7 Best Pool Table Felt Reviews 2022

5 Best Pool Table Felt (cloth) for 2022: Reviews + Buyers Guide

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Top 5 Best Pool Table Felts in 2022

To the untrained eye, there does not appear to be much distinction between different pool table felts. If you look a little deeper, you’ll discover that replacement felts are available in a variety of various material mixes, each of which can have an impact on the speed and accuracy of your shot. There is also a significant variation in weight, with lighter pool table cloths being better for rapid shots and heavier fabrics being better for long-lasting sturdiness. Detailed reviews of our top 5 recommendations are available below, and if you don’t have time to read them right now, you can take a quick peek at our top picks in our comparison table.

1. Editor’s Choice –Accuplay Worsted Pre-Cut Pool Table Cloth

Pick of the Editor’s


Wool makes up 70% of the fabric, while polyamide makes up 30%. Weight per linear yard: 20 ounces Tables range in size from 7ft to 9ft. Accuplay Worsted Pre-Cut Pool Table Clothis It one of the first things you’ll notice about it because of its lightweight construction. It’s one of the lightest felts on this list, weighing only 20 ounces per linear yard, making it great for anyone who has to move quickly and efficiently. The lighter fabric and wool/polyamide blend, while reducing the toughness of the garment, make it ideal for executing quick shots when playing a casual game of 8 ball pool, competing to see who can finish the game the fastest during a Friday night game of cutthroat pool, or simply practicing trick shots.

What We Like:

  • Napping, shedding, and peeling are all prevented by using a woven material. Available in a choice of six distinct color schemes
  • Very simple to put into practice

What We Don’t Like:

  • Napping, shedding, and peeling are all prevented by woven cloth. Available in a choice of six distinct colors
  • The application process is quite simple.

2. Best Tournament-Grade Pool Felt –Simonis 860

Fabrication: 90 percent worsted wool, 10 percent nylon Linear yards weigh 22 ounces each linear yard. Sizes range from 7ft to 9ft. Anyone who knows anything about pool will tell you that the name Simonis comes up repeatedly when discussing what constitutes a top-quality pool table. The company has earned a reputation as one of the world’s top suppliers of high-quality table felt, with theSimonis 860 serving as their flagship model. In addition to being made from 90 percent worstest wool combined with 10 percent nylon, this high-caliber felt has the optimal thread count to assure consistent, powerful shots over and over again.

The fact that it can be a touch finicky to install and doesn’t come with a lot of additional fabric in case something goes wrong meant that we had to take it down a level.

Keeping this in mind, it may be preferable to hire a professional to install the Simonis 860, which will undoubtedly increase the already prohibitively costly purchase price.

What We Like:

  • The excellent longevity of worsted cloth is ensured by its superior quality. Ensures that there are no naps, sheds, or peels, which helps to preserve precision and speed. Rails are pre-cut to the desired length

What We Don’t Like:

  • The great longevity of worsted cloth is ensured by its high quality. Ensures that there are no naps, sheds, or peels, allowing for more precision and speed. All of the rails are pre-cut to the appropriate length.

3. Best for Pro Players –CPBA Competition Worsted Professional Pool Table Cloth

The best for professional players


80 percent genuine Australian wool, 20 percent nylon are used in this garment. The weight of one linear yard is 24 ounces. Sizes range from 7 to 9 feet. In keeping with its name, the CPBA Competition Worsted Professional Pool Table Clothis is a tournament-worthy felt that has been the cloth of choice for countless tournaments both in the United States and overseas. This makes it an excellent choice whether you’re trying to prepare your table for hosting a competition of your own, or even if you’re simply looking to play solo pool games to prepare for the upcoming season of your local league.

  • This one ticks more than a few of the correct boxes for me.
  • The wool itself is worsted, which means you won’t have any of the fluffing, napping, or shedding that comes with natural wool.
  • We especially like the high thread count, which ensures long-lasting durability and prevents stray pool chalk from being embedded in the felt.
  • This means that even if you make a mistake, you will still have enough fabric to set things right.
  • People who purchase this pool table felt frequently comment on how simple it is to install, which only serves to further solidify its position as one of the best pool table felts currently available on the market.

What We Like:

  • The use of a woven mix reduces fluffing, napping, shedding, and peeling of the fabric. The addition of a teflon coat for added durability and stain resistance is optional. This product is available in a variety of colors, including the conventional green, blue, and red variants, to match the design of your gaming room. It is available in a range of sizes to accommodate the majority of standard-sized billiard tables.

What We Don’t Like:

  • When compared to other alternatives, this felt allows billiard balls to move slightly more slowly. When compared to other alternatives, it is more expensive.

4. Best Pool Felt for Commercial Use –Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth

The Most Effective For Commercial Use


Worsted wool (75 percent), nylon (25 percent). 22 ounces in weight Sizes range from 7ft to 8ft. If you’re wanting to replace the pool table felt in a business setting, such as a bar, leisure center, or gaming establishment, you’ll certainly have some specific requirements when it comes to selecting the finest pool table felt for the task at hand. Aside from the fact that your table receives a lot of usage, the fact that it does implies that you need a more robust and damage-resistant felt than you would normally find in a table intended for occasional household use.

Using a 75 percent worsted wool/25 percent nylon combination, the Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth achieves the ideal middle ground, combining it with an excellent 22 oz weight that helps to guarantee that your table remains at its finest no matter how overexcited your guests tend to become.

A useful teflon coating is also included, which ensures that micro burns, drink spills, loose cue chalk, and general dust and filth will not totally damage your table with this one, which is always a good thing while playing pool.

In conclusion, we should point out that the colors on this piece are quite rich and brilliant, contributing to the type of visual appeal that is frequently so crucial in a business atmosphere.

What We Like:

  • Comes in a set of seven pieces (one piece of table felt and six pieces of rail cloth for easy installation)
  • Rust and dirt-resistance
  • Colors that are vibrant and appealing

What We Don’t Like:

70 percent wool, 30 percent nylon are the primary materials. Per linear yard, the weight is 19 oz. Size: 7ft – 9ft in height When you start looking into the possibility of replacing the felt on your billiard table, it quickly becomes evident how expensive the procedure might become. It goes without saying that the expenditure is frequently justified in order to provide a professional-quality experience for tournaments, contests, or even just rehearsing for such events at home. However, if your main goal is to host a couple of 9-ball pool games for your pals, the hefty cost of some felts (not to mention the expenditures associated with expert installation) may rapidly dissuade you from even considering the project altogether.

It is not the cheapest pool table cloth we have seen, but “cheap” is not something that anyone desires.

If you’re simply using your table for casual play, you’re probably not going to notice a significant difference in strength and damage resistance.

Speaking of shots, admirers of this Performance Grade Pool Table Felt claim that it provides superb play, which, let’s be honest, isn’t what anyone really wants from a pool table felt in the first place?

What We Like:

  • Pricing that is affordable and entry-level
  • You may undertake the installation yourself, saving even more money
  • It is simple to use and requires no maintenance. There are nine distinct color possibilities.

What We Don’t Like:

  • There is no additional fabric included, so there is very little room for error. Because of the poor quality of the material, it is inappropriate for professional-level play.

How to Choose the Best Pool Table Felt: A Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve read our evaluations above, you’ll understand why we chose these five specific items as the top five pool table felts available. However, if you’re still unsure about which pool table felt to use to refit your pool table, here are a few considerations to bear in mind.

Pool Table Size

The normal height of a regular pool table is between 7 and 9 feet, with some smaller tables built for household usage reaching heights of 6 to 7 feet. All but one of our top five recommendations (theChampionship Saturn II Billiards Cloth) is available for 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft tables, making it probable that you’ll be able to locate one that will work for your setup. Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to size, not everything is as it appears to be. Most people agree that the greatest pool table felts are ones that are a little larger than the table size (for example, a 7ft table felt may be 7’5″ in length), which makes it easier to install and allows you to always correct course if something goes wrong.


In general, the highest-quality pool table felts are created from a combination of wool and nylon, which tend to be of higher quality than those made from a wool/polyester blend, but are also more costly. If at all feasible, you should seek out garments made from worsted-wool blends.

Non-stop strength ensures that your table will not be harmed while racking the pool balls and will not be permanently imprinted with ball burns. It also generates the smoothest possible surface, which allows for increased speed, precision, and consistency while racking the pool balls.


The toughness and damage resistance of your table felt are influenced by two things. The first factor to consider is the ratio of the materials. Those with a greater worsted wool composition (for example, a 75/25) are more likely to be long-lasting. Aspects such as weight are taken into consideration. However, heavier fabrics are more durable, albeit this generally comes at the expense of faster speeds in competition. Generally speaking, you want table felt that is at least 19 ounces in weight, while it is preferable to have a weight of 22 ounces or greater.

Ease of Installation

While it is possible to hire a professional to install your replacement felt for you, this can become prohibitively expensive very fast. Many table owners choose the do-it-yourself method because of this, making convenience of use all the more crucial. While compiling our guide, we looked for felts that garnered consistent praise for their simplicity of installation, but some would, by their very nature, be a little difficult to install than others.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Table Felt

Experts recommend changing your billiard table felt every 3-5 years, yet the frequency with which you use your table will determine how often you need replace it. If you play every day for several hours at a period, you’ll notice that your felt begins to wear out considerably more quickly than if you just play once a week, for example.

How easy is it to refelt a pool table?

Though it is not a difficult task, replacing pool table felt may be a lengthy and inconvenient endeavor. Working on the rails takes the most time, but if you have enough felt, it’s a rather straightforward process that’s made even simpler if you have an additional pair of hands to assist you along the way.

What is worsted pool table felt?

Though it is not a difficult task, replacing pool table felt can be a lengthy and inconvenient one. Working on the rails takes the most time, but if you have enough felt, it’s a rather straightforward process that’s made even simpler if you have an additional pair of hands to assist you in the process.

Final Thought: What is the Best Pool Table Felt to Buy in 2022?

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of more than 20 various pool table felts, we are confident that the Accuplay Worsted Pre-Cut Pool Table Clothis is the finest available on the market. If you’re wanting to save as much money as possible while not minding a slight reduction in quality, our budget-friendly option, thePerformance Grade Pool Table Feltfrom Iszy Billiards, may be the best option for your needs. As an alternative, if you have the financial means, theSimonis 860is a fantastic choice that provides good durability and fun play, and which was only denied the top slot because the Acuuplay offer was far easier to set up than the Simius 860.

The 5 Best Pool Table Felts of 2022 [Buyer’s and Maintenance Guide]

When looking for the finest pool table felt available on the market today, we considered a number of criteria into consideration. When constructing this list, numerous factors were taken into consideration, including material, durability, playability, size, and a variety of other factors. When it comes to something as simple as the fabric that covers the table’s playing surface, it’s amazing how many variables may influence how much you like it. Our goal was to incorporate as many of these as we possibly could.

  1. So take your time investigating each of these things on their own Amazon listing sites before making your final decision.
  2. It goes without saying that determining the “best” product is very subjective.
  3. In all of these situations, it is ultimately up to you to use the facts presented to build your own opinion on what you believe is the greatest feeling for you.
  4. Whatever game you want to play on your pool table, these goods will all serve the same goal, regardless of which one you choose.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that just because a listing describes it as “billiard cloth,” it will not be suited for a table that is only dedicated to snooker or pool play. So without further ado, here are the top five pool table felts for 2022. Take pleasure in the reviews!

  1. CPBA Competition Worsted Professional Pool Table Cloth– BEST OVERALL POOL TABLE FELT
  2. Iszy Billiards Performance Grade Pool Table Felt– MOST AFFORDABLE 9 FT FELT
  3. ProForm 9′ High Speed Professional Pool Table Cloth Felt– BEST POOL TABLE FELT FOR A BAR
  4. Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth Pool Table Felt– TOP SELLING BILLIARD TABLE FELT
  5. Simonis Worsted Blend

1. Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth Pool Table Felt – TOP SELLING BILLIARD TABLE FELT

The following products are available: Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth Pool Table Felt– THE BEST-SELLING BILLIARD TABLE FELT; Simonis Worsted Blend 860 Fast Speed Pool Cloth– THE HIGHEST-QUALITY POOL TABLE FELT; CPBA Competition Worsted Professional Pool Table Cloth– THE BEST-OVERALL POOL TABLE FELT; Iszy Billiards Performance Grade Pool Table Felt– THE MOST AFFORDABLE 9 FT

  • Extremely long-lasting and stain-resistant material
  • Pre-cut and quite simple to assemble
  • Extremely inexpensive, as well as extremely durable

Check out Amazon.com for more information.

2. Simonis Worsted Blend 860 Fast Speed Pool Cloth – HIGHEST QUALITY POOL TABLE FELT

90 percent wool and 10 percent nylon are used in the construction of this woven fabric. Pre-cut cloth is one of the components (1 bed cloth, 6 rail cloths). 2 pieces of chalk of the same color. Table cover for further protection. Brush made of horsehair. Coating/treatment:N/AA the following sizes are available:8 ft The number of colors is 25. (check the Amazon listing for color options) Weight per yard: 27 ounces First, let’s talk about the company that makes this wonderful felt – the “Most Elite” product on our list of the finest pool table felts for 2022 – and how they came to be.

  1. Beginning in 1680, the Belgian manufacturer produced a wide range of fabrics until narrowing his concentration to billiard felt roughly two centuries ago, according to his website.
  2. Simonis is well-versed in their field.
  3. There is no other brand of felt that is used more frequently in professional tournaments than this one.
  4. With this felt, the durability, speed, accuracy, consistency, and pretty much everything else that a pool table felt has to offer are as near to flawless as they can be without being too expensive.
  5. On to theSimonis 860, which is next.
  6. You may have a look at the Amazon listing by clicking on the link above.
  7. Okay, you may not be willing to spend more than $300 just for the absurd variety of color options available, but if appearances are important to you, this is a terrific selling factor for you.

There are a slew of compelling arguments for making this significant financial commitment.

It’s a lightning-fast process.

However, it is not as quick as some of the other goods available in the Simonis catalog.

Another aspect that distinguishes the Simonis 860 from the competition is its durability, which is a result of its inherent resistance to stains and damage.

It is impossible to have problems with this product due to grooving, pilling, shedding, and all of the other factors that might impact the accuracy and uniformity of your felt over time.

If you have the financial resources and are seeking for a pool table cloth that will provide you with a world-class gaming experience, look no further. PROS

  • Professional-grade worsted felt provides incredible durability and a satisfying gaming experience. Pre-cut to make installation a breeze
  • There are various extras included in the shipment.
  • This option is only available for 8-foot regulation pool tables
  • It is also on the pricey side.

Check out Amazon.com for more information.

3. CPBA Competition Worsted Professional Pool Table Cloth – BEST OVERALL POOL TABLE FELT

Check out Amazon.com for more details.

  • Given the high level of performance and the inexpensive price, this is an exceptional deal. There are four distinct sizes available. The CPBA has a stellar reputation and is quickly emerging as a prominent role in the professional scene.
  • When installing the rail cloth portions, extra care must be used to avoid damaging the fabric.

Check out Amazon.com for more information.

4. Iszy Billiards Performance Grade Pool Table Felt – MOST AFFORDABLE 9 FT FELT

Check out Amazon.com for more details.

  • Choosing the best non-worsted tablecloth for 9 ft tables Provides a fantastic playing experience at a reasonable price
  • The use of stretchable fabric results in a very smooth playing surface.
  • It has been reported by several customers that the 8 foot option does not have enough fabric to completely cover the table and rails.

Check out Amazon.com for more information.

5. ProForm 8′ High Speed Professional Pool Table Felt – BEST POOL TABLE FELT FOR A BAR

Material: A woven combination of 70% wool and 30% nylon is used for this garment. Pre-cut cloth is one of the components (1 bed cloth, 6 rail cloths) Coating/treatment:N/AA the following sizes are available:8 ft 14 different colors are used. (See the Amazon page for other color possibilities.) Weight per yard: 23 ounces You need go no farther than the ProForm 8′ High Speed Professional Pool Table Felt if you’re seeking for a reasonably priced worsted pool table felt that will outlast virtually everything else on the market.

  1. The ProForm is a wonderful choice if you want to recreate a professional-level gaming experience in your living room at a reasonable price point.
  2. It is a few dollars more expensive than the CPBA Competition Worsted Professional Pool Table Cloth’s 8-foot choice, but the ProForm’s exceptional durability more than makes up for the few additional dollars you’ll have to spend to get your hands on one.
  3. The exceptional longevity and superb performance of this product make it a fantastic choice for bar owners who wish to provide a little bit more to their customers.
  4. It’s designed to endure spills and scratches while maintaining a high-quality playing experience on par with that of a professional.
  • High-end pool halls and pubs can benefit greatly from this option. Extremely long-lasting — especially resistant to “ball burn.” It is available in a choice of 14 distinct colors.
  • This worsted felt is slightly more costly than the CPBA worsted felt that we examined before.

Check out Amazon.com for more information.

6 Best Pool Table Felt Brands Reviewed (2021 Buyer’s Guide)

Important: We may gain a commission for purchases made on websites to which we provide links. Are you mending your own table, or are you repairing a table that you bought for sale on Craigslist? You’ll need to replace the pool table feel. Throughout this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over six of the best pool table cloths available for purchase in 2022, suitable for both serious and recreational players. We’ll also go over some of the things you should keep in mind while purchasing pool table felt.


  • The best worsted pool table felt
  • The best woolen pool table feeling
  • A buyer’s guide to pool table felt
  • And the conclusion.

Best Worsted Pool Table Felt

Final thoughts on the best worsted pool table felt, the best woolen pool table felt, and the best pool table felt buyer’s guide

  1. ProForm High Speed Cloth
  2. Simonis 760
  3. Simonis 860

If you’re looking for normal woolen cloth, you can go ahead to the appropriate subsection.

1.Simonis 760

  • When it comes to pool table felt, Simonis is without a doubt the market leader. Founded in 1680, they possess the world’s only mill dedicated only to the production of billiard cloth for cue games, mainly billiards and pool, and have been manufacturing fabric since then. The company’s years of experience in the sector have enabled them to make fantastic worsted wool felt that is almost pill-free. The Simonis 760 is a pool table felt that is exceptionally durable and will not lose its speed for at least a couple of thousand games. It is available in a variety of conventional and non-traditional hues, including dark green, electric blue, crimson, burgundy, and camel, among others. When it comes to the 760, Simonis advertises that it is stain-resistant, so you should be OK if you spill your drink – however red wine may be an exception to this rule! Due to the fact that it is one of the highest-quality felts available, the 760 is somewhat pricey when compared to other woolen felt kinds. If you’re searching for top-notch performance at an affordable price, this billiard cloth is a great choice. It’s absolutely worth the money, though. Image Pros: high-speed fabric that retains its speed even after years of usage
  • Durable
  • It comes pre-cut, which makes it simpler to install
  • It is stain resistant. There is a wide variety of colors available. Negatives: It’s a little pricey, but it’s absolutely worth the money
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2.Simonis 860

  • In addition to the Simonis 760 pool table felt that we just reviewed, Simonis also manufactures a comparable product called the Simonis 860 pool table cloth, which is also a superb pool table fabric. While the 760 fabric is comprised of a mixture of 70 percent worsted wool and 30 percent nylon, the Simonis 860 cloth is made entirely of worsted wool with just 10 percent nylon added to the mix. This results in a somewhat slower Simonis 860 than the 760, which is beneficial if your local tournaments are held on sluggish tables. But it’s certainly not sluggish
  • The balls will still travel a significant distance, just as they do on professional tables. The Simonis 860 is also available in a few more colors than the 760, including tournament green and a brilliant red, for example. In accordance with what you’d expect from a high-end felt, the Simonis 860 is stain resistant, does not create fuzz, and should last you for a decade or longer. With an incredibly high thread count and a tight weave, this billiard cloth is almost maintenance-free and will not shed or wear out over time. When it comes to pricing, this pool table cloth is the same as the Simonis 760 model. Even though it is more expensive than the 760, the superior quality of this pool table cloth ensures that it is well worth the investment. Image Pros: Extremely durable, and it maintains its pace nicely. It will not stain readily
  • There is a huge variety of colors available. Cons: It’s expensive, but as previously stated, it’s well worth it.

3.ProForm High Speed Cloth

  • A comparable product, the Simonis 860 pool table cloth, is available in addition to the 760 pool table felt that we just reviewed. The Simonis 860 is a superb pool table cloth that is available in both black and white. While the 760 fabric is comprised of a combination of 70 percent worsted wool and 30 percent nylon, the Simonis 860 cloth is made entirely of worsted wool with just 10 percent nylon added to it. This results in a somewhat slower Simonis 860 than the 760, which is advantageous if your local tournaments are held on sluggish tables. Even said, it isn’t very sluggish
  • The balls will still go a considerable distance, just as they do on professional tables. As an added bonus, the Simonis 860 is available in several more colors than the Simonis 760, including tournament green and a vibrant red. This high-quality felt resists stains and produces no fuzz, as you would expect from a product of this caliber. It is expected to last you for a decade or more. With an incredibly high thread count and a tight weave, this billiard cloth is almost maintenance-free and will not shed or wear out over time. This pool table cloth has the same price as the Simonis 760 when it comes to pricing. However, like with the 760, its high quality means that it is well worth the money spent on it, regardless of its cost. Image Exceptional durability
  • The vehicle maintains its speed effectively. It is not readily stained
  • The color palette is quite diverse. It is expensive, but it is well worth the money once again.

Best Woolen Pool Table Cloth

Napped woolen pool table felt is an excellent value for money for casual players and owners of tables that are utilized in bars and nightclubs, among other places. It’s possible that you won’t need to buy in nap-free felt. In this section, we’ve examined three of the best woolen pool table felts available, all of which are quite durable while being reasonably priced.

  1. Napped woolen pool table felt is a wonderful value for money for casual players and owners of tables that are utilized in bars and nightclubs alike. If you use nap-free felt, you may not need to purchase any. Our assessment of the three greatest woolen pool table felts that are both long-lasting and affordable can be found in this section of our website.

4.Championship Saturn II Cloth

  • If your pool table will be subjected to a significant amount of wear and tear, the Championship Saturn II billiards cloth is likely to be your best option. In order to prevent discoloration, it has been coated with DuPont Teflon (a sort of nonstick coating commonly used in cookware). The felt material itself is fairly resistant to burn scars, and it does not fuzz up nearly as much as you might anticipate given the price. This cloth is pre-cut, and there is enough of additional material supplied to make the installation procedure easier for those of you do-it-yourselfers out there, too. There’s also a tremendous selection of colors available (with the exception of blue, which is a shame), and the pricing is amazing. This cloth performs admirably in terms of speed and precision, especially given the price you pay for it. Despite the fact that it is not as quick as a comparableworsted woolpool table cloth, the felt is highly uniform – you will not discover any small lumps or fraying in the felt. All things considered, this material is an excellent choice if you want to re-felt your billiard table for less than $100. ImagePros: Very durable – stain resistant
  • High-quality felt
  • Reasonable price
  • Cons: Not very fast
  • Ball will not run as far as it would on a more costly felt
  • ImagePros: Very durable – stain resistant

5.Championship Invitational Pool Table Felt

  • It is a little more expensive than other woolen materials, but not nearly as pricey as premium worsted fabric, which is what this Championship pool table felt is made of. As a generalized statement, it’s a middle of the road alternative. If you want high-quality material but don’t want to spend $200 or more on a worsted cloth, the Championship Invitational is a good option. The Invitational, like the Saturn II we just looked at, is pre-cut and coated with a minuscule coating of DuPont Teflon to avoid discoloration. The liquid can be wiped away before it has a chance to soak into the felt, allowing you to continue playing billiards without worrying about discoloration. Additional bonuses include a couple pieces of chalk to go with your newly resurfaced table as well as a few other goodies. For the extra money (in compared to the Saturn II), you receive a somewhat thicker material that is extremely resistant to scratches caused by miscuing and is therefore more expensive. A small hole in the centre of your table may cause a significant amount of damage to the entire surface, which is why having one of these is an excellent idea if you have children. It will still shatter if it is stabbed repeatedly with a sharp object, but this billard material is far more durable than even some of the most costly billiard table felts available. When it comes to overall performance, this fabric is a terrific all-arounder to have on hand. It doesn’t move too quickly or too slowly. The fact that the speed is fairly steady is just another reason why it is an excellent pool table felt for family tables and games rooms. In addition, there are other hues available, albeit you’ll have to go via Amazon to discover each individual item. The only thing we have to say about this pool table cloth is that it is a little expensive. We think it’s a fantastic feeling (particularly in terms of durability), but we’re not sure if it’s worth the extra money over the Saturn II in terms of performance. ImagePros
  • Thick – extremely long-lasting
  • Good construction quality and a steady pace
  • A few bits of chalk are included with the pre-cut
  • There are many other colors available (if you can locate them!). Cons: It’s a little pricey for a woolen material.

6.Iszy Billiards Performance-Grade Cloth

  • Use of low-cost pool table felt isn’t a problem if you’re a bar owner or need pool cloth for business purposes. The Iszy Billiards performance grade pool table felt is ideal for most pool players because it is among the most affordable materials available on the market. So what exactly is the drawback to paying so little? The biggest disadvantage is that this pool table felt is prone to pilling, which means you’ll have to brush away the fuzz balls on a regular basis. It’s also packed folded, which means you’ll likely have to iron out any wrinkles before you can use your new playing surface. In most cases, unless the felt has been sitting motionless for an extended period of time, the folds should be gone once the cloth has been stretched out over the table for about a week. Because Iszy Billiards does not pre-cut this fabric, you will be responsible for cutting it yourself. Surprisingly, this felt is rather fast, albeit not quite as rapid as worsted fabric in its production. Even though you could receive a few burn scars, this material has a reasonable level of durability given its low cost. ImagePros: Reasonably priced
  • A wide variety of colors is accessible
  • Provides smooth, fast play
  • Cons: This product will produce fuzz balls on a regular basis.

Pool Table Felt Buyer’s Guide: What You Need To Know

In this part, we’ll go over some of the factors you should keep in mind while looking for a fabric for your billiard table.

If you’re already an expert in pool cloth, you may skip to the reviews section.

Different Types of Pool Table Felt

Billiard table felt is often constructed of a wool and nylon combination or a wool and polyester blend, depending on the manufacturer. The material, on the other hand, is available in a variety of thicknesses and thread requirements. Some material will have a high thread count and a tight weave, but other felts will not have any of these characteristics. As a consequence, while you’re playing 8 or 9 ball pool, each fabric has a different feel to it. It is possible to buy billiard table felt in two distinct variations, each of which is created for a particular sort of player and for a different style of pool table.

  1. Woolen cloth is used on the majority of public tables in bars, as well as on lower-priced tables utilized by casual players. It’s reasonably priced, however after a period of time, it’s prone to producing those balls of fuzz (known as pills) on the surface of the screen. Billiard balls will generally roll more slowly on woolen cloth than on woven wool cloth because there is more friction generated between the cloth and the ball. Worsted wool cloth (also known as speed cloth) on the other hand, is what is used on professional-grade pool tables such as the Brunswick Gold Crown V. Because there is no nonapon the top side of this material, the balls will go considerably more quickly, despite the fact that it is more expensive. There’s virtually no replacement for the smoothness and consistency of worsted fabric if you’re a dedicated pool player
  2. Worsted cloth is the highest-quality pool table felt available on the market today.
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Different Pool Felt Colors

The color of the felt for your billiard table is entirely up to your personal taste and desire. Keep in mind the aesthetic of the space in which the table will be placed; for example, will a brilliant electric blue surface conflict with the rest of your home’s color scheme? If you have a classic 1950s table, a traditional green felt would probably look the best.These days, you can choose from a variety of colors, ranging from classic green or tournament blue to red, maroon, khaki, black, grey, and even orange cloth.We recommend that you avoid using grey or black because these colors can clash with the cue ball and the 8 ball, limiting your ability to make long pots.

Maintaining Your Pool Table Cloth

This table has quite a bit of chalk on it, and it is in desperate need of a good cleaning! Pool table felt is really rather fragile, and keeping it clean may be a difficult task in and of itself. In the sun, it will fade, and moisture in the air will cause it to lift off the surface, and friction caused when you strike the cue ball will cause it to wear down. While keeping your pool table covered and out of the sun in your game room can help to extend its life, the felt on your pool table will nonetheless wear down over time as a result of continuous use.

  • Clean the billiard table after each session with a pool table brush (see below) to remove extra pool chalk from the surface. Dust should be directed into the pockets in order to avoid it building up in the felt. Invest in a microfiber cloth and clean your pool balls (especially the cue ball) on a regular basis. This stops the chalk from being strewn around the surface of the table Purchase a pool table cover to keep your table safe from moisture and UV rays.

Eventually, though, you’ll have to change the tablecloth on your table. Some types of wear and tear, such as holes caused by miscuing (kids love to play with too much backspin!) and “burns” caused by the heat created by friction between the ball and the surface, are irreversible. An excellent pool cloth should last at least 5-10 years, depending on how often you use it, before it has to be replaced.

The Size Of Your Table

Pool cloth is sold by retailers in accordance with conventional pool table measurements, such as 3.5 feet by 7 feet, which is the official size of a 7 foot table, for example. They usually include enough material for the surface as well as the rails and handrails. If you’ve made a table that isn’t a normal size, figure out how many square feet you’ll need and make your purchase based on that figure.

You should keep in mind that the majority of pool felt is offered pre-cut to fit a 7, 8, or 9 foot table. It will be necessary to locate material that is not pre-cut if you are using a non-standard table.

Installing Your Pool Table Felt

Honestly, whether your pool table is in a bar or in your own game room, it’s preferable to get a skilled pool table cloth expert to put your felt since installing pool table felt is not a simple task. The playing surface will need to be measured and trimmed to size (unless the board has been pre-cut), the rails removed, and the board secured in position such that there is no bumping or wrinkleing on the playing surface. The job should only cost you $100 or so if you hire a person to do it, and he’ll make sure that the surface is silky smooth throughout.


Congratulations, you have reached the conclusion of our buyer’s guide! Hopefully, you’ve been able to locate the appropriate felt for your pool table. If you’re doing it yourself, best of luck with the installation! Still unsure about which billiard cloth to purchase? Please leave a remark and we will respond as soon as possible.

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The 7 Best Pool Table Felts Thats Worth It

The greatest pool table felts are those that are long-lasting and provide you with a level playing surface on which to compete. If you spent a lot of money on a high-end billiard table, you would be unhappy because you would feel like you had wasted your money away. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to resolve the situation. You may avoid wasting your money by changing your old felt with a new one that is more appropriate. Simply choose thoughtfully, selecting the appropriate size and form, checking its durability, and determining whether the material is appropriate for your intended usage.

If, on the other hand, you’re buying it for use at home and you have children, you should go for the less expensive variety that is still of reasonable quality.

Please keep in mind that any of the links below will take you to Amazon, where I may receive a small profit at no additional cost to you.

1.Simonis 760

The 760 felt is one of the best available from Simonis, which is well-known for its high-quality tablecloths. Because this felt is so durable and long-lasting, it is possible to play hundreds of games on it with little effort. It will retain its newness for a lengthy period of time. It is available in three different sizes and five distinct stunning hues.

Key Features

  • The fact that it is naturally stain-resistant 70% worsted wool and 30% nylon are used to construct this garment. Available in five different colors and three different sizes. Pre-cut for the railing and the bed
  • The highest quality


This felt is pricey, but it is worth it because of its high quality.

2.8′ Proform

Please keep in mind that this pool table does not reflect the aforementioned felt 8′.

The worsted fabric used to make proformtable felt is used to make this product. This blue felt is made of 70 percent wool and 30 percent nylon and is available in a variety of sizes. Due to the nylon blend in this felt, it is less likely to wrinkle, thus prolonging its life and increasing its age.

Key Features

  • Nap-free
  • Suitable for both commercial and residential usage
  • Long-lasting
  • The smooth surface allows for a more precise ball roll as well as a speedier one. Made primarily of wool and nylon (70 percent wool, 30 percent nylon)


  • There are no drawbacks because it is the finest available for the price
  • There is little room for error as a result. Make sure that whomever is putting the felt is careful not to take off too much of the material. During the installation of my unit, the workers chopped too much, which caused me a headache.

3.Simonis 860

As you may be aware, Simonis is making a name for itself as a manufacturer of high-quality pool table felts. Simius 860, like the 760, is made up of 90 percent worsted wool and 10 percent nylon, and it is a fantastic value for money. Sluggish tables such as those used in local tournaments benefit the most from this type of felt.

Key Features

  • Because to the high thread count, there is no wear and tear. They are stain-resistant and do not develop fuzz. Various hues, including bright red and light green, are available for purchase. The most appropriate tablecloth for a 9-foot table


  • It is pricey, much like its companion 760 felt counterpart, but the expense is completely justified
  • If there is not a lot of fabric slack, check with the person who will be putting it up to make sure he or she does not overcut and is familiar with Simonis felt

I must add, though, that if you have the money, go for it. This is a definite investment of time and money!

4.Yves Empire USA

Please keep in mind that the image does not reflect the felt stated. Yves is another high-quality felt that is reasonably priced. It doesn’t cause fuzz to build and provides a speedier surface for your ball to roll over when playing. Yves Empire USA is composed of worsted fabric and is available in a variety of hues, including red, blue, and green.

Key Features

  • Crafted from worsted fabric
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Most suited for domestic usage because to its low cost
  • Prevents the formation of fuzz on the surface

5.Championship Invitational

This felt is the finest substitute for those who want woolen felt. It is not coated with Teflon. Championship Invitationali is also less expensive than other types of felt. It is suitable for intermediate players as well as for professionals who are on a tight financial budget. Compared to other felts, this one was thicker, making it more resistant to scratches produced by miscuing.

Key Features

  • A scratch-resistant woolen material that is reasonably priced. Available in a variety of colors
  • Ideal for use at a family table.


Due to the slow speed of this felt, balls do not move at the same rate as they do on more costly felts.

6.8′ Orange ProLine Classic 303

Please keep in mind that this image does not reflect the felt 8′ that was previously indicated. Orange Proline contains Teflon, which makes it extremely durable. It can readily withstand stains and spills as well. In other words, you will have enough time to mop up the spill before it is absorbed by the felt. A blend of 20 percent nylon and 80 percent wool, orange Proline felt is a durable and attractive option. This felt is ideal for everyday usage, and it may also be used in places such as hotels, pubs, and residential neighborhoods.

Key Features

  • It is made primarily of wool with a small amount of nylon. Excellent for everyday use
  • It is available in 30 different hues. Resistance to abrasion


This felt is a little slower than other felts, thus it is not the ideal choice for professional applications.

7.Championship Saturn II

Please keep in mind that this image does not reflect the felt stated. Due to the Dupont Teflon coating applied to Saturn II’s surface, it is extremely durable and resistant to stains. It also resists burn scars and does not leave a residue on the surface that might attract dust. Because it is pre-cut, this felt is the greatest choice if you need to get your project done quickly. Saturn II is a quiet, steady, and quick gaming platform that is inexpensive when compared to the delight you receive from playing on it.

Key Features

  • Stain-resistant
  • Coated with Dupont Teflon
  • Resistant to burn marks
  • Durable. Available in a variety of colors
  • Simple installation due to the pre-cut design


When compared to woolen cloth, it is rather pricey. Finally, here is a classic video on how to add billiard table felt to round up the discussion.

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