Greedy Granny Board Game Rules and Gameplay Instructions

Greedy Granny Board Game Rules and Instructions

Greedy Granny is a thrilling novel that will have readers on the edge of their seats. It is appropriate for the entire family. While not all grannies are greedy, the Greedy Granny shown in this board game is certainly one of them. The overall goal of the game is to try to steal all of the sweets away from the Greedy Granny without waking her asleep. As a result, every time she is awakened, you will be rolling on the floor with laughter. The best-selling board games of all time! x Please enable JavaScript in your web browser and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video in order to view this video.

The ability to fully enjoy the game is enhanced by having these items on hand, and it is possible to obtain the greatest number of goodies from the Greedy Granny as a result of possessing them.

What is Greedy Granny?

Greedy Granny is a game developed by Goliath Games that is not only entertaining but has also been shown to help youngsters learn important abilities. It promotes healthy competition and encourages children to play and collaborate, allowing them to be more nimble and cautious! Greedy Granny is quite similar to games such as Topple and Guess Who, with the dextrous features of both games included in Greedy Granny’s gameplay. With the ability to play with up to four people, you’ll find yourself returning to it again and time again.

  • Ages:5+ Difficulty: It is simple to set up and play, and it is not difficult to learn.
  • Topple, Guess Who, and Monopoly Jenga are all games that are similar.
  • The player who was successful in obtaining the most number of goods is declared the winner.
  • Each game is short, and you may play it again and over again without getting tired of it or becoming bored.

Playing Greedy Granny – What You’ll Need

Getting your hands on the Greedy Granny kit is essential if you want to take part in the Greedy Granny roleplaying game. This specific edition also includes a fun additional challenge that allows you to get in some extra Greedy Granny fun. Greedy Granny is now available for purchase. If you click on this link and make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Tuesday, January 1, 2022, at 8:14 a.m. GMT The following pieces of equipment will be contained within the box:

  • 1 granny in her armchair (which is made up of two separate pieces)
  • Granny’s teeth, a treat wheel, and 12 treats are included in the price. Rules for the Greedy Granny board game in their entirety

Greedy Granny is also available in a card game format, similar to the Old Maid series.

It does, however, come in a four-in-one set of card games. 4-in-1 Card Game and Playing Card Set Purchase Right Away If you click on this link and make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. GMT is 10:15 a.m. on January 1, 2022.

How to Set Up Greedy Granny

Greedy Granny is a simple game to set up and play. First and foremost, you’ll want to ‘construct’ the grandmother. She will be packaged in two separate components in the box. All that is required is that you insert the top half of the granny into the bottom half of the granny. When it is properly aligned, you should hear it click into place. Insert the teeth slowly and carefully into Granny’s mouth. They should be able to slide into place without any difficulty, and you won’t have to do anything special to secure them in place.

After that, the grandmother will be in a state of’snoozing.’ After that, take all of the sweets and gently place them on her serving platter.

You’re now prepared to take on the role of Greedy Granny.

Greedy Granny Board Game RulesGameplay Instructions

Make sure you have between 2 and 4 people on your team. You may also play by yourself, but it isn’t nearly as much fun as playing with others – but it can be beneficial for practice purposes! In order to win, you must avoid waking the grandma when you collect your prizes from her house. In the event that she awakens, her teeth will come shooting out, and her delicacies will be spread all over the table. There are a handful of things to keep in mind when dealing with Greedy Granny. The first is the treat wheel, which defines what the player must do with the goodies and how many times the player must hit the button next to Granny’s chair in order to complete the task.

Gameplay Instructions

The youngest player is the first to depart. They must spin the Greedy Granny treat wheel in order to receive their treats. This will be determined by the treat wheel, and there are various possibilities that we’ll go through with you as we spin the wheel. On the spinner, you’ll also see some numbers inscribed on it. The numbers indicate how many times you must hit the button next to Granny’s chair in order to complete the task. Each player is allowed to spin the treat wheel once before passing it on to the next participant in the game.

Treat Wheel Sections

There are numerous parts on the treat wheel spinner that indicate what duty you are required to carry out. A treat from granny’s tray must be snatched if the arrow falls on the green portion of the treat wheel, which means the player must try to grab one from her tray. It is necessary to sneak a treat back onto Granny’s tray if the spinner falls on the purple portion of the treat wheel if the player has already received a reward. As long as the arrow falls on the circle with a line through it, the player will not be required to hit the button next to granny’s chair if he or she is spinning the wheel.

If the arrow lands on a picture with two people on it, the player will be able to take one treat from any of the other players who are holding a treat in their possession.

Winning the Game

If you want to win the game, you must collect one of each treat without waking up the granny, which is impossible. If a player wakes up Granny, they must place all of their sweets back on Granny’s tray, after which Granny is reset and the game is restarted from the beginning.

How to Play Greedy Granny – Video Tutorial

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the more frequently asked questions that people have about Greedy Granny and the Greedy Granny board game.

Are there any videos of Greedy Granny being played?

Goliath Games, the company that created Greedy Granny, has published a short ad for the game that gives you a general idea of what the game is about.

Can you play Greedy Granny with more than 4 players?

If you wish to play Greedy Granny with a buddy, you might be able to take turns on each round, although the game is designed to accommodate a maximum of four players at a time in most cases.

Are there any Greedy Granny board game rules that you can adjust?

If you want to make the game a bit more difficult and to make it last a little longer, one thing you could try doing is adding more goodies to Granny’s tray. This would make the game a little more difficult and make it last a little longer.

Alternatives Games to Greedy Granny

Greedy Granny is an entertaining and fast-paced novel that will leave you wanting more. Fortunately, there are a few other games that may effectively scratch that itch! These are some of the most entertaining games you can play. They involve skill and focus while relying primarily on chance and chance alone. Although we previously mentionedMonopoly Jenga, we recommend trying outOperation, theJumanji board game, andCrokinole (for somewhat older children) if you want a challenge and a game that necessitates maintaining a steady hand.

Greedy Granny Board Game Rules and Gameplay Instructions

Greedy Granny is the ideal board game for a family gathering. It’s simple to set up and even simpler to play! But, perhaps most importantly, the game is certain to provide hours of entertainment for both youngsters and adults. Give Greedy Granny a shot if you’re searching for a new board game to play with your family or with a group of friends.

What is the Greedy Granny Board Game?

Greedy Granny is a relatively new board game when compared to classics such as Battleship and Monopoly, having only been launched in 2018. The game, which is somewhat similar to Buckaroo in some areas, soon gained popularity among children and is still in use today. It’s not difficult to understand why, given the game’s vibrant aesthetic and dynamic gameplay. Following the setup of Granny, each player will take turns spinning the spinner to determine the outcome of the game. The spinner can fall on a variety of different parts, which means you could skip a turn, be able to steal from another player, or, in the most popular scenario, attempt to take food from Granny herself!

You may need to press the button more than once (or perhaps several times), and if Granny awakens, you will lose the game.

If, on the other hand, Granny wakes up during your turn, you must return all of your treats to her tray.

All in all, though, it’s all in good fun, and we’re all looking forward to seeing Granny wake up and blast out her teeth, aren’t we? Greedy Granny is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a fun family board game that you can play with small children.

What You’ll Need To Play?

Getting the board game will be necessary if you want to give Greedy Granny a go! Greedy Granny should be available at most toy stores, but it is also readily available online. While the game, like Mousetrap, is straightforward to play, there are a plethora of various components included in the package. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll walk you through the operation of each piece before going through the regulations.


As far as the game is concerned, Granny serves as the board. As a result, the first order of business will be to construct her. Grannies’s chair, torso, and lastly her teeth are all delivered in three separate sections. If you’re an adult or an older child, you should have no trouble fitting the parts together. Practice pressing the button on the chair arm until Granny “wakes up” and shoots out her fangs to confirm that everything is working properly once it has been set up.

The Treats

Greedy Granny comes with a total of 12 sweets that are color-coded. While it may be a tight fit, you should be able to fit all of them onto the tray on Granny’s lap, and all of the snacks should be placed on the tray before the game begins.

The Spinner

In Greedy Granny, decisions are made through the use of a spinner. When you spin the wheel, it will fall on a color, a symbol, or a number. You will be required to hit the button a certain amount of times throughout your turn. At the same time, the color or symbol signifies the type of maneuver that you are capable of doing. We’ll go through how they operate in more detail in the regulations section below.

Rules and Gameplay

To win Greedy Granny’s favor, you must collect one of each treat she offers; while this may sound simple, it can be quite difficult to accomplish. It is necessary to return all of your sweets to the tray after each time you wake Granny up. It is also possible to have a really unfortunate spin, which will result in additional button pushes. While it is possible to play Greedy Granny with just two people, it is recommended that you play with a larger group. Greedy Granny can be played by up to four people, making it an excellent choice for families.

The Set-Up

To begin, you must construct Granny and ensure that she functions properly. To accomplish this, repeatedly press the button until she awakens and shoots out her teeth. Once you’ve confirmed that Granny is functioning properly, place all of the treats in the tray and you’ll be ready to begin the game.

Playing Greedy Granny

Greedy Granny is a game where the youngest participant should go first. When it is each player’s turn, they should each spin the spinner to choose their next move. The spinner can land on one of four distinct areas, each of which is distinguished by a different color or symbol. If the spinner falls on a patch of greenery, you’ll be able to collect a treat from Granny. Although the spinner will occasionally fall on a number, this is the amount of times you must click the button on Granny’s chair before the game is over.

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You must return a goodie to the tray (if any) and press the button a certain number of times if the spinner falls on a purple square.

If this happens, you just do nothing and the game continues on to the next person in the queue.

This sign appears to be two persons, one of whom is happy and the other who is frowning. If you happen to land on this symbol, you will be able to grab one treat from another player. The game will continue until one player has collected one goodie of each color from Granny’s table.

Greedy Granny – Family Fun Guaranteed!

In terms of family board games, Greedy Granny is a fantastic choice. It’s a terrific alternative to other popular family games such as Dutch Blitz, and it’s an amazing four-player board game that’s perfect for nights-in with the kids.

Greedy Granny Game Rules / How To Play

Players will have a great time attempting to collect one of each type of treat without waking up Granny in the process. You’ll be victorious if you manage it. This entertaining children’s game is interesting to play and will have children giggling as granny’s teeth fly out. Greedy Granny is a game that children of all ages will enjoy playing over and over again. It is recommended for players aged five and up. Playing is quick and easy, and up to four children can participate at the same time.


  • You are able to get a Granny to sit in her chair
  • A set of Granny’s teeth, a treat wheel, and a total of 12 treats Rules and instructions for the Greedy Granny game as published on the official website


Try to gather one of each sort of goodie without waking up Granny, and you’ll have a victory.


Note that the official Greedy Granny rules and instructions may alter according on the game version you are playing. Please keep this in mind before playing. The guidelines listed here are some of the identical instructions that came with the product when it was first purchased.


Comment on Greedy Granny and tell us about your experiences, including any humorous tales, tips, advice, techniques, or innovative ways to play. You may also ask us questions about how to play, or report any difficulties you have with the rules. All entries will be examined within 24 hours after their submission date.

Human Question:Which game starts with the same letter as Mancala? Chess, Uno, Monopoly, Ticket To Ride, Rummycube, Battleship

When storing, it is recommended that you place the baby bag on the box sideways while she is reclined. Although it is not a perfect fit, the box shuts well. Martinez recommends pressing the button until it pops. After that, recline the seat. If that doesn’t work, then something is wrong. In the words of Random: “I can’t take it apart once we’ve finished playing.” You created a game and, for some reason, forgot to make it simple to disengage from it. Nora says: It’s hard to get the game back into the box for storage after it’s been snapped together; once it’s been snapped together, it’s impossible to take apart without damaging it.

  1. Susansays:Frustrating!
  2. Grammy explains: “My grandson raised the chair top straight up and snapped it into place.” Do not try to snap it in by tilting it backwards.
  3. Every moment grandmother gets out of bed, my children leap to their feet.
  4. We’ve had a lot of good laughs during family game night.
  5. Also, a snack store like Pop the Pig or anything similar would be fantastic.
  6. Sallysays:I enjoy playing granny, but I’m having trouble putting her back in the box.
  7. AMsays:I’m having the same problem.

It expresses itself as follows: I simply pushed her legs down, which caused her to lock her back.

After that, it will remain.

Louise Ferrer expresses her frustration by stating, “I’m having a lot of problem getting granny’s chair to lay back, so I’m not able to play the game.” What is the best way to get the chair to recline?

Although the white switch on the bottom of the chair allows me to raise and lower the grannies arms, as well as make her sleep and wake, after I assemble the two sections of the chair, I am unable to recline the chair as instructed.

I’m hoping someone can assist me with this.

Every YouTube video doesn’t actually show anyone reclining the chair; instead, the video jumps from being upright to being reclined, and it’s extremely frustrating not to be able to find an answer to something that should be so simple! Please, someone assist me! Thank you very much!

Greedy Granny from Goliath Games

What It IsIn the Greedy Granny game from Goliath Games, your goal is to steal the treats without waking up Granny. Granny enjoys her sweets, but she isn’t the best at sharing them with others. While she sleeps, 2 to 4 players alternately spin the treat wheel to determine whether they should take or give back a treat. But be cautious, for one false move might lead Granny to awaken. To play, spin the spinner and look to see where the arrow falls. Then do whatever the arrow advises – take a treat from the tray, put it back, take one from another player, or miss a round altogether.

  • If Granny awakens, the player whose turn it is must return all of their sweets to the tray before the game may continue.
  • Is it a good time?
  • Even though you are aware that Granny may awaken at any time, it is still shocking and amusing when she does.
  • Having said that, because this game does not require whipped cream or water to play, cleanup is simpler.
  • For WhomIt’s IntendedGreedy Granny is intended for 2 to 4 players who are at least 4 years old.
  • What You Should Be Aware Of There are no batteries necessary.
  • Normally, when Granny wakes up, her teeth are meant to shoot out of her mouth, however this did not happen when we were playing the game.

Greedy Granny In A Spin

  • A NEW SEASON OF GREEDY GRANNY HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Greedy Granny In a Spin is an unique twist on the classic game of Snap, which was inspired by TOMY’s popular Greedy Granny game. The children play in groups, squeezing the hungry plunger to make Granny’s eyes whirl around in circles. BRIGHT COLORFUL DESIGN – When they come to a stop at random, players must race to find a card that matches. ACTION AND DISTRACTION – Cards appear to be the same at first glance, but each card is unique, and all players are free to reach for the card they believe is the matching one
  • ACTION AND DISTRACTION OBSERVATION AND REFLEXES ARE DEVELOPED – Each round contains a variety of surprises, with youngsters need to pay close attention to the opposing designs and move quickly to match the patterns
  • The first player to match the card to Granny’s face is awarded with a variable amount of toy cookies, which helps to improve counting among the children. The player who collects the greatest number of cookies wins. The unit folds up neatly to create a convenient storage compartment for keeping cards and cookies secure
  • It is ideal for bringing the game on vacation or for playing in a public place. SUITABILITY – This game is suitable for 2-4 players aged 5 and up. There are no batteries necessary.

Remember the amusement you had with Greedy Granny when you were attempting to sneak up on her and steal her cookies without waking her up? Granny has returned, and she isn’t showing any indications of relinquishing her grip on the situation. Greedy Granny is a character in the film Greedy Granny. With a push of the hunger plunger, you’ll send her beady, greedy eyes spinning in the direction of the food. They move round and round, and no one knows what they’ll look like when they come to a halt.

The first person to identify the pair that matches wins the quantity of cookies shown on the dial.

Whoever has the greatest collection of cookies wins!

Whenever it’s time to put Granny to bed, the set collapses into a compact package with a separate storage compartment for all of your cards and toy biscuits. It is appropriate for 2-4 players who are at least 5 years old. There are no batteries necessary.


TOMY Games provide hours of fun with innovative games that are full of surprises, while also promoting communication and developing problem-solving abilities in children and adults. Goliath Greedy Granny – Take The Treats Don’t Wake Granny Game : Everything Else

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product This is a simple game that may be played with children of any age. On November 20, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States. This game is enjoyed by both adults and children, and we had a great time playing it.

Top reviews from the United States

The overall rating is 5.0 out of 5. No matter what age your children are, this is a simple game to play. United States: On November 20, 2021, a review will be conducted. This is a game that both adults and children can enjoy, and we had a great time playing it.

Top reviews from other countries

I really enjoy playing with the grandchildren. 3.0 out of 5 starsGreedy GrannyReviewed in the United Kingdom on April 9, 2018Color: Greedy GrannyVerified Purchase5.0 out of 5 starsGreedy grannyReviewed in Canada on December 10, 2020Color: Greedy GrannyVerified PurchaseI really enjoy playing with the grandchildren. Anyone would prefer not to press the button. It was a bit pricey, but I found it at Walmart for $16.981.0 out of 5 starsDéfectueuxReviewed in Canada on January 29, 2021Color: Greedy GrannyVerified Purchase The game does not function, even after the first use.

The vast majority of the time, she does not reactivate at all, no matter how many times one presses the power button on her.

I really enjoy this game.

The kids had a lot of fun attempting to steal all of Granny’s sweets before she wakes up. Greedy Granny – Take The Treats Don’t Wake Granny Game – Includes a Fun Colorful 24pc Puzzle by Goliath : Everything Else

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product This is a simple game that may be played with children of any age. On November 20, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States. This game is enjoyed by both adults and children, and we had a great time playing it.

Top reviews from the United States

Color: Greedy GrannyVerified PurchaseReviewed in the United States on September 7, 2018Color: Greedy Granny There was just one game in which the Granny didn’t lean back, and it was successful. Unbelievable waste of time and resources. The quality is quite low. I absolutely despise purchasing trash that will break and then be added to our never-ending dump of plastic waste that will eventually end up in the ocean. Color: Greedy GrannyVerified PurchaseReviewed in the United States on October 18, 2018Color: Greedy Granny There were no issues with the item itself, and all of the components were there and in good condition.

  • The sweets are too large to fit on her plate, and they flow out across her lap as she sits.
  • I had hoped it would turn out more like the advertisement, but I should have known better than to put my faith in a commercial in the first place.
  • The reason why I won’t return it is because it offers him great delight, and its flaws aren’t even noticeable to him.
  • So, actually, even if it isn’t the most well-thought-out design, it is likely to offer your child delight, and if they truly want it, I would recommend that you get it.
  • That one day that I handed it to him was the one time he actually played it.
  • In the same way that my 4 year old observed, I believe this game is ageist.
  • On August 27, 2019, a verified purchase was reviewed in the United States of America.
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It is a complete and utter piece of garbage.

Following that, she would not even sit back in her chair and would rush forward when the rewards were taken after a couple of hours of playing.

Because the other reviews are similarly negative, why does the firm continue to sell it?

Color: Greedy GrannyPurchased with a verified credit card if you want a game that can be completed in under an hour with only two players, this is the game for you.

Granny ALWAYS wakes up between 7 and 10 pushes on the button.

Color: Greedy GrannyVerified PurchaseReviewed in the United States on December 19, 2019Color: Greedy Granny It had been a while since my 3-year-old daughter begged for this particular game, and I finally gave in.

This is a fantastic game when played with four players, but it does not function as well when played with only two players.

In other cases, it takes only 5-6 presses of the button until greedy granny “wakes up” or appears on screen.

To avoid being booted out of the game, you must return all of your sweets to their original locations.

However, when you’re playing with only two players, no one ever manages to gather all four sweets before she awakens.

That should make sense, I hope.

On December 1, 2018, a review was conducted in the United States.

Und of course, that went over well with him.

It was all worth it because he was happy!

Color: Greedy GrannyPurchased with a verified credit card We played this with a group of neighborhood children ranging in age from 3 to 9.

It’s entertaining as long as the children aren’t afraid that their teeth may fall out.

All ages of children will have no trouble understanding this. Once assembled, the item did not fit back into the box well, and it was unable to be closed without the use of tape. Excellent value for a lot of chuckles.

Top reviews from other countries

3.0 stars out of 5 for this product Greedy Granny is a character in the novel Greedy Granny. On April 9, 2018, a review was published in the United Kingdom. Color: Greedy GrannyPurchased with a verified credit card 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Greedy grandmother On December 10, 2020, a review will be conducted in Canada. Color: Greedy GrannyPurchased with a verified credit card It’s a lot of fun to spend time with the grandchildren. Anyone would prefer not to press the button. It was a little pricy, but I was able to find it at Walmart for $16,981.

  1. Color: Greedy GrannyPurchased with a verified credit card The game does not function after the first time it is played.
  2. The vast majority of the time, she does not reactivate at all, no matter how many times one presses the power button on her.
  3. 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Everyone will have a good time!
  4. Color: Greedy GrannyPurchased with a verified credit card This game is fantastic.
  5. The kids had a lot of fun attempting to steal all of Granny’s sweets before she wakes up.
  6. 5 out of 5 starsFunReviewed in Canada on January 13, 2020Color: Greedy GrannyProduct was purchased with a credit card.

Old Maid – Card Game Rules

Don’t let yourself become an old maid! Old Maid is a perennial favorite among children, and it’s a lot of fun to play cards with your family as a group. Colorful decks of playing cards designed specifically for the game are popular, although the game’s rules remain the same regardless of whatever deck of cards is used. Developed Capabilities Number matching, pairing, and recognition are all aspects of mathematics. The Pack is a group of individuals who have come together to form a group. It is necessary to utilize the usual 52-card pack; however, one of the four queens is removed, leaving a total of 51 cards in the deck.

  • The Compromise Any player can mix the pack and distribute the cards out one at a time to each player until all of the cards have been dealt to the players involved.
  • The Actors in the Play Each player takes all of the pairs from his or her hand and places them face down on the table.
  • A single card is drawn from the dealer’s hand, which is then put out face down on the table in front of the player to their left, who accepts it.
  • After that, the player on their left extends their own hand to the person on their right.

Irregularities If it is discovered that any player has discarded two cards that are not a pair (resulting in three unpaired cards instead of one remaining at the end), the player who made the error loses and is relegated to the position of the Old Maid.

@OfficialBicycleCards on Instagram

To be the player who, at the conclusion of the game, has amassed the greatest number of points. To be eligible for the prize, you must have a minimum of 5,000 points.

Dice Values

In addition to gaining points with each roll, a player can score points by combining any of the single or multiple dice combinations listed below. If desired, a player can continue rolling in the aim of accumulating extra points: (*) Please Keep in Mind: When rolling a “$greed,” you must roll one ebony “e” and one emerald “e” in order to get 1,000 points. If you roll three or more e’s of the same color, you will score 1,000 points.


It is possible to play with any number of persons. Each player takes a turn rolling all six dice, with the person who receives the highest point value at the start of the game. The action of the game proceeds in a clockwise direction.

Game Play

Rounds are used to conduct the game.

  1. A round begins with each player rolling all six dice on the first turn of his or her turn
  2. The player then sets aside one or more of the dice that have a point value. Depending on his or her preference, the player may choose to stop rolling and collect the points earned on that specific roll, or the player may choose to continue rolling and attempt to score further points using the remaining dice. Example: A player rolls the numbers $, G, R, D, D, and E. The player has the option to do any of the following:
  1. Put one “D” aside, score 100 points, and then roll again with the remaining five dice
  2. Or, put one “D” aside, score 200 points, and then roll again with the remaining four dice
  3. Or, put one “D” aside, score 250 points, and then roll again with the remaining three dice
  4. Or, score 250 points and stop there so that you don’t risk losing the accumulated 250 points
  5. Or
  1. After each roll, the player continues to place the die or dice with the scoring values aside and may roll again with the remaining dice that are accessible to him or her at that time. However, if no points are earned on either the first or subsequent rolls of the dice, that player forfeits his or her turn as well as any points that have been gained during that particular round of play. Once the dice have been passed on to the next player, the player is not required to set aside all dice with a point value once a specific roll of the dice has been made. A minimum of one scoring die must be placed aside with each roll in order to score points or to roll again in the goal of increasing the overall number of points scored. After setting aside all six dice for point value during a round, a player must restart that round by picking up all six dice and rolling them again until the round is completed. But every succeeding roll that yields no scoring points results in a forfeiture of all points earned during that round, which means the player loses all of the points earned during that round. As previously stated, each player has the opportunity to end a round at any point throughout the game. If a die or dice with point value is left on the felt playing surface, the player must roll all of the dice again. If any die leaves the felt playing surface, or if one die is “leaning” on another or on its edge, the player must roll all of the dice again
  2. If a die or dice with point value is left on the felt playing surface, the player must roll all of the dice again.


In order for a player to begin collecting points, he or she must accumulate a total of at least 500 points in a single round. After achieving this first minimum, the player is free to score any amount he or she wishes in succeeding rounds, with no minimum or maximum restrictions.


If a player fails to roll at least one scoring die or combination of dice on a specific roll, all points gained by that player during that round are forfeited, and the dice are handed to the next player, as previously indicated.

End of the Game

When a player hits or over 5,000 points, he or she must stop at the conclusion of his or her turn and may not roll again until the next round. Each remaining player will have one turn to attempt to “top” the previous player’s high score. A player attempting to “top” the previous high score is unable to stop at a tie. If a player wants to come from behind and win the game, he or she must score more points than the current leader. The winner is determined by the player who has the greatest score at the conclusion of the final round.


In order to determine your $GREED, consider the possibility of losing all of the points you have accumulated during a round by rolling again in an attempt to gain more points. Increasing the number of dice in play increases the likelihood of failing to roll a scoring die or combination of dice that results in a score. In the case of a player who is on the verge of hitting 5,000 points, it may be beneficial to pass the dice to the next player shortly before reaching 5,000. Because all six dice will be in play on the player’s next turn, this may increase the player’s chances of winning by increasing the likelihood of rolling a high-scoring combination.

Best Board Games for Toddlers to Promote Brain Development

Before allowing your child to play any of the best board games for toddlers on our list, please double-check all of the age requirements for each game. CAUTION: Some games may contain small pieces that could be swallowed. Toddlers are a never-ending sprout of development in their early years of life. They are becoming more and more like who they will become as their brains continue to develop and take shape with each passing second of the day. When it comes to making the most of this period of fast growth, using the best board games for toddlers to stimulate brain development and strengthen tight family relationships is one of the most effective strategies.

  1. Therefore, participation and parent-child interaction are heavily emphasized in the majority of the games included in my list of recommendations.
  2. It is always more than that.
  3. * Note from the author: You’ll notice that I did not include any pricing information with the games.
  4. The greatest board games for toddlers included on this page are all, to the best of my knowledge, less than $20 in price.

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Top 10 List of the Best Board Games for Toddlers

This is a fantastic game. My eldest child was barely a year old when the film initially came out. I recognized its potential and picked it up as soon as I could. In order to play this game, you must roll the dice to choose which color hamburger you should stuff into the pig’s mouth. Toggle on the hamburger menu. Turn it over and you’ll find “your number.” In order to eat the hamburger, place it in the pig’s mouth and press down on his head the number of times indicated on the hamburger’s underside.

  • The following are the reasons why I enjoy this excellent board game for toddlers: According to the game’s description, it is suitable for children aged 4 and up.
  • It’s simple to guide your youngster through the process of selecting a hamburger and counting the amount of compressions on her.
  • ** The hamburgers in this game are roughly the size of a half-thumb and are shaped like a triangle.
  • According to the game’s official description, it is meant for children aged 4 and up.
  • Purchase Here’s where to pop the pig
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2. Jenga!

When it comes to toddler board games, it doesn’t get much better than Jenga. Despite the fact that it is not technically on a board, this game is extremely entertaining and helps to improve processing skills. Essentially, you build a tower out of tightly packed blocks and then take them away one at a time, hoping to avoid having your tower topple over on your head. It is possible for parents to teach their toddlers how to look for and remove loose blocks in a safe manner. This is a wonderful exercise in gentleness.

It enabled her to gain a better understanding of the intensity with which she was operating.

*There is no need for supervision when playing Jenga, which is a bonus.

3. Memory

Girlfriend… This is correct. Here. I spent a lot of time with my children playing Memory games. (It’s something I still do.) I’m not sure how many hours can be tallied up. Memory is a favorite of ours! I begin playing Memory with my children when they are around 24 months old. They were able to defeat me at this game by the time each of my children reached the age of three! Memory is played by turning over two face-down cards at a time in an attempt to find a matching pair of cards on the other side.

There is nothing quite as effective for a child as memorizing facts and information.

Play a game of Memory with your kid, and play it frequently! * Memory does not necessitate the presence of a supervisor. Alternatively, you may purchase the original Memory gameHERE, or browse through a selection of other versions of your child’s favorite characterHERE.

4. Bee Hive Matching Game

Even the youngest of toddlers can benefit from this game, which is another excellent example of a beneficial memory exercise that they can participate in. For this game, simply advise your child to place the colored bees in the hive that corresponds to their color. Take turns placing them, or let your youngster to do it. Because the kid must use tweezers to position the bees, this game reinforces color recognition and fine motor abilities in addition to color recognition. The time you will spend with your child will be one of the additional benefits of this game.

The Bee Hive Matching Game may be purchased HERE.

5. Little Treasure Matching Letter Game

The Little Treasure Matching Letter Game develops alongside your child’s development. This game is an excellent choice for those who want to observe genuine development and learning. When you play, you choose a card and place it in the cardholder, then choose the letters that correspond to the word on the card that is shown on the screen. If you have very young children, you can simply allow them to see the letters and match them up on their own. This will allow the child to retain the words in his or her memory.

Using this game as a component of progressive learning throughout early childhood is HIGHLY recommended.

Here’s where you can get the Little Treasure Matching Letter Game:

6. Think Fun Move and Groove Dance Game

In my opinion, any game that allows a child to move around a lot is a winner! The Think Fun Move and Groove Dance Game is a simple game that even toddlers may enjoy. Your child rolls the large soft die, selects a card whose color matches the color shown on the die, and then performs the action shown on the card, as shown in the picture. When it comes to exposing your youngster to the notion of games and competition, this is an excellent choice. Engage older children by enabling them to display accurate maneuvers when the situation calls for them.

This game will keep toddlers engaged since it allows them to roam about and interact with their entire body.

The Think Fun Move and Groove Dance Game may be purchased HERE.

7. Greedy Granny

This game entered my list because of its resemblance to the game Pop the Pig. Using the spinner, you may select whether you should take a snack from Granny’s tray or put it back, as well as how many times you should press the button. The Granny character will “POP” up once the button has been pressed an unknown number of times. This game necessitates the assistance of an adult for younger players; however, the benefit of learning how to go back and forth as well as counting with compression makes the effort worthwhile!

This is a game that my children like playing together. *Adult supervision is essential. Greedy Granny may be purchased HERE.

8. Alphabet Slap Jack

What I particularly like about Alphabet Slap Jack is that these cards can be used for Slap Jack and a variety of other games as well. In contrast to a standard deck of cards, the letters on this deck are easy to read, vibrant, and come with an accompanying picture to aid in recognition of the letters. This deck of cards may be used to teach letter identification, hand-eye coordination, and other skills through games such as Alphabet Slap Jack, Go Fish, and other variations. Card games for small children are some of my favorites.

In addition to being used as flashcards, using these cards to play games like Alphabet Slap Jack or Go Fish will keep your toddler engaged for longer periods of time and will be more beneficial to both your child and the entire family.

Alphabet Slap Jack may be purchased HERE.

9. Chutes and Ladders

In our house, this classic game is a favorite among the family. It is a favorite game among all of my children, who range in age from 4 to 13 years. In Chutes and Ladders, you take turns rolling the dice and moving your game piece around the board in an attempt to reach the top of the ladder. But proceed with caution. If you land on a slide, you’ll be sent tumbling back down the board. This game is excellent for teaching children to count. As he moves around the board, assist your youngster in tapping each square as he counts 1, 2, 3, etc.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this game is that it can be played for an extended period of time.

This was a game that my children frequently chose when they were attempting to stretch out game time:)*Adult supervision is required for gameplay and safety reasons.

10. Yeti in my Spaghetti.

Yeti in My Spaghetti is a game that is similar to Kerplunk, but does not include the little marbles. While I enjoy Kerplunk, I prefer this version since it keeps little pebbles out of reach of curious infants. To play Yeti in My Spaghetti, start by placing the “spaghetti” on the game board and carefully stacking the Yeti on top of them. Remove the spaghetti bits, but make sure the yeti doesn’t fall! Some children will delight in the Yeti’s fall and have a good time! That’s perfectly OK! Take it as it comes!

*Play requires the supervision of an adult.

11. Giggle Wiggle Game

The Giggle Wiggle Game for toddlers is one of my favorites since it encourages your kid to take her time. It is necessary to place marbles on the bottom row of caterpillar feet, activate the wriggly critter, and then attempt to move the marbles up to the top row of caterpillar feet without them falling off. If the stone falls off, she must set it back on the bottom and begin the process all over again. This game also includes music to keep your toddler focused and smiling during the game. Because of the marbles, I was hesitant to include this on my toddler’s wish list.

However, I feel that it may be a good game for older toddlers when played under adult supervision, therefore it made the criteria. It is necessary to have an adult supervise the children. The Giggle Wiggle Game may be purchased HERE.

12. Candy Land

It has been around since 1949, and Candy Land is a true arcade classic. And for good reason, it has withstood the test of time. This game features a plethora of bright and colorful colors, as well as images of delectable delicacies and endearing characters. Candy Land is great for toddlers since it allows them to develop counting abilities while still being simple to use because it uses visuals rather than words! Our family has gone through more than two Candy Land board games and will continue to play until there are grandkids to take over the game.

Candy Land may be purchased HERE.

13. Headbandz!

My obsession with headbands is right up there with my obsession with apple pie! This game is really entertaining! It is one of the most tempting aspects of this game because it can be enjoyed by the WHOLE family while still incorporating and helping the toddler in your household. Headbandz is a card game in which you place a cardholder on your head and then place a card picture facing out inside the holder to play it. The other players can see your image, but you are unable to view it. The objective is for the audience to guess what your image is by asking questions.

  • Trying to keep children from telling you what picture is on your card may be a fun challenge while playing this game, but it’s perfectly OK!
  • Ultimately, encourage and educate him how to “Not Tell” but simply answer your question, how to ask questions about his own image, and how to play in whichever way is most comfortable for your family.
  • It is a sure-fire winner every time!
  • Headbandz can be purchased HERE.

14. Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot

It is right up there with my love of apple pie when it comes to my favorite things. So much fun is had by everybody! One of the most enticing aspects of this game is that it can be enjoyed by the WHOLE family while still very much incorporating and helping the toddler in your household. It is possible to play Headbandz by placing a cardholder on your head and then inserting a card image facing out within the holder, as seen in the picture. Your picture is visible to the other players, but you are not.

You may be creative with this game by establishing a restriction that only yes or no questions can be asked, or you can ask whatever you want.

Every experience is an opportunity to learn.

The only thing we go for when nothing else seems enticing is a headband or two. Everything works out for the best in this situation! In order to participate in the game, an adult must be present. Headbandz are available for purchase HERE.

15. Peaceable Kingdom Acorn Soup

Creating the squirrel’s dinner by following a recipe on a recipe card designed for toddlers is the goal of the game Acorn Soup. As you spend quality time together, adding and mixing fun ingredients, you will create priceless memories with the tiniest of toddlers. Fine motor abilities, learning to take turns, and following directions are all enhanced as a result of playing this game. With this game, there is a lot of room for interpretation. You can follow the guidelines as loosely or as strictly as you choose.

*Adult supervision is required for play; however, after a few rounds with mom, I could easily see this becoming a game your child can play on his or her own!

The Best Board Games for Toddlers Do Big Things for Little Minds!

I am passionate about devoting as much time and energy as possible into proactive parenting, which is why I started this site. Investing time and energy in your child from the beginning can result in happier, smoother, easier, and less stressful parenting in the long run. Making real connections with your kid via the use of the finest board games for toddlers will help you teach them excellent and appropriate conduct, as well as the importance of family time. This is not a minor step, but rather a very helpful and vital part of good parenting in today’s society.

The true victors here are the memories you create and the relationship you form with your friends.

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