  • 2.Each participant puts their 10 index and middle fingers in front of them, which indicates that they have a total of ten points. You have the option of raising your hands or putting them on the floor. Following the selection of the first participant, the first player delivers a statement in which they express something that they have never done before
  • 3.

Consider the following example: “I’ve never eaten an entire pizza by myself.”

  • 4.If there are any players who have completed the activity described in the statement (for example, eating a whole pizza by myself), they should fold one finger down on their right hand. They are not required to fold their fingers, and neither are the other players or the player who made the first assertion. As soon as none of the participants performs the action, the initial player folds his or her finger down. 5.The next participant is the person who is seated directly to the right of whomever made the initial remark, and so on clockwise around the circle until the end. Additionally, the second player makes a “Never have I ever.” remark, and the other participants are required to fold down their index fingers if the statement pertains to them. 6.The game continues until all of the players have been eliminated. The winner of the game is the one who has the last unfurled finger.

In the event that there are players who have carried out the action described in the sentence (for example, eating a whole pizza by myself), they should fold one finger down. They are not required to fold their fingers, and neither are the other participants or the player who made the first declaration. The first player folds down a finger if none of the other players have performed the move. 5.The next participant is the person who is seated directly to the right of whomever made the initial remark, in a clockwise rotation around the circle.

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It continues until one player has been eliminated from each round.

Drinking Game Version

The second approach to play Never Have I Everinvolves the use of alcoholic beverages. Players must drink instead of losing points in order to avoid being penalized. Prior to the start of the game, select a penalty drink. Make a decision on whether to have a sip of beer, a shot of tequila or vodka, or any other alcoholic beverage of your choosing.

Rules to Playing the Drinking Game version:

  • 1.The players form a circle on the floor and sit down. The first player makes a statement, stating something that they have never done before, once it has been decided who would go first.

For example, “I’ve never asked for someone’s phone number in my life.”

  • 3.If there are participants who have performed the action described in the statement (for example, asking for someone’s phone number), they must drink beer from their cup or take a shot of tequila or vodka to demonstrate their participation. The remainder of the players, as well as the player who uttered the comment, are not required to consume any alcoholic beverages. If none of the players has performed the action, the first player to make the statement drinks
  • If none of the players has performed the action, the first player to make the statement drinks. When the clock strikes twelve, the next player in line will be the one who sits to the right of the person who made the initial remark. The second player also makes a “Never have I ever.” remark, and the other players are required to consume alcoholic beverages if the statement pertains to them. 5.Everyone in the circle takes turns until everyone has had enough or has been too intoxicated to continue
  • Please feel free to play with the mechanics and to put your own unique spin to them. If you don’t want individuals to become inebriated too soon, challenge them to do a dare instead of drinking.

Make your Never Have I Evergame more interesting by thinking outside the box when creating your questions. Alternatively, you might look at our **Ultimate Never Have I Ever Question List** for extra inspiration.

More Tips for Playing Never Have I Ever

Do you want to take your Never Have I Ever experience to the next level? To make your game more enjoyable and engaging for everyone, consider the following suggestions:

1. Set Ground Rules

Some individuals may be uncomfortable discussing delicate issues such as anything sexual or too dark, so designate which topics will be off-limits from the beginning of the conversation. No one wants queries to be taken too far to the point where people become irritated. This game is intended to bring friends closer together rather than to tear them apart! At all times, remember to keep things light and entertaining!

2. Choose Simple Questions

The more straightforward your questions are, the more likely it is that one or more of the participants will have previously answered them. Even though your inquiries are straightforward, they might nevertheless result in completely surprising stories! Consider the following example: “I’ve never been on a blind date.”

3. Try to Make your Questions Funny

Make a list of questions that will make you and your pals laugh at your own expense. Choose scenarios that vary from the bizarrely amusing to the completely ludicrous.

The fact that your pals can connect to a ridiculous question you’ve posed them is humorous when you discover that they’ve experienced the same thing yourself! Consider the following example: “I have never unintentionally entered someone else’s house because I was too inebriated.”

4. Ask for Details

Some of the answers are so weird or startling that you have to know what happened to lead up to them. Take your time and inquire about the specifics! When you hear stories that you have never heard before, it is a thrilling experience. Recommended reading: 100+ pages I’ve never asked a question to a child before. If things start to become too hot, switch to the next player as soon as possible to keep the party atmosphere continuing! For example, “I’ve never leaped out of a moving car in my whole life.”

5. Play to Win

There are tactics that may be used to improve your chances of winning a game. Some players may not be completely fair, but keep in mind that this is a drinking game after all. Consider this: If you are playing with a mixed group, a guy can ask questions that are more appropriate for a female audience. Example: “I have never had a manicure or pedicure done before.” It’s a foolproof method of staying away from alcoholic beverages. Simply put, don’t be shocked if other players respond in the next round.

Never have I ever Online

Here’s where you can playNever have I ever played before online: Playing Online on August 29, 2020 is an option.

Never Have I Ever Game Rules / How To Play

Sometimes we are proud of our life blunders, and other times we are ashamed of them. Never Have I Ever is a game in which you are encouraged to share all of your embarrassing moments and compete to be the first person to accumulate ten cards on your wall of shame. You’ll have to confess to each transgression and put your confession on display for everyone to see. Never Have I Ever is a conversation starter that gets the ball rolling as you learn facts about each other that you didn’t know before.

In fact, the only thing that is truly impolite is to not judge.

Never Have I Ever is a game that is enjoyable to play with a variety of individuals.

Give Never Have I Ever a go today and see how it goes.


  • There are 550 cards in the game
  • Official Never Have I Ever Game Rules and Instructions


The game is won by the person who accumulates the most cards on their wall of shame first – not sure whether you should be proud of this concept.


Preparation: After removing all of the rule cards from the deck, shuffle the cards. Placing the rules cards in the center of the table is a good idea. Divide the deck into two piles of 10 cards each, and then put the remainder back in the box. Who gets to go first. Fortunately, this is straightforward: whomever has the trendiest shoes gets the person off to the best possible start. Because, after all, no one appreciates a braggart or a diva. The Rules of the Game: The first participant to begin the game will take a rule card from the middle pile and place it on the table.

  1. Make careful to pay attention to each rule card, since this determines what everyone will be doing in that round.
  2. To earn cards, you must be judged guilty of committing a play card offense.
  3. It is possible to discard a play card once you have been judged to be innocent of its use.
  4. If you can amass a total of ten play cards as a result of making terrible life decisions, you will have won the game.
  5. We all make errors; the only difference now is that we get to make fun of each other for them.

Enjoy! Please bear in mind that the official Never Have I Ever rules and instructions may alter based on whatever version of the game you are playing and how you obtained them. The guidelines listed here are some of the identical instructions that came with the product when it was first purchased.


Please share your thoughts, humorous tales, ideas, advice, tactics, innovative ways to play, questions about how to play, difficulties with the directions, or anything else you have to say about Never Have I Ever with us. We look forward to hearing from you. All entries will be examined within 24 hours after their submission date.

Human Question:Which game starts with the same letter as Mancala? Chess, Uno, Monopoly, Ticket To Ride, Rummycube, Battleship

Becky says:I heard this song being aired on a talk program and decided to purchase it for a friend’s birthday celebration. IT WAS A TOTAL HILARIOUS! We had a lot of fun with this game and learnt a lot about each other as a result. With no intricate rules, this game is a lot of fun. Hal comments, “Interesting game.” I’m willing to wager you discover a lot more about individuals than you ever wanted to know. I’m not sure I’d want to participate in this type of game, but it would be fascinating to watch.

How to Play “Never Have I Ever”

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format Never Have I Ever is a fantastically entertaining way to meet new people and learn more about those you already know. You can play the game’s most simple version, which is appropriate for players of all ages. Alternatively, you might make it into a drinking game for a group of people who are of legal drinking age. If you decide to participate in the drinking game version, make sure you don’t drink too much and don’t go behind the wheel afterwards.

  1. 1Form a circle with at least 5 people and start playing. In order to play the game, it is normally necessary to have a minimum of five players. It is possible to utilize less than five, although the experience is typically less enjoyable. To play, you must sit in a circle so that you can see the hands of each player. 2Each participant holds 10 fingers in front of them. You have the option of putting your hands on the floor or raising them. In either case, everyone starts with a total of ten chances. Advertisement
  2. s3 The first player makes an announcement about something they’ve never done before. You may either have someone volunteer to go first, or you can play a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine who goes first. The first participant says, “I’ve never done anything like this before,” and then goes on to say something ridiculous that they haven’t done yet. It is preferable if the player believes that it is most likely something that has already been done.
  • Saying anything like “I’ve never gone to Europe,” “I’ve never been arrested,” or “I’ve never been detained” is an example of a negative statement.
  1. 4If you’ve followed the instructions of the first player, put one finger down. It is also recommended that the players who have not completed it do it with all of their fingers up
  2. 5 Move on to the next player in the circle to complete the round. Move across the circle in a clockwise direction, with the person on the first player’s left taking the following turn. The next person must come up with something really unique that they have never done before. The players who have done it place their finger on the ground, while the players who haven’t keep their fingers up
  3. Six players. The individual who has the most fingers still up wins. The winner of the game is the individual who has their fingers up the longest. You have the option to play the game as many times as you like. Advertisement
  1. In order to indicate that you have completed the first player’s instructions, place one finger on your index finger. They should keep all of their fingers up as well as the players who haven’t done it. Move on to the next participant in the circle to continue the game. As you move clockwise around the circle, the person on your left will take the next turn, and so forth. After that, each player must come up with something completely unique that they have never done before. The players who have done it place their fingers on the ground, while the players who haven’t keep their fingers up
  2. Six players. He or she who has all of their fingers up wins. Everyone in the game has their fingers up till the last person remains on their hands. If you like, you may play the game again and again. Advertisement
  • You may also participate in the drinking version of the game by consuming shots of alcoholic beverages. Every time someone does what the player instructs them to do, they are required to take a shot. In order to continue, you’ll need to replenish the shots as you go.
  • 3 Instruct the first participant to say something they’ve never spoken or done before. If no one volunteers, you can pick someone by playing rock, paper, scissors to be the first to go first. The things that participants say in the drinking version of the game tend to be a little more risqué than in the nondrinking version. First, the first participant claims, “I’ve never done that before,” and then proceeds to do something they’ve never done before.
  • Try to think of something you’ve never done before, but that you know other people who are participating have done. This guarantees that you do not have to drink, whereas they must, and can help players get out of the game more rapidly.
  1. 4Give the players who have done what the first player asked them to drink something. If you’ve done something that the first player claims you haven’t, you’ll have to take a sip of your drink to prove it. You may schedule it so that all of the participants have to drink for the same length of time to make it more equitable. Usually, 3 seconds or less is sufficient
  2. 5 seconds or more is preferable. Pass the ball to the next player. The turn is taken by the next player, who is the person to the immediate left of the first player. They state something they’ve never done before, and they use the phrase “Never have I ever.” to support their claim. The players who have done that thing drink, but the guys who have not accomplished that thing do not drink. If no one else drinks, the first player gets to drink first. If the player is unable to persuade anybody else to drink – i.e., if the player is the only one who has done what they said – the player is forced to drink
  3. 7 Continue until there is just one person left with alcohol remaining in their cup. The game is over when just one player has any of their drink left in them. That guy is the winner of the game. You have the option to play the game as many times as you like. Advertisement
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  • Make sure you’re not consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. If you begin to feel unwell, you can withdraw from the game and drink some water


About This Article

Summary of the ArticleX Never Have I Ever is a fun party game that may be enjoyed by groups of three or more people. To begin the game, each participant raises their five index and middle fingers. When this happens, one of the players says something that they’ve never done before, beginning with the phrase “Never have I ever.” If somebody has done that, they must take responsibility and put their finger on the scale. Example: If one player declares “I have never owned a dog,” any player who has owned a dog must place one finger on the table to indicate ownership.

The game continues until one of the players loses by putting all of their fingers down on the table.

The person who finishes their drink first is the one who first places all of their fingers on the table.

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Synopsis of the pieceX When I’ve Never Done It Before is a silly party game that may be enjoyed by three or more people. Everyone begins by raising their five index fingers to the sky. A player then declares something that they have never done before, beginning with the phrase “Never have I ever.” It is necessary for anybody who has done it to take responsibility. In the case of one player saying “I’ve never owned a dog,” every person who has owned a dog places one finger on the table. Each time someone leaves, the person to their left is the next to take their place.

Take a sip of your beverage every time you put your finger down if you’re of legal drinking age and want to make it a drinking game.

Continue reading for some helpful hints on how to play the drinking game version. Were you able to benefit from this overview? The writers of this page have collaborated to create this page, which has been read 521,227 times.

3 Ways to Play Never Have I Ever Game – Promising Really Fun Parties

courtesy of Pixels / Ron Lach Ever played the Never Have I Ever Game? If you haven’t, it’s time you did. (This is the point at which you say “I have” or “I have never “.) It’s the greatest game to play when you’re out of fun things to do, like these party games over at Never have I ever is the best game to play when you’re out of interesting things to do. Everything you need to know about this game will be covered in this article. We’re known as theNever Have I Everpros because we know which questions get the most empathetic responses.


Photograph courtesy of Pixels / Andrea Piacquadio It is customary to play the Never Have I Ever game with a group of people, with each participant stating something they have never done. If they have completed the task, the other players will place a finger down or take a shot. After everyone has said something, you win if you have the most fingers up on your hands. Alternatively, if you have taken less shots than the other players, you will win. Playing this game with coworkers, close friends, family members who live far away, and individuals you’ve just met is a lot of fun; you can play it with anybody.

or just something they’re embarrassed to discuss with others.

They are typically unpleasant issues that most people are unwilling to discuss openly — and that is exactly what makes this game so enjoyable!

How To Play Never Have I Ever Game: 6 Steps

Through the use of:Pexels/Fauxels The Never Have I Ever Game is straightforward. Starting with a specific scenario or inquiry, you ask all of the other participants to join in. If you want to ask a question like this, say it like this: “I have never peed in a public pool.” The individual who is asking the question “Have I ever?” should also provide a response to the query. It’s only fair, after all. The whole objective of the game is to get a pleasure out of discovering who did what to whom. It’s honestly rather amazing how often this happens.

Step1: Get as many people as possible

Extracted from:Pexels / cottonbro When playing this game, try to get as many people to participate as you can. The more players you have, the better your chances are. Pro Tip: The Never Have I Ever Game is fantastic since it allows you to discover numerous bizarre facts about a person, or at the very least the bizarre things they have done. You’ll discover that increasing the number of players in the game makes it far more enjoyable and revealing.

Step2: Agree on rules

Photograph courtesy of Pexels / Helena Lopes Assign a rule for what to do if you have completed the task requested, as well as what to do if you have not completed the task requested. There are many other varieties of the game, which we shall discuss later on, so there are many options for your party to pick from.

Choose one that best reflects the personalities of the people in the group. You must also come to an agreement on who will be the first to pose the question, aside from selecting one of the two options.

Step3: Ask a unique question

courtesy of Pixels / Jean-Baptiste Burbaud Someone should start by asking a question that they have never asked before in their life. It’s also a good idea to include some questions that are both unusual and startling in order to keep the game interesting. Include questions that you are confident will be answered by others. Begin by posing questions that are amusing and light-hearted. If the folks in your group are close enough to one other, you might even be able to get away with include a sleazy question in your game.

Don’t use this game to draw attention to your friends’ terrible life choices to an excessive degree.

Step4: Do the consequence

Photograph courtesy of Unsplash / Chris Curry Depending on the game type you chose, you should follow through with (or refrain from following through with) the penalty if you’ve done what was asked or said.

Step5: Say “I have never”

Image courtesy of Unsplash / Antenna If you haven’t done what has been required of you, either claim “I have never” or refuse to accept the consequences of being the one who has failed to perform what has been asked. You’ll be OK for the rest of the round.

Step6: Repeat

Photograph courtesy of Unsplash / Priscilla Du Preez To ensure fairness, everyone will be given the opportunity to speak something they have never spoken before until a winner is determined. The following are the criteria for determining the game’s winner: If your rule is that you must put your finger down after you have completed the task, the winner is the one who has their fingers up the longest. If it’s a drinking game, the winner is the individual who has the least amount of alcohol left in their cups.

  • If you play a different form of Never Have I Ever Game, the winner is the one who is left with the least amount of penalties to deal with after everyone else has left.
  • You each have five shots, which are the equivalent of five lives.
  • You have only four lives left in you.
  • The loser can choose a punishment that the rest of the group approves of.

Fun Variants of Never Have I Ever

courtesy of Unsplash / Felix Rostig The wonderful thing about Never Have I Ever is that there isn’t just one method to approach the game. It comes in a variety of flavors that you may choose from. This assures that you and your buddies will never become bored when playing this game together. Here are two amusing variations on the theme of Never Have I Ever:

Edition1: Put A Finger Down

Through the use of:Pexels/Fauxels In addition, this game may be played in a different manner. Play the Put a Finger Down Edition of the Never Have I Ever Game, commonly known as the 10 Fingers Edition, for a humorous variation on the classic game. It gives you everyone the opportunity to choose a winner at the end of the game. You may play this game with a particular someone to make the experience even more enjoyable for you both. Make the game more exciting by using thesenever have I ever questions for couples to keep things interesting.

  1. We promise you that including your ten fingers in the game will relieve some of the pressure on your tongue.
  2. A plain game, Ten Fingers is a simple game.
  3. It’s simply a contest to see who can say the most humiliating or hilarious things in the shortest amount of time since the things we say are generally awkward or humorous.
  4. If they have never done the act that has been requested, they should keep all of their fingers up.

Each participant who reaches the end of their fingers is eliminated from the game. It is very necessary to play the game with at least two other individuals. There is no limit on the number of players. Invite everyone you know, as well as everyone you don’t know, to the party.

Edition2: The Drinking Edition

courtesy of pexels / MART PRODUCTION The Never Have I Ever Drank Edition is, in fact, the original version of the game. Alternatively, I’ve never asked a question requiring an 18+ age rating in such situation. The well-known drinking game was always intended to be played in this manner, and it is therefore referred to be an adult game. But, you know, kids like to participate, too, so they had to make the game more kid-friendly and remove the alcohol from the equation. Despite the fact that this version is where you take a drink rather than answering if you have or have not.

  1. If you are the most inebriated person in the room, you will not win the drinking variant of this game.
  2. The first question in this drinking game is a never have I ever question, which is then followed by a second question.
  3. When you’re under the influence of booze, it’s always simpler to spill your guts.
  4. Guests should include those you are familiar with as well as those you are unfamiliar with.

7 Best Questions To Include In Your Never Have I Ever Game

Photograph courtesy of Pixabay / Afta Putta Gunawan Then, once you’ve decided the style you’d want to play the game and which friends to play with, you’ll need a list of only the greatest never have I ever questions, which we’ve compiled just for you. If you’re searching for some amusing never have I ever questions, we’ve got those as well right here. Choose a few, or utilize them all; either way, they’ll keep things interesting throughout the game. The following questions are the ideal ones to include in either game, regardless of whether you’re playing the drinking variant or just searching for some clean never have I ever questions.

1. Never have I ever swallowed gum.

We’ve all had those occasions when we unintentionally and unconsciously swallowed gum that had been in our mouths for an excessive amount of time (or not long enough). It’s a strange sensation that some people might understand, but not everyone. courtesy of:Pexels / cottonbro

2. Never have I ever walked around with toilet paper stuck on my shoe.

It’s such a minor detail, yet it’s something that other people would find amusing if they happened to see you doing it. This appears to be a question about whether or not you’ve ever been embarrassed in public without realizing it. courtesy of:Pexels / Erik Mclean

3. Never have I ever peed in my bed when I was a kid.

It’s all right.

It happens to the best of us at some point. courtesy of:Pexels / Pixabay

4. Never have I ever left the house without underwear.

Going commando outside the house is merely something that appears to be extremely fascinating to try out for a change. courtesy of:Pexels / cottonbro

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5. Never have I ever slept in the bathroom drunk.

Having this one will make the game more entertaining since everyone will want to hear about the insane experiences you had while blacking out drunk and sleeping in the restroom. courtesy of Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

6. Never have I ever got candy or gum in my own hair.

Although it may appear to be a small annoyance to those who have not experienced it, we do not want this to happen to anybody, not even our most heinous adversaries. courtesy of Unsplash / Matthew Hamilton

7. Never have I ever had a crush on my friend’s sibling.

The more powerful the sentiments get, the more difficult it might become to be around. courtesy of Unsplash / Yanapi Senaud and Mantelligence

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Image courtesy of Pexels / Pixabay Following your thorough understanding of how the game operates, allow us to address some questions that were not previously addressed.

Can we play never have I ever in Zoom?

You may absolutely participate in the Never Have I Ever Game by using Zoom. Create a Zoom chat room for all of the players, and have one of them ask the questions while the rest respond in whatever way they see fit – including with 10 fingers.

Is it possible for two people to play never have I ever game?

Yes, it is very feasible to play with only two players, and I have done it on several occasions. Both players can take turns asking the questions, and both players can take turns answering the questions.

How can you purchase the never have I ever card game?

It is possible to purchase the never have I ever card game from a variety of retailers, including Amazon and Target. With Amazon, you can easily purchase anything offline and have it sent directly to your home.

Can you play never have I ever over text?

With all of the games available to play through text, I have never been considered one of the greatest. Play in a group chat with your friends or one-on-one with your best friend. Answer each question with “I have” or “I have never” from all of the players in the chat room as you type them out. You may even go as far as to play it on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter by creating polls.

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How to Play the Drinking Game Never Have I Ever aka I Never

This Howcast drinking games video has expert Drew Moerlein teaching you how to play the game Never Have I Ever, popularly known as I Never, in a drinking game called I Never.


  • Step 1: Become familiar with the rules. Starting player speaks something he or she has never spoken before in their lives. If one of the other players has truly done that item, they will be required to drink from the cup. Step 2: Participating in the game Everyone should keep track of what they’ve done by counting down from 10 fingers and marking off the points they’ve earned. Wins go to the player who ends up accomplishing the most, which entails losing the most fingers in the process.


Male Voice 1: What’s going on, guys? What’s going on? Here we are playing Never Have I Ever, a drinking game, and as you can see, I’ve brought along a few of buddies with me. We have John, Greg, Drew, and Ryan in our group of four. During this lesson, we’ll demonstrate how to play Never Have I Ever while imbibing. Basically, what we’re going to do is that I’ll take the lead and lead the way. I’m going to make a bold statement: I’ve never done anything, seen anything, or experienced anything like this before, and we all have ten fingers, right, boys?

  • Now, if we have done anything that has been put before us, and if you have done it, you lose a finger and you drink the consequences.
  • I’m going to get things started.
  • Male Voice 2: Are you serious?
  • Male Voice 2: I’ve never played Never Have I Ever with a group of four males before.
  • Male Voice 3: Male Voice 2: Well, you’ve got it now.
  • Male Voice 4: I’ve never smoked in the guys’ restroom, and I never will.
  • Male Voice 5: I’ve never had the pleasure of eating an insect.

Male Voice 2: All right, that’s OK.

Male Voice 1: A cockroach that has been chocolate-covered.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach is the third male voice.

Male Voice 1: Oh, please don’t be ridiculous.

Male Voice 2: I mean, it’s something I’ve considered.

I have never, ever.

Yes, I have.

Male Voice 5: I’ve never had my aunt come in on me when I was wearing her pumps before.

Either that, or I was defeated. Male Voice 2: You’re right. One of the two options for male voice. In any case, the game is ended when someone’s ten fingers have been used up. So there concludes the drinking game “Never Have I Ever” (also known as “Never Have I Ever”).

Never Have I Ever

I’ve never participated in a Verbal Drinking Game, so all you need is a few drinks and some friends! Players should congregate in a circle, or at the very least in an area where they can all see one another. The first Player makes a straightforward remark that begins with the words “Never have I ever.” Anyone who has done anything that the first player has not done is required to drink. The game then moves around the circle, with the next individual making another NHIE statement as it does so.

Optional Alternate Rules

In other instances, the Players are required to drink indefinitely. If no one is having a drink, then the person who said the specific NHIE is required to have a drink. This regulation frequently pushes the participants to employ more strategy than they would otherwise. When just one person is drinking, that individual is required to provide a clear explanation of their decision to drink. Getting to know a group of people through the game Never Have I Never is a terrific way to start conversations in a large group, and it can be a great ice breaker.

NHIE may also be used in other games, such as Ring of Fire, to enhance the gameplay experience.

Never Have I Ever

Summary:A Get to Know You Game where the players share experiences that they have never done.Ages:From 12 and upRecommended Number of Players:Between 5 and 15, more if you have more time to play.

Each participant will be provided with ten pieces of individually wrapped tiny chocolates. Setup: There is no need for any prior preparation. Prepare for the game by having everyone sit in a circle. Each participant will be given 10 individually wrapped sweets of any variety. Each participant announces something that they have never done before in the order in which they were announced. For example, “I have never gone skinny swimming in my whole life.” If any of the true statements are true, all of the other players must toss one of their candies into a bowl in the center if they have actually done that item themselves.

If a player runs out of things during the course of the game, they are eliminated.

Winner: You may either continue playing until only one player is left in the game, in which case the reward is the bowl of candy, or you can stop when three players are remaining in the game, in which case the candy in the bowl is divided among those three players.

Comments, Variations and Stories

Do you have a terrific tale about a time you spent playing one of the games on this site? Are there any versions of the game that you’d want to share with the group? Please tell us! Go from Never Have I Ever to Party Games Index by clicking on the links below.

Best Advice from Dana Palmer

A large number of visitors come to this site in search of a few specialized games. When they track them down, the mission is completed successfully. However, there is one thing I want ALL of my guests to be aware of, regardless of how many or how few pages they read during their visit. As a result, if you encounter this popup on a few more sites, simply pass over it and continue your search for more games for your gathering. The following is the greatest advise I can provide to individuals who are reading this for the first time, based on my many years of experience organizing and executing huge and small events.

  • “Organizing is the process of preparing yourself before doing anything so that when you do it, everything is not jumbled.” These are wonderful comments from A.A.
  • I could not agree with you more.
  • Even with the best organization, I am here to inform you that no event will go exactly as planned, no matter how well organized it is.
  • That is really fantastic!

So what do we do now? The secret lies in the name. This is something you should pay special attention to since it is the single most significant piece of advice I can provide to my readers. Are you ready to take on the world?

Learn to mentally let go of your perfect plans the minute the party, event, game or special occasion starts.

That’s all there is to it. If I wanted to, I could create a whole page on how to “be present” and “enjoy yourself at your own party.” But none of those things will happen until you adopt the attitude that it is perfectly acceptable for things to turn out differently than you had anticipated. The good news is that, in most cases, what you had planned in your thoughts but didn’t follow through on was never even noticed by the majority of people. When participating in an activity with a group, and the activity takes you down a path that wasn’t anticipated, it’s important to be flexible.

Never Have I Ever Game Rules – Learn How To Play With Game Rules

NEVER HAVE I EVER AS AN OBJECTIVE OF: Be the last player to raise their index and middle fingers. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: A minimum of four players INGREDIENTS: Your fingertips, a bottle of booze A TYPE OF GAME: A Drinking and Socializing Game AUDIENCE:21+


Never Have I Everis a fun and invasive drinking game that also goes by the nameTen Fingers and is played using ten fingers. The game is linguistic in nature, and as a result, it is evocative of childhood games, but with a moist adult twist in the form of drink. Players gather around a drink and sit in a circle with a group of friends or complete strangers to get to know one another a bit better before the game. This game is known for eliciting amusing anecdotes, and participants frequently attempt to coerce other players into confessing to something ridiculous or humiliating that they have done.


Players raise 10 fingers in the air. Each participant, starting with the youngest, declares, “Never Have I Ever.,” so admitting to something that they have never done. Players that have done this put down a single finger and a drink on the table in recognition. The player who yelled the prompt must drink if no one else puts their finger down (this is an optional rule, but a fun one!). They then claim they have done something they have not done once the ball has been sent to them. The game may be played in several variations, one of which requires that a person who is drinking alone tell the tale of why they are drinking.

Players who have placed all of their fingers on the table are required to consume many beverages at the same time, the number of which is predetermined before the game begins.

Here’s an article with a slew of amusing illustrations!


A frequent variation of this game is played in the King’s Cup, in which participants put up 3 or 5 fingers and the first person to drink does so after all of their fingers have been dragged down is the winner. I Have is a nice variation on this game that you should try. This is essentially the same game as the last one, but it is played in reverse.

When asked if they have ever done something, players answer “I have.,” followed by the action that they have performed. Players who have not completed that task drink and place one finger on the table. This continues until all players have placed all of their fingers on the table. Loading.

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