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How to Refresh the Look of Your Tiny Bedroom in Seven Easy Steps Interior design professionals provide their best advice on how to make even the tiniest of bedrooms look more spacious. Shagun Khare is an Indian actress and model. Yesterday According to a Private Librarian, there are six ways to improve your bookshelf. Living Your shelves aren’t merely sterile book storage containers; they’re also an important component of the overall design of your home, just like any other furniture item. Sarah Kuta is a model and actress.

From the ancient to the contemporary.

Don’t have the time for a complete renovation?

Home Improvement Projects With only one wall, these one-wall marvels may completely change the appearance of a whole room.

It’s hard to believe how many compliments I get on this unique planter, which is perfect for small spaces.

Allison Arnold is a woman who lives in the United States.


Untouched laundry room from the 1980s gets a vibrant two-day, $100 makeover. B A: Home Improvement Projects The turnaround is very remarkable considering it took only two days of labor. Apartment Therapy Submissions are now being accepted. Yesterday Serta collaborated with Shinola to create a new mattress that is worthy of being displayedNews It’s designed specifically for hot sleepers. Kendall Cornish is a model and actress who lives in Los Angeles. Yesterday

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Linen sheets that were previously sold out (and were highly rated by editors) are now back in stock – but only for a limited time. They’re appropriate for every season of the year. Kendall Cornish is a model and actress who lives in Los Angeles. a day or two ago In a recent announcement, Ruggable introduced the world’s most forgiving washable shag rug, which we put to the test. We might might be able to have lovely things after all. Kendall Cornish is a model and actress who lives in Los Angeles.

Britt Franklin is a young woman who lives in the United Kingdom.

Rochelle Bilow is a model and actress.

Moving Services – Local & Long Distance

Despite the fact that many of our customers enjoy the convenience that provides, we occasionally receive reports of questionable or abusive behavior by people attempting to take advantage of our excellent reputation. Such suspicious actions are frequently centered on property rental scams or property acquisition scams, however they may also include relocation scams. Please take the time to read this Alert and exercise care if you come across anything that appears to be too good to be true or otherwise strange or suspicious.

It is important to be cautious if someone tells you anything different since it might be an indication of a fraud.

Moving also does not verify or certify that the people with whom you are dealing are legitimate, nor does it offer to hold deposits, earnest money, down-payments, or other funds, nor does it provide escrow services, nor does it provide assurances or other guarantees regarding specific apartments, homes, or related transactions.

Transaction Safety Guidance

If anything seems strange, out of the ordinary, too simple, or too good to be true, proceed with care since it may be a potential issue seeking for a victim to take advantage of. If so, does the rent appear to be unusually low? You should look at similar homes or apartments in the same complex or neighborhood to get an idea of how much rent is typically charged or what you should anticipate to pay. If the rent you are quoted is much less than the market rate, you should proceed with caution. The possibility of a genuine reason exists, but unexpectedly cheap rent might serve as a warning sign of impending difficulties.

Know who you’re dealing with when you’re communicating online, especially through email and websites.

Dealing with the opposite party to a transaction in person, rather than over the phone, can help you avoid numerous frauds.

Beware of Geographic Distance.

Be especially cautious if you are dealing with someone in another country or city, or if you are looking to rent or buy a home in another country or city, because the other person may be attempting to take advantage of you by exploiting the practical difficulties and inconveniences that come with geographic distance, as described in this Alert. Avoid using odd payment methods or being pressed for time. If you are sending a deposit, earnest money, down-payment, rent, or any other money related to a rental or housing transaction, it is not recommended that you utilize a wire transfer service (such as Western Union or MoneyGram) or an online escrow service.

  1. Make sure you are not pressured into renting or purchasing an apartment or other accommodation, as well as into sending a deposit, earnest money, down-payment, rent or any other money.
  2. Avoid renting or purchasing an apartment or other type of home without first inspecting it in person.
  3. Consider bringing one or more friends or companions with you on your visit(s) and inspection(s) for your own personal safety and for a variety of other reasons (s).
  4. Move is not involved in any specific rental or housing transactions at this time.
  5. Obtain a specific person’s name and contact details.

Particular SCAM Alert!

Because the other person may be attempting to take advantage of you by exploiting the practical problems and inconveniences of geographic distance, you should be especially vigilant if you are dealing with someone in another country or city, or if your goal is to rent or buy in another country or city, as described in this Alert. If possible, avoid using odd payment methods or being pressed for time! If you are sending a deposit, earnest money, down-payment, rent, or any other money related to a rental or housing transaction, it is not recommended that you utilize a wire transfer provider (such as Western Union or MoneyGram).

  1. You should also be aware of being pressured into making a choice to rent or buy an apartment or other accommodation, or into sending a deposit, earnest money, down-payment, rent, or any other money.
  2. Make a point of visiting any potential rental or purchase properties before making a decision.
  3. Consider bringing one or more friends or companions with you on your visit(s) and inspection(s) for your own personal safety and for a variety of additional purposes (s).
  4. There are no particular rental or housing deals in which Move is involved at this time.
  5. Make sure you have a specific name and phone number in mind.

To Report Actual or Suspected Fraud or a Scam

The following are some ideas for you to consider if you desire to report real or suspected fraud, abuse, or scams to the appropriate authorities: Report the incident to the local law enforcement authorities in the area where you are situated, the area where the individual with whom you are interacting is located, or the area where the property in question is located, depending on the circumstances.

Alternatively, if you are unclear which location is the most suitable, you can report the incident to local law enforcement in all three locations.

Report the incident to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at if you have any information. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) should be notified of the incident:

Have a Question about a Particular Property or Listing on

You may reach out to our Customer Care team by sending an email to [email protected]

Top NYC Moving Company

Send an email to [email protected] to get in touch with our Customer Service team.

Manage your movewith the FlatRate App

Your thumbs will be the only thing you’ll need to move when using The FlatRate App. Our app allows you to change and confirm your relocation information online, without having to leave the app. Create your own photo inventory, and track down your moving truck on the day of the move with the help of this feature. Following your relocation, you will be able to request goods from storage, post evaluations, communicate with our logistics staff, and tip your moving crew.

Track Your Truck

There is a flatrate app accessible on

FlatRate in the News

‘New York City is always moving, as newcomers arrive with bags full with hope and ambition, taking the place of those who have packed their belongings and moved on. According to the New York Times Following the hurricane, the moving company has been extremely busy, deploying trucks and carrying goods to Staten Island, Coney Island, Howard Beach, and the Rockaways, among other locations. During the following week, the business will return to the Rockaways and distribute 3,500 Thanksgiving dinners to homeless shelters in the area.

President Obama spoke at Notre Dame, and Hillary Clinton spoke at New York University, but the students at Mover University, a training school run by FlatRate moving company in the Bronx, heard from the same kind of speaker they’ve heard all year: FlatRate moving company president and CEO David Friedman.

The revenues of Marilyn Schlossbach and Scott Szegeski’s four New Jersey restaurants fell by 40% in June compared to the same month the previous year.

During that month, there was about eight inches of precipitation.

FlatRate also invested in a 50,000-watt solar energy system for its new 40,000-square-foot building, which opened in December.

TrustedCertified at the Highest Level

FlatRate Moving has been recognized as a reputable moving business that has assisted some of the world’s most prestigious corporations in their relocation. Surface Deployment and Distribution Command of the United States Military

Helpful Tips For Your Move

Moving? Make certain that your floors are protected.

Best Moving Company Reviews 2022 – Compare Movers

Reading national moving business ratings will assist you in distinguishing between full-service movers that provide excellent customer service and rogue movers who cause damage and loss of belongings throughout the moving process. We take our responsibilities extremely seriously because we have been a prominent platform for customer ratings and comments on professional moving firms for the past 12 years.

Write a review of a moving business you’ve recently used, or see what others have to say to see if there have been any complaints or rip-offs. See all of the moving companies on the blacklist to avoid, as well as all of the best-rated moving companies to compare, to ensure a smooth moving day.

Top City to City Moving Routes

Listed below are some of the most popular long-distance moving routes that moving firms provide service for. More information on typical moving expenses and customer reports for interstate movers who service these routes may be found at See the entire list of significant routes.

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Your source for movers and reviews

Check out ratings and consumer reports on the movers who will be moving you locally or long distance. Find the finest long-distance movers and the best local movers in your region by completing the form on this page. With confidence, write a review for a moving company. We adhere to the most stringent privacy protection standards available. If you are contemplating a cross-country relocation, this website should be used as a research tool to help you with your decision. Check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ensure that your interstate moving services company is properly registered and permitted to carry your home items over state borders.

Trustworthy moving companies by state

Are you looking for movers in your city or state? Browse through the companies to read their reviews, learn more about them, and obtain a pricing estimate. Consider all of the moving businesses available.

Why is our data accurate?

We are serious about the quality of our reviews. We make every effort to present you with just the highest-quality review material on which to base your decision. It makes no difference if you are relocating from one county to another or simply around the corner; having a dependable furniture mover is essential. Take a look at our relocation recommendations to ensure that you are well prepared. We will also assist you in obtaining the most competitive moving costs and will allow you to compare removal companies.

At Game Tables Online, we specialize in game tables of all kinds, including pool tables, ping pong tables, foosball tables, shuffleboard tables, air hockey tables, bumper pool tables, and other types of game tables. We work with homeowners and interior designers to create custom pool tables and custom shuffleboard tables that may be customized with or without a custom brand for use in either a residential or business setting. Furthermore, we provide the most competitive pricing for high-quality game tables available anywhere, as well as the greatest customer service in the market.

  1. to 5 p.m.
  2. Even while outdoor activities give a great deal of thrill and enjoyment, gaming tables are a fantastic way to bring the excitement and fun of the outdoors inside your own house.
  3. There are numerous various types of game tables that may be found in basements and sports bars of all shapes and sizes.
  4. One advantage of gaming tables is the ease with which they can be set up.
  5. Another advantage is the multi-game table, which allows the user to customize the surface of the table to meet their own gaming needs and preferences.
  6. Ping-pong is perhaps the most well-known and competitive table sports in the world.
  7. The game was invented in England as an after-dinner pastime, with a row of books acting as a net and other books being used to smash a golf ball back and forth across the table between two players.

Since 1988, the sport of table tennis has been included in the Olympic program.

Foosball is a sport that first appeared on the scene in 1922.

Several rows of players are controlled by spinning rods, and two goals are located on either side of the board.

Foosball tables may be found in a variety of settings, including pubs, bars, workplaces, schools, and clubs, and they are always a terrific way to have a good time!

Pool tables are rectangular in shape and have pockets in each of the four corners as well as the centre of the two long sides of the table.

While pool is typically associated with gambling, pool tables may be found in a variety of settings, including homes and recreation centers.

Bump pool tables are available in a range of sizes and forms, so they can be readily accommodated in any home.

Shufflerboard tables are thought to be the world’s oldest tabletop game that is being played today.

During the game, the player’s goal is to slide four weights alternately against those of an opponent in order to achieve the highest score area without slipping off the end of the board.

Air hockey is perhaps the most recent addition to the gaming table scene.

It is possible to play air hockey on a table that contains slots on each side that serve as goals.

In traditional air hockey, the game is over after one of the players scores seven goals, however the enjoyment that can be had with the sport is limitless.

Gaming tables give hours of entertainment and are ideal for parties or family get-togethers. They have origins that date back to the 1500s and will continue to be a source of entertainment and excitement for the entire family for many years to come.

Wildcat Movers Free Quote

Local moving firms are favored because they demonstrate care and compassion for their neighbors.

Long Distance

In order to meet all of your moving requirements, Wildcat Movers will collaborate with you.


In order to meet all of your moving demands, Wildcat Movers will collaborate with you.


We create a customized strategy for each and every house move we complete to ensure that you have the greatest experience possible.


We create a customized strategy for each and every house move we complete to ensure that you have the finest possible moving experience.

Rental Truck Labor

Request a quotation for our moving labor services to assist you in loading and unloading your moving truck rental.

Meet Your Movers in Dallas, TX

Located in Plano, Texas, Wildcat Movers provides local moving services in and around the DFW Metroplex, including the cities of Addison and Frisco as well as Allen and Prosper. We also serve the communities of Carrollton and Coppell as well as Lewisville and Flower Mound in Arlington, Irving, Garland, and Fort Worth. Additionally, we provide long distance moving services between the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the rest of Texas, including but not limited to Houston, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, Amarillo, and College Station, among other cities.


The most simple, hassle-free, and stress-free relocation you’ve ever experienced. I requested a quotation using the internet, and I received both a quote and a follow-up call the same day. The movers arrived early, and they even called ahead. Continue reading-Heather Ellie

You guys are awesome.

This is the second time I’ve used Wildcat Movers to move my belongings. This is another another example of them outdoing themselves. Austin and Jose came on schedule and promptly began the process of packing and relocating. They had been. Continue reading-Mike Dinh

Such a joy to work with.

Chris and Deshun were a pleasure to collaborate with. This was my first time utilizing a moving company, and I am really pleased with my decision to use Wildcat Movers. They were on time, courteous, and professional.Read More-Sydney ChipmanWelcome to the best local moving business in Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding areas. Wildcat Movers wants to make your next move to or from the Dallas-Fort Worth region the most seamless moving experience of your life. The planning and packing phases of your relocation are completed by our professionals, as is the transportation and careful unloading of your belongings.

We provide free online moving quotes to any and all of our prospective clients upon request.

About Us

Wildcat Movers is the industry leader in providing expert moving services. We have extensive experience in relocating homes, apartments, offices, commercial buildings, and storage facilities.

Our Services

Throughout the process, from planning and packing to transportation and careful unloading of your belongings, we put the needs of our clients first.

Contact Us

You may learn more about our Dallas moving services by contacting us at any time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries at all!

Free Moving Quote

We encourage all potential clients to contact us if they are interested in learning more about our Dallas moving services. Wildcat Movers Dallas offers a free moving quotation to all potential clients. You may get a free moving estimate no matter if you are relocating a huge house, an apartment, an office, or a storage facility by simply filling out the form above. We’d love to demonstrate the impact Wildcat Movers can make in your home or business.

Proprietary Cost Estimator

When you request a free moving estimate from Wildcat Movers, we will use our unique moving cost estimator in order to offer you with an accurate moving price. Just another method in which we go above and beyond to make your relocation as seamless and stress-free as possible. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the top Dallas locksmith service.

The Moving Blog – Movers News, Guides and Moving Checklists

The Relocating Blog is the best place to go if you’re planning on moving soon. Since 2008, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring you the greatest moving ideas and comprehensive relocation guides that will educate you how to relocate more smoothly, quickly, and affordably than ever before. As an industry-recognized source of moving information, we make every effort to assist you in determining which reputable moving company to use for your impending relocation. We strongly advise you to thoroughly investigate your movers before choosing them.

Whether you are looking for cross-country movers – such as Boston movers, New York City movers, or Los Angeles movers – we can assist you in researching, reviewing, and contacting a reputable moving partner in the process.

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Do not forget to check back each week to see our latest news and instructive writings.

Long Distance Moving and Storage

Moving to a new area may be a stressful experience. Moving will be a breeze if you enlist our assistance. A dependable moving business with hundreds of committed agents and a lot of expertise in the moving and storage sector, we are here to help you with your move. Whether you want assistance with transportation or with packing your personal belongings, we will complete the task to your satisfaction. You may be confident that our relocation professionals will be in regular communication with you throughout the whole procedure.

What We Can Offer You

Colonial is one of several moving companies available to you, so why should you select us? Answering this question is simple: Colonial is unlike any other firm in the industry.

Colonial Van Lines, one of the nation’s most reputable movers, provides excellent long distance moving services to its customers. Our committed team of moving specialists has over 50 years of combined expertise in the moving and storage sector, and they are always ready to assist you.

Packing Services

Whenever we relocate your belongings, we take special care to guarantee that each item arrives undamaged and in excellent condition. For example, we cover all of your furniture in heavy, long-lasting moving blankets to guarantee that it is transported safely and without damage. This is a difficult thing to pull off on your own. Colonial Van Lines is here to assist you with your packing needs, whether you require partial or complete packing services. Contact us now for more information.

Corporate Relocation Services

We can assist you with the migration of your company’s employees. Designed to provide you with the support and help you require in order to relocate your employee as fast and efficiently as possible, Our business relocation services work hard to minimize the amount of downtime your employees have and to get them back to work as soon as possible once they have relocated. We provide moving services that are professional, efficient, and smooth.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Give those movers additional opportunities to work. They did a fantastic job, too! Continue reading- Kathye S.

Great experience!

This was an excellent experience! Thank you once again for your assistance with our relocation! The entire process was a breeze thanks to their excellent service and ease of dealing with the company. Continue reading- Mitchell E.

Exceeded My Expectations

I had a fantastic time and exceeded my expectations. Nothing had been scratched on my 97-year-old glass-topped furniture. There was nothing wrong. They arrived on time and were kind. Thanks for guiding me through the process of sorting and organizing my mail and personal items. Bless the members of the team that assisted me. Continue reading- Diana B.

Our Mission

As a client of a long distance moving business, you want to be certain that the team you’ve hired has the abilities and convictions that will allow you to put your faith in them. After all, we’re talking about your personal belongings here, and you wouldn’t want to entrust them to just anybody! Colonial Van Lines, on the other hand, can help you out in this situation. Our objective is, and always has been, to offer you with the finest possible level of service. We set a high value on our work and take great pride in it.

Professional Care

We are concerned about your relocation in the same way that we would want someone to be concerned about ours. There are no exceptions.


Our moving specialists are well-trained, licensed, and insured, and they will be there for you and your move at all times.

Cost Effective Services

All of our moving clients are entitled to a free quotation from us. Get in touch with us immediately to find out how much it would cost to relocate your house.


Every time we work, we strive to be as swift and efficient as possible. This results in a more streamlined and problem-free relocation.

The Nation’s Number One Moving Company

We are a full-service moving van line company with the capacity and understanding to make the relocation process as simple and convenient as possible for you and your loved ones. As a result of our extensive expertise in completing difficult relocations, we have the abilities and knowledge to meet even the most demanding of specifications. You can rely on us to take care of your next move and to adapt our trusted services precisely for you, thanks to our experienced and devoted team of moving professionals and the extra resource of verified licensed agents around the country.

View the list of locations that we serve. Experience spanning more than 50 years 12,000 Moves Per Year by a Family-Owned and Operated Company Reliable Services that may be relied on Movers who are courteous and professional Top-Rated Mover in the United States

Our Free, In-Home Moving Service App

We make it simple for consumers like you to take advantage of Colonial Van Lines’ moving services. By using our free, industry-first moving service app, you may get in touch with one of our relocation consultants and receive an estimate for your planned relocation. Furthermore, our software allows you to:

  • Place an order for packing materials and moving boxes
  • Include additional directions for individual products, such as how to handle them. Prepare for your migration by creating a checklist to use as a reference.

Are you ready to get started? Download our app right now by clicking on one of the options listed below:

Let Colonial Van Lines get you moving

Getting a move on is essential! By clicking on the links below, you may get our app right away:

Total Security for Your Belongings

Whatever your needs are for short- or long-term storage, our services will ensure that your items are kept secure until they are delivered to your new home. When it comes to packing and unpacking your things, especially those that are large and fragile, we pay close attention to the smallest of details. We may also store your belongings in our secure and climate-controlled facility upon request.

Convenient and Affordable Services

For this reason, we make it simple for you to personalize your moving experience. As a result of our many years of industry expertise, we have developed full-service moving packages to assist you in finding a solution that meets your needs. To handle your relocation, you may rely on our prompt and dependable movers, as well as our current fleet of trucks.

Professional Long-Distance Movers

It is possible to transport your stuff across great distances without difficulty. We are a seasoned moving company that will make your relocation easier while also ensuring that your belongings are safe from the time of departure to the time of arrival. No matter how far you’re moving, our firm is your go-to partner for ensuring that your goods arrive at their new location in one piece. With five decades of experience

Moving doesn’t have to be tiring and stressful

A professional mover can make moving a pleasurable experience, if you have the right tools and resources. Finding movers, on the other hand, might be difficult. Do you go with a low-cost service or with a firm with a lot of experience? A reputable and certified mover is essential whether you’re transporting a few boxes or your full home from point A to point B. And you’ve arrived to the correct location. Colonial Van Lines is widely regarded as the nation’s premier professional long distance moving company by its peers in the field.

Make contact with Colonial Van Lines right now.

Make a rough estimate of the cost of your relocation.

Helpful long distance moving tips

A professional mover may make the process less stressful and even enjoyable. Moving companies, on the other hand, might be difficult to locate. Decide whether to choose a low-cost provider or one that has years of expertise. A reputable and certified mover is essential whether you’re transporting a few boxes or your full home throughout your relocation. Moreover, you have arrived to the correct location. Nationally renowned as the nation’s premier professional long distance moving company, Colonial Van Lines is a household name in the business.

Please get in touch with Colonial Van Lines right now! Free quotations are available from our buddy Mover Bob on the spot. We also welcome the opportunity to answer any queries you may have. Figure out how much it will cost you to relocate.

Friendly Moving Team

A warm and approachable attitude should be exhibited by the moving staff you choose. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your movers! They should be folks you like spending time with. Make a point of avoiding any teams who appear to be contradicting or harsh, or who do not demonstrate the degree of professionalism you would expect from a potential business partner. If you have a negative initial impression of the team you’re interviewing with, you can be sure that feeling will persist throughout your interactions with them.

Fair Prices

Failure to adequately plan your relocation may result in higher costs in the long term. Consequently, before you sign up with any professional moving van company, be certain that you have reviewed your estimate thoroughly. Prepare the details of your move, such as the number of items you’ll be moving and the distance you’ll be traveling, in order to receive an exact price. Because we value openness, you can rely on us to offer you with an itemized summary of the moving service’s costs, as well as a reasonable fee.

Experienced Movers

With more than 50 years of expertise in the moving industry, Colonial Van Lines is the company to call. As full-service long-distance movers with a network of over 200 agents, we should be your first point of contact for all of your moving needs. Through your selection of us, you will be working with an established business that has extensive expertise in regional and national migrations. Every year, we complete over 12,000 moves and are capable of meeting the most demanding moving requirements.

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Find Reputable Mover

Our team is dedicated to assisting you with every element of your relocation. We’ll take care of everything, from packing to transportation support. As a family-owned and run business, you can rely on us to treat your personal possessions with the respect and care they deserve. We will pack and transport your possessions swiftly to your new site, allowing you to avoid downtime and relocation headaches altogether. We are a certified and insured moving company that you can trust to provide you with safety and transparency during your move.

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  6. By continuing to use our site, you give your permission to the use of cookies.


Home A game of billiards using Billiard Mama2021-02-08T17:02:11-08:00

Pool Table MovingRepair

We are professional pool table movers with years of expertise, licensing, and insurance. New pool table models in a variety of designs to match your interior design. Our first aim is to provide personalized service.

People Are Talking About Us

Dave’s pool table installation is a superb example of handicraftsmenship. From the time of delivery until the time of installation, he is extremely attentive. It took him about 4 hours to complete the installation. It was a pleasure doing business with DK Billiards. They relocated our pool table and replaced the pockets and felt with new ones. From the beginning to the end, the service was excellent. Dave and Anthony are extremely competent and experienced, and they provide fantastic service to their clients.

Dave performed an excellent job of refinishing our pool table.

It turned out extremely well.

Very pleasant and competent.

He provided excellent, professional advise as well as choices for relocating my pool table.

DK Billiards Service was the company that sold us our pool table.

When they came at my residence, they were deliberate in their approach.

The service was outstanding, and the pool table was quite enjoyable to play.

The change it made is quite remarkable.

Really, it’s a thing of beauty.

After looking at a variety of pool tables online and contacting a number of other billiard firms in the Los Angeles/Orange County region, we discovered DK Billiards.

David and his colleagues were absolutely fantastic.

It performs admirably, looks fantastic, and is really affordable.

Since I had informed him, he might have been able to persuade me to do more.

Thank you for accommodating us so close to Thanksgiving.

When there was a time.


Extremely well-informed.

David is someone I will employ again without hesitation.

When I phoned him over two decades later, he recognized me immediately.


I went to various stores, but you are not required to do so.

This is a family-run business that is wonderful from the beginning.

They arrived on time, were friendly, and were professional.

The service provided by DK has been excellent throughout the years, including the disassembly and reassemble of our pool table owing to the installation of new flooring.

Excellent customer service!

This is the second time we’ve used their services.

It comes highly recommended.

I was, on the other hand, pleasantly pleased.

As a result, Dave phoned me and was quite kind in explaining that they had attended a trade event and had forgotten to place the notice on the company website.

He and Anthony were really efficient and displayed a high level of knowledge throughout the entire procedure.

I am quite impressed with them and would strongly suggest them!

When I texted him with a question, he answered almost immediately.

Excellent company, excellent personnel, excellent service.

I had acquired an antique table and wished to use it as a centerpiece.

They carry everything you could possibly need in terms of pool materials and tables, from A to Z.

Dave is just great!

Dave was the one who made the purchase.

– Samuel Clemens, author (aka Mark Twain) Driving around the historic districts of Chapman is a pleasure for me.

Dave is without a doubt the greatest.

My table at home was described to him when he came out to help us relocate our office table.

They made use of substandard rubber that only lasted for 5-7 years on average.

Along with the rails, he brought a few service cues and surveyed the space in the room before recommending that we move the table six inches in one direction and four inches in the other (which may not seem like much, but it makes shooting a lot simpler now).

It seemed as though I was shooting on a whole different table.

This is a fantastic tiny mom and pop store.

In fact, they offer a 9-foot table where you can try out your cue before purchasing it.

During the summer of 2010, David relocated a table from my parents’ home to ours.

In addition, I had the vehicle retrieved and the bumpers rebuilt.

I purchased several additional cues as well as new triangle attachments, as well as a high-end cue for my wife.

It has been 7 years since the excellent restoration that was completed in 2010 made all the difference, in addition to our family’s outstanding care over the years.

Clearly, the review score serves as an unmistakable proof.

Free and beneficial counsel is easily available.

We highly recommend him.

I would strongly suggest this mom & pop, family-owned and operated establishment!

I had one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences I’d had in a long time at this store.

I was able to get everything I needed (which was quite a bit) in one spot and was extremely satisfied with the items I took home.

Having the opportunity to work with David was a wonderful experience for my grandmother and myself.

However, David was able to come out the same day and remove our pool table, which was a huge relief!

He was on time, well-informed, and really efficient.

We hired them to re-felt our pool tables, which they did quite well.

They even mended our pockets while they were executing the service at no further cost to us.

David provided outstanding assistance at a reasonable cost.

His understanding of pool tables is demonstrated by his and his crew’s ability to disassemble and relocate the table in a timely and safe manner.

Likewise, he provided me with a reasonable price for replacing those.

(He also noticed that my felt and chalk colors were mismatched and provided me with a complimentary pair to match!) To allow us to re-carpet our floor, we requested that our table be moved.

He and his crew arrived precisely when they said they would, were pleasant and kind, and returned two days later to re-felt and re-install the table.

David took great care to ensure that our table, which had previously been poorly leveled, was perfectly leveled!

DK Billiards has been with my family through multiple moves over the last decade, and each one has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

Dave and his colleagues have always been honest and professional, and they have gone above and beyond to fulfill all of our requirements.

They come highly recommended since they are the finest at what they do!

Thank you very much.

I will pass your name forward to anybody who has a pool table.

Everything about my experience with DK Billiards was excellent, from the showroom to the installation.

Extremely friendly and welcoming family-owned business with a no-pressure sales approach.

Approximately two weeks later, David delivered and installed it to perfection.

Amazing family, and an incredible experience.

The follow-up and attention provided throughout the procedure were outstanding.


DK Billiards is owned and operated by Dave and his wife, who are both fantastic people.

And I only had three days to finish my pool table in time for a party in three days.

Dave Immediately responded and stated that it takes longer than we had anticipated to complete tasks the way they should be completed, which he emphasized is the way he conducts his business and that he will not complete a subpar work simply to get it done.

We came up with the only approach that would allow us to complete the task while maintaining the highest degree of workmanship.

Without sacrificing his quality or meeting the same deadlines as his other clients who came before me, Dave has done all in his power to have this table completed for me on time and under budget.

They’ve been so gracious that they’ve earned the distinction of being my very first review!

They also provide excellent follow-up.

It was well worth every penny!

Service that is prompt and friendly, backed by competitive pricing and the knowledge and experience necessary to set up your pool table correctly the first time.

If you are wanting to acquire a pool table, have your pool table maintained, or have your pool table transported, DK Billiards is the place to go.

I’m a frequent player, and I’m always on the lookout for new items to add to my growing collection.

It was a fantastic experience!

My kid, who was present throughout the process and even assisted in leveling the table, had a very good time with the setup.

Thank you very much!

It turned out that all we needed were some new cushions and fabric.

Our pool table continues to perform exactly as it did when we first purchased it.

As a “huge” Lakers fan, my husband specifically requested that the table felt be in Lakers colors.

The job was completed in a timely manner and in a highly professional manner, and the table served our family well for several years.

I appreciated how their personnel took care of all the details and made the trip as stress-free as possible. If you’re looking for a pool table, I highly recommend this “owner-operated” business as the place to go. a link to the page’s load

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