How to Play Land Mine Drinking Game?

Land Mines Drinking Game

The Land Mines drinking game includes wagering the quantity of beer you can drink as a quarter turns on its side, where empty beer cans can be used as land mines to muck with others as they race to fulfill their alcohol wagers. Sponsored


Find a level place to play on, keeping in mind that the quarter has to be able to spin while avoiding the beer can land mines that have been improvised. To begin the game, select a participant and instruct them to place their beer wager into their solo cup before beginning their turn by spinning the quarter.


Before each turn, a player must deposit the amount of alcohol they have bet into their cup. The entire goal is to be able to complete the beer before the quarter hour strikes at the clock (either on its own or from hitting something). Similarly, if you drink with your left hand, you must also pick up the quarter with the same left hand once the drink is completed as well. This is the point at which the game becomes more intriguing. A land mine is created when you complete all of the beer in the can, which allows you to smash it down on a spinning quarter during someone else’s turn, forcing them to finish drinking their wager and re-spin the quarter.

Over time, the table grows increasingly cluttered with land mines, making it practically impossible to play (especially as you get drunker).

You should be aware that this alcohol drinking game is not intended to result in you being ill as a result of excessive alcohol intake.

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Landmines Drinking Game

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  • What is the Landmines Drinking Game, and how does it work? What You Need to Know to Play the Landmines Drinking Game
  • Landmines Drinking Game Instructions
  • Landmines Drinking Game Rules
  • How to Play the Landmines Drinking Game Drinking games that resemble landmines

What is the Landmines Drinking Game?

In addition to being referred to as Land Mines Drinking Game, the Land Mines Drinking Game requires quick thinking as well as a little bit of luck! A coin is spun on its side in this drinking game, and players must wager on how much beer they can consume while the coin is spinning. To make things more complicated and confuse the other players as they try to drink their beer cans, empty beer cans are utilized as land mines. This is one of the finest drinking games there since it requires a lot of beer chugging on the part of the players.

How To Set Up a Landmines Drinking Game

To set up a Landmines Drinking Game, make sure you have a coin that will be spun, beer cans rather than beer bottles, Solo Cups for the beer wagers, and a wide table where you can place the beer cans, or “land mines,” and beer-filled cups throughout the game’s play time. It is essential that your table is flat and big since you will need to spin a coin on a flat and open surface. Set up a circular table with the players sitting around it, each with their own solo cup and a can of beer in hand.

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game

It is simple and enjoyable to learn how to play the Landmines Drinking Game. The objective of this game is to consume your beer cup as rapidly as possible. Read this if you have the time: Spoons Drinking Game | How to Play | Rules Player’s spin a coin on the table, and they have to finish their beer cups before the coin stops spinning.

“Land mines” will emerge on the table if you place empty beer cans on it, and they will operate as impediments for the rest of the game. When participating in the Landmines Drinking Game, make sure you follow these guidelines:

1. The first player will spin the coin on the table.

While the coin is spinning, the player will pour beer into a solo cup and guzzle the beer until the cup is emptied, if possible.

2. Once the cup is empty, the player must then try to pick up the still spinning coin.

If the coin comes to a halt before the player has a chance to pick it up, the player is failed and must do the procedure over until they succeed.

3. The next player will be the player to the left.

This player must also adhere to the procedures laid forth previously. Recommended reading: Drink or Strip Drinking Game: Rules and Regulations What to do and how to play

4. But of course the Landmines drinking game is called Landmines for a reason!

Every time a player empties their beer can, the empty beer can will be turned into a land mine by the game’s computer.

5. Players who finish their beer cans, can use that can to smash other players’ coin mid spin.

The person who spun the coin must then consume the contents of his or her cup before starting the spin all over again with another coin.

6. Empty cans will then remain on the table and act as a “land mine” obstacle for the spinning coin.

Any penny that strikes the empty cans will cause the spinner to come to a complete halt, forcing it to start all over again! When it comes to winning a Landmines Drinking Game, there is no clear victor, just as there is no clear winner in most drinking games. The overall goal of the game is to get drunk and have a good time! Recommended reading: Guess the Scene! – An Acting Drinking Game | Video Gameplay But keep in mind that, while playing Landmines may be a lot of fun, it is always best to drink responsibly!

So let’s have a good time while while being safe!

Landmines Drinking Game Rules

The Landmines Drinking Game Rules are quite simple to understand. Listed below are the ground guidelines to follow:

1. Remember, that players must use the hand that they used to drink their beer when they pick up a spinning coin.

If the player switches to a new hand, they must spin the wheel again.

2. If a player is unsuccessful 3 times in a row, the group may decide to give that player a penalty instead, and move to the next player.

It is my hope that you will not have terrible luck!

3. If a landmine is deployed or “smashed” on the coin of the spinner, the can must remain in that spot for the remainder of the game.

That turns into a persistent “land mine” that players must avoid at all costs in order to succeed. Fuck You Pyramid | Card Drinking Game is a recommended read.

4. Know your limitations!

You may find additional games that you and your friends will like if you continue to seek for more entertaining drinking games that are just as entertaining as Landmines. Have a great day experimenting with these other games!

1. Cup Swap

Cup Swap is a game in which participants must use a spoon to move beverages from one full cup to another. It appears to be straightforward, doesn’t it? It’s a basic and straightforward drinking game that will have you and your pals rolling around on the floor laughing!

How to Play Cup Swap

Cup Swap requires two cups and a spoon for each participant in order to be played. Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of alcoholic beverages as well! Provide each participant with two cups and a spoon at the beginning of the game. Your selected alcoholic beverage will be served in one cup while the other cup will be left empty for you to drink from. For one minute, set the clock to 1 minute and let each participant to take turns pouring as much of the liquid onto an empty cup as they can using only the spoon provided.

After the one-minute time limit has expired, participants will be required to drink whatever is left in the initial cup. Boat Race Drinking Game is a recommended read. Make sure you are swift with your hands, since the faster you pour with that spoon, the less alcohol you will have to consume!

2. Buzz Drinking Game

Buzz is a high-octane drinking game that becomes increasingly difficult the more time you spend playing it. Although the game appears to be simple at first, you will find yourself completely befuddled by the conclusion! The concept behind the Buzz Drinking Game is that participants will take turns counting the amount of drinks they consume. However, certain numerals will be substituted with the word “buzz” as a condition of participation.

How to Play Buzz Drinking Game

Prior to beginning to play the Buzz Drinking Game, the party must first agree on the rule that will be followed during the game. Following the selection of a rule, the group will select the first player who will begin the game. After then, the beginning player will begin the count at one. The player to the left of the initiating player will carry on the count and say two additional times. As long as a player continues to make mistakes with the count and forgets to yell “Buzz!” the procedure will continue.

– Double digit numerals such as 11, 22, 33, 44, and so on – Numbers containing the number 8 in them, such as 8, 18, 28.

Anyone who does not shout buzz at the appropriate time will be forced to take a shot or drink from their cup.

Feel free to tweak the rules to make everyone become drunker quicker if you think it would help.

3. 21 Drinking Game

The 21 Drinking Game is a simple and quick drinking game that can be played at any gathering with little to no preparation. All you’ll need is your favorite alcoholic beverage! 21 is a counting game that is similar to the Buzz Drinking Game in that it is ideal for getting folks drunk at a party! Players must count from 1 to 21 in order to win this game. Whoever receives the “21” count will be required to consume alcohol!

How to Play 21 Drinking game

Make everyone sit in a circle around the table. Provide enough alcohol to last for everyone and several rounds of drinks, if possible. The group then votes on the beginning player, who will begin at the count of one and work his or her way down the line. Player on the left of the beginning player will continue the count and announce 2 when the count reaches 10. There will be no stop to the counting until a participant speaks the number 21. During the next round, the person who says 21 will have to drink and will have the option to make up a rule that will be followed by everyone in the next round.

Examples of rules that can be added to the game

  • Those who receive the number 5 will be required to execute a dab instead of stating the number 5. Those who receive the number 6 will be required to applaud six times instead of uttering the number six. Those who receive the number 15 will be required to speak “quince” instead of the number 15.

Keep in mind that the regulations will be followed during the whole game, including all rounds.

As a result, the longer the game continues, the more rules there are, and the more difficult and convoluted it becomes!

More Fun Drinking Games

Are you still seeking for new games to try? We’ve compiled a selection of games that will ensure that your party is one that everyone will remember! Take a peek at these ridiculously entertaining drinking games! The date is September 3, 2021.

Land Mines

It’s time to admit it: spinning a quarter is your favorite ADD-inducing pastime. To win this game, you need to gulp your beer to the point where you can use it as a land mine for quarters that you are trying to spin. Empty beer cans that have become landmines must be avoided at all costs by each player as they take turns spinning a quarter.

What You Need:

There was a lot of beer (shot glasses optional) One quarter one large table with four or more players

How To Play:

Brews in large quantities (shot glasses optional) One large table with four or more players (one quarter of the table).


Every turn, a player has three opportunities to spin their quarter and begin chugging. When a player has completed their rink or when the quarter has stopped spinning, the turn is complete. You must use the same hand to spin, drink, grasp, and pass the quarters in order to complete the task. If you violate this rule, you will forfeit one of your three spins. If you violate this rule three times, you must gulp the remainder of your beer and hand the empty can and quarter to the next player in line.

That was a failed effort, and you will need to try one of your three spins again if you have any left in your bankroll.

Unless you are out of spins, you should stop chugging and try again.

The turn is passed on to the next individual.

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How Do You Win:

There isn’t a clear winner in this drinking game, as there is in many others. When it comes to land mines, though, you have a number of choices. When it becomes difficult for anyone to spin the quarter on the table, the game is considered over. There are so many cans! You might designate the winner as the individual who has the most number of land mines. Alternatively, you may award the victory to the player who has the most number of unused land mines, which makes the game much more intriguing.

Alternatively, simply play and see who gives up first is the loser.

How to Play Land Mine Drinking Game?

The land mine drinking game is the most popular game to play at a party! To play this drinking game, gather your buddies, purchase a few cases of beer, and prepare for an experience unlike any other. Land Mine distinguishes itself from other games such as Beer Pong and Waterfall. It would also be a fantastic game for a bachelor or bachelorette party, as well. Despite the fact that the gameplay and regulations are quite straightforward, there are several techniques to consider when playing. You can, of course, choose to disregard all of this and simply indulge in a few drinks!

What is The Land Mine Drinking Game?

The Land Mine drinking game is straightforward to play, but it is difficult to master. Its origins are a little obscure, as is the case with many drinking games. However, during the 1990s and early 2000s, frat parties were a popular place to play. Although the game isn’t as as popular as it once was, we believe that this makes it even more remarkable! The game is most enjoyable when played with a group of at least four other players. However, this is a game in which the adage holds true: “the more the merrier.” You’ll need a level surface to play on, such as a medium- to-large-sized dining room table.

Initially, a player spins a coin to start the game (the traditional choice is a quarter).

If the player finishes their beer, he or she is allowed to retain the beer can.

During another player’s turn, players can utilize any land mines they have to smash down on the coin they are holding.

This implies that as the game progresses, there will be less area available for the coin to be spun. There are also a variety of methods to win the game, depending on the rules that you choose to play under. Although, of course, you may just play for pleasure if you like!

What You’ll Need To Play?

You’ll need a few different items in order to participate in the Land Mine drinking game. First and foremost, you’ll require a number of beer cans. Any beer can be used, however we don’t advocate using anything that is very strong in flavor or strength. Additionally, you’ll need a coin to spin, and you may use plastic cups instead of coins. While some rules disregard cups and state that you may merely play with cans, we believe that cups provide an additional element of complexity to the game.

Plastic Cups

So, why should you use cups in the first place? Land Mine drinking game participants wager on how much they will be able to drink before a coin is spun to reveal the winner. In the event that they complete their cup before the coin falls over, they are victorious in this round. Without the use of cups, players are forced to wait until the entire can has been consumed before the can may be utilized. According to our perspective, this basically eliminates the betting part of the game, making the game less entertaining.

A wonderful option would be these 20-ounce unbreakable plastic tumblers that can be simply cleaned and re-used for other games in the near future.

The Land Mine Drinking Game Rules and Gameplay

So, what exactly is the point of the Land Mind drinking game, exactly? The point of this drinking game, like with most others, is to have a good time. In contrast to other games, there can be victors and losers in this one. Additionally, the method by which this is determined might vary greatly depending on your end game rules. However, we will go into further detail about this at the conclusion of our game guide. Let’s start by going through how you set up the game and sketching down a rough framework of how you play.

The Set-Up

Land Mine is a rather straightforward game to set up. First and foremost, get all of your beer cans prepared. In order to fill your playing space or at the very least endure a few rounds, make sure you have adequate supplies. The exact quantity you’ll require will be determined by the number of participants. It is recommended that you have at least 30 cans on hand for a bigger group game. Don’t be concerned; any players who don’t get drunk can always be preserved for another game, can’t they?

After that, all you have to do is determine who will go first, and you’ll be ready to begin playing!

Game Rules

On each turn, you will first need to place a bet on how much alcohol you will be able to consume. Now, before you place your bet, take some time to consider your options. Playing it safe and simply drinking a modest amount of alcohol will most likely result in finishing your round before the coin tosses over the table. Players, on the other hand, will like to be able to complete the entire can of food. As a result, they can collect it and utilize it as a land mine in the future. Each participant should use a different can in order to ensure that everyone is competing on a level playing field.

  • If you conduct a lot of war, you may be able to obtain land mines to employ as a first line of defense.
  • Following your decision, you should pour the appropriate amount of beer into your drinking cup (see below).
  • When it comes to drinking and spinning the coin, you have to use the same hand.
  • You will also be able to retain any empty cans that are left over.

If you don’t complete in time, you should quit as soon as the coin lands on the table. Any beer that remains in your cup will be required to be consumed on your next turn. However, we must discuss how the land mines function in order to understand the whole gameplay.

Land Mines

It is possible to use a beer can as a land mine once it has been finished. During any other player’s turn, land mines can be smashed down on the coin to destroy it. This puts a stop to their current turn instantly. Any player who comes into contact with a land mine will be required to complete their drink before proceeding to the next turn. As a result, gamers that hit many land mines will get far more inebriated much faster. Once a can has been banged to the floor, it will remain on the table for the time being.

End Game Rules

Finishing the land mine drinking game can be done in a variety of ways, depending on your preferences. Most rule sets stipulate that the game is ended after the table has been entirely covered with cans or land mines. The method by which the winner is determined, on the other hand, can differ. The player who plants the last can/land mine may be declared the winner in this scenario. Some regulations, on the other hand, state that the player who has the most empty cans (cans that have been left unused) is the winner.

The player who consumes the most number of cans, regardless of whether they have been consumed, will win.

If you decide to play with specified winner criteria, make sure that all players are aware of them in advance of the game starting.

The Land Mine Drinking Game – A Fun, Unique Game!

Finishing the land mine drinking game may be done in a variety of different ways. Most rules stipulate that if a table is totally covered in cans/land mines, the game is declared to be finished. How the winner is chosen, on the other hand, might differ from one country to the next. The player who plants the final can/land mine may be declared the victorious. The player with the most empty cans (those that have been left unused) is the winner under certain regulations, however this is not universal.

This game will be decided by who drinks the greatest number of cans in the shortest amount of time.

If you decide to play with specified winner criteria, make sure that all players are aware of them in advance of the game beginning.

How To Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules – Chuggie

It starts out innocently enough but quickly spirals out of control. Are you ready to take your Saturday and Sunday evenings to the next level? When it comes to drinking games, the Landmines Drinking Game is a wacky one that gets better and better as the game progresses. While the game begins off quite straightforward, the longer it goes on, the more “landmines” are activated, the more beers are consumed, and the more difficult it becomes to play. Prepare to discover how to play the Landmines Drinking Game with Rules – replete with detailed instructions, variants, photographs, and video demonstrations.

Organize a get-together with your close pals with plenty of booze, a quarter, and a table. It’s going to be a great night! Shot Glass Roulette Set at a discounted price for your next party. (Click here for the most recent deals.)

Landmines Drinking Game Equipment:

  • At least one quarter*
  • A reasonable-sized table on which to spin the quarter
  • Heavy-base shot glasses
  • And beer.

a quarter*; a reasonable-sized table to spin the quarter; heavy-base shot glasses; beer; a quarter*

Landmines Drinking Game Rules:

  1. The game begins with a quarter being spun by one of the players. To sip their beer and grab their quarter while the quarter is spinning, the player must do it with the same hand that spun the quarter
  2. Otherwise, they will be disqualified. Taking a drink and picking up the quarter while it is still spinning is the goal
  3. If a player fails to pick up the quarter while it is still spinning or uses the wrong hand, they must take another drink and repeat the process.

Consequently, like with all of the finest drinking games, the more you suck, the more drunk you’ll become. If you prefer to study visually, keep an eye out for the video demos. Another entertaining option is the Crystal Clear Shot Glass Bar Set, which is both inexpensive and entertaining for calmer nights. (Click here for discounts and photos.)

What About The Landmines?

  1. In the event that a player has finished their beer, he or she has the option of slamming their empty can (or cup, shot glass, etc.) into another player’s spinning quarter. If the player successfully slams their empty can (or cup, shot glass, etc.) onto the other player’s spinning quarter, the other player is forced to take a penalty drink. Additionally, the player who received the “crushed quarter” must restart their turn
  2. The empty can has been designated as a “landmine” and will remain in that location for the remainder of the game
  3. Landmines are impediments that can prevent your quarter from spinning if it comes into contact with them.

As you can see, the more beers you consume, the greater the number of barriers (also known as “landmines”).

How Much Do You Have To Drink?

While drinking while your quarter is spinning, there are a few different strategies you may use: shots of beer– The first strategy is to pour out a shot of beer and then consume it before your quarter stops spinning.The second strategy is to drink it while your quarter is spinning. Obviously, this increases the level of difficulty in the game. Because it takes time to pour out the shot, it’s far more difficult than simply drinking your beer.This inexpensive set of 24 LED Flash Light Up Shot Glasses is ideal for the shot glass version of the game.

There are no frills in this place.

Red Solo Cups– Place bets with your pals with these cups.

Place bets with your pals on whether or not you will finish your drink before the quarter finishes spinning.

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules: Video Demos Top Drinking Games: Landmine Drinking Game Tutorial1

Share some of your favorite Landmines drinking game stories with us in the comments section down below! You may also tell us which drinking game you’d like to see on Chuggie by leaving a comment on this page.

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Remember to have fun with these drunk games, but never get behind the wheel when under the influence of alcohol. Cheers! After you’ve played Landmines, you should try another fantastic booze game. (Click here for the most recent deals.)

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Take care not to get intoxicated while playing these games, and never get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Cheers! In addition to Landmines, you should try out this fantastic booze game. Coupons are available at any time by clicking here.

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What You Need

Remember to have fun with these drunk games, but never get behind the wheel after drinking. Cheers! After you’ve played Landmines, you should try out another amazing booze game. (Click here for the most recent discounts)


The first person to be dealt the quarter will begin by spinning the quarter on the table in his or her hand. In order to keep the quarter spinning, the player must guzzle the beer that is placed in front of him or her. As soon as the drink is finished, the player must attempt to pick up the quarter while it is still spinning. There is one key rule that the player must follow: the spinning quarter must be picked up with the same hand that they chugged the beer with. It is deemed a failed turn if a quarter comes to an end before the player has had a chance to guzzle their beer.

Once a player has achieved success, the game goes on to the next player to the left.

The other players have the ability to decide on this penalty.

Anyone possessing a landmine has the option of smashing the spinning quarter during anyone else’s turn, resulting in that player having to spin and drink once more during their turn.

The fact that there is no clear victor in this game, there is a lot of drinking involved, which makes it a wonderful party game to play.

Other Interesting Articles

What You’ll Need- A quarter-a-liter of beer (preferably canned)-A table that’s not too small. Rules- The game begins with the first player grabbing the quarter and spinning it around on the table to initiate play. – While the quarter is spinning, the player takes a swig of beer from his bottle. – Following the consumption of a chug, the player must attempt to pick up the still spinning quarter. – To pick up the quarter, you MUST use the same hand that you chugged with! – If the quarter comes to a halt and the spinner is unsuccessful, they must then take a drink and attempt once again.

  1. – If a player fails to complete a task three times in a row throughout the game, just require them to complete some sort of penalty and move on.
  2. Land MinesWhen players drink their beverages, the empty beer cans become “land mines,” causing the game to halt.
  3. It is necessary to avoid empty beer cans that have been used as “land mines” during the game since they remain in play where they were placed until the finish of the game.
  4. The goal is essentially to avoid being smashed before the next person comes up.
  5. If you are able to accomplish these tasks, you should be alright.

r/DrinkingGames – Land Mines!

I just wanted to share one of my all-time favorite drinking games, which can be played before a party or during the night with a group of friends. Number of players: It’s usually optimal to have approximately 5 people. This can be adjusted, although it is recommended that beer cans or bottles be used in this application. As a group, gather around a table. The first player spins a coin and drinks while the coin is whirling (as long as they want or can). Afterwards, grasp the coin with your drinking hand just before it falls flat.

  1. If the coin falls flat before you can grasp it, you’ll have to start over.
  2. After 5 tries, you have successfully passed the coin and must complete your beverage.
  3. The moment you finish a can or bottle, it becomes a minefield!
  4. You have the option of placing the mine on the table whenever you like.
  5. As a result, after enough mines have been accumulated, everyone may band together against someone and force them to finish their drink.

The game is incredibly entertaining since it allows you to interact around a round table, and there are no losers because everyone wins in a drinking game. It has the ability to take you from buzzed to drunk in a matter of minutes. Drink in order to be cheerful!

Drinking Game: Landmines

Violations of the LawFebruary 24, 2013 You’ll need: a 30-pack of beer 3-5 Individuals 2 Quarters of a pound Cups for each and every player The rules of the game are as follows: This is a quarter-game that, if played for an extended period of time, will leave you exhausted. The greater the number of individuals, the better. All you need is a quarter, a shot glass, a larger shot glass (ideally 3-4 shots worth), a group of your friends gathered around a table who are interested in getting screwed up, and some beer (in a can).

  1. You should fill your glass with at least one ounce of beer, if not more, depending on your preference.
  2. The beginning player flicks the quarter to cause it to spin on the table, and while the quarter is spinning, the remaining players finish the amount of beer they have in their glass, if any.
  3. If you catch the quarter before it comes to a complete stop, the person on your left will go.
  4. Until you successfully capture the quarter, you must keep moving forward.
  5. Once you’ve finished your drink, you may use your empty beer can to knock it on a spinning quarter during another player’s turn to get points.
  6. In order to make sure everyone understands it’s a landmine, squeeze the sides in a little bit further.
  7. Soon enough, the story will be littered with haphazard landmines that will obstruct your progress through the story’s many chapters.
  8. If a player comes into contact with a landmine during their turn, that counts as a miss as well.
  9. As a hint, getting drunk on beginners or on someone you want to get drunk on is always entertaining.
  10. This is accomplished by flipping the quarter in the direction of the rookie and having another player slam an empty can onto the quarter, so creating a landmine that prevents them from continuing the game.

Landmines Drinking Game – The Chuggernauts

The Landmines Drinking Game is really straightforward, and all that is required are a few coins and a few drinks.

Which everyone should have on hand at all times. It also necessitates the use of a table that is initially cleared but will quickly become covered with beer cans.


All you need to play the Landmines Drinking Game is a few coins and a few beers to get started. It’s a good idea for everyone to have. A table that is cleared off to begin with, but will quickly get strewn with beer cans, is also required for this game to work.

Set up

Remove all of the items off the table that everyone is playing on. Players should be seated on opposite sides of the table. The optimal table for this game is a circular table, although any table would suffice. Decide which player will take the field first and hand the quarter and shot glasses to him. The rules of this game are played in a clockwise direction.

Landmine Drinking Game Rules

On a player’s turn, he or she must first fill both shot glasses with beer or whatever beverage they want before continuing. After that, they must spin the quarter and sip from both shot glasses of whiskey. All of them are using the same hand. Afterwards, they must make an unsuccessful attempt to halt the quarter before it stops spinning. As the game advances, if a player finishes a drink at any point over the course of the game, the drink may be placed wherever on the table. This implies that they may set a beer can immediately in front of someone, causing him to have a more difficult time spinning the quarter without it hitting against the beer can and dropping to the ground.

Optional rule: Elimination

If participants want this game to have a definite end point, we recommend that they use our elimination rule. It follows then that if a player fails more than three times in a row, they are eliminated, and the other players are given the opportunity to continue playing until only one winner remains. The landmine drinking game is a straightforward and effective activity. To begin with, there isn’t a great deal of drinking because players are most likely able to let the quarter spin for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, when players consume more alcohol, simple activities become increasingly difficult.

Land mine (drinking game)

There is a land mine (drinking game) Gamesubject name=Land mine in the infobox subtitle =image link =players = 3+setup time = 2 minutes = 3 minutes Players can pick how long or short they want to play for. Medium level of complexity Quarter-spinning strategy = Mediumrandom chance = Easyskills = Easyrandom chance Land mine is a drinking game of strategy in which participants take turns spinning a quarter while also drinking a beverage. The game is extremely popular on college and university campuses all around the United States of America.

  1. This region is denoted with tape and measures two beer cans in width.
  2. Rules*Each participant is free to consume his or her side beer at his or her leisure.
  3. In the following round, Player 1 spins a quarter on the table and must drink from his or her beer, the full game cup, or another specified quantity until the beer is finished.
  4. If the player fails to collect the quarter before it stops spinning, he will be required to refill the game cup and begin the process over again.
  5. *The procedure is repeated until the player is able to accomplish the task.
  6. Anyone participating in the game has the ability to “landmine” an opponent at any point during the game by using an empty can (which has already been consumed by that player).
  7. The “landmine” is then immobile and becomes a permanent fixture on the table, preventing any other players from moving it.

To avoid being “landmined,” avoid spinning the quarter in the region in front of you such that it obstructs an opponent’s playing space rather than your own. References The Wikimedia Foundation published a report in 2010 titled

Look at other dictionaries:

  • Land mine (disambiguation)— A land mine is an explosive device that can be planted on land. Land mine can also refer to: * Land mine (drinking game), an American drinking game * Landmine (Transformers), numerous characters from the Transformers world * Landmine (Mozilla), the development code name for Mozilla * Landmine (Transformers), various characters from the Transformers universe … Infobox VG| title = Sorcerer developer = Infocom publisher = Infocom designer = Steve Meretzky engine = ZIL released = Release 4: January 31, 1984
  • Wikipedia
  • Sorcerer (video game)— Infobox VG Release number six: May 8, 1984 The thirteenth release date is October 21, 1985. Release No. 15 was on November 8, 1985. Release number 18:. … Disasters, according to Wikipedia — 2009 Introduction to the field of aviation Poland, on the 23rd of January. A CASA transport jet manufactured in Spain that was transporting personnel of the Polish air force back to their home base after attending a symposium on flight safety in Warsaw crashes near the town of Miroslawiec, killing all 20 people aboard. Chinese innovations are listed in the Universalium. Bronze Chinese crossbow mechanism with a buttplate (the wooden components have been replaced with metal ones) In Wikipedia, the United Nations (UN) is defined as: 1. an international organization with headquarters in New York City that was established in 1945 to promote international peace, security, and cooperation in accordance with the terms of the charter signed by 51 founding countries in San Francisco that year. UN Cf. General is an abbreviation. … • Afghanistan (/af gan euh stan /), noun, a republic in central Asia, northwestern India, and eastern Iran. 250,000 square miles
  • 23,738,085 people (647,500 sq. km). Kabul is the capital. * * * Afghanistan Introduction Afghanistan’s historical context: Recent history in Afghanistan has been defined by conflict. … Universalium
  • Characters from Splinter Cell: Blacklist— The following is a list of characters who appear in the Splinter Cell video game franchise as well as its novelizations. Contents 1 Characters who stand out 1.1 Lieutenant Commander Samuel Sam Fisher of the United States Navy (Ret.) 1.2 Colonel Irving Lambert, United States Army (Killed in Action). History of innovations, as documented on Wikipedia — The timeline of historical innovations is a chronological collection of technological inventions that were particularly noteworthy or notable at the time. It is important to note that the dates of innovations are sometimes disputed. Inventions are frequently created by a group of inventors working together at the same time. … According to Wikipedia, the term “buffalo” refers to a variety of mammals belonging to the Bovinae subfamily (bovines), including: ** domestic water buffalo ** wild Asian water buffalo ** African buffalo ** the American bison, which is sometimes referred to as “buffalo,” though this is considered inaccurate *. The following is a list of QI episodes (A series) from Wikipedia: infobox tvseason season name = QI Series Stephen Fry (right) and Alan Davies (left) appear on the front cover of the QI Series A DVD, which has a caption (left). The DVD will be released on November 6th, 2006. country = United Kingdom network = BBC first broadcasted = 11 September 2003 last broadcasted = 11 September 2003 …Wikipedia

10 drinking games you love, and why they all SUCK

Fact: Everyone has a favorite drinking game that they prefer above the others. One more interesting fact: everyone else at every gathering believes that your chosen game is actually terrible and that their preferred contest is superior. So, who is correct? No one, and I mean no one! Everything from beer pong to Land Mines is a heinous crime against creativity, discussion, and ordinary drinking decency, and it’s all because of booze gaming. Listed below are the reasons why each of these ten widely recognized suds-sports is essentially a mundane, manufactured stumbling block in the path of the only authentic drinking game: drinking.

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Do you like me?

Enter the comments section and break out the dancing, you hyper-competitive jerk.

Flip cup

WHAT: Essentially, team Mancala competed using Solo cups as their weapons. Everyone at this table has either already hooked up or is in the process of hooking up. Headbands with a retro feel Always Sunny quotes are coming at you fast and furious. HOW DO YOU KNOW: Spike, who claims to have bartended his way through college despite the fact that he usually just unbuttoned his poly-blend shirt and opened twist-offs during the day. As described in his online dating site, he’s a “party starter, hell raiser, profound thinker;)”.

  • J RW’s Flickr photostream REASONS WHY IT SUCKS: Do you remember the movie The Neverending Story?
  • Your team will either win and you will be overjoyed, or it will lose and you will despise everyone on it.
  • And then there’s another one after that.
  • While in the anchor slot, you feel more responsibility than you do at your work, which shows some unpleasant facts about your professional life as an institutional investing strategist.

**ck the Dealer/Up the River, Down the River

WHAT: A deck of cards, a curse word, and a lot of guesswork when it comes to counting. The protagonist, Kim, is an unemployed “social media genius” from the suburbs who persists on assuring every male she meets that she can outdrink them. She has one of those star tattoos on her foot, because, you know, YOLO (because you never know). courtesy of Flickr user Callie Reed WHY IT IS A MISTAKE: It’s no surprise that these two occasionally dreadful, usually bad games have an extensive nomological gangbang: the Dealer may go by the monikers President/El presidente/Asshole, while UtRDtR’s known aliases include Around the World, Hi-Low, and.the Dealer.

Kim believes she has previously explained the rules (although she has not), and she spends each round berating everyone for taking their turn incorrectly.

Maybe you’ll become president; perhaps you’ll correctly identify your card on the first try, causing her to drink three times the card’s worth as punishment. Perhaps you’ll simply walk away from this game and get a cab back to your place to play “yourself.” Michael Morales, courtesy of Wikipedia


A deck of cards, a derogatory term and tons of guessing in the counting department are what you’ll find in this game. The protagonist, Kim, is an unemployed “social media genius” from the suburbs who persists on assuring every male she meets that she can outdrink them in a bar. A star tattoo on her foot, since she’s a YOLO girl, is what she’s going for. Callie Reed’s Flickr account HOW COME IT FAILS: COME ON, YOU KNOW YOU DO. It’s little surprise that these two occasionally dreadful, usually bad games have an extensive nomological gangbang: the Dealer may go by the monikers President/El presidente/Asshole, while UtRDtR’s recognized monikers include Around the World, Hi-Low, and.the Dealer.

Kim says she has previously explained the rules (although she has not), and she spends each round berating everyone for taking their turn incorrectly or incorrectly.

It’s possible that you’ll simply walk away from this game and get a cab back to your place to play “yourself.” Michael Morales contributed to this article from Wikipedia.

Beer pong/Beirut

WHAT: Ping-pong balls are thrown (this is not the same as paddling; CHILL OUT, Dartmouth) into beer glasses filled with ice. MIKE, a backwards-visored, overweight fifth-year senior with a horrific burn mark on his forehead from being initiated into a secret drinking club, and a girlfriend who is wildly more attractive than he is, is the focus of this story. Wikipedia WHY IT IS A MISTAKE: Beer pong, as the most straightforward game in the American drinking vocabulary, is like DJ Khaled in that it is suffering from its own popularity.

“Please don’t get Mike started on the distinctions between ping pong and Beirut,” his smokin’ significant other whispers as he staggers around the home demanding “next” and attempting to battle people over the rules of the house.


WHAT: A tense game of dice rolling interspersed with intrigue, deception, and physical agony is on the line. HOW DO YOU KNOW HOGAN: He’s the former NESCAC laxer turned LinkedIn networker/brolic you remember from your summer internship at UBS. His father “does a lot of consulting” with them, according to him. I’m going to a few of networking events tonight, so that’s something. The act of meeting people who aren’t yet friends with me is also known as: getting with people who aren’t yet friends with me.— Ali Spagnola (@alispagnola)April 1, 2014WHY IT SUCKS: Isn’t it strange that it becomes more difficult to add the dice after chugging eleventy ‘Gansetts?

  1. It’s not like you’re the weakest member of the herd or anything like that.
  2. Okay, now it’s your turn to touch the cup.
  3. Hogan has been rolling doubles for the past eleventy turns, isn’t that strange?
  4. WHY IT SUCKS: Imagine Gary Busey following you down the street while stridently clinking his hands together like a Coinstar twerk squad.

You’re a little tipsy, a little anxious, and you kind of just want Coinstar Pappas to catch you as a punishment for the mayhem you’ve caused on this countertop. But Coinstar Pappas doesn’t want to catch you. Goodbye, security deposit. Bravo, television.

Anything having to do with a movie, show, or televised event

WHAT: Situational, boozy bingo coupled to a key broadcast event for branding, such as the Real Housewives of New York City’s season finale or the State of the Union address, among others. The fact that those two items are mentioned in the same phrase is a shame. Also, our old Oscars bingo game, which was THE BEST, does not count toward this total.) HOW DO YOU KNOW: Sarah is a snarky account manager who despises vodka tonnies (“DIET, please and thank you”) and has put out a minimum of two Newports on your floor.

WHY IT SUCKS: Healthcare?

What is NeNe’s weave?

In either case, Sara will spend the most of the time talking about “ROI” and “cross-platform adjacencies,” pausing only to set out another another Newport on your floor while she does so.


a professional baseball game played at an arena in which the cost of beer exceeds that of hot dogs, which exceeds that of pretzels, which exceeds that of Cracker Jacks, all of which are less expensive than the cost of your crappy tickets. WHO: Kevin, the chairman of your intramural league. At an exorbitant markup, he acquired 90 percent of his outfit from one of those bizarre concourse businesses. He’s been pleading with you to take over chairman duties since “things are hectic at work,” but you really despise him and want him to suffer as much as possible.

  1. On the level of “Newt Gingrich reciting the dictionary on a moving sidewalk while Boz Scaggs’ Greatest Hits” tedious.
  3. It does help you feel better, but only a little bit.
  4. Use the following Twitter handle to make fun of him: @dinfontay.

Land Mines

This beer drinking game may be played with as little as two other individuals if necessary. It only takes a quarter and two shot glasses to get started playing. When playing with beer cans rather than beer bottles, the game performs best. Rules First, the first player spins a quarter on the table, then with one hand takes a shot of beer and sets the shot glass down, then with the same hand takes another shot of beer and sets it down, and then snatches the quarter before it stops spinning. This continues until the quarter is no longer spinning.

The player must spin the quarter until it stops spinning or spins off the table, at which time he must drink shots of beer till he succeeds.

When you have an empty spot on the table, you may place it wherever on the table, including immediately in front of your adversary.

It is nicknamed landmines because, with so many empty beer cans arranged on the table, it is easy to become confused about which can one is drinking from.

If a player is spotted drinking from an empty beer can, he or she must either A. finish the rest of their beverage or B. drink the full bottle of beer. (Many thanks to Mike.)

Drinking Games for 2 –

Here is a list of Drinking Games for 2 people.

One-On-One Beer Pong People love to talk some trashto their friends or girlfriend about their incredible accuracy andsuccess in the classic drinking games of Beer Pong. Up the ante and takeon a drinking buddy in a head-to-head match up to settle the score onceand for all. Land Mines Land Mines is a moderately inebriating drinkinggame that requires plastic cups and quarters.

Here’s how to do it:Sit in a circle.Each player puts a cup in front of them and fills it a bit with beer.Player 1 spins a quarter, drinks the beer in his cup, and grabs thequarter before it stops spinning – all with the same hand.

Every time you finish a beer can you canplace it strategically on the table as a land mine. Gambling with Alcohol.

Thepopular dice game, Cee-lo, can quickly be converted into a wild drinkinggames experience by betting a number of sips from a drink, instead ofdollars against a players dice roll.

If your die matches the pink one, give adrink to the other player, but if the sum of the two white dice equalsseven, both people take a swig.

Finally, if all three dice match, whoever grabs the pink onefirst is allowed to roll, forcing their opponent to drink the rolledamount.

It is a moderately difficult gameto play.

Teamsalternate throwing a die underhand across the table at their opponents’glasses.

It is one of the 5 drinking games fortwo players that can have more people added on if needed.

At the same time each player drinks the first cup ofbooze, and once finished place the empty cup face up on the edge of thetable.

Then move onto the next cup and repeatuntil all the cups are empty and face down.

A classic card game from childhood, but with anadult element tossed in for your drinking game pleasure.

Whoever’s number is lower takes a drink and loses theircard to the other player, continuing in this fashion until one woozyperson has taken the entire deck.

After a match or two of this, you’ll have acompletely new understanding of drinking game war.

Start counting at one, alternating numbersbetween the players.

Instead of “7,” the player whose turn it is says, “Buzz.””Buzz” is said by the player who gets each multiple of seven.

Black or Red.

Allyou need is two people, a deck of cards, alcohol, and somewhere to play.One player holds the cards and the other player guesses red or black.If the guesser is correct then the person holding the cards drink, ifthe guesser is wrong then they drink.

There is no wrong or right way to playthe drinking game since it is so simple.

The drinking game for two is simple and all you need is alcohol, a deckof cards, and two people.

The other player guesses if the next card to beflipped will be higher or lower.

A perfect drinking game for two because it has simple rules,and is easy to play anywhere. Start Gauntlet Start Gauntlet by dealing five cards face up between the two players.Deala second row face down beneath the face-up cards.

Flip the card.

Replace the guessed cardwith a new face-down card.

If both cards are thesame, the other player must drink the face value of the card.You need two decks of cards with the kings removed, a drink each and apair of dice to play Match.

Player One rolls the dice.

The winner rolls the dice again and play resumes.

Jacks, queens and aces equal 11,12 and one, respectively.

You need adie for each person.

The highestnumber wins.

If both players roll the samenumber, they both take swigs equaling that number. Hockey Hockey is a moderately inebriating drinking gamethat requires quarters.

The first player begins by flicking aquarter so that it spins in the middle of the table.

Everyone else is able to block their can with twofingers.

Each $100 = one drink.

If a player passes go, everyone else must drink twice.

It is a moderately difficultgame to play.

Use a dark and light beer todifferentiate between the two players.

When a piece is jumped, the owner must drink the beerfrom the jumped piece.

It is a moderatelydifficult game to play.

Here’s how to do it:Players fill theircups with some beer. Player 1 spins a quarter and spins it. While it isspinning you must chug the cup, pour more beer in the cup, and grab thequarter. You have to do it over if the quarter falls. After you succeedit’s the next person’s turn.

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