Mafia Game Rules and How to Play?

How to Play Mafia: An In-Depth Guide to the Perfect Party Game

Please try your search again. When it comes to games, if you’re not intimidated by Cards Against Humanity and have gotten weary with Apples to Apples, I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s referred to as Mafia. It’s an old-fashioned party game that’s been circling the city among my circle of friends, and it’s likely that you and your pals are playing it as well, if only by a degree or two. A legitimate group of people is required to play, I’d guess at least 10, and what better time of year to discover a bit more about that second cousin you’ve just sort of liked your whole life than the holidays?

If you play as an adult, I guarantee you that the game will be very different since your personalities and mental processes will have hopefully matured.

It saw a heyday in the 1990s, along with everything else that was hip in the globe at the time.

I had never heard of it before then.

  1. Despite the fact that there are several versions, I’ll show you how to play the way my friends and I do so that you’ll be familiar with the game and we can play together since we always need more players; truly, it’s extremely difficult to gather that many people in a room!
  2. Secretly assigning roles to each individual is required.
  3. Everyone now has a clear understanding of their responsibilities.
  4. Do not reveal your true identify to anyone.
  5. At night, everyone remains asleep until the narrator “awakens” each character, starting with the mafia and on through the doctor and finally to the investigator.
  6. I’m very delighted you inquired.
  7. The narrator does not take part in the game in any formal capacity, but rather serves as a moderator.

When it comes to the mafia, the issue is: Who do you want to murder?

At certain times of the day, when everyone is awake, the narrator asks players to suggest those they’d want to see dead, a.k.a.

From night to day, from night to day, the game is played out in phases, with one person being slain in each phase (unless are saved at night by the doctor).

While the other players are trying to figure out who they are, the mafia must maintain their anonymity throughout the game by pretending to be civilians.

During the day, the mafia must scheme together in order to avoid being discovered by the authorities.

If all of the mafia agree, the player is out of the game.

As a citizen, it is preferable to rely on verbal and nonverbal signs, as well as your instincts, while forming partnerships.

The doctor, as previously stated, has the ability to save the correct player, and that player will be brought back into the game.

The Detective is a civilian position that, during each nighttime phase, can point to a player who he or she believes is involved with the mafia, and the narrator will nod their head yes or no in response.

INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PLAY The first night begins with the narrator instructing all participants to close their eyes.

“Look around at your other members,” she continues.

The first day begins with everyone opening their eyes and the games starting.

Who is behaving a little more reserved than usual?

Inquire about people’s identities in a straightforward manner.

Once a nomination to kill has been made, it must be seconded in order for the player to be seriously evaluated for inclusion in the mafia hierarchy.

You can nominate as many people as you like, but you must get a majority in order to murder them.

During the second night, the participants’ eyes are closed, and the narrator awakens the mafia and inquires as to whom they wish to murder.

After that, she calls the detective’s attention to the situation and inquires as to who they want to know about.

Thursday: The game continues in these phases, day and night after day and night after night, until either all mafia members are killed by citizens or the mafia outweigh the civilians.

The other players who have been slain will be startled to discover who has been playing a joke on them, and you will form a relationship with them.

The conversation will continue on your walk home and even the next day. This is the story of that great game of Mafia that you played when you deceived your closest friends and family into believing you were on their side, only to betray them for the victory.

How to Play Mafia (with and Without Cards)

This is how to play mafia, a party game that is both entertaining and lively. A more tangible version of the game is described in the How to Play Mafia tutorial (which is presently the only Mafia tutorial available on Instructables, except from this one). This tutorial will show you how to do the following: There are two distinct arrangements (With and Without Cards) Rules Skulls, certain scenarios, and the game’s gameplay (things that either give an advantage or disadvantage to the game)

Step 1: Setup

Things will be easier to explain if we start with the setup first, before moving on to the rules. There are two settings, which are largely based on whether or not you have cards in your system. Follow the steps outlined below to get things started: To play, you’ll need at least four players, however eight or more would make it more enjoyable. The mayor will be one of the four people that make up the bare minimum group, and he or she will direct the game as it progresses and have authority over the abilities in the group.

  • For example, if there are 8 players in your game, there are now two mafia members.
  • We will explain the differences between doctors and sheriffs later, but for now, we will have one of each.
  • Setup1: This is using a standard deck of playing cards.
  • The Queens serve as your doctors, while the Kings serve as your sheriffs.
  • Prepare two aces, one Q, one K, and four more cards in addition to the ones specified.
  • During the course of the game, these cards will not be exposed to the other players.
  • Instead, we’ll be using taps, which means the mayor will have to keep track of how many people he selected and which character he assigned to them.
  • If the mayor touches you once, you are mafia.
  • Read on!

Step 2: Rules

Having completed the initial setup, it is now our turn to go over the game’s rules in detail. Roles (basic, with further explanation provided during gameplay): He is not a real participant in the game, but rather the storyteller, and he has total control over the group, with the exception of the ability to reject votes. Mayor He or she will assign the parts, instruct each character when to get up and sleep, write a tale, and approve votes, among other responsibilities. It is the responsibility of this individual to keep the game grounded and the participants rational.

  1. Mafia-Will assassinate other players and attempt to persuade other players that they are members of the mafia without exposing their identity.
  2. The sheriff can point to any other player and the mayor can either nod or shake their head depending on whether the individual is a mafia member or not; the sheriff can use his or her position to manipulate public opinion.
  3. Obviously, if you have a significant position, you don’t want to expose it; instead, you want to convince people that you are a normal citizen.
  4. Each time, the Mafia may only pick one target (2 mafia vote on 1 target) If you are playing with cards, it is considered cheating to reveal your card.
  5. IMPORTANT: In actual life, the dead are unable to communicate.

As a result, the deceased are not permitted to exert influence on the community through words or bodily gestures in the game. It is considered cheating. (They are allowed to converse, but any suspicion of a mafia connection should result in their being booted out of the round or game.)

Step 3: Gameplay

Following the setup, follow the steps below to begin playing the game: a) The mayor instructs everyone to close their eyes b) The mayor orders the mafia to wake up and pick a target c) The mayor tells everyone to close their eyes 3: The mayor instructs the doctor to wake up and pick someone to save before going back to sleep. 4: The mayor orders the sheriff to get up and look into a matter immediately. 5: The mayor informs the sheriff whether he is correct or incorrect and instructs him to return to his bed.

  • 7: At this stage, the mayor will provide a summary of what transpired during the previous round.
  • Person (A) was murdered by the mafia, but he was saved by a doctor.” When skulls are used, several aspects of the game will be altered, as will be discussed further below.
  • Please keep in mind that any person slain by the mafia will very certainly be a civilian, but you must accept their card nevertheless.
  • After then, the mayor calls for a vote (here any civilian or player can make a claim against any suspicious person.) Only two persons can be nominated to be prosecuted at the same time (Allow 2 minutes for nominations).
  • A player who has obtained a majority vote against him is subjected to the death penalty in game number 10.
  • 11: After that, the cycle begins all over again.
  • Mafia Win = eliminating everyone till you are unable to continue playing.
  • A mafia member may be able to be removed by one of the other players, but in the next round, one of the regular players will be murdered, leaving the last two players to be one mafia member and one normal person, making it impossible to win a 1v1 versus mafia.

Step 4: Circumstances

Circumstances are defined as situations in which things have gotten out of hand or in which you are unable to figure out where to proceed from your last move. Here are some of the most common situations that I’ve encountered: The doctor says: This class appears to be powerful, don’t you think? Why not save yourself at the end of every round so you can figure out who is behind the mafia? Those are the motivations that the vast majority of physicians will have, and they will create just marginally better doctors.

  • It is not necessary to follow a rule.
  • Simple solution: either redo the game or murder the individual who wasn’t supposed to be awakened by the time the round started.
  • The mayor has the option of either putting an end to the doctor’s life immediately or resetting the game.
  • For example, suppose the Mafia decides to assassinate person A, but you have no idea who person A is.

Simply rouse the mafia from their slumber when everyone is asleep and inquire as to whom they wished to assassinate. There aren’t many of these situations, but if you do come across one, please don’t hesitate to contact me by message:3

Step 5: SKULLS!

The definition of skulls, which is based on a game or video game, is a modification that makes a game easier, tougher, or more difficult. Here are a few skulls that you may use in Mafia games! You were the one, right? skull: Allows the mayor to inquire as to whether “someone was a mafia hit man or not.” It makes the game simpler to play because you can see how many more mafia are still alive. You only get to live once. skull: Did you catch the James Bond allusion? This particular skull belongs to the doctor.

  • As an illustration, if I were a doctor and rescued myself in the first round, I would only be able to save myself in the third, fifth, seventh, and so on rounds after that.
  • Skull: The only time the mayor inquires about someone’s “whether they are mafia or not” is after that person is voted out of office, not when that person is assassinated by mafia.
  • As an illustration, if a doctor is voted out, he or she might now claim that they were the doctor.
  • You’ve saved my life!
  • When you are the doctor and save person A in the following round and the mafia attempts to kill you, the mayor will say that you were a victim but that you were saved by the doctor even though you may not have done it yourself.
  • Is it true that the sheriff carries a gun?
  • The sheriff is armed with a pistol that holds two rounds.
  • Example: After asking who he wants to check on in Round 1, the mayor will nod when the sheriff molds his finger into a pistol and points at someone.
  • When it comes time for Round 2 to take place, the mayor asks the sheriff to check on anyone he would want him to check, and if the sheriff does so, his pistol is rendered useless.

When you check someone in round 1, and then try to use the gun in round 2, you might say the same thing: it won’t function until you check them in the first two rounds.

Step 6: Tips!

Since I’ve been playing Mafia since I was 11 years old, I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge about the game. Here are some pointers on how to play like a pro! – Mafia is a psychological game in which players manipulate one another. Although you may trust or dislike someone in real life, the game dramatically alters your perception of that person. People will constantly want to get into your thoughts and convince them to side with you. You should make an effort to do the same, but you should be cautious about who you align yourself with.

  • I had a buddy who had a strange smile on his face all of the time, despite the fact that he was just a regular citizen.
  • – Don’t underestimate the might of your opponents.
  • By the third round, two mafia members had been killed, along with two civilians, and one civilian had been spared.
  • I used my influence to pit everyone against one another and function as their moderator.
  • I finally put mine to use “”Don’t you remember that he tried to vote you out of office two rounds ago, and I assisted in saving your life?” says the “I aided you clause.” Why would I have a cause to murder you at this point in time?” That always seems to work on them.
  • – As a sheriff, you must realize that you do not double-check a target.
  • A player did this throughout a round, and he spent four guesses on the same individual, which was frustrating.
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If you know where the innocents are, do all you can to keep them alive.

“Okay, everyone, there’s just one mafia left, and it’s person C who’s responsible for everything.

If he doesn’t turn out to be a member of the mafia, you could assassinate me, but at that point we would have already won the round.” That is a very aggressive sheriff’s performance.

As a result, you must help one another in the same way that the mafia would in order to keep each other alive.

– The Mafia must understand how to conduct a battle, even if it means sacrificing one of its own members.

You’ve already murdered three individuals, and both mafia members are still alive, so make the most of your opportunity by making it to the conclusion.

People would assume that because you went against mafia (once he’s shown to be guilty, of course), you aren’t part of the mafia.

“Do you recall the Mafia B gang?

It will cause a great deal of confusion among the general public.

Step 7: Update at the End of 2018!

Hello, everyone! It’s Vincent in 2018, and I’m simply feeling really appreciative of this community and all of the views this one guide has received so far. For me, the mafia is more than just a game; it is also a part of my culture. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge through this game, and I’ve met some fantastic individuals as well. I simply wanted to express my gratitude to the Instructables community and to share some new roles that I’ve discovered that I think you’ll find fascinating! Thank you for your time and consideration.

  1. The duty of the sniper is assigned at the same time as the rest of the team.
  2. They may, however, only deliver a signal to the mayor during the day in order to execute their intended victim.
  3. As an example of the veteran from Werewolf, I tried out this position as a saboteur for a while.
  4. The premise of the Saboteur is that they are assigned to their duty in the same way that everyone else is.
  5. If the mafia chooses the target first, a member of the mafia is picked at random to be killed.
  6. If the target is checked by the sheriff, they will perish.

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Throughout the years, this entertaining party game has evolved on a variety of shapes. These days, it’s more often referred to as the Werewolf. However, Mafia is the original, and in this tutorial, we’ll go over all you need to know about the Mafia game rules and how to play it successfully. Mafia is the perfect game for a large group of people. Although the rules are straightforward, most of the action is based on deduction and strategy. It’s the ideal card game for those seeking for something a little different from the usual offerings.

What is The Mafia Game?

In 1986, Dimitry Davidoff developed the Mafia video game. Davidoff, a teacher by profession and a former Psychology student, developed the game to allow him to combine his research and teaching responsibilities. The game quickly gained popularity among students in Russian schools and colleges. It was even used in television shows at one point. Years later, Andrew Plotkin renamed the game Werewolf after introducing his own set of rules to it. The games are quite similar, but instead of a Mafia member killing other players, it is a werewolf doing the killing.

Typically, the game is played with a group of seven individuals.

The game is divided into two parts: day and night.

During the day, the players are free to discuss who the Mafia members are and what they want to do with their lives.

Either team might emerge victorious at the conclusion of the game. However, we’ll go into further detail regarding the Mafia game rules part. First, let’s take a look at the equipment you’ll need to participate in the game.

What You’ll Need?

Mafia is a card game that may be played with a standard deck of playing cards. Although it will be considerably more difficult, we propose that you get a deck of Mafia cards to help you out. The game will be lot easier to play if you have these items. You’ll also be able to take use of the particular powers of each type of card with greater ease. There is also a deluxe edition of the cards available. Even though these cards bring extra characters and unique powers to the game, it’s advisable to start with the normal Mafia cards first.

For the time being, stick to the normal playing cards.

Basic Cards

There are two methods to play the standard Mafia game according to the regulations. You have the option of playing with only the basic cards or with both the basic and advanced cards. The Mafia cards and Citizen cards are the two most basic cards in the game. In certain sets, Citizen cards are referred to as Villagers rather than Citizen cards. If you’re new to Mafia, start with the most basic cards and work your way up from there.

Advanced Cards

Advanced cards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This comprises character cards such as the Doctor and the Detective, as well as some other malevolent cards such as the Godfather, among others. These cards introduce additional gameplay components, however it is recommended to become familiar with the fundamentals before utilizing them.

Mafia Game Rules and Gameplay

The Mafia and Citizen players each have a distinct goal in mind when playing the game. The public will be interested in identifying the Mafia players. The Mafia, on the other hand, will prefer to remain anonymous. If the Mafia players outnumber the citizens, the Mafia players will win the game. If you’re using advanced cards, certain characters will have their own unique end game if you’re playing with them. These characters will function as a sort of third group, each pursuing their own objectives.

Setting Up

Mafia should have a maximum of 7 participants and a moderator in order to function properly. You may, on the other hand, modify the game to suit more or less participants. For the best experience, however, it is recommended that at least 5 people participate in this game. You’ll need to choose a moderator first before you can begin setting up your conference room. The moderator is an independent third party who will be in charge of the game rather than taking part in it. To begin, take 5 Citizen cards and 2 Mafia cards and shuffle them together before giving one to each player.

After then, each player should have a look at their own card. Recall that Mafia is a deduction game, thus participants should aim to have a poker face at all times when playing. Following the completion of each player’s examination of their card, the moderator will begin the night cycle.

The Night Cycle

When the moderator indicates that it is time to retire for the night, each player should close their eyes and place their heads down. After then, the moderator will advise the Mafia players that it is time to wake up. The Mafia players will then be able to see and communicate with one another. The Mafia players should direct their attention to the citizens they wish to assassinate solely through gestures. Once they have completed their work, they should notify the Moderator of their choice. The Moderator will then declare that the night cycle has come to an end.

The Day Cycle

During the first cycle of the day, the Moderator reveals which Citizen has been murdered by the Mafia. It is only when everyone has opened their eyes that they may begin debating what has transpired. The player that was murdered is unable to participate. Players are not permitted to expose their cards during the argument. However, if they are certain that they know who a Mafia player is, they might accuse another player of being that player. Any accusation will be need to be backed up by at least one other player in order to stand.

After that, the Moderator should call for a vote.

If a player is deemed to be guilty, they are removed from the game.

According to traditional Mafia regulations, one player should be kicked out of the game every day.

Winning The Game

The Mafia players are eliminated from the game, and the citizens win. While Mafia players will win if they outnumber the Citizens, they will lose if they do not. According to the regular seven-player rules, there will be five Citizens and two Mafia members. As a result, Mafia players will not be required to eliminate all of the Citizens.

Using Advanced Cards

New twists to the game can be introduced by utilizing the advanced cards. We’ve explained what some of the most powerful cards can achieve in the sections below. Detective: During the night cycle, the Detective has the opportunity to discover the identity of another player. A player’s ability to defend another player (or themselves) from harm is enhanced during the night cycle, thanks to the Doctor. Godfather:Acts with the typical Mafia participants; yet, the investigator is unable to determine his identify because of his disguise.

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Vigilante: Has the ability to murder a certain number of players throughout the course of the game.

Serial Killer: A player that possesses this card effectively acts as a third faction, conducting their own operations. They have the ability to murder one player every night. Their ultimate objective is to be the last one standing.

Mafia – A Fun Twist on The Clue Formula

In many aspects, the Mafia game is comparable to Clue in terms of gameplay. However, there is a significant increase in engagement between participants. Additionally, the possibility to employ advanced cards provides you with new opportunities to customize your gaming experience. It’s highly recommended that you give Mafia a shot if you’re searching for an entertaining party game. In addition, it provides several advantages when it comes to improving your ability to reason logically and deductively.

Mafia Party Game

During the Mafia party game, players must choose between the Mafia, who represent the knowledgeable minority, and the Innocents, who represent the uninformed mass. With many different forms, this famous game was invented by Dmitry Davidoff of the Soviet Union in 1986 and may be enjoyed by a party of seven or more individuals. For really big groups, we recommend that you add more characters. The game is divided into two phases: “night,” during which the Mafia may covertly “kill” an innocent, and “day,” during which the Innocents vote to dismiss a Mafiosi suspect from the game.

There are many other varieties of the game, some of which we have included in the list below as examples.

The basic version detailed here is played using a deck of cards and is best played with a group of twelve to twenty-four players at a time.

Begin the Game

  1. Decide on a moderator. This should be someone who is familiar with the game’s rules and, if feasible, has participated in it before. Players Should Be Selected The following is how the Moderator splits the deck of cards:
  • The Detective is a king among kings. The Doctor is a queen in every sense of the word. For Mafia members, cards of a single suit (such as hearts) are used – one card for every three Innocents
  • For the Innocents, a variety of cards (without hearts) are available. It is possible for the Moderator to assign extra roles or to have players draw cards that are specifically intended for a certain part, such as the Jack of Spades for the Magician.
  1. Deal the Cards After They Have Been Shuffled The Moderator shuffles the cards and then distributes them among the participants such that each individual receives one card. It is forbidden for players to expose their cards to anybody else.

Night Cycle

The Moderator initiates the night cycle by instructing all players to close their eyes and place their heads on their shoulders. After everyone has fallen “asleep,” the Moderator orders the Mafia to awaken and pick a new victim for the game. Members of the Mafia will be able to view all of their fellow Mafia members at this point. They select a victim by making a silent gesture. Players may use their fingertips to softly tap their fingers together to mask any noise they make. They communicate their decision to the Moderator by directing their finger toward him or her.

Even though everyone else is still asleep, the Moderator awakens the Detective, who points to a person they believe to be a member of the Mafia.

If this is the case, the Detective now has the identify of an innocent person.

Following that, the Moderator summons the Doctor, who will pick a person to save by silently pointing in their direction.

It does not matter if the Doctor picks another player and that individual is picked by the Mafia to be assassinated — the victim will not suffer any consequences because they have been “saved.” If the Doctor is selected for execution by the Mafia, he is no longer a player in the game, and the villagers are no longer able to be saved.

The Day Cycle

Following this, the Moderator instructs the participants to open their eyes and then discloses who “died” the night before. The players talk about what has happened recently. Players do not reveal their cards, but instead attempt to persuade others that they are playing a certain role. As soon as one of the players expresses a suspect about another player’s motives, the game goes on to the accusation phase. Anyone who has a suspicion that another player is a member of the Mafia has the right to accuse them.

  1. Additionally, the accuser must provide an explanation for the basis of the charge.
  2. The accused may be defended by any player who believes the charge to be unjustified by the evidence.
  3. According to some versions of the game, the defense will be carried out by a player who has been selected as the Lawyer.
  4. It may be necessary for the vote to be anonymous, or it may not be.
  5. There is once again a defense and a vote.
  6. If the original accused player is found guilty by a majority of the jury, the night round is restarted.

The Players

Although the only jobs that are definitely required are those of the Moderator and the Mafia, more roles can be introduced if there is sufficient interest. The number of roles allocated is determined by the group’s choice as well as the number of participants. These players have the ability to determine who will be killed. They also know who their teammates are and what their names are. These players, often known as “townspeople,” are solely aware of the amount of Mafiosi currently present in the game.

A very crucial and vital function in the game is played by this particular character.

  • The Detective — an Innocent who discovers the team of one player every night by listening in on their conversations
  • At the end of each night, the Doctor, an Innocent, may protect a player or himself/herself from being slain. The Barman is a Mafia member who, every night, has the power to negate the impact of another player’s ability. This character is an Innocent who has the ability to slay a player every night. Innocents can choose to kill one person each night who they think is a member of the Mafia, or they can opt to prevent one person from being lynched by signaling to the Moderator
  • Each of these actions can only be performed once. The Lycan – an Innocent or a Mafioso who pretends to be a member of the Mafia during the night
  • This function is beneficial to the Mafia. If they are slain, it is revealed that they are a member of the Mafia. This character is permitted to open their eyes at any time
  • He or she knows who is who in the game
  • And he or she is quite likely to be killed as a result of this information. An innocent who comes to the house during the night and kills any player they wish
  • If they are investigated by the Detective, they are killed, but if the Mafia attempts to kill her, a random Mafia is killed
  • She cannot be killed by the Mafia
  • No one knows if the deaths are caused by her or by another player
  • Cupid and the Lovers – Cupid is on the side of the innocents, and on the first night, he chooses two persons to be the Lovers, one of whom dies instantly and the other who dies as a result of a broken heart. Instead, the Moderator can wake up the Lovers on the first night and inform them of their respective parts in the plot of the story. If one is a victim, the other is a victim as well
  • The Informant — a person who learns who the Mafia is but does not know who they are remains anonymous. The Mafia members are revealed to the Informant during the first night cycle, thanks to the intervention of the Moderator. The members of the Mafia keep their eyes closed and raise their hands in the air. However, in order to avoid being killed, the Informant must assist the Innocents in a clandestine manner. The Armor – this person cannot be killed by Mafia and can only be removed from the game by a vote. The Bandit – does not have voting rights, but is aware of the Mafia’s existence and actively assists the Mafia. The Lawyer – picks a person to defend
  • That individual is not eligible to be voted out the next morning. Rambo – a man who is capable of hurling a “grenade” at someone and killing that person as well as the two individuals seated on either side of him
  • The Bus Driver – has the ability to shift the roles of two players without their knowledge. The Other (Alien) – He appears to be a helpless child. He reawakens when the Doctor and Mafia have completed their respective roles. Whenever an Alien is targeted for death, the Moderator informs the Other in a discreet manner. At this time, the Other makes an unsuccessful attempt to be hanged. If the Other is successful, he or she remains in the game (or wins). If one of the players loses consciousness before activation, the other player is eliminated from the game.


  • In this variant, instead of accusations and conversations going place throughout the day cycle, the Moderator presents a made-up narrative, which is both entertaining and creative in nature. If an innocent person is slain, the tale explains who was killed and how he or she was killed without (of course) identifying who committed the murder. It is the Moderator’s responsibility to explain how the innocent person was saved, as well as the degree of their injuries. Instead of Mafia members, you can play the games with Vampires or Werewolves on Halloween
  • However, this is not required. If you have a large gathering, consider having two teams of Mafiosi play against each other.

Make the game more difficult by denying the Mafia the ability to communicate throughout the night. As part of the night cycle, all of the Mafia members close their eyes and the Moderator reads the names of the Innocents out loud. When the name of an innocent person is spoken, mafia members raise their hands, indicating that they want that person dead.

It is possible for an innocent individual to become the victim of the Mafia if 50% or more of its members vote for that person. If this is the case, no one will be slain that night.

Mafia Game Rules

  • Avoid making arbitrary allegations in the first round
  • Instead, use this round to observe and evaluate the players’ actions. Keep an eye out for players who appear to be acquainted with other gamers, since they may be Mafia members. Keep in mind that they have seen each other’s faces. If you have a large number of participants, you should increase the number of characters. To keep track of characters and action, the Moderator should keep a written record of the game play. Members of the Mafia might employ the technique of voting out other Mafia members in order to escape suspicion. Allow players a set amount of time – 5 to 15 minutes – before the debate to covertly talk with one another before the conversation begins. Players are not permitted to disclose their cards, but they may attempt to persuade others of their innocence.

Mafia Game Tips:

  • Make a circle around a table in a completely silent room and play the game in that manner to lend a sense of realism to it. Remember: Participating in the game is what makes it enjoyable. As far as possible, players should keep track of charges leveled against them, as well as supporting activities taken on their behalf, so that when it comes time to decide who is Mafia, they will have some information to rely from. Because of arguments, trials, and voting, the “days” are frequently far longer than the “nights.” Have the Moderator select the Mafia members and other positions depending on the players’ ages and levels of experience in order to create a more balanced game.
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Increase the level of excitement by requiring players to reveal their cards only at the conclusion of the game, rather than when they die. In this way, the Innocents are unable to determine how many Mafia members are still active in the game. After the game has concluded, a meeting is held to discuss the strategies that were employed. Additionally, individuals who are eliminated will find it entertaining to just watch the game. Try the Mafia Game the next time you’re hosting a gathering for an enjoyable evening.

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How To Play Mafia — Gather Together Games

Mafia is a deception-based game for groups of five or more players. To win this game, you must avoid elimination in each round while eliminating the opposition. Below you will find a video instruction as well as a written description of how to play the card game mafia.

Mafia Tutorial

A total of 5-8 players are involved: 1 moderator, 2 Mafia, 1 Sheriff, 1 Doctor, and 0-3 civilians. 9-12 players: 1 moderator, 3 mafia, 2 sheriffs, 1 doctor, 2-5 civilians, and 1 moderator. 13-16 players: 1 moderator, 4 mafia, 3 sheriffs, 1 doctor, 4-7 civilians, 1 moderator


Moderator: There isn’t one. Ace is a MafiaKing is a SheriffQueen is a DoctorAll the others are civilians.


The cards will be shuffled, and the moderator will distribute one card to each player.


In the case of becoming a member of the mafia, the goal of the game is to eliminate all of the other participants. In the event that you are not a member of the mafia, your goal in the game is to remove all of the mafia players.

Game Play

During the beginning of each round, the moderator instructs all participants to close their eyes. The moderator then commands all of the mafia players to open their eyes. The mafia players come to a consensus on which other player will be removed. This should be accomplished discreetly by the use of a finger tip or the nod of the head The moderator will then instruct the mafia to close their eyes once more, and the doctor will be instructed to open his or her eyes. The doctor will secretly announce that one player will be rescued for the remainder of the round.

Using just their silence, they will select one player, and the moderator will use only his or her silence to indicate whether or not that player is affiliated with the mafia.

After that, the moderator will ask the sheriffs to close their eyes, after which he will ask each participant to open his or her eyes.

The players then have a discussion on who they believe is a member of the mafia.

The player who receives the most number of votes is removed from the game. In order to begin the following round, the moderator instructs all surviving participants to close their eyes. After then, the round proceeds in the same manner as the first.


If all other players are removed, the mafia is victorious. If the mafia is eliminated from the game, the other players win.


  • When a player is eliminated, the other players are not shown the card that was used to remove that person. The moderator will still go through the process of having them open and close their eyes throughout a round even if there are no more sheriffs or the doctor is no longer participating in the game. Once you have been removed from the game, you will no longer be able to participate in the discussion or vote on who should be eliminated next. If the doctor is able to save a player who has been eliminated by the mafia, the player is able to return to the game. The doctor has the ability to save his or her own life.

Mafia Game

The famous party game Mafia, sometimes known as Werewolf in the Night, is well-known to almost everyone who has ever played it. For those of you who haven’t experienced it, let me just state that you are missing out on one of the most enjoyable party games ever conceived. This is a very entertaining game that may be enjoyed with friends, family members, coworkers, and even total strangers! Take a look at how to play the original Party Mafia game before we dive into how to play Party Mafia 2.

Traditional Mafia or Classic Mafia

In order to play this version of Mafia, all you need is a deck of cards and at least 5 other people; ideally, you will be able to gather at least 7 players to make the game more entertaining, though. Select the most experienced individual to serve as the moderator, while the rest of the group sits in a circle formation so that everyone can see everyone’s faces without having to strain their eyes. To begin setting up the cards, you must first determine how many mafia members and how many detectives will be participating in the game.

Recommended Number of Mafia and Detectives:

  • 5-7 Players: 1 Mafia, 1 Detective
  • 8-11 Players: 2 Mafia, 1 Detective
  • 12-15 Players: 3 Mafia, 2 Detectives
  • 16+ Players: 3 Mafia, 2 Detectives

Put one ace in the deck for each member of the mafia. One Queen should be placed in the deck for each detective. To accommodate the remainder of the players, any standard non-facecard may be placed in the deck. Distribute the cards to all of the players in a random manner. Inform them that an Ace is a member of the mafia and a Queen is a private investigator. The cards should be collected once the participants have reviewed their cards and have become aware of their hidden identities. They won’t be required for the remainder of the game.

  • Mafia, get up and look for your other mafia associates.
  • “Everyone is wide awake.” If you have an even number of players, I prefer to have the mafia kill one of them the first time they go heads down, so that you always have an odd number of players in each townhall.
  • “Hi, my name is _, and I am not a member of the mafia,” each player should say to identify themselves to the rest of the group.
  • Players are now urged to begin accusing those whom they believe to be members of the mafia.
  • After then, that player has the opportunity to speak a few more words in defense before the final vote is made.
  • The player who has been executed must next make one of the two statements below, and must speak the truth: “I am a mafia.” Alternatively, “I am NOT a member of the mafia!” This player has been removed from the game and is no longer able to communicate.
  • Here’s a basic script for the moderator to follow along with: “Everyone has their heads down and their eyes closed.
  • Select the person you wish to assassinate.
  • The detectives have risen to their feet.
  • (The moderator signals whether or not the individual is a member of the mafia with a nod.) The detectives’ eyes were closed.

Everyone is fully awake. has been assassinated by members of the Mafia. The game continues until either the mafia represent a majority of the remaining players or until all of the mafia have been eliminated.

Strategies for Mafia

The goal of each mafia member is to appear as normal as possible among the general population. The most effective approach to do this is to “act normal.” Many various things may be accomplished by doing so; nonetheless, attempt to play as if you were a citizen in every aspect possible. If you’re a talker, don’t be shy about it. If you’re a quiet player, keep your mouth shut. However, be inquisitive and accusatory, but not excessively so. Don’t make a fool of yourself by laughing uncomfortably or acting awkwardly.

  • Don’t spend too much time defending your fellow mafia associates.
  • As a detective, you should ask a lot of questions to watch how individuals react to your queries.
  • Once the mafia discovers that you are a detective, they will very certainly murder you the next time they get the opportunity!
  • When someone is concealing something, they behave in a certain manner.
  • Take advantage of the forced chuckle.
  • Most essential, if someone appears to be anxious, proceed with caution!
  • Pay close attention to who voted and who did not vote in the election.

Suppose a mafia member was recently executed during a town hall meeting.

In addition, keep in mind who, if anybody, was standing up for that player as the pressure was growing against them.

Any mafia members are motivated by the desire to kill as many civilians as possible, therefore they have no motive to withhold their vote.

Finally, pay close attention to who was murdered by the mafia in the first place.

During the last town hall meeting, did they express a sense of menace against them?

People have been known to murder their spouses or closest friends because they can read their emotions so accurately.

Party Mafia the App

The moment has come for you to elevate your knowledge of Mafia to the next level! The Party Mafia app will alter your approach to playing Party Mafia. First and foremost, it eliminates the need for a moderator, allowing everyone to participate. It ensures that the game progresses without any rounds requiring an excessive amount of time. Once everyone has voted on their apps that they want someone to die, the execution will be carried out on its own initiative. It also enables you to observe and monitor who everyone believes to be the most suspicious person on the network.

Whenever you notice that your own suspicious meter is increasing, it may be time to start playing defense, and sometimes the greatest defense is a solid offensive! There are some variations between the app and the conventional mafia game.

  • The term “moment of quiet” has been used to refer to the period throughout the night. Due to the fact that players are no longer compelled to conceal their eyes and that the Mafia does not agree on who to assassinate, this has occurred. The hitman is instead chosen from among the mafia members in each round, and they are the only ones who get to choose whom they wish to kill. Detectives do not collaborate and are unaware of the identity of the other detective. This implies that they can enquire about one another, but they cannot share their information with one another.

Party Mafia Expansion RolesSecret Identities

The basic edition of the game includes three hidden identities that are necessary to play the game: mafia, citizens, and detectives. These identities are required to play the game. To make the game more exciting, there are a variety of extra expansion roles that may be purchased. We recommend that you just test out one new expansion role at a time, as even just one new position will provide an entirely new twist to the game’s mechanics. The following are the additional expansion roles: The Drunk: He’s a nice person.

The lawyer is a kind person.

The bodyguard is a nice man.

Any attempt to assassinate this player will be unsuccessful.

Can only enquire about a deceased player once every game in order to learn their secret ID.

He is aware of the identity of the detectives.

However, while the mafia members can see the bounty hunter, the bounty hunter is unable to see the mafia members.

The Wannabe cannot see the mafia members, but the mafia members can see the Wannabe.

He is unable to see the mafia members, and they are unable to see him.

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