10 Party Games You Should Check Out If You Like Taboo

10 Entertaining Games Like Taboo

Please be advised that this content includes affiliate hyperlinks. As a result, if you click on a link and make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. For additional information, please visit our privacy statement. Since its introduction, games such as Taboohave been enthralling and amusing families around. Designed to encourage players to think on their feet and extend their vocabularies, Taboo is an educational game that also happens to be a lot of raucous good fun, making it the ideal game to play with your family.

Many games, such as Taboot, mix word knowledge with timed guessing, and will keep you and your friends or family on their toes while also providing a great deal of entertainment.

10 Games likeTaboo

A list of games like Taboo would be incomplete if it did not includePictionary as well. Despite the fact that it is not a word game, this popular party game has many of the same aspects as Taboo and is likely to become a family favorite if it is not already in your collection. When it comes toPictionary, the core notion is extremely easy if you’ve never played before. In this game, players divide into teams, and on each round, a person from each team must pick a card from a deck of cards and sketch out the prompt they see on the card in a specified period of time.

In a similar vein to Taboo, you are unable to speak or write down the word you are attempting to draw, and a great deal of success is dependent on your imagination!

Already familiar with and a fan of this game?


The game Scattergoriesis a good alternative if you enjoy word games and are seeking for other games that are similar to Taboo. With Scattergories, you will be forced to think on your feet and sift through the depths of your memory for any vocabulary terms that you may have forgotten. Scattergoriesis an excellent addition to any Taboo fan’s collection. Scattergories is a word game for 2 to 6 players that is played by rolling a 20-sided die (each side having a different letter printed on it) and identifying twelve distinct words from several categories that are revealed.

A distinct category has been allocated to each of the available spaces.

The player who completes this task in the shortest amount of time wins the round.

With its emphasis on critical thinking and language development, Scattergoriesis a fantastic game for both children and adults of all ages. Do you already have a copy of this game? Check out our collection of other games that are similar to Scattergories!

Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase, another entertaining word game, takes a break from traditional board games such asTaboo and transforms into a fun, hand-held electronic game that is great for the whole family to enjoy. Catch Phrase, on the other hand, is quite similar to Taboo, and aficionados of the latter game will undoubtedly find it enjoyable. Each round, the gadget will show a popular or well-known phrase, and it is the responsibility of the person who is carrying the device to describe the phrase to his or her colleagues.

The team that correctly predicts the most phrases at the end of the game is declared the winner.


Of course, no list of word games would be complete without including Scrabble, which is one of the most well-known and popular word games in the world. Despite the fact that it does not have the same fast-paced action as Taboo, it can be just as contentious and is thus quite welcome on this list of games like it. If you’re not familiar with the game of Scrabble, here’s a quick rundown of how it works: 1. Essentially, players choose letters from a bag of tiles that have letters printed on them, and then they must construct words on the board using the letters that they have drawn.

Players must construct words in the form of a crossword puzzle until the tiles are exhausted, and at the conclusion of the game, the person who has amassed the most number of points wins!

Already familiar with and a fan of this game?


The globe has taken to Codenames, a relatively new game that has taken the world by storm. It is the ideal addition to your collection if you are looking for more amazing board games that are comparable to Taboo. Codenames is a basic game that is nevertheless really entertaining. It is a word game that requires you to guess and in which certain persons are prohibited from mentioning specific words, Codenames. Overall, the principle is pretty simple: players divide into two teams and choose a “spymaster” from among their ranks from each squad.

The spymasters choose a small number of cards from which they want their colleagues to choose, and they offer them a tip that identifies the words but does not reveal what they are looking for.

It is an extremely entertaining game that has gone through a few revisions and is certain to keep everyone who sits down to play it entertained. Already familiar with and a fan of this game? Check out our collection of other games that are similar to Codenames!


The guessing concept of games like asTaboo appeals to you, but you wish it were more number-focused rather than word-focused, then Decrypto will appeal to you as well. Those looking for a board game that is similar to Taboo but in which they must decode numbers in order to guess words will find this code-cracking game to be an excellent choice! The overall concept of this game is extremely straightforward. The players are divided into teams, and one person from each team creates a coded message that the other players must decipher in order to win.

A fun and exciting game, Decrypto is guaranteed to excite you in the same way a controversial and boisterous game of Taboo would excite others.

Check out our collection of other games that are similar to Battleship!


Dixitis a game that is similar to Taboobut with its own creative twist that makes it even more enjoyable and whimsical. It is a complete break from words or numbers, and it is a game that is a complete break from words or numbers. Dixit is a basic and straightforward game to learn, which means that new players will be able to pick it up very fast. Essentially, each player is issued a hand of cards with ambiguous and perhaps mystical pictures drawn on them, which they must then use to complete the game.

Using the cards in their hand, each player will choose one that they believe best corresponds to the word or phrase that has been said aloud.

In this game, like in Taboo, there is a certain amount of guessing involved, and you must be detailed.


For those who enjoy Taboo for its time constraint and the irritation that might occur when you are unable to sufficiently convey your word to your colleagues, this game is ideal. Telestrations blends aspects of the old playground gameTelephone with parts of the gamePictionary, resulting in a night full of laughter and good moments. At the start of each turn, one player from each side will receive a card containing an item that they must draw in order to proceed. A sand timer is set, and they must do whatever task they have set for themselves in the allotted amount of time.

Of course, the drawings may end up being completely different from the original concept; but, the team that comes the closest to the original prompt will win the round and advance to the next round.


The gameGuessturesis an excellent choice if you’re seeking for games similar toTaboobut wish it was a little more physically engaging while still exploring the same topics. Guesstures, a play on the party game classicCharades, is guaranteed to be a hit with fans of the hit television showTaboo. Players are divided into two teams, and on each turn, one player will select a card with two words or phrases printed on it, and the other player will repeat the process. One phrase is simpler to understand than the other, and the more difficult phrase is worth more points.

The actor is unable to speak anything, similar to the situation inTaboo, when you are unable to utter the word to too many words that sound like it.

When it comes to speed, Guessturesis sometimes referred to as “Charadeson speed,” and it is certain to amaze and excite anybody searching for games that are similar toTaboo.


The gameCraniumis the perfect choice if you’re seeking for a fun and dynamic game similar toTabootthat also incorporates features of a plethora of other family favorites. Cranium, which incorporates elements from classic games such as Charades, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, and many more, encourages players to use all sides of their minds and imagination, resulting in a fantastic and entertaining game. Craniumgames are divided into four divisions, each of which may accommodate four or more people: Data Head, Word Worm, Star Performer, and Creative Cat.

  1. In order to win the game, players must accomplish all of the tasks in each part with flying colors.
  2. If you enjoy Taboobut wish there was a little more to it to make it more comprehensive and fun, then Craniumis unquestionably the game for you!
  3. Check out our selection of games that are similar to Cranium!
  4. You may be looking for more board games or word games that are similar to Taboo.
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5 Games Like Taboo

For those seeking for games similar to Taboo and inquisitive about what comparable games to play next, please continue reading. In this game, players take turns articulating to their partner the meaning of a word or phrase on a chosen card without mentioning any of the five often used extra words or phrases on the card. It is necessary for the opposing pairs to keep an eye on the timer and utilize a buzzer in order to stop play, buzz the player who is describing if one of the five off-limits terms or phrases is uttered, or buzz the describing partner in the event that any motions are made.

Taboo is a communication game in which players must overcome obstacles.

It is difficult, but it is also quite enjoyable.

We took all of this into consideration while compiling our list of the top 5 board games that are similar to Taboo.

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05 | Decrypto

Another intriguing party communication game, Decrypto, joins the list of games similar to Taboo since it is another game that includes hints making a tedious effort to reach to the other players and mean something to them. This significantly increases the puzzle element of the communication game, but the small barriers that prevent you from speaking the appropriate things remain the main attraction. In Decrypto, players compete in two teams (white and black), with one team attempting to properly interpret the coded signals of their opponent before the other team attempts to do the same.

Each round, one team member each team serves as the decoder, drawing a card with a series of numbers (corresponding to the numbers 1 – 4) and decoding them.

They must lead their team to correctly identify this sequence by providing clues, but while doing so, you are also providing clues to your opponent. Games last 15 – 45 minutes for groups of 3 – 8 players.

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In addition to being another hard communication game with a fascinating hook, Concept joins the list of board games that are similar to Taboo. Even if there is a lot more to it than just saying things, you are still attempting to build a picture in an unconventional manner. Although you will be working in a new team dynamic, the overall atmosphere will remain the same. You should consider this if you want to take your Taboo experience to the next level. – The object of the game is to guess words by associating images with one other.

Together, this group strategically arranges pieces on the game board to maximize their chances of winning the game.

Games last roughly 40 minutes for groups of 4 – 12 players.

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03 | Codenames

Due to the fact that you are also providing word clues to a partner who has a restricted vocabulary, Codenames joins the list of games like Taboo. However, instead of a straight back and forth of gaining or losing points, this game features a completely other dimension with decreasing cards inside a grid. Although the gameplay is changed as a result, the entertaining and engaging communication mix-ups are still present. The group has been divided into two groups. You and your colleagues are spies, and you must remove your colleagues from the field before your adversary does the same.

Each round, one member from each team is given the opportunity to examine a decoder card displaying all of the locations, and they must convey this information to the rest of their team by providing one-word replies.

Games last around 15 minutes per round for groups of 2 – 8 players.

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Time’s Up joins the list of games that are similar to Taboo because it is a terrific party communication game that only provides erroneous information to players. You must work with your colleagues to guess actual and fictitious characters as the number of available clues decreases. The game is considerably more heavily influenced by pop culture than Taboo, yet it is the humorous barriers and misunderstandings in communication that distinguish both games as fantastic. For groups of two or more players, this party game is based on the charades format.

All of the players’ cards are jumbled together to make a deck of cards with renowned names on them, which is then used for each of the game’s three rounds. In each round, members of the team take turns attempting to get their colleagues to guess as many names as they can in 30 seconds or less.

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01 | Just One

In addition to being a fairly simple game about giving clues, Just One gets the top rank on the list of board games that are similar to Taboo because it has one small twist that throws everything out of wack. Here, instead of not being able to say common words, you are allowed to use common words; however, if more than one person uses the same word, they are all eliminated and the clues are never discovered. Players take turns guessing a word from a given list. Before they may proceed, the other players are informed of the word on the card and are instructed to jot down a hint that will assist them in getting there.

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It’s more tough than you think, believe it or not.

Games for 3 – 7 players last around 20 minutes each.

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Disclosure: As Amazon Associates, we receive a commission on qualifying orders made via our links. When you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may get a commission at no additional cost to you. Searching for a fun board game to play at a party, such as Taboo, that will bring the party to life? If that’s the case, you’ll like these additional 12 possibilities we discovered. So let’s take a look at some of our favorites, along with information on where you can find them.

  • Image
  • Product
  • Purchase Information
  • Pictionary
  • Create a card with the clues on it so that others might guess
  • Everyone may play
  • No special talents are necessary. Visit Amazon to see more. Scattergories
  • Write down all the words that begin with a given letter
  • Fill in the blanks with different categories
  • Visit Amazon to see more. Catchphrase
  • Ideal for big gatherings of people
  • Put a timer on your phone and describe phrases and words
  • Visit Amazon to see more. Articulate
  • Try to guess as many words as you can
  • Random, action, world, nature, object, and human are among the six categories available. Visit Amazon to see more. That’s all there is to it
  • Make a guess based on the categories provided
  • Players can form groups and compete against one another. Visit Amazon to see more.

To go through this guide, click on the links below.

1. Scattergories

  • To come up with terms that begin with a given letter, players can work individually or together. There are a variety of categories that players must be able to complete
  • These include Because of the timer, players must work as rapidly as possible to complete their cards’ requirements. Points are provided to those who come up with original responses that were not previously listed by the other participants. When players pick an answer that contains two words that begin with the same letter as the letter they are given, they are rewarded two points. Because of the large number of categories available, as well as the variety of letters utilized in the game, there are more than 3,500 potential category combinations. Players are rewarded for being able to think outside of the box
  • However, this is not required. Because participants have the ability to vote on whether or not certain terms are allowed, this game may get quite thrilling towards the finish.

2. Catchphrase

  • Players are divided into two teams, which allows for very large groups of people to play together since teamwork is necessary
  • Each team takes a turn attempting to explain phrases and words that are displayed on the timer without unintentionally pronouncing the actual word
  • As soon as the round is completed, the automated timer will beep. Given the variety of categories available, it’s rather simple to select one that everyone is familiar with
  • Yet, There are no difficulties in keeping track of the game because the buzzer will take care of everything for you
  • Each team passes a buzzer back and forth as they play, and the team who has the buzzer when it goes off must award one point to the opposite team. The winning side is the one that scores seven points first, and the game is often played at a breakneck pace.

3. Articulate

  • Using a deck of cards, players cooperate in groups of two to try to convince their partner to predict as many words from a certain category as they can. For each round, participants have 30 seconds to complete the task, and they may only pass once, so they must be prepared to think quickly on their feet. In order to advance their pawn ahead an equivalent number of squares to the correct responses, teams must first determine the answers they got properly. Pawns that land on red or orange squares will have the option of either moving themselves forward additional places or moving their opponents back a few spaces
  • However, this is not guaranteed. A speed round is played when players land on a spade spot, and they must work together to predict a word before the opposing team can do so. There are six types of cards: random, action, world, nature, object, and person
  • Each category has a number of cards in it.

4. That’s It!

  • During the game, one player selects a topic card and proceeds to read out the categories on the card while the others attempt to guess the solution. The player who correctly guesses the answer wins the card or token and moves one step closer to accumulating the greatest number of points and ultimately winning the game. The fact that there are 200 cards makes it simple to play this game frequently and for extended periods of time without having to replay the same cards
  • If players are concerned about their ability to perform effectively in the game, they might form teams to protect themselves. It is impossible to become bored when playing this game because of its quick pace. Because of the entertaining and various categories, there are responses that everyone will be able to think of
  • The game’s playing length is short about 15 minutes, making it an excellent choice if you’re in a rush.

5. Rollick!

  • Players are divided into teams, which helps to alleviate the tension that players may have while playing on their lonesome. Teams must work with one another without being able to communicate with one another. A 60-second timer, 756 clues, and a scoring sheet are all included. The game is played by one team at a time, and each team picks a card that they will act out as a group. During the 60-second time limit, the opposite team must attempt to guess as many clues as possible in order to earn points. With so many cards and variants for smaller and bigger groups, this game provides a plethora of opportunities for repeat action. Each card has two sides to pick from: an easier side and a more challenging side. Encourages individuals to collaborate in order to play out the card and to be able to accurately determine the card’s meaning

6. Heads Up

  • A headband is placed on each player’s head, and they are required to place cards in it from four different categories. Other players then supply hints to the person wearing the headband, allowing him or her to attempt to predict which cards are being worn. It’s a fantastic game to play with two or more people since it’s simple to divide up into teams and compete against larger groups. The players who are able to correctly predict the most number of words that they have in their headband based on cues from other players are the champions. The timing allows participants ample time to make educated guesses, but it also adds a significant amount of pressure to the game. There are 200 cards available, which means you may play the game over and over again without obtaining the same cards again
  • There are no restrictions on how many times you can play. The game is really entertaining for players of all ages.

7. Codenames Pictures

  • One player takes on the role of the spymaster, while the other players take on the role of the agents who are attempting to contact their secret agents. The spymaster must supply hints to the other players in order for them to determine the codenames of their agents without unintentionally contacting foreign agents, civilians, or the assassin
  • And To be successful, spymasters must be able to provide clues that will assist the player in tracking down their spies without mistakenly revealing the identities of other agents in the process. The winner is the first person to locate all of the agents without revealing the identity of the assassin. Despite the fact that they will have to become creative with code names towards the conclusion of the game, the game is simple to set up and is intended so that the spymaster can run it fast and without many hassles. Suitable for groups of two to eight or more players

8. Midnight Outburst

  • Players divide into teams and then choose a card to which their teammates must guess its meaning. This is an adult-only game. All members of a team have 45 seconds to scream out as many replies as they can after deciding on a topic. The more the number of times a team is able to match the answers on the card, the more points they will be able to earn. There are 562 themes on the cards, and there are a total of 5,620 answers. There are extra points available that can help you raise your score more rapidly. As a result of the large number of distinct cards to pick from, games may go for an extended period of time, and this game can be played again and over again without participants repeating the same cards
  • It is possible to play with only two people, but the game is more challenging

9. Pictionary

  • Classic quick-draw game in which players must attempt to draw the clues on a card in order for the other players to be able to guess the answers
  • Even players who are not particularly artistic can like this game since it is fast and entertaining, and it does not need a high level of talent to participate. It is possible for players to pick between two levels of hints in order to increase the likelihood that their drawing will make sense. Upon making an accurate guess, a team can advance their piece on the board one space. The winning team is the one that has the most right predictions by the time they reach the end of the board. The white boards that come with the kit make it simple to sketch and erase without wasting any paper
  • There are 120 adult cards and 80 junior cards in this game, which implies that it may be played for a long time before being repeated.

10. You’ve Got Crabs

  • Players operate in teams of two and must aim to gather four cards of the same suit. Partners set themselves up for success by devising a secret technique of informing their partner that they have gathered all of their cards
  • This sets them up for success. A player who has four of a type signals to their partner, who then has to exclaim “you’ve got crabs” in order to win the round. A point is deducted from the winning team if a player from another team recognizes the secret signal and cries it out before the winning team does. In addition to the game’s 78 cards, it includes a foam turn indicator, 28 crab points, and simple directions for quick play. Because the guidelines are simple and easy to follow, they are appropriate for youngsters as young as seven.

11. What’s Yours Like?

  • In each round, one player must make an educated estimate as to what the other players are all describing
  • Players select a card and attempt to explain it in such a way that the other player can guess what the card is
  • Generally speaking, the more detailed players are, the more chance a player on the hot seat has of guessing accurately. As many hints as possible are provided by the person in the hot seat in order to determine the correct answer. While the things to be described may appear to be commonplace, the entertaining and complex explanations make this a really enjoyable game to play. This game contains 248 cards with a total of 496 guess words
  • There are 248 cards total. Large groups of people will enjoy this game since everyone will be involved in each round of play.

12. 5 Second Rule

  • When playing this game, you have a selection of more than 150 cards to choose from. Players select a card, read the topic, and start the timer
  • Only five seconds remain on the clock for participants to list three things that are related to the topic
  • Nevertheless, Because players have such a limited amount of time to name three objects, they frequently become tongue-tied and burst out laughing instead of being able to continue playing. Excellent for players aged 10 to adult
  • The game becomes noisier and more intense as the number of participants increases. Despite the fact that the categories are straightforward and appear to be straightforward, they make it quite tough to come up with a solution
  • Due to the fact that players may pay in teams, tension is reduced

If You Love Playing Taboo, These Are 5 Highly Rated Games You Need In Your Life

Screaming, shouting, and wordplay are all part of the fun of Taboo, a traditional party game that’s a cross between charades and Scrabble. Even though it’s a unique activity that’s tough to duplicate, you’ll find lots of comparable games that you’ll like just as much as you did the first time. If you’re seeking for games that are similar to Taboo, you’ve arrived to the correct spot. Best possibilities are word-based games with performance components and team-playing forms, which are both recommended.

  • A fast-paced tempo: Taboo is not a game where you have to think about sophisticated strategy or movements for hours on end. Instead, everything happens rapidly. It’s ideal to look for alternatives that are similarly fast-paced, including components such as stopwatches or timers to keep things going rapidly. Taboo has the atmosphere of a party game: you don’t just sit around a table and talk to each other. A high-energy event, it is ideal for a party or small gathering since players are required to stand up and scream out their responses. Taboo’s card-based design is still another appealing aspect of the game, since it does not need a large amount of room or a stable platform in order to be played effectively. Moreover, it is lightweight and portable, making it simple to transport on a trip or to a friend’s house.

Below you’ll discover five games that are similar to Taboothat that are both entertaining to play and well rated on Amazon.

1. A Fast-Paced Card Game Where You Have 5 Seconds To Shout Out Your Answers

Three or more players are required. What’s amazing about it is that it: This popular card game, which has received more than 8,400 positive ratings on Amazon, is fast-paced, similar to Taboo, in that players only have five seconds to mention objects that meet the theme. This timer, which incorporates marbles rushing down a plastic spiral tower, increases the strain by adding a distinctive element. When you play this hilarious word-based game, it has a party atmosphere since everyone screams out impromptu replies, frequently saying foolish or amusing things that will keep your company chuckling.

“This is one of the most enjoyable games we possess,” one reviewer stated. It’s fun for people of all ages, and it’s new every time we play. “Definitely on the same level as taboo.”

2. This Fun Spy Game Where You Use One-Word Clues To Uncover Secret Agents

The number of players ranges from 2 to 8. (or more) What’s amazing about it is that it: This word-based game, which has a unique espionage twist, is another popular alternative available on Amazon. The objective is to solve word puzzles in order to discover the identity of secret agents who have been sent to you by a spymaster. This game, like Taboo, is based on words and is played in teams with playing cards, however the tempo is a little slower than Taboo. A total of 15-minute rounds may be played in this well-liked party game, which has garnered more than 15,000 positive ratings on Amazon.

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One of its advantages, I believe, is that it does not necessitate the use of an even number of teams because the game is based on team guessing.

In terms of value for money, this is a must-have addition to any party board game collection.”

3. This Classic Party Game Where You List Words That Begin With The Same Letter

Number of players:2 to 6 What’s amazing about it is that it: In this word-based cardgame (which is similar to Taboo), players describe a word out loud, and you have to come up with a list of terms that begin with the same letter as the phrase you just described out loud. Similar to Taboo, it is a fast-paced game that is excellent for gatherings. It does not contain any performance aspects, but the speed and feeling are close to the original. The following is what one reviewer had to say about the game: “Bought this game for a family gathering and we had a BLAST playing it!” The ticking timer was a favorite since it causes everyone to stress out a little bit as they strive to write their lists as quickly as possible.

We were also relieved that there were no offensive terms on the lists of words (so, yes, it was okay to play with Nana present!).

4. A Goofy Card Game Where Teams Decode Common Phrases From Gibberish

4 to 8 players are expected to participate (or more) What’s amazing about it is that it: This amusing card game, which has almost 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, is a cult classic that is suitable for both small and big parties. Essentially, the goal is to turn incomprehensible babble into understandable words. In this fast-paced game, there is a timeframe to keep the pressure on, and teams must collaborate in order to decipher the answers and win. Only thing to keep in mind is that some of the cards are NSFW, so be selective about who you invite to play.

While standing by, it is really amusing to hear the other person attempt to mouth the words since you can hear them saying it but they are unable to.

5. This Funny Game Where You Write Down Same-Letter Words And Defend Your Answers

The number of players ranges from 2 to 8. What’s amazing about it is that it: This card game for adults in groups is similar to Scattergories, but with a few differences. As opposed to merely jotting down words that begin with the same letter, you earn points for choosing the most popular response. Like Taboo, the fast-paced card game has an obvious party vibe that combines dice and an hourglass timer. In a similar vein to the last choice, this game contains certain cards with NSFW themes, making it best suited for parties of adults.

My get-togethers frequently feature board games such as CAH, Taboo, Exploding Kittens, Privacy, Rick and Marty, and other similar titles, as well as other activities. This game will be a welcome addition to our library and will be played on a regular basis. “It’s a good game.”

7 Fun Alternatives Games to Charades and Heads Up!

Shutterstock.com Charades and Heads Up! are two of my favorite games. I am the first person to enthusiastically advocate one of these two games at every social occasion or family gathering when I am present. I’ve found that these activities help to break the ice, bring everyone down to a more relaxed and cheerful level, and create the sort of environment that is conducive to having a good time, laughing, and bonding with one another. What more could you want for from a get-together of your favorite folks, don’t you think?

So I decided to check into a few alternatives to these activities that are actually pretty comparable in nature (or they are simply terrified by the concept of acting out in front of a crowd).

Alternatives to charades and Heads Up!

  1. Shutterstock.com Charades and Heads Up! are two games that I enjoy playing. I am always the first person to enthusiastically promote one of these two games at any social event or family gathering. Generally speaking, I feel that these activities help to break the ice, bring everyone down to a more relaxed and joyful level, and create the sort of environment that is conducive to having a good time while laughing and bonding with one another. Right, what more could you want from a get-together with the folks you care about the most? It goes without saying that not everyone enjoys games like Charades and Heads Up! So I decided to check into other alternatives to these activities that are actually fairly comparable to them (or they are simply terrified by the concept of acting out in front of a crowd). What I discovered was as follows. Playing games other than charades and Heads Up! are some suggestions.

The fact that these games are so similar to Charades and Heads Up is because there is a certain amount of guessing required. In my own personal experience, I have enjoyed each and every one of these games, which are on par with games such as Charades or Heads Up! Some need the same amount of concentrated attention on a single player, while others entail more group activity, which pulls the spotlight away from those who are timid or uneasy when they are in the spotlight. When seeking for games that are similar to Charades (or Heads Up!

They may be used for a games night, family gatherings, social events, birthday parties, or simply a rainy day at home.

Please review the sections below for additional information on each game so that you can see the parallels to Charades and Heads Up!

7 Board Games or Party Games That Are Similar to Charades and Heads Up!

Because there is some element of guessing involved, these games are quite similar to Charades and Heads Up. These games are all enjoyable to me, and they are all on par with Charades and Heads Up! in terms of entertainment. Some need the same amount of concentrated attention on a single player, while others entail more group activity, which moves the focus away from those who are timid or uneasy when they are in the spotlight. When seeking for games that are similar to Charades (or Heads Up! ), these are the greatest possibilities, in my view.

Continuing reading will provide you with additional information on each of these titles.

and choose if it is the sort of game that you would enjoy playing or not.

1. Guesstures

Photograph by K Vazquez / Shutterstock.com Guesstures is so similar to Charades and Heads Up! that many people mistakenly believe it to be the board game counterpart of both of these popular board games. There are playing cards, a timer, and even a trophy for the winning player included in the game box. Players place four cards into the timer, set the timer, and then begin acting out the words/phrases on the cards as rapidly as they can before the timer expires (or the game is over).

After a few seconds, the game is “munched” by the timer, and the players have no more time to act it out. A point is awarded to the group if they properly guess the word. If they do not accurately guess the word, the player removes the card from the timer and declares a tie.

2. Cranium

Cranium is a video game developed by Richard Tait and Whit Alexander that became immensely successful after its debut in 1998. After working at Microsoft for a number of years, both Richard and Whit decided to pursue their passion of developing an educational board game that focuses on a range of abilities. As a result, Cranium was created. Hasbro is now the company that manufactures Cranium. Because Cranium is a cooperative game, a minimum of four players is required. The game begins on Planet Cranium (the purple brain) on the board, with each side selecting a category from which to play.

The following categories are used to choose the cards: Creative Cat, Word Worm, Data Head, and Star Performer, among others.

Every time the team correctly guesses the answer, they roll a 10-sided die and move one space forward on the board.

3. Catch Phrase

Steve Radosh invented the game Catch Phrase, which is available on the App Store. The game was adapted into a television series in the United States, which is the same series on which the British television drama, Game of Thrones, is based. What is the game about, other than the fact that it is a game show shown on television? Playing the game Catch Phrase is like playing a game of word guessing. The primary goal is to assist your team in guessing the sentence that is printed on your playing card.

To play out the catch phrase, it is possible to utilize both verbal hints and physical gestures to help you.

These categories are as follows: Everything, TechInventions, History Buff, Entertainment, SportsGames, Geography, Transportation, Around the House, FoodDrink, PlantsAnimals, and Family.

4. Pictionary

Everything You Will Ever Need / Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com It is believed that Pictionary was inspired by the game of Charades. Robert Angel came up with the concept in 1985. It’s a fun game that may be enjoyed by groups of three or more individuals. A game board, four playing discs/tokens, playing cards, a sand timer, and dice are all included in the game box. Older versions of the game came with little whiteboards and pens, while the majority of newer sets need players to bring their own drawing paper and pencils.

You will note that the spaces on the playing board are all labeled with the letters P, O, A, D, and AP – this indicates that when a player or team falls on that space, they must select the category that corresponds with it.

To begin the game, each side rolls the dice and the team with the highest number wins the game.

They are allowed 5 seconds to consider their options before they must begin sketching.

When someone on the team makes a right guess within the specified time, they are awarded the opportunity to roll the dice and play again. If they do not receive the correct response, the dice is handed to the opposing team, who then has the opportunity to play.

5. Articulate!

Articulate! is a board game that may be played by four to twenty players, or even more. It is appropriate for gamers that are 12 years old or older. In the game, participants are presented with six categories from which they must choose words to describe. The categories are as follows: Object, Random, Nature, Person, Action, and World (in no particular order). These words must be conveyed to the team as rapidly as possible in order for teammates to guess what they are. The describer is then given the opportunity to advance his or her game token ahead by the number of spaces that the words were properly predicted.

The team or person that reaches the end of the game board first wins.

6. Who Am I?

Shutterstock.com Who Am I? is a fun game to play at a party, event, or social gathering where you may meet new people. It is best played with 8 to 10 players, although it may be played with more (or less) persons as well. Prior to the party, jot out the names of well-known persons (both living and deceased) on pieces of paper, which will be pinned to the backs of each visitor when they arrive. The name printed on the piece of paper is not known to the guests that are present. However, instead of asking other people “Who am I?” or “What is my name?” during the evening, players must spend the evening asking other guests questions that may lead to the revelation of who they are.

If the guest is incorrect, he or she returns to mingling and asking questions.

A terrific social game, it generates a lot of laughter and generates a lot of excitement.

7. Concept

While the Concept board game was released by Repos Production, Alain Rivollet and Gael Beaujannot were responsible for its conception and development. Numerous nominations and awards have been given to this game throughout the years. In fact, it was awarded the Jeu de l’Année Award in Cannes in 2014, which is referred to as the “French gaming award of the year.” The concept is similar to that of Charades or Heads Up! in that players must guess what the words are. The words are guessed with the use of a series of image associations.

They work together to place pieces on the available icons on the playing board, which is a collaborative effort.

The player with the most number of points wins the game.

Get Ready to Play

Shutterstock.com While word guessing games such as Charades and Heads Up! will always be popular, they will never be the only ones available to you at any given time.

If you are seeking for other games that are still comparable to these two games or that share characteristics of these two games, the seven possibilities listed above are all good options to consider. Prepare to have a good time! And, of course, best of luck to you!

The 25 Best Party Games for Adults to Upgrade Your Next Social Gathering

You’re still concluding your dinner gatherings with a game of charades, right? Yawn. Take things to the next level with our selection of the finest party games for adults, which range from the hilarious to the very strategic. In addition, because we understand that not all parties are made equal, we’ve included a mix of conventional, unusual, and interactive games to guarantee that your party is anything from a bore. We’re talking about games that incorporate drinks and dares to get the party started, as well as icebreakers and cozy conversation starters that are excellent for more low-key dinner parties.

maybe don’t play some of the more raunchy ones around your mother).


1. The Hygge Conversation Game

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, hygge is a Danish philosophy that encourages finding happiness in any scenario you find yourself in. Although it doesn’t completely translate into English, most people associate it with coziness when they think about it (think: curling up with a book next to a warm fire and feeling that sensation of being totally comfortable at home). In other words, if you’re arranging an intimate dinner party by candlelight, this game is a must-have. Through the use of 330 thought-provoking questions, it is intended to draw you closer to the people you’re with at the table and ensuring that there is never a gap in the flow of discussion at the table.

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Amazon charges $20 for this service.

2. That ‘ s What She Said – The Twisted Party Game

This game will be easy to get into if you’ve played Cards Against Humanity before (or if you haven’t, check number five on this list). The rules of the game are the same for each round: one player will pose a fill-in-the-blank question, and the other players will respond with one of their most amusing cards. Although this game is far dirtier than Cards Against Humanity, it is also filled with twisted innuendos that will have everyone at the table laughing out loud in unison. Just be careful to keep it away from the children’s game cabinet.

3. We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

This card game, which is ideal for social introverts, strives to build connections and create memorable moments in a natural and spontaneous way. It’s designed for 2-6 players and comes with 150 question cards, a final card, 2 dig deeper cards, and 2 pencils, among other things. There are three stages that players may go through, beginning with ‘perceptions,’ moving on to ‘connection,’ and concluding with’reflection.’ There are three levels in all. Using it as a stepping stone into more in-depth discussions—without things becoming too heavy right off the bat—is a fantastic idea.

4. Who Can Do It… Party Game

As the name implies, this game is intended for those who are the doers of the party. Rather than merely encouraging conversation, the game has over 250 action cards that allow players to see who in the group can do what. Pretend to be a mechanical bull rider, snap the worst selfie, or freestyle rap in your underwear. And the rules are straightforward: one player selects a card, reads it aloud, and then takes on the role of judge. Everyone follows the instructions on the card, and thereafter, the judge determines who performed the task the best, and that person is awarded the round.

Everyone enjoys seeing their pals make a fool of themselves, and the suggestions vary from stupid and humorous to really inventive and imaginative. Amazon charges $17 for this item.

5. Cards Against Humanity

You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing as contestants strive to outdo one other in terms of inappropriateness in this bawdy card game. During each round, one player asks a question from a black card (for example, “What is making things unpleasant in the sauna?” or “What is Batman’s guilty pleasure?”) and the other players respond with the most amusing white card they can find. The player then takes on the role of a judge and selects their preferred response. This cult game, which has been dubbed “the party game for bad people,” is certain to generate a lot of laughter.

6. Never Have I Ever

Your adolescent bedroom most likely has memories of you playing this game. This means you may continue to make others laugh (and make them feel embarrassed) far into adulthood. Is there anyone among your pals who has spent a night in jail? Or have you slammed a drink in someone’s face out of frustration? Discover facts about your buddies that you didn’t know before playing this game in which you utilize cards to uncover the deepest, darkest secrets of your crew. Are you spending time with your mother’s friends?

Amazon charges $25 for this service.

7. What Do You Meme?

Are you the type of person that constantly floods the group chat with memes and jokes? Is it your ambition to become famous one day? (Don’t worry, no one is looking at you.) This is the game you’ve been looking for. The goal of this pop-culture card game is to compete with your friends and family members to see who can come up with the most amusing memes. The way it works is as follows: Once a photo card has been placed on the easel, all of the other players must use their (often vulgar) description cards to complete the meme.

Amazon charges $30.

8. The Voting Game

How well do you know your buddies in real life? A number of amusing possibilities are presented to the participants, and they are asked to vote on the “most likely” options in this risqué selection. As an illustration: If you were forced to leave the nation, who would you turn to for assistance? Who would be the winner of a drag show? Is there anyone out there that often eavesdrops on their significant other’s phone conversations? Consider this the ultimate test of your friendship: the ultimate party game.

9. Watch Ya’ Mouth

Possibly, you’ve seen celebs participate in this game on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Also, have you come across any of those odd pictures on social media when people are wearing enormous mouthpieces and trying not to laugh? In this funny Watch Ya’ Mouthparty game, which becomes even more enjoyable with the addition of the NSFW adult expansion pack, Each player takes turns wearing a clear cheek retractor and attempting to pronounce a sequence of dirty phrases that the other players must guess.

It’s straightforward, but it’s also hysterically amusing. The mouthguards are totally dishwasher-safe, so there’s no need to worry. Amazon charges $16 for this item.

10. Telestrations After Dark

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you could have caught a glimpse of celebrities playing this game. Also, have you come across any of those odd photos on social media when people are wearing enormous mouthpieces and trying not to laugh? Introducing the hilariousWatch Ya’ Mouthparty game, which is made even more enjoyable by the addition of the NSFW adult expansion set. A transparent cheek retractor is worn by one player who then attempts to pronounce a succession of inappropriate phrases, which their teammates must guess.

The mouthguards are totally dishwasher-safe, so you won’t have to worry.

11. Quickwits

Even though we enjoy playing card games, they can be difficult to play in a group setting since there are so many rules to remember and keep track of. Enter this simple, fast-paced game in which all players have to do is yell out the first thing that comes to mind in each category, which is straightforward to grasp. The way it works is as follows: Three or more players take turns drawing cards and flipping them over to see who has the highest score. Whenever two cards are drawn that match, the players must call out an example of someone or something that fits into that category (for example, “rhymes with drinking”).

Amazon charges $15 for this item.

12. Exploding Kittens

Even though the family-friendly edition of this game was the most funded project in the history of Kickstarter, this version is most definitely not appropriate for playing with your grandmother. It’s essentially a strategic version of Russian roulette, with the objective being to avoid drawing the Exploding Kitten card, which would result in the game being over. So, how exactly do you go about doing that, you may wonder? By employing Defuse Cards (such as laser pointers and kitten yoga) to distract the kittens, or by using other game-shifting cards to change the outcome of the game (like skipping your turn).

13. Midnight Taboo

Your knowledge of the classic card game Taboo is likely limited to the fact that players select cards and are required to describe what’s written on them without the use of common descriptions. In this late-night version, participants employ tongue-in-cheek guess words, which results in much raunchier outcomes than in the regular edition. If you want to explain “body shot” without using the terms “booze,” “belly,” “lick,” “skin,” or “suck,” try this: It’s not that simple, is it? Amazon charges $45 for this item.

14. Bad People

This party activity, which is similar to The Voting Game, will disclose what your friends truly think of you. Players take turns reading a question card aloud and then voting on who they believe best fits the descriptor on the question card.

When you have question cards with questions like “Who gets paid too much for what they do?” and “Who is most likely to become a drug mule at some point in their life?” this is a game that should be played with close friends only. Amazon charges $40 for this item.

15. Jenga Giant – Family Edition Skill Game

Are you having guests over for a barbecue in the backyard? While the burgers are cooking, this gigantic Jenga-style game will keep the party going till the end. When you combine the size of each block with the size of your forearm, the total height of the complete stack may reach more than five feet! The aim is to arrange the blocks in rows of three, alternating the layers horizontally and vertically, just like you did with the miniature version. Each player must remove a block from the stack and set it on top of it without causing the entire stack to collapse.

16. The Hot Seat

Have you ever wished to appear on a game show on television? Here’s the next best thing, to be honest. In this entertaining game, you’ll find out which of your pals knows the most about you. During each round of the game, one participant is assigned to “the hot seat,” where they must answer questions about themselves (such as “What will my gravestone say?” or “What has the ability to make me instantaneously horny?”) The other participants also have to answer the same question as if they were the person in the hot seat, and then try to predict the correct response.

Amazon charges $25 for this service.

17. Unstable Unicorns

This card game, which has been described as “a strategic card game that will kill your friendships.but in a good way,” is suggested for players aged 14 and over and can accommodate up to eight players. The first player to assemble an army of seven unicorns wins, but getting there may necessitate betraying your friends and family. Do you want to take things to the next level? Check out the NSFW expansion pack for more information. Amazon charges $13 for this item.

18. Codenames

Two opposing spymasters are aware of the identities of 25 spies who are known only by their codenames, but their comrades are unaware of the agents’ identities. Spymasters must strive to persuade their colleagues to predict all of the words in a table that match to their color on a small grid that only they can see by using one-word hints. If you get it correctly, your team may be able to unlock a slew of related terms at the same time. Otherwise, your team may guess something for the opposing team—or, worse, may guess the assassin, resulting in the round being terminated.

19. Draw What?!

A combination of Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity has resulted in a game that is not only filthy, but downright debauched. In this activity, participants select one of over 375 filthy phrases and words to write on a whiteboard or act out if they so desire. If your teammates are successful in guessing what the word is, you will move ahead on the colored squares matching to that word. However, it is not recommended that you play this game during your boss’s dinner party. Amazon charges $35 for this item.

20. It’s in the Bag

This game, which is divided into three rounds, will require you to think quickly if you want to win it. In the first round, players pick a card and explain its contents without speaking any of the words that are printed on it.

A single word must be used to explain what is on the card in the second round, according to the rules. Lastly, during the last round, the participant physically performs what is written on the card. Challenging? Yes. Is it a lot of fun? Yes, without a doubt. Amazon charges $28 for this item.

21. Drawing Without Dignity

The results of turning Pictionary into an adults-only game are as follows: Using your artwork as a starting point, have your pals guess some veryNSFW words and phrases on the card you choose. The team that can figure out your great creation before time runs out receives the point. Amazon charges $25 for this service.

22. Don ‘ t Get Got!

Calling all pranksters and pranksterettes. This party game puts your deception abilities to the test by assigning you six tasks that you must perform without the other players realizing they are a part of the competition. In order to win the game, you must complete three of the six tasks given on the card without being discovered. What’s the best part? Even after the party has ended, you may continue to attempt these tiny tasks (such as getting another player to high five you twice in one day or having a player recite a passage from a book).

Amazon charges $16 for this item.

23. Hedbanz

We’re bringing the game of Charades to a whole new level. One person places a card on their head (with a fancy headband of course) as their team tries to describe the clue in under 90 seconds. Choose between seven areas to put your knowledge to the test, ranging from pop culture to vocations. Describe an influencer, a food-induced coma, or esports as quickly as you can before the time runs out. Amazon charges $14 for this item.

24. Beat That!

This box set has 160 (yes, 160) unique challenges that may be completed by a single player, a couple, or a team. Everyone can find something to their liking in a game, whether it’s trying to balance stuff on your head or throwing paper aircraft. There are task cards for every ability in the book, as well as all of the parts you’ll need (such as tokens, cups, balls, dice, chopsticks, a memo pad, tape measure, and timer). Amazon charges $25 for this service.

25. Scrawl

If Pictionary and Telephone were to have a child, the result would be this sketching game. Start by choosing one of the 240 phrases (such as “lost in Ikea” or “awkward family photo”) and then drawing out your doodle on the computer. Once you’ve finished, pass it on to the next person to figure it out and put the solution on the board to remind everyone. The third person is responsible for sketching out the solution, and the cycle continues until it reaches the first person once more. In order to do this, the first and last images should be comparable (although, let’s be honest, the most amusing part is watching the last image be entirely different from the original).

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