You Laugh, You Drink Party Game Rules & How to Play?

YOU LAUGH YOU DRINK Game Rules – How To Play

Are you known as the “Joker” among your friends? Do you just have a natural ability to make people laugh all of the time without trying? This is the game for you if you want to laugh and drink! The objective of this party game is simple: to break the other person’s arm! They prompt actions that are certain to make someone in the group laugh, hopefully it will be the Target! Each round, the Joker selects a different person to attempt to make laugh. The Target must do everything in their power to maintain their composure while the action on the card is completed.

The name of the penalty says it all!

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When you’re ready to play You Laugh, You Drink, just shuffle the cards and arrange them facedown in the middle of the group to get things started. Afterwards, the game is ready to be enjoyed!


To begin, the one who is the most amusing is the one who pulls the first card. As a result, they are known as the Joker. The Joker then reads the card aloud to himself or herself. After making a decision, the Joker informs the rest of the group of who they would be targeting. The Target’s objective is to remain silent while the Joker performs whatever action is dictated by the card’s prompts. If the Joker does not choose to do the action specified on the card, they may choose to pass on their turn.

  1. Then there are no points gained or subtracted.
  2. All other players are free to laugh, with the exception of the Target, who is restricted.
  3. The Joker gets to keep the card and gain a point as a result of this.
  4. The player on the left of the Joker is now known as the new Joker, and vice versa.
  5. It is not possible to target the same person twice in a row!


When a player achieves seven points in the game, the game is declared over. The winner is determined to be that particular player. Loading.

You Laugh, You Drink Party Game Rules & How to Play?

A lot of people consider You Laugh, Your Drink to be the ultimate drinking game. It’s straightforward, simple to play, and a lot of fun. All you need is a deck of cards and a bottle of booze to get started with this game. It’s similar to charades in some ways, but it has its own special appeal.

What is the You Laugh, You Drink Party Game?

Isn’t it true that everyone is familiar with traditional drinking games like Beer Pong and King’s Cup? In spite of the fact that they are popular, sometimes you just want something a bit different, which is why the game You Laugh, You Drink is such a fun one to play. This drinking game involves the usage of cards, and participants are challenged to maintain a straight face during the game. If you are always laughing or if you are the Joker in your social group, you may find it difficult to win this game!

  • This basic and easy-to-play game is played in rounds; players take turns picking cards and then have 30 seconds to make their selected opponent laugh.
  • Each card will instruct you on what movements or motions you should perform.
  • Example: If you successfully make your opponent laugh, they will be forced to take a drink, and you will get to retain your card and gain a point for your efforts.
  • The winner of the game will be the first player to earn seven points!

Some additional rules must be understood, as well as a basic understanding of how You Laugh, You Drink operates. To get a better idea of what you’ll need to play the game, let’s have a look at what you’ll need before we get into the rules and setup.

What You’ll Need To Play?

To play this entertaining drinking game during a party, you’ll need a deck of cards. You should have no trouble finding the You Laugh You Drink card set on the internet, and it contains 150 cards for you to use! As a result, you’ll be able to play a large number of games without seeing the same cards twice. Anyone who has ever played Drunk Stoned or Stupid will be familiar with the design of the cards because they are based on those games. The two games were created by the same team of people and have some similarities.

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Rules and Gameplay

The objective of You Laugh, You Drink is straightforward: you must be the first player to accumulate seven points. However, due to the fact that this game is best enjoyed with a larger group, it may take some time to accumulate enough points. When working with smaller groups, the objective point aim is typically reduced to four or five. You can, however, play to any conclusion and proclaim a winner based on who has accrued the most number of points. Unlike most drinking games, the winner and losers aren’t all that important here.

The Set-Up

It’s simple to get a game of You Laugh, You Drink started. To begin, shuffle the cards and place them in the center of the table. After that, everyone participating should indicate who they believe to be the funniest individual. Yes, you have the option to vote for yourself if you so want. The player who receives the greatest number of votes will be designated as the Joker, which means they will go first.

How to Play?

Once the Joker has been determined, they can each take a card from the deck. According to conventional wisdom, they should only remove the top card from the deck. When they are finished, they will read the card aloud to the group and select their opponent. They must first identify their opponent to the rest of the group, after which they will have 30 seconds to make that individual laugh. After then, the other players are allowed to laugh, but the chosen opponent is required to maintain a serious expression.

The loser is also required to consume a punishment drink.

You will then be required to drink the punishment drink as a result of your failure to complete your mission.

A player’s turn is over when they reach seven points, or when they reach a goal that you both agreed on earlier.

Additional Rules

One rule to keep in mind when playing You Laugh, You Drink is to keep the game moving. Any Joker has the option to pass on their card if they so want. However, if they do so, they forfeit their opportunity to earn any points and will be forced to drink a penalty beverage. An extra rule you might want to consider is allowing the Joker to take two cards on their turn, which you can read about here. They will then be presented with two options for when they will attempt to make their opponent laugh.

Another rule that has been implemented is that Jokers now have one minute instead of thirty seconds.

Keep this in mind because time is an important component of this entertaining party game. Because of this, utilizing a stopwatch or timer app is strongly advised.

You Laugh, You Drink – It’s Party Time!

There you have it, all you need to know about You Laugh, You Drink. Thanks for reading. This entertaining party game is suitable for any occasion and would make an excellent bar/pub drinking game. Because it is simple and quick to play, it is an excellent way to pass an afternoon drinking with friends.

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11 Drinking Games You Can Play with Friends Virtually

Omicron arrived at a time when we were beginning to believe that the epidemic was nearing its conclusion. The number of cases is increasing at an alarming rate, and the desire to get together with big groups of friends in person is waning. Drinking with friends is still significantly more enjoyable than drinking alone, even if we shouldn’t be going out with our friends for rounds of chilled beers or happy hours piled high with sweating pitchers of margaritas right now. Thank goodness for technology and Zoom calls, certain drinking games can still be played electronically with a chatroom full of pixelated and recognizable faces, which is a welcome relief.

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In this article, you will find 11 drinking games that you may play virtually with pals at your next Zoom birthday party or over iMessage.

Never Have I Ever

If you want to play Never Have I Ever, you don’t have to be in the same room as everyone else (though it does help to make sure you can see everyone’s fingers and that no one is cheating). No matter how you look at it, this game is all about sharing life experiences and laughing over the stupid things we’ve done when we were younger and more irresponsible than we are now. If you’ve never played before, the principle is straightforward: each participant raises ten fingers in the air. Players form a circle and each discuss something they’ve never done before, such as going skinny dipping for the first time.

After 10 fingers have been snipped off, the player is declared the loser (or perhaps the winner for all of his or her valuable life experience?

Prepare yourself for some extremely humiliating information about your buddies.


Quicklash is an intellectual competition developed by the Chicago-based video game makers Jackbox Games for a group of three to eight players. Quiplash is a game of strategy and dexterity. Even without the use of alcohol, the game will cause fits of laughter and put your buddies to the test to discover who can genuinely be hailed as the most amusing member of the group. Quiplash itself is really simple and playable: all you have to do is respond to prompts, such as “who would be the last person you’d invite to your birthday party,” and then compete against your friends to see who can come up with the most creative or amusing response.

Converting it into a drinking game is simple; losers must take a shot, when there is a tie, everyone must sip something, and if you are unable to think of a solution within the time limit, you will be forced to chug some of your drink.

As time goes on, the game will only get more amusing and a sloppy mess.

Cup Pong

Ah, this takes me right back to my undergraduate days, when the dorm room tiles were sticky from drink spills. Cup Pong is a game that falls under the Game Pigeon umbrella — an app that lets you to play a variety of virtual games over iMessage, such as darts, basketball, and pool — and is part of theGame Pigeon family of games. You must toss little ping pong balls into red Solo cups with the flick of your wrist, similar to beer pong. If you land both balls into cups in a single turn, you will receive a ball back.

Send a message to a friend to join you in the game and drink beers while you’re at it for the complete experience.

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Would You Rather

Would You Rather does not necessitate the use of any additional accessories. It’s a game that is solely concerned with making difficult decisions. To prepare for an internal debate, gather your friends on Zoom, or whatever video chatting service you’re using, and tell them all to prepare a handful of tough questions that will make for an interesting discussion. In this version of the game, everyone communicates their preferences on the possibilities they would want to choose. The losing team is required to consume alcohol.

Alternatively, would you want to drink a shot of soy sauce or a shot of spicy pepper sauce?

Most Likely To

If you didn’t receive a yearbook superlative in high school, it’s not too late to make up for lost time! With the game “Most Likely To,” you may find out what your friends truly think about you. Basically, everyone votes on who they think is most likely to do or be something, such as the most likely candidate for president, the most likely person to need help getting out of a karaoke bar after one too many drinks, or the most likely person to spend their stimulus check on something stupidly unnecessary.

After a couple of rounds, you’ll be able to replicate the karaoke-struggle experience in this game as well.

Truth or Shots

Consider taking a journey down memory lane to middle school sleepovers when games like Truth or Dare and MASH were required entertainment. Your only alternatives, instead of being dared to go outside and moon your neighbors or prank phone your sweetheart, are to reveal the truth or swallow a shot of tequila. This is a challenge I am willing to accept.

Power Hour

Is Power Hour a real-life video game? The only actual goal is to consume something every minute for the duration of the whole hour. Drinking sips of beer, shots if you’re bold (though you’ll probably want to spread them out to every 10 minutes), or cups of whatever non-alcoholic beverage you have on hand will help keep the hangover at bay the next day if you’re not feeling especially motivated.

The best part about Power Hour is making a time commitment with friends to drink and talk for an hour each week. Furthermore, those sips of michelada or cold wine are nothing more than a bonus.

Wizard Staff

Wizard Staff, like Power Hour, is a game that doesn’t provide much in the way of action—aside from drinking. When I was in college, this was something I used to play with my other geeky buddies who were equally as crazy with the game Settlers of Catan and the Nintendo 64 as I was. Wizard Staff is a game in which your primary objective is to get a wizard staff, as the name indicates. What is the best way to go about it? Through the consumption of enormous volumes of canned beers, the empty cans of which are subsequently stacked and duct taped together.

Despite the fact that the notion is ridiculous, the ambition to become a wizard is alluring.

King’s Cup

Sure, it’s not quite the same as solemnly assembling around a cup of brown liquor and cautiously drawing cards until there are none left to draw from. However, a virtual King’s Cup is a possibility! Either designate someone to serve as the card master and draw cards for everyone, or use a virtual deck—such as the one available onDrink Virtually—to play. You’ll still get to enjoy the sensation of adhering to ridiculous regulations and drinking from the same cup without having to be physically present.

Drink Drank Drunk

In part as a result of the epidemic, Drink Drank Drunk, an Amsterdam-based crowd-funded card game, has made its way online (and is now available for free! ). Simple and intuitive to play, you simply create a virtual room with your friends, draw cards, and execute the instructions listed on the cards. It’s that easy! A variety of super abilities, weaknesses, and rules may be formed among the action cards in order to keep the game exciting and the beverages flowing.

Drink With Friends

Drink With Friends is, as the name implies, a drinking game in which players gather with their friends to consume alcoholic beverages. This online board game lets you and your friends to connect in virtual rooms using codes, which is somewhat similar to the approach that Jackbox Games has popularized in recent years. Once you’ve gotten in, roll a virtual die and work your way around the board, holding your drink in one hand. Each tile you land on presents a unique set of challenges or rules that must be followed.

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