The Beer Ball Drinking Game: Rules and How To Play ?

Beer Ball Drinking Game

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  • The following topics are covered: what is beer ball, how to play beer ball, beer ball rules, games similar to beer ball, and other entertaining drinking games.

What is Beer Ball?

The Beer Ball game is a high-octane drinking game in which teams take turns throwing ping pong balls at the beer cans of the other team in order to win. Ping pong is comparable to Beer Pong in that it is likewise a game that involves the use of alcohol and the use of a ping pong ball. With Beer Ball, the primary difference is that instead of attempting to hit beer cups filled with balls, the aim is to hit beer cans instead of cups filled with balls like ping pong.

How to Play Beer Ball

Before you begin your Beer Ball drinking game, make sure your game setup is complete. Prepare a large table, unopened beer cans, and a ping-pong ball before you begin. To play Beer Ball, you’ll need two teams of two or four individuals apiece to get the game started. Both teams are seated on opposing sides of a huge rectangular table. Each team should have two beer cans in front of them that have not been opened. The game officially begins when each team takes turns throwing a ping pong ball at the beer cans of the opposing team to signal the start of the match.

When the opposition team retrieves the ping pong ball and smacks it into the table, the player has to put the beer down in order to continue playing.

The primary notion of the game is rather straightforward, but once you get started, things might get a little nerve-wracking quickly!

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Beer Ball Rules

Are you ready to play a game of Beer Ball? You and your buddies will have a great time getting caught up in the fast-paced nature of this game and becoming inebriated far sooner than you anticipated! The Beer Ball regulations are straightforward and simple to understand. A major aspect of this game is how quickly you can move and how accurately you can toss while drinking! Beer Ball follows a set of regulations that you should be aware of.

1. For the first round, teams should decide on which team first then both teams take turns throwing a ping pong ball at the other team’s beer cans.

You may use a coin toss or even have team representatives race to finish a can of beer to get the party started. The one who finishes their beer first gets to choose who will take their place! That’s a great method to be ready for a game!

2. Teams take turns throwing a ping pong ball at one of the two cans on the other team’s side of the table.

This is done in order to determine whether players have accurate shots! It is recommended that you read:Netflix Movie Drinking Games | Something To Do While You Watch

3. If the ball connects with a can, the player that threw it may open and chug their beer until the opposing team whose can was hit picks the ball up and touches it to the table.

Once the ball has made contact with the table, the beer drinking must come to an instant halt. Another rule that can be implemented is for the player who touches the ball to the table to yell “stop” immediately.

4. If the ball hits the can and then rolls on the table, it still has to be picked up and touched to the table by the team that was hit.

As long as the ping pong ball is in contact with the table, the player who is chugging beer is required to instantly stop drinking.

5. The first team to finish all of their beers wins the game!

As a result, they are given the opportunity to go first in the following round.

Recommended reading: 12 Incredibly Fun Christmas Games for People of All Ages However, if your setup permits it, you may play with as many as 6 or even 8 people (simply divide the group in half) – the rules remain unchanged regardless of the number of participants.

Games Like Beer Ball

Beer Ball is only one of many other party ball beer games available. All of these games are entertaining to play and would make a wonderful addition to any party! Games that make use of ping pong balls immediately spring to mind, however there are additional drinking games that may not make use of ping pong balls, but are still comparable in spirit to Beer Ball! If you have your heart set on something like Beer Ball, you will most likely leave these other party ball beer games behind as well.

1. Beer Pong

When you think of games like Beer Ball, the first game that springs to mind is unquestionably Beer Pong. They even have the same pronunciation! Beer Pong is a well-known drinking game that never goes out of vogue, even in the 21st century! Whether you’re participating in or simply watching a game of Beer Pong, you’ll enjoy the lively environment that the game creates! Beer Pong may be played as a 1 against 1 or 2 vs 2 game. The teams are separated by a huge table, which serves as a barrier between them.

Guess the Scene is a recommended read.

Gameplay Here’s how you get started with Beer Pong.

1. Both teams take turns trying to shoot a ping pong ball into one of the opposing team’s cups.

This is a test to see how accurate you are with your aiming skills!

2. Once a ball lands in a cup on the other team’s side, someone from the other team drinks the cup of beer where the ball landed. The empty cup is also taken off the table.

There is no action taken if a ball does not manage to land in one of the cups.

4. The game continues with players aiming to land a ping pong ball into their other team’s cups until one team has no cups left on their side.

The winner of the game is the team that successfully strikes all of the opposing team’s cups.

5. The losing team drinks the rest of the cups.

Make an effort not to lose! Check out the rest of the Beer Pong regulations!

2. Slap Cup

Slap Cup is a party ball beer game that is similar to Beer Pong in that it uses beer balls. Slap Cup is played individually rather than in teams, as is the case with Beer Pong, making it a more fast-paced and chaotic game! The following are the regulations for participating in Slap Cup:

1. Put about 20+ cups half-filled with beer on the middle of a large table.

It is necessary for all of the participants to gather around the table.

2. Two players on opposite sides try to bounce a ping pong ball into their own cups.

The person on their right receives the ball when it lands in their cup and passes it to them. Anybody who makes a shot on their first attempt has the option of passing the cup and the table tennis ball to anyone else at the table.

3. If you and the player to your left are both bouncing balls into your cups at the same time, and the player to your left bounces his ball into his/her cup first, he/she can slap your cup away.

Make every effort to get your ball into your cup as quickly as you can!

4. You then need to drink a fresh cup of beer from the middle of the table.

Make a bouncing motion with your ball into the cup that you just finished drinking from.

5. The player who slapped your cup skips you and passes their ball and cup to the player on your right.

This will continue until all of the cups have been consumed!

6. The game ends once all the cups are gone.

The “Death Cup,” which is filled to the brim with beer, is awarded to the player who was the last to have his cup slapped away. More information on the Slap Cup regulations and mechanics may be found here.

3. Quidditch Pong

The “Death Cup,” which is filled to the brim with beer, is awarded to the player who receives the most slaps on his cup. Find out more about the rules and mechanics of Slap Cup here.

1. Each team will have 10 cups of beer in front of them (4-3-2-1 formation) with the hoops placed on the middle of the table.

In a similar fashion to normal Beer Pong, each side will attempt to land a ball into one of the cups of the opposite team.

2. If a ball lands in one of the cups, someone from the team where the ball landed has to drink the beer in the cup.

In addition, the cup is removed from the table.

3. If a player shoots the ball through one of the golden hoops, and it lands on one of the cups, the opposing team will have to drink two cups instead of one!

In addition, the cup is removed from the desk.

4. For ping pong balls that through a hoop, these can be swatted away by the opposing team’s bludger (using their hands).

Keep an eye out for the bludger!

5. Teams are allowed to do four magical “spells” per game, two per team mate. Spells must be called before shooting a ping pong ball.

A ball landing successfully in one of the opposing team’s cups will determine whether or not the spell will be activated. An example of a magical “spell” is as follows: Accio: You may move a single cup to any location on the table at your discretion. (With the exception of the Golden Snitch)

6. Teams earn points throughout the game.

The winning team is the first to reach 100 points. Some examples of points that can be raised are as follows: 10 points are awarded for: for a regular production A shot through any of the three goals that can be legally swatted by the other team’s bludgers will earn you 20 points (hands) 20 points: for successful bounce shots that can also be guarded by the other team’s bludgers In this Quidditch Pong guide, you’ll find additional information about the game’s rules and magical “spells.”

More Fun Drinking Games

This is a race to 100 points, and the first team to reach 100 wins. Examples of points that can be made include the following. 10 points are awarded in the following situations: making use of the usual ingredients A shot through any of the three goals that can be legally swatted by the opposing team’s bludgers will earn you twenty points (hands) 20 points: for successful bounce shots that can also be defended by the opposing team’s bludgers. This Quidditch Pong guide contains additional rules and magical “spells.”

The Beer Ball Drinking Game: Rules and How To Play ?

I’m sure most people are familiar with the drinking game Beer Pong, but have you ever heard of the Beer Ball drinking game? This game, in our opinion, is a “hidden treasure” that has been underappreciated. The fact that it is so simple to play and really entertaining is a pity. Beer Ball is a game that is similar to Beer Pong and Snappa in some ways, but it also has its own distinctive traits. As a result of the game’s rapid pace, it is ideal for those quick gaming sessions, and it also works well as an outdoor garden game.

What is The Beer Ball Drinking Game?

Beer Ball is often played with a group of four, six, or eight individuals. It’s a team game in the same vein as Rage Cage, and both sides must have the same number of players in order for things to be fair. Getting started with the game is rather straightforward, although you will (preferably) need a large table to play on. Because this is a drinking game, each team should be seated at each end of the table. You will also want several cans of beer for this activity! For example, if you are playing with four individuals, each team will require two cans of beer to complete the game.

The teams are free to arrange the cans on their respective sides of the table in any way they see fit.

During this game, each team will take it in turns to toss a ping pong ball at the other.

If you see a can being struck, you should instantly take it and start drinking from it!

Once this is completed, you should instantly cease drinking and the game should be switched to the opposite team. The winning team will be the one who consumes all of the beers from the opposing team first!

What You’ll Need To Play?

You’ll need a few items in order to participate in this entertaining and fast-paced game. The most important thing to have is, of course, a few beer cans and a ping pong ball. Naturally, any type of beer can be used, but a light lager will most likely be the most appropriate. Ping pong balls are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and they are typically easy to purchase in stores and on the internet. Amscan’s neon-colored balls would be a fantastic choice for this project. Keep in mind that you should only utilize one ball during the game.

In an ideal situation, this would be a vast table.

How to Play the Beer Ball Drinking Game?

The goal of the Beer Ball is fairly straightforward! You aim to be the first team to consume all of the drinks from the other team. Now, this may appear to be a simple task, but because you must act quickly, you will most likely wind up missing a significant amount of time. However, this is all part of the fun, and, like with many other drinking games, winning and losing aren’t that important. So, let’s start with a look at how you set up the game, and then we’ll go through the specifics of how you play.

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The Set-Up

Beer Ball is a highly fast-paced and uncomplicated game to play, although it does need a little amount of preparation time. As a result, the first step is to divide the group into teams. Beer Ball is a game that may be played with four, six, or eight individuals at a time. Each team will require an equal number of players as well as a number of beer cans. The number of cans you’ll need should be the same as the number of players on each team in order to avoid confusion. Consider the following scenario: if you’re playing with four individuals, you’ll have two people each team.

Teams are free to arrange the cans on their side of the table in any way they see fit.

Once the teams have been decided upon and the beer cans have been set up, it is necessary to choose who will go first.

However, we have discovered that flipping a coin is the most effective method of making a decision.

The Rules

In order to get points, your team must hurl the Ping Pong ball at the beer cans of the other team when it is their time. Beer Ball is a very fast-paced game, despite the fact that there is no timer involved. Consequently, it is preferable if you do not take excessively long to position your shots. Although this is not strictly against the rules, it is against the spirit of the game! If you happen to hit a beer can, you should immediately take it and start drinking from it. The team that isn’t tossing the ball will need to rapidly pick up the Ping Pong ball and slam it down on the table.

Once the ball has struck the table, you should cease consuming alcoholic beverages immediately. The team that consumes the most beers from the other team wins! Beer Ball is a game that takes complete focus at all times, whether you’re actively throwing the ball or attempting to collect it.

Two Player Rules

Despite the fact that Beer Ball is not exclusively a two-player drinking game, it may still be enjoyed by a small group of friends. You are not even required to make any changes to the regulations. While each player can use a single can of beer, we believe that having two cans of beer per player makes the game more enjoyable. This will assist to guarantee that the game lasts longer and will also add a little more strategy to it. We believe that Beer Ball is a drinking game that is best played with a larger group of people, although it may be enjoyed by two or more individuals.

The Beer Ball Drinking Game

Now you know everything you need to know about playing the entertaining Beer Ball drinking game! Despite the fact that this game does not have the same name recognition as games such as King’s Cup, it is guaranteed to be a good time and is an excellent choice for anyone looking for something a little different.

Beer Ball Drinking Game

Beer Ball is a competitive two-on-two drinking game in which teams utilize accuracy to hurl a ping pong ball at the other teams’ beer cans while racing to complete their drinks before the other team does. Sponsored


Divide the group into pairs, and have the two teams sit on opposite sides of a long table to begin. Each player must have at least two full beer cans (that have not been opened) in front of them at all times. One side (the winner) should be given the opportunity to begin with the ping pong ball.


Beer Ball is similar to beer pong in that it is played in a turn-based way, but instead of cups, the players use numerous beer cans to replace the cups. A turn consists of the player who has the ping pong ball tossing it towards the beer cans of the opposing team. As soon as the ball makes contact with a can, the person who threw it has the option to open (if required) and guzzle their beer until the other team whose can was struck picks up the ball and touches it to the table, at which point the drinking must cease immediately.

  1. **The team that finishes their beers first wins the game, and that team gets the honor of going first in the subsequent game as well.
  2. Please remember to drink responsibly like you do every time!
  3. Do you require a sober ride?
  4. If you liked it, please provide feedback in the comments section and tell us how we can make it even better!

Dodge Beer Drinking Game – What is it and what are the rules?

Dodge Beer is a game that combines the elements of beer pong and dodgeball. This fast-paced, beer-guzzling game is perfect for a weekend get-together! Alex St Cyron contributed to this article. The 19th of June, 2019

How to Play Dodge Beer

Dodge Beer is an active drinking game that blends the thrill of dodgeball with the fun of beer pong to create a unique drinking experience.

You can play with 4-8 friends, and after that, all you’ll need is the rules to keep things running smoothly!

What You’ll Need to Play:

  • Depending on the number of participants, 4 to 8 unopened beer cans are required. One long table with plenty of space on the sides (similar to beer pong)
  • A single ping pong ball

How to Set Up a Game of Dodge Beer:

  1. Determine how many participants you have and place one can of beer (still unopened) in front of each person on both sides of the table. Take care to leave plenty of space behind you and to the side of the table. Playing rock, paper, scissors with the other team to determine who will go first is a good idea.

Dodge Beer Gameplay:

  • The ping pong ball is thrown towards the beer cans of the opposing team by each player in turn. You begin chugging your drink as soon as the ball makes contact with one of the opposing team’s beer cans
  • This continues until the player whose can was hit retrieves the ball and places it on top of their beer. Teammates can assist one another — for example, one team member can recover the ball and toss it to the person whose can was struck
  • Another team member can get the ball and throw it to the person whose can was hit
  • And so on. Teams take turns tossing the ping pong ball at the cans on the other team’s side of the court. For example, Team A may have a first-place finish, whereas Team B may have a second-place finish, and so on. Once you have completed your drink, you are said to be “out of the game” and are unable to participate any longer. Your team will have to go on without you, but the opposing team will have one fewer beer can to hit as a result of your absence. The winning team is determined by which team consumes its beers first.

House Rules for Dodge Beer:

  • The “Snitch” rule states that if the ball knocks a can off the opposite end of the table and it reaches the ground, the can must be replaced with a full beer. Beers that are knocked off the table can be caught before they touch the ground and placed back on the table. A player who successfully catches the ball after it hits his can but before it hits another surface can begin chugging his beer and running around the table until an opposing player chases him down and tags him to bring them to a halt
  • However, this is not recommended.
The video below is accurate depiction of the lore behind Dodge Beer, and why you should be playing this weekend. It gave us chills.

What is the Beer Pong Drinking Game, and what are the rules to playing it? What is the Sociables Drinking Game, and what are the rules to playing it? What is the Flip Cup Drinking Game, and what are the rules of playing it?

How To Play Beer Ball – Simple Rules – The Chuggernauts

Beer Ball is a competitive drinking game in which players attempt to hit their opponents’ cans and be the first to chug their drinks first. It is typically played with two players against two players, but it can be played with any number of players as long as the teams are evenly matched.

What You’ll Need To Play

4 unopened beers (one for each person), a ping pong ball or other tiny ball, and a table with enough space to run around it are all you need to get started!

Setting It Up

Fill each corner of the table with 1 unopened can or bottle of your choice. There are two per team.

Goal Of The Game

Fill each corner of the table with 1 unopened can or bottle of. a maximum of two per team

How To Play Beer Ball

When playing Beer Ball, it’s very similar to the game of beer pong, with players taking turns throwing the ball towards their opponent’s drink on the table. If a player misses his or her shot, nothing happens, and the ball is now in the hands of the opposite side. If they manage to hit one of their opponents’ cans, however, every member of their team will be able to start chugging their beverage. They are permitted to drink until the opponents have recovered the ball and placed it on the table in front of them.

Beers cannot be consumed on a whim and must only be consumed after a successful hit on the opponent’s can.

Additional Rules (Optional)

If you’re wanting to spice up the game, consider using these alternative rules.

  • If a can is knocked off the table, it must be replaced with a new one that is completely filled. If the opposing players fail to make any contact with the table, they forfeit their next turn. In the event that a player manages to grab the ball after it has struck the can but before it touches another surface, they can begin sipping their drink and rushing around the table to celebrate. If they are “tagged,” they are required to halt.

It is necessary to replace a can that has been knocked off a table with a new one that is completely filled. Alternatively, if the opposing players fail to make any contact with the table, they forfeit their next turn. In the event that a player manages to grab the ball after it has struck the can but before it has touched another surface, they can begin sipping their drink and sprinting around the table. It is mandatory for them to halt if they are “tagged.”

Beer Ball

Rules: Like beer pong, each team will break up into 2 teams of 2 with each team playing in a separate bracket and the winners of each bracket meeting in the finals.Beer ball will be played in a single elimination tournament. 2 Teams of 2 set up on opposite sides of a table. Each player places a full, unopened can of beer on the corners of the table. Teams alternate throwing a single ping pong ball, attempting to hit an opponents can. You’re your teammate hits the opponents can you may grab your beer, open it and begin to chug until the opposing team retrieves the ball and touches it to the table yelling “Stop!”On offense, players will alternate between throwing and drinking; on defense, either player my retrieve a ball that has deflected off a can.Players on defense may pass the ball to their teammate in order to touch the table quicker.The goal of the game is to have both players on your team finish your beers before the other team finishes theirs.Once one player finishes their beer they may only throw the ball when their team is on offense, the other player may only drink. Penalties: 1) False Drink: should a player grab his beer and drink from it following a teammate’s missed throw or should player grab his beer and drink from it following their own successful throw, a new unopened beer will be added to the game.2) Out of Bounds: if your opponent knocks your nearly empty beer off the table you must replace it with a new unopened beer. Scoring: 10 points for every game won i.e. winner =40 points. 2nd place =30 and both semifinal losers =20. The 4 quarter final losers will get 10 points. All eight first round losers receive 0 points.

Four Corners Drinking Game Rules

Four Corners (also known as Beer Ball) is a fun party game for four players that may be played at any time. It’s a fast-paced, high-energy game, so make sure all participants have at least a semblance of their wits about them when the game begins! These are the goals and regulations for the Four Corners drinking game, which you may find below.

What you need for four corners:

When it comes to Four Corners, a multi-purpose beer pong table works well.

How to win:

This game is won when one team outdrinks the other team by drinking all of their beers before the other team.

Four Corners drinking game rules:

  1. Each participant starts with a can of beer that has not been opened. A lighter beer or cider is preferable for this game because it makes chugging simpler! Teams take up positions on opposite ends of the table, facing each other, with their drinks in front of them on the table’s table corners. The first player tosses the ball and aims to strike the beer can of his or her opponent. If they fail to make a hit, the ball is passed to the next team. If they do hit: whoever’s beer can was struck must sprint to the ball and collect it before it is lost. A teammate must touch the ball to their own beer can and yell “stop” before the ball may be thrown again. While this is taking place, the throwing player can continue to gulp their beer until the defensive player cries “stop!” The turns rotate between teams in the following manner: the first person from team A will go, followed by the first person from team B, then the second person from team A, then the second person from team B, and so on. The “flip test,” which involves holding the beer can upside down for 5 seconds, can be used to determine if your beer is fully depleted. It’s necessary to acquire a fresh new beer and start from the beginning if anything drops out. However, if nothing drops, you’re out of luck! To complete, your partner must do so. Alternatively, you can try to knock an opponent’s drink off the table and into the floor. If you’re successful, they’ll have to buy a new beer and repeat the process all over again. Despite this, that individual may attempt to save themselves by catching the beer can, provided that they do so below the table. Continue until one team has consumed all of their beverages
  2. Otherwise, stop.
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The game of Four Corners can become quite messy if a beer is knocked off the table, so it is best played outside or in the garage. Alternatively, make sure you have enough of towels on hand. It will also have you rushing about the room in a frenetic manner, so make sure there are no breakables or sharp things in the vicinity!

Other pong games that you may love include Baseball, Free Pong, and Beer Pong. If you enjoy Four Corners, you may also enjoy the following: Also, make sure to check out our whole collection of entertaining party games!

Beer Pong Rules – House/Party/College Rules

On each side of the beer pong table, arrange 10 cups (often 18oz or 16oz) in a pyramid-like shape in the manner seen in the diagram (usually about 8ft long is standard). Each cup should be filled with the desired amount of beer (or other alcohol or even water if you so choose). It is customary to use two 12oz beers to fill all 10 cups, although the exact amount might vary depending on how much you want to drink. Beer Pong is typically played by two teams of two people, with each team taking turns throwing a tennis ball into the cups of the other team’s opponents.

  • If both teammates strike the cups, the balls are rolled back and they are given another opportunity to fire.
  • The fact that there are so many variations on the game means that it is a good idea to go over things like racks and bouncing/swatting before the game begins.
  • A list is usually created in order to keep track of who is going to play next.
  • When a member from each team shoots the ball while keeping eye contact with their opponent during the shot, this is known as a face-off.
  • This continues until one person successfully completes the course while their opponent fails.
  • If it is not the first game, the winner of the previous game is the one who shoots first in the next game.

What’s it look like to play beer pong for over $50,000 in prizes?

When it comes to house parties, this is usually an unspoken rule (or at least until someone breaks it). When shooting, players must keep their elbows tucked under the table’s edge to avoid injury. If the wrists rule is in force, players must keep their wrists under the table’s edge at all times while playing the game. If you violate this rule, the shot will not be counted against you. If the shot is successful, the player who committed the violation may take a step back and re-shoot the ball.

  1. Yes, females are subject to the same rules as their male counterparts.
  2. This procedure is referred to as re-racking, racking, or reforming.
  3. If you receive balls back after making two consecutive strikes, it is still considered your turn, and you will not be eligible for a rack.
  4. It is possible for a ball to strike the table and then fall into a cup (even by mistake), in which case the cup that the ball fell into is removed, as is another cup of the defending player’s choosing.
  5. We’ve heard some of the manlier men out there say things like “Bouncing is for bitches,” but we think this rule is great because it keeps the players’ attention on the game and speeds things up.
  6. When the ball is spinning inside of a cup and a member of the other team takes it out with his or her finger, this is known as fingering.
  7. If neither fingering nor blowing are explicitly called out at the start of the game, they are not considered.

Putting a ball in one of the cups and blowing it out is not difficult, so if you still don’t believe it, do it yourself (especially for those experienced sorority gals).

This is not to be confused with the practice of racking.

Investing in a ping pong table will help to keep things in order.

If this cup is created by the other team, the game is instantly finished and the team that sinks the bitch cup is declared the winner of the match.

Typically, this occurs when many players shoot simultaneously or when the other team is not paying attention.

If the shot is successful, it counts as one cup.

When a player hits two cups in a row, he can refer to the situation as “heating up.” If he hits the target with his third shot, he can declare that he’s on fire and continue shooting until he misses. Fire cannot be called if the player fails to signal that he is heating up before doing so.

Island / Solo / Iso / Lonely Cup

Although this rule has several distinct aliases, the underlying notion is the same as before. Each player has the ability to summon a specific cup once every game if it is not in contact with any other cups (singled out due to surrounding cups being hit, not from the cup sliding away from the other cups on a wet table). Whenever the called cup is hit, the defending team is required to pull both the hit cup and an additional cup of their choosing. Similarly, if the shooter asks for a certain cup and accidentally hits another, the ball is removed out and the cup that was accidently struck remains on table.

Shooting continues until one or more players miss; the order in which shots are taken is not important.

As soon as both players miss and there are no more cups left in the game, the game is over.

Three cups are rearranged into a triangular form, and the would-have-been winners are given the opportunity to shoot first.

How to Play Four Banger –

Is it becoming old to stay sober after winning other drinking games? Against another pair of players, you and a friend will compete in this game. To win this game, you really WANT to out-drink your opponent, not the other way around. The game is won by the side that finishes their drink first!

What You Need:

Want to quit drinking after a string of victories in other drinking games? Against another pair of players, you and a friend will compete in this activity. You really WANT to out-drink your opponent in order to win this game. The game is won by the side that finishes their drink first.

How To Play:

The regulations are really straightforward.

  1. On either side of the table, two teams of two people are seated together. Each participant has a can of beer that has not been opened that has been put at the four corners of the table. Decide who will go first (e.g., by coin flip, prior victor, etc.), and that person will be the one to start with the ping pong ball. The person who starts the game must toss the ping pong ball at their opponent’s drink from a diagonal distance away. As soon as the ball comes into touch with the beer can (dong!) the person who “threw” the ball must grab their drink and open it, before chugging it. The defensive team (i.e., the team that is not throwing) is responsible for retrieving the ball that dropped their beer. In ping pong, the person who recovers the ball first must transfer it to their teammate, who in turn must catch the ball. The ping pong ball must be touched on the table if the players manage to catch it. If the ball is passed and subsequently dropped, the person who dropped the ball is responsible for picking up the ball and passing it back to their teammate. Once the ball has been touched by the table, the individual who is chugging must instantly stop drinking. If the throw is successful, the ball is passed to the next player in the rotation
  2. If it fails, the ball is returned to the pitcher. In this manner, it will continue until the first team has finished both of its drinks.

Important Rules!

A beer must be completely depleted when someone consumes it. Our guideline is that if you wouldn’t be able to carry it above your head, it isn’t completed. If your teammate has finished their drink and the ball has not been touched by anyone on the team, you are the winner. After then, you can begin chugging your drink until you have to stop yourself. So be prepared! If your team has only one beer remaining, it will be put in the center of the table for everyone to enjoy. Turns are still taken in the traditional sequence, except if your beer is the final one.

Beginners may inadvertently open their beer because they are unfamiliar with the guidelines.

If you have a bottle opener, using beer bottles may be a lot of fun.

Baseball (drinking game) – Wikipedia


Drinking Game
Players Typically two teams of even numbers
Setup time 2 minutes
Playing time 1-2 hours or less
Random chance Easy
Skills required Aiming, flipping cups, chugging, catching

In baseball, participants fire a ping-pong ball across a table with the goal of landing the ball in one of many cups of beer at the other end of the table, a game that combines elements of both beer pong and flip cup. On a typical night, the game is played between two teams of even numbers, one on each side of a table, with four cups placed on each side of the table. In order to represent the bases, the cups are arranged in a straight line, with the last cup at the edge of the table. Whenever a ball lands in a cup, the defensive team is required to swallow all of the beer contained within that cup as well as all of the cups below it.

The cups are filled in the order in which they are placed on the table.

It is also customary to drink a glass of water between throws, with the goal of washing the ball between each toss.

When a ball is thrown and does not hit or rest in the cup, it is referred to as a “out.” The game is divided into nine innings in which each team gets to “bat.” Each inning consists of three outs for each team.

Optional variation: the game can be played according to “small league” regulations, in which case the game is completed after six innings. As an alternative to throwing and hitting the cup, the ball may be caught by “fielders” before it touches the table or floor, resulting in an out.


For this game, fourteen cups are required: seven for each team, four for the bases, and three on either side of the table to represent bases for baserunners. The four cups representing the bases are arranged in a straight line on the table, with the last cup placed at the table’s outer edge. When playing flip cup, the cups are placed near the center of the table so that it is easy to determine who won the flip cup competition.


For this game, fourteen cups are required: seven for each team, four for the bases, and three on each side of the table to represent bases for baserunners. A straight line is drawn between the four cups symbolizing the bases, with the last cup at the edge of the table. When playing flip cup, the cups are positioned in the middle of the table so that it is easy to determine who won the flip cup game.

Playing field

The game is often played on a ping pong table or a folding banquet table, depending on the venue. In most cases, this will be plywoodboard that has been cut to the appropriate size and painted with sports, school, or fraternity emblems before being coated with a liquid-proof finish.


Cup made of disposable red plastic with ridge lines For the most part, disposable plastic cups with ridge-lines, which may be used to accurately measure the amount of beer that has to be poured into the cup, are the most frequently encountered. Table tennis (ping pong) balls with diameters of 38 mm or 40 mm are frequently used for game play.


Because of the massive volumes of beer that may be drank over the course of several games, it is customary to utilize a low-cost light beer.

Game play

Because of the vast volumes of beer that may be drank over the course of multiple games, it is customary to utilize a low-cost light beer to cut costs.

At bat

Four cups are arranged in such a way that the cup at the far end of the table touches the far edge of the table. In order to make each cup one cup’s diameter closer to the person “at bat,” the cups are stacked vertically and touching one another. When the cups are filled with beer, make sure that the “single cup” (which is the cup closest to the batter) is filled 1/4 of the way with beer before proceeding. The “double cup” has been filled halfway. The “triple cup” has been filled 3/4 of the way, and the “home run cup” has been completely full.

After the cups have been refilled to the appropriate line, they are rearranged in the proper order.

If you hit the cup without an opposing team member capturing it, you are regarded to have struck the ball.

At any point throughout the at bat, if the player misses all of the cups on any of his shots, it is called an out. For example, if someone shoots out of order in baseball, the shooter is not out, but the person who was skipped is out if the shooter is discovered.

Base running

When a player hits a cup, they are referred to as being on base. As bases, three cups must be set up as follows: The “first base” cup must be half-filled; the “second base” cup must be filled 3/4 of the way full; and the “third base” cup must be completely filled with water. A cup that is full to three-quarters capacity must also be carried by a designated “catcher” from the fielding team. A base runner advances to the base that corresponds to the base that he is hitting from. A single advances him to first base, a double advances him to second base, and so on.

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Base stealing

This indicates that they are now competing in a game of flip cup against a member of the other team, a catcher. If the person on base intends to advance (steal), they will proceed to play single cup flip cup to accomplish this goal. If the person on base wins, they advance to the next base; if they lose, they are thrown out and removed from the game, and an out is recorded. The individual attempting to steal must wait until the opposing team has set and refilled their cups before attempting to steal; any attempt to steal before this has been completed is regarded invalid and must be returned to the original base of operations.


In baseball, an out occurs when a player pitches a ball that strikes a cup and is caught by the other team. When a player throws an airball (i.e., when the ball does not make contact with any cups), it is declared an out. A rotation of catchers is required for each innings, and no one may catch for the second time until everyone has caught for the first time. It is mandatory for all catches to be made with the player’s off-hand (the hand that glove would be worn on during a real game of baseball).

Man Lodge Rules

Alternative regulations (known as “Man Lodge Rules”) exist to increase the game’s overall score, to make it feel more akin to genuine baseball, and to make home runs more lucrative for the players. The gameplay is similar to that of Man Lodge rules, with the exception of the following:

  1. Alternative regulations (known as “Man Lodge Rules”) exist to increase the game’s overall score, to make it feel more akin to real baseball, and to make home runs more lucrative for players. The gameplay is very similar to that of Man Lodge rules, with the exception of the following:

Hoover Rules

In order to make the game more demanding for more experienced players, an additional set of rules (known as “Hoover Rules”) has been devised.

  1. It is possible for any team member, using either his or her hands, to catch the ball and force an out. Unlike the other three cups, the ‘home run’ cup is put on an island at the rear of the table, away from the other three cups
  2. There is only one’steal’ cup, which serves to steal bases for the base runner who is in first position. If the base-runner is attempting to steal home, the player attempting to steal must successfully flip the cup twice, but the defense only needs to flip the cup once to force the runner out of the game. Furthermore, any member of the opposing team has the ability to ‘throw’ the stealing player out of the game. When the rules are modified in this way, there is no designated ‘catcher.’


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Beer die – Wikipedia

Beer Die

Players Two vs. two
Setup time 2 minutes
Playing time 30 minutes to 2 hours
Skills required accuracy, hand–eye coordination, reaction time
Materials required Plywoodtable,pint glassesorsolo cups,dice
Alcohol used Beer

Orsnappa (German for beer die) is a drinking game played on a table in which opposing players sit or stand at opposing ends of the table and throw dice over a certain height with the goal of either landing the dice in their opponent’s cup or having the die hit the table and bounce over the scoring area to the floor. The defensive team attempts to capture the dice with one hand after it has hit the table but before it has made contact with anything other than the table. The game is normally played between two teams of two players each, with each of the four players holding a specific cup on the table, although it may also be played one-on-one between two players.

A good offensive player throws a large number of legal throws and frequently applies pressure to the defense by tossing near the opponents’ cups and the table’s edge.

A player with excellent stamina is able to drink often over a long period of time and not have his or her performance suffer as a result. When putting together a beer die team, it is advantageous to have members with a variety of skills and backgrounds.

Basic rules

In February 2014, the Beer Die League website stated the following rules for the game, which were derived from a crowdsourcing initiative and historical study on the game:

  • It is played on a standard sheet of plywood (8 by 4 feet (2.4 by 1.2 m) with a minimum thickness of 1 2 inch (13 mm), which is placed on banquet tables, saw horses, or other similar objects between 20 and 30 inches in height (510 and 760 mm). The game is played with a standardsolo cup that measures 4.75 inches (121 mm) in height and 3.75 inches (95 mm) in diameter. The standardBicycle die, which measures 5 8inch (16 mm), is the official dice used in the game’s official rules. The game will be played sitting, with two players against two opponents. a cup full of water or beer should be placed 8 inches (200 mm) from the back and 5 inches (130 mm) from the side for each player, with the hand from the back and the fist from the side
  • The game is played to a certain end score, such as first to five, first to seven, first to eleven, or first to twelve points (win by two points, cap at seven points)
  • There must be a distinction between the numbers 5 and 7, which must be referred to as buzz. When one person from each team throws the dice, he or she will be able to select either side or who will toss the ball first, depending on the number that is rolled. Players must tap the dice before tossing it in order to announce the upcoming throw
  • The die must be tossed in such a way that the opposing team does not see the thrower’s palm when the die is released
  • And the die must be flung diagonally across the table to be considered successful. Prior to throwing to an opposing player on the same side as them, a player must call out “alley-cat” to indicate that they wish to do so. A player receives alley-cat points only if the die lands in the cup that they named
  • Any other score does not count
  • And the die must travel more than 8 feet (2.4 meters) above the ground. If the opposing team contests the height of the shot, the shot is ruled invalid. If the die strikes the table and bounces off the defensive (4 feet (1.2 m)) side of the table without being properly caught, a point is awarded. The defensive side may be able to capture the dice in order to negate any possible points earned. To get points, the dice must be grabbed with one hand (juggling is permissible), but it cannot be stuck between any surface or body part, or else a point would be deducted. When the die comes into contact with the floor or stops moving, the game is over and a point is awarded to the player. It is permissible to get out of the chair in order to catch the die. Players are not permitted to reach over the table’s plane in order to capture the dice. If the die hits the cup during a toss, this is referred to as a “plink” (also known as “body” or “ting”), which means that the die is dead and no points can be awarded. It is referred to as a “plunk,” “sink,” or “sploosh” if the dice is thrown into the other team’s cup. In this case, the throwing team is rewarded one point and the thrower is given permission to sign the table. A count is kept under each player’s name for each extra plunk they make. A team who shoots out of turn will have their next shot cancelled, and they will forfeit their chance to win the toss. In conflicts, a “god” referee is appointed who has the last say.


When played as a drinking game, players are required to consume alcoholic beverages when certain events occur or fail to occur, as determined by the rules. According to the Beer Die League’s website, the following regulations need to be followed:

  • Per cup (or “boat”), there are five beverages available. It is necessary to complete all beverages as a group. If any of the following conditions are met, a player must drink one-fifth of a cup:
  • Five or seven is the number they use. When they throw the ball, it absolutely misses the table. Rather than striking the cup, their toss lands safely on the table. It is their toss that strikes the ceiling. The die is thrown out of turn by their team. When the die hits their cup (plink/body/ting), they win.

It is necessary for a team to finish their drinks before the die is rolled out onto the table if the die falls into a cup (plunk, sink, or splash). If the die comes up “bizz,” the squad is required to consume another full drink.


The game is played seated at a table with a cup at each corner of the table for drinking. A kind of beer die that stands upright was initially devised for use in the drinking game Snappa. This variation, known as Snappa, is played while seated at a table with a chair at each corner of the room. Players must toss the dice at the right height and then bounce it off the table through the cups of the other team in order to score a touchdown. In the event that the opposing team drops the die, the team that threw it gains one point.

The winners are the ones who reach seven points first.

House rules

Along with the standard die-rolling regulations, there are a slew of house rules that players all around the country employ. When players from different schools come together for events such as tailgate parties, many of these rules are specific to their respective colleges or universities and are shared between them.

Scoring variants

  • Sinking: Some players believe that a die landing or bouncing into the cup of the other team is worth three points. Furthermore, some players at some institutions consider a sink to be an automatic win, particularly at social events like as dagers, when there is a queue of people eager to play next. When a die bounces and hits the opposing team’s cup, some players believe it is worth a single point
  • However, others believe it is worth two points if it falls to the ground without being caught. According to Stanford Rules of Play, if a “plink” is not caught by the opposing team, it is worth two points to the Stanford team. The term “sinks” is also worth three points. A regulation toss results in a die landing on the opposite side of the table, then bouncing backwards between the throwing team’s cups before landing on the ground, awarding the throwing team two points. When a toss lands in the cup of one’s own team, this is referred to as a self-sink. In this case, the team that self-sank suffers an inevitable loss
  • Yet, An unsuccessful self sink is followed by a self sinker chugging the cup it fell in and refilling their beer, but no points are granted and the game continues. In some versions, a plunk is worth two points
  • In others, it is worth one point.

Other variants

  • When the sum of both teams’ scores equals or exceeds the winning score, the teams switch places on the scoreboard. For example, if a team wins by 12 points, a halftime switch could occur when the score is 6-6, 7-5, 8-4, or other similar scores. The outcome of stalemated arguments may be determined by repeating the toss that resulted in the dispute if there is no fifth person present to act as “god” referee. The outcome of the re-toss will be respected by all players. Both sides are expected to complete their beverages before flipping their cups if the die lands on the table displaying a four. If the defensive team flips the coin first, no points are awarded for that turn. If the die lands on the table with the number “5” facing upward, everyone in the game clinks their cups and takes a drink. According to a variant of the regulation, only the throwing team is required to complete their drink. When both teams desire to shorten the time it takes them to become intoxicated, they can implement the “ground 5” rule, which requires the throwing team to complete their drink even if they land on a 5. A drink is inevitable when you get a 4, 5, or 6 (i.e., 5 plus or minus 1). When a 5 is dealt to the table, only the other team is required to complete their drinks. As soon as he realizes his die will remain on the table, the tosser may yell out any number (rather than simply “5”), and if the number called out is the one that is facing up when the die stops, the defenders must complete their drinks. It is possible that if one side does not score any points throughout the game, they will be urged to do a “nudie,” which is running down the street nude.


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