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How Do You Play Taboo? – How Do You Play It

Forbidden is a verbal game in which two teams of three or more players compete against each other using a deck of 502 guess cards that include a list of taboo words and a battery-operated buzzer. Two AA batteries are required to operate the buzzer. Setting up the game: Six or more players are divided into two teams, with one team referred to as Team A and the other squad referred to as Team B, depending on the number of players in each team. Team A chooses a member of their group to serve as the Clue-giver, and the other 504 cards are placed in the card holder.

Clue cards are printed with the clue word at the top of the card and the forbidden words stated below the clue word on the back of the card.

Whenever a forbidden word is used, Team B is required to sound the buzzer, which penalizes Team A by forcing the current guess card to be placed in the discard pile.

After each correct guess of a clue-word by one of Team A’s members, a new card is placed on top of the previous one, and each card in this pile symbolizes one point for Team A.

  • If they are successful in identifying a rule that is being broken, they may use their buzzer to pause play and explain the offense very briefly.
  • Each card in the discard pile is worth one point for the opposing side, and so on.
  • The game is over once each player has had a chance to serve as a clue-giver.
  • Rules: The use of any forbidden terms, including acronyms and any portion of a taboo word, is strictly prohibited by the clue-givers.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • Counting points: Each card stacked on top of another in the card holder equals one point earned by Team A.

When the clock runs out, the final card still in play is worth zero points for either team. At the conclusion of each round, points are collected for each team, and the winner is determined by the team that has accrued the most number of points.

How to Play the Game of Taboo

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Taboo is a famous card game that was first introduced by Hasbro in 1989. While the objective is to convince your colleagues to guess the word you’re describing, there is a list of terms that you are not allowed to speak. You’ll want to divide the teams evenly, prepare the cards, and set a timer for the game. As you play, you should strive to provide inventive hints, listen for your opponents to mention the banned words, and pass on occasion when a card confounds your understanding.

  1. 1 Divide your group into groups of three or four people. Make every effort to ensure that each team has an equal number of members. You should also make an effort to make the teams as equal as possible in terms of ability level. New players should be paired with more experienced players, and young players should be paired with more experienced players.
  • You may divide the teams into two groups based on gender, or you could use any other easy method to divide the teams. One side may consist of all of the people who have birthdays that fall between January and June, while the other team could consist of all of the people who have birthdays that fall between July and December. If you have an odd number of players, it may be beneficial to devise a method in which one member of the larger team sits out each round, or in which that individual is required to deliver clues an additional time
  • You may want to consider putting partners or family members on separate teams while they are playing together in order to ensure that they do not have any form of edge over the other participants.
  • 2 Place the cards in the card holder and close it. Preparing the card holder with cards before each round begins will allow the player who will be providing the clues to flip through the cards more quickly. Except if you’re out of cards, you don’t want to have to draw from a hat.
  • As a recommendation rather than a requirement, this is included since it makes the game operate more smoothly, but it is not required. If you choose to draw one card from each pile, that is OK as well. The game may be played with simply the Taboo cards and no extra equipment if you have only those cards. The same may be said for the progression of the game. You could even create your own deck of cards, complete with a guess-word and Taboo terms that you choose yourself.
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  • s3 Each card is drawn one at a time. You are not allowed to peek ahead at any of the other cards in the deck while playing this game. When you draw a card, you can only glance at it briefly in order to begin providing clues for it. In the event that you notice someone gazing ahead, you must call them out on it because this is considered cheating. Remember to check to make sure that no one on your team can see the card you are drawing each time you do so. It is your responsibility to remove it from play if one of your teammates notices it
  • However, your opponent will not receive a point for doing so. 4 Set the timer for 15 minutes. Each participant has a certain amount of time in which they must persuade their colleagues to guess as many words as they possibly can. It could be a good idea to assign someone to each turn who will be responsible for paying attention to the timer. You may also use a timer that creates a beeping sound when the battery is running low.
  • You might set a timer on someone’s phone so that when it goes off, it makes a loud noise, for example. Each round should last no more than 1-2 minutes. For variety, you can choose to play with a greater or shorter time restriction. When the countdown expires, the card you are looking at will not be scored for anybody and should be discarded rather than handed on to the next player.
  1. 1 Provide hints to your teammates on the guess-word. “Something you use to study in school” or “a vast collection of words that has a primary theme” are examples of hints you may provide if the guess-word is “book.” When your teammates correctly guess the word, you earn points. No portion of the term, and no taboo words are allowed to be used in conjunction with it.
  • In the event that you come across a word that you are unfamiliar with, or if your colleagues are having difficulty guessing it, you can choose to skip the card. If you do, however, choose to skip a card, that point is awarded to the opposing side. If the guess-word is cookbook, you are not permitted to use the words “cookbook” or “book” in any of your clues. As a result, whether your colleagues get near to guessing the exact word, or if they only predict a portion of the word, you must continue to provide them with hints until they get it absolutely correct
  • 2Avoid using terms that are considered prohibited. Several of the most obvious connected terms are included on each card, and some of them are designated as taboo words, which means that you are not permitted to use them. The phrases “pages,” “read,” “story,” “paperback,” and “text” could be considered prohibited when referring to a “book.” If you use a forbidden term, you will lose a point, thus it is critical that you use caution. Take note that you are not even allowed to say part of the banned word. It is not permissible to use the word car if the word itself is “auto.” Have an opponent keep an eye out and listen for the forbidden phrases. Each round, one player from the non-guessing team serves as a watchdog, ensuring sure you don’t say anything that contains any of the forbidden terms. Assign a different member from each team to handle the buzzer and keep track of who is using the forbidden words
  • Alternate between the two teams.
  • When you hear the clue provider use one of the prohibited terms, you buzz them to alert them that they have been heard. Place the card into the discard pile for the remainder of the round. Put all of the cards you skipped into the same discard pile.
  • 4 During each round, divide the cards into two piles by placing them face down. One pile contains cards that were correctly predicted by the guessing team. Those cards on which the clue-giver made an error or on which the clue-giver mistakenly mentioned the guess-word or any of the banned words are placed in the second pile of cards.
  • As people place cards on the table, be certain that everyone understands which piles are which. It is critical to maintain the piles distinct in order to achieve accurate scoring.
  • 5 At this point, the round is over. The clue-giving team receives one point for each card that was correctly guessed by the other teams. In this game, each card in the discard pile is worth one point to the opponents. The discard pile contains any cards that have been skipped as well as any cards that have been buzzed by the clue-giver.
  • Whatever your preference, you may choose to play to a specific score or for a specific number of rounds. Make sure you don’t score the card on which the timer has expired for anybody else. It is taken out of the deck until the conclusion of the game
  • Take all of the cards that were played during that round and put them away until the end of the game
  • Don’t use them again until you’ve used up the full deck of cards. If you are still playing at that moment, you can reshuffle the deck and begin utilizing the cards again
  • Otherwise, you will be eliminated from the game.
  1. 1 Provide clues as rapidly as possible but with caution. When it comes to clue providing, part of what makes Taboo so exciting is how frantic it can be, so don’t be hesitant to give all of the information you can as fast as possible. One aspect of being cautious is to refrain from using any of the banned terms
  2. However, this is not always possible.
  • Before you begin to offer any clues, make sure you have read the guess-word as well as all of the banned terms. You’ll want to keep track of the terms you’re not allowed to speak
  • If you discover midway through providing your clues that you said anything early on that was a terrible clue and caused your colleagues to get confused, you may advise them to reject that hint.
  • 2 Make extensive use of synonyms and antonyms. Get them thinking about terms that are similar to the word you’re describing, and you’ll be on your way to getting them to the proper answer. Always keep in mind that you cannot state “sounds like” or “rhymes with,” therefore avoid using these phrases in your clues.
  • To provide an example, if the guess-word is “poster,” you might be able to describe it as a “wall hanging,” “picture,” or “picture frame.” As an example, if the guess-word was “mad,” you could respond, “It is not delighted or cheerful.”
  • 3 Describe the several possible meanings that a word may possess. Many of the words you’ll get may have more than one meaning, and it doesn’t matter which definition you choose to describe them with. Thus, employing different meanings of terms will assist individuals in making the link between what those meanings have in common.
  • It is possible to attract people to a bank by describing the location where they may deposit money or the edge of a river
  • For example, the word bank can be used to refer to the spot where money is deposited. If you use the term chicken, you may characterize it as a farm animal, as well as what you would name someone who is acting fearfully. When two automobiles are racing toward one other until one of them veers out of the path, this is what you may explain.
  • 4 Pass on terms that require an excessive amount of time. Occasionally, you’ll receive a term that your team is unable to decipher. In spite of the fact that you are penalized one point for passing, moving on to a more straightforward word might result in more points for your team. If you can, it’s better to lose one point than to earn three.
  • It’s quite common for someone to win 6 points in a 1-minute round, so don’t spend more than about 15 seconds on a given word. It’s likely that the point you’ll earn will be insignificant
  • However, you should proceed with caution because if you pass on too many opportunities, you’ll end up with fewer points than your opponent. Only pass when it is absolutely necessary to help your team come out on top

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  • Question When playing Taboo, is it possible to make hand gestures? No. Taboo is not the same as charades. You are only permitted to provide word hints
  • Question What is the best way to play with three people? In a round robin format, each player provides tips to one other player, you may have a lot of fun. Every time, the third player would serve as the buzzer. To this end, when Sheila, Ted, and John are engaged in game play, Sheila provides clues to the players
  • Ted provides clues to the players
  • And John provides clues to the players. After each round, keep note of how many points each individual participant has earned
  • Question Is it OK if the word driver is used and someone says “school bus driver” as an example? If you want it to count, you can make it count. In these types of situations, it is common for the participants to vote on the outcome. Additionally, you might tell your colleague “Get rid of’school bus,'” provided that neither of those terms was considered taboo
  • Question How do you put the words together to form sentences? You are not permitted to use any of the forbidden terms or guess-words in sentences, but you are permitted to use them in your hints. “Children come here to study,” you may respond in response to the guess-word “school.”
  • Question: Is it possible for the clue provider to pronounce a word from the list if the person guessing says it? This appears to be a gray area in the regulations, so it is advisable to debate it before you begin the game and then stay with whichever decision you choose
  • Question What is the purpose of the taboo death? There is a Game Changer Die in various editions of the game. Upon the roll of this die at the start of each round, it is determined whether or not any special rules will be in place for that particular turn. You may just have one guesser, or both teams may be given the opportunity to guess the word
  • What is the best way to switch turns? After the countdown expires (which is generally within 1-2 minutes), you switch roles. Now it is in the possession of the opposing team until the timer expires. Question What are the rules of the Taboo game? Taboo is really a type of language in which some words are limited or outlawed owing to some sort of societal prejudice or oppression. In a similar vein, the Taboo games are played in such a manner that you are not allowed to speak any of the words on the list, and your team is required to correctly identify which word is being avoided. Then it’s up to you to make your case. Question Is it possible for you to tell me how many letters there are in the word? If you want to allow someone to reveal the number of letters in a word, this may be chosen by your group, therefore everyone should debate it ahead and decide if you want to allow someone to tell the number of letters in a word
  • Question When playing Taboo, what are the rules for rolling the dice? Both teams must utilize the die on their turn as the cluegiver, with one guesser from each group. It is only possible for the cluegiver to pick one teammate who will be responsible for guessing the words till the timer runs out. Increase the time by twofold: The amount of time allotted in the game has been doubled. In order to maintain fairness, the opposing side must do the same on their turn. You will be required to maintain complete stillness in front of the statue. All The game is played as follows: players from both teams guess as the cluegiver defines the word Classic The rules of Taboo are as follows: adhere to the ancient norms when offering rules
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Summary of the ArticleX The goal of Forbidden is for your team to accurately predict as many taboo terms as possible while outperforming the opposing side. In order to begin, split your party into two teams of at least two players each. Decide which team will go first in the competition. One member of this team should be designated as the “clue provider.” Once you have a pile of Taboo cards face down, set a timer for 2 minutes and begin playing. The clue provider will draw one card and then give tips to their colleagues in order for them to guess the word on the card they have drawn.

  1. They are also prohibited from using sound effects or gestures.
  2. If the team is unable to guess the word, the clue-giver has the option of discarding the card and drawing a new one from the deck.
  3. While one side is attempting to predict terms, the other team is keeping an eye out for any violations of the rules.
  4. Once the time limit has been reached, the teams switch roles.
  5. The points are totaled, and a winner is determined.
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Taboo was formerly a popular party game among young people.

A game of Taboo, while it may not be as as popular as it once was, is still a lot of fun to play and enjoy yourself with. Throughout this tutorial, we’ll go over all you need to know about the rules of the Taboo game. But first, let’s take a more in-depth look at the actual game itself.

What is Taboo?

Many people believe that Taboo is a card game for two players. While it may be played with only two players, it is considerably more enjoyable when played with a bigger number of people. Taboo was initially released by the Parker Brothers, who you are most likely familiar with as the creators of the board game Monopoly. However, Hasbro is currently the publisher of the game. With a little imagination, Taboo might be described as a guessing game with a twist! One player will be tasked with describing a term to the rest of the squad.

If they do, you’ll have to go on to the following word in the sentence.

In addition, you’ll be racing against the clock in Taboo, which may make the game seem quite hectic at points.

Now, let’s take a look at the equipment you’ll need to play Taboo.

What You’ll Need?

Taboo is a board game that requires a gaming set in order to play. While Taboo does not have a plethora of various themed sets like Monopoly, there are a few differences to be aware of when playing the game. The family edition is one of the most widely distributed versions. Children are challenged to engage in a card fight against their parents using special cards. But we’re talking about the old-fashioned game of Taboo. The rules of the Taboo game, on the other hand, are quite consistent across all versions.

A decent indication of what to look for will be provided by the goods listed above.

However, there are a few of additional pieces of equipment included as well as the main one.

Taboo Cards

Taboo cards will provide you with the word that the other players must try to figure out. There will be a list of 5 more words that you will not be able to utter beneath the word. When a word like “Boat” is given as a guess, some of the Taboo words may include things like “Sea” and “Sailing.” Taboo cards are double-sided and come with a unique card tray designed just for them. The tray also serves as an aisle allowing you to hold the card up while using it as an aisle. You will receive a different quantity of cards depending on whatever version you purchase.


In addition to the timer, Taboo has a clock. Each round of Taboo will last no more than one minute before it is passed on to the next player. While utilizing an hourglass is advised according to the normal Taboo game rules, you may instead use a stopwatch or your smartphone in place of it if you want.

Buzzer/ Squeaker

Using the buzzer or squeaker, the opposing team can indicate that you have used a Taboo word during a game.

If they become aware of this and sound the buzzer, the card must be immediately thrown from the deck. Keep in mind that this will also count as a point against the rival team’s total. As a result, it’s preferable to avoid using Taboo terms wherever possible.

Taboo Rules and Gameplay

Taboo is a game that is played in a leisurely manner, making it ideal for gatherings. It does, however, feature a scoring system, which is common in many group games. When you’re playing, your goal is to rack up as many points as possible. However, even when you’re not participating, you’ll need to keep a tight eye on the opposing team. This way, you can be sure they aren’t utilizing any of the forbidden vocabulary. Alternatively, attempting to get past them in other ways. The rules of the Taboo game will be discussed in greater detail later on.

Setting Up

Taboo is best enjoyed in a group setting, preferably with an even number of players. Individuals should be divided into two categories. Then decide on the sequence in which the plays will be performed. Teams that are not playing first should sit behind the opposite team so that they may monitor the proceedings. They’ll also require a buzzer or a squeaker to accompany them. The Taboo cards should be shuffled and placed in the tray by the team that goes first in the round. Start the timer when you are ready to begin playing, and then just go for it.

Playing Taboo

In order to play Taboo, each member of the team will need to take a turn acting as the Giver. Each time a card is removed from the tray and placed in the aisle, the Giver will repeat the process. Their colleagues will have one minute to guess the word after which they will start the countdown and have one minute to attempt again. They can do this in whatever way they choose as long as they don’t use the words that are forbidden. If their teammates correctly identify the word, they will be forced to choose another card.

  • This cycle is repeated until each member of the team has had a chance to take on the role of the Giver.
  • If they see that the opposing team is utilizing one, they should press the buzzer/squeaker button.
  • Any rejected cards will result in a one-point deduction from the opposite team’s score.
  • Once both teams have completed their tasks, they should total their points.

The Taboo Words

The Taboo words are the most important aspect of the Taboo game regulations. The Giver is not permitted to say anything that is mentioned on the card. They can’t be hinted at or acted out, but they can’t be ignored either. Giving cannot be construed as an attempt to be clever by using similar phrases or by attempting to spell them out.

Taboo – A Terrific Party Game

For a group of friends, Taboo is an excellent game to get together and play.

A novel variation on the standard guessing game premise, it is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Consider giving Taboo a shot if you’re searching for a new game to play on your next night-in.

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How To Play Taboo

Our step-by-step explanation to the rules of the Taboo board game will show you how to play the game. This is a really entertaining party game in which your communication skills are put to the test by the obstacle of not being able to speak all of the words that you truly want to. In the event that someone breaks the rules, a buzzer will sound to alert everyone. Taboo is a simple game to learn and can be picked up in a matter of minutes with the right instruction.

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The Taboo game is an unfathomable amount of fun! Who among their teammates can get their teammates to say “Brain Freeze” without being able to say Ice Cream, Headache, Eating, Cold, or Fast in response to it? When playing the Taboo game, it is strictly forbidden to give away any clear hints. Players must race against the clock as they attempt to provide inventive and carefully-worded hints that will prompt team members to guess terms as quickly as possible. However, do not bring up the subject of unmentionables, otherwise it will be time for the squeaker, which means losing the point.


Estimated time required: around 20 minutes Detailed instructions on how to play Taboo, the popular party game with inadequate communication skills, are provided. Detailed explanations of additional concepts and specific rules may be found at the end of this section. These will be referred to as needed for your reference. 1. SETUP | Take Out Buzzer (optional). To begin the setup process for how to play Taboo, you must sound the famous buzzer first. If you haven’t previously done so, you’ll need to insert some AA batteries.

  • Remove the hour glass from the sand timer and set it in the center of the table.
  • SETUP |
  • There have been many various variations of Taboo over the years, so some of this may be different in your version.
  • 4.
  • Divide players into two groups and assign them to one of two teams.
  • 5.
  • TEAM A SELECTS THE CLUE PROVIDER Turns are exchanged between the two teams on a regular basis.

Gameplay |

That question is answered by stating that, once the timer is turned on, it will run for one minute.

After one minute has passed, all sand will have reached the bottom, and the timer will be reset to zero.


A highlighted clue, which is the word you need others to say, will be included, as will a list of “taboo” terms, which are words that you are not allowed to speak when attempting to provide the clue.

This continues indefinitely until the time limit is reached.


They take up a position next to the person who provides the clues and operates the buzzer.

The buzzing squad earns a point for using a bizzed business card.

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The ball is now passed to the other team, and the situation is reversed.

This back and forth continues until the game comes to an abrupt halt.


In other words, if you have four players on your team, you will be playing four rounds.


Achieving a High Score After all of the rounds have been completed, the winner is determined by accumulating the highest total score throughout all of the rounds.

A tie means that each side picks their best clue provider, and a final fight takes place if there is a tie. As you can see, learning how to play Taboo is a rather straightforward process.


This means that no form or portion of ANY word displayed on the card may serve as a clue. In the case of PAYMENT, the clue “pay” cannot be used as a guess word for the answer. If the term DRINK is considered taboo, then the word “drunk” cannot be used as a hint. If the guess word is SPACESHIP, you are not permitted to use the words “space” or “ship” as clues. There are no hand motions allowed. If you want to give a hint for “shot,” you cannot form your hand into the shape of a gun; likewise, you cannot point to your nose as a clue for “beak.” No sound effects or sounds, such as explosions or motor noises, are permitted; however, you are allowed to break into song if you like.

If the words that the initials or abbreviations signify are contained on the card, there is no need to include them.

If the term TELEVISION is a guess word or a taboo word, then TV cannot be used.


  • 504 cards, 1 card holder, 1 buzzer, 1 timer, and 1 scorepad are included.


We hope you can now confidently state that you understand how to play Taboo. Every meeting will be energized by this upbeat party game about flawed communication, which is also a lot of fun. It was first launched in 1989 and continues to be relevant now. It is a simple notion to have individuals provide clues, with the only restriction being that they can only use a handful of words, but it is surprisingly successful in creating a highly enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the game.

Taboo (game) – Wikipedia

This article is about the board game of the same name. See Taboo: The Sixth Sense (1989) for information on the simulation game.


Publishers Hasbro
Publication 1989
Genres party game
Players 2 or more
Setup time 1 minute
Playing time 5 to 15 minutes
Age range 13 and up
Skills required verbal skills

TABO is a word game, guessing game, and party game that was first produced by Parker Brothers in 1989. (subsequently purchased byHasbro). During the game, a player’s goal is to make their partners guess the word on the player’s card without mentioning the word itself or any of the five extra words specified on the card. The game is similar to Catch Phrase, which is also made by Hasbro, in which a player attempts to convince their colleagues to identify terms based on verbal cues provided by the other players.


  • An excessively large number of cards, each of which has a word to guess as well as five forbidden words that must not be mentioned by the clue-giver
  • Tray for storing playing cards
  • A timer (in the shape of a one-minute hourglass)
  • And a squeaker or a buzzer
  • Scorekeeping will be done using a pencil and paper.

Some early editions included a progress board for keeping track of the game’s progress (as shown in the photo on this page). Although Hasbro marketed packets of extra words as early as 1990, the company no longer produces them. The second edition of the game, which was released in 1994, uses a circular, pink squeaker, sometimes known as a hooter, instead of a buzzer, as did the previous editions, which were released in 1993 and 1990.

One of the squeakers in Taboo Junior, the game for younger players, is purple, as are a number of the previous editions of the game from 1996 and 2002, as well as one from 2012.


An even number of players, ranging from four to 10, alternately sit in a circle around the table. During the game, players take turns acting as “givers,” in which they aim to persuade their colleagues to guess as many keywords as possible in the time provided. Each card, however, also contains a list of “taboo” (forbidden) phrases that must not be pronounced out loud. After saying one, a “censor” from the other side will sound the buzzer, and the provider will be required to move on to the following word.

  • The donor is not permitted to mention any portion of a “taboo” word; for example, using the term “base” in the phrase “baseball” is prohibited.
  • There are no other options for the provider except words to prompt their teammates; gestures, noises (such as the dog barking), and drawings are not permitted.
  • When someone gives a clue, it is possible that the word rhymes with a forbidden phrase or that the word is abbreviated.
  • As soon as the team successfully answers the word precisely as it is printed on the card, the giver goes on to the next word, attempting to obtain as many words as possible in the time limit.
  • Correct answers get one point for the playing team, whereas “taboo” terms earn one penalty point for the other side’s predictions.


  • Among the editions available are the 1989 edition, the 1990 edition with pink hooter, the 1993 edition with pink hooter, the 1994 edition with pink hooter, and the 1996 edition with pink hooter
  • The 1999 10th anniversary edition
  • The Bible edition, the Celebrity Edition, the Platinum edition electronic Taboo, the Jewish Edition, the Junior edition, the Children’s Edition, the Big Edition, the Taboo Body Language, the Taboo Quick Draw, and the Singaporean Edition. 2002 edition with a purple squeaker
  • 2003 edition with a red squeaker
  • 2009 20th anniversary edition
  • 2011 All-New version with new clues and a “game-changing” die
  • 2013 edition with a “game-changing” die
  • Taboo Buzz’d


Check out our simple to read online guide on how to play the Taboo Board Game. Game description, video how-tos, and user reviews Suitable for 2 – 6 players | 60 – 60 minutes in length | Recommended for players aged 10 and up | COMPLEXITY OF THE GAME: EASY Adventure, Card Games, Fighting, Humor, and Science Fiction are some of the genres covered. No, there is no solo game mode. Co-op:No No, there isn’t an online version. The goal of Taboo is to guess as many words as possible in order to get the maximum points.

During each turn, the following steps are taken to complete the game:

  1. Team A selects one individual to serve as the ‘Clue Giver.’ The cardholder is assigned a seat in the opposite direction of their assigned team. It is not permitted for the Clue Giver’s colleagues to see the cards because they will be the ones making the guesses
  2. Team B sits alongside or behind the Clue Giver and controls the buzzer
  3. The round begins with the Clue Giver placing the top card onto the easel and turning on the timer. When the minute expires, the Clue Giver repeats words or phrases in an attempt to encourage their team to pronounce the word on the top of the card
  4. Team A completes their turn at that point. As soon as Team B has a Clue Giver, the game switches to Team A, and the cycle repeats until all players have been the Clue Giver twice (if there is an odd number of players, one member from the team with less players will be the Clue Giver twice)
  5. Cards that are in the discard pile or on the easel are eliminated from play, and no more cards can be added.

Rules for the Clue Giver

  • The use of any of the Taboo words specified beneath the guess word is strictly prohibited, and It is not permitted to employ any hand motions or sound effects. You are not permitted to say that the guess word rhymes or sounds similar to another word. There is no portion of ANY word that may be spoken. For example, if the guess word is spaceship, you are not allowed to say either space or ship. If the forbidden word is drink, you are not allowed to say drunk. Initials and abbreviations are not permitted to be used in any term. If any of the rules are broken while the opposing team is paying attention to the Clue Giver’s card, the opposing team sounds the buzzer and explains why it was done that way. By doing so, the card is now considered dead, and it is placed in a discard pile, after which a new card is drawn to continue the game. In this round, the Clue Giver continues to play until the timer runs out and all cards in the easel and discard pile are removed from play

Point Scoring and Additional rules

  • Points are awarded based on the amount of correct guesses you have made
  • It is customary to leave each properly guessed card up on the easel until the end of time
  • For that Clue Giver, the ultimate total is determined by the number of cards on the easel. If you get buzzed or if you pass the card, you will lose your points. During the course of the round, the hint provider has the option of passing the card. These cards are discarded into the discard pile, and so on. Cards that are put in the discard pile are added to the total of the opposing team. Each round, keep track of the points earned by both sides on a scorepad. The purple side of the deck should be used if there are no more cards available
  • Otherwise, reshuffle the deck and utilize the red side.

Following the conclusion of each player’s turn as the Clue Giver, the points are totaled together and a winner is determined.

A tie means that both teams pick one individual to be the Clue Giver for one more round in order to determine who is the winning team.

Taboo Game Rules / How To Play

Taboo is a game that requires you to think quickly and speak quickly, and saying the wrong thing might result in you losing the game. Obtain agreement from your team that they will pronounce the word on the card without using any of the five prohibited words mentioned on the card The Taboo cards include two sides in case you get a little too far ahead of yourself. Get your squad to agree to your terms and you’ll get a point. The side with the most number of points wins. Test your team’s ability to communicate quickly and see how they fare.

Taboo is a great place to go for all of your large group activities.


  • The Taboo Game includes 504 cards, a card holder, a Taboo label, a buzzer, a timer, a score pad, and the Taboo game’s complete set of rules and instructions.


The goal of the game Taboo is to accumulate the most number of points by accurately guessing the greatest number of words.


Please bear in mind that the official Taboo rules and instructions may alter depending on whatever version of the game you are playing. The guidelines listed here are some of the identical instructions that came with the product when it was first purchased.

  • Taboo Rules
  • Taboo Celebrity Rules
  • Taboo For Kids Rules
  • Taboo For Adults Rules


Fill in the blanks with your thoughts on Taboo. Send us your amusing anecdotes, suggestions, techniques, innovative ways to play, queries about how to play, difficulties with the guidelines, or anything else you want to say about the game. All entries will be examined within 24 hours after their submission date.

Human Question:Which game starts with the same letter as Mancala? Chess, Uno, Monopoly, Ticket To Ride, Rummycube, Battleship

Randomsays: If someone says “stuff,” can you say “continuous tense” to instruct them to say “stuffing”? Randomsays: Can you say “continuous tense” to encourage them to say “stuffing”? Sydneysays: What if there was a word on a card, such as eyelash, and you had to utter the term eye? Is that a valid point of contention? Shloyosays: Can you say while you’re trying to encourage someone to say something? Is it possible to say national football in order to persuade them to say league, for example, if the term is league?

  • Consequently, I removed it from its context and began naming things in the context of the term “heal,” and she uttered it as a result.
  • if one of the prohibited words on the list is said by a guesser, may you, as the one trying to get your team to guess the word, subsequently say that taboo term as well?
  • Who gets the point in a situation when you are the clue provider and you mention a banned word and a member of the other side doesn’t catch it?
  • Is it expected of you, as the hint provider, to give up the point and reveal it to someone else?
  • Lilysays: It’s a fascinating read.
  • I’ll have to have a look at them.
  • Hollisays: Would it count as a point if the term license is used and they say driver’s license instead?

If the term is stated, regardless of whatever version of the word was intended, the answer should be considered right regardless of the context.

For example, I or eye.

Aliciasays: What happens if someone on your team correctly answers one of the Taboo words?

Billiesays: How much time is allotted to each of the teams?

Lancesays: Can you tell me if Kentucky Derby is an acceptable response if the term is Kentucky?

Is it correct if the word is “byte” and the response from the partner is “bite” (derived from the question “what do dogs do?

Catiesays: Thank you for providing the link to the rules of the Taboo game.

nanasays: When we were playing the game the other night, we were warned that we couldn’t utilize the fill in the blank strategy since it was against the rules.

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Is that what you’re saying?

How much time is allotted to the team? Thanks! Marksays: The requirement to police the other side for “taboos” during their turn makes it a little tiresome. It implies that you will not be given a break (even when it is the other side’s turn) and that you will constantly be on.

Taboo Game Rules: How to Play Taboo the Game

Taboo is an unfathomably entertaining game. It’s incredibly simple, but it forces you to constantly think on your feet. In contrast to traditional guessing games such asPictionary or Charades, the rules of Taboo prohibit the use of any type of hand gestures or the writing down of the clues. For those who are always intrigued by wordplay, we recommend that you check out our comprehensive guide to Taboo. We go over everything from A to Z about Taboo, including the gameplay, special rules for clues, scoring, and more.

What is Taboo?

Taboo is a timed guessing game that has been a part of our family’s game nights for many years. Consider the difficulty of defining Scrunchie when you are unable to use the words girls, hair, elastic, band, or fabric! To achieve this, you must devise a method of conveying the information to your team without unintentionally using any of the prohibited words. Your adversary is prepared to buzz you the instant you say a forbidden phrase. Keep in mind that you are competing against the clock. As a result, be nimble and swift.

The number of players must be four or more.

The main objective is actually rather simple: predict the largest amount of phrases accurately in order to get the most points possible.

It puts your communication and quick-thinking abilities to the test, and it helps you expand your vocabulary.

Taboo Game Components

Taboo Party Board Gamekit by Hasbro Gaming is a great way to get started with this popular party game. Our Personal Favorite When you open the package, you’ll find the following items inside:

  • 450 Taboo game cards, 1 buzzer, and 1 sand timer are included. Rules and an instruction sheet for the Taboo game

Taboo used to come with an easel-style cardholder as well as a score pad in early editions of the game. If you really must have that old-school feel, the 2011 edition of Taboo is the way to go. The substance of the cards in this edition is more appropriate for adults. Taboo – the 2011 version Purchase Right Away If you click on this link and make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Tuesday, January 1, 2022, 7:52 a.m. GMT If you want to have a virtual experience, you may go here to play Taboo online.

Taboo Game Setup

Remove all of the goods from the package and place them on the game area so that everyone can see and use them. To activate the buzzer, insert batteries into it. The game cards should be placed in the cardholder. Divide the players into two groups, designated as A and B. After that, each team chooses one individual to serve as their first clue-giver. The seating arrangement should be something along the lines of the following:

  • When team A starts playing, their players are unable to view the cards on the table. All save the clue-giver will be seated in front of the easel
  • Team B will manage the buzzer and keep a watch on the cards being played by the clue-giver of team A

Taboo Game Rules and Gameplay

Sides alternate playing the clue-giver role back and forth until every person on both teams has had an opportunity to do so.

When you have finished playing one side of all of the cards, flip the cards over.


As the game begins, the clue-giver from team A selects the top clue card and sets it on the easel in the center of the room. When giving clues, it is important to describe the Guess Word at the top of the card in detail, whether that be through whole sentences, phrases, or just words as hints. Below the Guess Word, there is a list of five Taboo words to avoid saying. It should be very obvious that the clue-giver is not permitted to mention any of these terms since they are considered forbidden.

There is no limit to the amount of predictions that can be made.

When dealing with a challenging card, there is an option to pass it on and place it on the discard pile.

When team A is buzzed, they must discard the failed card, and they will lose points as a result of doing so.

Taboo Board Game Rules for Clues

  • Even other forms of banned terms, such as curse words, are expressly prohibited from being utilized as clues. As an illustration:
  • “Sounds like” or “rhymes with” are examples of abbreviations, initials, spelling, and other similar expressions. Compound words are made up of parts. Forms in many tenses are available
  • Hand motions and sound effects are also strictly prohibited.

Scoring When a clue is correctly guessed, the card that was correctly guessed remains in the easel. For each turn, team A must count the number of cards they have successfully played, which equals their score for that turn. Team B, on the other hand, scores points anytime the opponent is buzzed or when they pass on a card to them.

Winning the Game

A scorepad is used to keep track of the points earned by each participant on both sides after they have had their turn to be the clue-giver. Taboo is won by the team with the highest score.

How to Play Taboo – Video Tutorial

Even with three players, the game is still playable, but as the saying goes, the more the merrier. It is possible to make up your own rules for three players, such as having each player take a turn as clue-giver, while one player guesses and one player acts as the buzzer operator.

What is the standard of clues in Taboo? Can kids play?

The Guess Words in the most current versions of Taboo have been modernized and made more millennial friendly. There is nothing improper for primary students to read, but they may find it difficult to interpret many of the terminology. Taboo is a game that children may participate in with a little assistance from adults.

How long is the Taboo timer?

It’s a sand timer that lasts 60 seconds.

Alternative Games You Might Like

TryCharades orGuesstures to add some spice to your Taboo experience. In both games, the participants must physically act out the clues for their respective sides. Alternatively, while you remain silent and try to visualize the clues on the page, Pictionary brings out the latent artist in you. If you’re interested in learning more about other games that are based on the similar premise, check out our simple guides to Cranium Cadoo rules and Hedbanz.

How to Play Taboo

Classic board games can be a little monotonous at times, and players tend to lose interest after a while if they are played too much. You know, there’s only so many times you can play a game of Snakes and Ladders before you become bored. When it comes to games, there is one that has always been a lot of fun to play, especially when you’re in a large group, and that game is Taboo. The game of Taboo has an unknown origin, however it was first released in 1989 by a firm known as Parker Brothers, which is still in business today.

The objective is for partners to guess what the other is attempting to explain to them while the other teammate is not permitted to use specific terms in his or her description.

It’s almost like playing a game of charades with words! Don’t be concerned if you haven’t had the opportunity to play Taboo yet! Simple Taboo guidelines will allow you to show your pals exactly what you’re composed of, allowing them to make educated guesses and descriptions of your appearance.

Taboo Setup

If you’re fortunate enough to have a copy of the Taboo game at home, you may make use of it. In every other case, you’ll need some cards with a word on one side and 5 prohibited words on the other side to play the game. You’ll also need a timekeeper, such as an hourglass, and a buzzer to complete your setup. It’s also a good idea to have a pen and paper for keeping score. Because this is a group game, you’ll need an even number of players ranging between 4 and 10 to participate.

How to Play Taboo

  1. Make teams of two and sit in a circle around the board
  2. The team that goes first determines who will be the ‘giver’ in that team. Divide the group into two teams of two and sit in a circle around the board. When the provider has finished, he will select a card and make an effort to describe the term to his partner
  3. On the back of the card that he has drawn, there will be 5 prohibited words. When explaining the object to his colleague, the donor is not permitted to use any of these terms. He is also prohibited from saying any portion of the banned words. The following is an excellent example from Wikipedia: if you are asked to describe ‘baseball,’ the forbidden terms can include’sport, game, pastime, hitter, pitcher, and baseball,’ among other things. The terms ‘baseball’ and ‘pitch’, for example, are not permitted to be said, nor are any portions of these words. The giver is only permitted to use his or her voice to describe the thing
  4. No gestures, drawings, or noises are permitted. It is also possible that the words do not rhyme with any of the banned terms. If a giver uses a banned word, a player from the opposing side will sound the buzzer, and the giver will be required to move on to another word. The giver will let his partner to guess as many times as he likes, and as soon as he guesses right, the giver will go on to the next word in the sentence. It will be the turn of the next team when time runs out
  5. The objective is to obtain as many words accurate in the allowed time as possible. For each accurate word, one point will be granted, and if a prohibited term is used, one penalty point will be assessed.

Taboo Video Tutorial

Game TypeWord, Team Based,Communication Limits, Play Time20 mins Skill/Complexity(1 – 5)Light
Age12+ Publisher(s)Hasbro Published1989
CategoriesWord/Party Players2 – 10 (6 – 8 is Best) Cost$19.99
Our Rating8/10 Rules ManualOfficial Rules PDF

About – Description

The Taboo Board Game, designed by Brian Hersch, was initially introduced in 1989 and has been in continuous production since since. This game is ideal for those moments during a party when you want to add some excitement and fun into the proceedings. It is recommended that players above the age of 12 participate in this game due to the nature of the game itself. It can accommodate up to ten people, although it is most enjoyable with six to eight players.

Who’s it best suited for?

Because the Taboo Board Game is a social game that draws people together, it is best suited for gatherings of all kinds. Due to the fact that this is a word game, it may be considered instructional for a younger audience.

Skill – Complexity

This is a game that is not very complicated to play and does not need a great deal of talent. All players must do is guess a word from a deck of cards without using any of the forbidden words that are on the list. In this way, the board game Taboo is regarded to be simple to play and more focused on having a good time than learning new skills. It may be completed in less than 20 minutes, which means that players will not be required to devote a significant amount of time to the game itself.

Set Up – Playing RulesInstructions

The Taboo requires only a straightforward set-up. It is necessary for players to be provided with the cards, as well as a timer and a buzzer, in order for them to begin playing the game. The players must next explain to their partner the word or phrase that appears on the card that they have been shown. They must, however, refrain from using any of the forbidden terms listed on the card. The player who is explaining the term must do so within a certain amount of time. When a player says one of the banned words, the other team is handed a buzzer that they can use to stop the player.

A point is awarded to the opposing team if the describing player use a slang term that is considered offensive.

This video on how to play is quite helpful.

Versions – Editions

The game has remained virtually unchanged over the previous three decades, despite the fact that it has been distributed in several countries. Since the first release of the refill pack in 1990, subsequent versions have been issued, each of which contains thousands of new words and phrases.


People enjoy this game because of its lighthearted tone and the fact that it generates a lot of laughter.

Because of the way it draws couples and players together, it is frequently utilized at parties and other gatherings. Its seeming simplicity appears to be one of the primary elements contributing to its popularity as a game to play.

Final Thoughts

Players of the Taboo Board Game like the game’s straightforwardness. Game of Life is a classic that has weathered the test of time and is always sure to bring people together in good times. It is a game that is suitable for both young and old players, and it can be completed in only 20 minutes, so it will surely occupy some of your time, but not too much of it. Available for purchase at Amazon »

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