7 Best Waterproof Playing Cards: Our Reviews

7 Best Waterproof Playing Cards: Our Reviews

Isn’t it true that everyone enjoys a good game of cards? After all, there are a plethora of games that can be played with just a deck of playing cards as a starting point. Poker, Gin Rummy, and even drinking games like King’s Cup may all be played with a deck of cards, regardless of the game you want to play it with. However, while playing cards are available in a variety of various styles, a waterproof deck of cards may be the ideal choice for you. But why do we propose water-resistant playing cards in the first place?

In any case, waterproof playing cards will come in handy even if you’re just sitting at home playing cards.

Consequently, let us reveal our top selections for the finest waterproof playing cards available today.

  1. WJPC Waterproof Cards – Our Number One Choice
  2. The following are our top budget picks: Mofuny Waterproof Cards
  3. Acelion Waterproof Playing Cards
  4. Bicycle Waterproof Playing Cards
  5. Tny Waterproof Playing Cards
  6. 24K Foil Waterproof Playing Cards
  7. Honao Waterproof Playing Cards
  8. Mofuny Waterproof Playing Cards

Best Waterproof Playing Cards: Our Reviews

We recommend the WJPC Waterproof Cards as our number one recommendation. The following are our top budget picks: Mofuny Waterproof Cards; Acelion Waterproof Playing Cards; Bicycle Waterproof Playing Cards; Tny Waterproof Playing Cards; 24K Foil Waterproof Playing Cards; Honao Waterproof Playing Cards; and Acelion Waterproof Playing Cards.

  • Designs and colors are available in a variety of options. It is delivered with a metal storage box. Environmentally friendly and completely waterproof

2. Mofuny Waterproof Cards

These stylishMofuny Waterproof Cardsare our top option for those on a tight budget! Colorful and eye-catching, the flecked gold pattern is a standout feature. Because of their vibrant design, these cards don’t appear to be low-cost, and they feel luxurious to the touch as well. Because they are constructed of high-quality plastic, they are non-toxic. The cards are, of course, completely waterproof, making them perfect for use both indoors and outside. If you enjoy playing cards at the local pub or bar, these cards will be simple to clean up after yourself.


  • A price that is within reach of most people’s budget Very bright and vibrant in color
  • Feels luxurious and silky smooth

3. Acelion Waterproof Playing Cards

These Acelion Waterproof Playing Cards are available in a dazzling array of colors, including black, brown, red, and gold, to suit any occasion. You will, therefore, be able to locate anything that suits your tastes, no matter what they are! In addition, the cards have a very reasonable price tag and are really smooth, due to the high-quality plastic design of the cards. Most significantly, they are completely waterproof, allowing you to enjoy drinking games at the pub without fear of getting wet!

  • Available in a plethora of various styles and colors
  • It is completely washable and weatherproof.

4. Bicycle Waterproof Playing Cards

Bicycle is a well-known brand when it comes to playing cards, and theseBicycle Waterproof Playing Cardswould be an excellent selection. If you enjoy playing games like Rummy 500 at the local bar, these cards are an excellent choice for you. These cards, which are made of high-quality plastic, are extremely durable, smooth, and simple to handle. Due to the fact that they are a part of Bucycle’s exceptional waterproof collection, they are suitable for a variety of various conditions both indoors and out.

This deck of playing cards is distinguished from more traditional designs by the translucent blue design on the backs. These cards, with their cool coloring and “invisible” style background, have a very modern appearance and will look fantastic on a table. Pros

  • Design that is both stylish and eye-catching
  • Bicycle is a well-known manufacturer that is well-known for its high-quality products. Extremely long-lasting and durable

5. Tny Waterproof Playing Cards

TheseTny Waterproof Playing Cards are little and mighty in their own right! Their more simple style may not be to everyone’s taste, but we really adore it. They have the appearance of miniature modern art works in many aspects. These cards, however, are distinctive in another aspect, aside from their style. The size of these cards is less than that of ordinary playing cards. They are only 1.75′′ by 2.5′′ in size, so they won’t take up much space on a desk or table. It could take a little getting accustomed to them at first, but you’ll get the hang of them pretty quickly.

These cards may be little, but they are of really excellent quality nonetheless!


  • Especially suitable for children and families
  • Artistic design that is cold and contemporary
  • Ideal for tables with a smaller footprint

6. 24K Foil Waterproof Playing Cards

This set of 24K Foil Waterproof Playing Cards is a fantastic value for money! You will receive two decks of cards, allowing you to play even more games with even more people. We also appreciate the fact that these cards are divided into two different colors. On one side, there is a splash of dazzling, glittering gold, and on the other, a deeper black. These cards have a luxurious appearance and feel, thanks to their aluminum foil design. However, these cards are not only visually appealing; they are also very waterproof and non-toxic.


  • You will receive two decks of visually stunning playing cards. The patterns, which juxtapose gold and black, are extremely eye-catching
  • Eco-friendly and extremely long-lasting

7. Honao Waterproof Playing Cards

You’ll receive two decks of visually gorgeous playing cards in your package. They are extremely eye-catching because of the contrast between golden and black patterns. Exceptionally long-lasting and environmentally friendly

  • Construction of exceptional quality
  • It is completely washable and weatherproof. There are two distinct designs to choose from.

Our Verdict: What’s The Best Waterproof Playing Cards?

Everyone needs a good set of playing cards, regardless of whether they are playing Blackjack, Canasta, or anything else. Investing in a set of waterproof cards will be the best option for the majority of people because they provide additional protection against spills and are essentially a need while playing cards at the local bar. So, which are the finest waterproof playing cards on the market today? This year’s top selection is the WJPC Waterproof Cards, while our favorite budget alternative is the Mofuny Waterproof Cards.

Waterproof Playing Cards Review 2020

The combination of liquid and laminated paper playing cards does not work properly. One of the greatest pleasures of my life is spending time with friends around a card table while enjoying a bottle of wine, or even by the pool when on vacation. However, as soon as there is a leak or splash, the game is finished, as even a tiny amount of water may completely destroy the cards! Coffee, red cordial, and red wine are all potential adversaries. Once a wrong deck of cards has been soaked by any liquid, it is no longer usable and should be thrown away.

  1. Even if the liquid was clear, the cards would become discolored.
  2. No matter how much you like your deck of cards, it will never be the same again.
  3. Frustration!
  4. The good news is that there is a straightforward solution to this problem!
  5. Because waterproof playing cards are so dependable, you won’t have to worry about replacing your deck of cards on a regular basis!
  6. It’s either too sticky or too slippery, or it’s either too thin or too thick.
  7. The fact that the cards can be washed is the perk that I enjoy the most, but there are other advantages as well.

The fact that there are numerous varieties of waterproof cards has also been revealed to me. Here are four that have piqued my interest. For your convenience, I’ve provided a quick reference table, an enlarged version, and a summary. All of these cards range in price from $10.00 to $20.00.

At-a-Glance Table of Waterproof Playing Cards

Brand Name Image Made from The Manufacturer Says Product Dimension My Comments
Bicycle Prestige Plastic Playing Cards, 2 Deck 100% Plastic Unmatched durability, paper-like feel 4.3 x 3.6 x 2.2 inches 10.5 x 9 x 5.5 cm Flexible and durable. Good for community or tournament games
SLOWPLAY 100% Plastic Playing Cards, Jumbo Index, 2 Deck Flexible PVC Exceptional Handling, washable, Bold indexes 5.1 x 3.7 x 0.87 inches 13 x 9.5 x 2 cm 2 decks, slightly textured back for better dealing, shuffling, clear indexes
Acelion Acelion Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards High grade flexible plastic Don’t worry about smudges, washable, lifetime customer service 4.8 x 3.4 x 1.4inches 12 x 8 x 3 cm This is a gift set. The Rose design is unusual and elegant
Ritz Waterproof Playing Cards, 2 Deck 100% Plastic4.5 Poker Size, great for outdoor play Card size: 2.5 x 3.5 inches 6 x 9 cm 2 decks in Plastic case. Cards made in Taiwan,Large Index, Smooth back

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Playing Cards

  • What is the ease with which the cards can be read? Do they have a large index (numbers that are larger or bolder)
  • Do you think the design is good? Is the card for your own use or is it a gift? Make a decision on where the cards will be played – the beach, the pool, or the bar
  • Frequently do your normal cards acquire soiled and want a washable alternative?

Top 4 Waterproof Playing Cards

If you’re used to playing cards made of plastic, you won’t be disappointed with the distinctive Bicycle Playing Cards, which have become a classic. It is robust, and it has a good amount of versatility for both handling and shuffling. The balls can be a bit harder to pick up while playing on a hard surface as opposed to a soft one such as a fabric surface. This can be resolved by sliding the card to the edge of the table. With no question that these cards are waterproof, you will never have to worry about accidentally spilling water or your favorite beverage while participating in a game.

The two-deck option, with one blue and one red, is appealing to me.

2.SLOWPLAY 100% PlasticPlaying Cards

The SLOWPLAY 100 percent Plastic Playing Cards are available in a two-deck set, with one deck being blue and the other red, and I’ve been told they’re excellent playing Texas Hold’em. (I don’t participate in Texas Hold’em.) They feature a basic and attractive appearance that will contribute to the professional atmosphere of your next gard game if you use them properly. They are waterproof, machine washable, and extremely long-lasting. Any card will be harmed by deliberate misuse, but with regular, enthusiastic, and repetitive use, these cards are suitable for extended periods of time.

While these waterproof cards are targeted towards indoor poker players, they can be used for a wide variety of card games whether you are going on a picnic, camping, or simply relaxing by the pool or the beach.

These cards will appeal to those who like the great outdoors!

3.ACELION WaterproofPlaying Cards (Gift Pack)

I chose to incorporate these odd Rose Cards in a Gift Tin since they were so beautiful. The Acelion Waterproof Playing Card Rose Gift Pack in a Tin is a unique item that can be used for personal use or given as a gift to a friend or colleague. No other playing cards can compete with the versatility of Acelion Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards! They have a very smooth surface, which may not be to everyone’s taste, but they feel wonderful to the touch and are extremely long-lasting. Two jokers are included in the deck, for a total of 52 cards in total.

The Rose Design on these cards distinguishes them from the rest of the pack and makes them instantly recognized. These cards have a “feel-good” quality to them, in my opinion. The Lifetime Customer Service that comes with the ACELION cards is the cherry on top of the cake. That is just remarkable!

4.Ritz 100% Plastic Waterproof Playing Cards

Taiwan is home to the manufacture of the Ritz 100 percent plastic waterproof playing cards. As card playing is extremely popular in Asia, it should come as no surprise that this product has been constructed with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. The cards are Poker Size (2.5 x 3.5 inches), and the Index is huge and clearly visible on each card. Of course, it’s waterproof and washable, and it’s also incredibly thin. The Ritz cards have a glossy finish on both sides, which is ideal for those who do not want the feel of textured paper.

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The cards may be stored carefully in a safe place, such as a bookcase or games box.

It’s interesting to see that these high-quality cards are the least priced of the four decks I’ve tested.

Waterproof Playing Cards Summary

Taiwan is home to the manufacture of the Ritz 100 percent plastic water resistant playing cards. It is not unexpected that this product has been created with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail in Asia, given the enormous popularity of card games in the country. A big and clear Index is printed on the back of each card in Poker Size (2.5 x 3.5 inches). The material is waterproof and washable, and it’s also extremely thin and lightweight. The Ritz cards have a glossy finish on both sides, which is ideal for those who do not prefer the feel of textured paper-feel cards.

The cards can be stored safely in a safe place, such as a shelf or games box.

Of the four decks I have studied, these high-quality cards are the least costly, which is surprising.

Play Cards Anywhere w/ These Highly-Rated Waterproof Playing Cards (Under $6 on Amazon!)

Amazon has cards that can be played at any time and from any location! You can pick up theseHoyle 100 percent Waterproof Playing Cards for only $5.97 if you shop on Amazon or WalMart.com. With their unique waterproof function, these Hoyle playing cards are ideal for families and children alike. These translucent plastic cards are also quite durable. They don’t easily bend, crease, or show the signs of wear and tear that traditional playing cards do, which is a great feature to have. Not only are they useful in rainy weather, but they are also useful when it is not wet.

  • Keep a pack of Go Fish cards in your beach bag, boat, or RV so you can play a spontaneous game of Go Fish whenever the mood strikes you!
  • Take a look at how this family makes use of these playing cards.
  • We’ve had a lot of fun for only $6, and the kids are doing quite well in arithmetic while still getting a lot of activity.
  • 2Throw some in the pool (they will sink unless they are perfectly perched on the surface of the water).
  • 2 This is a huge hit with the children!
  • As an illustration, consider the number 220.
  • However, it makes things a whole lot simpler, so be careful!

It has been quite entertaining to see the equations they have come up with. They practically encourage us to do this, and I appreciate how they are focusing on rapid math memory. and easy equations, among other things. Check out this page for many more fantastic boardcard games!

The 11 Best Playing Cards of 2022

Discover more about our review process here. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products. We may gain a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links. Photograph by Tom Hoenig / Getty Images No matter whether you’re a serious poker player, host regular game nights, enjoy playing solitaire on occasion, participate in the occasional drinking game, or are working on perfecting a few magic tricks, you should always have a deck of cards on hand.

  1. No matter how much you dislike games or card tricks, it’s always helpful to have a deck of cards on hand in case the situation calls for it.
  2. You want to play with the best of the best when it comes to playing cards, but what does that imply exactly?
  3. Others value design over all else, whether it’s the artwork, the text, or the overall dimensions.
  4. With all of this in mind, we compiled a list of the best decks for every game, aesthetic preference, and financial situation.
  5. Our Favorite Selections These playing cards are widely regarded as the best in the business, and they are used in casinos and tournaments around the world.
  6. Check out the full reviewMade of long-lasting thermoplastic, these high-quality playing cards are both washable and durable.
  7. Read the ReviewThis waterproof double-deck is ideal for two-person card games such as speed, slapjack, gin rummy, and other similar games.

Read the full review Read the ReviewThis value-priced 12-pack is suitable for regular poker players who are on a tight budget.

Check out the review The dimensions of these giant playing cards are 7 by 4.5 inches, which is double the size of a conventional deck.

Learn more about the gameMaterial:Cellulose acetate |Number of cards:106|

It comes packaged in a robust two-pack packaging with the brand’s iconic Arrow standard-size deck.

Although extremely robust, the material is also quite flexible, and it is resistant to cracks, rips, and scuffs.

Not only that, but these cards are also washable, which is a helpful feature. If they become a bit sticky or dirty after a particularly rowdy card game, you may rinse them off in the sink or wipe them down with a damp cloth. Paper |Amount: 104 cards| Player Level: AllWhat We LikeAbout This Product

What We Don’t Like About It In the world of playing cards, Bicycle is undoubtedly the most well-known brand—and not only because they are inexpensive. These traditional paper cards, which feature the distinctive winged bike motif, have a pleasant touch and are easy to shuffle. We also appreciate the fact that they are sold in sets of two decks, one red and one blue. What We Like:Material:thermoplastic |Amount:104 cards| Player Level:AllWhat We Don’t Like:We don’t like What We Don’t Like About It Copag’s 1546 Playing Cards are made of extra-durable thermoplastic (also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC), which makes them robust, water-resistant, and simple to clean.

  1. The remarkable flexibility of the cloth allows for shuffling that is as smooth as butter while maintaining its form.
  2. This deck of paper playing cards features a sophisticated, elegant gold-pressed pattern on the backs and a front design with historical characters on the fronts.
  3. What We Appreciate What We Don’t Like About It This two-pack of Bullets Playing Cards is perfect for card games that involve two people.
  4. We appreciate that they are made entirely of plastic and that they are waterproof, washable, and long-lasting as well.
  5. Player Level:All What We Don’t Like About It We like the following:Material:Cardstock |Amount:56 cards|
  • Exceptional images
  • Luxurious design
  • A variety of colors to choose from

What We Don’t Like About It Following an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, the deck of luxury playing cards has now become hugely popular. Quality Playing Cards from Misc. Goods Co. are composed of strong paper with beautifully detailed graphics on the fronts and metallic pressed foil on the backs. Quality Playing Cards are available in a variety of designs. We also enjoy that they are available in a variety of cool hues, such as black, ivory, marigold, and sandstone, to choose from.

The player level is for adults.

That’s why we propose this Maverick 12-pack, which is both convenient and economical.

We also appreciate the fact that the conventional red and blue motifs have a timeless, no-nonsense feel to them. The material is plastic, and the number of cards is 52. The player level is all.

What We Don’t Like About It Marinoff Large Print Playing Cards are perfect for children, elders, and anybody else who may have difficulty reading smaller numbers, such as those with vision impairment. The large lettering is 1.5 inches tall, and the visuals are bold to ensure that they are easily recognized. We particularly love the fact that the cards are constructed of a robust, washable plastic material. The material is plastic-coated paper, and the quantity is 54. The player level is all.

  1. Despite the fact that they are not great for poker and are a little difficult to shuffle, they are sure to be a success at your next game night with the family.
  2. 104 cards |
  3. Player Levels: All |
  4. What we like: Jumbo playing cards are twice the size of a standard-size deck and are 7 4.5 inches in size.
  5. In addition to serving as a coffee table centerpiece or party decoration, the fun, almost ludicrous size is also ideal as an accent.
  6. Cardstock |
  7. Amount: 104 cardsWhat We LikeAbout the Cardstock If you’re looking for a set of playing cards to give as a present, you should certainly consider this one from MarkGraham.

The decks are enclosed in a sturdy acrylic box and are composed of high-quality paper.

What We Like:Material:Paper |Amount:52 cards|

The fronts of the cards are decorated with a vibrant rainbow-colored sequence and readable white and black wording on the reverse.

Finally, a decision has been reached.

We love that the set includes two standard-size decks of cards, and that each card is composed of sturdy, flexible, and washable cellulose acetate, which we find to be a nice touch.


When looking for playing cards, you’ll want to think about the type of material that is used. Traditionally, cards were constructed of cardstock or another sort of flexible but robust material, such as construction paper. Even though paper is susceptible to moisture damage, certain choices have been treated with a water-resistant plastic coating. A growing number of plastic playing cards are available nowadays, with the PVC (polyvinyl chloride), thermoplastic, and cellulose acetate designations in the product description.

Unlike paper decks, plastic decks are often washable and long-lasting, albeit they do not shuffle as easily as paper decks.


A conventional deck of playing cards has 52 cards, with the addition of one or two jokers in certain cases, but not always. This is plenty for solitaire and certain multiplayer games, but many card games necessitate the use of multiple decks. As a result, many sets include two decks of playing cards.


You’ll also want to think about how the cards are laid out and designed. For those who want to exhibit their deck in their house or simply love detailed artwork, there are a plethora of unique designs available in practically any theme, color, or style you can imagine. As an added bonus, the print on certain cards is easier to read than the print on others. If you’re going to be playing with children, seniors, or anyone who has vision issues, you might want to consider getting a deck with large print.

  • What number of playing cards do you require for the majority of games? There are a variety of games that may be played with a regular 52-card deck, including solitaire and many two-, three-, and four-person games such as rummy, baccarat, blackjack, bridge, spades, and hearts, as well as solitaire. When playing these games with a larger group of people, you may need two decks of cards. In addition, several games, such as double solitaire and gin rummy, are designed to be played with two decks of cards. What is the most efficient method of storing playing cards? The ideal location to keep playing cards is in a cold, dry, well-ventilated room, such as a gaming closet, cupboard, or drawer, as opposed to a hot, humid environment. It is not recommended to store materials in basements, attics, or other areas prone to condensation since the moisture might harm the item. When is it vital to invest in a new deck or patio? The lifespan of a deck is highly dependent on the material used and the amount of use it receives, but every deck will eventually need to be replaced. If the cards are torn, discolored, or twisted, you’ll want to replace them since these flaws may reveal which cards they are and therefore reveal their identity. Additionally, if the cards are no longer simple to shuffle or are no longer sticking together, it’s probably advisable to replace them with a new one. And, of course, if you’re missing any cards from your collection, you should surely get a new set.
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In addition to leisure, recreation, home renovation, and family topics, Theresa Holland has extensive expertise as a commerce writer in the field of commerce. Her research for this roundup included a thorough examination of the various materials used in playing cards, as well as their sizes, designs, and counts, as well as the number of cards required for various games and activities. Before selecting her final decisions, she read through user reviews, searched through product descriptions, and examined dozens of sets from a variety of brands and merchants.

Amazon.com: Kovot Waterproof Playing Cards in Plastic Case – Great for Pool and Water Games : Toys & Games

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Exceptionally well-done On July 8, 2017, a review was conducted in the United States. The fact that they are waterproof is a huge plus for me. Because the cards are almost the same size as an original card, they aren’t difficult to handle or shuffle; in fact, they are only slightly heavier than original cards in terms of weight. This product has exceeded my expectations.

Top reviews from the United States

On July 9, 2017, a review was published in the United States of America. We purchased two sets of waterproof cards, one from this company and the other from a well-known competitor that manufactures transparent cards. We want to use these on campouts, and we have already tested them both indoors and in our backyard before purchasing them. We mostly utilize them for the game of Euchre. The cards are far superior than the competition, and they have several advantages. It appears that they are more like playing cards in this set because the graphic covers the full surface (they are not “clear”).

  • When using the other “clear” set, there is no way to accomplish this because the diamonds and hearts, or anything else is printed in a little space in the centre of the card.
  • The second significant benefit of this set is the moderate texturing of the surface – the other set is smooth, and simply a trace of moisture causes them to adhere together, but this set does not have this problem.
  • Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality set of waterproof playing cards, this product comes highly recommended.
  • Verified Purchase These cards are 1000 times more durable than conventional cards (such as Bicycle cards).
  • However, they do have one major drawback, or at least mine pack does, and that is that the pattern on the back of the cards begins to fade with time, and you can begin to guess what a card is based on how faded the backdrop is without really seeing it.
  • I would absolutely purchase from them again.
  • When I bought this deck, I was hoping to slip it in a backpack for trekking and camping, but they just don’t cut it.

However, I assume that the roughness of the surfaces will gather dirt like crazy when you’re walking down the trail, which in principle should make it easier to hang on to them with wet hands.

However, it was the plastic case that most drew me to this deck since I wanted to be able to transport it easily.

It’s constructed of a clear material that’s extraordinarily fragile (think the transparent parts of an airplane model kit, only way thinner).

In theory, you could wrap it in a rubber band to keep the two parts together while in transportation, but even a minor hit will cause it to shatter into 10 sharp bits in the bottom of your bag.

In that case, I’ll just throw away the case and rubber band the cards together, and carry them around that way unprotected.

It was reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2017 and the purchase was verified.

Because the cards are almost the same size as an original card, they aren’t difficult to handle or shuffle; in fact, they are only slightly heavier than original cards in terms of weight.

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Exceptionally well-done On July 8, 2017, a review was conducted in the United States.

Because the cards are almost the same size as an original card, they aren’t difficult to handle or shuffle; in fact, they are only slightly heavier than original cards in terms of weight.

The document was reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2019.

I haven’t had a chance to play with them yet, so I can’t comment on how they handle or feel, or whether or not they are truly water resistant, but I really detest that they are a strange, dingy purple hue.

The strange hue isn’t even picked up properly by the camera, but I placed them next to a white sheet of paper so you could see the contrast in tone a little better.

In the United States, these cards were reviewed on January 15, 2019I purchased these cards for use in bars, where spilled beverages may destroy normal cards by making them sticky.

It doesn’t seem nice, and the photo showed them to be a dazzling white color, which they are not.

On June 25, 2021, the United States will conduct a review.

Immediately upon contact with the dampness, the cards twisted and distorted.

In their current form, it was difficult to engage in friendly competition with them.

As I opened the package, the plastic case cracked as well.

If you do not keep the card in the cardboard box with the plastic box inside, you will need to secure the lid with a rubber band if you do not keep it in the cardboard box.

The texture on the front of the card and the one-direction print on the reverse of the card both contribute to the cards’ use.

On my yacht, I’ll be using Kovot cards to keep track of everything.

When you lay them flat in the water, they float to the surface.

We were the talk of the pool bar while we were on vacation, playing black jack. The color is not as vibrant as real playing cards, but that is my only criticism, and it is not a deal-breaker for me in this situation (hence the 5 star rating). Others may not be pleased with this fact.

Top 23 Best Regular Playing Cards of 2022 (Reviews)

A Standardcardisa card from a set that is currently in the legal pool of cards. A standard deck consists of 60 or more Standardcards, with the option of including a sideboard containing up to 15 additional Standardcards. The combined maindeck and sideboard cannot include more than four copies of any card, with the exception of the basic lands.

Subsequently, how big is a standard deck of cards?

This is one deck of blue playing cards in the color blue. Each deck is broad (poker size) and has a regular index, much like a conventional deck of cards. The cards are 3.5″ x 2.5″ in size.

Simply so, how much is a standard deck of cards cost?

Custom or one-of-a-kind decks from businesses such as Theory11, Dan and Dave, or the United StatesPlaying CardCompany will typically cost between $5 and $15 per deck on average.

Moreover, what cards are in a standard deck?

The four suits of cards in a standard deck of cards are: hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds. Each suite has thirteen cards: the ace, the two, the three, the four, the five, the six, the seven, the eight, the nine, the ten, the jack, the queen, and the king. As a result, there are a total of 52 cards in the deck.

Likewise, people ask, what is the rarest deck of playing cards?

The world’s most valuable playing cards, on the other hand, are stored at a museum in Istanbul, and they are also thought to be the world’s oldest playing cards, according to legend.

  • SmokeMirrors Gold Private Reserve
  • White Centurions
  • Zenith
  • Unbranded Black Limited Edition ReserveNote
  • Venexiana Gold
  • ScarlettTally-HoLegacy Edition
  • Mamluk Playing Cards
  • Scarlet

Editor’s Notes

During our regular playing card research, we discovered 590 regular playing card products, from which we selected 23 high-quality products to be further evaluated. We gathered and evaluated 47,640 customer reviews using our big data engine in order to create the regular playing cards list you see today. We discovered that the majority of clients prefer conventional playing cards, which have an average price of $12. The standard deck of playing cards is still available for purchase. We investigated hundreds of brands and selected the best-selling regular playing card brands, including Copag, Bicycle, Maverick, INTEGEAR, and LotFancy, among others.

7 Best Playing Cards of 2022

The results are based on a scan of 2,495 reviews.

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Product Name Popularity Score Quality Score Sentiment Score Sales Volume
1 Joyoldelf Waterproof Playing Cards with Unique PatternFlower Backing – Cool Black 9.8 9.3 9.9
2 Bicycle Standard Face Playing Cards, 2 Piece 9.4 8.9 9.5
3 Rare Collectible MAYA Playing Cards / Black version / Limited Edition 9.1 8.6 9.2
4 SCP Foundation Playing Cards Vol. 2 8.9 8.4 9.0
5 2 Decks Black Poker Playing Cards PVC Plastic High Quality Durable Waterproof 8.7 8.2 8.8
6 Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards [Colors May Vary: Red, Blue or 8.3 7.8 8.4
7 Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards (2-Pack) [Colors May Vary: Red, Blue 8.1 7.6 8.2

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Top 10 Luxury Playing Cards of 2020

During the year that has passed since it was initially published in October of 2016, this wiki has been updated 27 times. Interested in adding a touch of sophistication to your next poker night? Then you should consider purchasing a deck of these high-end playing cards. They are available in a broad range of eye-catching designs, ranging from modest black to vibrant rainbow hues to bright metallics, and they may even be able to divert the attention of your other players long enough for you to win a hand or two.

When people purchase our editorial picks that have been independently selected, we may get a commission that will be used to help finance the Wiki.

Interested in adding a touch of sophistication to your next poker night?

They are available in a broad range of eye-catching designs, ranging from modest black to vibrant rainbow hues to bright metallics, and they may even be able to divert the attention of your other players long enough for you to win a hand or two.

They have a smooth and gliding feel to them because they are made of high-quality materials. When users purchase our editorial picks, which have been independently selected, we may receive a commission, which will be used to help fund the Wiki.

1.Theory11 Monarch

Models such as the Theory11 Monarch (about $7) were used in the “Now You See Me” movie because of their subtle beauty. Each of their backs is decorated with a detailed black and white artwork of vines braided around swords, while their faces are adorned with gold and black inscriptions and illustrations.

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2.Elephant Pipmen World

The Elephant Pipmen World(approximately $11) books are beautifully drawn, making them a pleasure to look at on their own, but that isn’t their only attraction. When they are arranged together to form a polyptych, they form a big piece of artwork, making them a one-of-a-kind option.

3.Ellusionist Shadow Masters

The Ellusionist Shadow Masters (about $10) are the third set in the Bicycle Master Series, and they are particularly developed for experts. Their soft-glide performance finish not only gives them a lustrous gloss, but it also makes even the most difficult of feats simpler to execute successfully.

Editor’s Notes

Because of concerns about availability, we have decided to remove the Joker and the Thief White Gold from the game on October 22, 2020. We also got away of the JoyOldElf 24K owing to concerns about the foil flaking off, and we replaced it with the EAY 24K, which is a popular alternative with a comparable appealing gold design and is available in a variety of colors. Gene Supply Mythical Creatures has also been included because of its unique take on the four suits as well as its visually appealing and highly differentiated artwork.

  • We still like the Theory11 Monarch and the Joker and the Thief White Gold, which are on the more eye-catching end of this spectrum.
  • They’re also constructed from high-quality materials that you can rely on.
  • The Day of the Dead decorations, while attractive, are simply too difficult to play with, so we decided to take them out of the game.
  • Gold foil, wild designs, and other over-the-top embellishments are absent; instead, they employ a basic style that is intriguing even when there isn’t much ornamentation.

Special Honors

ScullyScully Gold ScullyScully Gold ScullyScully Gold ScullyScully Gold ScullyScully Gold ScullyScully Gold ScullyScully Gold ScullyScully Gold They have it all when it comes to luxury, and they have it in spades. They also have diamonds, hearts, and clubs in spades. This is a fantastic present for a serious collector because they are handcrafted and shipped in a beautiful leather case. scullyandscully.com MPC Custom (Microphone Preset Configuration) If you have your own ideas about design and elegance, you might want to consider a deck of MPC Custom, which, as the name implies, can be customized to your exact requirements.

makeplayingcards.com Set of two Pendleton robes Lovers of vibrant graphics will appreciate the Pendleton Set of 2, which includes two of the company’s most iconic patterns in two different sizes.

And, unlike many others, they are packaged in a canvas pouch that can be snapped shut, allowing you to transport them without worrying about scuffing or damage. pendleton-usa.com

4.KEM Arrow Black and Gold

GOLD SCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIESCULLIES They have it all when it comes to luxury, and they have it in spades, as well as diamonds, hearts, and clubs to go along with it. This is a fantastic present for a connoisseur of fine art because they are handmade and shipped in an elegant leather case. scullyandscully.com Customized MPC If you have your own ideas about style and elegance, you might want to choose a deck of MPC Custom, which, as the name implies, can be customized to your exact needs.

makeplayingcards.com Set of two Pendleton robes.

Because they are packaged in a canvas pouch that snaps shut, you won’t have to worry about scuffing or damaging them while traveling.

5.Elephant Prism Day

Elephant Prism Day (about $13) are likely to catch the eye with their vivid rainbow colours and unique design. In addition to making them stand out, their smooth and polished texture ensures that they will slide effortlessly against one another for simple shuffling and sleight of hand maneuvers.

6.Gent Supply Mythical Creatures

The Gent Supply Mythical Creatures deck (around $13), which has illustrations of deities and monsters from ancient Egyptian, Norse, Greek, and East Asian traditions on the face cards, populates the four suits with deities and monsters from several ancient pantheons. They’re waterproof owing to their matte black PVC composition.

7.Areaware Minim

The Gent Supply Mythical Creatures deck (about $13), which features illustrations of deities and monsters from ancient Egyptian, Norse, Greek, and East Asian traditions on the face cards, populates the four suits with deities and monsters from various ancient pantheons, according to the manufacturer. Because of their matte black PVC structure, they are completely waterproof.

8.EAY 24K

Because of their reflective gold leaf covering and the matching patterned box in which they are stored, the EAY 24K (approximately $8) appear far more expensive than they actually are. They are, however, made of plastic, which makes them durable and flexible enough to be used on a regular basis.

9.Elephant Medieval

It costs around $10 and includes hand-drawn pictures on the box, as well as a distinctive red sticker on the box that is supposed to seem like a classic wax seal. The Elephant Medieval Due to the fact that the kings are suited for combat, this deck is ideal for use in War games.

10.JoyOldElf Flexible

The JoyOldElf Flexible(approximately $7) are made of durable PVC and have an attractive black, red, and white color scheme on their backs. They have an elegant rose design on their backs. In low-light situations, this can, however, prove to be a bit of a disadvantage because they can be difficult to see.

A Brief History Of Playing Cards

It was until in the ninth century C.E., however, that the notion of woodblock printing was developed by Chinese innovators, that everything changed. Before the invention of playing cards, it was far more difficult for individuals to lose money rapidly, and it was practically impossible for magicians to read people’s minds. It was until in the ninth century C.E., however, that the notion of woodblock printing was developed by Chinese innovators, that everything changed. Multiple card games were developed as a result, including something known as “the leaf game,” which was popular among royal members of the Tang Dynasty and still exists today.

  • As long as the cards had their monetary value written on them, they could be used as play money until they could be swapped for actual cash, which was impossible at the time because gambling was banned in the United States.
  • In fact, Egypt is home to the world’s oldest known surviving deck of cards, which includes an almost-complete set that goes back to the 15th century.
  • Cards made their way from Egypt to Europe, and by 1418, German artists were utilizing woodcuts to mass-produce paper decks for the first time.
  • The use of historical figures for those portraits began to gain popularity by the end of the century, and many decks began to feature the suits club, spade, diamond, and heart as well as the traditional suits of diamond and heart.
  • Manufacturers also began to use rounded corners instead of sharp corners about this period, because sharp corners wear out more quickly (and that ups the risk of revealing your cards in the middle of a big bluff).

In the past 100 years or more, their design has remained mostly unchanged, but who knows what the future may hold? What does it matter what the future holds, after all? We just want to know what you’re holding in your hands.

Do You Really Need A Luxury Pack?

If you just play the occasional game of solitaire or a lively round of Go Fish with your nieces and nephews when they come over, you may not see the need in investing in a high-end deck of playing cards for yourself. After all, all of the cards in the low-cost decks are the identical, right? While this is true, it is also a misinterpretation of the situation. There are numerous advantages to spending a few extra dollars on a high-quality pack, especially if you play a lot of cards. This is definitely not something that everyone needs, but once you’ve had a taste of it, it’s difficult to go back to the rough, clunky type.

  • They’re constructed of higher-quality materials and can withstand greater abuse (although the sort of person who spends money on luxury cards isn’t normally the type of person who mistreats his or her credit cards).
  • Additionally, great cards simply feel better.
  • They also fly off the top of the deck smoothly during a deal.
  • They are similar to high-end chips in that they allow the game to run more smoothly.
  • Considering that many of them have beautiful designs or vibrant colors, your friends will be able to tell right away that you value the finer things in life — and that you’re serious about your playing cards.

The Art Of The Deal

Many individuals are apprehensive of dealing and shuffling for fear of appearing silly, but mastering these abilities can make it much easier to amaze your friends and family at the next poker night. Alternatively, you could cheat and purchase an automated shuffler, but where is the fun in that? Theriffle shuffle, in which you mix the cards and then bridge them together so that they fall together with a pleasing rustling sound, is arguably the most spectacular shuffle. Fortunately, it is a relatively simple process.

To begin, cut the deck in half and place your thumbs at the top of each of the two halves of the deck.

Lift only the corner of each card with your thumbs, being care to alternate the sequence in which a card from each half is mixed with the other half.

Following your thorough examination of all the cards, bend the cards while maintaining your thumbs on the top.

Not only is this stunning, but it’s also a fantastic approach to assure that the cards are dealt in a random manner.

Make a fist with your non-dominant hand and place the deck in it with your thumb on top and your other four fingers line the opposite side.

Maintain close contact with the deck with your other hand.

Use your ring finger to flick the object toward your targeted target while still holding the object with your thumb and index finger.

All of this, of course, takes time and effort.

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