Superfight Rules, Gameplay and Review: Let’s Get Started

Superfight Rules, Gameplay and Review: Let’s Get Started

This post includes affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, we may get a commission at no additional cost to you as a result of your purchase. More information may be found here. Superfight, which is defined as a game about “superpowers and super issues,” is perhaps one of the most well-known card games currently in circulation today. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re going to assume you haven’t heard of this high-octane “what if” game yet. After all, it appears to be the talk of the town right now.

The fact that Superfight may be played with your boss, your parents, or your children does not necessarily imply that it is the type of game you should play with them.

Using a variety of cards that you draw, the objective of this game is to construct the finest potential combatant for yourself.


Superfight rules, gameplay and setup

In a similar vein to Cards Against Humanity, Superfight is a small-box card game with a limited number of cards. You’ll discover the following items in the box:

  • 160 character cards (in white)
  • 340 weakness and power cards (in black)
  • 160 character cards

To begin, separate your character cards from your attribute cards and arrange them in separate piles. After then, the youngest player takes a turn drawing from a deck of cards, picking three black cards and three white cards. Each player has the ability to examine their own cards, but they should not allow anybody else to do so. This continues until everyone gets a selection of cards, at which point the player to the youngest person’s left takes over. Whenever you’re ready to begin a round, the first two players will each select a white card and a black card from their hand to construct a fighter, which they will then place face down in the center of the ring.

After everyone has turned over their cards and revealed their fighter during the “Superfight” stage of the game, each player selects a random black card from the pile and places it next to their fighter.

Following the conclusion of the debate, the remaining participants vote to choose the winner.

The victorious fighter remains on the table to face the next opponent, and does not gain any new qualities. The greater the number of victories, the greater the number of points earned. Check out this video to see how the game works in action.

Superfight Rules: Alternative Ways to Play

The wonderful thing about the Superfight rules described above is that they merely provide you with one of the many possible ways to play the game. A lot of the card games available now provide options for customizing your experience, and this game is no exception. For example, you can play the following games:

Villain battle

This type of game begins with the identical Superfight rules as described above, with the exception that the person who is “least loved” in the room takes the first turn. The villain takes one black card and one white card from their hand and sets them in the center of the table, after which they choose one random black card to add to their fighter’s deck of cards. Following that, each player at the table choose a white card and a black card from their deck in order to “beat” the antagonist. Taking turns with the person to their left, each player can then add a random black card from their hand to anybody else at the table – even the villain – until the game is over.

The player to the left of the current villain is the next to go, and the combat begins over with that player.

Battle Royale

If you switch the Superfight rules to Battle Royale mode, you’ll have a completely different experience than before. For the second time, divide your white and black cards into two piles, and have each player draw three cards from each pile. Each player will place one white and one black card in the center of the ring one at a time, progressively exposing the identities of their warriors as they go. In order to play the second black card, players will need to determine whether that card should be picked at random from the deck or taken from their own hand before doing so.


Finally, if you pick the Pacifists’ version of the Superfight rules, you will follow the same rules as the traditional version, but the winner will be determined based on who is the funniest. Alternatively, you could pick winners based on who you would choose on a dating website or who you think would make the best babysitter; the possibilities are limitless.

Superfight rules: Something for everyone

Superfight History Expansion Deck is a superfight history expansion deck. At the end of the day, Superfight is a game that nearly everyone can enjoy and get a lot of enjoyment out of. Whatever type of game you want to play, there’s certain to be something that you and your friends or family will enjoy playing together. Furthermore, you may modify the rules to ensure that the game is appropriate for persons of varying ages as well as varied skill levels. Superfight is a great game to play on evenings when you want to break the ice with friends you’ve invited over, or if you just want to get everyone talking before going out on the town.

In comparison to other game alternatives such as Cards Against Humanity, you have a lot more freedom to be creative with your gaming experience here.

The fact that it is a more fast-paced game than some of the other alternatives available today is just another plus for Superfight! You have complete control over how many points a participant must earn before they are declared the victor – which means your battles may run as long as you like.

Superfight Quick Review: ProsCons

  • It’s entertaining and simple to play
  • You can go as quickly as you want
  • There are several options for customizing the Superfight rules
  • Rules that are applicable to everyone
  • A chance to express oneself artistically
  • If you follow the same set of rules again and over, it may get tedious. Alternative choices such as Cards Against Humanity are not quite as risqué.

Superfight: Rules and How to Play

Have you ever gotten into a heated argument with your friends over who would win in a battle between two unexpected opponents? If you believe this to be true, you must understand the Superfight rules, which are for a card game that takes this premise and magnifies it to the extreme, leaving you debating who would win in the most unlikely of pairings. Once the rules are taught, it is easy to understand, and with such a large assortment of cards to choose from, the number of possible combinations is virtually limitless.

If this is the case, continue reading to learn how to play Superfight, including how your fighter is selected and how you go about winning the match.

What Is Superfight?

What happens when Cards Against Humanity meets the television show Deadliest Warrior and the Epic Rap Battles of History available on YouTube results in a Superfight between the two teams. Each participant will be given a character card (such as Cat or Ginger) plus a handful of attribute cards (such as “hasn’t eaten in 2 days” or “has big nipples”) from a random deck of cards to use in the creation of their fighter. They will then have to persuade the rest of the group as to why these characteristics, when paired with their personality, make for a terrifying adversary.

  1. Teenagers, young adults, and adults are all eligible to participate.
  2. Playtime varies between 10 and 30 minutes every game.
  3. The main goal of the game is to assemble the strongest fighter possible from the cards you get throughout the game.
  4. What We Like About It: Superfight is a game that fosters amicable argument, so there isn’t much you need to know about it before you start playing.

Playing Superfight – What You’ll Need.

Superfight comes packaged in a box that contains all of the cards that you’ll need to get started playing right away. Our Personal Favorite The following cards are included in the deck:

  • 160 white character cards
  • 340 black weakness and power cards
  • And 160 white character cards

Superfight, like other current card games such as BANG! and Unstable Unicorns, offers a plethora of various expansion packs that allow players to supplement the original game with even more cards by purchasing them. To name a few, the Science Fiction and Fantasy deck, the Horror deck, and the History deck are all excellent choices. There will very certainly be an expansion that is suited to your specific interests. Our Personal Favorite In addition, it is recommended to have a timer on hand.

How To Set Up Superfight

Setup begins by separating the white character cards from the black attribute cards, which will serve as a starting point. Give both decks a thorough shuffle before dealing out three copies of each card to each player, for a total of six cards for each player to begin.

It is at this moment that players are allowed to examine their own cards, but they must keep them away from other players. The remaining cards should be arranged in two separate draw piles in the center of the table, both facing down.

Superfight Rules

Finally, you will have the opportunity to design some truly spectacular matches based on the cards that you are dealt. Drawing the appropriate card combinations, on the other hand, is only half of the problem. Superfight necessitates the use of facts and logic by participants in an attempt to demonstrate why their fighter will be victorious over all others.

Starting the Game

Most of the time, the game begins with the player who is the youngest, but you can choose any other method you like to begin with the person who is the youngest. Players are only allowed to keep one black card and one white card from their initial hand, out of the six cards that they are dealt. Set the rest of the items aside in a “discard pile.” As they make their way around the circle, players must also draw one more black characteristic card to add to their fighter’s arsenal. Also, they must accept any card they draw from this deck, and they may not redraw or discard this card.

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How to Play Superfight

The primary objective of Superfight is to persuade the other players that your fighter is capable of defeating the other fighters in a fight. The game is played in an around-robin tournament format, with players coming up against the person who they are against in the circle each time they play. Begin with the player who was chosen to begin the game and the person who is on the other side of the table from them. Demand that they each turn over their cards to disclose their fighter and two traits that they possess, respectively.

After each speech, they are given an additional minute to respond to the other player’s remarks.

The winner advances to the next round, while the loser is eliminated from the competition.

Continue until there are only two players remaining who are eligible to compete in the championship game.

Scoring In Superfight

If you’re planning on playing numerous rounds of Superfight, you might want to consider implementing a score system to keep track of how well each participant did at the end of the night. Award each player one point for each round they win, or give the top three players five points, three points, and one point, depending on where they placed in the standings. Because there is no official score system tied to the Superfight game rules, you and your friends are free to adopt whatever system works best for you and your group of friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are an odd number of participants, choose one at random to receive a bye, which allows them to go to the following round without having to compete in it.

Choose whichever method works best for your social group in determining who gets the bye week.

How many players do you need to play Superfight?

To play, you will require a minimum of three people, with the maximum number of players being determined by the number of cards you have in your hand. Try to restrict the number of participants to a maximum of roughly 10 in order to keep the gameplay less complicated.

Is Superfight family-friendly?

Superfight is a family-friendly game, despite the fact that it is about hypothetical combat. If you’re searching for a game to play with Grandma, you won’t have to worry about coming across any lewd stuff.

Alternative Games to Superfight

Superfight is unquestionably an excellent example of a modern twist on card games that encourages players to think on their feet and learn to work with the cards that they are dealt. Those who believe they’ll love Superfight and are looking for comparable card games should stay around and read the rules for Llamas Unleashed and the rules for The Unemployed, which are also available on this page. Superfight a Card Game of Absurd Arguments

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product There will be plenty of laughter, and no need to drink. On June 27, 2017, a review was conducted in the United States. Fantastic Card Game, I’d say! Now, I’m not a big lover of board games and seldom have a large number of people around me, but this game is wonderful fun no matter how large or little the group you’re in. Regardless of whether your organization consists of three or six members, establish your own home rules to satisfy the individuals. No alcohol is required to have a good time; it is really entertaining and full of fantastic laughter.

  1. It was Genghis Khan who emerged victorious in that round because he could only fly when no one was looking.
  2. One of the most powerful armies in history, Genghis Khan was responsible for transmitting DNA to such a wide number of people that there is a 0.5 percent possibility that you are descended from the cruel pillager and rapist who reigned over the world for more than 500 years.
  3. It’s like battling a unicorn.
  4. I was on the verge of passing out.

Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed on August 4, 2017 in the United States of America Purchase that has been verified Our family enjoys playing board games and card games together. Based on what I’ve heard from others who have played and enjoyed this game, I was really hoping we’d have a good time with it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t our favorite game at the time. I believe it was overly basic, given that we often play more sophisticated games. The rules of this game are fairly straightforward, and anyone can learn to play it.

  • After then, you and the other players in the game will decide who is the winner.
  • My family and I played this game a few times and had a great time, but after that, it was just relegated to the back of the pile, never to be seen or played again.
  • I feel this would be a fantastic alternative for anyone interested in creative writing as well.
  • Aside from that, some of the trait cards may be considered locations, such as those contained within a hamster ball.
  • I’d also recommend it to others I know that are big fans of super heroes, comic books, and other similar stuff like this.
  • Purchase that has been verified It can be difficult to enjoy this game if you aren’t involved in the creation of the setting and the administration of the rules.
  • Here’s how I break it down for you: We create a character in accordance with the game’s instructions.

Choose one of them and throw away the others.

This is who you are.

From there, we proceed in a clockwise direction.

I set a timer and give them one minute to do the task.

There are a plethora of strategies for winning over the judges’ hearts.

They close their eyes and raise their index finger at the end of one minute.

The winner will be notified.

If it doesn’t work, it fails.

In general, I am the one who moderates all of this.

The game may be tremendous social fun when played with this in mind, with players racing to the table to refill fallen characters before plotting their next (often hilarious) fight in the hopes of overthrowing that one particularly contentious person.

On January 23, 2017, a review was published in the United States of America.

It was fascinating to have him come into my office and tell me about how he felt chimps riding bears would be the most terrible thing he could think, but THE most terrifying thing he could conceive?

He did an excellent job at selling it, and that was the most enjoyable part of the experience.

My son fielded his fighter, Bruce Lee, who has the ability to throw bears and, coincidentally, used to be a bear, in the first round of the battle.

This game is just brilliant.

On December 29, 2018, it was reviewed in the United States and verified.

I couldn’t have been more completely incorrect.

Both the printed and video instructions were difficult to follow and provided no clear direction on how and when to utilize the basic cards, let alone the expansion cards, which was disappointing.

No one of the three play variants was successful for the group of people who wanted to play games with objectives in which we were all motivated to win.

All that this game accomplished was to enrage people with its foolishness, disorganization, lack of direction, and cards that didn’t seem to play well together despite the fact that they were the proper cards to begin with, among other things.

I was quite disappointed.

This game is fantastic!

I have been diagnosed with autism, which as many people are aware, makes it difficult for me to initiate and maintain conversations with others, particularly new individuals, especially in social situations.

Even if we’re debating about how a stone chimpanzee can’t beat a Kanye West riding on a Demon (yep, it was one of the many battles I dealt with), this game without a doubt helps me relieve the tension of a conversation, and by the time the game is through, I’ve gained new friends.

Alternatively, adversaries. Depending on how the game concludes. In any case, this game is ideal for individuals who want to meet new people or just have fun playing in general. If you want to be a good person, buy this game!

Top reviews from other countries

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Excellent On November 20, 2015, a reviewer in Canada stated that the purchase has been verified. 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product On January 1, 2016, a fun party game was reviewed in Canada. Purchase that has been verified A card game in the same vein as the popular Cards Against Humanity franchise. It is possible to play with with two players, but it is lot more entertaining with more. It was great fun playing the battle royale game type (where everyone takes down a “superhero”) as well as the game type where you had to create the most absurd super hero possible.

  • In other words, it’s a good time for everyone!
  • On November 4, 2016, a reviewer in Canada expressed satisfaction with their purchase.
  • I first discovered it on a youtube channel and have been waiting for it to become more widely available online ever since.
  • 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product This is something I purchased and I really like it.
  • Purchased on June 23, 2016 in Canada and reviewed on June 24, 2016 This is something I purchased and I really like it.
  • The product arrived in fine shape and has proven to be really beneficial.
  • 4.0 stars out of 5 for this product There has been a slight delivery delay.
  • The Verified Purchase Package arrived a day (almost two days) late, but apart from that, it’s a fantastic game that’s been a lot of fun to play. Customer reviews: Superfight a Card Game of Absurd Arguments

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product A moderator will be required. The review will take place in the United States on June 4, 2021. It can be difficult to enjoy this game if you aren’t involved in the creation of the setting and the administration of the rules. It is a product of social construction. Here’s how I break it down for you: We create a character in accordance with the game’s instructions. Three of each color: black, white, and gray. Choose one of them and throw away the others. Add one more black to the mix.

  1. We decide who gets to go first (whose birthday is coming up next?).
  2. The attacker begins to talk, and the defense responds immediately after him or her.
  3. Their task is to convince the judges that their hero is superior to everyone else, not just each other.
  4. The judges are made up of everyone who isn’t taking their turn.
  5. 1 point for the aggressor.
  6. The winner will be notified.
  7. If it doesn’t work, it fails.
  8. In general, I am the one who moderates all of this.

The game may be tremendous social fun when played with this in mind, with players racing to the table to refill fallen characters before plotting their next (often hilarious) fight in the hopes of overthrowing that one particularly contentious person. This is a fantastic game.

Superfight 500 Card Core Deck Game

Ages 8 and above are recommended for this activity. Type of game:Creative Games are the most popular. Approximately 15 minutes or more of playing time Three or more players are required. Players Includes: Instructions, cards, and other materials Material:Cardstock Paper Item Number (DPCI):087-10-3714 Dimensions (inches):10 x 14

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SUPERHEROES ENGAGING IN SUPER ATTACKS. Who would prevail in a fight between Abraham Lincoln and a velociraptor with laser vision and the ability to employ force? Skybound Games’ iconic party game SUPERFIGHT pits you against your friends in RIDICULOUS fights between RIDICULOUS characters armed with RIDICULOUS qualities, and you must dispute with your friends about it. Each participant is responsible for arguing and pleading his or her case as to why their fighters would defeat their opponents!

  • This night’s champion will be determined by whose player has won the most number of bouts during the course of the night.
  • When you have to defend your ridiculous fighters, the situation might become rather amusing.
  • Make the decision to have Mom as the judge!
  • Keep an eye on how the game alters when the players shift.
  • The main deck has 500 cards, which are divided into two categories: character cards (white cards) and abilities and weaknesses (black cards).

Polygon plays Superfight with Spider-Man: Far From Home star Jacob Batalon

You and your friends could be having a lot more interesting debates. Is it possible for a T-rex to pilot a fighter jet? Can wind defeat gravity? Could anything psyche out Bruce Lee? Superfight is a game that revolves around ridiculous debates about who would win in a fight. In our most recent episode of Overboard, Polygon’s card and board game show, with special guest Jacob Batalon, we played the game and discussed it. Ned Batalon, the actor who plays Ned in Spider-Man: Homecoming and the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, proved to be something of an expert in super heroics, taking down our ‘heroes’ in record time.

  1. PlayingSuperfightissupereasy.
  2. But first, they must select one more random attribute card from the deck in order to proceed.
  3. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, even if that great power is an inability to ever stop dancing.
  4. A point is awarded to the victor, and the next player is given a chance to take on the king, because the victor remains on the field until someone can defeat their hero.
  5. To see just how Batalon completely destroyed us, check out the video above, and make sure yousubscribe to Polygon’s channelfor more great videos.

You can watch previous episodes ofOverboard here. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see ourethics policy.


Prices were obtained at the time of publication. In the guise of a card game, you may debate with your friends over who the most powerful super hero is.

How to use Tabletop Simulator to play almost any board game online

(Photo courtesy of Berserk Games.) This weird game, Tabletop Simulator ($20 for one copy; $60 for four copies), is among the more unusual games I’ve played recently — in part because it isn’t really a game at all. More accurately described by its name, Tabletop Simulator allows you to construct an electronic tabletop and populate it with the games of your choice. You may play classic games like chess and poker, or you can download detailed recreations of games such as Scythe and Superfight to play on your computer.

Because individuals are spending more time at home, board games and other tabletop diversions such as card games and role-playing games (RPGs) are more important than ever.

Given that Tabletop Simulator is more of a toolbox than a standalone game, it would be practically difficult to explain everything that can be done with it in one article.

All you’ll need is a Steam account and a headset with a microphone to get started playing.

How to get started with Tabletop Simulator

The first thing you’ll need for Tabletop Simulator is a computer with a reasonable amount of processing capability. Although you won’t need a full-fledged gaming system to participate, the program does feature a large number of 3D elements that will be flying around in real time. While you can discover more specifics on system requirements on the Steam website’s System Requirements page, the simple line is that any gaming rig should be acceptable; many productivity PCs and Macs should also be OK.

  1. You may watch a quick tutorial that will teach you how to observe the gaming area and move pieces around once the game has been successfully launched.
  2. Simply pick the style of table you want, place a game board on top of it, and proceed to play as you would in real life.
  3. You may also use a conventional deck of cards to solve jigsaw puzzles or to play whatever game you choose with no problem.
  4. (Photo courtesy of Berserk Games.) If all you want to do is play some basic games to pass the time while you meet up with friends and family, Tabletop Simulator comes pre-installed with everything you need straight now.

However, there’s a strong chance you’ll want something a little more elaborate. There are three methods for obtaining new games: In three ways: the completely legal way, the slightly dubious way, and the extremely labor-intensive way.

How to download games in Tabletop Simulator

The quickest and most convenient method of importing new games into Tabletop Simulator is to purchase official DLC packages. More than 40 board game adaptations have been created for Tabletop Simulator, with prices ranging from $5 to $15 per title. It’s largely old school games like The Red Dragon Inn and Zombicide, but they’re exactly the type of games that devoted board game fans like playing the most. Some of the games are rather intricate, with a great deal of creative artwork and even programs that automate a great deal of the tedious scribbling and typing.

  • Thanks to the Steam Workshop website for Tabletop Simulator, you may still access and play these games in the meanwhile.
  • Hundreds of enthusiasts have recreated their favorite board, card, and role-playing games, replete with complex handmade tokens and scripts, to the delight of the entire community.
  • It’s not difficult to locate them; simply conduct a search on the Steam Workshop website.
  • Some fans argue — somewhat speciously, in my opinion — that encouraging more people to participate in the game, regardless of the format, is essentially free advertising.

(At least, according to an interesting Steam forum discussion, the game’s devs believe this.) They claimed that they do not condone the adaptation of games without authorization, but that they feel it is the responsibility of Steam to identify and remove the bad actors.) Many users fall somewhere along the “middle route,” believing that as long as at least one participant has a copy of the game, playing it online with free content is no different than bringing friends over to his or her house to play the game.

Others argue that it is ethically appropriate as long as each player has a tangible copy of the game in their possession.

I’ll leave it up to the individual conscience of each reader, however I personally believe that each player should have a copy of the game.

The ultimate method of acquiring new games would be to create your own own assets from the ground up from start.

If you want to achieve this, by all means go ahead, but it will need a significant amount of 3D modeling and programming expertise. It also necessitates some familiarity with the design of board games. These are all talents that can be learned, but they are outside the scope of this article.

How to play Tabletop Simulator games online with friends

The process of playing games with pals in Tabletop Simulator isn’t difficult, yet it might get intricate depending on what you want to accomplish. Essentially, one person will be responsible for creating a game and inviting other players to participate in it. In the same way that most other elements in Tabletop Simulator are straightforward to use, it has the potential to become absurdly intricate depending on what you want to do. For the most part, if you’re the one hosting the game, you’ll begin by selecting Create from the main menu, followed by Multiplayer.

  • Check to verify that all of your players are included in your Steam buddies list.
  • Then instruct your users to search for Multiplayer games and select the option to display just games with their friends.
  • For players, all that is required is that they join an existing game by following the procedures outlined above.
  • Everything else is optional.
  • It allows you to manage what your players can see and, more crucially, what they can do with their vision.
  • It’s quite simple to accidentally change someone else’s cards or tokens without realizing it if you don’t lock down the Permissions first.
  • Make sure you give players enough time to explore the many choices available in Tabletop Simulator.
  • Simple tasks like traveling the table need a little skill because the camera is constantly shifting its focus, zooming in and out, and rotating to keep up with your movements.
  • This technique, which is both freeing and intimidating at times, is one of the most effective ways to share games with friends when you can’t physically meet up in person to play them.
  • With a background in paleomammalogy, biological anthropology, and the history of science and technology, he has a passion for scientific writing and has published several articles in this field.

When he’s not working, you can find him practicing taekwondo or diving deep into vintage science fiction films.

151 Proof Movies: Superfights Drinking Game – Nerds on the Rocks

Professional wrestling and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have had a busy week. and, as life often does, it has found a way to provide us with the perfect movie in which we can unwind after such a crazy week. Despite its peculiar blend of pro-wrestling gimmick, UFC intensity, and. let’s be honest, Mortal Kombat-esque characters and costumes, Superfight is a fun and entertaining game. So let’s get started!

  1. Superfights!– Whenever you hear the phrase “Superfight,” take a sip of your beverage. Take a drink if a battle breaks out
  2. This one is scheduled for one fall. Superkick! — Whenever someone kicks you in the shin, take a drink. Take a drink every time blood is depicted or splattered on the screen in a blood sport. As you walk down the aisle, take a sip of your beverage every time a character is introduced for a fight.
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Check out the constantly updated Mega-List for even more of our drinking games. Every time we get the opportunity, we will put these principles to the test and make any necessary modifications to ensure that you have the BEST possible experience while viewing this movie. You can keep up with the action on Twitter by following either @ER [email protected] Pinton. Alternatively, you may use the hashtag 151PM. On Friday nights, the show usually starts at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. Tags:disappointing films a game of drinking smartial arts and crafts Superfights Earl Rufus is a fictional character created by author Earl Rufus.

He takes pleasure in having a good time and being a little sarcastic!

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Welcome back to Paradigm and the realm of the UWFI regulations, which you may recall from your previous visit. Now that the seasons have changed, the organization has amassed an impressive collection of new competitors to take part in the UWFI resurrection this year, which will take place in the fall of 2018. It looked like the series was about to get underway with a bang as we had six fights on the card, including Freddie Hudson versus Tyler Voxx, Gnarls Garvin versus Lobo Okami, Killa Kate vs Persia Pierce, and more, all leading up to the main event non-title super fight, in which Filthy Tom Lawlor battles Jordan Blade, the current super middleweight champion.

  1. Tyler Voxx (together with Full-Licensed Manager Bruce Grey) was beaten by Freddie Hudson through Banana Split.
  2. Freddie Hudson, the Hornet of Shooters Don’t Die, was the first to enter the ring tonight, and he was facing off against Tyler Voxx, the Lycan of DDTrash.
  3. The excitement was short-lived, however, as they went from scrambling about the mat to Voxx tapping out to a Banana Split in just under two minutes.
  4. While he’d attempted to hang, this was Hudson’s ruleset, and he’d played an almost flawless game in order to secure a swift win.
  5. Beef Tenderloin Lobo Okami was beaten by Gnarls Garvin with a Lariat KO.
  6. Big Beef is no stranger to the regulations of the United World Fighting Federation and enjoys brutalizing opponents with his no-frills, all pain style of hitting.
  7. His stature and intensity were comparable to Beef’s, thus it was going to be a really crazy bout.

They continued to battle and eventually ended up in the ropes, resulting in a ref break-up.

But as Okami placed him on his head with another German, Beef seized the ropes and bit back, and he was halted.

More bombs were thrown and Beef was able to take the victory with a Lariat to the back of the skull.

A brutal battle had ensued, with Okami landing several vicious blows before succumbing to his injuries in the third round.

Beef made a dig at Lord Crewe following the game.

Dustin Leonard (together with Ben Shearin) beat Tanner Keeler with a Heel Hook in the second round.

In this matchup, Leonard’s BJJ discipline would meet Keeler’s amateur wrestling skills in the ring.

Keeler slammed Leonard with numerous smashes after he launched a kick.

The battle was taken to the mat, where Leonard attempted to dig his hooks in, but Keeler sprang up and walked away from it.

Keeler attempted to get free, but Leonard remained unmoved and refused to release him from the hold.

A second followed fast after, and a third followed shortly after that, a cut on Keeler’s face rupturing and leaving him with a gory, giggling expression.

Keeler had put on a spectacular performance, but in the end, it was the UWFI pro who emerged victorious.

Although this was just one example, Leonard intends to create many more in the future.

As both Killa Kate and Persia Pierce prepared to enter the UWFI Thunderdome, it was time for more new blood to make their debuts.

When the battle reached the mat, they engaged in a cagey standoff with mild kicks, and Pierce was able to push Kate to the ropes.

As Kate gained more ground in the bout and bridged into a neck crank, the submission swapping and guarding continued.

Pierce came back with additional throws and launched a combination of kicks and blows that led to a Judo throw and an attempted Armbreaker.

Although it was a quick victory, Kate had survived the storm of Pierce’s onslaught and had timed her attack well.

Kate has claimed her first victory and is now aiming for the top of the leaderboard, calling out Jordan Blade at the conclusion of the section.

This one, on the other hand, was going to be different.

While I don’t know much about Clark, he definitely had a dapper appearance and appeared more than willing to take on Crewe in a battle.

He definitely got off to a fast start, stunning Crewe with a wrestling takeover and nearly tied him up with a Suplex after tanking the move in the first round.

Crewe landed on his face again after launching himself into the ropes with a volley of attacks, but Clark yanked his leg out from under him.

Crewe increased the number of bombs he threw since Clark kept picking at his leg.

He dug his hooks in further, but Crewe smashed him in the corner with an elbow, then scored the knockout with a forearm that glided into a ground-and-pound onslaught on him.

It had been a trial by fire, and while he may not have come out on top, he had unquestionably made his imprint on Paradigm.

There are certain battles that you simply cannot win.

In what would be a submission superfight, Jordan Blade was set to put on a technical display against one of the most lethal threats in the UWFI division, Filthy Tom Lawlor, in what would be a technical exhibition.

This was going to be a very competitive situation.

He kept Blade on her toes and then lashed out, hoping to corner her in a corner.

Blade had had enough of this and sprang over a low assault to smack Lawlor in the face with a German.

This was broken up by Lawlor with a strong kick to the spine, after which Blade grabbed his ankle for an Ankle Lock and converted to a rear mount for a barrage of strikes to the back.

Blade escaped and hooked the back of Lawlor’s neck, rising up for a Rear-Naked, but Lawlor just went to the ropes and stood there.

Lawlor was able to break away and land palm blows on Blade, allowing him to be vulnerable to a Sharpshooter attack.

With every weapon in her arsenal of attacks, Blade pounded the ribs of Lawlor with her newfound ferocity and determination.

He attempted to keep Blade caught with a neck crank, but Blade simply went after the ankle again and dropped him another German on his behind.

The two of them attempted to strangle each other, and Blade was summarily dumped by a takedown.

Blade tapped out, and Lawlor was victorious.

The bout clearly lived up to its super-fight billing, as Lawlor confirmed his desire to pursue the Heavy Hitters championship title after the fight.

The UWFiContenders Season 4 Premiere has concluded.

We’ll be back on @indiewrestlingnext week with more action! In the words of Paradigm Pro Wrestling (@ParadigmProWres) on January 6, 2022: Paradigm Pro provided all of the photos used here.

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Super Fight is a beat ’em up game with only one level, which is a rarity in the gaming world. Additionally, the level itself is not particularly lengthy; it takes around one minute to beat up all of the spiked mohawk dudes and make it to your objective. When you arrive, the game merely informs you that the level has been completed and that you need hit a button to begin again. The button does precisely as it is described. Once the level has been reset, the player will have the opportunity to beat up all of the similar people once more.

Except that it is because they both have the same move sets, which they don’t.

It is unknown what the motivations were for creating such a game and charging such a high price, but it is strange to see it being marketed on Steam.

Although all of the accounts had less than an hour of playing, it is reasonable to presume that they have all been reimbursed for their purchases.

Considering how much it had to offer in relation to the price, none of the four reviewers felt they had missed out on anything valuable.

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