The Mario Kart Drinking Game: Rules and How To Play ?

Mario Kart Drinking Game for Any Gameplay

Gamer and non-gamer alike like Mario Kart, which is considered a classic by many. There are many people who remember it from their childhoods, and it has become a staple of many parties. There are a variety of ways to toast Mario Kart, and we’ll go over them all in detail further down. We’ve found the perfect Mario Kart drinking game for you, no matter which version you want to play.

Mario Kart Drinking Game Rules for Race COurses

Drink whenever you want.

  • When you are the greatest, you are struck by a blue shell (that’s what you get for being the best!). You drop five positions in a short period of time. You are relegated to last place. Your bob-bomb or lightning strike causes someone to be injured
  • You strike three separate persons with three red shells or three green shells, depending on your preference. You lose your footing on a track
  • You should drink during the time you are driving if you acquire a Bullet Bill! (It’s all right, you aren’t the one behind the wheel, after all)

When you are the best, you get hit by a blue shell (because you are the best!). Within minutes, you’ve dropped five positions. You’ve dropped to the bottom of the leaderboard. Your bob-bomb or lightning strike strikes someone in the face; 3 red shells or 3 green shells are thrown at 3 distinct persons at a time. You lose your footing on a track; you crash into something. You should drink during the time you are driving if you acquire a Bullet Bill. after all, you aren’t the one driving, so it isn’t a big deal.

Beerio Kart Drinking Rues

Every participant begins with an unopened beer in their possession. You must finish the beer before the race is over, but no drinking and driving is permitted! You can drink whenever you want as long as your kart is not in motion. Some people chug water at the start of the race, some people chug water before crossing the finish line, and some people stop to drink throughout the race (or a combo of all of these).

Drinking Rules for Mario Kart Battles

  • Try to keep track of the amount of coins you lose during the game and take that many sips at the end if you’re playing by yourself. If you’re playing as a group, each player has the ability to “give away” as many sips to other players as they had money at the end of the game. Consider the following scenario: if you ended up with 8 coins, you could advise someone to drink 8 drinks or two individuals to drink 4 sips each.

Balloon Battle

  • Take a sip of your beverage every time one of your balloons pops. If you’re playing with pals, every time you pop an opponent’s balloon, you should share a drink with them.

Got Everything You Need?

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a racing game developed by Nintendo. is a completely new way to enjoy a classic favorite game. During your game, you will be piloting an actual kart as it navigates a track within your house. We never expected to see something like this, but we have to agree that it is rather impressive!

Steering Wheels for Switch Controllers

Visit our other video game drinking games to find out what else we have!

The Mario Kart Drinking Game: Rules and How To Play ?

I’m confident that the majority of people are familiar with Mario Kart! Even though Nintendo’s kart racing game has been around for a long time, did you realize it was also a fantastic drinking game? Of course, the Mario Kart drinking game is a little different from other drinking games. Adding this element to your usual gaming session, on the other hand, is less difficult than you may imagine. In this tutorial, we’ll go over the rules you’ll need to know and go over the specifics of what you’ll need to play this amusing drinking game.

What is The Mario Kart Drinking Game?

This entertaining drinking game came to existence in the same way as theShrek drinking game did. You may specifically blame the internet users who discovered a method to transform a kart racing video game into a drinking game! But we aren’t grumbling because we know that this game will be a fun time for everyone. The rules for this drinking game may be customized in a variety of ways, and you can simply make up your own regulations. However, the fundamental rules state that if a player falls off the track, is struck by an object, or loses the race, he or she must drink immediately.

A Truth or Dare challenge (such as the one found in King’s Cup) or spinning around a few times before taking a drink are examples of what could be expected of you.

But, fortunately, Mario Kart (in all of its incarnations) is a rather simple game to master. As a result, if you are completely unfamiliar with it, you should be able to pick up on the controls rather fast.

What You’ll Need To Play?

If you want to participate in the Mario Kart drink game, you’ll need booze (and enough of it), a copy of the game Mario Kart, as well as the appropriate system to play the game on. Frequently, the most recent Mario Kart game, namelyMario Kart 8 Deluxe, is used to play the Mario Kart drinking game. The Nintendo Switch version of the game is currently available for purchase. Versions of Mario Kart are, however, available for the Wii U, Wii, Gamecube, and even earlier Nintendo platforms, as well as the Nintendo 3DS.

In addition, you’ll need extra controllers to suit all of the participants.

The game can handle a maximum of four players at any given time.

We promise you, it’s a lot more enjoyable this way!

How to Play the Mario Kart Drinking Game?

Basically, the goal of this drinking game is the same as any other – to win, obviously! With this game, however, like in the great majority of drinking games, winning or losing isn’t all that significant. As a result, you get to play Mario Kart while also becoming intoxicated at the same time. With a drinking game, what more could you possibly want? Despite the fact that this drinking game is quite simple, there are numerous variations on how you can play it. As a result, we’ve put together an in-depth guide for you to go through to help you figure out the best method to play.

The Set-Up

Check to be that everyone’s controller (if you’re using wireless ones) is completely charged before starting the race, and if someone is new to the game, have them participate in a practice race first. Make sure you have enough of booze on hand, and then all you have to do is get ready to race! There are many various ways to play this entertaining drinking game, and because of this, we’ve prepared a few more rule sets that you may follow if you’re new to the game; start with the fundamental rules and work your way up from there.

The Basic Rules

Because there are so many various ways to play this drinking game, we’ve assembled a few distinct rule sets that you may use to guide you through the experience. The fundamental rules will aid in the introduction of new players to the game, and they serve as an excellent starting point. When You Feel Like It, Have A Drink

  • Suddenly, you’re hit by a green or red shell. When you drive off the road or are knocked off the road
  • When you come upon a banana peel

In addition to these simple regulations, everyone who does not finish first in the race is required to consume a beverage at the conclusion of the game. A break should be taken whenever someone needs to get a drink of water. Now, if you find the basic rules to be too simple, you can always try your hand at the advanced rules.

These are the Advanced Rules. To spice things up a bit, you can incorporate some new elements into the Mario Kart drinking game. Listed below are some more advanced rules that you can use to improve your performance. When You Feel Like It, Have A Drink

  • If you pick up a star, you must also spin three times on the spot
  • Else, you will lose your chance. If you run into a banana peel, stop immediately and spin for 20 seconds. If you’re going to utilize a mushroom

Consider Having Two Drinks When

  • If you are hit by a green or red shell, you should immediately seek medical attention. When you drive off the road or are knocked off the road
  • If you are unfortunate enough to be struck by the terrible blue spiny shell

In addition, the winner of the race will be able to nominate one other player to join them for a drink. When somebody is taking a drink, the game should be paused. To make things even more chaotic, you can make the drinks without pausing the game if you want to. This will undoubtedly add to the chaos, as people will be pressed to drink quickly in order to return to the race track. Rules of the House Because the Mario Kart drinking game is so adaptable, it’s simple to make your own rules for it.

Just make sure that everyone on the team agrees on them and that they are not overly complicated.

The Mario Kart Drinking Game: A Fun Twist On A Classic Video Game

This entertaining drinking game is perfect for anyone who wants to discover a whole new side to the Mario Kart franchise. In addition to being a great drinking game for a bachelor party, it’s also a great way to unwind with friends on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Mario Kart Wiisted Drinking Game

Mario Kart is a video game. Alcohol and one of your favorite Wii racing games, Mario Kart, are combined in the Wiisted cocktail. Drinks are assigned based on where you finish in relation to particular events. Sponsored


Each race requires a minimum of 2-4 participants who are willing to commit to the event. In order to make it simpler to distinguish who is on which screen, the players will be seated from left to right as P1/P2/P3/P4. For each race, each player will need three Solo cups filled with one-third beer each and a shot of liquor. You must choose a track that contains a significant number of spots where players can go down the cliff. Obviously, the most appropriate map for this in most Mario Kart games is the notorious “Rainbow Road,” which appears in at least one iteration in each and every game since the franchise began.


The races in the Mario Kart Wiisted drinking game will be played out in the same way as any other Mario Kart race, with the addition of the following drinking regulations:

  • The races in the Mario Kart Wiisted drinking game will be played out in the same way as every other Mario Kart race, with the addition of the following drinking guidelines:

Drinking ItemsConsequences

After a player has used up all of his or her red cups, the following drinking item repercussions will take effect:

  • Whenever a player comes into contact with a banana peel, they are required to guzzle their beer while spinning around two times. Whenever a player gets hit by a shell of any kind, they must gulp their beer for two seconds. It is mandatory for each player who has been zapped by the lightning bolt to drink their beer until they un-shrink. If a player is hit with the Star by another player, they are required to take a shot.

Ending RewardsPunishments

When the race is finally over, the players will be awarded according to their finishing position, with 4th place receiving the harshest treatment. The following are the “gifts” that are linked with each place from 4th to 1st place, in descending order:

  • Players will be compensated according on their finishing position when the race is ultimately completed, with 4th place receiving the worst treatment. The following are the “gifts” that are linked with each place from 4th to 1st place, in the order of appearance:
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Optional Rules

Changing the in-game rules may be desirable if you want to spice things up a bit, but doing so is absolutely optional. In the majority of Mario Kart games, you have the option to change the following things:

  • Lap Count may be increased or decreased, as can Engine Class, Mirror Mode, Item Appearances, the number of CPU players, and CPU Difficulty. Team Racing can also be added or decreased.

Please remember to drink responsibly like you do every time! You should be aware that this alcohol drinking game is not intended to result in you being ill as a result of excessive alcohol intake. Do you require a sober ride? By using Lyft, you may save $5.00 on your ride! If you liked it, please provide feedback in the comments section and tell us how we can make it even better!

Mario Kart / Drinking Game

To be played on any Grand Prix course using goods, on any day of the week. You are unable to take a break to drink.

  • Drink your finishing position at the end of a race. The first player drinks one drink, the second player drinks two, and so on. It is not suggested to participate in races with more than four participants. Use of a blue shell, Bullet Bill, Chain Chomp, or lightning bolt necessitates the consumption of liquids.
  • Take another if the leader manages to avoid the blue shell.
  • If the game in which this occurs is Mario Kart Wii, finish your drink
  • Otherwise, continue playing.
  • You should drink a full bottle if you utilize a blue shell in the first place and are hit with it.
  • If you are struck by a blue shell or a lightning bolt, drink some water.
  • You should finish the remainder of the bottle if you are struck by a blue shell and a lightning bolt in quick succession. If you happen to get struck by a red shell throughout all of this, top off your drink with another half bottle. Continue to drink that bottle if being struck by the blue shell kept you from being struck by lightning.
  • A drink should be consumed immediately after being stripped of your protective equipment due to a Boo or a lightning strike before a red shell is fired at you. Completely empty the bottle if it takes away a Super Horn just as a blue shell is about to approach in Mario Kart 8. Take a drink if you fall into a hole, lava, the sea, or any other body of water. If you are knocked off your feet by a lightning strike or a red/blue shell, grab another one. If you accidentally hit a phony item box, drink to make up for not paying attention
  • Take a drink if you slam on the brakes to avoid the blue shell while in first place or if you are attempting to drag other people into the explosion while in first position.
  • In the event that you do this with the finish line in sight just as you’re about to complete your final lap, guzzle your drink
  • Otherwise, chug your drink. If you are still struck, consume two alcoholic beverages.
  • Every time you perform a wheelie inMario Kart Wii, you should drink something. You should take a shot for each and every character, mechanic, and item from a previous game that you enjoyed but did not make it into the one you’re currently playing
  • Make sure you have something to drink in case your own Bob-Omb explodes on you. You should drink every time the music accelerates when you’re driving on Baby Park in Mario Kart 8. Every time you receive a coin from an item box, drink a glass of water. You will die from alcohol poisoning more times than a Time Lord can be allowed to regenerate in one lifetime. In the online mode of 8 Deluxe, you can get a drink for every 200 cc race. Take a picture in the lobby of8 Deluxe every time someone posts “I’m using tilt controls!”
  • After failing to make the jump on Wario Stadium, you must finish your drink in 64. If the track chosen is someone’s “random” choice, you should take a drink in 8and8 Deluxe. If the random number generator then selects a track that was one of the four tracks up for vote, take another drink. Drink every time you come across a Funky Kong or Daisy in Mario Kart Wii.

You guessed it: you are not permitted to drink and drive. Each race begins with a predetermined amount of beer (anything between half a beer and a full beer), with the goal of consuming it before the race’s conclusion. The only restriction is that you cannot handle the controller and consume alcohol at the same time. Each participant has his or her own strategy, which can range from chugging it all at the start to drinking it ship by ship, and the game is frequently a lot of fun. (Other names for this location include “Drunk Driving” and “Kario Mart.”)

The Mario Kart Drinking Game – The Chuggernauts

This Mario Kart drinking game is straightforward, with players drinking in anticipation of which items they will be hit by and their final finishing position. Mario Kart Drunk Driving is a distinct sort of Mario Kart drinking game that you should check out if you’re seeking for something different. There are no restrictions on using this game with any other game in the Mario Kart franchise. Some of the things mentioned, such as Blooper and Bullet Bill, are only found in the more recent games, so keep that in mind.


Any game from the Mario Kart franchise, as well as beverages.


Players will be required to drink for each item that they are struck by. Drinks differ based on what they’ve been smacked with. At the conclusion of each race, players will also drink in accordance with their finishing position.

Mario Kart Drinking Game Rules

If you are attacked by any of the above objects, you should drink appropriately.

  • Drinks: Banana peel – 1 drink
  • Red Shell – 1 drink
  • Blooper – 1 drink
  • Hit by a mushroom boost – 1 drink
  • Green shell – 2 drinks
  • Star – 2 drinks
  • Bullet Bill – 2 drinks
  • Lightning – 2 drinks
  • Banana peel – 1 drink
  • Three drinks for the fake item box
  • Three drinks for the Blue Shell
  • Three drinks for Bob-Omb.

You must come to a complete halt and consume these beverages before proceeding with the race. You must chug until you are able to return to the racetrack after falling off the track. At the conclusion of the race, participants must consume an amount of liquid equal to their finishing position. For example, the first place finisher would receive one drink, whereas the eighth place finisher would receive eight.

Optional Rule – Full Circuit

If participants desire to extend the duration of the game, they can participate in a complete circuit race. At the conclusion of the circuit, the player in last position (excluding CPUs) is required to complete their beverage. Our Mario Kart drinking game is fairly straightforward and straightforward to play. When certain items are combined, it can get a little crazy, causing people to have to stop and drink multiple times before they can continue the race. Keep in mind to drink sensibly at all times; no game is worth jeopardizing your physical well-being.

The Mario Kart Drinking Game Is Downright Dangerous

Even though it’s Monday afternoon, I’m still hungover from the previous night’s festivities, an incredible feat made possible by a cruel Mario Kart drinking game. Although it’s referred to as ‘Beerio Kart’ by some, others refer to it as “Drunk Driving” by others, I’m going to stick with the term “Never Again.” The rules are straightforward: each participant receives a can of beer (or cider, or whatever beverage of choice you choose, as long as everyone is drinking roughly the same quantity of roughly the same thing) and a controller with any version of Mario Kart loaded onto it.

  1. Not only must you finish the race before crossing the finish line, but you must also consume your drink before crossing the finish line, as is customary.
  2. That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?
  3. When do you get around to drinking your drink, which is a time-consuming task?
  4. Do you want to get yourself to the finish line first, then scull your drink so you can just roll over when you’re done with it?

It turns out that the first method was actually the most beneficial in practically every race I participated in – when you’re sitting in last place for the most of the race, you earn so many blue shells and lightning bolts that it’s well worth the discomfort of downing your full drink at the start.

  1. As a slightly competitive gamer who becomes even more competitive after a few of drinks, this drinking game resulted in my being drunker than I had ever been in my life before to participating in the game.
  2. Due to the short length of most Mario Kart courses, even though canned beverages typically contain a little amount more sugar than a conventional drink, the cost of drinking them can quickly rack up after only ten minutes of game.
  3. Yoshi Valley, on the other hand, is a place I would recommend avoiding unless it is your first time.
  4. Extremely competitive people should probably avoid participating for the sake of their livers.
  5. well, pretty much exactly how one of these games goes down (though I’m sure it’s been around in some form or another since Mario Kart was first released).
  6. The game is enjoyable if you want to become drunk quickly and are confident in your Mario Kart abilities.

However, you must limit yourself to a maximum of two races each session. Otherwise, pay attention to my throbbing second-day headache and stay far away from this game – it’s one of those games that should come with a warning label on the package.

Beerio Kart: Rules To Play This Mario Kart Drinking Game

Can you recall anything from the past? When you first turned on the console and saw the screen light up in the colors of Mario Kart, it was a magical moment. The Nintendo 64 version, maybe — a few of blows into the game cartridge before shoving that bad boy into the machine and kicking things off. Or perhaps it was in 2003’sMario Kart: Double Dashfor the GameCube that you first tried your hand at driving a “kart.” Over the years, the popular and highly addictive video game franchise has generated a slew of other game modes and modifications.

Here comes the beerio kart.

It’s the type of activity to do when you want to sit down with a group of friends, crush a couple of ice cold beverages, and get lost in the magic of Koopa Troopa beach.

Now it’s time to choose our participants and go through the rules of Beerio Kart with them.

Beerio Kart Rules

Assuming that you guessed that the game’s title comes from smashing the two main components of the game together, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and go over the rules for this Mario Kart drinking game.


On a high level, the goal of this game is to finish your beer during a round (or rounds) of Mario Kart while driving your character’s kart, motorcycle, stroller, scooter, or other vehicle through the track.

Rule 1 – You cannot open your beer until the race starts.

This is done in order to ensure that everyone begins drinking or has the option to begin drinking at the exact same time.

Rule 2 – You cannot drink at all while you are driving.

To put it another way, there will be no “drinking and driving” during the race. It is necessary that you come to a complete stop while you are drinking your malty beverage, and once you have finished your drink, you may resume driving and begin accelerating your kart.

Rule 3 – You must finish your beer by the end of the race.

The bottom line is that you must finish your beer before crossing the finish line at the conclusion of the last lap to be named the champion of Beerio Kart versus your opponents. You will be determined as the winner if there is any liquid remaining in your glass. If there is no liquid remaining in your glass, you will be determined as the winner by the next person to successfully complete the challenge.

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Beerio Kart Variations

After you have completed a round or two of Beerio Kart, we felt it would be beneficial to go through some of the variants and rule adjustments that you might possibly apply. If you have any other suggestions or rules, please feel free to leave a comment so that we may incorporate them in our future update!

1) Mario Kart Cup Version provided the image used in this post. The Mario Kat that we all know and love usually consists of four races in a “cup,” often known as a Grand Prix, in which the player competes against the computer. The Grand Prix Beerio Kart extravaganza will put your talents to the test over the course of four different circuits, so you’d best be prepared to bring your A-game when it comes to competing in these races.

In light of the fact that you will be needed to compete in four distinct races, you may want to reconsider the one drink / one race guideline in order to keep some level of capacity to participate in the game. Here’s a breakdown of some possible variations on the theme:

  • By the time of the fourth and final race, you must have finished your drink.
  • 2 beers for 4 races–a medium-bodied beer would be preferable.
  • Your first beer must be consumed prior to the conclusion of the second race, and your final beer must be consumed prior to the conclusion of the fourth race.
  • This is for a good ol’ fashioned light beer chugging session. In order to participate in each race, we require you to consume one beer.

2) Shotgun Version

This Beerio Kart variant differs from the others in that instead of sipping your beer through the mouth opening, you must open the beer can “shotgun style” at some time during the race and consume it all in one sitting before returning to the circuit.

3) No Drinking On the First Lap

When playing any Mario Kart drinking game, a typical tactic is to consume all or almost all of your drink at the start of the race, which is known as the “all or practically all” approach. Afterwards, all you have to think about is driving for the next X number of laps. This method is turned on its head by mandating drinking after reaching the finish line after the first lap, which means you may only have laps 2 and 3 to come to a complete stop, open your beer, and begin drinking if you follow this plan.

4) Item Drinking

In any Mario Kart drinking game, one of the most popular strategies is to consume the entirety or the majority of one’s drink right at the start of the game. All you have to worry about is driving for the remaining X number of laps. This strategy is turned on its head by requiring drinking after passing the finish line after the first lap, which means you may only have laps 2 and 3 to come to a complete stop, open your beer, and begin drinking if you follow this method. Tumblr provided the image.

  • A shot must be taken at the conclusion of the match if you have the blue shell. In order to get the banana, you must scream the word “BANANA.” It is necessary to set your controller down and spin around once to activate the lighting bolt

5) Winner Awarding Challenges

You may raise the stakes a little after the first victor has been determined by enabling them to pick a player to execute a challenge or assignment on behalf of the entire team. While this Beerio Kart concept is a little more open-ended than the others, it has the potential to allow for some innovative thinking when it comes to winning that crucial final race. As an added bonus, Beerio Kart may be played virtually as well. Because the game is accessible to everyone, you may all start at the same time and watch how well you all perform.

  • Other virtual happy hour ideas may be found in our guide to happy hour themes, which can help you spice things up!
  • The chances are that you are not prepared with the necessary knowledge to participate in this fantastic game with a couple of your pals.
  • If there is anything we have overlooked, please let us know so that we can make this post even better.
  • You may also save this page in case you ever need to quickly explain the rules of the Beerio Kart drinking game to someone and teach them how to win in a concise yet thorough manner.

Mario Kart Drinking Game with Rules [Video, Pictures] – Chuggie

TheMario Kart Drinking Gaming With Rules is going to completely change your perception of what it means to have a game night. The reason it’s one of the best drinking games is that it will get you drunk very quickly. In addition, it is one of the simplest drinking games available. Prepare for battle. The Mario Kart Drinking Game With Rules is a cunning piece of sleight-of-hand.

What kind of danger can a game involving a little toad and a princess pose? Be warned: after my first experience with the Mario Kart Drinking Game, I did not wake up feeling particularly pleased with myself. It’s a crafty little bastard, that’s for sure.

Mario Kart Drinking Game With Rules: What You’ll Need

From the Nintendo 64 through the Mario Kart DELUXE 8, every console that is compatible with Mario Kart can be used.

  • (There will be no computers.) Your beverage of choice, in large quantities
  • The greatest number of controllers conceivable
  • Shot glasses, lowball glasses, and beer glasses
  • Alternatively, go for the trashy look with a Chuggie Coolie. Then you just need 3-16 individuals to do the task.

How to Play Mario Kart Drinking Game With Rules

Photographs and discounts are available by clicking here.

  1. Once you have Mario Kart set up and ready to begin, make sure that everyone has a full glass of their favorite beverage. Obviously, the objective of the Mario Cart Drinking Game is to be the first to reach the finish line. However, here’s where the fun begins: it doesn’t count unless you’ve completed your drink
  2. Otherwise, it doesn’t. The only catch is that you are not permitted to drink and drive. Before you may drink, you must come to a complete stop on the road.

The Two Mario Kart Drinking Game Strategies

Despite the fact that this is a simple drinking game to understand, it is a competitive one. Choose one of the two primary techniques listed below: Strategy1 for the Mario Kart Drinking Game with Rules: When the race begins, you must accelerate like a madman. Drop bananas and bombs to slow down the other players, then laugh hysterically when they fall or run into a bomb to make them lose their balance. Then, when you’ve built up a significant lead, make a couple of quick pit stops. It’s a little strange, but it’s also sort of cool.

Before you begin, take a sip of your drink.

I’m sure there are additional keys to winning, but I haven’t come across them yet because I gave up on this game completely after the last time I failed miserably.


The Top 7 Gameplay Variationsfor Drinking Mario Kart Game

There are several gameplay versions to choose from whenever you’re ready to change things up. These are the greatest Mario Kart Drinking Game Gameplay Variations that you can find.

Mario Kart Drinking Game With Rules, Gameplay Variation1 Mario Kart the Smoking Game

You may mix up the games whenever you’re ready because there are several options. These are the best Mario Kart Drinking Game Gameplay Variations you can find on the internet right now!

Mario Kart Drinking Game With Rules, Gameplay Variation2 Banana Kart

After that, there’s the classic Banana Kart game to play. The rules are straightforward: anyone who slips and falls on a banana peel is required to stop and drink a shot of 99 Bananas. Those unfortunate enough to hit a fire blossom will have to shove a shot of Fireball Whiskey down their throats. Finally, for those unfortunate few who are struck by a blue shell, Blue Curacao is the penalty shot of choice. The Mario Kart Wii U Mario Kart Drinking Game Variation is just incredible. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Mario Kart Drinking Game With Rules, Gameplay Variation3: Mario Kart Wii U Drinking Game

Instead of a television set, you’ll be using a Nintendo Wii U in this variant. Because you’re standing up, you have the opportunity to incorporate movement. For example, when you’re hit by a blue shell, you can jump up and down a number of times, hop like a frog, or spin around in circles.

Mario Kart Drinking Game With Rules, Gameplay Variation4:Social Kart

Do you want to play a game that is low on booze? Every time a racer is struck by lightning or a blue shell, everyone in the room is required to drink. It’s straightforward and open to everyone, even those who aren’t actively participating in Mario Kart.

Drinking Mario Kart Game With Rules, Gameplay Variation5:Losers Drinks of Shame

Each person following the winner is required to drink in proportion to their position. As a result, the second place gets two drinks, the third place gets three drinks, and so on. The Mario Kart Drinking Game is not for the faint of heart.

Mario Kart Drinking Game With Rules, Variation6:The Weaker the Item, the Stronger the Drink

In this variant, the banana is the most dangerous hurdle to overcome. The crimson shell, on the other hand, is brittle. The green shell is standard, and the fake item box is extremely durable.

Players must drink a shot with the highest alcohol content in order to qualify for the bogus item box. Normal is simply a swig of the player’s beverage of choice, and weak is simply drinking some water, as the name suggests. (Click here to take advantage of Amazon’s discounts.)

Mario Kart Drinking Game With Rules, Variation7: LOOK MOM NO HANDS!

Okay, so with this new variation on the game, you use one hand to steer and the other to carry your drink while you drive about. You are permitted to consume alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. It’s a good thing this is just a game! Many of these versions of the Mario Kart Drinking Game were suggested by decent Reddit users, who need to be commended.

Mario Kart Drinking Game With Rules: Special Occasions

As a result of its broad appeal, the Mario party drinking game is ideal for gatherings such as birthday parties and graduation parties. Basically, any time you have a large number of people congregating. You can actually go all out with the decorations and make it a Mario Kart-themed party if you really want to. Also, it’s a good drinking game for girls’ night out. Make a big deal about it with prizes, a cake, and decorations. whatever suits your fancy!

The Drinking Mario Kart Game Video

As a result of its broad appeal, the Mario party drinking game is ideal for celebrations such as birthdays and graduations. To put it simply, whenever a large group of people gets together. With decorations, you can truly make it a Mario Kart-themed party if you really want to. A fun drinking game for girls’ night out is also included. Make a big deal out of it with awards, a cake, and decorations. anything you want!

Check out the rest of our blog for beer pong variations and much more drinking games. Readers who read this also liked:

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Mario Kart Video Drinking Game – Drinking Games Comparison Platform

Expert Rating: 7.4 2-4 players are the best at video drinking games. Materials: a video game system and a Mario Kart game. Time: 5 minutes per round, maximum of 3 rounds.

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Instructions Mario Kart drinking game:

Mario Kart is a game that we are all familiar with and have all played. Yes, it is entertaining even without alcohol, but believe me when I say that it is even more entertaining when it is turned into a drinking game with alcohol. The rules are straightforward, and as a result, your friends’ groupalcoholic can finally drive a car. In the best case scenario, (s)he will be able to defeat the group’s most avid video game player.

Rules of drunk Mario Kart:

  • The objective, of course, is to be the first to cross the finish line. But you can only finish the race if you have already finished your drink
  • Otherwise, you will fail. Every participant receives a wacky can of beer
  • You are not permitted to drink and drive at the same time. To avoid drinking and driving, pull over to the right side of the road and pull over
  • When you are hit by a shell, you should drink

Variation of Drunk Mario Kart

  • You’ll need a shootable beverage and a shot glass for each participant. Select the Rainbow Road as your track of choice
  • Everyone begins with an empty glass in their hand. Whenever a player falls off the track, the other players must set the player down, fill the shot glass, and drink from it themselves. The winner is determined by who is the first to complete the race.’s Review

What can I say other than Drunk Mario Kart is a hilarious game? It is straightforward and, by this point, may be regarded a classic. Despite this, it never becomes monotonous. The only disadvantage is that only a limited number of players can participate. At larger gatherings, this may be a bit of a downer on the psyche. It, on the other hand, drives us insane in smaller gatherings (in a positive way). Have a good time and drink responsibly, and please let us know how you enjoyed the game! If you enjoy this game, you will most likely enjoy our other drinking games based on television and movies.

Specification:Drunk Mario Kart

Level of Noise Low, Medium
Complexity Low
Drunkenness Level Pro, Take it easy
Duration Under 20 minutes
Focus on Skills, Strategy
Free No
Location Indoors
Materials Other, TV, SeriesMovies

Don’t Drink and Drive Drinking Game Rules

Don’t Drink and Drive is a Mario Kart game in which you play as a drunken driver while racing for victory. It is not safe to drink and drive; the faster you smash your drink down, the sooner you will cross the finish line! Players: a minimum of two players Supplies that are required include: You’ll need any Mario Kart video game (N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, or Switch) as well as whichever beverage you want to play with it.

Amazon sells Mario Kart titles for a variety of home platforms, including the Nintendo Wii. Please see the links provided below.

Game Setup:

Don’t Drink and Drive is a Mario Kart game in which you play as a drunken driver while attempting to win. It is not safe to drink and drive; the faster you slam your drink down, the sooner you will reach the finish line! Number of participants: 2 or more individuals Supplies that are needed: You’ll need any Mario Kart video game (N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, or Switch) as well as whatever beverage you want to play with! A number of various home consoles, including the Nintendo Wii, are available for purchase on Amazon.

Don’t Drink and Drive Rules:

The rules of this game are straightforward. Start a Mario Kart race with your friends, and once the race begins, you have until the end of the race to consume the entire contents of your drink container. No one is allowed to cross the finish line until they have chugged their beverage. The most important guideline of Don’t Drink and Drive is that you can’t drink and drive at the same time. You must come to a complete stop in the middle of the race whenever you want to take a drink. Driving, turning, or skidding while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.

When playing Don’t Drink and Drive, players can employ a variety of different strategies.

Others chug their drinks at the start of the race, and they continue to drink them throughout the course of the race.

Exploring the depths of a full mug of the good stuff and the countless possibilities of a new drinking game are on the agenda.

How to Turn Your 5 Favorite Mario Games Into Drinking Games

Everyone’s favorite plumber is a good time to hang out with over a drink. He’s been around for decades, bringing joy to the populace wherever they may be with his running, driving, and just plain partying. He’s been around for decades. I’m referring, of course, to Mario and his team of adventurers. The good times don’t have to stop just because you’ve turned into a “adult.” Put add a few of alcoholic beverages into the mix, and no matter what game you’re playing, you’re in for an incredible amount of enjoyment.

Mario Party

Photo courtesy of the Mario Party Legacy Network on Facebook. Mario Party is the ultimate community game that never ends. It is similar to a board game for one to four players, in which characters progress on the “board” and must perform a variety of mini games in order to advance. Play a game with 20 turns if you want a more substantial drinking variant. Don’t let a drop pass you by! Get the most up-to-date information about beer, wine, and cocktail culture sent directly to your email. Beer and shots are recommended as beverages.

You are dealt the lowest possible roll in a turn.

You’ve landed in Bowser Space, which is a type of planet. You or your team suffers a defeat in a mini-game. Boo takes something from you. Drink until Boo has finished stealing, and if Boo steals a Star, drink a shot of whiskey. When everyone else is drinking,. Someone is awarded a Star.

Mario Kart

Photo courtesy of Mario Kart / Facebook Beerio Kart, a drinking game based on the Mario Kart series, is one of the greatest video game drinking games currently available on the market. Mario Kart is a racing game in which players use banana peels, turtle shells, and magic mushrooms as racing obstacles. Drink Suggestion:Beer. Drinking and driving is not a good combination. No matter if you’re in real life or playing Mario Kart, refrain from doing so. The rules are straightforward: Begin with a bottle of un-cracked beer.

If your Kart is moving, you are not permitted to touch your beverage.

Just make sure you finish your drink before you head out to the finish line.

Super Smash Bros.

Despite the fact that Super Smash Bros. is technically a crossover game and not exclusively a Mario game, Mario is present and accounted for. Beat up on your buddies, but only with alcoholic beverages. Beer is recommended as a beverage. Rules: When you drink, it’s because. You’re about to lose a life. Chug until your character is knocked off the resurrection platform after you’ve passed out. You’re smacked by a car’s bumper. When everyone else is drinking,. Your character’s name is being sung in the background.

You’ll receive a legendary Pokemon as a reward.

Mario Golf

Photo courtesy of NintendoGolf on a small screen, but with Mario and without all of the walking is possible. Beer is recommended as a beverage. The rules are as follows: You drink when. After every round, take a drink equal to the amount of strokes you are over par. If you are under par, you must give the amount that you are under par to another person. You make a mistake and hit the ball into the water or out of bounds. Every turn you spend in a sand trap is a waste of time. When everyone else is drinking,.


Super Mario Run

Photo courtesy of Super Mario Run on Facebook. To have a drink with Mario, you don’t need a console or any sophisticated games. Simply download Super Mario Run to your smartphone and relax with a beverage. Beer is a good choice for a beverage. Rules: Keep things as basic as possible for this one. When you defeat a rival, unlock a new character, and chug for 10 seconds for every new character you unlock, as well as when you complete all of the pink, green, and black levels, you can consume alcohol to celebrate.

Date of publication: May 1, 2017

Mario Kart Drinking Game

Mario Kart, how I love thee. This is the game from our youth. This timeless classic never gets old, and no matter which version is released, we always know exactly what to do when the wheels hit the track for the first time.

Consequently, in order to make an already difficult game (we’re looking at you, rainbow road) even more difficult, we’ve created the ultimateMario Kart Drinking Game.

How to Play the Mario Kart drinking game

Mario Kart, how I love thee! We all remember playing this game from our youths. This timeless classic never gets old, and no matter whatever version is released, we always know precisely what to do as the wheels touch the track for the very first time. The ultimateMario Kart Drinking Game is here to make an already difficult game (we’re looking at you rainbow road) even more difficult.


You will not be able to pause the game to get a drink. The amount of beverages you must consume is determined on the place you finish in. Fire a lightning bolt or a crimson shell at the target. If you find yourself off the beaten path, grab a drink. If you come across an obstacle on the course, take a sip of water. If you find yourself slipping on a banana, take a shot. If you are hit by a blue bomb, you should guzzle your drink until you are able to resume driving.

How to Play the Mario Kart No Drink Driving Game

This edition of the drinking game is debatably even more difficult than the previous version, despite the fact that you are adhering to all applicable traffic laws!


As soon as the count of three begins, the race begins, and you have three minutes to complete your drink before the race concludes. The sole restriction is that no one should drink and drive. That’s correct, if you want to drink something, you have to come to a complete halt before the alcohol can reach your lips. Prepare to play the game for a longer period of time than you have ever done before, and become accustomed to using the break button on your controller! After you’ve finished playing this game with your entire group of pals, why not continue the fun with a round of Beer Pong?

Always remember to drink responsibly and to have a good time on the town!

Other Drinking Games

Also referred to as Drunk Don’t Drink And Drive, Mario Kart, Kario Marting, and many more. In a similar vein to Drinking Game for the Mario Party Players2 and up (4 preferred) Equipment BoozeIntoxication, a Mario Kart game (preferably on the N64 or Wii). LevelLowSetup Players begin by starting a Mario Kart multiplayer game with a full beer or beverage in their hands. Gameplay Players begin by starting a Mario Kart multiplayer game with a full beer or beverage in their hands. Players are required to finish their beer before crossing the finish line.

Before drinking, players must set the controller down and refrain from touching it.

Players who cross or are knocked across the finish line before finishing all of their booze are disqualified and relegated to third place.

Some people prefer to down the entire bottle of liquor before racing.

Some others prefer to slam the brakes just before crossing the finish line and then gulp whatever is left in their stomachs.

The player with the lowest score wins, and the other players must drink their fifth beer.

Drunk Driving is a serious offense (Variation B) Some games allow players to consume alcohol while also operating a motor vehicle.

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