10 Best Outdoor Games for Adults

Super Fun Lawn Games to Break Out This Weekend With the Family

Photographs courtesy of Getty Images This year, don’t just sit on your phone and skim through your social media feeds. It’s past time for us to reclaim the simple pleasures of the seasons, which we look forward to experiencing outside throughout the year. In fact, even science is urging you to do so. For example, Taking part in playful activities throughout adulthood, according to experts, may help reduce stress, boost cognitive function, and strengthen social relationships with people – which is far more than what your phone can do for you.

Many of the lawn games on this list have been played by us throughout the years, and it’s very conceivable that some of them are known to you as well!

So what are you waiting for?

Bring the family together, pick one of these 20 lawn games for adults (that are also suitable for children!) and let the good times roll.

  • Learn how by becoming a member of Pop Mech Pro!
  • Whodoesn’tlove lining up cans and blasting them down with a slingshot?
  • The Pocket Shot is a circular slingshot that fires at a rate that is two or three times faster than that of a standard slingshot, depending on the model.
  • More: The Most Exciting Outdoor Toys for Endless Backyard Entertainment2 The Circuit of the Rubber-Chicken Flickin’ Chicken is a slang term for a chicken that has been flicked.
  • maybe even sillier The goal of Flickin’ Chicken is to improve your aim so that you can hit your target on the first try.
  • (However, keep in mind that it will very certainly deviate from its intended path.) Simply aim, and try not to worry about how silly you appear to be while doing so.
  • We appreciate that this specific corn hole set is foldable and can be transported simply, despite the fact that there are endless kinds available.

4Lawn Bowling is a game played on a lawn.

Is the game of Kubb something your family has yet to discover?

It may be played with a group of two to six people.

It is then your responsibility to knock down the “king Kubb” once all of the baseline and field Kubbs have been knocked down.

5Pong is a game for people of all ages.

Alternatively, this yard pong set is a super-sized, outdoor-friendly lawn game that is played by filling the red buckets with water or sand and then throwing them at the other players.

The 12 buckets are arranged in two triangular configurations, allowing two teams of two players to take turns aiming for the opposing shape on either side of the court.

Everyone has their own favored variants of the rules, but the team who sinks the most balls into all of their buckets is the winner.

Two players compete against one other to place their red or blue coins into the wooden frame in order to construct a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line of coins all of the same color.

Set of 7Bocce Balls That Will Never Go Out of Style If you’re planning a family picnic, bring this wonderfully manufactured poly-resin bocce set along to provide some low-key lawn game fun for the afternoon.

8There is no need for a net.

Simply grab a friend, offer them a paddle, and instruct them to select between a hard and a soft ball.

9It assembles in a jiffy Elite Sportz Ring Toss We like lawn activities for adults that are accessible to everyone!

Each player on two teams takes turns throwing the rings onto their respective dowels: a.

The winning team is the first to reach 15 points.

Bundled with dry-erase scorecards, markers, and a compact drawstring carrying bag, this kit allows you to play any number of dice games with the family.

11Knock ‘Em to the Ground Bottle Bash Game Set has everything you need to have a good time.

Simply stake the two telescopic poles into the ground at a safe distance from one another, stabilize the bottle on top, observe the direction of the wind, then toss away with the other poles.

12Games in a four-square configuration Volleyball net and game set (included).

For four players or more, Crossnet takes the game a step further by mixing the games of four square and volleyball into one entertaining and simple-to-learnlawn game.

Set the four glow-in-the-dark target rings at varying distances from one another: Afterwards, each team takes turns flinging their colored darts at the other team members.

14Ideal for those who are just starting off Set of Rubber Horseshoes With this horseshoe set, you can spend those sunny days stoically sharpening your aim without the need for a sandbox.

While these rubber horseshoes aren’t nearly as heavy as the classic metal variety, they’re nevertheless a fun addition to a backyard party for people of all ages and skill levels to try their hand at playing.

Players are each supplied with three “bolas,” which they must fling onto the rungs of the ladder in order to earn points (with the option to knock off opponents’ bolas in order to deduct points from their own score).

After all, a few games of Kan-Jam will undoubtedly improve your aim.

For points, you must hit the can with the disk, fire it through the slot, or have a teammate assist you in completing one of these things in order to earn them.

17 The Glow-in-the-Dark Game Redefinition of Capture the Flag With its revised glow in the dark version of the classic lawn game, Capture the Flag is a fascinating lawn game that people of all ages will appreciate.

This superset can accommodate up to 20 players at the same time!

With its folding legs, the flexible, hula-hoop-sized net can be transported to the beach or park, providing four players with plenty of room to run around.

When they miss, you score, and the one who gets to 21 first wins the round.

The greatest sorts of lawn games are not tied to a certain geographical area.

20 Allow It to Float Flying Disc with Flashlight LED Light-Up Technology When the sun goes down, the party really starts going, so make sure you have the appropriate lawn activities to keep everyone entertained.

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The Best Outdoor Games on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Photograph courtesy of Amazon/Champion Sports Because the weather is just about perfect for socializing outside, it would be a good idea to spice up your next outdoor get-together with an outdoor-appropriate game or activity (instead of a walk for the umpteenth time). We’ve written about many different games you may play — such as the best two-player board games and the best board games for families — but we’ve picked up the finest outdoor games, as rated by Amazon customers who are the most excited about them.

  1. This game is simple to transport, simple to put up, and simple enough for anyone to learn in a short period of time.” Hundreds of reviewers have used the word “fun” to describe this game, and the general agreement is that it is suitable for players of all ages.
  2. In the words of one reviewer, “It’s essentially volleyball, except that instead of the ball going over the net, once it HITS the net, the opposite team gets service.” As a result, some reviews have stated that it is an excellent kind of cardio.
  3. As one reviewer points out, “we particularly love playing this game in the grass,” “on the beach,” “when camping,” and other outdoor settings.
  4. Checkers may be played outside with this massive set, whether you’ve spent the previous several months in self-isolation perfecting your skills or are teaching it to someone for the first time.
  5. Several people have even stated that it has made outdoor, socially distant meetings more pleasurable for them.

Another person claims that this was a “huge hit” at an outdoor party: “People lined up to play the winner of the previous game, and what I really appreciate about this game is that you can turn it over and play tic tac toe on the other side.” “It was well worth the money invested,” they remark, echoing the sentiments of others who are appreciative of the game’s low price of less than $20.

  1. “I’ve played on a lot of different sets in my time, and I have to say, this one is right up there,” comments one critic of the album.
  2. Their board and bag held up well during “intense play,” according to the authors.
  3. According to one reviewer, you will be “beach, backyard, and tailgate ready” after purchasing this.
  4. In one review, a customer says, “We have brought this to family bbq’s and camping.” Another adds that the product is “simple to put together, and the tiny carrying bag makes this incredibly useful.” Other reviews gushed about how reasonable the price was.
  5. According to the reviews, this improved version of capture the flag is excellent for children.

We had youngsters ranging in age from 6 to 14, as well as adults, and everyone participated.” An further reviewer exclaims, “This is a fantastic method to get youngsters active!” “This was far more enjoyable for the kids than the standard flashlight tag.” Yet another parent gushed about how wonderful this set is for birthday celebrations.

  1. “They started playing this as soon as the sun went down and couldn’t stop themselves.” While you may imagine that outdoor activities and summer go hand in hand, according to one reviewer, this game is so entertaining that children enjoy playing it all year long.
  2. If the cost is a deterrent, this reviewer will tell you that it is well worth the money spent.
  3. Everyone, even the kids (and parents!) arrives weary, smiling, and gushing about how much they like the game.” Many other reviewers point out that alcohol is not essential to play this game.
  4. In the words of one reviewer, “This game was easy and quick to master, and it appeared that individuals of all ages enjoyed playing it throughout the night.” Yet another critic claims that it is “very enjoyable to drink while playing outside, far more enjoyable and fascinating than Cornhole.
  5. According to one, “the bouncy balls perform excellent on concrete for bounce shots,” and “the bean bag balls are ideal for underhand throws,” while the bigger ping pong balls are good for a beer pong type toss.
  6. In addition to graduation celebrations, these are popular for family vacations and picnics, according to the reviews.

“It was a huge hit with everyone, and they had a terrific time playing outside.” It was fantastic to have a dry eraser scoreboard and a travel case with the dice because they were the correct size and quality.” The set, according to another, is “better than I imagined.” Users have noted that the items are “big and well-made,” yet not “overly weighty to transport or use.” “They are made of solid wood and have a pleasant scent.” “All of the edges are rounded, and the sides are completely smooth.” When purchasing this game, many players choose to add a bucket to their purchase in order to “get the Yahtzee feel,” as one user described it, and “shake up and hurl the dice.” Reviewers gushed over how attractive this Connect 4 set is, which is presumably why so many customers consider it suitable for usage on special occasions.

“This is everything!” exclaims one of the reviews.

Another observes that the weather is “almost too pleasant to be outside.” According to one newlywed, “It was also a huge hit as one of our wedding’s games,” which is most likely a play on words.

“Good quality workmanship, and everything fits together nicely,” adds another satisfied gamer.

However, the only negative aspect I can think of is that the loudness of the falling pucks prevents us from playing after the little one has gone to bed because we would certainly wake her up, but this is a small complaint.” The durability of this Jenga set has received a lot of positive feedback from customers.

‘I have four sets of blocks from a different firm, and because the blocks are hollow, they sometimes shatter or split apart when they fall.

We adore them, and I’m confident that my customers will as well.” Several additional reviewers commented on how well the blocks “stand up to the punishment of small children.” On the other hand, one reviewer expresses concern that the blocks themselves are so powerful that they endanger everything else around them.

  1. The opposite is true, according to one reviewer, who describes this game as a “go-to” for their family and claims that “we have had parties of family and friends as large as 10 play.” Everyone, on the whole, has a great time and becomes completely absorbed in the game.
  2. You will not be disappointed with your decision.” As one reviewer put it, “If you’re not playing Kan Jam, your life is a worthless waste.” While this may seem harsh, it really reflects how much fun reviewers have had with the game.
  3. It’s a team game that’s great for getting the whole family involved, according to one reviewer.
  4. “It’s a high-quality product that comes with clear instructions and a nice carrying case,” he continues.
  5. It was only a little scuff.” He claims that the entire set is structurally sound as well.
  6. According to one user, it’s like “CornHole in the swimming pool.” “The buckets float smoothly in the pool, and the balls did not sink,” adds another reviewer of the product.
  7. “The best part about this game is that you can play it on land or in water,” one player says, indicating that this game does not really require a pool to be played.
  8. A favorite of our deputy editor Maxine Builder, who discovered it while on a trip to Paris two years ago, as well as a large number of Amazon reviewers, this book is a must-read.
  9. And, despite the fact that it incorporates features of other games, numerous critics have noted that Mölkky is “fun for any number of players,” as opposed to bocce or corn-hole, which are restricted to two or four players.
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An Amazon reviewer purchased these for their children who were unable to attend their school field day due to COVID and used them to replicate a “outside field day in our house.” The reviewer stated that the bags “were really fun.” Another reviewer purchased them for a school’s end-of-year celebration and stated, “It was a lot of fun and well worth the money spent.” “I intend to continue using these products for many years to come.” Many customers have commented on the durability of the burlap bags — one customer stated that their children are “very rough with all their toys and games,” but that these bags have “lasted now for several weeks” — but others have complained that the other accessories in this kit, such as the straps for the three-legged race, are easily broken.

However, according to one grandmother, the wooden spoons and fake eggs make for a fun Easter pastime that can be played all year long: “The grandkids have to have sack races every time they come here!” This ring toss is well-liked by reviewers because it includes a mix of rope and plastic rings, as well as movable pegs, which allows it to be customized for players of varying ages and abilities.

Another participant agrees that she, her husband, and her children all enjoy the game when the “distance between them is changed to change the level of challenge.” As one would expect from a wood product, it is sturdy.

They are the perfect size.

The fact that this rubber horseshoe set for kids is safer than the original, which includes iron shoes and an iron base, according to one reviewer, is one of the reasons that so many parents purchased this rubber horseshoe set for kids in the first place.

Unlike the other cheap plastic horseshoes, these rubber horseshoes have a good weight to them and are not super-light.” Many other reviewers agree that this set is a good alternative to plastic horseshoes because the rubber shoes “are heavy enough to not be carried away by the wind, but not too heavy for young children.” They also say that the rubber shoes “are heavy enough to not be carried away by the wind, but not too heavy for young children.” Alternatively, if children are not a worry, another reviewer notes out that the material also protects pets and personal belongings.

Customers who have purchased this set have praised it for its durability and quality, and many have also praised it for its low pricing.

“It was so simple to put together that we didn’t even bother with the instructions,” writes one reviewer.

Several people have reported that it has been popular in a “senior independent retirement community,” while another has stated that “we purchased it for the after school program and the kids adore it!” The following is written by another: “I purchased this for a family BBQ and was not disappointed.

When I opened the package, there were actual golf balls inside.” The Strategisti is a search engine that is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast online marketplace.

We update links as often as we can, but please keep in mind that bargains sometimes expire and that all prices are subject to change.

Every editorial product is hand-picked by a team of editors. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, New York may get a commission. According to Amazon reviewers, these are the best outdoor games.

The 10 Best Backyard Games for Adults

Featured image courtesy of Amazon and Champions Sports It might be a good idea to mix up your next outdoor gathering with an outdoor-appropriate game, especially since the weather is just about nice enough to socialize outside at this time of year (instead of a walk for the umpteenth time). We’ve written about many different games you can play — such as the best two-player board games and the best board games for families — but we’ve rounded up the best outdoor games, as rated by Amazon customers who are the most enthusiastic about playing them.

  • This game is simple to transport, simple to set up, and simple enough for anyone to learn in a short period of time.
  • We’ve had players ranging in age from 5-65, including a pregnant mother, according to one review.
  • In addition, many people appreciate how simple it is to transport this game from one location to another.
  • “You do need a fairly large, open area in order to play, but everything comes apart quickly so it’s simple to transport,” another observes.

As one reviewer put it, the “rug size checkerboard” is ideal for “teaching young children the game indoors or on the beach,” and that it is “perfect for teaching young children the game outdoors.” Someone else is pleased that they can take the machine-washable rug and plastic pieces “to the river without worrying that they will get water on them.” One or two people have even stated that it has improved the enjoyment of outdoor, socially dispersed events.

According to one reviewer, she purchased this to use with her sister when they go outside to play, and the large rug allows them to “not be close to each other” while still spending quality time together.

In the words of one reviewer, “The Cornhole PRO bean bag toss game set is what I’d classify as the Cadillac of corn hole boards.” When it comes to customer reviews, the word “quality” comes up repeatedly, and many people appreciate the fact that these foldable boards are easy to transport, especially when compared to the traditional wooden variety.

  1. In their words, “the boards and bags withstood the test of intense play.” In spite of being used on a paved parking lot, the bean bags have not split apart!
  2. According to one reviewer, you will be “beach, backyard, and tailgate ready” with this.
  3. It is “easy to assemble, and the compact carrying case makes this super convenient,” writes one reviewer, who also mentions that they have taken it to “family barbecues and camping.” Another positive comment was made about the price by other reviewers.
  4. According to the reviews, this improved version of capture the flag is excellent for children.
  5. The children ranged in age from six to fourteen, with adults present, and everyone participated.” Another reviewer writes, “This is a fantastic way to get kids moving!” In comparison to the traditional flashlight tag, this was much more enjoyable for the kids.
  6. We took it to a party with a bunch of kids when my son received it as a birthday present, they say.
  7. As one reviewer pointed out, while you might think outdoor games and summer are synonymous, this game is so entertaining that kids will enjoy playing it all year.

They just dress in layers and wear mittens, and the constant running around keeps them warm enough.

According to the reviewers, “I was hesitant to order this game because of the price, but it is worth every penny and then some.” “This was a birthday present for my son, and it is a huge hit every time he brings it out.

“Basically, it’s giant beer pong,” explains one reviewer.

According to one, “the bouncy balls work great on concrete for bounce shots,” and “the bean bag balls are great for underhand throws,” while the oversized ping pong balls are good for a beer pong style throw, according to another.

This set of giant dice was discovered “at a graduation party this summer and literally ordered it from the party,” according to one reviewer.

In the words of one reviewer, “We are huge Yahtzee fans and purchased this game for a family BBQ.” It was a hit with everyone, and they had a great time playing outside.” It was great to have a dry eraser scoreboard and travel bag in addition to the dice because they were the perfect size and quality.” “This set is better than I expected,” says one reviewer.

  • In order to “get the Yahtzee feel,” as one user put it, many players add a bucket to their order when purchasing this game.
  • One reviewer exclaims, “This is everything!” In addition, the wood is beautiful.
  • The weather is “almost too nice to be outside,” says another.
  • “We will be using it at our outdoor wedding reception, along with some other ‘giant’ games,” writes a soon-to-be-wed reviewer.
  • I’ve had no problems with the plastic coating on the wood pucks, and they’re very durable.
  • Another customer writes: “I own a party rental company, and my ‘Giant Jenga’ games are rented almost every weekend.” ‘I have four sets of blocks from a different company, and because the blocks are hollow, they can break or split open when they fall.
  • My family and I are delighted with them, and I am confident that my customers will be as well.” The blocks “stand up to the punishment of young children,” according to another reviewer.
  • If you want to play this game on a surface that can “withstand the dings and dents” that come with it, this user recommends putting them on a hard surface.
  • I strongly advise you to proceed with your purchase if you are considering purchasing this set; you will not be disappointed.” Kan Jam is described as “meaningless waste of time” by one reviewer.

In the words of another reviewer, “this is a ridiculously fun and simple lawn game.” “You get the strategy of horseshoes combined with the enjoyment of a team activity.” The rules are straightforward, and the equipment is built to last — if you’re looking for a semi-active game to bring to the beach, family barbecue, or even a company picnic, this is the one!

As one reviewer puts it, “it’s an excellent team game that the whole family will enjoy.” According to another, it “really contributes to the development of a sense of community and healthy competition.” An enthusiastic newcomer to bocce ball writes, “This set has absolutely converted me into a fan,” and he now plays every evening in his backyard.

“The balls feel heavy, solid, and durable,” says another newcomer who is “smitten” with the set and particularly appreciates the fact that “the balls feel heavy, solid, and durable.” Although there are few things to do in southeastern Iowa during the best of times, and these certainly aren’t among them, this bocce set has been an excellent addition, and it has quickly become my new favorite activity,” says the homeowner.

The clear instructions and ease of use of this set impress even experienced bocce players, as evidenced by one customer who has been playing for over 50 years and describes this set as “the genuine article.” It only cost one of them a small scuff when one of them fell off the picnic bench onto the concrete.” Structureally, he believes the entire set is sound.

According to one user, it’s like “CornHole in the pool.” In the words of another reviewer, “the buckets float well in the pool and the balls did not sink.” “It’s simple to assemble and disassemble.” – I was expecting something a little larger, but it’s really rather lightweight and fits neatly in the game’s carry case.” Several other reviewers have stated that they enjoy the game because it is so diverse.

  1. “The best part about this game is that you can play it on land or in water,” one player says, implying that this game does not really require a pool to be played in it.
  2. This European lawn game, which entails tossing a wooden peg at numbered pins until you earn a total of exactly 50 points, is a good option if playing on the grass rather than in the water is more your style of entertainment.
  3. “It’s a fun, somewhat competitive yard game that combines the best components of horseshoes, bocce, and corn hole with the hand-eye coordination required for corn hole.
  4. Although it incorporates features of other games, several critics have noted that Mölkky is “great for any number of players,” as opposed to bocce or corn-hole, which are limited to two or four players, respectively.
  5. Several reviewers also mentioned that they utilized these potato sacks for outdoor gatherings and that they were a lot of fun.

They used them to replicate a “outside field day in our house,” and they stated that the bags “were tremendous fun.” Another reviewer purchased them for a school’s end-of-year celebration and stated, “It was a lot of fun and well worth the price.” In the future, I plan to continue using these goods.” Many customers have commented on the durability of the burlap bags — one customer stated that their children are “very rough with all their toys and games,” but that these bags have “lasted now for several weeks” — but others have complained that the other accessories in this kit, such as the straps for the three-legged race, are fragile.

  1. “The grandkids have to have sack races every time they come here!” said one grandmother of the fun that can be had with wooden spoons and imitation eggs throughout the Easter season and throughout the year.
  2. One buyer, who purchased this game as a present for a family with small children, stated that “there are numerous ways to make it ‘fair’ for a range of ages to play at the same time,” adding that rings may be thrown from “different distances” and that the game itself is durable.
  3. Wooden products are known for their durability.
  4. This ring toss has received several positive reviews from customers, including one whose brother has kept it in his backyard for a whole year and reports that the color has not faded and the wood has remained in good shape.
  5. are the perfect width.
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She continues, “And they’re not huge to the point where you’re thinking, ‘Okay, this is humiliating and is making my yard seem little.'” The fact that this rubber horseshoe set for kids is safer than the original, which includes iron shoes and an iron foundation, according to one reviewer, is one of the reasons that so many parents ordered this rubber horseshoe set.

  • It’s a hit with them!
  • Customers who have purchased this set have praised it for its durability and quality, and many of them have also praised it for its affordability, according to the reviews.
  • Others have commented on how easy it is to construct while yet being durable.
  • Several people have reported that it has been popular at a “senior independent retirement community,” while another has stated that “we got it for the after school program and the kids adore it!” “I purchased this for a family barbecue and was not disappointed,” says another.
  • What astonished me was that the bolas were genuine golf balls.
  • The best-fitting women’s trousers, rolling luggage, pillows for side sleepers, ultra-flattering slacks, and bath towels are just a few of our most recent acquisitions.

Everything that appears in an editorial output is chosen on an individual basis. It is possible that New York will get an affiliate commission if you purchase something via our links. According to Amazon reviewers, the best outdoor games are:

1. Viva Sol Ladderball Set

It is easy to construct, and it comes with a carrying box that is perfect for keeping the ladderball set once it has been completed. Are you unsure about how to play? Place the ladders 15 feet apart and hurl the ropes, known as “bolas,” onto the rungs of each ladder. The first rung is worth three points, the second is for two points, and the last is worth one point. The first team to reach 21 points wins! Additional bonus feature: each target includes an integrated bottle opener. It costs $130 at Amazon Buy It ($132 at other retailers).

2. JOOLA Nova Pro Plus Regulation Size Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

It is possible to play table tennis both indoors and outdoors, which is ideal if you want to be able to switch between the two environments. This regulation-size table is collapsible and equipped with wheels, making it simple to transport wherever the (friendly) competition may take you. Purchase it for $450 on Amazon Buy It ($600; $560).

3. Kan Jam Original Disc Game

What used to be our favorite beach game is now our go-to game for the quarantine yard at the hospital. Create teams of one or two people and take turns attempting to throw (or deflect) the Kan Jam Disc into the goal. The winner is the first team to reach 21 points. Amazon Buy It is $39 (regularly $48 or $40).

4. Outdoor Play 7 ‘Pool Table

With this outdoor pool table, you no longer have to confine yourself to the basement to enjoy a game of pool. It has an all-weather design with a green “sunbrella” covering that provides UV protection as well as water resistant properties. Along with a waterproof cover, it includes everything you need to play the game, including billiards balls, poles, chalk and a racking triangle (if you want to play in the water). Amazon has a $3,300 price tag.

5. Franklin Sports Vintage Croquet Set

It will not only give hours of friendly competition, but it will also enhance the appearance of your lawn with its antique appearance as well. Because it comes with retro-inspired mallets, balls, stakes, and wickets, the set may be used even when not in use to provide a touch of atmosphere to the garden. $62 at Amazon Buy It ($145 at other retailers).

6. Funsparks LLC Slam Volleyball with Carrying Case

A slam ball game is similar to volleyball, however it is considerably smaller and more portable. To return or spike the ball on the circular net, two teams of two players each have up to three hits. The winning team is the one who scores 21 points first. Amazon charges $56 for this item.

7. Spectrum Classic Volleyball Set with Carrying Case

If you have more backyard space than you know what to do with, you may consider setting up a volleyball net to use as a recreational activity. Set the stakes in the ground, divide the participants into teams, and begin the competition. May the best squad come out on top. Purchase it for $270 on Amazon Buy It ($311; $284).

8. Poleish Sports Bottle Bash Game

Bottle Bash is a game that you have probably never played before. We’ve got you covered. This outdoor game that is both entertaining and competitive combines disc golf with horseshoes. With the disc, the goal of the game is for your team to knock your opponent’s bottle off the pole, while the opposing team tries to grab the bottle and/or the disc.

An opponent’s dropped disk is for one point, a dropped bottle is worth two points, and dropping both is worth three points, according to the rules of the game. If your team is the first to reach 21 points, it wins. Amazon charges $40 for this item. Purchase It ($40)

9. Outdoor Bowling Set

We’ve never seen a bowling set quite like this before. This beautiful bowling set from Pottery Barn provides all of the excitement without the nasty bowling shoes. The balls and pins are made of acacia wood and are intended to be used on grass, so there’s no need to be concerned about finding a flat surface to play on when you’re out playing. Purchase It ($34) Purchase It for $199 (about $149) PureWow may get compensated if you click on one of the affiliate links in this content.

10 Best Outdoor Games for Adults

This weekend has everything going for it: sunshine, no kids away at summer camp, and you have the entire weekend to yourself. After all, what better way to spend the time than to get out some of your favorite outdoor games for adults and invite your pals over for a few games, a few laughs, and, of course, a few ice cold beers? Can’t make up your mind on what to play? Don’t be concerned; we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we provide our selection of the ten finest outdoor games appropriate for adults, each of which will bring something new to your next summer BBQ, tailgate party, or family get-together.

Top 10 Best Backyard Games for Adults

1. Bottle Bash
2. Croquet
3. Spikeball
4. Bow and Arrow
5. Cornhole
6. Ladderball
7. KanJam
8. Hook and Ring
9. Bocce Ball
10. Horseshoes

1. Bottle Bash

Bottle Bash, also known as Polish Horseshoes, Beersbee, or Poles, is at the top of our list because it has everything we seek for in a good outdoor game, plus a few extras to make it even better. First and foremost, there is simplicity. Bottle Bash is so simple to set up and play that you could easily have a game going in just a few short minutes. Placing two poles into the ground, either 20, 30, or 40 feet apart, and placing a bottle on top of each pole is all that is required. After that, separate into teams and take turns tossing a flying disc at your opponent’s bottle in an attempt to knock it off the pole and break it.

  • After that, there’s the actual game set.
  • With the officialBottle Bash Standard Outdoor Game Set, you’ll receive a couple of unbreakable bottles, as well as poles and flying discs that are not only extremely durable but also really well-designed, lending a cool aesthetic to your summer barbeque, garden party, or beach day.
  • Bottle Bash is one of the most enjoyable games we’ve played in a long time, and it’s best played with four or more people separated into teams.
  • Overall, this is a straightforward but highly pleasant yard game with well-constructed equipment that will give you with hours of entertainment for years to come.

2. Croquet

If you prefer something a little less physically demanding than the high-octane antics of Bottle Bash, you might find the traditional game of Croquet to be more your style of play. Despite having a reputation for being the exclusive domain of the affluent and well-to-do, this ancient game of skill and strategy has proven to be a popular choice for picnics and garden parties across the United States. Over time, it has begun to gain a newfound reputation as one of the greatest outdoor games for adults who prefer far more leisurely get-togethers with activities that place a greater emphasis on brains and creativity rather than speed and adrenaline as the primary factors.

Having said that, we prefer the variant known as Six Wicket American Croquet, partially because it’s the one that most of our friends in the United States are acquainted with, but largely because it’s the most enjoyable.

3. Spikeball

Intense, fast-paced, and tremendously entertaining, spikeball is an exhilarating team sport that is certain to get your heart beating and your adrenaline flowing. To begin, set up a spikeball net in the center of a huge playing area and split the players into two groups. It is served by spiking it into the net, which causes it to bounce out and towards the opposing team, which is called serving. From then, it’s a war for points between the two sides, with each team only able to touch the ball a maximum of three times before it hits the net again and rebounds out to the other players.

Players are permitted to go anywhere they need to go in order to keep the ball from touching the ground, so expect plenty of running about and perhaps the occasional Superman-like dive if you want to come out on top.

4. Bow and Arrow

What could possibly be disliked about archery? This classic target game takes only a few minutes to learn but takes a lifetime to master. It is an antique sport with a totally contemporary setup. In addition to getting out the bow and arrows and pushing your wits against others in an energizing game that, like your favorite darts games, needs a steady hand and an eye for precision, archery is a terrific summer alternative to being confined indoors with a dart board. The nicest aspect about archery is that you don’t have to be a master bowsman to take pleasure in it.

5. Cornhole

Cornhole, a summertime staple in the United States that ranks alongside baseball, Fourth of July fireworks, and hot dogs. The traditional backyard game of cornhole, like horseshoes and other classic backyard games, has long been a mainstay at picnics, parties, and family get-togethers, and is frequently a crowd pleaser due to its simple set up and straightforward instructions. Using cornhole boards like these from GoSportstakes less than a minute to put up, and the rules are so simple to follow that you may still be in with a good chance of scoring some points even after downing a few drinks before to the game starting.

Discover all of the excitement of this famous American favorite for yourself by following our step-by-step guide to playing Cornhole.

6. Ladderball

Ladderball, also known as ladder toss or ladder golf, is a relatively new outdoor game that is perfect for those laid-back get-togethers when you’re searching for a peaceful way to pass the time in the afternoon. You must hurl your trusty bolos (two golfball-like balls joined by a small length of rope) onto the rungs of the ladderball ladder, which has been particularly constructed for this game. The higher you climb the ladder, the more points you get. Although it appears to be simple, there is a significant amount of skill required to regularly land on the higher rungs, making it a terrific game for players of all skills.

It will take a high-quality ladderball set, such as this one from GoSports, to get your game started. If that doesn’t seem appealing, check out our guide on the top 10 best ladderball sets, which includes some excellent alternative options.

7. KanJam

It’s possible that you’ll enjoy KanJam a great deal if you enjoyed the disc-throwing part of our top-ranked game, Bottle Bash, but found the targets a bit too small for your liking. KanJam is by certainly one of our favorite backyard games for adults to have come along in the last couple of years. The game is played by separating into teams, with each team attempting to get the flying disc into the can-like goal as many times as possible. Everything about it is exhilarating and competitive, and there are various fascinating twists and modifications to keep things interesting.

Have any questions about the rules before you begin?

See our guide for those who are just getting started with KanJam.

8. Hook and Ring

Some refer to it asTiki Toss, while others like the moniker Ring Toss, and still others refer to it asRinging the Bull, which is a classic British pub favorite. However, if there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that the game is as easy as it appears: throw your rings over a hook affixed to the wall, and the person who successfully throws the most number of rings over the hook is proclaimed the winner. As simple as it may appear, there’s no doubting that Hook and Ring can rapidly become addicting, and you’ll find yourself returning to the hook to practice long after the rest of the group has dispersed to their own homes.

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9. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball has had a resurgence in popularity as an inside bar game over the past couple of years, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as pleasant outside as it was previously. A normal outdoor bocce ball game set includes a tiny, white ball known as a pallino as well as a set of eight balls, four of which are used by each team in the game. Your team’s balls must be brought as near to the pallino as possible, and if this involves knocking your opponent’s balls out of the way, so be it. Because of this simple approach, bocce ball has a delightful competitive edge that you may easily ignore if your only previous experience with the game was watching a few elderly people casually roll the balls on a bocce ball court.

Official bocce ball rules state that the game should be played on a regular court; but, if you just have a little amount of space in your backyard, that will enough for a fast game with friends on a sunny afternoon provided you’re not in a hurry.

10. Horseshoes

The traditional game of horseshoes, to round out this list of the best outdoor games for adults, would be incomplete without mentioning it. This all-time classic goes back to the 1800s, if not earlier, and was inspired by the famous Victorian game of quoits, which is still played today. Despite the fact that they have been around for almost a century, horseshoes are as as popular now as they were then, with best-selling horseshoes being put up at picnics, tailgating parties, family reunions, and just about every other type of outdoor event you can think of.

As a novice, you can pick up the game in minutes by just throwing your horseshoes at the two stakes, while more experienced players will have hours of fun competing against each other for the greatest score.

Visit our entire guide to playing horseshoes for a detailed explanation of the regulations, or see our step-by-step instructions for creating your own horseshoes pit for more information.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Game for Adults to Play

In the event that our list of the ten greatest adult-friendly backyard games has left you feeling a bit overwhelmed with options, there is a quick and simple way to evaluate which one will be the most enjoyable for your next outdoor get-together. If you’re having trouble deciding whether to play Bocce Ball or Bottle Bash, KanJam or Cornhole, please ask yourself the following questions:

What Kind of Get-Together are You Planning?

If the event is going to be a lively, energetic occasion with people who like to keep active, run around, and work up a good sweat, what kind of atmosphere do you want it to have? If this is the case, you’ll want a game that is both entertaining and fast-paced, such asBottleBashorSpikeball. If you’re looking for something to do on a relaxed afternoon when the games should be enjoyable without needing too much energy, a game like Bocce Ball may be more to your liking.

How Much Space do You Have?

Are you planning a trip to the beach or a park with plenty of open room to run about in? That way, you’ll have plenty of space to set up a game like KanJam, if you so choose. Are you planning to stay in your backyard? Even if you have a small amount of area, you can still play Ladderball and Cornhole.

How Much of a Challenge do You Want?

Setting up a game ofBow and Arrowscan be a fun way for competent players to pass the time on a Sunday afternoon, but for complete beginners, it can prove to be a stressful and time-consuming endeavor that makes playing it more unpleasant than joyful. A basic game like Hook and Ring, on the other hand, may be a lot of fun for beginners while leaving more experienced players yearning for something a bit more challenging. To put it another way, consider about who you’ll be playing with and adjust your strategy appropriately.

Other Enjoyable Backyard Games to Try Out

If none of the games we’ve covered in this guide are just what you’re looking for, don’t worry; there are plenty of other options available. The unusual game of Mölkky, which is a skittles-like game that is gradually becoming popular across the United States, should appeal to those who appreciated the throwing part of games such as horseshoes and cornhole, among other things. You’re looking for something a bit more adventurous to truly get your heart pumping? It’s hard to imagine anything more enjoyable than a good old-fashioned game of Tetherball.

12 Outdoor Games for Adults You’ll Want to Play All Year Round

While Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter, the weather in Texas is now starting to look like spring, and I’m delighted to be a part of the celebrations. While my allergies may rebel, I am eager to get outside with friends (in a safe environment, of course!) and participate in some adult-oriented outdoor sports. It’s surreal to think that we’re approaching the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 lockdowns, but our family is maintaining the same good attitude as we had at the start of lockdown and making the most of the situation.

  • I just wish I had this list of boredom-busting activities when I was bored in March 2020.
  • Being outside, getting some exercise, and participating in a competition provided my family a great deal of happiness.
  • Austin Bungalow, Austin Summer Parties, Austin Modern Offices, Modern Boho Party Inspiration.
  • As a result, let me tell you that our actions got hot in the greatest conceivable way.

If you are seeking for ways to spend time with your loved ones while remaining safe, read these suggestions first, and then continue reading for our list of the top outdoor games for adults to get you thinking about what you should do this weekend.

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Bocce Ball is one of the most simple and yet competitive games you can play. It is also one of the most fun. In my childhood, I used to participate in backyard bocce ball tournaments with my sisters in my grandparents’ backyard, and those games remain some of my best childhood memories to this day (although I think we were more invested in what color ball we got to throw than the game itself). The game is played with eight huge balls and a pallina, which is a smaller ball, with the objective being to have your ball land as near to the pallina as possible while remaining in play.

In addition to being illuminated in the dark, this set allows for continued enjoyment when the sun goes down.


Paddleball is one of my favorite games, and it also happens to be one of the ones that I am the worst at, which just adds to the enjoyment. While growing up in Galveston, I have clear recollections of my parents engaging in fierce paddle ball competitions on the beach, and they always appeared to be having a good time. My frustration at not being able to hit the ball more than five times in a row would always leave me feeling defeated, which is why I maintain that it is, in fact, an outdoor game for grownups.

Beautifully crafted, this set by The Beach People will have any player feeling like an expert.


Croquet was something my father enjoyed setting up in the backyard and playing with my sisters and me, despite the fact that he was an ardent golfer with three daughters who weren’t really interested in the sport growing up. He enjoyed showing us how to hold the club and how to take aim as we hacked away at the ball, attempting to get it through the little hoops on the ground. Again, we didn’t pay too much attention to the regulations, but it was always a lot of fun to see who could go through the course the fastest.

(It’s even better when it’s coupled with mint juleps and summer clothes.)” We could not agree with you more.


Unless I’m mistaken, there seems to be a lot of talk about and visual evidence of pickleball these days. Whatever the occasion, whether it is an outdoor double date or a local competition, this game is a hit with everyone! Similar to tennis, it is played on a court the size of a badminton court with unique paddles and a ball that looks like a Wiffle ball.

As more and more parks construct pickleball courts, I’ve seen that several of my friends’ homes now have pickleball courts in their backyards as well. Look for a tennis court near you or get this set from Targetand go try out the game that everyone is talking about. 6 out of 13

Four Square Volleyball

This four square volleyball game set was discovered when I was investigating the rules of the game for my family. I have been wanting to get it ever since. It resembles a cross between traditional four square and volleyball, and it appears to have the words “I’m addictive” written all over it. The rules are the same as in four square, except that instead of bouncing the ball into another player’s square, you spike it! This game will undoubtedly be the highlight of your next cookout, no doubt about it.

7 out of 13

Corn Hole

Corn hole is one of those timeless outdoor activities that will never go stale or out of style. Aside than that, it’s a really low-energy game, one that you can play while holding a drink in one hand and having a chat with the other. To put it simply, it is a game of bean bag tossing that is played in teams, with each player attempting to hurl their bean bag into a hole on the board as accurately as possible. The scoring is likewise straightforward: one point is awarded for the bag falling anywhere on the board, two points are awarded for it dangling off the rim, and three points are awarded for it making it in.

Several celebrations I’ve attended have had gorgeous boards with the family’s name hand-painted across them, as well as opportunities for attendees to sign and date the board using colored paint pens, add their handprints, and other personal touches.

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You may be wondering if Jenga is actually an outdoor game, but when you make it huge, it becomes unsafe to play on a kitchen table. Just ask Michelle Nash, a senior producer, about her mishap with a shattered water glass. If you haven’t played before, the fundamental concept is that you place all of the blocks in a specific way to form a tower and then remove them one by one without allowing the structure to collapse. What is Michelle’s piece of advice? “Just stay away from a windy place, and keep any alcoholic beverages away from the accident zone.” This set from SunnyLife is very stunning and would make an excellent present.


Due to the fact that it can be played on the grass, the beach, and even in a swimming pool, spikeball is considered to be one of the best outdoor sports. When you have to be quick on your feet to smack the ball onto the trampoline in the midst of all the players before it gets away from you, this game will surely have your heart racing! Brandy Joy Smith, one of our contributors, and her family are major fans of this book, which appeals to both adults and children. 10th out of 13


When our contributing editor, Anne Campbell, gave me these beautiful Backgammon sets, I couldn’t help but include them in our collection of outdoor games. She advises putting up the game on a picnic table, which also serves as a lovely piece of décor. This is a situation that I can easily get behind: sitting in the garden with a glass of rosé in hand, Flatland Calvary playing in the background, and some friendly rivalry on the horizon.

The sets are available in three colors: green, red, and blue, and I anticipate that I will spend much too much time picking which color to add to my game collection. 11th out of 13


Horseshoes are an outdoor game that should not be missed from any list of outdoor sports. The horseshoe pit in our backyard was constructed by my father years ago, and although it has since become overgrown with grass and weeds, I am eager to restore it to its former glory. Only two stakes, two horseshoes, and a lot of patience are required in order to hook the horseshoe around the stake and secure it. “It’s actually not as easy as it appears if you’ve never played,” says our editor, Lauren Zielinski, who recalls the game as “reminiscing about small honky-tonk clubs with free jukeboxes, open doors, and tons of ice-cold Lonestar beer in deep South Texas.” 12th out of 13


While some individuals may choose to leave Beer Pong in their college days, I propose giving the game a modern makeover and giving “BucketBall” a shot. Beer pong is played in a similar fashion to regular beer pong, but with larger buckets and a tennis-sized ball. Regardless of whether you drink, the game is tougher, funnier, and more appropriate for an outdoor activity for adults when done with alcohol. It retains all of the excitement and intensity of the classic game while eliminating the tepid beer and germ-covered ping pong balls from the equation.

13 out of 13

Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong is a game that may be played both indoors and outdoors, despite the fact that it is more commonly played inside. It is unnecessary to play the game outside because there are several tables that are designed to endure adverse weather conditions. Despite the fact that Ping Pong involves some talent and coordination, Riley Reed, a contributing editor, believes that it is a game that everyone enjoys and appreciates.

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