How to Play The Waterfall Drinking Game?

Waterfall – The Drinking Game

The Waterfall, the King’s Cup, and the Circle of Death are all symbols of death. The king of all drinking games is known by many different names, and there are many different sets of rules to select from. With our software, you have the option of using the house rules or creating your own rules for each card. The ideal way to kick off a night on the town! Simply swipe for a new card and enjoy the rest of the evening. You can either download our app or simply purchase these water-resistant playing cards!

Waterfall House rules

Here is a list of the rules that we selected for the game as a group. You have complete control over all of the rules within the program.

  • 2: Make a donation 2– The player has the ability to force another player to take two sips. 3: Take a drink 3– The person who draws this card is required to take three sips
  • 4– Girls are required to drink! – All of the female players in the game must consume alcohol
  • 5- Make a dancing move!– The person who draws the card is required to perform a dance move. The following member must perform that dancing move and contribute to the group’s total. This goes on until someone makes a mistake and needs to drink
  • Then it stops. All of the men in the game are required to drink. 7: Heaven– All of the participants aspire for the heavens in this game. The individual who is the last to do so must drink
  • 8: Mate– The player who chooses this card chooses another player to be their mate for the rest of the game. This means that if one of them drinks, they both drink
  • And The person who draws this card says a word, and then all of the players who come after him/her must say a word that rhymes with the word that was said by the player who picked it. The first person to fail to come up with a term is required to drink
  • 10: Categories– The player who selected the card is responsible for selecting a category. After then, everyone goes around the room and says something that falls within the designated category. Those who are unable to come up with anything relevant to the category must drink. Kinds of liquor, automobile manufacturers, and cereal types are all appropriate categories to utilize. The Thumb Master is someone who can draw a Jack with their thumb. You have the option to place your thumb on the table whenever you choose, leading the other players to rush to do the same. The player who is the last to do so must drink. When a new Jack is drawn, you retain your position as Thumb Master. Queen: Question– Ask any other player a question, and that person must in turn ask a question to a different player. Anyone who does not respond to a question with a question is required to drink, and you are not permitted to ask a question back to the person who last asked you a question. New rule created by the King– The player who chooses a King is given the opportunity to design a new rule for the game. It is mandatory for the individual who violated the rule to drink if the rule is not followed. If you are only permitted to hold the drink in your left hand, for example, that is an excellent guideline to follow. Ace: Waterfall– As soon as an ace is drawn, everyone begins to consume alcohol. The person who selected the card has the option to stop drinking whenever he or she wishes, while the other players are required to continue drinking. Once he or she makes the decision to stop, the player on his or her right can also elect to stop, and so on. The player who enters the ring last must be the last one to leave.

How to Play The Waterfall Drinking Game?

It is referred to by a variety of titles, including the “Circle of Death” and the “King’s Cup.” However, we refer to it as the Waterfall drinking game. It’s meant for parties and get-togethers when you want to unwind and have a good time, just like the majority (if not all) drinking games. A drinking game isn’t the same as playing a game of Monopoly, for example. It’s actually more of a social event than anything else. In order to better understand this traditional drinking game, let’s go over all you need to know about it.

What is The Waterfall Drinking Game?

The Waterfall drinking game is a combination of drinking and playing cards that is both entertaining and festive! For Waterfall, you’ll need a deck of cards, an empty glass or cup, and lots of liquid to get started. It also makes no difference whatever beverage is consumed during the Waterfall drinking game. Choosing a drink that the vast majority of people will love is still our recommendation. After all, you want the game to be enjoyable! The Waterfall, like other drinking games, is best enjoyed in a group setting, and the greater the number of players, the better.

  • A circle of cards is formed around an empty drinking glass in this drinking game, and the players must drink from the circle.
  • Each card will necessitate a distinct action or instruction.
  • There are no real points awarded in this game, as there are in many others; it is simply meant to be enjoyed!
  • Despite the fact that the history of the waterfall drinking game is somewhat obscure, it is likely far older than many of us realize.

What You’ll Need?

You will just require a deck of cards in order to participate in the Waterfall drinking game. According to the rules of the classic Waterfall drinking game, no joker cards are utilized. You may, on the other hand, utilize them to establish your own set of home rules. Any standard deck of playing cards would suffice, and they should be rather simple to come by.

We really like these water-resistant playing cards, which may come in handy if you’re planning on playing a drinking game. You may even combine numerous decks if you so choose. Despite the fact that, according to conventional regulations, just one deck is generally utilized.

The Playing Cards

As a result of the relaxed and informal character of the Waterfall drinking game, it lends itself nicely to individualization through the usage of house rules. For those who are participating in the game for the first time, we recommend following the basic rules. Each numbered card, as well as the face cards and aces, has unique instructions in accordance with these principles. In addition, it makes no difference whatever outfit you choose. We’ll go into further detail on what each card performs in the gameplay section that follows.

The Waterfall Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

Isn’t this, after all, a drinking game in disguise? The goal of the game is to have a good time and become intoxicated, or at the very least to enjoy a drink or two. The Waterfall drinking game is a great choice for gatherings since it is simple to play. For those who are considering giving it a shot, continue reading to learn more about how to play.

Setting Up and Playing

It’s simple to set up the Waterfall drinking game, too! Starting with a glass or cup in the center of the table, you can proceed. Once you’ve done that, grab a deck of cards and shuffle it before placing it around the glass in a circle. Make sure the beverage you’re drinking is close by and that you have enough to last the whole day. Then you have to decide who will be the first to go. In some instances, the youngest or oldest player will be the one to take the field first. You may also choose persons at random, or you can walk through the alphabetical list.

It is your turn when you select a card at random and follow the directions on it.

Playing Card Instructions
2 You give out two drinks. It can be to the same person or separate people.
3 You take a drink.
4 Every woman playing takes a drink.
5 Every man playing takes a drink.
6 The last player to touch the floor takes a drink.
7 The last player to raise their hand must take a drink.
8 The player who draws the card can choose one other player to be their “mate”. This player will then have to drink any time the person who chose them does.
9 If you draw card number nine, you must say a word. Going clockwise every other player will need to say a word that rhymes with it. The first player who doesn’t come up with a rhyme will need to drink.
10 The player who draws card number ten will choose a category. Players then go clockwise to name anything that falls within the chosen category. The first player who doesn’t come up with something in that category must drink.
Jack You must start a game of Never Have I Ever. The first player who has done the action must take a drink.
Queen You must ask another player a question. That player must answer, then ask another player a question. The first player who fails to answer a question must drink.
King The player who draws a King can create any unique rule of their choosing. They can also reuse any of the instructions from the other cards.
Ace This is the Waterfall card which means every player should drink.

You should discard the cards that you have picked as you proceed. Waterfall does not have a definitive conclusion; nonetheless, you can conclude the game once everyone has selected a card. Alternatively, if you are able to terminate the game once every card has been selected.

The Waterfall Drinking Game – Sure To Be A Fun Time!

It’s the perfect party game to play the Waterfall drinking game! You may also add your own home rules to the game to make it more personalized. However, whether you play by the established rules or create your own, this game is guaranteed to be a good time for everyone.

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Waterfall has been dubbed the “King of All Drinking Games” because of its popularity. It is known by a variety of titles, including King’s Cup and Circle of Death, and there are several sets of rules that may be used to play it. Follow the instructions below to play the most basic version of this game:

What You Need

  • Drinking vessel (a bottle of wine)
  • Cups or shot glasses for each participant a deck of playing cards

Set Up

The cards are shuffled, and the booze is placed in the middle of the table for everyone’s enjoyment.

After that, the cards must be laid out in a circle around the liquor bottle to be played. Check to see that all of the cards are touching one another. Each individual then picks a card from the circle and is required to perform each card in accordance with the game’s rules.


  • If you pick a 2, the player can force another player to drink two sips
  • If you pick a 3, the player can force another player to drink two sips
  • If you pick a 2, the player can force another player to drink two sips
  • If you pick a 2, the player can force another player to If you choose a 3, the person who chooses the card is required to drink three drinks. If you choose number four, all of the female players in the game are required to drink. If you draw a 5, the person who draws the card must choose a dance move and execute it on the spot. The next person must replicate the maneuver and make additions to it before moving on. This is repeated around the table until someone makes a mistake. The individual who makes a mistake is required to drink
  • If you choose number six, all of the men in the game are required to drink
  • If you choose the number 7, all players are required to reach for the stars. The individual who is the last to do so must drink
  • If you draw an 8, the person who draws the card is required to choose a partner. For the duration of the game, the two players must consume their beverages at the same time. If you choose a nine, the player is required to choose a word. The other participants are required to speak a word that rhymes with theirs. The first person to make a mistake must drink
  • If you choose a ten, the person who selects the card is required to choose a category. The other participants are required to mention a term that falls within one of the categories
  • If you choose a Jack, the person who chooses this card is required to place their thumb on the table. All other players are expected to follow suit. The individual who was the last to put his or her thumb down had to drink
  • If you choose a Queen, the person who chooses this card is required to ask a question to another player. The individual who asked the question then asks another player a question. The first player who does not respond is required to drink. If you choose a King, the player who chooses this card has the ability to introduce a new rule into the game. If you choose an ace: If an ace is drawn, everyone is required to consume alcohol.
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Other Interesting Articles

The Waterfall drinking game is quite similar to other drinking games such as Kings or Circle of Death in that it is played in a group setting. The sequence in which the rules are applied is the most significant variation.

What you need

All you’ll need for this game is a deck of cards and a few alcoholic beverages.

How it works

Flipping cards from a deck and performing the relevant action are done in turns by the players. The Watefall rule operates in the same way as a chugging competition. The person who initiates the waterfall begins to chug, and then each subsequent player begins to chug in turn. Nobody is allowed to put their drink down until the player in front of them has placed his or hers down. As a result, you can find yourself trapped chugging for a longer period of time than you anticipated since the player before you won’t stop.

Waterfall Drinking Game Rules

The following acts are performed by the players in turn once they have flipped their cards. Ace–WATERFALLThe waterfall that inspired the game’s name. The person who drew must immediately begin drinking their drink. As soon as one person begins chugging, the following player in turn must begin chugging as well. Nobody can stop chugging until the player in front of them does so or until they have finished their beverage. 2 – Here are two for you. Drinks are handed out by the person who drew the card to anybody they want.

  1. The person who drew this gets a drink on the house.
  2. All of the females consume alcohol.
  3. The player who drew this card has the opportunity to create a rule.
  4. 6 – 6 in favor of the dicks All of the men consume alcohol.
  5. The player who is the last to point to the skies must take a drink.
  6. No one is allowed to use the restroom until they turn in this card.
  7. 9 – It’s time to rhyme.

The next player must speak a word that rhymes with the previous player’s term.

That player enjoys a drink.

For example, vehicle brands or children’s cereals.

The first person to name one that has already been mentioned, or the first player to fail to name one at all, wins a drink.

Everyone raises a glass in celebration.

That player is required to react with a question directed at another participant.

Kings are a group of people that have a lot of power.

The second king has two drinks.

As soon as the fourth king swallows his drink, the game is ended.

The Waterfall drinking game is a fantastic way to get the party started. If you really want to go the additional mile, it could be beneficial to print down the game rules so that players don’t have to attempt to remember what each particular card does when they’re playing. Card

Waterfall Card Drinking Game

  • • How to Play the Waterfall Drinking Game • Waterfall Rules • Waterfall Drinking Game App • Bonus: Good Rules for the Waterfall Drinking Game

The activities that make parties entertaining and chaotic are essential to the success of any gathering. The finest games are ones that disclose things about you that you would never divulge to others, things that will bring you closer together than you have ever been. Occasionally, all you need is a little liquid confidence. which is one of the reasons why individuals who attend parties enjoy playing drinking games! The Waterfall Drinking Game is known as the “King of All Drinking Games.” The Waterfall Drinking Game, which is also known by other, equally well-known titles such as the King’s Cup, the Ring of Fire, and the Circle of Death, is a popular favorite due to its unique ability to provoke participants into displaying their foolish and wild sides.

How to Play Waterfall Drinking Game

It is possible to play several variations of the Waterfall Drinking Game since each generation continues to improve upon the initial edition of the game. The following is the most fundamental way of how to play this game out of all of them! What you’ll need for the Waterfall drinking game isn’t difficult to come up with. There are simply three items you’ll need:

  • Drinking vessel (a bottle of wine)
  • Cups or shot glasses for each participant a deck of playing cards

General Steps in Playing Waterfall Drinking Game

  1. Shuffle the cards in the deck of cards Create rules based on the different sorts of cards you have
  2. The bottle of liqueur should be placed in the center of the table. Spread the cards out in a circle around the liquor bottle, forming a protective barrier. All cards must be in close proximity to one another. As well as this, each participant must sit in a circle around the liquor bottle. Decide who will go first, and then proceed in a clockwise or counter-clockwise pattern until everyone has gone. Draw a card from the circle of cards and act out each card according to the guidelines that have been agreed upon by all participants

Do you require further instructions on how to play the game? More information on the King’s Cup may be found by clicking on this link.

Waterfall Rules

There are several variations of the game, as well as a large number of regulations that must be agreed upon by all participants before each game can be played successfully. Essentially, each sort of card you choose includes a challenge or a rule that you must follow and complete in conjunction with the rest of the game’s participants. Occasionally, players become too inebriated to remember all of the rules, therefore it is a good idea to write them all down before starting the game so you can refer to them later when your memory becomes a bit fuzzy and hazy due to the alcohol consumption.

Waterfall Card Ace IllustrationAce

A new rule: The player is given the opportunity to assume the role of king and to invent a new rule for the game. Anyone who breaches the rule will be forced to drink a shot!


It is now time for questions: The player has the option of asking a question to another player of his/her choosing. Once a question has been asked, the player can pick another participant and ask another question. This cycle continues until someone refuses to answer the question. That individual should take a shot at it! Recommended reading: The Top 10 Card Drinking Games (with Rules)


Thumb: The player who selects a Jack must rapidly place his thumb on the table before the game can continue. Everyone else should follow suit, and the individual who is the last to put his or her thumb down should take a shot!


Choosing a Category: The player who selects a 10 must choose a category, and every other player must say something related to that category (without duplicating anything that has already been spoken previously).

Whoever fails to do so will be subjected to a shot! Recommended reading: 21 Drinking Game | How to Play | Rules and Guidelines


Rhyme: The player who selects a nine is given the opportunity to choose a word. Every other player must pronounce a word that rhymes with the word that has already been taken, and they must avoid repeating a term that has already been taken. The first person to make a mistake in the rhyming phrases should be the one to take a shot!


The drinking companion:The person who selects an 8 also has the option of selecting a drinking companion! Every time one of them consumes alcohol, the other should consume alcohol as well throughout the remainder of the game! Recommended reading: Rage Cage Drinking Game: Rules and Instructions


Towards the sky:The player who selects the number 7 must reach for the sky, and the other players must do the same as well. The player who is last to arrive must take a shot!


Gentlemen, when someone selects a six, everyone in the group should take a shot at that number.


The player who receives a 5 must teach the rest of the group a dance step and perform it for them first. Each of the other participants should attempt to dance in the same manner as the first player. The first person to make a mistake should be the one to take a shot! Read this if you have the time: Try to guess the setting! – Drinking game with actors | Gameplay


Specifically for the ladies: When a 4 is selected, all of the females in the group are expected to take a shot.


Drink three: The player who selects the number three is required to drink three shots!


If you choose a 2, the person who selects it might choose another player to take two shots!

Waterfall Drinking Game App

If it is inconvenient for you to shuffle cards, write the rules, or come up with new ideas for the game, then. or simply because you are unable to participate in the game with your friends, don’t be concerned! We made a Waterfall Drinking App just for you! Is there anything else you want to do? Follow this link and get drunk with our Online Kings Cup Game: Play Online But wait, there’s more! You can also download the Kings Cup gaming app we specially made for all Android and iOS users. Follow the links below to download the game to your PCs and mobile phones so that you can play it anytime, anywhere!

Bonus: Good Rules for Waterfall

More rules were added to the game as it was passed down from generation to generation. It’s crucial to remember that when it comes to designing the rules for drinking games, you may be as creative as you want. Nobody knows what will happen next, and that is what makes it so exciting and entertaining! To spice up your Waterfall Drinking Game, come up with some new rules or just refer to these guidelines, which will elevate any drinking game to a whole new level of wild and crazy!

1. Pump your arms back and forth when you laugh

You’ll appear so silly that everyone will begin to laugh at you, and they should all pump their arms in response to your actions.

2. No touching your phone during the game

If you make any contact with your phone, the other players will be able to text whatever they want to anybody in your contact list as punishment.

3. The Forehead Master Rule

It’s quite similar to choosing the Jack from a deck of cards, only that you’ll have to contact the table with your forehead this time, and the last person to do so will get a shot!

4. “I’ll tell you what”

This statement should be included in each and every sentence or statement you make. Forgetting to do so will result in a shot being administered to you!

5. “Meow”

This statement should be included in every phrase or every other item you say. The consequences of failing to do so are severe!

6. Eye-Contact

Players are not allowed to make direct eye contact with one other. Both of you should drink if you establish direct eye contact with another person.

7. No-Teeth Laugh

Another thing to keep in mind when laughing is that you should tuck your lips together to keep your teeth from showing. Your laughter will become contagious, and you will all appear and sound ridiculous every time you laugh!

8. Viking Rule

The group should paddle when the rule maker or chosen leader of the group waves his or her hands like a horn on his or her pretend viking helmet. The player who is last to do so should take a shot!

9. No Speaking in First Person

Following a few drinks and a slurry of conversation, what you have to say will begin to sound strangely intriguing!

10. T-Rex Rule

The gamer should place his or her arms in his or her sides every time he or she drinks, much like a T-Rex would. Forgetting about this guideline will result in you having to take another shot! It is certain that your game night and party will be one that you and your friends will remember and speak about for years to come if you play the deadliest of all drinking games. Make certain that everyone understands the rules and is open-minded enough to see that this is all just for good-natured entertainment!

Make a call to your buddies and get ready for a waterfall drinking game that is jam-packed with excitement!

How to Play Waterfall the Drinking Game – Chuggie

Start messaging your buddies to let them know that you’ll be playing Waterfall this evening. It’s 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday, and you’re dreading the prospect of spending the night alone at home since you don’t have the money to go out. Until then, start texting your other unfortunate pals to schedule a night in. You could be in a financial bind this weekend, but How to Play Waterfall can help. The Drinking Game is available to assist you. We strongly advise you to match your beer with one of our koozies with pockets.

Waterfall The Drinking Game: Equipment

Shot Glasses with LED Flashing Lights

  • Several large bottles of strong liquor
  • A cup, shot glass, or beer for each participant
  • A deck of cards
  • And a really strong liver.

How To Play Waterfall The Drinking Game With Rules

  • First, the cards are shuffled and the drink of choice is placed in the center of the table
  • Then, the game begins. Following that, someone must distribute the deck of cards in a circle around the alcoholic beverage of your choosing, making sure that all of the cards are touching
  • And Each individual then selects a card from the circle and performs each card’s unique meaning as it appears on the card. Don’t be concerned if you’re more of a visual person. There will be a video demonstration in the near future.

Waterfall The Drinking Game With RulesWhat do all the cards mean?

Everyone is required to respond in accordance with the number or face of the card. Because it is a lengthy list, we will divide it into two sections: the “numbered card rules” and the “face card rules.” numbered card rules

Waterfall The Drinking Game With Rules: Numbered Cards

When you draw the number two, you get to select a person and force them to drink. 3 – “Me”– If you’re fortunate enough to draw a three, this is entirely your fault, guy. “Chicks drink!” says card number six. For number four, everyone must get down on their knees and make contact with the ground. The Death Cup mixture must be consumed by the very last individual. Yum! 5 – “Guys”– Pour yourselves a drink, gentlemen. 6 – “Chicks”– It’s time for the women to take the stage. 7) “Heaven”– Do you remember when you played the game “Seven Minutes in Heaven?” Everyone must raise their arms as high as they possibly can in order to receive card number seven.

“Date” – In this round, the player is given the opportunity to select a drinking “date” for the game.

Just don’t be the man whose name begins with the letter O. The number 10 is referred to as “categories” by the players when they draw a ten card. Automobiles, state capitals, and band names, to mention a few examples of possible categories. Go berserk!

Waterfall The Drinking Game With Rules: Face Cards

A deck of cards is all you really need to get started, save from some wine and some cups. (See the Amazon link for further information.) Jack – “Social”– In this scene, the players pretend that the bride and groom have just walked into the reception hall. Everyone is entitled to a drink! Queen is the “Question Master,” and she will catch everyone who does not reply in a question and force them to drink. Come up with whatever you want, accents, names, or anything else that will spice up the party when it is broken (buffalo, dominating hand, blue man?) and become the King.

The principle is the same as before, with the exception of the fist fight.

There are three ways Waterfalls the Drinking Game can end:

  • You have all drawn every single card from the deck. Someone throws the cards on the ground
  • Alternatively, *sadness*, the rum has run out

The most tragic reason to call a halt to Waterfall is because you’ve run out of liquor.

Variations for Waterfall the Drinking Game With Rules

You might be thinking that this sounds a lot like other drinking games, and you’d be right. (It reminds me a lot of Moose the Drinking Game, to be honest.)

Here are some variations to Waterfall the Drinking Game to switch things up:

Never in my life have I used Idea Cards. (Click here for some examples.) Whenever you draw a 4, you should name it “whores.” In conjunction with this name change, refer to a 6 as “dicks.” It’ll bring a whole new level of filthy fun to your night. There are two random variations:

  1. In order to depict the phrase “Never Have I Ever,” use the number 10 on a playing card. Use a Jack as a “wild card” instead of the word “Social.”

There are several substitutions for the “Rule Master” (King Card):

Make everyone who isn’t drinking out of their dominant hand take a sip of their beverage. Buffalo– Consider the possibility that this individual has been downsized and is now sitting on your head. Imagining there’s a small blue guy sitting on top of one’s cup is required every time one must consume liquid nutrition. They must remember to delicately remove the small guy off the top of the glass before taking a sip, and they must remember to place him back on the glass when they have finished their drink, before continuing.

During this round, you are not permitted to use any of the phrases “drink,” “drank,” or “drunk.” Being able to do this while participating in a fun drinking game is shockingly challenging!

Especially when your British accent sounds more like a pathetic effort at a Jamaican accent, this rule proves to be really amusing to play around with.

Pictures may be found by clicking on the link.

To really kick it up a notch:

Instead than only adhering to a rule for one round, adhere to these two guidelines for the whole game.

  • The game comes to an end when someone breaches the “seal,” which is represented by the circle of cards. It is then up to that lucky individual to consume the alcohol contained within the middle cup, which can also be turned into a “death cup.”. Have each player pour a small amount of their own drink into the middle every time they draw a card throughout the game
  • Then, the person who breaks the seal has to drink this (hopefully not too horrible) concoction of beer, liquor, wine, and whatever else is in the middle.

Waterfall the Drinking Game With Rules Video Demo

Waterfall is a fun game to play with your pals the next time you get together. Call the group together, grab a deck of cards and a 12-pack of beer from the convenience store down the block, and call it a night. Enjoy yourself while playing Waterfall the Drinking Game, and remember to drink responsibly!

Additional Drinking Games:

Are you and your friends searching for a fun pre-game drinking activity to get the night started off right?

There’s a good chance that at least a few individuals in your company are familiar with the traditional drinking game that combines drinking with playing cards. Aside from waterfall, this drinking game is also known as the following:

This timeless classic has remained a fun and engaging activity to do with friends on a night in or as a terrific pregame drinking event before going out on the town, regardless of what name you want to call it. As a result, we’ve listed the general guidelines in our guide to playing water fall at your next happy hour event so that you may get started as soon as possible and be on your way to becoming a success. Note: While certain rules can vary from house to house–and friend to friend–we wanted to share with you our own favorite rule-set so that you might give it a shot.

If you think you’re up to the challenge, go for it!

Waterfall Drinking Guide

While you are not required to play with five players and may probably get away with playing with less, the game works best when played with a group of people who can sit around a table and engage as a group. When it comes to playing waterfall, we’ve discovered that the number 5 – 12 is definitely the sweet spot.

Time: 45 – 90 minutes

This is dependent on how quickly you guys play and whether or not you become easily distracted. According to how rapidly you want to choose cards and go through the game, a game might take anywhere from 45 minutes to more than an hour to complete.

What You Need To Play:

  • The following items are required: 1 regular deck of 52 playing cards
  • 1 “King’s Cup” glass (or red Solo cup) or anything else that can hold drink. This card is positioned in the center of the deck to serve as a prize for the person who draws the final King of spades. Ensure that there is enough alcohol for your party to consume
  • 1 six-sided die
  • 1 six-sided die

Drink Recommendations:

We recommend that you drink something lighter during the game because you will be required to take sips of your drink during the duration of the game. As an example:

  • Light beer
  • Hard seltzer
  • Anything non-alcoholic
  • Mixed drinks
  • Etc.

Before You Start (Setup):

  1. Place the “King’s Cup” in the center of the table and arrange the deck of playing cards around it in a circle so that it is easy to pick which cards to use
  2. Make a point of reminding everyone to fill their drink halfway with the beverage of their choice. Tell everyone to take their seats around the table. Choosing a single card from the ring and flipping it right-side up to reveal whatever card you have is the first step for the player going first. The players then participate in whichever action is associated with the card’s value, which is determined by the value of the card. Once the action is performed, you go clockwise around the room, with the next person picking a card at random from a deck of cards.

Waterfall Rules (Card – Activity)

The legendary rock song Thunder by ACDC serves as the basis for this drinking game. Everyone must stand up and hold their drink in their hand while the player who pulled the Ace searches for the music on Spotify or YouTube and plays it for the group. As soon as the lead vocalist sings the first “Thunder,” they must all take a sip of their beer to get things started. After then, they must continue to drink until the next “Thunder” is sung, after which the person on their left must continue to drink until the following “Thunder” is sung.

2 – You

If you get a 2 on this one, you have to drink something. It’s as simple as that. It’s time to get down to business.

3 – See

The first person to establish direct eye contact with the person who has just pulled the three will be required to drink a glass of water. Pro – Tip: As an added bonus, you can also play “3 Question Hot Seat,” in which the person who draws the third card from the deck must quickly answer three questions from the rest of the group. Make certain that the questions are well-written and interesting. We want to know the truth!

4 – 4 Score and Stay-At-Home Dads

This is a card dedicated to all of the females out there. They all get to have a beverage together!

5 – Live

The person who draws the number 5 is in the room, and as a result, they must put on a show for the rest of the group. They are capable of the following:

  • 30 seconds of karaoke, a poem, a celebrity imitation, or a hidden ability are all acceptable.

Almost everything that is interesting enough to show the group is fair game.

6 – Ricks

This is for all of the males that are participating in the Waterfall game. Even though Saturday isn’t for the lads, the Ricks are looking forward to the waterfall.

7 – Compliment

If you want to be successful, you must complement someone in the room. Once you have given them a compliment, the two of you must “Cheers” and have a drink in celebration. Added bonus: If you want to make things a little more interesting, have the person who draws the seven also provide an insult to someone else in the group along with their complement. Just make sure it isn’t too threatening.

8 – Mate

You must pick someone to be your Mate for the remainder of the game in order to get the title “Mate.” Likewise, if they are required to drink at any time throughout the game as a reward, you are required to drink in solidarity with your teammate. That’s all there is to it!

9 – Rhyme

Someone will call out a word in response to “9 is Rhyme.” Following that, the remaining players will proceed in a clockwise rotation, each speaking a word that rhymes with the first word said. As soon as they cannot come up with another term that rhymes with the first word, or if they utter something else that doesn’t rhyme with it, they drink and the round is over. Pro – Tip: You may instead play “Nein, Nein, Nein,” in which case, instead of rhyming, the player who gets the 9 card is required to drink from a glass of liquor before continuing.

10 – Categories

A category of anything that has a large number of instances will be named by the player who has just drawn the number ten in the game “Categories.” After then, you proceed around the room in a clockwise direction, with each individual shouting out a different response that fits within the given category. For example, if the category was “Breakfast Cereals,” the circle would go around, with each participant identifying a new breakfast cereal as it went around. Frosted Flakes, Frosted Froot Loops, Apple Jacks and other cereals, for example.

  • A) wrongly classifies something that does not belong in the category
  • And B) incorrectly classifies something that does not belong in the category.
  • C) they are unable to come up with anything to say and their time has run out

To get you started, here are a few possible categories to consider:

  • Presidents of the United States, fast food restaurants, NFL football teams, card games, and Bravo television series are just a few examples.

Jack – Dice Roll

If you get a Jack, you’ll have to get a six-sided die and roll it in front of everyone to discover what you got. Whichever number is rolled, count that number for each person to your left and have a drink with the person who lands on that particular number on the dice. Pro – Tip: You may take things up a level by requiring the dice roller to also kiss the person with whom they must share a drink as part of the game.

Queen – Question Master

As the master of questions, you will be in charge of posing questions to other players during the course of the game. If someone responds, they must first take a sip of water. If they are successful in their attempts to ignore you, nothing occurs. Your stint as Question Master will come to an end when the next person draws a Queen and they take over as Question Master for the remainder of the game.

King – King’s Cup

This is the card that is frequently used to refer to the game by its name. Whichever name this card is given, it indicates that you must take your drink and pour a portion of it into the central cup, which is surrounded by the playing cards, before continuing.

If you are the last player to draw a King (that is, if the 4th and last King is drawn), the game is traditionally considered to be over, and you are required to drink the contents of the middle “King’s” cup. Drink to your heart’s content!

Jokers – “Anything Goes”

While Jokers are not traditionally used in the game of waterfall, you can use these two additional cards to create a special rule that will benefit two lucky (or unlucky) players in the process.


That’s all there is to it! This entertaining drinking game for adults is a terrific way to get ready for a party or to meet up with friends in a relaxed yet competitive setting before the festivities begin. Waterfall is the sort of game where it is enjoyable to play and keep progressing, but everyone can take their time and enjoy the company of those with whom they are playing without feeling rushed or forced to finish. Finally, we’d like to point out that the rules for the different playing card values can be altered and replaced depending on “House rules” or if any of the individuals in your group come up with new rules that are entertaining and entertaining to play by.

Is there a new set of regulations that we should be familiar with?

Have a good time!

The Waterfall Game

The Waterfall Game is a drinking game for three or more participants who are at least eighteen years old that lasts around fifteen to thirty minutes in duration. There are no special requirements for playing Waterfall other than a deck of cards and your favorite beverage. The Waterfall Game is best enjoyed while sipping on a beer or a mixed drink. It is also possible to utilize beverages that have a larger proportion of alcohol (for example, liquor). It’s also entertaining to try an alcohol-free version using soft drinks.


3 or more players must be over the age of 18 (depending on the legal drinking age in your country!) to participate.


The Waterfall Card Game does not allow for the consumption of alcoholic or other drinks. AmazonPlace your order now


Playing The Waterfall Game, like any other drinking game, necessitates the use of alcoholic beverages in moderation. Because of this, you should always ensure that all participants are of legal drinking age and that alcohol consumption is kept below appropriate limits. Keeping this in mind, there isn’t anything standing in the way of a good gaming experience! All of the participants are seated at a table. Every player is required to have a drink within reach. The cards are shuffled and laid face down in the middle of the table in the center of the table.

The oldest player is the first to take the field.

After the card has been turned over and the action associated with it has been completed, the turn of the next player in the clockwise direction is taken.

The game is over as soon as the action of the last card from the play deck is carried out by the player(s). If any player still has cards in front of him at that point, the cards are simply shuffled and placed in the discard pile.

  • – he refuses to carry out the action of a card
  • – he chooses to retire from the game
  • – he leaves the table during the game
  • Or – he has run out of drinks (and thus has no way to replenish his supplies)

Cards and Actions

When you purchase the basic edition of The Waterfall Game, you will receive the following cards:

Take 1 / 2 / 3 / 4:

The player who flips over this card is required to drink from his or her own cup for the amount of sips indicated on the card.

Deal 1 / 2 / 3 / 4:

The person who flips this card must distribute the amount of drinks indicated on the card among the other players. He has the option of taking the drinks himself or distributing them evenly among the other players.

No Sevens:

The player who receives this card must begin counting vocally by pronouncing “one” when he or she has turned it over. In order to keep the count going, the next player in line says “two,” and so on. As soon as a number is displayed that is divisible by seven or contains the number seven, the player must yell “bang!” instead of the number displayed on the screen. With each “bang!” a player makes, the direction of the game is reversed. Afterwards, the prior player continues counting with the following number in line (for example, four, five, six, “bang!”, change of direction, “eight”) until the previous player has reached the end of the line.

The same remains true if a player chooses to ignore the change in direction.


The player who flips this card picks a category (for example, automobile manufacturers, super heroes, or nations that begin with the letter “E”) and identifies an element from that category (e.g. Audi, Superman, England). The following participants in line will now have 10 seconds to come up with a suitable phrase to describe their situation. If one of the players fails to mention an element of the category or repeats an element that has already been named, the category is over and that player is required to drink the remaining drinks.


The player who chooses to reveal this card places it in front of him face up on the table. Following this, all other players must maintain a close watch on the player with the Fidget in order to prevent him from acting abnormally (for example, blinking all the time or rolling his thumbs), which will force the other players to replicate his antics until only one person is left. The player who recognizes the final time that the player with the Fidget has just done his move must take a drink of his or her beverage.

New Rule:

The player who places this card on the table declares a new rule for the game. Consider the following: “Before drinking, a player must shout “cheers!”,” “Don’t touch the table any longer,” or something like those lines The regulation takes effect immediately and remains in force until the end of the game. A rule, on the other hand, may never result in an unending cycle (for example, after taking a sip, one must take another sip), and it may never influence only one person; rather, it must effect all players.

For breaking a rule, players have two options: they must take a sip or, whether the rule is broken before or while drinking, their current count of sips is doubled.


The player who chooses to reveal this card places it in front of him face up on the table. From this point on, no other player is permitted to respond to that player’s queries. If they do respond vocally (gestures are acceptable), the Ghost is returned to the discard pile, and the player who replied is forced to drink the remainder of the round.

Hand an die Stirn:

If one of the players deals this card, all of the other players must stir the pot as quickly as they can with one hand. The player who is the last to be touched by his or her stirrups must drink a shot of whiskey.

Face palm:

If this card is turned over, all players are required to tilt their heads as soon as they can to indicate their agreement. The player who reacts last is the one who must drink.

Shots? Shots!:

If this card is turned over, everyone is required to drink from it.


The player who chooses to reveal this card places it in front of him face up on the table. It can be utilized by the player to leave the table to go to the restroom, but all other players are required to remain at the table. As long as the game is halted by a Joker, any and all rules that are in place may be violated. During that moment, both Copycat and Question Cards are rendered ineffective. Instead, the Joker can be used to divert the drinks that a player is required to take to another player.


If this card is flipped over, the game’s direction is reversed for that turn.


When this card is turned over by a player, a Waterfall is triggered. All players take their beverages and begin drinking at the same time, until the person in line in front of them has finished his or her drink. The Waterfall is initiated by the player who was dealt the Waterfall card. The next person in line may only stop drinking when the previous player has done so. Players who complete their drink during a Waterfall must put it down immediately and may not open another drink until after the Waterfall has finished.

The person who comes after him must take at least the same amount as the player who came before him.

Deal 10:

The person who receives this card is responsible for distributing ten drinks among the other players. He has the option of taking the drinks himself or dealing the entire 10 to one other player. Place your order right away. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the collection and use of cookies on your computer or mobile device. More information may be found here.

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