White Elephant Game Rules and How to Play?

Official White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules

A White Elephant Gift Exchange is a famous Christmas event in which individuals compete to see who can take home the finest present from the exchange. It is also known by a variety of other names, including Yankee Swap and Dirty Santa. There are several various rulesets for playing the White Elephant game, some of which are dead easy and others which are confusingly intricate. The fundamental rules are as follows: 1. Each participant brings a present that has been wrapped and will be added to a common pool.


Alternatively, names might be drawn from a hat, or the order can be determined by the event’s organizer prior to the start of the event.

Players should be seated in a circle or line so that they can view the present stack.

  • 4.
  • Check to check that everyone can see the gift!
  • The next players have the option of either selecting an unwrapped present from the pool or stealing a gift from a prior player.
  • There are several restrictions on gift exchange in order to keep things running along smoothly:
  • It is only possible to steal a gift once every turn, which implies that players who have had a gift taken from them must wait for it to be returned to them
  • Three swaps bring the turn to a close automatically (otherwise, things may drag on for a long time)
  • The turn ends automatically after four swaps. Other alternative twists can be found in the section below titled “Popular Variations.”

6. After all players have taken their turns, the first player has the opportunity to exchange the gift he or she is now holding for any other gift that has been opened. Those who have had their gifts taken may steal from someone else (as long as that person hasn’t been stolen from previously). It is the end of the game when someone refuses to steal a present from the table. It should be noted that the three-swap rule does not apply for this final “extra” turn. Until someone decides to stay put, or until there are no more suitable persons to take from, players can keep shifting their positions.

Popular Variations

In spite of the fact that the above rules are as near as you can come to a “plain vanilla” version of the game, there is no right or wrong way to play the game. Many new concepts have been included into the gift exchange game throughout the years, with the goal of keeping the game moving and/or making it more strategic as time has passed. Here are some common rule modifications that many people employ: Three swaps and you’re out of the game. If you are taken from three times throughout the course of the game, you are eliminated from the game and cannot be stolen from again.

  • If a present is stolen three times, it is removed from the game and the person who is in possession of it is allowed to take it home with them.
  • Some individuals do not allow the first player to switch positions at the conclusion of the game.
  • Poem/Story.
  • Players in one sort of White Elephant narrative are instructed to pass their present left or right until the finish, at which point they are given the object they are now holding.
  • People may be required to bring a present that corresponds to a specific theme if the organizer so requests.

A re-gift is the most popular type of gift (i.e., an unwanted item that people have lying around the house). It is possible, however, to choose whatever theme you choose, including decorations, coffee table novels, chocolates, do-it-yourself crafts, and so on.

What Makes the Best White Elephant Gift?

When it comes to purchasing a White Elephant Gift, there are a variety of options. As long as you stick to the suggested pricing (which is normally around $20) and any “special” instructions provided by the organizer, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Therefore, the following criteria should be considered while purchasing a present to be brought to your White Elephant Gift Exchange party: Funny. Funny presents make the largest impression during a party, but they aren’t usually the most desired stuff to switch out at the end of the night.

  1. Unusual artwork and gadgets are especially popular at Christmas gift swaps, and are frequently in great demand.
  2. The purchase of a truly good present has no negative connotations, especially given the fact that it has the ability to generate a great deal of competitiveness throughout the game.
  3. However, if there is one trait that all presents should possess, it is the ability to pique the recipient’s attention.
  4. The following two tabs alter the content of the section below.
  5. You may either purchase or borrow it from Amazon.com.

White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules & Game Ideas

Organizing a White Elephant gift exchange is a great way to make your next family gathering or company holiday party more participatory, entertaining, and downright ridiculous! Known as White Elephant, this variant on the popular game of Secret Santa takes its name from the white elephants that were allegedly given as punishment to anybody who dared to challenge the King of Siam’s authority. According to legend, these creatures, despite their beauty, were not very helpful, not to mention the tremendous cost of maintaining them.

  • where the usefulness of the presents is secondary to the hilarity of the exchange.
  • If you’re not acquainted with the game, think of it as a standard gift exchange, with the exception that you’re permitted to steal Carl’s just opened Batman coffee mug if you happen to prefer it over choosing your own surprise item from beneath the tree.
  • Like being both the Grinch and Cindy-Lou Who at the same time, it’s a unique experience.
  • It’s both wicked and nice at the same time.
  • There’s nothing more you need than a group of folks who are up for a humorous and joyful event, who enjoy opening gifts, and who have hearts that are two sizes too small (okay, just kidding about that last part).

As soon as everyone has arrived, crank on some festive music, distribute out the Christmas goodies, and get ready to play some games.

The White Elephant Game Rules

  1. Send out colorful invitations that include all of the party’s specifics. Bring a present that is wrapped and anonymous to the gathering. The order in which presents are unwrapped is determined by drawing numbers
  2. Organize the gifts in a circular fashion, preferably under an ornamental tree, in the center of the circle. Picking a present from the pile, opening it, and holding it out in front of everyone is the task of the person who drew1. If the person who drew2 doesn’t want to take the gift, he or she might choose to open a surprise present from among the pile. The game continues in this manner, with each player having the opportunity to take someone else’s present or to open their own surprise
  3. When there are no more unopened presents left, the person who drew1 has one more chance to take part in the game. If they opt not to take a present and instead choose to keep the one they already have, the game is ended. However, if they do take a gift, the game will continue until someone chooses to retain their present rather than steal it.

How Do You Play White Elephant? The Elves’ Suggested Guidelines

White Elephant exchanges can easily drag on for an eternity if they are not conducted according to a clear set of rules. You probably wouldn’t mind, given how much fun you’ll be having, but you might want to go back to the business of trimming the trees, decking the halls, and roasting a chestnut or two after the festivities are over. Pre-game preparation should include sharing the following tips for how to play White Elephant with the entire group to ensure that no one gets too naughty:

  1. Gifts must be anonymous and must be wrapped
  2. It is necessary that gifts satisfy the established criteria (such as price and subject)
  3. In the game, each present may only be taken a maximum of three times. Each present may only be taken once every round, and each player can only be stolen from a maximum of three times in a single turn. After the third time, they are eliminated from the game
  4. Everyone who has taken a turn is required to get a present. For example, if you were the first to take the turn and your present was taken, you will have to unwrap another gift. Stealing presents leads into gift exchanging as the game progresses, resulting in everyone having a gift at any one point during play. So, if you want to borrow Sally’s box of animal crackers, you’ll have to give her your squeegee in exchange

White Elephant Game Variation Ideas

Earlier this year, I was charged with organizing my company’s White Elephant gift exchange party, and I was always thinking of new ways to make this unusual game even more interesting. In the end, I customized it to my liking by establishing certain parameters for the presents. If you put on your Santa hat and think like an elf, there are many possibilities for making the game more amusing. Consider some of the modifications that can take your White Elephant organizer from nameless elf to Santa’s favorite helper in a matter of minutes:

  • Identify a theme for the gift exchange, such as: The topic might be anything from puppies to vacation destinations to condiments
  • It doesn’t really matter! It is customary to bring a strange thing that you got as a present but have never used, such as the hard-boiled egg slicer that your grandma gave you two Christmases ago, to the initial White Elephant party. To avoid ending up with a slew of garbage, have participants form online wish lists so that you can be sure to deliver a present that someone in the group would absolutely like, much like the abominable snowman who adored. well, you get the picture. Don’t open any of the gifts until the very last minute: Maintain a sense of surprise throughout the game by wrapping all of the gifts until the very last person has their turn to open them. Despite the fact that you continue to take each other’s wrapped gifts, you have no way of knowing what is truly inside until you are forced to open it. When everyone receives their present and finds it isn’t what they expected, expect a lot of laughing to break out from the audience. This option is really amusing because of the prank wrapping of your goods. A commentator should be appointed. As a White Elephant aficionado, a buddy of mine believes that having someone remark while the game is in process brings an additional level of fun to the mayhem that is White Elephant. Prepare to declare the action using your best auctioneer or sports commentator voice and get ready to call the action. Additionally, if you have a large group or are holding a virtual office party online, this might be beneficial because people may not be able to view all of the presents as they are being opened. Secret Santa and White Elephant exchanges can be combined: This may seem absurd, but what if each participant purchased a present for an allocated individual (like in a conventional Secret Santa gift exchange), but after everyone unwrapped their gifts, they were given the opportunity to trade with others in the group? (as in a game of White Elephant). Yes, that is mind-boggling. Using an online Secret Santa Generator can assist you with the arrangement so that you can devote your mental resources to the game
  • And

Remember that the goal of a White Elephant gift exchange is to have a good time, not necessarily to receive the finest present. Sure, it would be fantastic if you could get your hands on that awesome screwdriver with interchangeable heads, but don’t be too concerned if you don’t. A wise, green, and very hairy man once taught us that Christmas isn’t all about the presents, and we’ve all remembered that. Although not everyone will emerge triumphant from this interaction, everyone will be filled with delight!

Click here to learn more.

Santa wish lists, gift ideas, and online exchanges from Elfster make it simple to share holiday happiness this time of year.

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White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules –

In many ways, White Elephant is a gift exchange game similar to Yankee Swap, with the difference being that the emphasis is on “stealing” goods rather than “swapping them.” The majority of the time, this form of gift exchange takes place during a gathering when other participants are present. The game takes its name from the term “white elephant,” which refers to something of questionable or limited worth, or an object that is no longer of value to its owner but is still valuable to others, which is used to describe something of doubtful or limited value.

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When participating in a White Elephant gift exchange, each participant brings a present that has not been labelled and sets it in a specified location.

On the first turn, the person allocated with1 selects a present and opens it in front of everyone so that everyone can see what it is.

If 2 takes 1’s gift, then 1 must pick and open a gift that has been wrapped.

Allow any player who has a present taken away to either pick a new gift or accept a gift that has already been opened from another participant. The following are the regulations for the remainder of the game:

  • It is possible to steal someone else’s present or chose and open a wrapped gift if yours is taken away by a stranger. Continue until everyone has had a chance to receive a present. When a previously unopened present is unwrapped, a turn is completed. A present may only be “taken” once every turn, regardless of how many times it is given. In the event that someone takes a present from her during a round, she will not be able to take it back during the same round. She may, however, return it in a subsequent round if she is in a position to choose a gift. A gift cannot be quickly recovered from the player who has just stolen it
  • Instead, it must be recovered over time. When a present has three “owners,” the third owner of a gift gets to retain it
  • The item is then considered retired and cannot be stolen again. It is the last wrapped item that is chosen and opened that signals the conclusion of the gift exchange.

In order to “steal” a present, the person who started the game (since she didn’t get a chance at the beginning) can put back the gift and “take” another gift according to the rules after the final turn. This begins the gift exchange all over again (using the principles outlined above) and concludes until someone chooses or is compelled to accept the item that was given up by the person who had1. Organizing and administering a White Elephant gift exchange has never been easier or more enjoyable than now, thanks to the Secret Santa Generator provided by Elfster.

Powered by the ElfsterSecret Santa Generator, SecretSanta.com gift exchanges are now much more fun!

Registration is quick, simple, and completely free.

Elfster’s Secret Santa Generator can be accessed by clicking on the link above.

  • If you are already logged into your account, click on Start A Gift Exchange and then follow the step-by-step directions in the Secret Santa Generator process. In the Gift Exchange Name box, provide a name for your gift exchange event to promote it. John Doe’s Third Annual White Elephant or XYZ Corporation’s 2004 White Elephant are examples of such events. Schedule your gift exchange event, as well as the date by which you would like your friends to RSVP. More questions concerning your gift exchange will be asked of you, including whether or not you will be participating and how presents will be exchanged. If gifts will be exchanged during a party, include the venue (will it be around the family Christmas tree or in the lunchroom at the workplace?) and the number of people who will be attending. Make a decision on a spending limit for your presents. Make certain that the recommended price for the present is acceptable for the number of participants and the game atmosphere. For example, a Secret Santa game among family members may have a greater price range than a Secret Santa game that takes place in a workplace setting. You may describe your gift exchange event in the “Is there anything else you wish to tell everyone?” part of your invitation. This section should be used to offer participants with any additional information regarding the event, such as the party theme, game regulations, and so on. Detailed information will be supplied on the “Gift Exchange” page
  • Nevertheless,
  • TAKE ADVICE: To add a little variety to your White Elephant game, consider having all of the gifts be related to a certain topic (i.e. Hawaiian, Musical, Gourmet Foods, Fashion). The addition of a theme encourages people to be more imaginative in their gift selections.
  • After that, you’ll be able to invite your friends and family. Formalize your list of attendees for the event by email or by putting a link to it on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter
  • TIP: You may play this gift-swapping game with as little as five or six individuals to as many as fifty people, depending on your group size. However, bear in mind that the greater the number of participants, the more time-consuming the game gets. Typically, your gift-giving list is already divided into categories such as “family,” “friends,” and “coworkers,” so starting with those categories is an excellent place to start looking for participants
  • In order to access your new gift exchange, select the option to see your exchange, or click on the Gift Exchanges tab located at the top of your screen. In a White Elephant Gift Exchange, names will not be drawn to assign particular matches, therefore please visit the PrivacyOptions tab and tick the option: “Do not draw names to assign specific matches.” After the sign-up deadline has passed, do not draw names automatically. This will inform our Secret Santa Generator that you do not require names to be selected in order for the organizer to have control over the gift assignment numbers
  • And

‘Woot!’ yells the crowd. What you’ve just done is build an amazing White Elephant Gift Exchange! SecretSanta.com gift exchanges are now powered by the Elfster Secret Santa Generator, which was previously available only to members. You can access your Gift Exchanges page by clicking on the Gift Exchanges link at the top of your homepage if you are a registered member of Elfster. All of your gift exchange events are included in your Gift Exchanges page if you are a registered member of Elfster.

The first time you enter into your account, you will be sent to your homepage by default.

  • Profile information – including your registration details, which may be modified by clicking on the Profile picture
  • And Information about current gift exchange activities – a list of all of your gift exchange events that are now taking place or have just concluded (whether you are an administrator or a participant)
  • A list of all of your gift exchange events from prior years (whether you were an administrator or a participant)
  • B. information on previous gift exchange events

To manage or see any of the current gift exchange events, simply click on the Gift Exchange name in the box that appears on your homepage, and you will be sent to the Gift Exchange Event management or viewing page. Organizing a White Elephant Gift Exchange: What You Need to Know As the exchange’s organizer, you will have access to choices that are only available to you and any helpers you have assigned to assist you in managing your exchange. Click on the term Assistants where you see your own name mentioned as the organizer on your exchange page if you’d like to select an assistant to assist you in managing your exchange.

  1. These options are shown to Organizers and Assistants in the form of tabs at the top of your gift exchange page, and they are as follows: Check out the activity that has occurred in relation to the exchange, such as messages to the group and wishing behavior, among other things.
  2. Invite—invite other participants to your gift exchange by sending out an email or posting a sign-up link on your social media profiles.
  3. In exchanges where names will be drawn, participants can examine a list of participants and their position in the exchange, with the option to Accept for those who have not yet done so, as well as the opportunity to establish Draw Restrictions in exchanges where names will be drawn.
  4. Privacy + Settings— Configure options to safeguard the privacy of participants by restricting communications, contact information, birthday alerts, and email notifications for exchange-related information to the members of the group.
  5. Because of this, the organizer will be able to regulate the gift assignment numbers.
  6. Have a Little Secret Santa Laughter: Encourage everyone in your organization to get into the giving mood!
  7. All participants will be able to comment on your article, and all participants will be alerted through email to ensure that everyone is aware of the developments!

Good luck with your elfing!

Join a gift exchange — either by an email invitation or by clicking on a link provided by the organizer — to get the party started!

In addition, there is a brief note from the event’s organizer, as well as information about the gift exchange and how to participate.

After that, you may either create a new Elfster account or log into an existing account.

Clicking on the link will take you to a website with further information about the exchange as well as the ability to RSVP and register or log in to an existing account.

You can also create a Wish List to share your gift exchange wishes with your exchange group by clicking on the Wish List tab at the top of your homepage. Page for the Gift Exchange: As a participant, you will find the following information on the gift exchange page:

  1. Information about the event: This includes all of the event details (such as the sort of gift exchange, the time and day, the venue, the price range, and so on)
  2. Participants: Identify those who are participating, those who are not, and those who are unsure. This page allows you to talk with your group and share any amusing, entertaining, or instructive remarks you have, which may be done anonymously for an extra twist. You can also check wishes made by members of the group and see the Secret Q A activity for other participants. Once the names have been picked, you may return to this page to see the thank you words and gift photographs that have been shared with the community.

Make a Wish List: Wish Lists may be viewed by other participants in your exchange and are a fantastic way to share gift ideas with other participants in your exchange. The addition of gifts may be accomplished by wishing for any item available on our Shop sites, copying the URL for an item from another website, or writing your own desire in the Text option. A fantastic approach to ensure that all of the participants receive gifts they will appreciate as well as aiding the Secret Santas in the present purchasing process is to submit wish lists.

  • This number indicates when it will be your turn to speak.
  • Before you begin preparing your own White Elephant Gift Exchange, you may want to take into consideration the following factors: Guidelines: Before you begin the communication, double-check that everyone understands the ground rules.
  • However, some boundaries must be established in order to avoid a chaotic and unduly protracted game.
  • If your game will consist of “white elephant” gifts (as defined by the definition), be sure that they are still in good shape, acceptable for your group, and, above all, enjoyable.
  • Maintaining good taste can be difficult from group to group and setting-to-setting, so be certain that all participants understand your notion of excellent taste before you begin (or bad taste if you so desire).
  • The spectacle of participants attempting to conceal their “excellent” presents or encouraging players to accept their “poor” gifts is part of the entertainment.
  • It’s never joy to get a present that you can’t open right away (cheap gift bags are frowned upon).
  • All attempts should be taken to keep the identity of the person who delivered each present a secret.

How to Play — White Elephant Online

Overview For the most part, White Elephant is a terrific way to have a good time with friends, family, or coworkers in a relaxed environment. To summarize, everyone who is playing contributes a present, and you begin the game with one item per player that has been individually wrapped. After each participant is allocated a randomly generated number, each individual alternates between unwrapping a brand new gift and stealing a gift from another participant. When everyone has received a present, the game is considered completed.

To ensure that the quality of presents is similar, it is always a good idea to set a monetary amount restriction (for example, $20 or $25).

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There are several possibilities for the theme, including anything particular (such as solely music and movies) or something more general, such as “anything stupid or unrealistic.” When there is no theme, choosing a diverse assortment of presents that represent the personalities of the group is the greatest option!

  1. First, everyone is allocated a number, which starts at 1 and increases in increments of 1 until the maximum number of participants is reached. In general, the higher the number, the better
  2. However, there are a few twists to this rule, as you’ll see below
  3. In general, the higher the number, the better 1 is the first to go (surprise, surprise). Because no one has yet stolen any gifts from the table, the first player takes whatever gift they choose from the table and unwraps it. Afterwards, each participant has a turn (in the same numerical sequence as before), choosing whether to open a new gift or steal a gift from someone who has already opened theirs. Alternatively, if your present is taken, you may choose to open a new one or steal another gift from someone else. When no one chooses to open a new present, the stealing game proceeds in a “round-robin” fashion. The round is subsequently completed, and the next number in line takes their place. (Please keep in mind that you cannot steal the same gift twice in the same round.) Finally, when everyone has received their present, there is one more twist: The number one gets to go again! They have the option of keeping their present or swapping it with another member of the group.

The game is ended at that point! Even though it appears to be a simple story, it has numerous laughter due to the amusing presents and several betrayals due to stolen gifts. Variations that are often used A few rules you might want to consider incorporating into your game are as follows:

  • Each present can only be stolen from three times, and each individual can only be stolen from three times as well. A present that has been taken from you must be replaced with another gift (you cannot steal another item that has already been opened)
  • There is no “round-robin” theft
  • And there is no “gift-wrapping” theft. Limits on ’round-robin’ stealing: each round can only have a maximum of three stolen before that individual is required to unwrap a fresh present.

On the one hand, these restrictions may appear to be restrictive, yet they are all designed to maintain the speed of play pleasurable. White Elephant gift exchanges can go for a long time, especially when there are several people participating. By introducing some new restrictions, you can really keep the game interesting and fresh for longer periods of time. It can also introduce some fascinating twists into the story. Consider the following scenario: if there are one or two really popular items, there is much drama surrounding becoming the third (and final!) person to take the gift.

It gives it a more lively feel!

It is the ideal activity for organizations wishing to host a memorable event for their workers in which they can have a good time and make memories.

White Elephant Game Rules and How to Play?

When it comes to parties, White Elephant is a fun game that can be played for practically any occasion. It is also referred to as Dirty/Evil Santa and Yankee Swap, among other names. In order to guarantee that the White Elephant game goes smoothly, as with any party games, you will need to pay strict attention to the game regulations. Although it appears to be a simple game, you’d be amazed at how quickly individuals may make mistakes when playing this type of party game. So, in order to guarantee that your game runs properly, continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the White Elephant game’s regulations.

What is The White Elephant Game?

The White Elephant game is a popular party game that is especially popular around the holidays. In many respects, it’s a more innovative version of the traditional Secret Santa tradition. According to the typical White Elephant game regulations, each participant is required to purchase one present. Traditionally, the presents given out in a White Elephant game should be out of the ordinary and unusable. There should be a defined budget so that everyone who participates spends the same amount of money.

The first player should then take a present and open it in alphabetical order, starting with them.

We’ll go into further detail about how the game is played later on.

The term “White Elephant” stems from the popular idea that the King of Siam punished individuals who disobeyed him by giving them white albino elephants.

It is thought that the White Elephant game first gained popularity at social events in the early 1800s. However, over time, it has evolved into the go-to game for family and work get-togethers.

What You’ll Need?

Unlike many other party games, the White Elephant game does not need the use of any special equipment. All that is required of you is to adhere to the established regulations and purchase a present for the exchange. Once you’ve received the present, all that’s left is to wrap it. When purchasing a present, pay close attention to the guidelines that have been established. If you’re participating in a White Elephant gift exchange at work, you’ll want to make sure you don’t get anything that is too offensive.

The traditional White Elephant game’s rules emphasized the exchange of flashy and unexpected presents.

They play it more like a classic Secret Santa game, where you buy gifts for other people that you believe they would enjoy.

If you wind up with something significantly more expensive or significantly less expensive than you expected, it will be unfair to the other participants.

The White Elephant Rules and Gameplay

It is the goal of the White Elephant game to engage in a unique gift exchange! Gifts are purchased by each individual, who then packages them together for distribution. The first person accepts a present, and then the second person has the option of accepting a gift or stealing the gift from the first person, whichever they choose. The same thing repeats on each consecutive turn until everyone has received a present. A present can only be traded once or twice, so order to prevent an unending loop of individuals taking the same item from the same person.

In addition, attempt to conclude the game with a present that you enjoy.

Setting Up

The White Elephant game is a traditional Christmas party game that everyone enjoys. However, it can be played for any cause, including simply for enjoyment. Alternatively, it may be played amongst individuals such as friends, family, and colleagues. When putting together a game, establish a list of everyone who will be participating. Decide whether or not you want to go with a theme after that and then set a budget. Are you following the traditional White Elephant guidelines of giving out odd and ostentatious presents, or are you breaking them?

How To Play?

As soon as you have purchased your present, wrap it carefully and then bring it to the White Elephant when you are finished. The organizer will have specified a deadline by which participants must submit their gifts. When the game begins, the first person to go up and accept a gift should be the first person to go up. Traditional White Elephant game rules dictate that the sequence in which participants pick is done alphabetically, as is the case here. However, you may also pick names by drawing them out of a hat or by categorizing them by age.

The next person to pick can either take a present that has been wrapped or steal the gift that was given to the person who chose first.

If your gift is stolen, you’ll have to replace it with another item that has been wrapped.

In most circumstances, a present can only be taken twice before it becomes useless.

While it’s possible that you’ll receive a present that you don’t particularly care for, everything is in good humor. Remember that the goal of the classic White Elephant game rules was to present gifts that were odd and out of the ordinary. As a result, enter the game with the proper frame of mind.

The White Elephant Game – The Fun, Frantic, Party Game

Now you know everything there is to know about this entertaining party game! White Elephant is a fantastic spin on the conventional Secret Santa concept that everyone will enjoy. It’s a fantastic game to play at home, with friends, or at the office. While it is traditionally performed around the holidays, it may be performed at practically any time for any type of celebration.

White Elephant Gift Exchange: What are the Rules & How Do I Play?

Blog»Christmas» What are the rules for the White Elephant Gift Exchange? What Am I Supposed To Do? If you agree that Secret Santa is fantastic, how about taking it to the next level by creating an even more thrilling and amusing means of exchanging gifts? The White Elephant Gift Exchange is a gift exchange that is similar to Secret Santa, but with a twist that is a little more subtle. That seems like a good time. Yes, it is. Learn more about how you can include the white elephant into your Christmas party and spice up the gift-giving process in a fun and entertaining way with the White Elephant Gift Exchange.

How to Play White Elephant Gift Exchange

It’s simple – all you need is a group of people who are willing to have a good time at the expense of others. A random gift of a certain value is purchased by each person and placed in the gift pile as an afterthought. Your guests will be assigned a number, and their gift selections will be made in accordance with that number. BUT! Anyone who is about to select a gift has the option of stealing one from someone who has already received one. The person whose gift you took will, of course, have to choose a new one – either one that has not yet been opened, or one that has already been opened by someone else.

Make sure to clearly communicate the rules of the game to your guests in advance so that they are aware of what they are getting themselves into.

Start the party with some eggnog and Christmas cookies to get everyone in the mood.

White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules

Here’s a short summary of the rules:

  • Everyone is required to bring a present that is wrapped and valued no more than a specific amount. Make certain that the presents are wrapped and that no names are written on them — concealment is essential
  • The order in which people go first and who follows them is determined by drawing numbers. You may adjust this by employing the spin the bottle strategy to choose who will be the next to go. Person Number 1 selects a present at random from the pile and begins to unwrap it. A new present may be opened or stolen by Person Number 2
  • All options are available at this time. If your present is stolen, you can select another gift from the pile
  • Otherwise, you cannot choose. a present may only be taken twice before it is permanently locked in
  • There is a limit of two thefts per gift
  • And When everyone has received a present, the game is over. Optional: After the present exchange game has concluded, attendees might choose to take a gift from the table, albeit this can be time-consuming.

Shake Up The Rules

There is a lot of flexibility with the White Elephant gift exchange in that you can truly customize it to your party – or your friends’ tastes. Here are some more entertaining tweaks to the standard White Elephant rules that you might incorporate:

Get the Gift Out

  • For the gift, implement a three-swap rule that is strictly enforced. Once it has been through three thefts, it is eliminated from the game. This raises the stakes even higher because the first player is either not permitted to switch at the conclusion, or if they are, they are only allowed to shift once. When they’re finished, there will be no more exchanges.

Blind Swap

  • It is necessary for someone who has a present but does not wish to exchange it to select a number of a visitor who has not yet opened a gift and accept whatever they chose

Add a Theme

  • White Elephant gift exchange is a simple Christmas game that can be easily customized to fit any theme. The organizer might choose a theme and instruct everyone who will be attending to bring presents that are in keeping with the theme.
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Stick to Funny Gifts

  • Guests might choose a humorous gift if you wish to inject even more levity into the proceedings. It is permissible to include gag presents or any other humorous thing.

Hang On To The Hideous

  • Add a unique twist to your present exchange by pushing participants to discover the most repulsive, kitsch, or awful gift they can possible find for their exchange partner. Then establish a rule stating that everyone must display whatever present they get in a prominent location in their house for the duration of the year.

Play With A Riddle

  • To be able to select a present, players must first decode a riddle. It’s possible to build a tale with instructions that tells them when they’ll get a chance to play if this appears to be too difficult.

Why is it called White Elephant Gift Exchange?

While this entertaining Christmas gift exchange game is known by a variety of names, including Dirty Santa and Yankee Swap, White Elephant appears to be the most often played. What, exactly, does the game have to do with elephants? Or even the color white, for that matter? People who had offended or irritated the King of Siam (now Thailand) were reputedly given white elephants as a punishment, with the intention that the great expense of caring for the white elephant would cause them to become bankrupt.

It was a blessing since the animal was holy, and it was also a proof of the monarch’s goodwill toward mankind.

The unfortunate receiver was left with an expensive-to-maintain animal that he was unable to give away or put to much practical use, thus in the elephant becoming a financial burden for him.

To this day, the term “white elephant” alludes to a lavish yet ineffective present that serves more as a burden than a blessing. It is also tough to get rid of a useless property, which is where the name of the modern-day Christmas exchanging present exchange game gets its inspiration from.

Other Christmas Gift Exchange Games

However, while the White Elephant gift exchange game is entertaining, there are other gift exchange games that are just as entertaining but follow a different framework. As with White Elephant, you have the flexibility to amend the rules as you see appropriate; however, you must notify any changes to your party guests. Guess the gift:There are a number different ways to go about this, but we’ll stick to the two most obvious ones for the time being. A person guessing what their present is before opening it is either confined to a single person only, or the entire group takes a guess with the prize going to the person who gets it right.

  1. Pass the parcel: It’s time to relive your childhood memories by participating in a game of pass the parcel.
  2. Continue to pass the present around until the music has stopped.
  3. Once again, the music starts up, and so it continues until the gift is eventually unveiled.
  4. The person who placed the highest bid wins, and they receive the present.
  5. Secret Santa: The term “secret santa” refers to a gift-exchange method that is well-known and widely used around the world.
  6. Make certain that there are no duplicates.
  7. You may even obtain the most wanted thing on your wish list if your Santa is very generous!

Game On!

It’s that time of the year again. Every member of the family has arrived and is eager to share holiday happiness – the rhyme was completely coincidence, we swear! Aside from jokes and rhymes, there are a variety of games you may participate in throughout the holiday season. With the increase in the number of Christmas parties and family gatherings, the demand for entertaining and participatory games to keep the festive spirit alive is becoming increasingly important. Instead of exchanging gifts as part of a Secret Santa exchange, it’s time to get a little crazy with some gift-related gaming mayhem this holiday season.

Your visitors will undoubtedly have a fantastic time, regardless of the present they get as a take-home.

We hope that you have a wonderfully great holiday season, complete with a memorable gift exchange, no matter where you are or what you’re up to!

The Official White Elephant Rules

With the holiday season quickly approaching this year, everyone is getting excited about the white elephant gift exchanges that will take place in the coming weeks. White elephant laws are straightforward yet may be used in a variety of situations. It is possible to play many different varieties and versions of this pleasant game. The following information is for anybody who has been entrusted with organizing and hosting the most fantastic Christmas party, as well as any guests who may be inquiring about the regulations of the gift exchange.

Don’t forget to check out this year’s white elephant gift ideas that are both amusing and cost-effective!

Basic White Elephant Rules

Let’s take a look at the fundamental white elephant guidelines without getting into too much unnecessary detail. These are the very minimum regulations that must be followed in order for the gift exchange to go well. 1. Each participant is required to bring one White Elephant gift. Everyone is asked to bring a gift to the gathering. There must be one gift for each participant to take home, therefore each guest contributes to the pool of presents by bringing one gift to the party to distribute among the players.

  1. It is also possible to get rid of any unwanted presents or goods that may have accumulated about the house.
  2. 2.
  3. There are several methods in which individuals enjoy pranking one another throughout this procedure, ranging from presenting presents as something they are not to stuffing pebbles into the box with the teddy bear to making gifts appear heavy by packing them with rocks.
  4. 3.
  5. There has to be some sense of order to the entire operation.
  6. Players can then organize themselves around the pile of gifts and begin to open and trade gifts with one another.
  7. This procedure continues until all of the presents have been opened or until a particular quantity of gift exchanging has occurred, whichever comes first.
  8. 4.
  9. If everyone opens their gifts equally, it is very likely that a few will stand out as particularly desirable for stealing.
  10. This is one of the most crucial rules to follow regardless of the form of the gift exchange game you are participating in at the time.
  11. Each player leaves with the final gift they are holding in their hands.

Occasionally, after the game has concluded, participants may approach one another and offer to switch, which is acceptable but not required.

Optional Rules And Variations

Beyond the basic white elephant principles listed above, there are several fascinating variants that you may try out on your friends. With these alternatives, you may choose a set of rules that is unique to your company and that will make the evening of gift snatching even more thrilling! When it comes to the gift exchange, one of the most entertaining rule changes is to pre-determine the subject of the presents that will be delivered to the party. A white elephant theme might include everything from toys and books to undesired presents that are being regifted, GAG gifts, and even self-made DIY items as part of a charity event.

  1. A solid rule of thumb is to buy something for less than $20.
  2. If this guideline is followed, it may be possible for some to use it as a ruse to obtain a present that they particularly desire.
  3. The guests are not permitted to steal from one another untill all of the presents have been opened, and then a timer is set to count down for a certain number of minutes during which a continuous gift snatching takes place is allowed to occur.
  4. First in, first out is a version in which the person who opens the first present also has the choice to participate in the final exchange and take whatever gift they choose.

How To Play White Elephant Game

Kelly shares her experience of participating in a white elephant gift exchange at her extended family’s Christmas celebration to demonstrate how the game is played. Due to the fact that we have a large family with several uncle and aunt relationships as well as cousins and other relatives, every Christmas, once each family has completed their morning routine of present unwrapping, we all congregate at my grandparents’ home. Our favorite day of the year is because we rarely see everyone in one place at the same time unless there is another large event taking place, such as a wedding.

  1. Aunt Roies’ casSeroles are a family favorite, as are the cookies that my cousins make, which are very popular.
  2. Forget about sitting down at the table; instead, everyone picks a plate, stuffs it full of all kinds of food, and walks down to the basement, where the most of the activity is taking place.
  3. However, the actual attention grabber is the large pile of gifts in between the billiard table and air hokey table in the middle of the room.
  4. After that, we each take a piece at random.
  5. Anyone has the ability to unwrap a new gift or take one from someone else.
  6. Then we set a timer, and until the timer goes off, we will continue to steal from one another in the proper sequence.
  7. If someone’s gift is taken, that person can then steal from someone else or open another gift that has not yet been opened.

We constantly compete to see who can bring the funniest gifts to the family gathering, and my uncles always attempt to outdo each other by bringing the most embarrassing gifts, despite Grandma’s warnings, they still do it every year:).

More About White Elephant Gift Exchange

What is a white elephant gift exchange and how does it work? A Christmas party where each visitor delivers a hilarious, undesired, GAG, or cute present is what it is, to put it another way. Ultimately, the goal is for everyone to go away with a random present; however, they will first have to battle for them. Of course, I’m not referring to it in a literal sense. The procedure of exchanging gifts is enjoyable, dynamic, and full of anticipation. The gift exchange injects much-needed laughter and good cheer into the Christmas party atmosphere.

Why Is It Called “White Elephant”?

You might be asking why it’s referred to as the “white elephant” trade in the first place. How did this particular moniker come to be? Without delving too far into history, the general consensus is that it all has something to do with an ancient practice of rulers giving gifts of burden to one another and occasionally to their subordinates. A white elephant was a rare and expensive present that was of little value to the person who got it other than to be a financial burden on the person who gave it to them.

To this day, the annual white elephant gift exchange is one of the most anticipated, entertaining, and thrilling days of the year.

What’s The Point?

Aside from the apparent entertainment element of the white elephant gift exchange, the major reason for doing so is because buying gifts for a large number of individuals is not feasible in most cases. We already have family obligations to attend to, and Christmas shopping may be a time-consuming endeavor. If everyone in the company, or everyone in a large family or friend group, bought gifts for each other, each person would have to buy gifts for every single person in the group. It’s just not a realistic option.

28th of September, 2018 View Gift Suggestions The present you bring to your party will be determined by the regulations of the gift exchange that you learn about beforehand.

See the gift exchange ideas we’ve compiled and let us know if you have any better ones that we might consider include in the collection.

Now is the time to look at the gifts.

White Elephant Facts

What if I told you something you already knew? This Christmas tradition is one of the most widely played games not just in the United States, but around the world. It is extremely popular in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and even Australia! Funny or even gag presents are some of the most typical white elephant gifts, and they are always a success at parties since everyone enjoys opening them. Some of these are particularly amusing when they are opened by someone who is easily embarrassed!

Other names for this tradition include: Dirty Santa, Yankee Swap, Bad Santa, Secret Santa, Greedy Santa, Thieving Elf, Thieving Secret Santa, Pollyanna, Chinese Christmas, Chinese Auction, The Grinch Exchange, Steal The Gift, Cutthroat Christmas, and many others.

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