The 5 Best McDermott Pool Cues Reviews

The 5 Best McDermott Pool Cues Reviews

It’s important to think about and evaluate a variety of factors when purchasing a pool cue for your game. Pool cues are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as several distinct varieties. Break cues, for example, continue to be a source of heated discussion among pool players. When you start shopping for a pool cue, you’ll find a plethora of various brands to choose from. For more than 40 years, McDermott has proven to be a popular option among clients. In addition to their high-quality and expert craftsmanship, their cues are well-known across the industry.

Consequently, if you’re searching for a pool cue, this is an excellent brand to keep an eye out for.

In addition, we’ve included a buyer’s guide to ensure that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

You may even play many Pool games at the same time.

In a Nutshell: Our picks for the best bargain pool cues

  • McDermott Lucky L59 Pool Cue– Our Top Pick
  • McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit– Our Top Budget Pick
  • McDermott Emerald Green Standard
  • McDermott G241 Pool Cue
  • McDermott SH1 Sledgehammer Pool Cue

5 Best McDermott Pool Cues Reviews

Among the best pool cues available, we recommend the McDermott Lucky L59. As a member of McDermott’s Lucky line of cues, this is a more affordable choice that nevertheless provides exceptional quality, as you would expect from a McDermott cue of this caliber. Moreover, it’s clear to understand why this cue is of really excellent quality for such a low price. The cue is 58 inches in length and is made of a typical two-piece construction. The shaft is composed of durable, high-quality Hard Rock Maple, and it has a premium leather tip to complete the look.

  1. This Pool cue is 20 ounces in weight and is suitable for both beginners and experienced players.
  2. Finally, we must discuss the overall design and color scheme.
  3. I’m not sure how many pool cues are available in this hue.
  4. However, whether you do or do not, we believe that this cue would be a wonderful decision for you.
  • This item is part of McDermott’s budget-friendly Lucky collection. Construction of high-quality and durable Rock Maple
  • A high-quality leather tip will aid in delivering a powerful blow
  • Design with plenty of color
  • A design that is out of the ordinary will not appeal to everyone. It may take some getting used to the 20-ounce weight
  • Nonetheless,

2. McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit

The McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit is our best selection for those on a tight budget! It is one of McDermott’s unique beginner kits, making it an excellent choice for folks who are new to swimming pools. It would be an excellent choice if you have recently purchased an in-home pool table and are seeking for a high-quality cue for beginners. Even more seasoned pool players, on the other hand, will undoubtedly enjoy this fantastic value bundle. The cue is 58 inches in length and is constructed in the conventional two-part form.

The shaft is constructed of durable Michigan Maple wood, and it is available in a variety of weights.

One possible drawback worth highlighting, though, is the absence of any type of wrap.

With the high-quality McDermott cue, you’ll receive a luxury soft case, two pieces of cue chalk, a chalk holder, and a tip sharpening in addition to the cue.

As a result, you get a lot for a very reasonable price with this Pool set. It is, in our opinion, the greatest beginner kit for new pool players. If you are new to pool and are searching for a high-quality starter kit, this is the package for you. Pros

  • There are various different weight classifications to choose from. The manufacturer provides a three-year guarantee on this product. A fantastic value for money bundle
  • All of the necessary accessories are included in the package.
  • Some folks may find the lack of any type of hand covering to be a nuisance.

3. McDermott Emerald Green Standard

For those who place a high value on color, the McDermott Emerald Green Standard Pool cue is an excellent choice. The vivid emerald green hue contrasts wonderfully with the matte black to provide a highly trendy cue for your wardrobe. However, when it comes to purchasing a cue, appearances are not the most important factor to consider. Fortunately, this cue is more than simply a nice face to look at. The original Hard Rock Maple shaft is sturdy and will deliver a powerful strike time after time.

  • Because the Irish linen wrap is quite soft, even inexperienced players should have no trouble handling this cue.
  • Due to its high quality (North American Grade AA), the Maple will keep you feeling comfortable at all times, even during the most intense Pool games.
  • This isn’t a tip that will need to be replaced on a regular basis.
  • Pros
  • Hard Rock Maple is used to construct this piece, which has a striking green pattern.

4. McDermott G241 Pool Cue

The magnificent McDermott G241 Pool Cue is a premium Pool cue of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. It’s built of sturdy Birdseye Maple wood and embellished with brass and bone urethane rings, among other materials. A great cue, especially when combined with an Irish linen wrap, is created, making it ideal for the meticulous pool player. Especially if you are new to pool, this cue may appear to be a significant financial commitment. Being part of McDermott’s premium cues line, it is unquestionably a more expensive alternative.

And because it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee, you’ll be able to play it game after game for many years to come.

Its 57-inch length is appropriate for adult players and is best suited to more experienced Pool players.

  • It is backed by a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. Build using premium materials that are of great quality and luxury. Available in a variety of weight classifications that may be adjusted

5. McDermott SH1 Sledgehammer Pool Cue

The McDermott SH1 Sledgehammer Pool Cue is surely a show-stopping piece of equipment! This cue has a strong visual presence, thanks to its matte black surface and textured grip. Because of the two-part design, you can swiftly construct the cue in preparation for that initial hit. The cue has a strong tapering butt and shaft, which is indicative of its excellent level of craftsmanship. With a length of 57 inches, this break cue is excellent for adult players, and players of all levels, from beginners to pros, should have no trouble using it.

Now, whether you should employ a break cue or not is a topic that is hotly contested in the industry.

When it comes to pool, a break cue, on the other hand, may be really handy. And if you’re in the market for one, the McDermott SH1 might be a good option. With its attractive appearance and solid, durable construction, it would be an excellent addition to any player’s collection. Pros

  • It comes with a high-quality textured grip for added comfort. It is constructed with durable Hard Rock Maple.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Pool Cue

Choosing the right pool cue may be a difficult task. If you look at all of the many alternatives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, especially when you see all of the different colors and styles. Additionally, there is a lot of jargon and terminology to master when it comes to Poolcues as well. When it comes to purchasing the greatest pool table, the construction quality is critical. However, when it comes to purchasing a cue, the same considerations apply. In terms of substance, a pool cue may be produced from a variety of different materials; the most common of them is wood, although there are many other varieties of wood.

  1. However, it is possible that it will not endure as long as a more costly cue produced from a stronger substance.
  2. Take good care of your Pool cue if you want it to last as long as possible and provide a forceful strike on every shot.
  3. Another important consideration when purchasing a pool cue is ensuring that you purchase the correct size.
  4. In terms of size, 57/58 inches is regarded to be the standard and most frequent; this is also known as the standard size.
  5. 48-inch cues aren’t as prevalent as they once were, although they may still be found in some places.
  6. And last, there’s the 36-inch cue, which is best suited for beginners and intermediate players.
  7. So, now you know everything you need to know about the lengths and the measurements, but what about the weight?

For novices, a cue weight of between 16 and 18 ounces is the most appropriate.

To apply these heavier cues successfully, however, would require more practice.

There are three major brands to choose from: Lucky Cues, Star Pool Cues, and the McDermott Cues brand itself.

Pool cues from Star are considered to be their mid-range option, while McDermott cues are considered to be their more elegant and premium variety.

Even while this includes the primary ranges sold under the McDermott brand, they also have unique beginning kits available.

Conclusion: Which McDermott pool cue is the most effective?

The McDermott Lucky L59 Pool Cue is our top recommendation.

The bright colors may not be to everyone’s taste, but beyond from that, it surely checks off all of the required boxes for any Pool enthusiast!

This equipment is suitable for those who are just starting out in the game of pool. You’ll receive a high-quality McDermott cue, as well as protective cases, chalk, and other accessories. The best part is that you can acquire all of this for a very low price.

4 Best Mcdermott Pool Cue Reviews – Detailed Reviews

We rely on the generosity of our readers. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a commission. In addition, we get commissions from eligible Amazon sales because we are an Amazon affiliate. High-quality manufacturing, elaborate inlays, exotic woods, and an almost limitless number of customizing choices are some of the features that distinguish McDermott pool cues from the competition. Since 1975, the Mcdermott Company has constantly upped the bar in the industry, and its high-performance shafts are among the most widely used on the market today.

They make the best functioning cues in the business by utilizing the most up-to-date technology and the highest quality materials available.

It is devoted to helping you improve your game and produce a better performance.

Continue reading to find out more.

1.McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit

As a beginner, you should get the McDermott Classic Pool Cue Package (available on Amazon), which provides you with a beginning kit that includes all of the necessary equipment for playing pool. This set includes a two-piece Premium Pool Cue, two pieces of Chalk, a chalk holder, a scuffer tool, a tip shaper, and a soft cue case, so you’ll be prepared to take on any adversary. This customized kit has been developed by McDermott to assist you in improving your gaming and delivering a more consistent performance.

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When not in use, you can put the pool cue butt and shaft in the included McDermott premium soft cue case, which features an easy-to-wear shoulder strap as well as an accessory compartment to keep them safe.

Specifications and characteristics of the product

  • 2-piece Michigan maple cue with dimensions of 33 x 5 x 2.5 inches and a weight of 1.55 pounds
  • Tip of excellent quality, 13mm in diameter
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee of three years

Customer/User testimonials The majority of customers are pleased with their purchase, believing it to be the ideal novice cue that not only looks nice but also delivers an excellent balance to the player. People like it since it comes with various accessories and is easy to use; nevertheless, a few customers have expressed concern about the tip, which they say frequently leads to mistakes on difficult shots. Conclusion McDermott’s ClassicPool Cue Kit is a well-built, well-designed piece of equipment.

It features a pleasing visual appeal and gives users excellent control over the game’s action. This pool cue comes with a soft case, a chalk holder, and a three-year warranty, making it one of the most cheaply priced pool cues available.

2.McDermott Star S1 Pool Cue

Pool cue quality has a significant influence on your game, and no one does it better than McDermott, so choosing the best pool cue is critical. This company’s Star S1 pool cue (available for purchase now) is composed of superior grade wood and extremely exotic materials, which are combined with elaborate four-color inlays to give it a professional appearance. Because of McDermott’s technology, the device is able to produce star cues that are among the most high-quality hits available in this price range.

In terms of quality and performance, we believe this is the type of pool cue you can use for a long time and that will readily adjust to your own shooting technique as you get older.

Specifications and characteristics of the product

  • Measures 20 x 4 x 4 inches
  • 1.5 pounds
  • 13mm cue tip
  • Birdseye and Hardrock maple
  • Handle with no wrapping
  • Cherry stain
  • Stainless steel butt plate
  • And a cherry stain.

Customer/User testimonials Users who are professionals have stated that this pool cue has an excellent weight and balance, making it one that you can use confidence in a competition. People are drawn to it because of its elegant exterior and smooth appearance, which makes it stand out on the table. A few consumers have expressed concern that the metal butt slightly detracts from the stealthy nature of the product. This is a beautifully constructed McDermott S1 cue with a fantastic leather tip that is ready to use right out of the box.

With a lifetime guarantee, it takes the stress out of making a purchase, and excellent customer service adds to the overall value of the product.

3.McDermott Cues S51 Star Pool Cue

The S51 cue from McDermott’s Star cues series is another another stunning piece of craftsmanship that has received widespread acclaim for its solid construction and distinctive appearance. It is available in a 19oz 13mm colored design and is ideal for gamers who are looking for high-quality and dependable performance. This cue, like all other Star cues, is constructed from the best wood and exotic materials, which are then combined with four-color inlays to create a unique look. It is produced in accordance with the specifications established by McDermott Cue and is only available through the firm.

When we learned that each device in the series is covered by a limited lifetime manufacturer guarantee, we were really satisfied.

  • Measures 20 x 4 x 4 inches
  • 1.2 pounds
  • 19oz Star Cue S51
  • 13mm McDermott Star cue
  • 20 x 4 x 4 inches
  • 1.2 pounds Collar and buttocks made of stainless steel
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Multi-color overlay sleeve
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Customer/User testimonials Many players, including those who have used the Star Cues Series by McDermott, have stated that this is the finest cue they have ever played in their lives. Some users have stated that these cues require some break-in time, but that once that period has passed, they provide an incredibly smooth performance. A few customers have expressed concern about the use of hand chalk, which they believe is the enemy of any high-quality cue. Conclusion In addition to being an exclusive manufactured pool cue from the McDermott Star Line, the quality of this cue is reflected in its overall performance.

It is small and lightweight, and it feels excellent in the hands, allowing users to have complete control over their shots. Overall, it provides an incredible value for money in terms of price to performance.

4.McDermott Lucky L6 Pool Cue

When you want to develop your game, you need equipment that will allow you to take your shots to a higher level. We propose the Lucky L6 pool cue (available on Amazon), which is constructed of high-quality and durable rock maple and has a crimson stain on the forearm to give the illusion of a red-stained forearm. Each product in the Lucky cues range is characterized by a standard design that includes a quality leather tip and a high-impact polycarbonate ferrule for increased durability. A 3/8-10 wood-to-wood joint, as well as an Irish linen wrap, lends even more refinement to the pool cue’s overall appearance and feel.

We especially enjoy the complex graphic overlays, which look fantastic on the fine maple body of the instrument.

Specifications and characteristics of the product

  • Hardrock maple
  • Burgundy stain
  • Overlay index rings
  • Irish linen wrap
  • Dimensions: 20 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 19 oz
  • Tip Size: 13mm
  • Hardrock maple
  • Irish linen wrap 3/8′′-10 joint with a three-year warranty

Customer/User testimonials Those who have purchased the pool cue are gushing with praise, and the majority of them consider it to be one of the greatest starter cues available. The appealing design, sturdy shaft, and ideal balance that allows you to shoot a nice shot without being overly showy have all been commended by a number of customers. Some consumers have expressed concern that the product may not be of tournament standard, but that it is excellent for local play. Conclusion The McDermott Lucky L6 Pool Cue (available for purchase today) is one of the top models available from the brand.

Overall, this is one of the most widely distributed cues in the business, having been created all over the world.

Related Questions

In comparison to any other normal or standard form of shaft, the low-deflection (LD) shaft has a lower endmass. This design results in a squirt or less deflection of the cue ball as a result. Technically speaking, a shaft with zero deflection will allow you to target the object ball with more precision.

Are heavier pool cues better

Overall, lighter pool cues provide more control over finesse shots, whereas heavier pool cues result in faster ball speed and hence less visible stroke effort than lighter pool cues. While some individuals may find it easier to target an item during a stroke with a heavier cue, this is entirely a matter of personal opinion.

Everything You Need To Know About McDermott Pool Cues

According to, McDermott pool cues were named the top brand of pool cues. There’s a valid explanation behind this. Innovating and producing high-quality products has been a tradition at McDermott for many years. When you combine that with their distinct style and meticulous attention to detail, it’s easy to see why more than 40 elite players rely on their cues. And with more than 95 major tournaments won with their cues, you can be confident that they offer a great deal to the table.

By the conclusion of this piece, you’ll know for certain whether or not McDermott cues are right for your style.

How Long Have McDermott Cues Been Around?

The production of McDermott pool cues began in 1975 and continues now. Jim McDermott, a pool cue repairman, teamed together with cue artisan Rollie Welch to create this project. When Jim worked as a pool cue repairman, he noticed faults in the industry and went on to become a visionary in the cue manufacturing business, striving to make conventional cues better. McDermott Cue Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 10 years after Jim and Rollie first joined forces. The company introduced ten new cues in that first year.

The ownership of McDermott Cue Manufacturing, Inc.

In 2009, the ownership structure was altered once more.

Jim McDermott continued to be active in the creation of cues, including the highly prized Cue of the Year models, until his death in 2011.

What Makes McDermott Cues Unique?

Cues made by McDermott are renowned for their precise craftsmanship and high level of quality. In their facility, each pool cue is individually manufactured using a 150-step process that includes hand-selecting the wood and utilizing specially designed, moisture-controlled chambers. 18-24 months are required for this method to properly season the wood. The cues are rotated 11 times throughout the 18-24 month seasoning period to ensure that they are perfectly straight. In 2012, McDermott Cue Manufacturing, Inc.

A more simplified procedure and constant communication among all teams involved in sales, production, and customer support are made possible by the new facility’s design.

This technology enables the player to self-adjust the feel of the pool cue in order to discover the optimal cue weight for him or herself.

This enables players to shift the weights forward or backward to get the ideal weight AND balance that is not possible with any other pool cue design.

What About Quality?

A dedication to quality has been in place at McDermott since the company’s founding in 1975! Despite the numerous modifications and technological developments, quality has remained the primary priority throughout the years. McDermott cues are renowned for their high-quality workmanship, exotic woods, intricate inlays, and virtually infinite customizing choices. Mother of pearl and abalone are two examples of exotic materials that are prohibited from being exported or transferred outside of the United States of America, according to several rules and regulations.

Calling McDermott about their cue and speaking with a live person is an option for customers; the McDermott team then uses the input to create changes.

It is possible for players who continue to utilize earlier classes of cue, dating back as far as the D Series, which was created in 1984, to have their cues function at peak performance levels.

Most Popular CuesShafts

The following are some of the most popular McDermott pool cues and shafts on the market today.

Most Popular Cues and Shafts Description
H-SeriesPrice Range: $550 – $1,300 The H-Series is the first line of cues ever to feature the fully-adjustable Variable Balance Point (VBP) weight system. This breakthrough is made possible by McDermott’s patented new technology that combines a full-length carbon fiber core with a rail on which the weights can be repositioned forward or backward inside the cue. No other cue allows you to have this much control over both the weight and balance.
Select SeriesPrice Range: $450 – $700 McDermott Select Series cues are equipped standard with i-Pro Slim or i-3 shafts for high performance at an affordable price
G-SeriesPrice Range: $280 – $2,000+ McDermott G-Series cues are known for their quality construction, exotic woods, intricate inlays and limitless customization options
Intimidator i-ShaftsPrice Range: $840 – $2,000+ These American-made cues come standard with the Intimidator i-Shaft (a $259 value). Each cue showcases McDermott’s passion for performance, craftsmanship, quality and innovation.
G-Core ShaftPrice Range: $280 – $749 These pool cues are made in the U.S.A. and come standard with McDermott’s top selling G-Core shaft. They feature intricate inlays and rings and are made from some of the most exotic woods and materials in the world. They are the best value pool cues available today.
Traditional All Maple ShaftPrice Range: $230 – $255 These American-made pool cues feature our traditional all-maple shaft. These cues have an all-maple butt that is enhanced with our premium stain and finishing process. Our G-Series All-Maple cues are arguably the best deals you’ll find for an American-made pool cue.
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Besides the most common cues and shafts from McDermott, they also provide a few unique cues. McDermott releases a Cue of the Year award every year. With each year that passes, this limited edition cue (only 50 were created in 2019) continues to elevate the standard! It’s composed of the most precious materials, including exotic woods from all over the world, and it has various inlay patterns. Instead of charging several thousand dollars for this custom cue, as the quality and originality of the piece would indicate, McDermott sells it at a more affordable price.

There were a variety of materials used in the construction of the piece including natural Birdseye Maple wood, abalone shells, turquoise, pewter and black urethane, silver, and black embossed lizard leather.

Customers may benefit from this scheme by having a bespoke cue made without having to pay a high fee.

Other Brands Made by McDermott

Over the course of 40 years, McDermott Cue Manufacturing, Inc. has grown to include a number of different cue brands. The inclusion of new brands allows gamers to choose from a bigger selection of alternatives, including a greater variety of pricing, colors, and designs. TheStarandLuckylines are a good deal for players who are on a tight budget and want an entry-level cue that is not too expensive. The cues are created in-house, ensuring that the customer receives the same high-quality service that McDermott is known for.

  1. Star cues are manufactured all over the world utilizing McDermott’s technology, and they give the finest quality available in their pricing range.
  2. They are backed by a limited warranty that lasts for life.
  3. A fantastic deal for one of the most solid-hitting, globally-manufactured cues available in the market today!
  4. Three-year limited guarantee is provided for these products.
  • Using the Stinger technology, break and jump cues can be delivered to the center of the shaft, regardless of where they are delivered to the tip of the shaft. The tip of the break cue can be shaped flatter than the tip of a typical break cue. Because of the flatter profile, the Stinger tip has a large targeted spot on the target. It is possible to make a mistake and still achieve the desired results. In order to achieve explosive results, Stinger break/jump cues are equipped with a patented tenon tip/ferrule technology that transfers the energy from the jump or break to the ball. The exclusive phenolic tip creates a larger target area for results that are more noticeable than those of the competition. Stinger cues may be custom ordered with a Billiard Congress of America (BCA) approved McDermott Big Boy hard leather tip
  • s Sledgehammer Break Cue– Sledgehammer is one of the most recognized and respected names in devoted break cues. The patented ferrule technology found in the SH1 optimizes energy transfer, resulting in extreme power and accuracy. Known to many as the hardest and most solid hitting break cue on the market, the Sledgehammer simply obliterates a rack
  • Youth Cues– McDermott Youth Cues are high quality pool cues designed especially for children. They are perfect for kids who want proper equipment or pool table owners with small rooms or obstacles

Pros Who Use McDermott

McDermott has 40 ambassadors, who are billiard pros that utilize and promote McDermott goods on a regular basis.

These ambassadors represent nine different nations, with membership dates ranging from 1982 to the present. McDermott pool cues have been used to win 99 championships in major competitions by these 40 ambassadors and their teams.

  • Tom Rossman, William DeYonker, Kamil Szaszor, Robin Parker, Jorge Rodriguez, Gerson Martinez, Ed Fee, Okinawa Slim, Daniel Maciol, Anthony Beeler, Kia Sidbury, Brian Pauley, Steve Lillis, Andrew Stock, Charles Marshall Jr, Mohammad Ali Berjaoi, Jim Barnard, Timothy Bly, Sam Ryne Henderson
  • Among those who have contributed to this work are Eric Daelman, Samet Degirmenci, Joe Keith, Cassie Francois, Mark Hopgood, Caroline Egan Jackson, Riley Adkins, Savanna Wolford, Andre Smith, Kelly Nelson, Steve Mullins, Lee Noble, Justin Duplantis, Jason Lawrence, Bill Smith, Juan Vega Enriquez, Mazin Shooni, Dave Dupuis, Jacqueline Karo, Artistotle Uda, and


There are a variety of cue models available under the McDermott name, but the G-Series is one of the most widely used and popular. Two distinct shaft choices are available for the G-Series cues, namely the G-Core shaft and the i-Shaft. It is expected that the i-Shaft versions will be more costly, with costs ranging from $840 to $2000 or more. The G-Core versions, on the other hand, are far more cheap, ranging from $240 to $750 on the low end. The McDermott G214 is one of the greatest G-Core models I’ve seen so far, and it’s a great value.

  • Birdseye maple forearm
  • Titanium grey stain
  • Black urethane sleeve
  • Silver and index rings
  • Four white pearl inlays
  • Four white pearl inlays Wrapped in genuine Irish linen
  • G-Core shaft
  • 3/8′′-10 joint

This is a stunning cue that exemplifies the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that has been applied to all previous McDermott cues. This is a fantastic alternative for any player searching for a high-quality cue at a reasonable price, and we recommend it. According to Amazon, it was under $300 the last time I looked. For the most up-to-date pricing, please visit this page or click on the image above.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are several compelling arguments in favor of purchasing a McDermott cue. Their dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail is unmatched in the industry. And, while there are many other excellent brands available on the market today, McDermott has established itself as one of the finest in the business. I hope that this post has assisted you in determining whether or not McDermott cues are suited for you. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us or go through our other informative articles for answers to all of your billiard-related inquiries.

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McDermott Pool Cues

We manufacture and distribute some of the best pool cues and shafts in the world. Since our start in 1975, we’ve been continuously improving our cues to ensure that McDermott always reigns supreme. However, one thing never changes: our commitment to quality. That’s why we stand behind every McDermott cue with a lifetime warranty, including coverage for warpage.We are an American company and our pool cues are known for their quality construction, exotic materials and intricate inlays. Looking for a custom pool cue? We will work with you to customize a pool cue to your exact specifications.

M c Dermott H-Series

H-Series is the first line of cues ever to feature the fully-adjustable Variable Balance Point (VBP) weight system. This breakthrough is made possible by our patented new technology that combines a full-length carbon fiber core with a rail on which the weights can be repositioned forward or backward inside the cue. No other cue allows you to have this much control over both the weight and balance.

M c DermottSelect Series

McDermott Select Series cues are equipped standard with i-Pro Slim or i-3 shafts for high performance at an affordable price!

M c Dermott G-Series

McDermott G-Series cues are knownfor their quality construction, exotic woods, intricate inlays andlimitless customization options.

G-Series Cueswith i-Shafts

These American-made cues come standard with ouri-Shaft(a $300 value). Each cue showcases our passion for performance, craftsmanship, quality and innovation. These pool cues are made in the U.S.A. and come standard with ourtop-selling G-Core shaft(a $185 value). They feature intricate inlays and rings and are made from some of the most exotic woods and materials in the world. They are some of the best value pool cues available today. These American-made pool cues feature ourtraditional all-maple shaft. These cues have an all-maple butt that is enhanced with our premium stain and finishing process. Our G-Series All-Maple cues are arguably the best deals you’ll find for an American-made pool cue.

Classic Series Pool Cues

McDermott Classic cues feature models instantly recognized as some of our most unique creations. Their timeless designs and precision craftsmanship define a generation in our history. Wildfire cues start with a premium crafted McDermott cue.Then,our advanced wood carving and 3D rotational wood burningtechnology carves intricate drawings into these unique cues. The McDermott Cue of the Year raises the bar of excellence in custom pool cues. Each set of limited edition cues uses the rarest materials and exotic woods from around the world.

McDermottGallery Collection

Our Gallery Collection celebrates the originality of custom, investment-grade collectible cues. Each cue is a work of art. These cues showcase our craftsmanship, creativity and desire to build the finest cues using the most exotic materials from around the world. The Gallery Collection has three series that are categorized by their edition size. Each month, McDermott introduces a new cue designed by our design experts. These cues celebrate our ability to customize any cue in our catalog. We take a cue from the existing line and customize the materials, creating a custom cue and showcasing how unique our cue building process is. They provide a custom option without having to pay the customizing upcharge. Start with a blank McDermott pool cue. your canvas. Decide what you want and how you want it.The combinations areendless!

Licensed Pool Cues

McDermott Licensed cues feature a select variety of the names and brands you have come to know and love like: Harley-Davidson, Jack Daniels, Ford Motorsmore! McDermott’s retired cue section is an archive of McDermott’s catalog cues from years past. Many are now collector’s cues are quite rare and have appreciated greatly in value. These cues are not for sale but rather a look into McDermott’s past.

r/billiards – McDermott Vs. Players Cues

Both of these sticks have been in my possession, and both are excellent striking sticks. Having said that, there are a few distinctions between the two that may affect your choice making process. Both of these sticks have been in my possession, and they are both excellent hitters. As a result of this, there are a few distinctions between the two that may impact your choice.

McDermott Pool Cues

Since being one of the most prominent brands on the market, McDermott has gained widespread recognition in the billiards business for producing high-quality cues and related accessories. Our signature collection of traditional pool sticks is proudly made in the United States! Because of the high-quality characteristics that can be found in every McDermott Cue, professional league players choose to compete with a McDermott sticktimes stick.

McDermott Line of Cues

Aside from the traditional cue line, we have three separate sub-genres of our cue family, each specialized in a certain strength, so you can be confident that you are getting the best product, created with laser-focus and geared for the exact role it needs to do. Star is a brand of pool sticks that we’ve designed and developed to meet the needs of our loyal clients who desire a pool stick in the $100 to $200 price range. In the billiards retail sector, the amount of artistry and engineering that goes into each and every cue in this range is unparalleled/unrivaled.

If you want to make the best possible investment with your pool cue money, there is absolutely nothing better than a McDermott Star-series stick for you to consider. There isn’t anything.

Stinger Cues

When it comes to living up to its moniker, the Stinger is all buff and no fluff! Tip/Ferrule technology, which is unique to this product, is the reason for the name. We came up with this name by accident. Specifically, a stinger refers to the stem that is implanted into the tip of the pool cue and that, when forced downward, will dynamically extend itself downward via a particular hole in the center of the ferrule, as seen in the illustration. You could wonder why I’m doing this. In short, when the stinger strike makes contact with the cue ball, a shock wave is blasted forth, and this energy is transferred into the cue ball, resulting in 99.9 percent of your strokes being very precise and efficient.

Sledgehammer Cues

If you want to talk about dedicated break cues, it would be an incomplete and erroneous discussion if you did not bring up the widely acclaimedMcDermott Sledgehammer Break Cue! From the minute you walk into the pool hall, you’ll strike dread into the hearts of your opponents with your ominous moniker and black-on-black (with white accent) design. The outcomes that this break cue produces on a consistent basis are nothing short of astounding, as you can see here. The Phenolic tip with patented ferrule technology in this elegant marvel of contemporary engineering packs a big punch beneath the hood, and it’s all down to the innovative Phenolic tip with patented ferrule technology.

The Five Most Expensive Pool Cues on the Market Today

Whether you’re a professional pool player or an intermediate/amateur, you’re definitely aware of the importance of having a high-quality cue in order to improve your overall performance. It is not sufficient to use any old cue. It is essential that it is the correct weight and balance, as well as being built of quality materials, in order to effectively absorb the shock when the tip comes into contact with the balls. When we looked at the most costly pool cues that were available on the market at the time, we were able to discover the top five most expensive pool cues that you could possess right now.

5. Balabushka Cues SLE2 B – $1,399.00

The Balabushka brand SLE2B pool cue is now the seventh most costly pool cue available for purchase on the market. There are just 100 of these cues available, and they are being produced in honour to George Balabushka, one of the most influential cue manufacturers who has ever lived. Using cryptic clues that hint to the years 1957 and 1975, this cue is constructed, with each die alternating between the numbers five and seven in an alternate manner. These were pivotal years in George’s professional life.

4. McDermott Pool Cue M29B – Bridgeport McDermott – $1,875.00

The McDermott M29B pool cue is designed and produced in the United States. The grip of this quality pool cue is crafted of birdseye maple, and the rings are brass. Six cocobolo/white urethane points, five turquoise and white urethane sleeves inlays, turquoise, cocobolo and white urethane web, a no-wrap handle, and an i-2 shaft are all featured on this model.

The cue plays with a strong and solid hit, and the weight may be changed in increments of ounces to suit the player’s preference.

3. J. Pechauer Camelot II CAM12-Manchester – $2,200.00

For an appealing and sophisticated aesthetic, the Pechauer CAM 12-Manchester cue is made of high-quality ebony wood that has been figured with leopard wood and ebony and inlaid with simulated pearl and ivory for a rich and luxurious appearance. In order to give this cue an additional distinctive look, matching inlays have been inlaid into the wood of the handle itself. The shaft is 13mm in diameter and has an inlay that matches the shaft. The taper is 12.5 inches in pro style, and the joint is piloted with a 5/16-14 thread in a fast release configuration.

2. Mike Bender Smithsonian Edition1 of 3 Custom Cue – $60,000.00

For a beautiful and stylish appearance, the Pechauer CAM 12-Manchester cue is made of high-quality ebony wood that has been figured with leopard wood and ebony and inlaid with simulated pearl and ivory for a rich and luxurious appearance. In order to give this cue an additional distinctive look, matching inlays have been inlaid into the wood of the grip. The shaft is 13mm in diameter and is inlaid with a matching stone pattern. The taper is 12.5 inches in pro style, and the joint is piloted with a 5/16-14 thread in a fast release design.

1. The Intimidator Masterpiece Cue – $150,000.00

What amount of money would you be prepared to spend merely to get the world’s most costly pool cue? This one has a staggering $150,000 price tag attached to it. A magnificent work of art, the Intimidator Masterpiece Cue may also be used to play the game, but why would you want to? It is impossible to locate another artwork just like this in the world, and it is genuinely one-of-a-kind. The construction of this highly coveted cue required a total of 1,992 man hours. 82 pounds of solid stainless steel was used as the starting point for the artists’ creation.

One of the elements that distinguishes this cue from others is the Genuine Italian Obsidian gemstone sphere that can be found at the bottom of the cue’s base.

It was entirely hand etched, hand machined, and hand engraved, and the entire process took a total of 1,862 hours to accomplish by hand.

The main blade has a wing span of nine inches, while the smaller blades have a wing span of thirteen inches and the largest blades have a wingspan of 48 inches.

Exquisite detailing

A deep relief carving and French grey scroll engraving are used to create the cue’s design, which is then inlaid with gold.

The cue is composed of 46 distinct elements, all of which are constructed of stainless steel, with the inlays consisting of real Italian Obsidian and 24 carat gold on the outside. In all, there are more than 210 individual inlays on the handle, which includes more than 112 precious metals inlays.

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60+ McDermott Pool Cues at PoolDawg

Creating fantastic, high-performance pool cues is similar to creating a multi-rail bank shot in terms of technique. It appears like there is a difficult method to it, but all it takes is a lot of hard work and attention to your trade until everything comes together perfectly. We are happy to be an authorized dealer for McDermott pool cues, and we at PoolDawg are proud to be an authorized dealer for McDermott pool cues. The mechanism by which McDermott manufactures great pool cues does not rely on trickery, but rather on a process that encompasses more than 150 unique operations in the manufacturing of each cue.

McDermott pool cues are among the finest two-piece cues available today, and they are manufactured entirely in the United States.

Inlays and rings are precision-milled to within.00001 of an inch of their intended size and hand-glued to ensure a flawless fit.

An Abundance of Styles and Selections

Since 1975, McDermott has been handcrafting pool cues, and throughout the years, the company has produced a blend of conventional forms and one-of-a-kind designs. We have a pool cue for everyone, whether you’re a skilled player seeking for high-end pool cues, an active league player, or someone who simply wants a high-quality cue at an inexpensive price for their game room. Cues from McDermott are available for purchase at PoolDawg, with prices starting at less than $200 and include a standard hard-rock maple shaft.

Each and every one of the McDermott shafts begins with kiln-dried, hand-selected North American hard rock maple that has been spun 11 times for strength and durability.

The handcrafted butt pieces are made from some of the most exotic woods from all over the world, and they are really stunning.

Order McDermott Cues From PoolDawg

Looking for high-quality pool cues produced in the United States? McDermott is the company to turn to for assistance. They have been producing some of the top products for more than 40 years and provide incredible selections at practically every price range in between. We’re particularly fond of the McDermottspecial-edition cuestthat we collaborated on, which has the PoolDawg’s iconic mascot Frank T. Dawg on the sleeve of the shirt. Are you looking to improve your break cue? McDermott’sStingercues are especially intended to force you to break harder and leap more readily than you would otherwise.

Remember that every McDermott cue is eligible for free ground shipment throughout the lower 48 states of the United States. As always, please contact us if you have any questions or would want to place an order.

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