The Best Outdoor and Yard Games

The Best Outdoor Games on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Photograph courtesy of Amazon/Champion Sports Because the weather is just about perfect for socializing outside, it would be a good idea to spice up your next outdoor get-together with an outdoor-appropriate game or activity (instead of a walk for the umpteenth time). We’ve written about many different games you may play — such as the best two-player board games and the best board games for families — but we’ve picked up the finest outdoor games, as rated by Amazon customers who are the most excited about them.

This game is simple to transport, simple to put up, and simple enough for anyone to learn in a short period of time.” Hundreds of reviewers have used the word “fun” to describe this game, and the general agreement is that it is suitable for players of all ages.

In the words of one reviewer, “It’s essentially volleyball, except that instead of the ball going over the net, once it HITS the net, the opposite team gets service.” As a result, some reviews have stated that it is an excellent kind of cardio.

As one reviewer points out, “we particularly love playing this game in the grass,” “on the beach,” “when camping,” and other outdoor settings.

Checkers may be played outside with this massive set, whether you’ve spent the previous several months in self-isolation perfecting your skills or are teaching it to someone for the first time.

Several people have even stated that it has made outdoor, socially distant meetings more pleasurable for them.

Another person claims that this was a “huge hit” at an outdoor party: “People lined up to play the winner of the previous game, and what I really appreciate about this game is that you can turn it over and play tic tac toe on the other side.” “It was well worth the money invested,” they remark, echoing the sentiments of others who are appreciative of the game’s low price of less than $20.

  1. “I’ve played on a lot of different sets in my time, and I have to say, this one is right up there,” comments one critic of the album.
  2. Their board and bag held up well throughout “hard play,” according to the authors.
  3. According to one reviewer, you will be “beach, backyard, and tailgate ready” after purchasing this.
  4. In one review, a customer says, “We have brought this to family bbq’s and camping.” Another adds that the product is “simple to put together, and the tiny carrying bag makes this incredibly useful.” Other reviews gushed about how reasonable the price was.
  5. According to the reviews, this improved version of capture the flag is excellent for children.

We had youngsters ranging in age from 6 to 14, as well as adults, and everyone participated.” An further reviewer exclaims, “This is a fantastic method to get youngsters active!” “This was far more enjoyable for the kids than the standard flashlight tag.” Yet another parent gushed about how wonderful this set is for birthday celebrations.

  1. “They started playing this as soon as the sun went down and couldn’t stop themselves.” While you may imagine that outdoor activities and summer go hand in hand, according to one reviewer, this game is so entertaining that children enjoy playing it all year long.
  2. If the cost is a deterrent, this reviewer will tell you that it is well worth the money spent.
  3. Everyone, even the kids (and parents!) arrives weary, smiling, and gushing about how much they like the game.” Many other reviewers point out that alcohol is not essential to play this game.
  4. In the words of one reviewer, “This game was easy and quick to master, and it appeared that individuals of all ages enjoyed playing it throughout the night.” Yet another critic claims that it is “very enjoyable to drink while playing outside, far more enjoyable and fascinating than Cornhole.
  5. According to one, “the bouncy balls perform excellent on concrete for bounce shots,” and “the bean bag balls are ideal for underhand throws,” while the bigger ping pong balls are good for a beer pong type toss.
  6. In addition to graduation celebrations, these are popular for family vacations and picnics, according to the reviews.

“It was a huge hit with everyone, and they had a terrific time playing outside.” It was fantastic to have a dry eraser scoreboard and a travel case with the dice because they were the correct size and quality.” The set, according to another, is “better than I imagined.” Users have noted that the items are “big and well-made,” yet not “overly weighty to transport or use.” “They are made of solid wood and have a pleasant scent.” “All of the edges are rounded, and the sides are completely smooth.” When purchasing this game, many players choose to add a bucket to their purchase in order to “get the Yahtzee feel,” as one user described it, and “shake up and hurl the dice.” Reviewers gushed over how attractive this Connect 4 set is, which is presumably why so many customers consider it suitable for usage on special occasions.

“This is everything!” exclaims one of the reviews.

Another observes that the weather is “almost too pleasant to be outside.” According to one newlywed, “It was also a huge hit as one of our wedding’s games,” which is most likely a play on words.

“Good quality workmanship, and everything fits together nicely,” adds another satisfied gamer.

However, the only negative aspect I can think of is that the loudness of the falling pucks prevents us from playing after the little one has gone to bed because we would certainly wake her up, but this is a small complaint.” The durability of this Jenga set has received a lot of positive feedback from customers.

‘I have four sets of blocks from a different firm, and because the blocks are hollow, they sometimes shatter or split apart when they fall.

We adore them, and I’m confident that my customers will as well.” Several additional reviewers commented on how well the blocks “stand up to the punishment of small children.” On the other hand, one reviewer expresses concern that the blocks themselves are so powerful that they endanger everything else around them.

  1. The opposite is true, according to one reviewer, who describes this game as a “go-to” for their family and claims that “we have had parties of family and friends as large as 10 play.” Everyone, on the whole, has a great time and becomes completely absorbed in the game.
  2. You will not be disappointed with your decision.” As one reviewer put it, “If you’re not playing Kan Jam, your life is a worthless waste.” While this may seem harsh, it really reflects how much fun reviewers have had with the game.
  3. It’s a team game that’s great for getting the whole family engaged, according to one reviewer.
  4. “It’s a high-quality device that comes with clear instructions and a lovely carrying bag,” he continues.
  5. It was only a little scuff.” He claims that the entire set is structurally sound as well.
  6. According to one user, it’s like “CornHole in the swimming pool.” “The buckets float smoothly in the pool, and the balls did not sink,” adds another reviewer of the product.
  7. “The best part about this game is that you can play it on land or in water,” one player says, indicating that this game does not really require a pool to be played.
  8. A favorite of our deputy editor Maxine Builder, who discovered it while on a vacation to Paris two years ago, as well as a large number of Amazon reviewers, this book is a must-read.
  9. And, despite the fact that it incorporates features of other games, numerous critics have noted that Mölkky is “fun for any number of players,” as opposed to bocce or corn-hole, which are restricted to two or four players.

An Amazon reviewer purchased these for their children who were unable to attend their school field day due to COVID and used them to replicate a “outside field day in our house.” The reviewer stated that the bags “were really fun.” Another reviewer purchased them for a school’s end-of-year celebration and stated, “It was a lot of fun and well worth the money spent.” “I want to continue using these items for many years to come.” Many customers have commented on the durability of the burlap bags — one customer stated that their children are “very rough with all their toys and games,” but that these bags have “lasted now for several weeks” — but others have complained that the other accessories in this kit, such as the straps for the three-legged race, are easily broken.

However, according to one grandmother, the wooden spoons and fake eggs make for a fun Easter pastime that can be played all year long: “The grandkids have to have sack races every time they come here!” This ring toss is well-liked by reviewers because it has a combination of rope and plastic rings, as well as moveable pegs, which allows it to be customized for players of varying ages and skills.

  1. Another participant says that she, her husband, and her children all like the game when the “distance between them is changed to adjust the level of challenge.” As one would expect from a wood product, it is sturdy.
  2. They are the ideal size.
  3. As one reviewer points out, they like playing horseshoes with their family, but the typical adult set is “simply too hefty” for the youngsters, so they purchased this set “so their kids would be able to participate.” It’s a hit with them!
  4. Customers who have purchased this set have praised it for its durability and quality, and many have also praised it for its low pricing.
  5. “It was so simple to put together that we didn’t even bother with the instructions,” comments one reviewer.

Several people have reported that it has been popular in a “senior independent retirement community,” while another has stated that “we purchased it for the after school program and the kids adore it!” The following is written by another: “I purchased this for a family BBQ and was not disappointed.

When I opened the package, there were genuine golf balls inside.” The Strategisti is a search engine that is aimed to reveal the most valuable, expert suggestions for products to buy throughout the huge online marketplace.

We update links as often as we can, but please keep in mind that bargains sometimes expire and that all prices are subject to change.

Every editorial product is hand-picked by a team of editors. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, New York may get a commission. According to Amazon reviewers, these are the best outdoor games.

20 Outdoor Lawn Games for the Best Backyard Fun

Fun outdoor games are becoming increasingly popular at family resorts, restaurants with outdoor seating areas, and in people’s backyards. These activities provide for enjoyable family bonding time while also keeping the children entertained during playdates. It doesn’t matter how old you are; everyone may participate. If you have the available space, try one or two of the outdoor games on this list. The fact that they encourage individuals to meet and mingle will come in useful during birthday celebrations, outdoor barbecues with friends, and on a daily basis in general.

For more information, see:Best Travel Games for Kids.


Spikeball is a sport that has been featured on Shark Tank and is played in backyards, on college campuses, and at tailgates. Spikeball is a sport that is similar to volleyball and is loved by children, teenagers, and adults. Players are free to engage in as much competition as they choose. This outdoor game is so enjoyable and beneficial that my daughter’s physical education class even played it at school since it is both beneficial and entertaining. It is possible to form two teams of two persons.

The opposing side gets three alternate touches to get the ball back into the net before the game is over.

There are several yard games that are portable, and this one comes with a bag to transport and store all of the necessary items.


Cornhole is a popular game among people of all ages, despite the fact that it may be much more difficult to play than it appears. That’s part of what makes it so appealing. You’ll be attempting to pitch bean bags through a hole in a slightly raised board from a distance. Adults are often just as enthusiastic as children about it. As an alternative to sets made of waterproof plastic, cornhole boards featuring the logos of your favorite college or football team are also available. It is the perfect outdoor party game, and this particular version is portable and comes with a carrying bag in case your summer days include visits to the beach or park.

Kan Jam

A great game to play with friends at the beach or with your family in the garden, Kan Jamis a simple yet entertaining game. To play, you’ll divide yourself into two groups of two players each. One player attempts to hurl a Frisbee (or the generic “flying disc”) into a can from 17 feet away, while the other attempts to deflect the disc away from him or her. You’ll get bonus points for hitting the trash bin as well.

Ladder Toss

Because it is portable and comes with a carrying bag, Ladder Toss is a traditional tailgate and beach game that everyone enjoys.

Bolos are thrown by players at target ladder rungs that are painted in a variety of colors. The score is computed based on which rungs you grab and how many you grab in total. This yard game is sometimes referred known as ladder golf or bolo toss in some circles.

Rubber Horseshoes

Most people who grew up decades ago certainly remembers playing horseshoes as a youngster with those hefty, metal horseshoes that nowadays would make parents shudder in dread at the possibility of harm and/or property damage to their children and grandchildren. However, thanks to the current, rubberized version, you can still enjoy the popular, family-oriented beach or lawn game without the extreme risks of the 1970s original. The rubber discs with pegs will be spaced around 40 feet apart. All that is required is that you pitch the horseshoe onto the pole, which is, of course, more difficult and enjoyable than it appears.

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Ring Toss

Outdoor ring toss games are often small and compact, making them easy to store. Because they are excellent for building hand-eye coordination, they are one of the most beneficial outdoor activities for children of all ages, but particularly for those between the ages of two and eight years old. When purchased with matching color conests, the ring throw game becomes much more enjoyable, resulting in a full game set. It’s easy to get into the game. In this game, the ring is thrown at a cone or target, which can be as basic as cardboard squares or targets written on the ground with sidewalk chalk.

Chess and Checkers

Bring your favorite board games outside if you have a checkered mat and both outdoor chess and outdoor checkers available. There are several different types of mats available, including nylon boards that may be rolled up for storage. Alternatively, interlocking plastic tiles that are elevated above the ground can be used to prevent water from being trapped behind the board. Choose a mat first, and then purchase the individual parts. In addition, the chess pieces are available in a range of heights, so if you’re looking for a large outdoor game, they have pieces that are nearly 3 feet tall.

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

Similarly to outdoor chess and checkers, smaller children may find it entertaining to play Giant Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe to pass the time. Almost everyone is already familiar with the game. It’s also simple to make your own version of the game by drawing the squares with sidewalk chalk and collecting ten playing pieces (which don’t have to be xs and os, for example).

Giant Connect Four

If you’re seeking for large-scale outdoor activities, the outdoor version of Connect Four is far more entertaining than the original indoor version. This is a game that we have played several times at resorts. The pieces are stored on the posts and are easily removed from the bottom of the board at the end of a game with the help of the springs. It’s one of the most popular outdoor games for groups and parties since it’s a game that almost everyone can understand and play.

On the surface, the game is simple: each player takes turns sliding rings into the playing board. Try to get four in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally while avoiding being blocked from doing so by the other player(s).

Giant Jenga

The great thing about agiant Jengagame (also known as tumbling blocks) is that it can accommodate a large number of players at once. Each individual takes it in turns to gently remove wood blocks from the tower until the entire structure comes crashing down. The individual who is the last to remove the deadly block is the winner. Special tumbling block game tables may be purchased to keep the game at the player’s eye level while they are playing. Despite the fact that wooden blocks are more durable and more common, I have just spotted a plastic version of this massive outdoor game on the market.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball courts made of sand are also becoming increasingly popular in landscape design. You could install a permanent bocce ball court, but bocce ball is also one of the greatest lawn games to play. You may get a bocci ball set that comes with a carrying case and play the game on your favorite lawn, whether it’s your own or one at a beach or a public park. You’ll need two teams, although they might consist of as few as one person apiece or as many as four players each team. The game is played in an area that is generally 1390′ in length and width, with eight balls and a smaller target on the floor.

Inflatable Bowling

Inflatable bowling on the lawn may be elevated to a whole new level by rolling or kicking an over-sized ball throughout the game. The gigantic ball knocks down pins that are likewise large. When not in use, it deflates for convenient storage and is one of the few outdoor sports that can serve as both a fun game and a terrific form of exercise. In the same way as conventional bowling is played, the person who knocks down the most pins wins. This is a hit with the kids.


Tetherball sets provide a surprising amount of stability (my daughter has one), and they are also quite resistant to tipping. It is possible to move this outdoor game about the yard, and we have received our money’s worth. Because of the robust foundation, there is no need for an in-ground pole hole to be dug. Two players are required to compete against each other to wrap the ball around the pole in the direction of their choice.


Croquet is a classic game that is one of the most popular backyard activities. Croquet, which requires a large lawn, is a fantastic way to engage players of all ages as they compete to knock a ball through a series of hoops in order to win the match.


Playing badminton in the backyard or on the beach is a ton of fun for the whole family, and it can even get a bit competitive. A portable outdoor badminton set, which includes everything from the net and poles to the birdies and rackets, can make this possible quickly and affordably for a small investment.

Lawn Darts/Jarts

Lawn darts are a more compact form of the classic bean bag throw game that originated in the United Kingdom. Jarts are sometimes known as lawn darts. This game is similar to a bean bag toss game in that you are attempting to hurl the dart into a circle of targets that are approximately 35 feet distant from one another.

It goes without saying that if you are playing with youngsters, you can close the distance between the circles. Keep in mind that previous models of Jarts feature metal points, which are not recommended for young children.

Giant Wooden Yard Dice

Giant Wooden Yard Diceallow you to enjoy your favorite dice games in the comfort of your own backyard in a humorous and innovative way. It’s one of the best outdoor activities for family to play together. Alternatively, you may spice up any standard board game that involves dice by using enormous dice in place of regular dice in place of regular dice. There are no limits to what you may do with this game, however it does come with laminated yardzee and yard farkle cards.


As a child, you most likely participated in kickball games in elementary school. It is possible that you will love playing kickball with your entire family again if you have a large (and flat) backyard or if you are at a stretch of beach with few other people. It’s a kickball game that’s similar to baseball, except that the ball is kicked rather than tossed, and the bases are included in the set as well.

Flickin’ Chicken

Flickin’ Chicken is one of the most popular outdoor activities for children. The game’s name, as well as the contents of the box, which include four rubber chickens, a target disc, and a scorepad, all serve to illustrate how it works. Throwing a rubber chicken is normally considered hilarious by children, but the entire family will find it amusing.


Trackball, in my husband’s opinion, is a traditional outdoor game that can be enjoyed in a grassy backyard or, more specifically, at the beach, whether you’re a child or an adult. Trackball is played using a scoop-like Trackball racket, which is evocative to the game of Jai alai in appearance. The light hollow plastic ball is placed in the scoop racket by one player, who then tosses it to the other player, who is standing many yards away. The scoop-like racket and hollow plastic ball allow players of all ages to toss the ball far further than they may imagine while simultaneously making the ball much simpler to catch in the first place!

What are some of your favorite outdoor games for both kids and adults to participate in?

She lives in San Diego.

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The Best Backyard Games to Play With Your Family and Friends This Summer

Summer has finally arrived! The arrival of the happiest season of the year heralds the arrival of a surge of mood-boosting energy that encourages families to spend time outside. Enjoying the weather with tasty summer meals at a backyard barbeque and the greatest outdoor activities to keep the kids entertained is the best way to make the most of the warm weather. (Just remember to put on some sunscreen before you head out the door!) Whether you have little children running about or you’re brainstorming ideas for Fourth of July events, now is the best time to be ready for a full summer filled with outdoor games and activities.

You’ll discover innovative DIY outdoor games, such as ring toss, bowling, and enormous versions of Jenga and Yahtzee, in the sections that follow.

If you’d like to purchase rather than make, you’ll enjoy games such as ladder throw, bean bag toss, and the bestselling KanJam game, which are all available on Amazon.

These activities are suitable for people of all ages, whether you’re entertaining your children or having a good time with friends. Everyone will want to come over this summer to play these really fun backyard activities, so invite your friends and family!

The Best Games You Can Play Outdoors

If you make a purchase after clicking on a link on our website to a product or service that has been independently vetted, Rolling Stone may get a commission. The fact that the weather is becoming warmer means that it’s only natural to start thinking of some outside activities with your pals in places like parks, beaches, or even a large backyard. We’ve put up a list of the stuff you’ll need to (safely) get your summer activities underway, but what should you do once you’re out in the fresh air?

Most of the greatest lawn games should satisfy all of your outdoor entertainment needs while being portable and simple enough for everyone to learn and enjoy (though you can always just make up your own rules).

1. Spikeball

Amazon This fast-paced game, which is a combination of four-square and volleyball, is perfect for camping excursions and park picnics. In order to win, the opposition team has up to three hits (similar to volleyball) to bounce the ball back off the net; if they miss, your team scores. You can choose to play solo or doubles, but the game is won by the first team to reach 21 points. Yes, this game is difficult, and you will undoubtedly break a sweat as you move around the field in order to knock the ball back into the goal.

Spikeball 3-Ball Combo Set is available for purchase for $60.

2. Cornhole

Amazon In this fast-paced mash-up of four-square and volleyball, players compete against one other in a variety of ways. In order to win, the opposition team has up to three hits (similar to volleyball) to bounce the ball back off the net; if they fail, your team scores. Regardless of whether you play in singles or doubles, the game is won by the first team to reach 21 points. Yes, this game is difficult, and you will undoubtedly break a sweat as you move around the field in order to knock the ball back into the goal.

Spikeball 3-Ball Combo Set is available for purchase for $ 60 dollars.

3. Bocce

Amazon In certain circles, Bocce is referred to as “lawn bowling,” and it is an Italian game in which players (individuals or teams of two) attempt to earn 12 points by getting their balls as near as possible to a smaller ball known as a pallino; here’s how it works. At the start of each game, one player rolls the pallino around twenty feet away from the other players. Afterwards, each player takes it in turns to roll their bigger balls toward the pallino. As soon as all of the balls have been hurled, participants must choose which larger ball is nearest to them, which is worth one point.

It is possible for players to toss their ball in an attempt to push their opponents’ balls further away from the pallino without actually striking the pallino itself.

It is not recommended to play on a hard surface such as concrete or pavement since you may cause harm to the ball. Bocce balls are available in two colors, allowing players and teams to distinguish between one another. Bocceat by L.L. Bean is available for purchase.

4. Kan Jam

When it comes to AmazonKan Jam, four players (in teams of two) compete to collect 21 points by tossing a Frisbee at a round, plastic can, which appears to be a simple game on the surface. Two points are awarded for hitting the can with no assistance from your teammate, one point for hitting the can so that it makes contact with any portion of the can, and three points for hitting the can into an opening on top of the can with assistance from your teammate (if applicable). If your Frisbee gets it through the front slot without any assistance from your teammate, you have won the game.

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You’ll love playing horseshoes, but if you want something that requires a little more fast-paced collaboration, Kan Jam is the game for you.Buy:Kan Jamat$34.49If you enjoy playing horseshoes but want something that includes a little more fast-paced teamwork, Kan Jam is the game for you.

5. Mini Golf

Amazon Normally played on a professional course, this mini golf kit allows you to enjoy the game at your leisure. There is one club, two balls, four “holes,” one tube, one windmill, three slides, and a set of mats and borders to allow you to play indoors. The kit also includes a set of mats and borders for use outside. The goal of the game is to finish the course you’ve put up while striking the ball the fewest amount of times possible, which is a challenge. Before going on to the next hole, the ball must be placed in each one that has been previously selected.

Do you want to bring a couple more people over?

Purchase:4 Cosmic Mini Golfats for Fun!

6. Horseshoes

Amazon Horseshoes is a game for two to four players that incorporates elements of Cornhole and Bocce into its rules. Players begin by driving two metal stakes into the ground and then attempting to toss their Horseshoes (U-shaped metal widgets) in the direction of one of the metal stakes. A two-point bonus is awarded for horseshoes that strike the stake and spin around; if no player hits that shot, the team whose horseshoes come closest to the stake receives one point instead. Multiple points are awarded to teams if their horseshoes are thrown closer to the stake than any of their opponents’ horseshoes are.

This set includes four horseshoes, one pair of which is gray and the other two of which are blue.

The Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set is available for purchase.

7. Lawn Darts

Amazon For the time being, lawn darts is the only game we recommend that does not need the use of shared equipment (unless you’re playing in a team). This set includes four lawn darts (two red and two blue), as well as four hoops for shooting. Each team places their rings at two different distances (for example, five feet and ten feet apart) and attempts to throw their darts such that they land inside one of the rings on the board. If your dart lands inside the closest ring, you will receive three points for your effort.

The winning team is the one who scores 21 points first. If no one gets any darts into their hoop, the person whose dart is closest to one of the rings wins one point for that player. Purchase:Lawn Darts Game for $29.99

8. Jumbo Jenga

Amazon On the lawns of breweries, campgrounds, and outdoor BBQs, this wooden toppling tower game (which sounds complicated, but is really simply gigantic Jenga) is a timeless classic that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Following the construction of a tower of 7.75 x 1.5 x 2.5-inch pine wood pieces, each player takes turns carefully removing one block from the tower and putting it on top of another. If the tower falls during your turn (or during the turn of your team, if you’re playing in a group), you are out of the game.

Because the blocks are rather heavy, we recommend that you build your tower on grass or another surface that will not be damaged when it falls over.

You may also take the blocks with you wherever you go thanks to a handy carrying case.


9. Viking Chess

Amazon Even though this Swedish lawn game, known as “Kubb” or often referred to as “Viking Chess,” is thought to have been played as far back as the Viking Ages, you can bring that Nordic enthusiasm right into your own backyard with this version. To play, each side throws wooden dowels underhand at their opponents’ kubb blocks in an attempt to knock them over. Once you’ve knocked down the king kubb (which is similar to a checkmate), your team has won the game after destroying all of their blocks.

It’s a reasonably simple game to set up, and the package includes ten kubb blocks, six dowels, and four corner stakes to denote the boundaries of the space in which you’ll be playing.

Yard Games Kubb Premium Size Outdoor Kubb Game.

10. Connect Four

Amazon Even though this Swedish lawn game, known as “Kubb” or often referred to as “Viking Chess,” is reported to have been played as far back as the Viking Ages, you can bring a little bit of Nordic spirit into your own garden. In order to play, each side tosses wooden dowels underhand in an attempt to knock down the kubb blocks of their adversary’s opponents. You win the game if you knock down the king kubb (which is like to a checkmate) after knocking down all of their blocks. The game of kubb is normally played on grass, although it may also be played on other surfaces such as sand, mud, or snow.

The kit includes everything you need to get started, including instructions. Because the robust game pieces are crafted of shock-absorbing hardwood, you shouldn’t be scared to sink your back into those throws. Kubb Premium Size Outdoor Yard Games – Purchase at$54.39

The 20 best outdoor games to enjoy while it’s still nice out

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It was last updated on November 29, 2011 at 20:06:38Z. PutterBall is a portable version of mini golf that can be put up in someone’s backyard or in a park with relative ease. Amazon If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, Insider may get a commission.

  • Outdoor games are a terrific way to bring the family together in the backyard for some entertainment. We’ve compiled a list of the top outdoor activities for people of all ages to enjoy
  • There are a plethora of outdoor sports to enjoy with friends and family, ranging from spikeball to flag football.

Something is in the process of loading. Despite the fact that summer has come to an end, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors. Barbecues and family gatherings provide wonderful opportunity for people to come together and bond over a range of outdoor activities to participate in with one another. Our list of 25 of the finest outdoor games includes everything from badminton and bocce to mini-golf and big Jenga, so you can enjoy them whether you’re in your own garden or on a day trip to the beach.

Here are the best outdoor games of 2021:

DICK’S Sporting Goods is a retailer that specializes in sporting goods. Take up Spikeball if you become bored of volleyball, which is especially fun on beach vacations. Instead of bouncing a ball over a net, this game concentrates upon bouncing a ball into a little netted trampoline that you can see through the net.


To play AmazonCornhole, you’ll need nothing more than a board and some bean bags to throw about while you practice your aim and try to get them to land on the board. It’s a great pastime to bring to the beach or to a tailgate party with you.

Outdoor board games

Amazon These oversized versions of popular board games transport the excitement of the game from the coffee table to the back yard and beyond. Some of these are also excellent conversation starters for outdoor gatherings like barbecues.

Tossing games

Tossing games may appear simple, but they are entertaining and can be stored in a reusable bag or backpack when not in use, making them ideal for travel.

Mini golf

Yard Games are a great way to spend time outside. PutterBall is the ideal solution for those who wish to enjoy the mini-golf experience in the comfort of their own homes. The felt-lined mat, as well as two putters, four golf balls, and six turf hole coverings, make it a game that can be transported to a friend’s home or a local park for a little friendly competition. If you’d like to hit the driving range, check out our recommendations to the best golf clubs for all skill levels, the best golf balls, and the best golf gloves for more information.


AmazonCroquet is one of the most enjoyable ways to pass the time at a barbeque or other outdoor gathering. There are countless configurations for wickets and end posts that may be used to make a game simpler or more tough.


Amazon A horseshoe set is usually a popular game to play on a grassy area or on the beach, and it’s easy to see why.

Furthermore, a set of horseshoes is easy to transport in a case and is portable for use when traveling.


Bocce Images courtesy of Ronnie Kaufman/Getty Images Bocce is one of the more entertaining and team-oriented outdoor activities available today. Though this game isn’t quite as popular as some of the others in our book, once you get started, you’ll want to play it all day long.

Net games, like volleyball and badminton

Volleyball on the grass of Golden Gate Park. Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Li In the event that you have a large grass field or many yards of sand available for an outside game, you may set up a portable volleyball net and play an impromptu game of volleyball. Badminton provides a comparable feeling if you choose not to bump and serve with your hands. A lightweight racket and a birdie are used to do this.


Playing on the sand while playing Kan JamKanJamiis a terrific game to bring to the beach. Simply get a group of people outside and attempt to throw the frisbee into the trash cans. You’ll quickly find yourself with a large number of others that want to join in on the fun.


Amazon This game quickly brings back memories of days spent on a cruise ship, except that it is played on a driveway instead of the ocean. All you’ll need is two cue sticks, a couple of pucks, and some sidewalk chalk. Consider it to be similar to outdoor hockey, but with a twist.

Capture the flag

You’ve probably not played capture the flag since middle school, but it’s a low-impact football-like exercise that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Jump rope

Sears When I was younger, I used to jump for hours on my driveway, and it’s a great way to double-dutch and hop along while also getting some exercise in. However, braided wires ones work just as well as beaded ones since they are often longer and the beads let you know when to leap as soon as they contact the concrete.


AmazonThis hopscotch ring set is great for playing with children since it allows you to set up a game anyplace without the need for chalk.

Yard pong

Amazon The game, which is also known as bucket ball, is supplied with three balls of varying weights to accommodate both novices and experienced players. Like beer pong, but with a more family-friendly atmosphere. Aside from that, the buckets may be used to construct sandcastles.


BedBathBeyond is a retailer that specializes in home furnishings. Strikes, spares, and turkeys aren’t just restricted to bowling lanes. They may happen anywhere. You may rent or buy an outdoor bowling set for your next backyard get-together. These sets are normally constructed of weather-resistant materials, which means they’ll survive throughout the spring and summer months.

Potato sacks

Amazon Yes, you may get potato sacks for outdoor racing, exactly like you did when you were a kid at summer camp. With this easy family game, you can expect numerous chuckles – as well as a few missteps.

Water guns

Target Water gun wars are a great way to cool yourself on hot summer days when the sun is shining brightly and hard.

However, if there are children around, exercise extreme caution since some water pistols are powerful enough to cause discomfort or harm.


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20+ Outdoor Games for Adults Everyone Will Love!

Affiliate links are used in some of the posts on Clarks Condensed, and I receive a little commission from them. These are offered at no additional cost to you, and the price has not risen in any way. When the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to get outside and enjoy some fantastic outdoor activities. What could be more enjoyable than getting together with some buddies and playing some yard games?! Here are the finest outdoor games for adults that everyone will like and that you can play in your own backyard (kids can easily join in, too!) that you can play in your own backyard.

We frequently cook out on the grill, build a campfire, and then play games with the entire family.

Over the years, I’ve discovered the most enjoyable lawn games that adults of all ages like playing. In fact, there are a plethora of entertaining possibilities, and it’s a fantastic way to add a little competitiveness and enjoyment to your outdoor events.

The Best Outdoor Yard Games

One of the things we enjoy the most about having our own home and a large lawn is being able to host gatherings and events. We enjoy having friends and family around for dinner, especially during the summer months when the weather is beautiful and the sun sets a little later in the evening. While we appreciate nice food and socializing with friends, Forrest and I believe that having some engaging outdoor activities to play is essential to having a good time during a gathering. WE’VE collected a collection of fantastic outdoor games that you and your guests will enjoy playing at your next gathering.

However, they are especially well-liked by adults (no duck, duck goose here) I also asked my friends for their favorite games on Facebook, which they graciously obliged.

Make sure you go through this entire list in order to pick the right game for your next outdoor get-together.

Classic Outdoor Games

Volleyball with water balloons is a terrific activity to play to keep cool on hot days! All you need is a volleyball net, some beach towels, and a few water balloons to get started. We absolutely adore receiving Buncho-Balloons since they are very useful for swiftly filling balloons with helium. Alternatively, you may store all of the water balloons in a cooler filled with water or an inflatable pool filled with water. And if you have any leftovers, you can have a water balloon fight with your friends afterwards!

Ladder T oss

This game may be played with a group of two to four individuals! You should place the racks on opposing ends of the room, 15 feet apart. You should have one member of each team stand directly across from the other. For example, there are two teams, one red and one blue, that compete against each other. At one rack, a member of the red team and a member of the blue team will stand together. The other member of the red team and the other member of the blue team will stand at the opposite end of the rack from each other.

The objective is to score 21 points, with a certain number of points awarded for each color it lands on.

Starting with one throw, one person on each team throws their three throws, followed by the person on the other team throwing their three throws.

golf balls are worth a certain amount of points

Bean Bag Toss

This may appear to be a childlike activity – but it can be a great deal of fun for adults as well as children!

It’s an extremely basic game that can be set up and played in a matter of minutes. Check out this selection of bean bag sets.


This may appear to be a kid activity – but it can be a great deal of fun for adults as well if they participate! You can set up and start playing in under a minute because it’s an extremely basic game. Click here to view a selection of bean bag sets.

Ring Toss

Another really basic game that may be a great deal of fun!

Corn hole

Corn hole is a fun game that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels and of all ages. It is simple to construct on your own; simply obtain two slanted planks with a hole in the center. Get yourself six bean bags, three of which should be one color and three of which should be another. Assemble two teams of two people and have them stand opposite one another, with one member of each team on one board and the other two members of the team on the other board. The object is to get the bean bag into the hole as quickly as possible.

cornholes like they used to be With the help of this instructions, you can create your own corn hole board.


Croquet is a game I learned to play as a child, and it’s one of those games that people can’t seem to put down when they see it brought out! Excellent for smaller parties because it is quite slow.

Active Outdoor Games

This is a fun and simple game that can be played with a big group of people. Create two to three teams of five or more people and each team will receive a frisbee. The object of the game is to pass the frisbee to each of your teammates while avoiding interference from the other team(s). In a similar manner to football or soccer, you must sprint around the field in order to transfer the frisbee to a team member without an opposition team player capturing it. As soon as the frisbee reaches the ground, the game is declared finished.

For those late-night gatherings, make sure to bring along a glow-in-the dark frisbee.


Volleyball is an all-time favorite sport and activity to play with friends, and it’s easy to see why. If you don’t already have a setup, you can get one on Amazon for a decent price if you look around.


This is the one that I really like the most! Badminton is something I can’t get enough of, to be honest. In a similar fashion to the game of tennis, you’ll need two rackets and two opponents. You should position yourselves on opposing sides of the net and then take the shuttle. You are in charge of serving the shuttle and attempting to get the shuttle strike the ground on the other side. The shuttle can only be struck once per side, and the game is over when the shuttle strikes the ground and falls to the ground.


A variation on volleyball, this is a ton of fun! It’s a lot of fun and quite physically demanding! It is, nevertheless, a little more expensive than some other games.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong is one of my favorite sports to play, and it can be quite the workout!

We recently got a 3/4-size ping pong tablet that is safe for use in the outdoors, and we are really pleased with it thus far. This is the one that we purchased.

Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a great way to get people moving and compete with one another. You may either create your own arrangement or get a fun kit from the internet.

Capture the Flag

This game is traditional, lively, and competitive all at the same time! You might use some glow sticks in different colors to make it even more entertaining and playable after the kids have gone to bed. We actually have a capture the flag set that glows in the dark and is a lot of fun to play! The rules for the game of capture the flag are as follows.

Competitive Outdoor Games

I used to refer to this game as “Four Square Volleyball,” but it is actually known as Spike Ball in the official rules. It’s fantastic! You will be playing with four other people (two people on each team). According to volleyball regulations, you play against your opponents with a bouncy, self-supporting net and must hit the ball in the middle of the net against your opponents. Here are the official regulations for the game. It’s a great deal of pleasure! This is an excellent game to play at the beach.

Bocce Ball

This game is really entertaining. It is commonly played using rubber balls that are weighted, and it can be played one-on-one or in teams. Typically, it is packaged in a compact carrying case, which makes it easy to move around the house. You begin by throwing a ball into the yard, which serves as the target. You want to get as near to the ball as you possibly can. More information on the fundamental rules may be found here.

Lawn Darts

It’s simple, but it’s a lot of fun! This is suitable for people of all ages.

Kan Jam

This is a game that we acquired a few years ago and that we find to be quite entertaining. The act of throwing your flying discs through an aperture in a garbage can-like mechanism awards you points. In the event that the weather prediction calls for wind, I would advise against using this product unless you obtain the version with thinner cans.

Flickin’ Chicken

Although this game is intended for youngsters, it is quite amusing and entertaining for adults as well. It requires very minimal setup and may be quite competitive.

Rollors Lawn Game

This game combines three classics: horseshoes, bocce ball, and outdoor bowling – into a single entertaining experience. It has received a lot of positive feedback! This game is an excellent blend of skill and chance since you roll discs and earn points for coming near to your objective.

Giant Yard Pong

Pong may be a fun game to play, especially for older children and adults. The addition of Giant Yard Pong takes this classic game to the next level!

Giant Board Games

I’m not sure about you, but I really enjoy playing large-scale versions of my favorite indoor board games. The number of terrific games that have been converted for outdoor play is enormous, and they make for excellent party games. Outdoor versions of these games may be purchased, or if you are up for a DIY project, you can construct them from scratch. I’ve given links to both of these possibilities in the section below.

Lawn Twister

Although I was unable to locate a version that was expressly designed for outdoor use, you may easily create your own!

This was something we performed at a youth conference some years ago, and it was a blast. Here is the do-it-yourself version! To avoid painting the grass, you may acquire a large drop cloth and paint straight on it instead of on the grass.


Board with a dry erase surface

Giant Jenga

Jenga in the Yard/Outdoor Jenga Available on Amazon

Outdoor Checkers

Purchase on Amazon/Purchase on Etsy/Make Your Own Version

Wooden Four in a Row

One of my favorite games of all time! You may create these wooden boards yourself, or you can purchase a pre-made version on Etsy or

Yard Yahtzee


Yard Tic Tac Toe

Amazon/Etsy/DIY So many terrific backyard game alternatives that are simple to put up, provide competitive activities, and are a wonderful way to enjoy the warm weather during an outside party are available to you. Connecting with others and having a great time is made simple with this method.

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Games for family reunions / games for family get-togethers” data-pin-description = data-pin-description “When the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to get outside and enjoy some fantastic outdoor activities. What could be more enjoyable than getting together with some buddies and playing some yard games?! Here are the finest outdoor games for adults that everyone will like and that you can play in your own backyard (kids can easily join in, too!) that you can play in your own backyard.” data-pin-title=”The Best Outdoor Yard Games for Adults” data-pin-description=”The Best Outdoor Yard Games for Adults” data-pin-description=”The Best Outdoor Yard Games for Adults” data-lazy-src = data-lazy-src “Originally from Colorado, Katie graduated from BYU and is a wife and mother to three handsome sons.

She lives in Utah with her husband.

She is now pursuing her certification as a Lactation Educator (CLE).

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