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Drinking Game
A game of Speed Quarters. On opposite sides of the table, players bounce quarters into a shot glass.
Players usually 3+
Setup time 2 minutes
Playing time 10-20 minutes or less
Random chance Easy
Age range Adult
Skills required Aiming

Quartersis a drinking game in which participants attempt to land an Americanquarteror a coin of comparable size off a table in an attempt to have the quarter land in a certain spot, generally into a hotglass(or cup) on that table. It is also popular in South America, where it is known as “monedita,” which translates as “small coin” in Spanish. The “shooter” is the player who is in charge of bouncing the quarter around. There are other varieties, some of which have the glass empty with each player having a different glass to drink from, while others have an alcoholic beverage in the glass that the shooter is trying to hit with the arrow.

Some games may allow a player to bounce the quarter on the edge, particularly if they roll it down their nose, while others may prohibit this.


With a glass of drink in the middle of the table and two persons on opposite sides of the table each holding a quarter and a glass, each round begins in the same way. Everyone takes turns shooting their quarters at their respective glasses until one of them makes it in, at which point the glass is passed to the player on their left. To tap another player’s glass with their own, the person to their left must take a sip from the glass in the middle of the table, refill it, and then put the quarter into his or her glass before being tapped again.

If a player takes his or her initial shot, he or she has the option of passing the glass to any other player who does not already have a glass in their possession.

Speed Quarters

With a glass of drink in the middle of the table and two persons on opposite sides of the table each holding a quarter and a glass, each round begins with the same setup. Everyone takes turns shooting their quarters at their respective glasses until one of them gets it in, at which point the glass is passed to the player on their left. As long as the person to their left still has a glass, the player who has been tapped must drink from the glass in the middle of the table, refill it, then put the quarter into his or her glass before they are tapped again, and the game continues around the table.

The party can increase the number of shot glasses by placing them evenly spaced around the perimeter of the circle if there are enough persons at the table.

Other variations

An additional form of gameplay is to place one glass in the center of the table, with the other glasses placed around it. The participants take turns attempting to bounce the quarter into the drinking vessel. The shooter must gulp the beverage while catching the quarter in their teeth if he or she is successful. If they are unsuccessful, they must pass the glass to anybody else at the table. After then, the ball is passed to the person on the shooter’s left. Those who miss their first attempt at the shot will have the choice of passing the quarter to their left or taking another shot at the same time.

  • Those who miss their second shot will be required to consume the beverage in question.
  • Another option combines a number of individual cups as well as a single community cup.
  • During the game, each participant has his or her own unique cup, which is put around the community cup to make a ring around the community cup (much like a flower pattern).
  • A shooter begins by bouncing a quarter in the direction of the goal posts.
  • If the shooter successfully places the quarter into the communal cup, each participant is required to reach into the middle and drink their own shot.
  • If the shooter hits his or her target on the first try, he or she may continue to shoot until they miss.
  • Ponderosa is the name given to this particular game.
  • In many cases, the rule is that shooters must then speak a phrase, or that no one at the table can use a certain word, with the punishment being an immediate drink for the offending player.
  • Some of the restrictions that the shooter will establish include the prohibition on using the words Drink, Drank, or Drunk, as well as the prohibition on pointing with one’s finger.

Be aware that only one rule may be created at a given point in time. It is considered a miss if the shooter does not bounce the quarter off the table at least once over the course of the shot.


The players must decide ahead of time how much alcohol will be ingested each time a player is compelled to consume alcohol. This is dependent on the variant that is being played as well as the appetites of the participants.

See also

  • The game of pitch penny, which entails tossing pennies across the room and into a hole or against a wall
  • A list of drinking games is provided.


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Do you have any booze on hand?

Speed quarters regulations in its most basic level.

What You Need:

a quarter or many quarters A minimum of two players is required. The most entertaining cups are those made of glass (preferably one cup for each person) A table with a lot of bounce Quarters

How To Play:

Assemble your players around the table and decide who will be the first to go. Due to the fact that it is a game of Quarters, you can take turns flipping coins to choose who will begin the game. The game starts with the first player receiving a chance to bounce their quarter into their glass and start the ball rolling. If you’re just using one glass, settle on a beverage as a group before you start. When playing with a glass for each player, the beverage choice is made by the person who owns the glass.

  1. In the event that you successfully bounce a quarter into your drink, you have the option of choosing who has to drink.
  2. Every time a player has a turn, they have the opportunity to yell “Chance!” following their first failed bounce.
  3. Players can only call chance once per turn.
  4. You must choose who will drink next, and the game will continue.

This leads in a drinking punishment, and the bouncer is required to consume alcohol. After finishing your drink, you are eliminated from the competition. The winner is the person who is left standing! We don’t mean that in a figurative sense!

More Ways To Play Below:

Quarters is a fun social drinking game that incorporates aspects of talent, such as the ability to bounce a quarter off of a hard surface and into a glass. The poorer you are at quarters, the more probable it is that you will engage in excessive drinking. Sponsored


Players attempt to seat equally opposite each other around a table, with a cup of beer in the center of the table as a marker. Two players who are seated opposite one another begin with a quarter and a shot glass.


Immediately after the game begins, the two players who have quarters and shot glasses compete to see who can get their quarter off the table and into their shot glass in the shortest amount of time. Following their successful completion, they transfer the shot glass with the quarter on to their left, and that player repeats the entire procedure. The player who makes his shot before the person to his left has made theirs must tap the player to his left’s glass, and the player who taps that player’s glass must drink from the center cup and refill it with beer.

It is permissible for a player to pass their glass to any other player if they make their shot on the first attempt.

You should be aware that this alcohol drinking game is not intended to result in you being ill as a result of excessive alcohol intake.

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How To Play Quarters The Drinking Game With Rules – Chuggie

How to play the quarters game It goes without saying that the drinking game with rules is a great classic. It’s a fantastic game since anybody may participate, yet there are certain people who are better than others. A set of two cups for play, a cup for the middle, and two quarters are all that are required.

Quarters The Drinking Game Equipment:

  • Shot glasses (we recommend theseHeavy Base Shot Glasses)
  • Plastic cups (we recommend these16oz Party Cups)
  • Beer
  • And other beverages.

How To Play Quarters The Drinking Game With Rules:

Here’s how you play quarters the drinking game: To begin, fill a communal cup in the middle of the table with either a small amount of everyone’s drink or a full beer. The game may begin as soon as the cup is completely filled and everyone has a drink in front of them. The game begins with two players facing each other with the quarters and cups in their possession. The players’ goal is to bounce the quarter off the table and into their cup as quickly as possible. The players must keep bouncing the quarter until it lands in the cup at the end of the game.

If the player is successful in getting the quarter into the cup on the first attempt, they may pass the cup to anybody else at the table.

If a player gets his quarter in and the player to his left still has his cup, the player to his left taps his glass on the player to his left’s cup, and the loser is the player to his left’s cup. The loser must finish the communal cup in the center, fill it back up, and then play it once more.

Other Ways To Play Quarters The Drinking Game

Everyone takes a seat at the table, with one cup in the center of the table. With one quarter, the game is restarted. People only make one effort at bouncing the quarter into the cup before giving up. If they are successful in getting the quarter in, they will pour 2 drinks and pass the quarter to the next player in line. If they don’t make it, they’ll have to drink anything.

Make A Rule: Quarters The Drinking Game Variation

Make a rule is based on the same same rules as Give 2 Drinks, with one exception: there is no second drink. If a player successfully completes a quarter, he retains the quarter and continues. If the player bounces the quarter three times in a row, he is given the opportunity to create a rule. If someone violates a rule, they are required to drink two drinks. Here are a few excellent guidelines to follow: Play using your imagination; the guidelines are a highly enjoyable way to play! What is your favorite way to play quarters, the drinking game with rules, and how do you go about it?

Keep an eye out for additional drinking games on our website,!


How to Play Quarters

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format Playing Quarters is a popular drinking game in which players aim to have their quarter land in one of the drinking glasses (or cups) on the table without having to bounce it off of it again after landing. Partygoers in the United States and Canada, particularly college and university students, like playing this game during their gatherings. In South Africa, the game is known as Coinage, which means “coinage” in English. Quarters games may be played in a variety of ways, all of which are simple to learn and entertaining to participate in.

  1. 1Set the stage for the game. You’ll need one normal cup (a milk glass would suffice), some alcohol, glasses to put the alcohol in, a table, and a quarter to complete this project successfully. Players (as many as you want) are seated around a table, either standing or sitting in seats, as shown. The milk glass should be positioned in the middle of the table, at least 10 inches away from each player’s seat. Each guest receives their own cup, which is filled with the alcoholic beverage of their choice. Instead of strong liquor, beer is more commonly employed
  2. 2 Take it in turns to shoot. Shots are taken by each player in turn, with the action often flowing counterclockwise around the table. The purpose of the game is to get the quarter to bounce off the table and into the milk glass in the middle of the table. If the quarter lands in the glass, the shooter has the option of selecting any player in the game to take a sip from his or her own beverage at the expense of another player. Until the shooter misses, the turn does not come to an end for him or her. Advertisement
  3. s3 During the game, you can take a “chance.” The shooter passes the quarter to the next player if he or she makes a miss. Occasionally, after a miss, the shooter can choose to play “chance,” which allows them to try again. All that is necessary is for the shooter to speak the word “chance” after a miss in order for this to work. Taking a successful “chance” shot enables the shooter to continue shooting normally, however missing results in a penalty drink. You may make up your own regulations as you go along. The beautiful thing about quarters is that they have a high degree of replayability. If the shooter makes three consecutive baskets, he or she is given the authority to make up a regulation. Rules should be unique and entertaining, and may include things like as executing a ritual before drinking or restricting the usage of certain common terms. A player who violates any of the regulations is required to consume a penalty drink.
  • As the game proceeds and the participants grow more drunk, it becomes increasingly difficult to recall all of the rules. The goal of the game, on the other hand, is not to be a stickler, but to enjoy the game and have a good time. Some instances of made-up regulations include, but are not limited to, the following: prohibiting the use of the term “drink,” requiring a drink before each attempted shot, refraining from using proper names, and so on.
  1. 5Challenge the shooter to a duel. If the shooter hits the top rim of the glass and misses the shot, the other players may challenge him or her to a game of chess (challenging the shooter to get it in). The shooter must drink one drink for each challenged player if he or she misses a third time, but if the shooter gets the ball in the glass, he or she must drink one for everyone. The shooter, on the other hand, is not required to accept the original challenge and may instead opt to send the coin to the next shooter. Bring the game to a close. Whenever a player cannot or does not want to take any more of their alcoholic beverage, they are automatically disqualified from the game. The winner is determined by the number of players that remain. After then, you may play the game again and over again to see if the shooter can maintain his unblemished streak. Advertisement
  1. 5Defend yourself against the shooter’s attempts to harm you. A challenge may be called by the other players if a shooter misses his or her shot and hits the top rim of the basketball court (challenging the shooter to get it in). A drink is required for each challenging player if the shooter misses a third time, while a drink is required for all challenging players if he or she gets it in the glass. The shooter, on the other hand, is not required to accept the original challenge and may instead opt to transfer the coin to the next shooter
  2. Finale del juego When a player is unable or unwilling to take any more of their alcoholic beverage, they are disqualified from the game. The winner is determined by the number of players that are still in the competition. Once you’ve completed the game, you may replay it indefinitely to see if the shooter can maintain his unblemished streak. Advertisement
  • The simple act of passing the cup to the opponent with the other cup, on the other hand, is unacceptable. To prevent the loser from trying another shot, you must stack your cup inside your opponent’s cup
  • This move is necessary since the loser is frequently unaware that their opponent has “screwed” them.
  • 4 Give the loser a second chance to redeem himself. The loser is given one more opportunity to shoot into the stacked cups at this stage. If the loser fails to make the putt, he or she must consume the penalty beverage, which is often a shot or a considerable amount (possibly the entire bottle) of an alcoholic beverage. If the loser takes the final shot, the game is effectively over for the remaining players.
  • There are some regulations that compel all other participants to take penalty drinks, while others merely require the person who “screwed” the loser to take penalty drinks. It is possible that the player who “screwed” the loser will be allowed a single shot, exactly like the loser, and the two will take turns shooting until one of them misses
  • However, this is rare. One alternative possibility for the punishment beverage is for the player who “screwed” the loser to be permitted to spin a quarter, and the loser will be required to drink a beer or a mixed drink for as long as the quarter is still in the air. The loser must then spin a quarter, and everyone else drinks for as long as the loser lets it to spin. If the loser makes the last shot, she must spin a quarter again.
  1. 5Complete the game. The game comes to an end when everyone agrees to stop playing together or when everyone becomes too inebriated to continue playing. You may, however, make up your own rules on how to bring the game to a close. Some variants of the game require a player to lose five times before they are ousted from the game. It is your responsibility to continue till the last person is standing. Advertisement
  1. 1Set the stage for the game. Fill a cup halfway with the alcoholic beverage of your choice and set it in the center of the table. The “huge chug” is the term used to describe this cup. Place a cup around the large gulp for each person who will be participating in the game. In addition, fill each of these glasses with alcoholic beverages. Assign each of the participants one of the cups that are arranged around the huge gulp. It is necessary for each participant to know the location of their cup inside the large chug
  2. 2 Start the game by pressing the start button. When a quarter is dropped, the player attempts to bounce it towards the cups in the middle of the table. If a player misses the shot completely, he or she will be forced to drink the contents of their cup. The quarter is then passed to the player to the right of the current player. 3 If the player manages to get it into one of the opponent’s cups, the opponent will be forced to drink the contents of his or her cup. Take a sip of the insect chug. If a player bounces the quarter and it lands in the large chug, additional restrictions are enacted to protect the player. Every player is required to pick up their cup of alcoholic beverage and consume it. Once everyone has finished drinking, the last person to do so must drink everything in the large container. Bringing the game to a close. This game is usually called a day after the participants have either grown weary of playing or been too intoxicated to continue. In order to decide a winner, you may create a point system, which is discussed more below. If you successfully bounce the quarter into an opponent’s cup, you will receive one point for your efforts. If you fail to collect all of the cups, you will receive 0 points. If you manage to grab it in the huge gulp, you will lose 1 point for it. Final point deduction: the participant who fails to complete the big gulp drinking challenge loses two points. Advertisement
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VideoRead Video Transcript

  • Before the game begins, the participants must decide how much alcohol will be drunk each time a player is forced to drink. There are a variety of factors to consider, like the number of games you anticipate playing, the amount of food available, the amount of alcohol available, the sorts of alcohol available, and so on. Make your regulations as unique as possible. The more bizarre and outlandish the rules are, the more fun you’ll have with them
  • Set up a competition that includes all of the quarter-final matches. One round of each game should be played to keep the celebration fresh and entertaining.

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Things You’ll Need

  • Table, quarter, milk glass, cups to sip from, and the alcoholic beverage of your choosing

About This Article

Table, quarter, milk glass, cups to drink from, and the alcoholic beverage of your choosing

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Despite the fact that quarters appears to be a thoughtless game, it really demands a considerable level of coordination.

What You’ll Need:

  • (As is customary), there were people and beer. 1⁄4 of an inch (thus the name)
  • Additionally, a shallow juice glass

How to Play:

All of the participants gather around a table or other hard surface and take turns attempting to bounce the quarter off the table and into the juice glass at the center of the table. If the player is successful, he or she will inform any other players to have a drink and will also receive another turn. If the player does not succeed, the ball is passed to the next player in the circle. If a player is lucky enough to make three consecutive bounces, that player has the authority to create a rule.

  • “Can’t say drink, drank, or drunk,” for example, is a favorite.
  • (Think outside the box) If a player violates any regulation throughout the course of the game, the violator is required to “drink any alcoholic beverage.” Voila!
  • Please drink in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Kyle is a lifelong resident of Delaware who takes great pleasure in his home state and has always had a passion for music since an early age.

In the “Hollywood Kyle” part of the Mix Morning Show, which airs about 9:40 a.m. Monday through Friday, Hollywood Kyle shares abstract views and ideas with the hosts.


Quarters is a fun drinking game in which players attempt to place a quarter in a shot glass or cup on the table by bouncing it off of it.

What You Need

  • A Table
  • Four Quarters. Make certain that it is not a table that will quickly dent. Using a bar or counter is ideal because it provides a higher playing area, and since all of the players must be the same distance away from the glass. 1 or more — glasses, cups, or shot glasses are required. Beer
  • Two or more players

Quarters for the Game Prepare a cup of coffee to your liking and set it in the center of the table. Decide who will be the first to go. Trying to get the cent to land in his glass of beer, the Shooter bounces it off the table. If the Shooter fails to make his or her shot, the game goes on to the next shooter. As soon as the Shooter gets a shot in, he hands over the beer glass to one of the other Players, who is then required to drink it. The Shooter is given another bounce once the beer has been refreshed.

Many rule modifications allow the Player to establish a rule after three consecutive made shots, which is one of the most popular.

Rule Variations

One Cup will be played in a head-to-head match. A glass is placed between the two players so that they may see each other more easily. Taking turns attempting to get quarters to bounce into the glass is fun. The beer is given to the other person by the person who takes the first shot. 5 Cups in a Head-to-Head match. During the game, the players stand opposite from each other with 5 partially full cups in their hands. All of the cups are lined up, with the tallest or most fully filled cup in the middle.

  1. Whenever a quarter is bounced in to a cup, the opposing player must immediately stop bouncing and drink the glass from where the quarter was bounced – the person who made the quarter will seize the dry quarter and continue to bounce.
  2. The winner is the first player to form a quarter of a circle in the middle cup.
  3. Quarters for the team.
  4. It’s a head-to-head match, but there are numerous individuals on each team.
  5. Quarters at a high rate of speed.
  6. Cups for individuals and groups.
  7. Quarters are bounced by the shooters in the direction of all of the cups.
  8. If the Quarter lands in the Community Cup, all players are required to bash their drinks together in celebration.
  9. A player shoots till he misses the Quarter into a cup, which is the goal.

Speed Quarters

Quarters is a game that is very similar to Quarters, but is played more faster, more like a race.

Playing Speed Quarters is a wonderful drinking game in which players bounce a quarter off a table until the quarter lands in a cup is the objective. There are two cups in play. In order to get the Quarter into their cup before the other cup catches up with them, players must move quickly.

What You Need

  • Quarters. One for each player or one for each glass
  • A Table is a piece of furniture. Make certain that it is not a table that will quickly dent. A bar or counter is ideal since it provides a higher playing area and allows all players to be at the same distance from the glass
  • Two cups, preferably of the same size, are also required. One additional cup for drinking is placed in the center. Beer
  • A group of five or more players

Playing Quarters at a Rapid Pace Fill the Community Cup to the appropriate level and set it in the center of the table. Filling the Community Cup The two cups are placed on opposing edges of the circle of players to begin the game. Someone screams out the numbers 3, 2, 1, GO! And with that, the game starts. Each Shooter strives to get their Quarter into the Cup by whatever means necessary. Whenever the Shooter misses, he or she must pick up the Quarter and start the process over. Assuming the Shooter successfully completes the Cup, the cup is passed to the left.

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The individual who is apprehended is required to drink from the Community Cup.

One Cup will be given to the loser, while the other will be given to a Player from across the circle.

Rule Variations

Redemption. In certain versions, the losing Player is given a second chance to redeem himself. Stack two glasses together to create a towering target to strike. The loser is given one more chance to make it to the top glass. If the shot is successful, the player to the right will have a chance to strike the top cup. If he doesn’t make it, he drinks from the Community Cup. If the shot is successful, the cup is returned to the Loser for another attempt. This is repeated over and over until it is forgotten.

  1. If your gathering is very large, you may want to consider adding a third Cup.
  2. Sloppy Bounce is a term used to describe how sloppy a bounce is.
  3. If you want to punish the Player even more severely, make him drink the Community Cup.
  4. See our Quarters Page for further information.

How To Play Quarters – Official Rules and Variants – The Chuggernauts

There are many different drinking games out there, but the Quarters drinking game is one of the simplest. A cup of coffee and a handful of cash are all you’ll need to get started. The original rules, extra rules, and several entertaining quarters modifications are all included below.

What You’ll Need To Play:

Quarters and a pint of beer are all you need. A good level surface to play on, such as a wood table, will also be necessary.


This is a simple game to learn how to play. Toss the quarter into the cup and see how far it goes.

Official Quarters Drinking Game Rules:

Gameplay is simple in this case. Toss the quarter into the cup and see how far you can get it.

Optional Rules:

There are other alternate rules to this game that may be used to make it a little more exciting.

  • If a player fails to get the quarter into the cup on the first attempt, he or she must drink and shoot again. So the only way to get through the quarter is to eventually get it in the cup, which is becoming increasingly difficult with each drink. This regulation applies when a player’s shot strikes the rim of the cup and results in his being given an additional shot. The “miss and fill” rule states that for each missed shot, you must pour some of your own drink into the cup. Three-bouncing variation: In this form, no one drinks from the middle cup, allowing it to be filled with water instead. Instead, every time someone takes a shot, they are entitled to a drink and the opportunity to try again. If they get three in a row, they get to design a new game rule
  • Else, they lose.

Quarters Variations

Instead of using a cup in the center, you may use an empty ice tray in this variant of the recipe. Players take turns attempting to bounce a quarter into the tray, just as they would in the regular game. Before anything else, the ice tray is stocked with beer and each guest is handed a tiny stray. The objective is for a quarter to land in an empty place in the tray of the game. If you miss your shot, you just take a sip of your drink. The placement of your ball into an area with no quarter in it might compel an opponent to consume the space in question.

  1. Irish Quarters: This type is like a supercharged version of the quarter.
  2. In this game, players take turns trying to spin the quarter and sip their drink before it comes to a complete stop.
  3. If they fail, they must drink the liquid from the middle cup and try again until they achieve their goal.
  4. The purpose of this game is to bounce your dime off of an upturned cup as many times as possible.

The player who is the last to put their dime in the cup must fill it full and drink it before the following round can begin. Check out our collection of more coin games if you like these official Quarters drinking game rules and modifications. Please remember to drink responsibly. Coin

Fantastic Drinking Games: Kings! Beer Pong! Quarters! The Official Rules to All Your Favorite Games and Dozens More (Paperback)

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Drinking games that are sure to liven up any gathering! Toss the dice and see what happens. Slam the door on the quarter. Toss the cup around. Did you come out on top, miss, lose, or guess incorrectly? It appears to be your chance to partake in a beverage! Depending on the rules you learnt to play by, this may or may not be the case. The book Fantastic Drinking Gamesis for you if you’ve ever gotten into a heated debate with someone over the rules of your favorite drinking game, or if you’ve ever been curious about how that ridiculous game at the table next to you is played in practice, this is the book for you.

Learn the rules of entertaining party games such as:KingsSpoonsPokerQuarters and more.

About the Author

Beer is something that John Boyer enjoys drinking on occasion. In fact, he has sampled more than 450 different varieties of beer and visited more than 120 different wineries on his travels. The novelist and drinking game lover resides in Hackettstown, New Jersey, with his wife and son.

25 of the best drinking games for bringing the fun

We like organized games of many kinds, from board games to dinner party games to drinking games. And while Ring Of Fire is a dependable option, there is a limit to how many times you can compel folks to drink from the King cup before they get resentful. Aside from that, your cards are probably so sticky that they’re practically worthless at this point. Right? I was aware of it. Therefore, it is crucial that you have one of these other top drinking games in your back pocket, ready to pull out during Freshers’ Week or the next time you have around 39 minutes until the cab comes.

The best drinking games

Two members of your party are standing back to back with their drinks in hand. Everyone else asks them a “Who’s the most likely to.” question, and whomever believes they’re the most likely to gets a drink from the group. If one of them consumes alcoholic beverages, you go to the following question. If they both consume alcohol, they will both be required to consume alcohol again. If none of them consumes alcohol, they will both be required to consume alcohol again.


Paranoia may not win you many friends, but it will bring everyone together in a good mood much more quickly than you may expect – and you’ll be astonished at how inquisitive you actually are as well. Players take it in turns to whisper a question to the person to their right, and the person to their left does the same. The individual answering the question must state their response aloud, keeping in mind that the remainder of the participants have not yet heard the question being asked. For example, if the inquiry is ‘How many persons in this room have you kissed?’ and the answer is ‘Two,’ the answer will be spoken aloud.

Even the most laid-back of individuals will occasionally lose their cool at some point!

A more severe variation on Paranoia is ‘Person Paranoia,’ in which the response to the question must be a person present in the room, and the person answering the question must point to the person who is answering the question. Are you interested in knowing what the question was? Drink. Giphy

Fuzzy Duck

This game, which is an oldie but a goodie, is ideal for a low-maintenance home since it requires no equipment other than your own voices. Place everyone in a circle and say ‘fuzzy duck’ to the person on your left as you sit down. Maintain this pattern until one of the players chooses to say ‘does he’, to which the player to their right must respond with ‘ducky fuzz’, and then the game continues in the opposite direction with everyone saying ‘ducky fuzz’ until one of the players says ‘does he’ again, at which point the direction switches and it’s back to ‘fuzzy duck’ once more.

Whenever someone makes a grammatical error, they are required to drink.

Cup stack

Place a large number of stacking cups in the middle of a table (say, double the number of people who will be playing), each with a couple of inches of alcohol in it, with the exception of two cups. Everyone gathers around a ping pong table with two ping pong balls positioned evenly apart on each side (so if there are ten of you, player one and player five has a ping pong ball). Using the empty cups as a starting point, players one and five (who also have them) will take it in turns to bounce the ping pong ball around on the table and into the cup (one bounce and then it has to go into the cup) before passing the cup and ball clockwise onto the next person to repeat the process.

Repeat the process until there are no cups left in the center – and the cup stacks running around the perimeter are approximately 10 cups high.

Where’s the water?

In this game, you’ll need to know how to control your tequila while bluffing to be a champion. It’s a game of chance where you set up a variety of shot glasses and fill some with clear spirits (vodka and sambuca also work well) and others with water to create a roulette-style situation. After that, each player must take it in turns to pick and drink a shot, as well as say’mmm, water!’ in the most convincing voice they can muster. The shot is on you if you call them out on it and they admit they were lying.


Drunk Twister

Twister is a game for adults, and here is the adult version. You must be mildly inebriated prior to playing, and you must drink every time you fall over in order to avoid being disqualified from participating. There is simply nothing more amusing and crazy than playing this game with your friends after a few glasses of alcohol, believe me. So, the next time you’re planning a girls’ night in, get out your old yoga mat from the attic or order a cheap one off of eBay.


Of course there is a drinking game app; after all, we are in the twenty-first century. There are two versions of Picolo available for free download: the normal version and a more intensive version. If you want the latter, you’ll have to pay to have access to the more difficult levels. When compared to the free version, which includes categories and rhyming chores, the premium edition takes things to an entirely new level by including waterfall and the floor is lava drinking activities, among other features.

When you download the app, each player’s name is automatically added to the game, and the software effectively instructs you what to do – which is excellent for indecisive parties out on the town.


Using yet another brilliant concept that requires no prior preparation at all, the only rule of this tricky little game is that you must always address people by their first and last names, rather than by their first and last names alone. For example, instead of saying ‘Sarah, can you pour me another glass?’ you would have to say ‘Bob Sarah, can you pour me another glass?’ We know it seems simple, but we’re willing to bet you’ll make a mistake at least once – and what will you lose as a result of forgetting?

The name game

Lastly, since we’re on the subject of names, here’s a new game to add to your arsenal. It’s entirely dependent on your celebrity knowledge, which is presumably why we ace this one every single time. To begin, one player announces the name of someone famous, and then the next player needs to say the name of someone else famous whose name begins with the first letter of the other person’s surname (okay, we’ve used the term “name” a lot; are you still with us?) After that, the game is over. After player one names Taylor Swift, you could move on to Seth Rogen, and the next person may name Reese Witherspoon.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a name right away, you’ll have to drink while you’re thinking about it.

Task master

For those attending a home party with individuals they do not know, or for those who are pre-drinking in the halls, this drinking game is ideal. In order to begin the game, players must first compete in a round of rock, paper, scissors to determine who will serve as the ‘task master.’ Following their appointment, the task master might challenge someone in the group to do a specific assignment. The more embarrassing and cringe-worthy the situation, the better. For example, the person issuing the commands may issue a challenge to someone to speak in a strange accent and not break the facade throughout the night.

If the assignment is completed but goes wrong, they are required to drink half of their drink.

It should be noted that the more inebriated individuals become, the funnier it becomes.

Beer pong

Is it really necessary to explain what beer pong is? No? We’re going to do it whatever. Divide the group into two teams, each taking an end of the triangle (which may be filled with vodka, gin, wine, or Ribena – whatever your poison is) and placing them at the opposite ends of the table in a 3-2-1 arrangement. Afterwards, players take it in turns to toss a ping pong ball into one of their opponents’ cups, with the result that whomever lands the ball has to drink the contents of the cup and take the cup away from the table.

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You’ll need a dice as well as six different cups of varying sizes, ranging from a shot glass all the way up to that ridiculously large novelty mug that you have to put two teabags in to make the game work properly. Player’s take turns rolling the dice and then drinking the contents of whichever cup they’ve been assigned to drink from. In conclusion, be considerate and serve something in the larger glasses that contains a mixer or you will not survive long!

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Pour some beer, wine, or whatever you’re feeling into a glass and set it down in the middle of the table for everyone to enjoy. Then take an empty shot glass and place it in the glass so that it floats on top of the liquid. Afterwards, each participant is required to pour a tiny bit of their beverage into the shot glass. The person who sinks the shot glass (or boat) is responsible for drinking the entire contents. Nice. Giphy

Flip cup

You know those red plastic cups that appear in every American adolescent film ever made? Yeah, those. You can purchase them here right now; they’re called Solo cups, and they’re great for a game of flip cup. This is a team game in which two opposing sets of players stand on opposite sides of a table or counter, with a full cup in front of each participant, to compete against one another. Immediately after the games begin, the first participants in line sprint to finish their beverages and then drop their empty cups upside down on a raised edge of the playing field.

Because it is a relay, the team that gets to the finish line first wins!

Never have I ever

Never Have I Ever is a popular game in Freshman’s dorms all around the country since it allows you to learn a great deal about individuals in a short period of time. Basically, if you’re not familiar with the rules, you use the phrase “Never have I ever” as a prefix to a statement for something you’ve never done, and everyone who has done it is required to take a sip of alcohol. To begin, choose benign topics such as food or travel, and then go to the more ‘interesting’ topics (sex acts, basically).

Wizard staff

It’s true that this game is really ridiculous, and we would never recommend that you participate in it. However, the premise of the game is so amusing that we had to share it with you. In order to complete the challenge, you must consume any drink that comes in a can and then tape the cans together to form your very own Wizard Staff, which serves as the source of all of your inebriated power. You can learn more about the challenge here. The person with the largest staff wins, but if anyone manages to collect ten cans (again, we stress, don’t try this at home), they automatically become the White Wizard, and anyone else who manages to collect ten cans after them must duel them – which is essentially whacking their staffs together until one of them breaks – in order to compete against them for the crown of White Wizard.

In conclusion, Harry Potter has absolutely nothing on this.

Drunk jenga

Make an investment in an inexpensive jenga set (there are a plethora of affordable options available on Amazon), and label the top of each wooden block with a different rule. Some good suggestions are: ‘drink two fingers of your drink,’ “take a shot,” and “kisse the person to your right.” You may be as wild or as lowkey as you like with your suggestions. Your game will get more clumsy as time goes on because you will become more inebriated as you play. Giphy

Higher or lower / Screw the dealer

Sit in a circle with a deck of cards facing down, facing each other. Players take turns acting as the dealer of the cards, with each player holding the deck of cards in their hands. The dealer reveals the information of one card to the group by turning it face up and reading them aloud. For example, the seven of hearts. Person on the left of the dealer now has the responsibility of determining whether the following number will be greater or lower than the number seven (Jack, Queen, King, Ace arehigh).

The game continues – with the dealer drinking each time someone gets an answer correct – until someone gets it incorrect, at which point the person to the left takes over as the dealer.

Ride the bus

Another game that requires a group of people sitting in a circle and playing with a deck of cards. This is a very similar setup to’screw the dealer,’ except that this time the one who is making the higher or lower guesses is also the one who has to drink the most. 15 cards should be laid out in a triangular pattern on a table (one at the top, followed by two below it, three below that, four below that and then finally five). Once one of the bottom five cards has been turned over, the player must select one of the four cards above it at random, indicating whether it will be greater or lower in value.

The pattern continues until they reach the one card at the very top, if it is higher.

If they make a mistake, they must drink as many fingers of their drink as there are rows remaining on the table.

Players must replace the cards they’ve used with new ones from the pack before moving on to the next player.


If you enjoy the game of intoxicated jenga, this is the game for you as well. What’s the best part? It’s really simple. All you have to do is set an empty glass in the center of the table where every participant can reach it and fill it with the beverage of your choosing. Lay out a deck of cards face down around the cup and set it aside. It’s as simple as grabbing a card and placing it on the glass, making sure at least the corners are dangling off the sides. If you come into contact with another player’s card throughout the procedure, you must drink; if your card falls off the stack, you must take two sips of your drink; if three or fewer cards fall off the stack, you must drink three sips.

For those who truly screw up and knock six or more cards off the table, you’ve lost the game, and the forfeit is downing the drink in the middle of the glass.

Drink murder

A unique take on an old classic – the wink murder mystery novel. We’re certain that everyone is familiar with the basic regulations, but let’s go through them again. In each round, one individual is given the role of the killer, which is kept a secret from the other participants. It is possible for this individual to “kill” other players simply by making eye contact with them and winking at them. When you’re winked at, you have to act as though you’ve died suddenly. The only difference is that in this version, you take a sip from your drink instead.

PamWalker68 Photographs courtesy of Getty Images

Truth or drink

Once again, this is a variation on a house party game that we all know and enjoy (unless you find it super awkward, that is). The choices are straightforward: either you choose to offer an honest response to a question presented by one of your fellow drinkers, or you choose to take a drink instead of participating in a dare.


For last-minute pre-drinks, this is an extremely simple solution that doesn’t even involve the use of any cards. In order to get started, each participant picks a hand gesture that represents themselves. Think peace sign, Madonna Vogue hands, or anything else that comes to mind. As soon as everyone at the table begins to thumps, the game is in motion, and the initial player performs their own hand action, followed by that of another player, all while the others continue to thumps. The person who performed the hand movement then follows the same process, and so on.

Straight Face

Have you ever tried to keep your laughter under control when you’re a little tipsy, only to discover that doing so makes things 100 times funnier? Exactly same sensation is tapped into by this game. Players write sentences on pieces of paper with the intention of making other people laugh at the content of the sentences they write. Combine the scraps of paper and toss them in the middle; then, players take turns picking one out and reading it aloud, all while trying to maintain a straight face.

International drinking rules

Even if you’ve exhausted every potential drinking game, but you still want to have a little organized fun, this is the perfect option for you. Despite the fact that it is not necessarily a game, it nevertheless involves ability and memory, which is made significantly more difficult when you are a little tipsy. All you have to do is keep on with your socializing as usual, but with a few additional guidelines that will help to spice things up a little. Overall, if you break the rules, you get drunk; if you don’t break the rules, you remain sober throughout the night.

It is possible to personalize the rules in order to match the overall concept of the event, however the typical ones are as follows:

  • There will be no swearing or pointing. You are unable to place your drink on the table
  • Instead, you must either continuously refilling your glass throughout the night or carry your empty glass. All of you tinny drinkers are in for a rude awakening. There will be no addressing people by their first names
  • There will be no use of the word “drink.”

Do you believe you have what it takes?

Drink responsibly.

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6 Drinking Games to Play With Your Friends Online on Zoom

As the country adheres to a recommended stay-at-home policy in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19, it might be difficult to find opportunities for social drinking with friends. Our assortment of entertaining drinking games may be played with your friends over a Zoom call or even by yourself, thanks to the efforts of our team. We don’t pass judgment.

Drinking Games At Home With Friends or Roommates

Due to the fact that there is little interaction and almost no cup-sharing, King’s Cupis the ideal online drinking game for folks searching for a fun way to spend the time with their housemates while they are away from home. Despite the fact that the rules may differ from person to person, the general concept is straightforward and enjoyable to play with groups of any size.

Beer Pong

Beer pong is an all-American classic that distinguishes the adults from the children in the room when played. If you want to be extra cautious, fill the cups on the table with water and drink from personal cups, cans, or bottles instead. When someone brings out ping-pong balls at a party, you and your team may practice and improve your abilities so that you and your team can crush everyone who opposes you. More information may be found at: Best Places for US Tourists to Visit in December.

Drinking Games For One

This is a fun online drinking game that anyone may play by themselves or with a group of friends; that is, if they are capable of handling it. The guidelines are straightforward: all you have to do is drink one sip of beer per minute for an hour and you’ll be OK. The ideal accompaniment for this one is music, which we offer the Revelry-curated’90s Power Hour for your listening pleasure.


Quarters is a great drinking game for folks to play by themselves or in groups while in quarantine. Make use of all of your spare time to hone your quarter game abilities so that you can control the table the next time you attend a party. Make care to sanitize your quarters as well as possible before playing!

Drinking Games For Your Zoom Crew

Beer Uno is a small-town favorite that has been making the rounds recently. The rules of this drinking game are straightforward: typical Uno rules apply, and because this is a minor league game that can be passed from player to player, Zoom exceptions will almost certainly be necessary. As in the original, you must play a card of the same color or number; if you are unable to do so, you must draw cards until you are able to do so, and you must drink one drink for every card drawn. If you pass over the next player, they’ll get a drink on you.

It’s just that simple!

More information may be found at: Songs to Play on a Date That Are Popular Among Couples


It’s the childhood classic, but with an adult spin!

Sink your opponent’s Battleship and send them to the bottom of the ocean! Take a drink every time a ship is struck by a ship. If you really want to liven things up, you may always shotgun a beer once your battleship is sunk. Credit for the image goes to Seven Seas Travel on Facebook.

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